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Elitloppet racing weekend is more than the Elitloppet

05:02 AM 20 May 2014 NZST
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Solvalla Racecourse, harness racing Commander Crowe, harness racing
Solvalla Racecourse will be packed for the Elitiloppet
Photo courtest Solvalla Racecourse
Commander Crowe will compete at Solvalla this weekend
ATG Photo

The Solvalla Elitloppet weekend features parties, festivities and high-level harness racing action in addition to the classic Elitloppet heats and final on Sunday.

Saturday features the traditional Gr. II UET Masters Series Sweden Cup that has drawn legendary Commander Crowe, off a comeback win last weekend at Wolvega, Holland. The two eliminations have drawn chief competitors Mosaique Face, Monster Drive and No Man's Land among the 20 entrants. The day also showcases the Expressions Lady Snarts for top level mares. Entries below.

24 May - Solvalla - Sweden Cup Gr. II International UET Masters Series

Off 13.05 - Elimination A - Sweden Cup - meters autostart 1609 - 100,000SEK to winner

1. Francais du Gull (Erik Adielsson)

2. Ed You (Robert Bergh)

3. Opitergium (Johan Untersteiner)

4. Mosaique Face (Lutfi Kolgjini)

5. David Sisu (Johnny Takter)

6. Lindys Jersey Boy (Ulf Ohlsson)

7. O'Grady (Flemming Jensen)

8. Thai Broadway (Gunnar Austevoll)

9. Quite an Avenger (Markku Nieminen)

10. Saphir de Fille (Björn Goop)

Off 13.25- Elimination B - Sweden Cup - meters autostart 1609 - 100,000SWK to winner

1. Monster Drive (Björn Goop)

2. Paladin Bleu (Yannick Gingras)

3. Kaka A.T. (Erik Adielsson)

4. Traveling Man (Johan Untersteiner)

5. No Man's Land (Pietro Gubellini)

6. Democrat (Per Lennartsson)

7. Macho Gossip (Ã…ke Lindblom)

8. Commander Crowe (Örjan Kihlström)

9. Beer Summit (Ulf Ohlsson)

10. Aaron de Weluve (Tuomas Korvenoja)

Off 15.40 local time - Sweden Cup Final - Gr. II 2 - 8 finalists - 500,000SWEK to winner

May 24 Solvalla, Expressions Lady Snarts, 200,000SEK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Drillbit As, Erik Adielsson

Potenza OM, Pietro Gubellini, Italy

She Loves You FI, Bjorn Goop, Finland

M.T. Harmony, Johan Untersteiner

Olympic Image, Per Ludvig Nilsen, Norway

Dileva Kall, Daniel Reden

Aida Boko, Robin Bakker

Canaka BF, Ulf Ohlsson

Mermaid As, Peter Untersteiner

Miss Beniss, Jorma Kontio

Elitloppet Day undercard will provide exciting action throughout the program starting with an international drivers challenge, and including monte racing, the Hakkan Wallner Memorial and superb races for four year-old mares and four year-old open contestants.

May 25 Solvalla, International Drivers Match, 75,000SEWK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Fredericks Laukko, Mika Forss, Finland

Valmy, Robin Bakker

Mr Looba Looba, Oystgein Tjomsland, Finland

Chapeau Bas, David Miller

Saxo Holmsminde, Mattias Djuse, Denmark

Casino Dream, Pietro Gubellini, Norway

Onas Garbo, Jennifer Tillman

Kamilla AM, Jeppe Juel, Norway

Simb Jasper, Bjorn Goop

Spark Rick, Yannick Gingras

Billy Jovalley, Enrico Bellei

Countdown, Jorma Kontio

May 25 Solvalla Monte, 150,000SEWK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Don Jovi Rok, Nelly-Janiika Kropikoski, Finland

Muskelmann GT, Siv Emilie Lovvold, Norway

Having Said That, Christina Lindhardt, USA

Bullchip, Stephanie J. Werder, Norway

Ysvink, Malin Beras, Netherlands

Tsar De Houelle, Sandra Svensson, FR

Nelle Pride, Linda M. Eriksson

Testa Rossa Pat, Philippe Masschaele, FR

Latest News, Magdalena Eriksson

Sune Palema, Kristine Kvasnes

May 25 Solvalla, Hakan Wallner Memorial, 300,000SEK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Kid Vicious, Miia Hakkarainen

Explosive De Vie, Kevin Oscarsson, USA

Dribbling, Torbjorn Jansson, USA

Onceforall Face, Lutfi Kolgjini

Chocolate Day, Bjorn Goop, USA

Ronato, Jim Oscarsson, USA

Elton Attack, Jorma Kontio, Denmark

Jontte Boy, Toumas Korvenoja, Finland

Fire To The Rain, Ulf Ohlsson, USA

May 25 Solvalla, Rune Stolts for four year-old mares, 250,000SEK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Rugiada Dei Rex, Orjan Kihlstrom, Italy

Bear Glide, Jorma Kontio

Caneel Hall, Bjorn Goop, USA

Single Sock, Torbjorn Jansson, USA

Windy Ways, Daniel Reden, USA

Amazon AM, Robert Bergh

Rodeo Drive OK, Pietro Gubellini, Italy

Robinia, Giovanni Fulici, Italy

The Divine Miss F, Johnny Takter

Mythical Fortune, Mattias Djuse

May 25 Solvalla, Ahlsell/Foria for four year-old Open, 500,000SEK to winner, 1609 meters autostart

Express Duo, Pekka Korpi, Finland

Final Oak, Jorma Kontio

Ruhuna Tea, Orjan Kihlstrom

Dante Boko, Lutfi Kolgjini

As Dore, Bjorn Goop, FR

Corky, Johnny Takter, USA

Mustoyevsky, Torbjorn Jansson, USA

West Side Story, Robert Bergh, USA

Charrua Forlan, Hans-Owe Sundberg

Axelle Dark, Joseph Verbeeck, FR

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