If you follow horse racing, you have probably heard of the ADW Dark Horse Bet, a relatively new, completely independent online wagering site that stresses putting the horse player first. The product of husband and wife duo Trish and Bruce Soulsby, Dark Horse Bet brings a family aspect to online wagering that has previously been untapped. Trish Soulsby has been involved in horse racing her entire life. Her parents owned harness racehorses when she was young and now she owns horses herself. Previously, she had worked in the publicity departments at several harness tracks throughout the mid-west. Bruce Soulsby has been a fan of harness racing since his childhood. He came to the United States from New Zealand on a golf scholarship to Ohio State University and played professionally on the PGA tour before becoming involved in the horse racing industry.

Between the two of them, Trish and Bruce know the racing industry inside and out. More importantly, they know exactly what the horseplayer wants and make it a personal goal to satisfy their customers. As a customer of Dark Horse Bet, you are more than just an account number. This is an ADW that caters to players, working from the philosophy that you could never run a single race without the bettors. Whether you are an average player or high roller, you are equally as important to the Dark Horse Bet team, who will work with players to educate them on the ins and outs of the sport. Any and all questions are welcomed including questions about the website, wagering platforms, betting, or even general questions about the sport, such as where the biggest races can be found, or what the harness racing Triple Crowns are. The staff at Dark Horse Bet will be happy to talk to you until all of your questions are answered fully and will encourage you to get involved with the sport in a  way no other ADW does.

In addition to the personal touch, you can also look forward to all of the perks and promotions you would expect from a modern ADW. Free live video streaming, customizable betting platforms, bonuses on deposits, rewards for every dollar wagered, and much more are the norm at Dark Horse Bet. Perhaps the most unique promotion run by Dark Horse Bet, however, is the emphasis placed on donating to racing related charities. Upon sign up, players choose from a selection of horse racing charities and a percentage of their total bets goes to that charity at absolutely no cost to the player. This is truly an ADW that you can feel better about with every dollar you wager!

This is a great time to sign up for Dark Horse Bet. In addition to the normal line-up of promotions, the month of October will feature some of the best promotions offered by any ADW. Check their website, www.darkhorsebet.com, for updates on these exciting upcoming promotions.

Brandon Valvo