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Southern Oaks training roster

12:00 AM 05 Jan 2016 NZDT
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Southern Oaks Standardbred Training Center
Southern Oaks Standardbred Training Center in 2015
Jackie Butenschoen Photo

Here is the 2016 harness racing training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla.

The Erv Miller Stable has 95 horses, including 56 2-year-olds, and returning stables stars in New York Sires Stakes champion Travel Playlist p,1:49.2; Ideal Jimmy p,2,1:51f; and McDave p,2,1:52.f.

John Butenschoen has 39 head in his winter quarters including 25 2-year-olds and returning stable stars Ideal Rocky p,2,1:52.3; Twill Be Done 2,1:56.1f; Landjack Hanover 2,1:57.1f; and Looking Sharp 2,1:57.3f.

Dr. Ian Moore has older pacers in millionaire State Treasurer p,1:47; Rockin In Heaven p,3,1:50; and Arthur Blue Chip p,4,1:50.1f in his shedrow.

The David and Misty Miller stable is going to be a late arrival.

Dave Arrenholtz Stable
JD’s Chasin Jason 2,c,p, Panspacificflight—Southwind Diana
Gorgeous View 2,c,p, He’s Gorgeous—Armbro View
Shebarocking 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Trinity Islands

Feetonthedashboard 4,m,p, (p,3,1:53, $185,871) Panspacificflight—Incredible Dodger

John Butenschoen Stable
Affair Of Honor 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Fireworks Hanover
Alexa’s Princess 2,f,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Michelle’s Victory
American Schapps 2,c,p, American Ideal—Peaches And Cream
Cougar Bait 2,c,p, Western Terror—No One Is Alone
Credit Volo 2,c,t, Credit Winner—Silver Springs
Darkest Secret 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Dark Secret
Doverlicious 2,c,t, Andover Hall—CR Kay Suzie
Fine Tuned Lady 2,f,t, Cantab Hall—Poster Princess
Giveitgasandgo 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Mazda Hanover
Graceful Way Out 2,c,p, Western Terror—Lady Graceful
Joe Cool 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Apere Hanover
Just For You 2,f,t, Yankee Glide—Jodi’s Jayme
Keystone Cavalier 2,c,t, Explosive Matter—Keystone Chocolate
Lightning Onmyfeet 2,c,p, McArdle—Western Top Cat
Lima Commando 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Cold Mist
Lima Venture 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Vanity Fairest
Midsummer Romance 2,c,p, Well Said—Midsummer Night
Mister To You 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Coming Late
Northern Courtney 2,f,t, Deweycheatumnhowe—Pine Nut
Paraglider 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Some Like It Lindy
Puddin N Pie 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Banbury Cross
Sake 2,c,t, RC Royalty—Yessir Thatsmybaby
Simply Volo 2,c,t, Crazed—Sterling Volo
Terrific Terrific 2,c,p, Western Terror—Just Great
Wiagram Hanover 2,c,t, Andover Hall—Wishful Me

Acting Out 3,c,p, (p,2,1:54.3f) Art Major—Shake That Junk
Byob 3,c,t, (2,Q1:58.4) SJ’s Caviar—Brioni Suite
Fiery Will 3,c,p, Well Said—Fiery Buckeye
Hititoutofthepark 3,c,t, (2,1:55.1f, $128,820) Yankee Glide—Celebrity Liza
Ideal Joey 3,c,p, Roll With Joe—Ideal Coast
Ideal Rocky 3,c,p, (p,2,1:52.3, $254,651) Rocknroll Hanover—Eternity’s Delight
Landjack Hanover 3,c,t, (2,1:57.1f, $47,432) Cantab Hall—Likeavirgin Lindy
Latescape 3,f,p, Artiscape—Late Closer
Lima Cadillac 3,c,t, (2,Q2:03.2) Yankee Glide—Celebrity Deville
Lookin Sharp 3,f,t, (2,1:57.3f, $166,781) Andover Hall—Warrawee Krisp
Major Plans 3,c,p, (p,2,1:54.1f) Art Major—That’s The Plan
Samy Donato 3,c,t, Donato Hanover—Crysta’s Image
Twill Be Done 3,f,t, (2,1:56.1f, $84,954) Donato Hanover—Polyester Hanover
Western Dial 3,c,p, Western Ideal—Kwik Dial

Richard Day Stable
Twodays Pennylane 2,f,t, San Siro Lane—North Lima Disco

Two Days Ditto 3,c,t, Mr Garjangles-Oceana Hanover

older horse
Two Days Finale 4,m,t (3,2:08.1h) SJ's Caviar-Oceana Hanover

James “Friday” Dean Stable
All Access 2,c,p, Mach Three—Malocchio
Billie McJean 2,f,p, McArdle—Igottwordsforyou
Northern Vixen 2,f,p, Badlands Hanover—Northern Athena

Jimmys Little Girl 2,f, (p,2,Q1:58.2) Big Jim—Sheer Hose
Northern Lauren 3,f,p, Mach Three—Four Starzz Meliss
Peg 3,f,p (p,2,1:56.3) Dragon Again—Western Duel
Shadow Pink 3,f,p, (p,2,1:54) Shadow Play—Pink Is Perfect

Carl Jamieson Stable
Bobcat Bound 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Sugarcoated
Deprived 2,c,p, Warrawee Needy—Spun Sugar
Dunbar Hall 2,c,t, Deweycheatumnhowe—Debbie Hall
Laminin 2,c,t, Manofmanymissions—Lady Cayster
Twin B Bambino 2,f,p, Art Major—Western Heat
Windsong Napoleon 2,c,p, Art Major—Bunny Dearest
Wishesdocometrue 2,f,p, Art Major—Extreme Dream

Sayonara Hall 3,f,t, Deweycheatumnhowe—Shooting Starlet
The Catamount Kid 3,c,p, (p,2,1:52.1, $98,831) Well Said—Under Your Spell
To His Credit 3,c,p, Up The Credit—Winning Hand

Eddie Lohmeyer Stable
At The Helm 2,c,p, Art Major—Indulge Me
Bernardus 2,c,t, RC Royalty—Pacific Elegance
Casa Palmera 2,f,t, Andover Hall—Ura Hanover
Lookingforamiracle 2,f,t, Yankee Glide—End Of Innocence
Miss Prim 2,f,t, Conway Hall—Pacific Photo
Moffit Hanover 2,c,p, Dragon Again—Maeve Hanover
The Time To Win 2,f,p, Western Ideal—Cannae Cindy

Quiet Cove 3,f,p, (p,2,1:56.3f) Somebeachsomewhere-Dreamlands Jo Jo
Shy That Way 3,f,t, Lucky Chucky—Susie’s Magic
Spendabuckonme 3,c,p (p,2,1:54.2f) Art Major—Indulge Me

older horses
Believeinthespirit 5,g,p, (p,3,1:51.2, $116,723) Art Major—Spirit Of The West
Ideal Nuggets 4,m,p, (p,2,1:50.4, $271,482) Western Ideal—Rough Sketch

Erv Miller Stable
Absolutely Best 2,f,p, Cambest—Garish
Ameraway 2,f,p, American Ideal—Shyaway
A Squared 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—Flexible Spending
Aunt Susie Hanover 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Aunt Mel
Beach Boogie 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Dance Until Dawn
Bella Ragaza 2,f,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Armbro Bahama
Bently Hanover 2,c,p, Art Major—Bittorsweet Terror
Big Thinker 2,c,p, American Ideal—Ubetterthink Think
Cabot 2,c,t, Deweycheatumnhowe—Passageway
Calbay 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Sand Happy Life
Cerisier 2,c,p, Western Terror—Cherry Tree Coco
Chili 2,c,t, Credit Winner—Spicy Wings
Chilma 2,f,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Lifes A Trip
Direct Macawesome 2,f,p, McArdle—Direct Player
Donatoboy 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—Voluptuous Ronda
Epic Union 2,c,p, Dragon Again—Eternal Justice
Equestrianconxtion 2,c,t, Explosive Matter—Daruda Hanover
Foxy Swan 2,f,p, Swan For All—Fox Valley Click
Hahchachacha 2,f,p, Always A Virgin—Miss ATM
Haviture Way Honey 2,f,p, American Ideal—Curvesahead
I Am The Danger 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Tawesome More
Just Bogo 2,c,p, He’s Gorgeous—Blissfull Fluzy
Lady JJ 2,f,t, Jailhouse Jesse—Lady Of Troy
Lightning Onmyfeet 2,f,p, McArdle—Western Top Cat
Little Miss Cami 2,f,p, Well Said—Little Miss K
Livinginthedream 2,f,p, If I Can Dream—Fox Valley Lucerne
Long Driveway 2,f,t, Glidemaster—Fox Valley Ying
Loopingforaliving 2,c,p, Art Major—Jamaica Hanover
Love Love Me Do 2,f,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Arbeedo
Mac And Pay 2,c,t, Manofmanymissions—Six Figure Dreams
Maconupwithedragon 2,c,p, Dragon Again—Macon Up
Magic Forces 2,c,p, Art Major—Magic Of Michelle
Major Graduate 2,f,p, Art Major—Western Graduate
Meadowbrook Tiger 2,c,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Rain Dance Jessica
No Bus For Us 2,c,t, Muscle  Massive—Be My Baby
Mr Greenie 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Advantest
Perfect Major 2,c,p, Art Major—My Perfect Rhyme
RJP 2,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Vysoke Tatry
Rockin Praline 2,f,p, Rockin Image—Fox Valley Praline
Rock N Tony 2,c,p, Rockin Image—Pandemonious
Rollin About 2,c,p, Roll With Joe—Flitabout
Royal Melbourne 2,f,t, Explosive Matter—Vanity Plates
Shivered 2,c,t, Credit Winner—Fancy
Someomensomewhere 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Omen Hanover
Spin N Roll 2,f,p, Roll With Joe—Armbro Ocasey
Stage Review 2,f,p, Art Major—Observe Me
Super Riley 2,f,t, Credit Winner—Sashay
Swan Forever 2,c,t, Swan For All—Ever A Lady
Sweet N Toxic 2,f,p, Dragon Again—Guan Yin
Temporary Business 2,f,p, Dragon Again—Safe From Harm
Tiki Taka 2,c,t, Manofmanymissions—Zakanaka
Uncle Marty 2,c,t, Donato Hanover—My Dollys Dream
Unofficialbusiness 2,c,p, Real Desire— Nuzzle Hanover
Youvegotwhatitakes 2,c,t, Yankee Glide—Char Catie Becca
Zane Hanover 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Zellweger Bluechip

Alvarez 3,f,t (2,Q2:00.4f) Andover Hall—Celebrity Athena
American Image 3,f,p, (p,2,1:54.3f) Rockin Image—L Dee Lourdes
Arrow Hanover 3,f,p, (p,2,1:54.3f) Somebeachsomewhere—A And G’sconfusion
Bailey’s Lucky Dream 3,f,t, Lucky Chucky—Baileysirishdream
Catch A Mission 3,f,t, Manofmanymissions—Catch A Train
Evie’s Credit 3,f,t, Credit Winner—Evolution
Freeze Out 3,f,p, (p,2,1:55.3h) American Ideal—Mr Deli’s Filly
Fresh Cut 3,c,p, (p,2,1:54.2f) American Ideal—Flip For Love
Fruition 3,f,t, Credit Winner—Tango Hall
Golden Gesture 3,g,p, (p,2,Q1:58.3f) Shark Gesture—Black Gold Mindale
Graceful Vision 3,f,p, (p,2,1:52.3) Yankee Cruiser—Vision Of Grace
Grandma Jan’s Gem 3,f,t Here Comes Herbie—Deliteful Debbie
Ideal Jimmy 3,g,p, (p,2,1:51f, $293,185) Western Ideal—Armbro Nectarine
Keystone Paula 3,f,p, (p,2,1:54.1) Bettor's Delight—Take My Pulse
Le Gambe 3,c,p, Shadyshark Hanover—Armbro Bahama
Legere 3,g,p, (p,2,1:53.2, $42,135) Shadyshark Hanover—Fox Valley Lucerne
Like A Gem 3,f,t, (2,Q2:00f) Keystone Blitz—Ladylike Volo
Maker A Yankee 3,f,t, (2,1:57f) Yankee Glide—Maker A Laker
Maxine Is Cute 3,f,t, Swan For All—Shops For Dresses
McDave 3,c,p, (p,2,1:52.1f, $107,598) McArdle—Southwind Piper
Mercedes Lorene 3,f,p, Western Terror—Slice Of Life
Mystical Mission 3,c,t, Manofmanymissions—Six Figure Dreams
Mystical Rock 3,g,p, (p,2,1:51.4, $176,152) Rockin Image—Majorencounter
Not Always 3,g,p, (p,2,1:54.1) Always A Virgin—Model A 
Pretty Swanderfull 3,c,t, (2,Q1:58.3f) Swan For All—Pretty New
Real Mindale 3,g,p, Real Desire—Sail Lynne Mindale
Redneck Rally 3,c,p, (p,2,1:56.2h) American Ideal—Ms Harrington
Rockin Ronnie 3,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Flibbertigibbet
Roll N Catch 3,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Catch The Show 
Shady Stella 3,f,p, (p,2,1:54.1, $54,058) Shadyshark Hanover—She’s Stella
Southern Palms 3,g,t, (2,1:59.2h) RC Royalty—Pacific Elegance
Summer Gesture 2,f,p, (p,2,1:55f) Shadyshark Hanover—Sand Summer
Swan For Dee 3,f,t, (2,Q2:00.1f) Swan For All—Yankee Dee
Swans Filly 3,f,t, Swan For All—Yadubist Bluegrass
Take Your Vitamins 3,c,t, Swan For All—Vitamin M
Terror Hall 3,c,p, (p,2,1:56.1f) Western Terror—Marnie Hall
Travel Playlist 3,c,p, (p,2,1:49.2, $252,570) Art Major—Village Madonna
Trolley 3,c,t, (2,1:56.1f) Donato Hanover—Lakeside Bride

older horse
Rockingcam Park 4,m,p, (p,3,1:51.2, $149,106) Rocknroll Hanover—Cameron D Art

Dr. Ian Moore Stable
Always Rock N Roll 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Yankee Icon
Classic Pro 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Kattimon
Mail It In 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Buy In Hanover
Southern Heart 2,f,p, Shadow Play—La Daydreamer
Spoken Word 2,c,p, Well Said—Terrific Tara
Sports Leader 2,f,p, Sportswriter—Mustang Kensley
Twin B Cowboy 2,c,p, Roll With Joe-Twin B Intimate
Vivid Play 2,c,p, Shadow Play—Cheyenne Ava

Good Will Hanover 3,f,p, (p,2,1:52.3, $122,857) Big Jim—Go For Best
Mac’s Star 3,g,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Knock Three Times
Some Gold 3,c,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Alpine Gold
Sutton Seelster 3,c,p, (p,2,1:55.3f) Camluck—Smilesplace
Worthy Art 3,c,p, Shadow Play—Art Account

older horses
Arthur Blue Chip 5,h,p, (p,4,1:50.1f, $506,384) Shadow Play-Advantest
Rockin In Heaven 4,h,p, (p,3,1:50, $364,303) Rock N Roll Heaven—Tropic’s Beachgirl
State Treasurer 7,h,p, (p,1:47, $1,827,147) Real Desire—Ideal Treasure

Pinske Stable
Aubergine Hanover 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Arts Masterpiece
Dances Cruiser 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser—Dances On The Wind
Independent One 2,c,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Sun N Sand
Inverse Hanover 2,f,p, Somebeachsomewhere—Ideal Newton
Memorial Cruise 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser—Pacific Dragonette
Northwest Yankee 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser—Northwest Hanover
Overdraft Hanover 2,f,t, Yankee Glide—Bank Of Newport
Safensound Hanover 2,c,p, Yankee Cruiser—Singnoevil
Southwind Santana 2,c,t, Cantab Hall—Spice On Ice
Well Now Hanover 2,c,p, Well Said—Western Duel
Sweetest Emotion 2,f,p, Rocknroll Hanover—Sweet Paprika

Century Chancellor 3,g,p, Western Terror—Beachy Girl

by Kendra Casselman 
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