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Final week of the winter meet at Vincennes

03:18 AM 01 Mar 2014 NZDT
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Athena De Vandel, harness racing Bomba, harness racing
Athena De Vandel captures the Prix Vindex
Paris Turf Photo
Bomba and jockey Yohan Lebourgeois win the Prix Ali Hawas
Paris Turf Photo

Athena de Vandel won today's Gr. III Prix Vindex at Paris-Vincennes.

The four year-old daughter of Prince Gede scored in 1.16.1kr at 5.6/1 odds over 2700 meters to take the 45% winners' share of the 95,000 euro purse. Cedric Megissier trains and drives the winner for La Tour de Vandel. Africaine was second for Jean-Etienne Dubois at 7/2 odds.

Athena de Vandel February 27, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Vindex, GR. III, 95,000e, 2700 meters, 11 starters 1.16.1kr

1st Athena de Vandel (4f Prince Gede-Maelia dce Vandel), Cedric Megissier trainer/driver for owner La Tour de Vandel, 5.6/1

2nd Africaine (4f Oiseau de Feux-Italienne), Jean-Etienne Dubois trainer/driver/owner, 3.5/1

3rd Adelie (4f Ganymede-Linea Dream), Alexandre Abrivard, 26.9/1

Italy's Oropura Bar, a six year-old son of Love You, won the Quinte+ Prix Emile Allix Courboy for 80,000e over 2100 meters autostart. Marco Smorgon is trainer/driver of the winner for 4AB SAS. The winner scored at 6.4/1 in 1.13.4kr over 39/1 outsider Topaze de Gournay with owner/trainer/driver Franck Ouvrie aboard. The Quinte+ exact order 2e ticket paid €66,696.

February 27, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Emile Allis Courboy, 80,000e, European, 2100 meters autostart, 18 starters, Quinte+ 4.95 million euro jackpot 1.13.4kr

1st Oropuro Bar (6m Love You-Ubatuba Oaks), Marco Smorgon trainer/driver, 6.4/1 odds, owner 4AB Sas (Italy)

2nd Topaze de Gournay (7f Kepler-Haute Tension), Franck Ouvrie trainer/driver/owner, 39.2/1

3rd Tolca de Bellouet (7f Orlando Vici-Quenavora), Mathieu Abrivard, 11.8/1

Bomba took today's Prix Ali Hawas, a Gr. II monte event for 120,000e over 2700 meters. Yohan Lebourgeois handled the winning three year-old filly by Goetmals Wood for Philippe Allaire. Heavily favored Beauty Turgot was second for Franck Nivard in the contest with the winner timed in 1.16.8kr. Ballerine Griff finished third with Eric Raffin up for Sebastian Guarato trainer for Ecurie Griff.

February 27, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Ali Hawas, Gr. II 120,000e, 2700 meters, 15 starters, monte 1.16.8kr

1st Bomba (3f Goetmals Wood-Passion d'Amour), Yohan Lebourgeois up at 3.6/1 odds, Philippe Allaire trainer for Mme. I Martin

2nd Beauty Turgot (3f Hand du Vivier-Quouragame), Franck Nivard, 1.1/1 odds favorite, Fabrice Souloy trainer for Mme. T. H. Hoste owner

3rd Ballerine (3f Password-Keva Mesloise), Eric Raffin, 21.1/1 odds for Sebastian Guarato for Ecurie Griff

Bird Parker, often a solid runner-up performer in three year-old graded events, today scored in the Gr. II monte Prix Felicien Gauvreau for 120,000e. The son of Ready Cash-Belisha-Fakir du Vivier, trained by Philippe Allaire, scored in 1.16.4kr over 2700 meters. The win raised his earnings to 164,480e. Brooklyn Bridge (3m Quatre Juillet-Mysterious Valley) was second for Franck Nivard and trainer Franck Leblanc with 61/1 outsider Bingo Star third.

February 27, 2014 Paris Vincennes, Prix Felicien Gauvreau, Gr. II monte, 120,000e, 2700 meters, 10 starters   1.16.4kr

1st Bird Parker (3m Ready Cash-Belisha-Fakir de Vivier), Yohan Lebourgeois up for trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Mme. El. Allaire, 3/1 odds, his second career win for earnings of 164,480e

2nd Brooklyn Bridge (3m Quatre Juillet-Mysterious Valley), Franck Nivard up for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Ecurie Manuel Garcia, 5/1

3rd Bingo Star (3m Look de Star-Rosiris), Adrien Lamy up for trainer/owner Lucien Swita, 61.3/1 odds

Final day of the winter meet at Paris-Vincennes is Saturday and quite a fine card it is. Four graded events, each worth over 100,000e highlight the program.

The 240,000e Prix de Selection features Gr. I starters Village Mystic, Uhlan du Val, Univers de Pan and Axelle Dark. The Gr. II Prix de l'Union Europeenne for 160,000e has veteran Roi du Lupin at the start against invaders Sanity and On Track Piraten. Monte events worth 120,000e feature Quarry Bay in the Prix Henri Desmontils, with Camille Levesque in the irons, and the Prix Louis de Bourg showcases Al Capone Jet, A Nous Dous and Aston Fly. See below listings.

March 1, 2014 Paris Vincennes

Prix d'Alencon, European, monte, 85,000e, 2700 meters, 13 starters

Horse, age/sex, jockey, earnings euros

Latest News, 6g, O. Touvais, 84008 Sweden

Crme Brulee, 5f, Mlle. Camille Levesque, 127797 Sweden

Ulm de Chichevet, 6g, P-Y Verva, 128860

Volcan d'Occagnes, 5g, Yohan Lebourgeois, 128860

Valseur de Kacy, 5m, Alexandre Abrivard, 129700

Umaga, 6f, Nathalie Henry, 137330

Ukerlza du Benjo, 6f, M. Mottier, 142820

Plutonio, 5m, Mathieu Abrivard, 146796 Italy

Vermeer Jarzeen, 5g, Eric Raffin, 151850

Orione Spin, 6m, Philippe Masschaele, 154924 Italy

Ultissino, 6m, Damien Bonne, 188790

Viva Forest, 5f, Franck Nivard, 189460

Disco A.E., 6m, David Thomain, 219330 Sweden

Prix de Selection, Gr. I €240,000, 2200 meters, 16 starters, Quinte+ €5.05 million jackpot

Horse, age/sex, jockey, earnings euros

Below travel 2175 meters

Aldo des Champs, 4m, Mathieu Abrivard, 244510

Alesia d'Atout, 4f, M. Mottier, 258850

Astor du Quenne, 4m, J-M Bazire, 266940

Atlessimam 4f, Julien Dubois, 273540

Aladin d'Ecajeul, 4m, Eric Raffin, 334940

Anastasia Fella, 4f, Franck Nivard, 438250

Akim du Cap Vert, 4m, Franck Anne, 504330

Axelle Dark, 4f, Jos. Verbeeck, 535400

Below travel 2200 meters

Vanna Coletto, 5f, Anthony Barrier, 134500

Viking de Val, 5m, Eric Lambertz, 326940

Unabella Perrine, 6f, Franck Ouvrie, 379966

Voltigeur de Myrt, 5m, Pierre Vercruysse, 389915

Une Fille d'Amour, 6f, David Thomain, 558940

Village Mystic, 5m, Louis Baudron, 641570

Uhlan du Val, 6m, Cedric Megissier, 693890

Univers de Pan, 6m, Philippe Daugeard, 935530

Prix Henri Desmontils, Gr. III International monte, 120,000e, 2850 meters, 10 starters

Horse, age/sex, jockey, earnings euros

Signeville, 8f, Julien Raffestin, 280270

Texas de l'Iton, 7g, Yohan Lebourgeois, 434240

Quassia du Bon Air, 10g, M. Mottier, 447550

Torre Crepin, 7g, A. Lamy, 460730

Utoky, 6m, Franck Nivard, 549250

Recit Jeloca, 9g, J.L.C. Dersoir, 565530

Rapide du Digeon, 9g, Damien Bonne, 610280

Rubis Dairpet, 9g, Eric Raffin, 621610

Risque Tout, 9g, Alexandre Abrivard, 954150

Quarry Bay, 10f, Camille Levesque, 1058020

Prix de l'Union Europeenne, Gr. II UET Masters Series, European, 160,000e, 11 starters, 3000 meters

Starter du Rib, 8g, J.L.C. Dersoir, 424480

Maxwell Mayday, 9g, Bjorn Goop, 441740 Finland

Quela Rive, 10f, Mme. A-F Donati, 549830

On Track Piraten, 6g, Pierre Vercruysse, 555429 Sweden

Son Alezan, 8m, Dominik Locqueneux, 558520

Quinio du Relais, 10g, Sebastian Hardy, 728891

Rigiorieux du Bois, 9g, Alexandre Abrivard, 801230

Roxana de Barbray, 9f, David Thomain, 869828

Sanity, 8g, Franck Ouvrie, 915895

Quoiumba de Guez, 10f, J-M Bazire, 1145569

Roi du Lupin, 9g, Franck Nivard, 1498700

Prix Louis de Bourg, Gr. II monte 120,000e, 28509 meters, 11 starters, four year-olds

Horse, age/sex, jockey, earning euros

Armio, 4m P. Masschaele, 32860

Astuce du Bas Bosq, 4f, Damien Bonne, 45410

Avireau de Houelle, 4m, P. Edouard Mary, 64630

A Priori, 4m, David Thomain, 77440

Airport, 4m, Eric Raffin, 83400

Anna Mix, 4f, Franck Nivard, 90000

Antara Buissonay, 4f, Yohan Lebourgeois, 117340

Agrippine, 4f, Alexandre Abrivard, 129630

Aston Fly, 4m, J. Carre, 134120

A Nous Dous, 4f, Nathalie Henry, 135250

Al Capone Jet, 4m, Mathieu Abrivard, 141520

by Thomas H. Hicks, for

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