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Statement from Haras Des Trotteurs

11:00 AM 08 Sep 2020 NZST
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Off stride. Out of step, Call it what you may.
Off stride. Out of step, Call it what you may.

I have no axe to grind with Woodlands, Nevele R, Alabar, nor for that matter their main supplier US harness racing studs in Blue Chip Farms and Diamond Creek.

I love the stallion choices Woodlands have made in recent years, the majestic set up of Nevele R and the rich history of Alabar and its true two country operation. I thank Blue Chip Farms for agisting World Class Hanover on their farm and providing us with a magnificent Credit Winner Colt from her and I thank Diamond Creek for allowing their champion trotting stallion Father Patrick to be available down under.

We, Australia, belong to an international trotting community that has adopted limited stallion books the world over.

Examples are the US 140 stallion book limit (no free returns), France 100 limit (and that’s for the best stallions its less for many others) and Sweden 150 limit etc.

Limited stallion books have helped improve numerous areas of their industry. I hear no talk of dispensing with limited stallion books internationally. Why, because it works.

I commend HRA for its courageous decision to limit stallion books in Australia.

I am disappointed that our (Australasia’s) three biggest and in many areas, best studs have chosen to fight this decision.

I am also disappointed that these two beautiful studs in the US are happy to adhere to limited stallion books in the US, but do not appear to be encouraging their Southern counterparts to do the same.

Let’s get back on stride, let’s get back in step and join the international harness community in limiting stallion books down under.

Pat Driscoll 

Haras Des Trotteurs

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