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Rumours about Mark Purdon are false

05:34 PM 30 Dec 2016 NZDT
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The rumour mill in harness racing with regards to the All Stars Stable, Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen has being at an all time high recently with accusations of pending drug charges leading the way.  

The extra-ordinary success that they are having with the All Stars Team has bought out numbers of haters, low-lifers and jealous trainers, drivers and owners throughout Australia and New Zealand over the last few weeks.

We at Harnesslink have been inundated with weeks of rumours and we have continued to deny any knowledge off any known impropriety.

It is unclear if something that may or may not have happened has actually happened or may still happen, if the thing that may have happened ever happened in the first place.

What’s been going on is disgraceful”, and the treatment from within a certain part of this Industry shows “a lack of respect” and that “enough is enough”.

What drives these haters? Is it just jealousy? What these haters are saying is certainly defamation! You had better be careful if you are spreading the rumours!

Defamation is an injury to the reputation or character of someone resulting from the false statements or actions of another. Defamation is a false attack on your good name. Your good name is regarded as a proprietary interest, not a personal interest. Defamation is an improper and unlawful attack against your proprietary right to your good name, your reputation.

For us at Harnesslink here today was the tipping point, we heard from four individuals, two from the media in Australia and two in New Zealand, that the All Stars stables had been raided by the police over the last few days, so we decided that we should investigate, as we thought that this is getting out of hand.

Maybe there was some truth to the rumours!

We contacted the head of the Racing Integrity Unit in New Zealand who stated that there is no investigation of the All Stars Stable or Mark Purdon and that the rumours are just that rumours.

The RIU stated also that they have been questioned about the Mark Purdon rumours from other people as well but they have nothing to add except to say that the All Stars Stable has being tested more that any other stable in Australia and New Zealand and they are 100% clean and there is nothing pending.

Thank goodness!

Just last week a harness racing publication printed an article that stated that 38% of their readers (maybe they only have a few and they are gamblers) says that the biggest problem facing harness racing today is the All Stars Team domination. I disagree completely.

Harness racing problems world-wide center on it's unqualified, old and tired administrators and the people that put those administrators in those places of power in the first place. Nothing will change for the better unless their is a revolt against the establishment by concerned players.

The biggest problem facing harness racing today is the All Stars Team!

What a joke!

For any one in the harness racing Industry to be jealous of what I will state as "the greatest Harness Racing Stable on Earth," is alarming to say the least. These people should take a good look at themselves or get out of the game!

Most of us are in awe of the All Stars Stable and we should all be proactive in promoting it to all our young drivers and trainers. The All Stars Stable represents many owners and many other people in the Industry and is our Industry showcase and this is the one, true, professional part of harness racing in New Zealand that we should be proud off and want to be a part off.

Haters - It is time for you to shut up or get out!

Harnesslink Media


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