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Elsu - Redemption awaits

06:15 AM 02 Dec 2013 NZDT
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Elsu - Redemtion awaits! Elsu Elsu was a champion on the racetrack  Elsu
Elsu - Redemtion awaits!
Elsu - Retired the greatest stakes earner in New Zealand
Elsu was a champion on the racetrack and retired as NZ’s fastest ever male performer and greatest stakes earner
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This is the first of a series of stallion reviews that Harnesslink will be doing with a view to sheading some light on some of  the "forgotten"sires available in Australasia.


If there is one thing that can really hurt a young stallion early in his career it is that he is not achieving to the level that breeders thought he would. Not a failure as such but not setting the world on fire either.
Such is the fate that has befallen Elsu.
A champion racehorse who at his peak was unbeatable was sent to stud in 2005 with high hopes of doing at stud what he had done on the track.
Breeders flocked to the son of Falcon Seelster and initially his stock looked the goods.
From his first crop came Anvil's Best Ever ( $199,000) and Miss Elsie ($143,000) and everything looked on track. But from the time of his second crop hitting the tracks the wheels started to fall off the Elsu bandwagon.
When the 3yr olds didnt kick on as expected the knockers came out out in force. They were quickly tagged as good raceway type horses but not quite up to the age group classic races.
The number of mares covered dropped along with the service fee and the future didn't look that great.
This season with his oldest stock aged seven, Elsu is doing his best to make breeders have another look at him. With just a third of the season over he is currently sitting 4th on the 3 yr old sires list in NZ with 10 individual winners including such smart types as God Forbid--- Raesawinner-- Crimson Glory and Weedon's Express.
To his great credit Elsu is this season currently sitting fifth on the overall Australian Sires Premiership – behind only the super sires Bettor’s Delight, Art Major, Christian Cullen and Mach Three – and well ahead of a raft of other highly commercial sires. He sired the winners of $1.9 million in Australia last season and is surely on target to improve on this and breakthrough the $2 million threshold.
And on que older horses such as Chilli Palmer beating the best 4 yr olds in Perth last week or Crackaheiny putting a winning sequence togrther in Canterbury are reinforceing the point that Elsu is far from a spent force as a sire.
His overall stats are better than you would think as well. Closing in on $4,000,000 in stakemoney with over 200 winners including 14 $100,000 winners Elsu has quite a tidy record developing.
Whilst Elsu may never meet the high expectations held for him when he first went to stud, he is sucessfully carving out a niche for himself in the stallion market and hopefully putting the lie to the critics who have written him off.  
Stats on performers courtesy of HRNZ
Foal Age Colour Sex Best Mile Rates Mare Dam Sire
Absolutely Adam 6 B G 2.04.5,S* & 2.04.2*AUS Zena Lee Camtastic(USA)
Albie Al 6 BR G 2.03.2,S Nifty Nekey Holmes Hanover
Ali Foyle 5 B G 2.01.4,D* Ruby Foyle Road Machine
All Our Mate 6 B H 1.59.7*AUS All Our Princess Stampede
Alongcomesdylan 5 B G 2.03.4Q,S* & 1.55.7*AUS Alongcomesjodi Armbro Operative
Alta La Douce 7 B M 2.02.6Q,1M* & 2.02.8*AUS Sand Skipper Road Machine
Alta Panache 7 B M 2.04.1,D* Right This Time Fake Left
Anvils Best Ever 7 B H 1.56.4,S* Rosesrredviletsrblue In The Pocket
Arnoux 7 BR G 1.58.3,D* & 1.56.3*AUS Margaux H In The Pocket
Artsu 4 BL M 2.05.7,S* Holly Holmes Holmes Hanover
Asbo 7 B H 1.57.4*AUS Star Rose OK Bye
Ataahua Tiki 7 BR M 2.03.3,D Rangatira Cameleon
Augustus Time 5 B G 2.11.3,D Swell Times In The Pocket
Awesum Teddy 4 B G 1.58.4,S* Bonnie Deal Make A Deal
Awohali 7 BR H 1.59.7,S* Impressive Poplar Nero's B B
Bazza's Choice 6 BR G 2.06.9,S* Highfield's Delight Holmes Hanover
Bella Arden 7 B M 1.57.3,1M* Winter Rose In The Pocket
Black Mambo 7 BL G 2.03.6,D* & 1.58.9*AUS Charm Bracelet Holmes Hanover
Blythcliffe 3 BR F 2.03.6,S* Classiealba Christian Cullen
Boyd's Creek 7 BL M 2.03.8,S* Why Not Girl Smooth Fella
Breezy River 6 BL M 2.02.3,D* & 1.57.7*AUS Chevyover Holmes Hanover
Callie O'Malley 7 BR M 2.01.8,S* Precious Vance Vance Hanover
Cape N Cutter 6 BL G 2.05.2Q,S & 1.59.3*AUS Rodeo Drive Pacific Rocket
Carter's Rocket 5 B G 2.00.9,S* & 1.57.4*AUS Pocket Rose In The Pocket
Chargedownking 5 B G 2.01.8,S* Bolting Lady Stampede
Charlie Bubbles 7 BL H 1.59.8*AUS Minnelli Armbro Operative
Chilli Palmer 4 B G 2.02.2Q,S* & 1.58*AUS Make It Hot Pacific Rocket
Classieayr 6 B M 2.08.4,S Rose Ayr Noodlum
Confused Superstar 7 B H 2.00.6T,1M* & 2.07.5T,S*AUS Pumpkin(AUS) My Handsome Fella
Cool Customer 6 B G 2.08.1,D Armbro Ice Armbro Operative
Cosmic Eclipse 5 BR M 2.03.6,S* & 1.57.7*AUS Cosmic Gem Camtastic(USA)
Crackaheiny 4 BR G 1.57.4,S* Seetuit Christian Cullen
Crimson Glory 3 BR F 2.00.9,S* Crimson Trail Spirit Of Zeus
Dandownunder 5 BR H 2.01.8,S* Miss Operative Armbro Operative
Datmymulligan 7 BL M 1.59.8,D* Bealey Corner Tyler's Best
Dean Martin 3 BL G 2.02.3,S* Swell Times In The Pocket
Devil Woman 7 BR M 2.09.1,S* Johnny's Doll Vance Hanover
Diablo Storm 7 B G 1.59.9,S* & 1.54.6*AUS Cold Front Soky's Atom
Don't Back Down 6 BR G 2.00.6,S* & 2.02.8*AUS Against The Wind D M Dilinger
Double El 6 B G 2.04.4,S* El Som Smooth Fella
Dougie Maguire 6 BR G 1.57.3,S* Lethal Mee In The Pocket
Earthbound 3 BL G 2.03.9,S* Move Heaven Andearth Christian Cullen
Eddie Boy 6 B G 2.06.1,D & 2.10.5T,Q,D Bonnie Deal Make A Deal
Elbeau 4 BR G 2.08.4,S* Vamp Cameleon
El Cabrera 5 B G 2.07.3Q,D & 1.57.5*AUS Howrightur Sands A Flyin
El Capone 7 BL G 2.03,D* Ballymenna Badlands Hanover
El Ferrari 4 BL G 2.00.6,D* Femme Ferrari Road Machine
El Fox 7 B G 2.01.6,S* Foxy Mama Soky's Atom
El Geez Su 7 BR M 2.04.6Q,S* & 2.10.9T,D El Geezs Safely Kept
Eljoe 7 BL G 2.03.8,S* Rosie Franco Nero's B B
Ella Sue 7 BL M 2.02.4Q,1M* & 1.57.2,S*AUS Donna's Gold Motu Mister Smooth
Elle Of A Horse 5 BR M 1.58.1,1M* Perfect Paua Payson's Brother
Ell Gringo 7 BR G 2.02.3Q,1M* & 1.59.8*AUS Contessa Vance Vance Hanover
Ell Raisor 7 BL G 2.00.4,S* Affectionate Lady Presidential Ball
Ell Susie 7 BL M 2.00.8,S* & 1.56.9*AUS Elle Mary Rose Village Jasper
El Magic 7 BR M 1.58.6,S* & 1.56.3*AUS Believe In Magic In The Pocket
El Pinot 7 BL G 2.03.4Q,1M* & 1.57.2*AUS Hello Sailor In The Pocket
Elrama 5 B G 2.04.4Q,D* & 1.53.7*AUS Lourama Panorama(USA)
Elsa 7 BR M 1.58,1M* & 1.56.2*AUS Champagne Party Soky's Atom
El Salvador 7 BR G 2.03.5Q,S* & 1.58.4*AUS Excella Holmes Holmes Hanover
Els Dream 4 B M 2.02,S* Shazza's Dream Pacific Rocket
El Skipper 6 BL M 1.59.8,S* Love Connection Tight Connection
Elsu Attack 6 BR G 2.01.7,S* Kotare Appeal Pacific Rocket
Elsuccess 5 BR M 2.11.6,S* Sudden Success Butler B G
Elsudoku 5 B H 1.59.4,S* Eliza Doolittle Soky's Atom
El Suela 6 BR M 2.01.4,S* Elena Star Fake Left
Elsu Sheila 7 B M 2.02.7Q,S* & 1.55.8*AUS Nora's Lily Mark Lobell
Eltsunami 4 BL G 2.01.2Q,S* & 2.10.6T,S Rodeo Drive Pacific Rocket
Elusive Flight 5 BR G 2.03.2,S* Seabreeze Hanover Holmes Hanover
Elvis 6 B G 2.02.5,S* & 1.56.8*AUS Monivea Camtastic(USA)
Elysium 7 BR M 2.00.6,S* Close To Heaven Dare You To
El Zhar 7 BR G 2.01.9,D* & 1.59.1*AUS Marnie McGuire Camtastic(USA)
Empathy 5 BL M 2.05.2Q,S* & 1.57.7*AUS Cocobana Artiscape
Eres 7 B M 2.01.6,S* Toast Of The Ball Presidential Ball
Ergo 6 B G 2.00.2,S* Poly Petite Soky's Atom
Essene 6 BL H 1.59.7,S* & 1.58.7*AUS Star Of Tonight Road Machine
Fiji Time 6 B M 2.03,S* Gigi Boone Gammalite
Fire At Will 5 B G 2.02.7,S* & 1.53.9*AUS Pride Of The River Riverboat King
Floyd Mayweather 6 B G 2.00.2,D* & 1.56*AUS Classic Counsel In The Pocket
Fortunately 7 BR M 1.56.8,1M* Fortuno In The Pocket
Franks Dilemma 7 BR G 2.07.6,D* Final Cheque Vance Hanover
Galleons Prospect 7 B G 2.01,S* & 1.54.1*AUS Inverloch Armbro Operative
G K Galleon 6 B G 2.03.6Q,D* & 1.57*AUS Inverloch Armbro Operative
Glamazon 7 B M 2.04.2Q,S* & 1.58.9*AUS Jaguette Jaguar Spur
Glenlochar 6 BR G 1.56.3,S* Lauriston Supreme Badlands Hanover
God Forbid 3 BR F 1.59,S* Hurricane Dancer Christian Cullen
Golden Bloom 6 BR G 2.10.1,S* Rose Gold Butler's Reward
Go Like El 7 BL G 2.03.6Q,D* & 1.59.8*AUS Phantom Menace Holmes Hanover
Hey Jude 5 B M 2.06.1Q,S* & 1.56.7*AUS In The Road In The Pocket
Hezahotdude 4 BR G 2.06.1,S Ashley Belle The Panderosa
Highview Chartom 7 BL M 1.57.5,S* Baptism Of Fire Christian Cullen
Highview Chasue 6 BL M 1.57.5,1M* Baptism Of Fire Christian Cullen
Highview Oban 5 BL H 1.57.5*AUS Zentua Tuapeka Knight
Highview Phantom 7 BL G 2.00.7,S* Star Traveller Christian Cullen
Hitmewithyabestshot 7 BR H 2.01.7*AUS Simunye Holmes Hanover
Hollywood Sue 7 B M 2.01.3,D* Hollywood Rose Butler B G
Hot Ripple 7 BL G 2.02.3,D* & 1.57.8*AUS Cool Ripple Miles McCool
Hunua Honey 6 BR M 1.59.3,S* Tapestry Albert Albert
I'm Dreamin 7 BL G 2.02Q,D* & 1.55.8,1MUSA Nothin But A Dreamer In The Pocket
Independent Anvil 4 B G 2.04.4,S* Miss Mighty Butler B G
Indian Brave 7 BR H 1.56.5*AUS Butler's Hope Butler B G
In The Living Years 6 B M 1.58,S* Lite Pandora Badlands Hanover
Itz Mister Ku 7 BR G 2.04.3Q,D* & 2.00.7*AUS Itz Got The Giggles Christian Cullen
Jacuzzisuzzi 6 BR M 2.02.7,S* & 2.00.7*AUS Jacuzzi Soky's Atom
Jensen 5 BR G 2.06.2Q,1M* & 2.02.2*AUS Sheza Lady Whiteland Trouble
Junkyard Su 6 B M 2.08.4,S* Our Tania Son Of Afella
Kath And Kim 7 BR M 1.54.2*AUS All Eyes On Me Fake Left
Kotabharu 5 B G 2.02.8,S* Star Of Astreos Astreos
Kubla Khan 6 B G 2.10.6,S* Perfect Parcel Soky's Atom
Ladylight 7 B M 2.06.5Q,D & 1.56.7*AUS Tuapeka Melinque Soky's Atom
Lady Of Eyre 4 BL M 2.02.1,S* Lady Of Liberty Nero's B B
Lake View 6 BL G 2.02.2,S* Flit By Pass With Care
Leave Mealone 7 BR M 2.01.6,S* & 1.56.8*AUS Kitty Malone Jaguar Spur
Leroy Brogden 6 B G 1.59.5,D* Leterluce Soky's Atom
Lewy Risk 4 B G 1.57.6,S* Kind Of Fun Road Machine
Liam Sienna 4 B G 1.57.9,1M* Whata Breeze Sands A Flyin
Lindennys Buttercup 4 B M 2.08.7,S Talent Hanover Albatross
Little Monkey 6 B M 2.00.9,S* Soky's Colleen Soky's Atom
Liza With A Z 6 B M 2.03.8,S* & 1.59.4*AUS Minnelli Armbro Operative
Lofty Brogden 4 B G 2.04.3,D* Leterluce Soky's Atom
Love In The Dark 5 BR M 1.59.3,S* Myte Be Mee What's Next
Lucie Boshier 6 BR M 2.04.1,D & 1.54.6*AUS Well Dressed Poplar OK Bye
Lucy's Rocket 7 B M 2.01.4,S* & 1.58.7*AUS Emma's Rocket Britewell
Mac's Choice 4 BL G 2.07Q,D & 1.58.5*AUS Sunglass Tinted Cloud
Macy Star 7 B M 2.11.8,S* & 2.12.5T,Q,S Macy Gray In The Pocket
Macy Supreme 5 B M 2.02.9,S* & 1.54.4*AUS Macy Gray In The Pocket
Maky Do Dah 7 BL M 2.08.2,S* Rare Treasure Beach Towel
Mareta 6 B M 2.02.3,S* Rush Machine Road Machine
Marlon Brando 7 BL G 2.04.4Q,S* & 2.01.1*AUS Kliklite Holmes Hanover
Matai Denny 7 BL G 2.07.3Q,D* & 1.59.5*AUS Matai Grace Soky's Atom
Matai Mies 7 BL M 2.00,S* Matai Marlene Holmes Hanover
Me's Elsu 6 BR H 2.06.2*AUS One For Me Soky's Atom
Mhai Elsu 6 B M 1.57.6,S* Mhairi Presidential Ball
Migisi 7 BR G 2.11.4,D* Terri Franco Holmes Hanover
Miss Elsie 6 BR M 1.55.3,1M* Soky's Rose Soky's Atom
Mont Ventoux 7 BR G 1.59.5,S* White Nights Road Machine
Mossdale Bill 4 B G 2.06.7Q,D* & 1.58.6*AUS Mossdale Maggie Soky's Atom
Nic Mac Willy 4 BR G 2.05,D Nantuckett Nero's B B
Night Emberz 6 BR M 2.04.4,D* Night Of Passion Sands A Flyin
Ophiuchus 7 BR G 2.02.4,S* & 1.55,1MUSA Kiwi Breeze Armbro Operative
Our Boy Su 7 B G 1.59.2,S* & 1.56.8*AUS Star Fleet OK Bye
Pontiac 3 B G 2.00.6,S* Tapestry Albert Albert
Powerhouse 7 B G 2.13,S* Luck Be A Lady Holmes Hanover
Praze An Beeble 6 B G 2.01.1,S* & 1.55.4*AUS Star Rainbow Tuapeka Knight
Press On 5 BL G 1.59.8,S* Rippling Speed Admiral Halsey
Quick And Snappy 7 B G 2.06.7Q,S* & 2.05.4*AUS Heather Laurique Holmes Hanover
Raesawinner 3 B G 2.00.8,S* Van Seraa Christian Cullen
Ralph 6 BR G 2.00.9,S* Beris's Vicki Smooth Fella
Reservation Road 5 BL G 2.04.9Q,S* & 1.53.9*AUS Believe In Magic In The Pocket
Royal Sue 4 B M 2.01.3,D* Cadillac Queen Cadillac
Russian Alsu 6 BL M 2.02.9,D* & 2.08.8T,Q,S Tall Blonde Road Machine
Sachin Arden 5 BR G 1.58.9,D* Madam Maroussia Artiscape
Sacre Bleu 6 B M 2.06.1Q,S & 2.01.2*AUS Irene's Van Dyke Christian Cullen
Satu 4 B G 2.01.7,S* Swell Times In The Pocket
Saucy El 3 BR G 1.59.8,S* Saucy Operator Armbro Operative
Scarrymcleary 6 BL G 1.58.1,S* & 1.52.3*AUS Ballymenna Badlands Hanover
Scottish Dancer 5 B M 2.00.6Q,1M* & 2.05.1*AUS Sly Mover Soky's Atom
Scottish Glamour 6 B M 1.56.1*AUS Scottish Flyer In The Pocket
Sensation Elle 5 BR M 2.09.5,S* Xinran Badlands Hanover
Serve It Up 6 BR H 2.00*AUS Pocket The Bet In The Pocket
Seth 6 B G 2.04.8,S* Insar Dare You To
Shady Su 7 B G 2.00.7,S* & 1.57.2*AUS Homin The Shade Holmes Hanover
Shannara 7 BR M 1.58.9,S* Chloe Hanover Holmes Hanover
Shardon's Pearl 4 B M 2.03.5,S* Shardon's Way Payson's Brother
Shezanelsu 5 BR M 2.01.5,S* & 1.58.3,S*AUS Shezanoperator Armbro Operative
Show Time 6 BR G 2.07.3Q,S* & 1.59.1*AUS Brain Power Holmes Hanover
Simply Susational 3 B C 1.59.9,S* Simply Scrumlicious Perfect Art
Sioux Chief 6 B G 2.08.6Q,D & 1.57.9*AUS Indiana Babe Island Fantasy
Sirocco 6 B G 2.06.1,S* She's Got The Power Save Fuel
Sky Pilot 7 B G 2.02.6,D* Minnie Me Holmes Hanover
Soak It Up 6 BR H 1.58.5,D* Warm Soak Soky's Atom
Somnio Denario 4 B M 1.57.9,1M* Highview Dream Safely Kept
Southern Diva 7 B M 2.01.8,D* & 2.00.6*AUS Divine Lavra In The Pocket
Spendit 7 B G 2.03.3,S* & 2.03.2*AUS Karen Donna In The Pocket
Storm Attack 7 B G 2.08.9,D* Tenisha Nero's B B
Stormy Sirocco 7 B G 1.58.4,S* & 1.55.2*AUS Soky's Colleen Soky's Atom
Stylish Soiree 7 B M 1.54,1MUSA Fake Cash Fake Left
Sue Anna 7 BR M 2.08.1,D Kellyanna Michael Jonathan
Sue Dinka 6 BR M 2.01.2,S* & 1.53.9*AUS Liminka Noodlum
Su El 7 B M 1.59,S* Maid To Order Walton Hanover
Summerhill Jack 6 BR G 2.01.1,S* Tina Banner Sir Vancelot
Super Party 6 B M 2.06.5Q,D & 2.02.7*AUS Party Party Mister Hanover II
Supreme Genes 5 BR G 2.05.4,D Blue Genes In The Pocket
Susie Darlin 6 BL M 2.00.1,S* Miss Operative Armbro Operative
Suthepocket 7 BL G 2.06.1,S* Tuapeka Pocket In The Pocket
Tadita 7 B M 2.04.1,S* Star Rainbow Tuapeka Knight
Takeiteasyonme 7 B M 2.00.9,S* & 1.58.3*AUS Come Away With Me Presidential Ball
Takeover Brown 7 BR G 2.04.2,S* Pullover Brown Armbro Operative
Thats My Money Honey 4 BR M 2.08,D That's My Franco OK Bye
The Actress 7 BL M 1.59.1,S* Stage Talent Soky's Atom
The Black Lord 6 BL G 2.03.4,S & 1.59.1*AUS Visa Girl Miles McCool
Tiger Su 6 B M 2.02.7,S* & 1.56*AUS Tigerish Butler B G
Toddy 7 BL G 2.02.4,S* & 2.00.1*AUS Lyndall In The Pocket
Tout Noir 3 BL G 2.07.3T,S Strapless Straphanger
Troia 7 BR M 2.03.1,S* Millennium's First Soky's Atom
Tyler Maguire 6 B M 2.00.3,S* Steady Niatross Niatross
Underwood Road 7 BR G 1.58.9,S* Sweet Deceit Barnett Hanover
Valiant Sue 7 B M 2.00.5,S* & 1.57.3*AUS Valiant Fields In The Pocket
Val Vili 5 B M 2.12.5,S* Valjan Knight And Deigh
Viewfield Apache 5 B G 1.59.6,D* Viewfield Atom Soky's Atom
Visigoth 7 BL G 2.07.1Q,S & 2.01.7*AUS Glenfruin Cameleon
Vokai 7 B G 2.00.6,S* & 1.54.2*AUS Rush Machine Road Machine
Watch This Spot 3 BR G 1.59.8Q,1M* & 2.00.5*AUS Prima Bella Mach Three
Wee Brother 7 B G 2.00.1,D* Wee Sister Holmes Hanover
Weedon's Express 3 BR G 2.00.2,S* My Barbie Doll In The Pocket
Westburn Splendour 7 BR M 2.04.9,D Westburn Babe Soky's Atom
Whiteout 3 B F 2.01,1M* Whitewash Christian Cullen
Who Else 7 BL G 2.06.5Q,S* & 2.09.6T,D & 2.06.1T*AUS Roxy O'Neill Jenna's Beach Boy
Winter Warrior 5 BL G 2.19.1,S* September Morn Holmes Hanover
Woodlea Sioux 7 B G 2.05.3,D Tokorangi Franco Nero's B B
Zara P 6 BL M 1.59.2,D* & 1.58.6*AUS Legendary Value Butler B G
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