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Will he or won't he be entered in the Jug?

02:44 PM 07 Sep 2013 NZST
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Tony Alagna (l) and Myron Bell (c) have tough call to make
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Captaintreacherous owners have tough decision

They have until Saturday morning, September 14 by 9:00 am to make their decision. It is not an easy decision to have to make in harness racing.

Will Captaintreacherous’s owners enter him in the $600,000 Little Brown Jug, the second jewel of the Pacing Triple Crown on Thursday, September 19?

Will they be racing purists and put their superstar three-year-old colt on a half mile track for the first time in his career?

Will they be professional businessmen and not take any chances in seeing their horse have to race two, maybe three times in a single day or be roughed up and not even make it to the final?

Inquiring minds what to know the answer. Most of the entire harness racing world would like to know before 9:00 am Saturday morning, September 14.

Myron Bell, who is the spokesperson and the man who purchased and set up the Captaintreacherous Racing Stable, hired the superb trainer Tony Alagna to care and develop the horse, and primarily calls the shots for Captaintreacherous’s racing career, said it all last week.

In the winner’s circle after Captaintreacherous had just won the first jewel of the Pacing Triple Crown, the Cane Pace at Tioga Downs, Bell was asked the big question.

“I promised Phil Terry, the general manager of the Little Brown Jug,” Myron Bell said, “that he would know our decision by September 14.”

I hope Phil Terry gets a new cell phone by then because his phone will most certainly be ringing off the hook.

People throughout history, regardless of the event, always have an opinion. Such is the case on what people would like to see Myron Bell, Tony Alagna and the Captaintreacherous Racing syndicate decides on whether or not to race him in the Little Brown Jug.

Myron Bell and Tony Alagna have said all season long, “We have a plan and we have been sticking to it and it has been working out great. We will do only what is best for the horse. He has a lot of engagements to choose from and we also need to look forward to his four-year-old season. Most important is the horse.”

The purists say race him….he deserves the chance to win the Triple Crown, to show he is the very best.

The businessman says….why bother…is there a bonus for winning the Triple Crown? Why risk having to race the horse two maybe three times in one day?

The purists say….it’s the Little Brown Jug, Americana at its grass roots, 50,000 and more fans will come and see him race. There will be world-wide media recognition.

The businessman says…..why bother…he has richer purses to race for this season and on bigger size tracks and he won’t have to race twice or more in one day and risk something happening to him.

The debate could go on and on and in a way everyone is correct. The ultimate decision will, of course, come from Captaintreacherous’s owners and trainer and we will just have to sit tight and continue to speculate on what that all important decision will be.

That’s what makes America so great. We can all voice our opinions on just about any situation and when the final decision is made, especially concerning whether or not Captaintreacherous will be entered in the Little Brown Jug; we can respect the owners for their choice and still talk about it some more.

To this reporter, there is no right or correct decision here. Everyone will say….”if I owned him I would do so and so….”  Well, unless you are Myron Bell, Tony Alagna or a principle owner in the Captaintreacherous Racing syndicate, you don’t have a decision. We just have to speculate and gossip and spread shed row whispers in the backstretch. Which we are very good at.

As for this reporters decision, well I have to take a backseat. If I owned Captaintreacherous I would do exactly what Captaintreacherous Racing will do. Why you may ask? Because I have known Myron Bell and many people connected with this horse for a very long time and they are the quintessential owners and breeders in the sport of harness racing and know what they are doing far better than this reporter.

This reporter admits to being a bit more of a purist in harness racing than a businessman (or else I would own a piece of the “Captain”), but I can respect the thought process that is going into making this decision and it is not an easy one.

Does this reporter have an opinion of what decision will be made, will he or won’t he be entered in the Little Brown Jug?

Absolutely….and in this reporter’s opinion, for what it is worth, says that Captaintreacherous will NOT be entered in the Little Brown Jug. The purist wants him to race in it but the businessman says why risk it, there are other races down the road just as important and I want to make sure I have plenty left in the tank for the 2014 season too!

By Steve Wolf for


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