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01:11 PM 01 Aug 2014 NZST
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LIFELINE Equine Elite or LIFELINE AgeWell

Here at Harnesslink we are constantly trying to bring you updates on all the harness racing and breeding issues affecting our industry.

However we feel little or no coverage is given to the multitude of companies and service providers that provide products to the harness racing community.

Therefore we thought it was timely to take a look at some of these companies and the products they offer.

One of those companies is, APC, Inc., the manufacturer of the new LIFELINE serum-based equine performance products.

While mostly unknown in the equine industry, APC is a third-generation family-owned company headquartered in Iowa.

This science-based company is a global leader in the fractionation (concentration) of serum and plasma-based proteins.

For over 30 years the company has been spearheading discoveries that have improved performance and health of many species of animals including calves, swine, aquaculture and more.

With such proven performance in other species, APC realized they could apply these learnings to the equine industry.

Everybody in the harness racing industry knows that for the equine athlete, racing, training and travelling takes a significant toll on your horse’s performance.

Joint soreness, stomach upset and respiratory issues, often caused by inflammation, have been major factors affecting performance since the inception of this industry.

The success of the LIFELINE range of equine products is due to BioThrive™.

This active ingredient is made using APC’s proprietary process.

Derived from bovine serum, its safety and beneficial effects have been documented in more than 300 published peer reviewed journal articles.

These bioactive proteins have been shown to help support a healthy inflammation response.

When a horse experiences stress or occasional soreness due to normal training, its immune system springs into action to combat the stressors.

This immune system response results in inflammation which can have an effect on the following;

Gut -  digestive health and related conditions such as ulcers

Joint -  occasional soreness

Respiratory -  breathing and lung issues related to exercise

Bioactive proteins when given orally help reduce overstimulation of the immune system so the horse's resources aren't spent fighting the stressor and instead can promote a healthy gut, maintain proper joint function and ease respiratory issues related to exercise.

Unlike a lot of the products on the market, LIFELINE is not a vitamin or mineral supplement which typically target nutrition and work in just one system at a time.

It works multisystemically.

It also works fast with studies demonstrating a difference within just fourteen days.

LIFELINE has two equine products which are aimed at horses in different stages of their life.

Both products have bioactive proteins as their active ingredient, specifically formulated based on the age of the horse.

Equine Elite is for horses experiencing the rigors of training and racing.

AgeWell is for the older horse who is experiencing the physical effects of aging but are still expected to perform to their best.

A recent gait analysis study conducted by Dr. Josie Coverdale and Joy Campbell of Texas A+M University measured stride length and knee range of motion with increasing dosage of serum-based bioactive proteins in exercised horses.

The response strongly suggested that the horses in the study experienced healthy joint function and/or comfort while on LIFLINE BioThrive™.

This study involved thirty horses over a 28 day period and was a robust academic study in a controlled setting and reinforced the feedback that LIFELINE was receiving daily from its clients.

APC is also in various stages of process for a number of other studies on horses to include gut health, training in 2-year old stallions and mare/foal pairs.

Results are not finalized but are promising.

LIFELINE takes corporate responsibility very seriously.

It is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council which is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses

The company has also invested in research ensuring that LIFELINE products are show/competition safe.

The LIFELINE brand has come a long way over the past few decades.

Between its significant investment in R&D, current and upcoming scientific study results and positive testimonials from product users, the future for APC looks assured.

All in all I think the company motto says it all about LIFELINE – Watch Them Thrive. 

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