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Stop the horse slaughter - Now (Vid)

11:02 PM 30 Jun 2008 NZST
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An article in The Modesto Bee on Monday (June 30) is supporting The American Horse Preservation Act (Senate Bill 311), with bipartisan support, to end the slaughter of American horses. WARNING: This article contains graphic and disturbing video footage from an investigation into maltreated horses.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture admits that 92 percent of slaughter horses are actually "in good condition."

Over 45,000 American horses died in Mexican slaughterhouses last year; 30,000 more were shipped to Canada to be killed. During transport, these horses get no food or water.

Some are injured or dead when they reach their final destination.

Mexican slaughterhouses have no regulations; a Texas TV station filmed the cruelty typical at one Mexican slaughterhouse.

Click here to read the full article.

The Modesto Bee

Investigation on horse-slaughter in USA-Mexico

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