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Making clean-up easier... The Super Scooper

02:40 PM 17 May 2014 NZST
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Super Scooper, harness racing
Super Scooper is an award winning invention from Australia
Super Scooper
Have you seen the new ad on Harnesslink's website for a new product that helps clean up after horses? It's quirky and different. To the point yet interesting enough to make me wonder why such a product like this hasn't been thought of before.

It's called the Super Scooper and it originally hails from Australia. The Super Scooper was created by Mark Bridgnan and has since sold over 4,000 units in Australia and New Zealand alone. "Mark won on a game show very similar to Shark Tank in Australia back in 2009 and after he won the contest he went into production" explains Dave Martin.

Dave Martin of Big Red Barn Products is the only USA distributor for Super Scoope. Big Red Barn Products is located in Michigan.

The Super Scooper is made of galvanized steel which is powdered coated in orange and is now available in the USA through Big Red Barn Products at

It is not a big or heavy piece of industrial equipment; it's a time saving tool as well as a back saving tool. The Super Scooper is a sled one would attach to their four-wheeler or their ride-on mower. Once done, there are two wheels that flip up and under with a lever to help pull a full load. You are going from pulling a large sled to being able to have a trailer with two wheels to easily transport the material to a dump site. Once at the dump site, you unhitch the Super Scooper and tilt it with the lever to easily empty out the contents. "It is a little lift and the wheels do the rest of the work, it goes from a sled to a cart" explains Dave.

"I was trying to buy one and utilize it on our property and there was not a US distributor" Dave says. "I spoke with Mark and became the distributor and we received our first shipment in January and our second shipment is on its way."

The Super Scooper works well on grass or any hard compacted surface. It is not ideal for sand or mud. "The latest generation has a manual height adjustment on it and it was added on at the request of customers" says Dave. "Customers were saying 'we are picking up too much dirt', so now there is a height adjustment so you can raise it above the surface a little bit. It's a mechanical adjustment so if you see you're picking up dirt you will need to raise it a bit more."

The Super Scooper is ideal for anyone with up to six horses and can adequately handle up to ten acres of horse waste cleanup. The Super Scooper is designed to hold up to 160 pounds of manure. Dave notes it can also safely hold two bales of hay for transporting around your farm. "It's ideal to be used once or twice a week for cleaning up." Dave states.

With the rough winter Michigan had, Dave stated how handy the Super Scooper turned out to be due to all the manure that was compacted under the snow. Once the snow started to melt away in April, clean up was that much easier. "We had quite a few people use the Super Scooper to help with that" says Dave.

On the website, there is a video from Texas which shows a gentleman spending a few minutes picking up the horse manure where it usually would of taken over forty minutes to go across his property and clean it all up.

"We've sold 42 units in the US since our first shipment in January. We haven't really started advertising yet" says Dave "but we've been getting very good feedback. We wanted to make sure the product is as good as we say it is before we started to heavily advertise."

"I saw a niche in the market. I saw $5,000 vacuums and $79 dollar pitchforks." Dave explains. "I didn't see anything in the middle. There wasn't anything for the high school kid with a horse or anything for a retired couple with a horse or two. I didn't see anything that was affordable to most people that would be willing to spend the money to save the time."

Not only their time but their backs too!

After numerous horse shows, Dave was approached by potential customers asking if a payment plan is offered. Customers can now purchase their Super Scooper online at via PayPal and be charged no interest if the Super Scooper is paid off within six months of purchase. Check the website and PayPal link for all of the details.

The retail price for the Super Scooper is $1,300 plus freight and tax. The Super Scooper website provides a detailed list of pricing including freight for various parts of the US as well Canada (Price for Canada is $1,600 plus tax and duty). The Super Scooper is shipped via FedEx and available at the nearest FedEx Freight for pick up.

There is a one year warranty on all moving parts as well as a 10% discount for horse rescues organizations and Future Farmers of America students.

All in all it is quite a unique item that makes perfect sense for anyone who has horses.

by Roderick Balgobin, for


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