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Kamikaze Lindy going for third consecutive win

05:46 PM 22 Sep 2017 NZST
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Kamikaze Lindy, Harness Racing
Kamikaze Lindy winning at Mohawk earlier this month
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FRASERVILLE - Kawartha Downs will host its only Racing Under Saddle race this year on Saturday night when Kamikaze Lindy attempts to record his third consecutive harness racing victory.

What makes this attempt unique is the fact he has scored his most recent wins in a different fashion.

The first, at Mohawk on Sept. 4, was in the traditional style of harness racing with a driver and sulky behind him. The second occurred two weeks ago at Hiawartha Horse Park when he won the RUS race there while being ridden.

The five-year-old trotter will attempt his second straight RUS win in Saturday's third race at Kawartha where he'll square off against four other rivals including stablemate Lets Leavem. Both horses are trained by Shane Arsenault who also owns Kamikaze Lindy who will be ridden by Heather Reese. Lets Leavem will be ridden by his owner Sarah Town.

The five RUS riders, Sarah, Heather, Marielle Enberg, Maggie Jones and Natalie Elliott will be available to meet and greet with fans in the grandstand following race five.

This is the second last race card at Kawartha Downs for 2017.

Post time is 7 p.m.


Saturday, Sept. 23 post time 7 p.m.

FIRST - PACE, $4,500 (DD, EX, TR)

1. Supersport (N Boyd) 6. Nothing But Bad (J Gillespie) 5. Master Negotiator (R Gassien) 4. Tugs Escape (B Macdonald) 3. Mini Putt (M Wade) 7. Thatsjusthowiroll (D Gassien) 9. Scintillator (S Johnson) 2. Magnify Bliss (J Woodward) 8. Inkerman Rocket (A Kerwood)

SECOND - PACE, $5,000 (EX, TR)

6. Four For Orr (R Gassien) 4. Lo Lo Lo Logan (R Webb) 1. St Lads Captain (D Gassien) 8. Iamsam Samiam (J Thomson) 3. Joys Blazingsevens (N Boyd) 7. Imtoobadtobecute (M Wade) 5. Santanna Tony (J Woodward) 9. Pop N Liam (J Turcotte) 2. Rocket Gal (A Kerwood) ae. Diamonds Dance (N Boyd)

THIRD - TROT, $4,500 (EX, TR)

1. Lets Leavem (S Town) 2. Kamikaze Lindy (H Reese) 5. Majestic Mystic (N Elliott) 4. Pukka (M Jones) 3. Precious Phoebe (T Enberg)

FOURTH - PACE, $4,500 (EX, TR)

6. Liplock (N Boyd) 4. Cold Creek Lacey (J Gillespie) 2. Jo Big (K Benn) 1. True Companion (B Macdonald) 7. Emily Beach (R Doyle) 9. Dolly Dali (J Woodward) 3. Tea Bag (S Gassien) 5. Show Some Machsie (R Gassien) 8. Britches Say What (J Thomson)

FIFTH - TROT, $4,100 (EX, TR)

2. Ill Stay Here (B Macdonald) 6. Warken On Air (R Webb) 9. Illusionsndreams (R Gassien) 4. L H Sonofthetimes (J Thomson) 1. Legionsofangels (N Boyd) 5. Quiet Moment (D Graham) 7. Autodynamic (W Hie) 3. Howmac Gypsy (J Woodward) 8. Peeling Out (R Doyle)

SIXTH - PACE, $4,000 (EX, TR)

2. Bittersweet Dreams (B Macdonald) 3. Sophie Blu (R Webb) 6. D G Nickabocker (A Kerwood) 4. Rockin Sockem (D Gassien) 9. Hiclass Hanover (R Doyle) 7. Art Of The Deal (J Gillespie) 1. Hazuseenmybucket (N Boyd) 8. Lilys Penelope (J Turcotte) 5. Ima Holy Terror (J Thomson)

SEVENTH - PACE, $4,400 (EX, TR)

2. Uf Bettors Hanover (B Macdonald) 3. Kiss Me Or Not (N Boyd) 1. Oakrock Eldorado (R Gassien) 4. Hey Grin (A Kerwood) 5. May To For (R Webb) 6. Harttattack (D Gassien) 7. Galagher Seelster (J Thomson) 8. Dana Salaam (B Collins) 9. Duneside Sport (G Ketros)

EIGHTH - PACE, $4,800 (EX, TR)

2. Lock N Reload (R Webb) 3. Emma Ivy (B Macdonald) 5. Jetset Charmer (S Johnson) 9. Real Wicked (R Doyle) 7. Regally Magnified (J Turcotte) 4. Windsun Falls (J Gillespie) 1. Wildcat Jet (J Thomson) 6. Windsong Leopold (N Boyd) 8. Let There Be Rock (A Kerwood) ae. Bet Till Dawn (R Gassien)

NINTH - PACE, $4,000 (EX, LD, TR)

7. Big Moment (R Doyle) 6. Putnams New Year (B Macdonald) 1. Who Dey (N Boyd) 8. A Boy Named Suuzz (W Hie) 2. Thundering Bay (D Clancy) 5. Better Art (J Gillespie) 3. Casimir Oppee (R Webb) 4. Stir And Serve (G Ketros)

TENTH - TROT, $5,000 (EX, SF, TR)

5. Millers Song (N Boyd) 4. Shestherealthing (R Webb) 1. Rare Ruby (M Harvey) 3. Anutherdynamic (K Jones) 6. Zebs Abbey (J Gillespie) 2. Peace Keeper (P Henriksen) 7. Muscle Museum (B Macdonald) 9. Magic Moss (R Gassien) 8. Muscle Lane (W Hie)

Reprinted with permission of The Peterborough Examiner

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