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Southern Oaks 2020 training roster

01:44 PM 03 Jan 2020 NZDT
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Southern Oaks Training Center
Southern Oaks Training Center

Sorrento, FL — Here is the 2020 harness racing training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla.

Harness racing stallions with first crops in training include Arthur Blue Chip, Bar HoppingBetting LineCreatineJK EndofaneraSouthwind FrankState Treasurer and Up Front Murray. World champion Amigo Volo is among the 3-year-olds spending the winter at Southern Oaks.
Dave Arrenholtz Stable
Life In Color p,c, Shadow Play—Hypnotize
Roll Em p,c, Time To Roll—Feetonthedashboard

Frontier Rollo p,g, (p,2,1:54, $9,870) Time To Roll—Incredible Dodger
Rambler Blue Chip t,c, Credit Winner—Glowngold

John Butenschoen Stable
Above The Clouds t,f, Explosive Matter—Miss Michelle H
Acup O Joe Hanover p,g, Roll With Joe—A Royal Hanover
Angiesmiki Hanover p,f, Always B Miki—A and G’sconfusion
Artisan Bet p,f, Artspeak—Ultimate Bet
Broker Volo t,g, Yankee Glide—Bank Of Newport
Check My Score t,g, Credit Winner—Dancing Slippers
Come Roll With Me p,f, Roll With Joe—Elizabeth Spencer
Crazy N Wild Guy t,c, Bar Hopping—Crazed For Lindy
Dancing Machine p,c, Art Major—Lilmissdothetwist
Destined To Dance t,f, Chapter Seven—Go Go Dancer
D’oro Deo t,c, Father Patrick—Yalta Hanover
Homebody p,c, American Ideal—No One Is Alone
Impression t,f, Creatine—Grand Idea
In Style t,f, Cantab Hall—Warrawee Krisp
Mallard Hanover t,g, Swan For All—Mynah Hanover
Moni Clip Lindy t,f, Cantab Hall—Martini Lindy
Muscles Frankee t,c, Southwind Frank—Vee Vee
Natchez Belle p,f, Betting Line—Grrby Hanover
Protein Shake t,c, Muscle Hill—Sugar Wheeler
Scirocco Big John t,c, Bar Hopping—Think Twice
Show Stop p,c, Captaintreacherous—The Show Returns
Southwind Jorah p,c, Captaintreacherous—Southwind Johanne
Spartacus Blue Chip p,g, American Ideal—Crucial Moment
Sumbigbank Hanover t,g, Explosive Matter—Secret Credit
Teresa Kemp t,f, Cantab Hall—Smarty Has A Party
The Right Credit t,c, Credit Winner—The Right Thing
Truffles Too t,c, Donato Hanover—Truffles
Turnthecrankfrank t,g, Southwind Frank—Feel The Pressure

Alota Chips p,c, (p,2,1:54.3f, $23,514) Heston Blue Chip—Alota Bling
Ballcapsnbluejeans t,c, Chapter Seven—Mazda Hanover
Blank Stare p,g (p,2,1:52.4f, $44,600) Bolt The Duer—Hypnotize
Do You Wanna Dance t,f (2,1:55.3f, $32,179) Father Patrick—Tail Of Night
Generous Pour t,c, Donato Hanover—Athena Miss
Kyrie Deo t,g (2,1:59.2h, $74,028) Donato Hanover—Rare Book
Looking Santastic p,f, Artspeak—Santastic’s Filly
Nimble Kid t,c, (2,2:01f, $8,250) Chapter Seven—Swift Kid Hanover
Oreo Dream Xtreme p,c, (p,2,1:57.1h, $55,783) American Ideal—Spotlight On
Party Whip p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Hedgie Blue Chip
Platoon System t,c, Manofmanymissions—Celebrity Liza
Rolling With Sam p,c, (p,2,1:55.3h, $19,672) Roll With Joe—Martinique
Romanee Blue Chip t,c, Cantab Hall—Munis Blue Chip
Scirocco Patrick t,g, Father Patrick—Starlet Rules
Scirocco Rocboogie t,g, Explosive Matter—Bellini Lindy
Spirit Of Deo t,f, (2,1:56.3, $29,662) Trixton—Caylee Dream
Spirit Of The South p,c, American Ideal—All Spirit
Swipe Right t,c, (2,1:58.3f, $25,171) Explosive Matter—Online Exclusive
Thankfulforyou t,f, (2,1:54.1, $32,626) Manofmanymissions—Adelaide Hall

Scott & Lisa Henry/SNL Stable
Such Is Life t,f, Royalty For Life—Magic Factory

older horses
Kwik Talkin p,h,5, (p,3,1:51.1f, $177,458) Well Said—Kwik Dial
Rockstar Rebel p,g,4, Art Major—Rockjaws

Carl Jamieson Stable
Beachblanketlindy p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Luck Be A Lindy
Crazy Goodbye t,c, Crazed—Sayonara Hall
Day At The Gym t,c, Muscle Mass—Day At The Spa
Major Bean p,c, Art Major—Lismorebella
No Plan Intended p,c, Up The Credit—Warrawee Star
Warrawee Whynot p,c, Sweet Lou—Great Memories
What Can You Say p,c, Up The Credit—Twin B Bambino

Sports Obsession p,c, (p,2,1:53, $151,272) Sportswriter—Hayworth Blue Chip

Eddie Lohmeyer Stable
Melania t,f, Donato Hanover—Miss Fidget

Ireland t,f, (2,2:00f, $38,865) Cantab Hall—Clarice Marie
Tupelo Honey t,f, (2,Q1:59.2f, $41,325) Chapter Seven—Supreme Dish

older horses
Casa Palmera t,m,6 (4,1:53.4f, $15,460) Andover Hall—Ura Hanover
Yuge t,g,5 (4,1:54f, $178,754) Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget

David Miller Stable
Chat Line p,c, Betting Line—Chat Snap

Play The Ponies p,g, (p,2,1:54.4f, $15,836) Shadow Play—Expose

Erv Miller Stable
Adjacent p,f, Always B Miki—Geometry
Affinity Hanover p,f, Always A Virgin—Artaffection
Allforone Hanover t,c, Swan For All—Allamerican Phoebe
Alwaysshowfaith p,c, Always A Virgin—Show Faith
Andy Can t,c, Andover Hall—Candidcamerakosmos
Axe Blue Chip t,c, Chapter Seven—Can Can Frisco
Bacardi t,c, Southwind Frank—Strawberry Wine
Bet Nineteen p,c, Betting Line—Ideal Nectarine
Bossy Linda p,f, Roll With Joe—Ideal Ginny
Captain Sleaze p,c, A Rocknroll Dance—Da Sleazy One
Carl Spackler t,c, Credit Winner—Athena’s Mission
Carrythetorchman p,c, American ideal—Kattimon
Certifiable p,c, Rockin Image—Psychotic
Cheers For Chips p,f, Heston Blue Chip—Celebrate America
College Coed t,f, Conway Hall—Dipietrantonio
Crystal Beach p,f, Always B Miki—Gold Beach
Cschapeterone t,c, Chapter Seven—Chandler T
Cyborg t,f, Swan For All—Fox Valley Yavonne
Divine Image t,f, Chapter Seven—Womanly Image
Dixie Chick p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Fashion Majorette
Doc’s Skipper p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Doc’s Hope
Dontbeafraidtowin t,c, Kadabra—Share My Secret
Fox Valley Liza t,f, Muscle Mass—Super Renee
Fox Valley Sampson p,c, JK Endofanera—Lr Dancing Dream
Fox Valley Specter t,c, Whom Shall I Fear—Fox Valley Diva
Gd Rockin Kay p,f, Rockin Image—Kaylas Dream
Gettin Gone p,f, So Surreal—Long Gone
Glitter Hanover t,f, Andover Hall—Gold Fish
Gochisumgo t,g, Dontcheatonmenow—Tight Lips
Got That Right t,f, Credit Winner—Lol Hanover
Gucci Goo t,c, Guccio—Love Child
I Say No More p,f, American ideal—Blackjack Princess
Ivana Vinalot t,f, Guccio—Ivana Hanover
JK She’s Gordjus p,f, JK Endofanera—Gordjus
Likeafreighttrain p,c, Art Major—Upfront Secret
Lindys Leading Man t,c, Cantab Hall—Lindys Leading Lady
Loyal Kim p,f, Bolt The Duer—Hidden Cost
Marcia p,f, Always A Virgin—Miss ATM
Mayday Volo t,c, Trixton—Mayflower Volo
McQuickie p,c, McArdle—Dobre Povedane
Miss Zelda t,f, Explosive Matter—Sofia Letsgo
My Only Sin t,f, Lou’s Legacy—Earli Valley
Mystical King t,c, Muscle Massive—Miss Imperial
Night Owl Hanover t,c, E L Titan—Nightflix Hanover
Not Today p,c, Art Major—Wenditions
Octave p,c, Always B Miki—Music City
Please Don’t Tell t,f, Bar Hopping—Twice Is Right
Pure Sin p,c, Ryan N Hanover—Are We Rich Now
Quick Six p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Southwind Vanna
Railin Jennings p,f, JK Endofanera—Cinnamon Girl
Refiner t,c, Chapter Seven—Catching Katie
Rose Run Webster p,c, American Ideal—Jus Chillin Out
Salect Friday p,c, Rockin Image—The Face Of Love
Skyway Genna t,f, Swan For All—GS Grasshopper
Skyway Miss Foxy t,f, Swan For All—Maui Blue Chip
Southern Road Trip p,c, Rockin Image—Dixiegirl
Stayinalivehahaha p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Village Madonna
Swanofagun t,g, Swan For All—CJ’s Susie
Sweet Doodle p,f, Sweet Lou—Willow Gram
Sweet Gisele p,f, Sweet Lou—Meet Gisele
Sweet Ron p,c, Sweet Lou—Safe From Harm
Swift Swanda t,f, Swan For All—Cheetah Hall
Ten Above t,c, Here Comes Herbie—Demons N Diamonds
The Perfect Woman p,f, Rockin Image—Poppies Pride
T’S Raider II p,c, Rockin Image—Do Me Good
Upfront Money t,c, Up Front Murray—Andoverhertreasure
Volcano Volo t,c, Swan For All—Sierra Glide
Well Basically p,c, Sagebrush—Basic Brown
With Or Without t,f, Conway Hall—Queen Of More

Allow Me Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:55f, $12,350) Artspeak—Armbro Cachet
Anchors Away t,g, (2,1:57.2, $5,880) Whom Shall I Fear—Lima Simplicity
Beautiful Mrs A t,f, ($1,690) Donato Hanover—Sina
Bolten Beach p,f, Bolt The Duer—Beach Bretta
Bolt Of Beauty p,f, (p,2,1:55.4f, $41,305) Bolt The Duer—Natural Luck
Coconut Beach p,f, (p,2,1:54, $35,436) Art Major—Gold Beach
Coconut Kate t,f, (2,1:57, $10,125) Donato Hanover—Cocoacabana
Father Dunn t,c, ($10,650) Father Patrick—Majestic Style
Fox Valley Hustler p,g, (p,2,1:53.3, $29,618) Time To Roll—Panfastic
Gabby Tabby p,f, Western Ideal—Midnight Art
Genius Man p,c, (p,2,1:52.2, $57,229) Art Major—Unred Hanover
Heaven t,f, (2,1:55.1, $57,252) Father Patrick—Blue Diamonds
Hidden Cove p,f, (p,2,1:52.4, $71,056) American Ideal—Sun N Sand
Meadowbrook Chip t,c, (2,Q2:00.3f, $4,810) Whom Shall I Fear—Chip’s Goddess
Paytons A Cane t,c, ($3,960) Donato Hanover—Sly Fox
Rockin Your World p,f, (p,2,1:58h, $5,250) Rockin Image—Pandemonious
Rock Swan t,f, (2,1:55.4, $392,981) Swan For All—Jolly Jessica
Sleazy Gal p,f, (p,2,1:54.1, $49,814) Sagebrush—DA Sleazy One
Solar t,g, ($9,000) Father Patrick—Jupiter
Stickemup Pickemup p,f, (p,2,Q1:57.1, $1,400) American Ideal—Fashion Gal
Vivaldi Hanover p,g (p,2,1:53.1, $23,187) Always A Virgin—Vasmajority Hanover
Witchey Woman t,f, ($6,123) Donato Hanover—Wedding Dress
Woodside Datendiva t,f, (2,1:56.3, $70,281) Guccio—Cantab’s Chorine

older horse
Zack’s Got The W t,g,4, (3,1:53, $39,730) Yankee Glide—Catch A Train

Kimberlie Miller Stable
Miss Maytrix t,f, Trixton—Marion Mayflower

Dr. Ian Moore Stable
Alumni Seelster p,f, State Treasurer—Atlantic Seelster
Arthur Blue p,c, Arthur Blue Chip—Armbro Creole
Dietrich Seelster p,c, State Treasurer—Demi Seelster
Kim p,f, He’s Watching—Ms Lady Shark
Lady Arthur p,f, Arthur Blue Chip—April Three
Lawless Seelster p,c, Shadow Play—Ladycino
Lyn p,f, Betting Line—Hedge Blue Chip
Marlboro Seelster p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Macapelo Rose
Shadow Warrior p,c, Shadow Play—Sassafras Girl
Sir Shadow p,c, Shadow Play—Dream Of Mimi
Snap Call p,c, Shadow Play—Malocchio
Sorone Seelster p,f, State Treasurer—Shadows Wonder
Sunrise Blue Chip p,f, Shadow Play—Frame Worthy
Twain Seelster p,c, Bettor’s Delight—The Patriot

Denali Seelster p,c, (p,2,1:52.3, $82,355) Sunshine Beach—Demi Seelster
Kit p,f, (p,2,1:56, $19,752) Big Jim—The Patriot
Tattoo Artist p,c, (p,2,1:52, $182,672) He’s Watching—Stylish Artist
The Wild Card p,c, (p,2,1:55.1, $28,765) Bettor’s Delight—Scarlet’s Western

older hoses
Casimir Richie P p,h,5 (p,4,1:49.1, $271,553) Astronomical—Casimir Hugs
Century Farroh p,h,4 (p,3,1:49.1, $786,184) Mach Three—Beachy Girl

Randy Owens Stable
Ifeellikeaterror p,f, Western Terror—Ifeellikelaughing

Pete Stamas t,g, (2,Q1:59.1, $26,300) Uncle Peter—Donata Dont Gotta

Pinske Stable
Adelia Hanover p,f, Betting line—Always On A Roll
Anna Bolena t,f, Kadabra—Keystone Taylor
Babyiloveyourway t,f, Muscle Hill—Baby Bella
Broken p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Robin Cruiser
Father Of Ireland t,c, Father Patrick—Lindy Of My Dreams
Fire Start Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Fit To Frame
Honey Run Hanover p,f, Captaintreacherous—Hit The Curb
I Lack Compassion p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover
Jack Fire t,c, Cantab Hall—Jolie De Vie
Keepthetab Hanover t,c, Bar Hopping—Keepsake Hanover
Letters Of Love t,f, Creatine—Celebrity Lovenote
Soukup Blue Chip t,f, Chapter Seven—Sirenuse
Stay In Your Lane t,f, Chapter Seven—Who Dat Girl
Steel t,c, Chapter Seven—Pink Power
Venerate t,c, Love You—Peaceful Kemp
Whimbel Hanover t,f, Father Patrick—Winterberry

Amigo Volo t,g, (2,1:52.3, $610,546) Father Patrick—Margarita Momma
Annabella Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:50.2, $131,876) Somebeachsomewhere—Always On A Roll
Bombshell Hanover p,g, (p,2,Q1:55.3, $23,059) Somebeachsomewhere—Blind Ambition
Love A Good Story t,f, (2,1:52.2, $234,137) Chapter Seven—Celebrity Lovin
Marloe Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:50.3, $313,787) Captaintreacherous—Mesmerize Blue Chip
Paige’s Girl p,f, Captaintreacherous—Lightning Paige
She Rocks Kemp t,f, (2,2:01.2h, $135,165) Kadabra—Southwind Adele
Somewhere North p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover
Western Vacation p,g, (p,2,1:54.1f, $27,713) Western Ideal—Robin Cruiser
Wine Rack Hanover t,f, (2,1:56, $176,249) Kadabra—Winbak Maya

older horse
Drain The Swamp t,h,4, ($12,181) Yankee Glide—Brandnewgirlfriend

Two Days Stable/Richard and Joan Day
Two Days Ohno t,g, Clocked At Eighty—North Lima Disco


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