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Battle for Harness Jewels spots heats up

01:44 AM 14 May 2014 NZST
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This weekend will see the end of qualifying for this year’s Harness Jewels, which are to be held at Cambridge on Saturday, May 31.

Throughout the season horses have been competing to earn themselves, and their connections, the right to be at New Zealand harness racing’s richest race day, through stake money earned the completion of racing on Sunday sees the end of qualifying for this year.

The competition for those final spots which are still available will intensify over the weekend with some of those just on the cusp of a place looking to sneak in through the back door and into the top 12 in the final hours.

This year’s Jewels will also see the introduction of a new initiative with one Australian horse being invited to compete in each category. Not all of the nine invitees will attend but in those particular categories the 13th spot will be allocated to the 13th highest stake earner in that category from this season.

To help keep tabs on the permutations of the weekend, we have broken down all nine categories and listed all horses racing this weekend which have a chance at making their respective category. Please see below.

It should be noted also that the Manawatu meeting this weekend is a two-day meeting with racing on Friday and Sunday, giving those competing at the meeting double the chance to earn the required stake money to make the Jewels fields.

The Breakdown...

2Y0 Ruby

12th ranked horse: Sir Henry Castleton $1,985, 13th ranked horse: Anzac $1,420

Cambridge: Race 2: Georgie Smiles (9th), Cyclone Emily (10th), Anzac (13th), The Driving God (15th current stakes

Manawatu: Race 4: Put a watch on Fred Fletcher’s Sunny Ruby (not currently ranked)

Addington: Race 5: BD Love (7th)

Oamaru: N/A

3Y0 Ruby

12th ranked horse: KD Muscles $10,529.80, 13th ranked horse: Davey’s Brother $9,791.00

Cambridge: Race 6: KD Muscles (12th), Hanoverdakash 9th), Hot Chocolate Tart (8th), Phil’s Folly (14th current

Manawatu: N/A

Addington: Race 5: Monkey Luck (17th current stakes $7,355.66), Heza Mighty Monarch (23th current stakes $6,128)

Invercargill: Race 12: Zhenya (15th current stakes $9,490)

Oamaru: N/A

4Y0 Ruby

12th ranked horse: Princess Sophia $21,479.80, 13th ranked horse: Astral Traveller $20,075.00

Cambridge: N/A

Manawatu: Race 1: Quite Easy Damit (10th)

Addington: Race 1: Saratoga (18th current stakes $15,463), The Bog (16th current stakes $18,462.88). Race 11:

Invercargill: N/A

Oamaru: Race 6: Juneamy Castleton (19th current stakes $14,442.50),

2Y0 Diamond

12th ranked horse: Bird of Paradise $9,260.19, 13th ranked horse: Delightful Lana $8,812.00

Cambridge: Race 5: Bird Of Paradise (12th)

Manawatu: N/A

Addington: N/A

Invercargill: N/A

Oamaru: N/A

3Y0 Diamond

12th ranked horse: Snooki $27,778.00, 13th ranked horse: Asuka $23,906.00
Cambridge: N/A
Manawatu: Race 9: Shestherealdeal (20th current stakes $18,704 would need to win both days)

Addington: Race 2: Goodness Gracious Me (11th). Race 8: Rocknroll Arden (2nd), Te Amo Bromac (35th current stakes $12,755.75), Saharazona (8th), Ideal Belle (3rd), Albuquerque (24th $16,903.30), Raksdeal (4th), Bay Emerald (not currently ranked), Cala (51st current stakes $7,760), Venus Serena (1st), Royal Counsel (5th), Ideal Power (9th), Millie Sampson (18th $21,970).

Invercargill: N/A
Oamaru: N/A

4YO Diamond

12th ranked horse: Whisper Jet $20,387.00, 13th ranked horse: Steel The Light $19,447.00

Cambridge: Race 3: Tactful Lady (16th $18,888.50), Race 4: Chillysjustastrutter (9th). Race 7: Onlyforyou (4th),  Steel The Light (13th). Race 8: Maddy’s Star (21st $15,797),

Manawatu: Race 3: Kilkeel Lady (28th current stake earnings $14,309.00). Race 7: Chanelle Bromac (19th $17,069.00).

Addington: Race 2: Crackapaca (25th current stakes: $14,512), Christy Breanna (11th).

Invercargill: Race 10: Vera’s Delight (20th $16,396.50),

Oamaru: Race 8: Stradowan (17th current stakes $18,800), Race 10: Clarisa (14th $19,272.80).

2YO Emerald

12th ranked horse: Iceobar $5,930, 13th ranked horse: Cullect The Gold $5,473.00

Cambridge: Race 1: Blinding Light (19th current stakes $3,590).

Manawatu: N/A

Addington: Race 4 Iceobar (12th), Race 10: Art Union (8th), Say My Name (4th), Bettor Spirits (3th), Chachingchaching (5th), Mighty Flying Major (10th), Livura (29th current stakes $1,138), Comacho (not currently ranked), Express Stride (2rd), Smoke N Santanna (21nd $3,000), Hug The Wind (7th), Pomme Roy (27th $1,515.95).

Invercargill: N/A

Oamaru: Race 9: Field Marshall (16th current stakes $4,075.0).

3Y0 Emerald

12th ranked horse: A Boy Named Rosie $21,086.50 13th ranked horse: Moondyne Joe $20,726.10

Cambridge: N/A

Manawatu: Race 7: Earthbound (14th current stakes $20,713.00)

Addington: Race 7: Jango Fett (9th), Naughty Maravu (15th current stakes $19,005.10), Pepe Bromac (20th current stakes $17,996.10), No Doctor Needed (6th). Race 12: Regulus (5th) Messini (8th). (21st $16,370.50)

Invercargill: Race 10: Miligan (24th current stakes $16,181.00), Groomsman (31st $14,662.00) Race 11: Acolyte

Oamaru: N/A

4Y0 Emerald

12th ranked horse: Lewy Risk $35,583.60, 13th ranked horse: Dynamic Party $30,906.60

Cambridge: Race 7: Mossdale Connor (9th).

Manawatu: Race 8: Awesum Teddy (15th $30,541.00), Randalstown (11th)

Addington: Race 6: Bettor Rock On (10th), Mighty Flying Mac 17th ($30,030.00), Border Control (19th $27,562.50), Belkmyster (14th $30,785.00), Classiesistar (20th $27,310.72). Race 12: Crackaheiny (22nd $24,171.60). Pacquiao (8th), Lewy Risk (12th), Mach’s A Flyin (18th $28,122.50).

Invercargill: N/A

Oamaru: Race 8: Bettor Rock On (10th)

By Matt Markham (Harness Racing New Zealand)

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