ISSR: The Constitution and Rules of the ISSR Committee

The ISSR committee is guided by the constitution and rules as follows:


1.1. To make arrangements for an International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction (ISSR)) to be held every four (4) years or at such other intervals as the International Committee shall deem appropriate.

1.2. To meet the principal objectives of these Symposia: the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge on all matters relating to stallion reproduction

1.3. To establish rules and guidelines for the organization and conduct of each Symposium, particularly in respect to such matters as: financial sponsorship; length and style of papers to be presented; and arrangements for editing and publication of the Proceedings.

1.4. To determine the venue for each Symposium and to appoint a Local Arrangements Committee Chair.

1.5. To determine the format of the scientific program and to appoint a Program Committee.

1.6. To carry out appointments of the board officials.

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1.1. The board shall be responsible for the fulfillment of the aims and functions listed in Part 1 of this document.

1.2. The board shall meet biennially: during each Symposium and approximately mid-way between Symposia. The date and venue of the mid-way meeting shall be related to the date and venue of the ISER whenever possible, and the date confirmed at least 6 months in advance. Additional meetings may be convened at the discretion of the Chair. The reports and agenda for all meetings shall be distributed to members at least one (1) month in advance.

1.3. The board shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and six (6) additional members.

1.4. The members of the board shall represent the following geographic areas and interests:

Asia, Oceania and Africa: 1 member

The Americas: 4 members (South and North 2 each)

Europe: 3 members

At large: 2 members

Following election, members must continue to represent their nominated areas until the time of the next election.

1.5. Members shall be elected for a period of eight (8) years and shall be eligible for re-election thereafter for no more than one further consecutive 4-year period. Ex-members shall become eligible for re-election after standing down for at least four (4) years.

1.6. In the event of resignation or death of a member, the Chair in consultation with the other board members may appoint a replacement to serve for the remainder of the term of the individual concerned.

1.7. Nominations for election to the board, stating the geographic representation of the candidate must be duly proposed by a member of the existing committee or by at least 5 attendees of the Symposium, and given to the Secretary prior to the Annual meeting.

1.8. All newly elected members shall be given a copy of the Constitution at least 30 days before their first meeting.

1.9. The Chair is elected in the Annual meeting, but other officers, Vice chair, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the board.

2.10.The board shall determine by majority vote the venue for the next Symposium at its meeting held at each Symposium, after consideration of the bids from potential hosts.

2.11.The board shall approve the appointment of a Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) Chair for each Symposium at the time of the bid. If this individual is not a member of the board, he/she will be co-opted to membership until the mid-way meeting after the Symposium for which his/her committee is responsible.

2.12.The board shall decide on the scientific format of the program for the next Symposium at the time of the mid-way meeting.

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1.1. The LAC shall be responsible for all matters related to the organization of each Symposium with the exception of matters related to the scientific program.

1.2. The Chair of LAC shall appoint additional members to the LAC.

1.3. The LAC shall establish a budget for the Symposium and endeavor to raise funds to ensure that general expenses directly related to the Symposium are covered, including the costs of the Proceedings.

1.4. The funds remaining after the LAC has settled all its Symposium accounts will be transferred to the ISSR account.

1.5. The LAC Chair shall submit a report to the International Committee within 6 months of the close of the Symposium.

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1.1. The Program committee (PC) consists of the Editor, Program Secretary, Program Chair and Co-chair.

1.2. Members of the PC shall be appointed at the mid-way meeting by the board and will hold office for four (4) years, but will be eligible for re-appointment.

1.3. The PC shall be responsible for the preparation of the call for abstracts for each Symposium and shall ensure that it is adequately published.

1.4. The PC shall be responsible for the invited papers and selection of abstracts for presentation at each Symposium.

1.5. The PC is responsible for the final scientific program.

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1. Name of the association and place of residence

The name of the association is International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction (ISSR) and its place of residence is Mäntsälä, Finland.

2. Purpose and nature of the function

The purpose of the association is to promote and spread scientific and practical knowledge and skills related to stallion reproduction.

To fulfill its purpose the association organizes every fourth (4th) year an International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction.

To support its function the association can

- arrange symposia and other kind of education subject to a charge

- accept grants, donations, and testaments

The association can own real and other kind of property necessary for its function.

3. Members

Anyone who accepts the purpose and constitution of the association can become a member. The board of the association accepts a member by application.

4. Resignation and expulsion of a member

A member has the right to resign from the association by a written notification to the board or its chairman or by announcing about the resignation in the meeting of the association to be recorded in the minutes. The board can expel a member from the association if the member has not paid a due membership fee or otherwise omitted obligations to which he/she has committed himself/herself, or has with his/her conduct in or outside the association substantially harmed the association, or does no longer fulfill the membership conditions mentioned in the constitution of the association.

5. Joining and membership fee

The annual meeting determines the amount of the joining and annual membership fee collected from the members.

6. Board

The board attends matters of the association. The board has a chairman elected in the annual meeting and nine (9) additional members. The term of the board is two time periods between two annual meetings, altogether 8 years. The board elects amongst each other a vice chairman and amongst each other or outside a secretary, treasurer, and other necessary clerical workers. The board assembles by the invitation of the chairman, or if he/she is inhibited, by the invitation of the vice chairman when they regard that there are grounds for an extra meeting or when at least half of the board members it requires. The board is competent when at least half of its members, the chairman or vice chairman included is present. Votes are settled with a simple majority of the votes. If the votes go even, the chairman has the casting vote; in elections, however, a scratch card will settle the matter.

7. Writing the name of the association

The name of the association is written by the chairman, vice chairman, secretary, or treasurer, two together.

8. Accounting period and audit

The accounting period of the association is four (4) calendar years. The financial statement with necessary documents and the annual report of the board has to be given to the auditor latest one month before the annual meeting. The auditor has to give a written statement to the board latest two weeks before the annual meeting.

9. Meetings of the association

The annual meeting of the association is held every 4th year in connection with the International Symposium on Stallion Reproduction on a day decided by the board. An extra meeting is held when the meeting of the association so determines, or when the board has a reason to believe that an extra meeting is necessary, or when at least one tenth (1/10) of the members entitled to vote require it from the board in writing for a specifically announced matter. The meeting has to take place within thirty (30) days from the presentation of the requirement to the board. In the meetings of the association every member has one vote. The decision of the meeting of the association will be - if not otherwise settled in the constitution - the opinion that more than half of the votes given has supported. If the votes go even, the chairman has the casting vote, in elections, however, a scratch card decides.

10. Summoning of the meetings of the association

The board has to convene the meetings of the association at least seven (7) days before the meeting using mailed letters or e-mails.

11. Annual meeting

The following matters have to be discussed in the annual meeting:

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Election of the chairman of the meeting, secretary, two scrutinizers of the minutes and two tellers, if needed

3. Lawfulness and quorum

4. Acceptance of the agenda of the meeting

5. Presentation of the financial statement, annual report and the statement of the auditors

6. Decisions about confirmation of the financial statement and affirmative of exemption from liability to the board and other ones accountable

7. Confirmation of the plan of action, budget, and the amount of the joining and membership fee

8. Election of the chairman and other members of the board

9. Election of an auditor and a vice auditor.

10. Other matters mentioned in the notice of meeting

If a member wants to have a matter for discussion in the annual meeting of the association, he/she has to notify the board in writing on time so that the matter can be included in the notice of the meeting.

11. Change of rules and rescission of the association

Decision about changing rules and rescission of the association has to be done in the meeting of the association with at least three thirds (3/4) majority of the votes given. In the notice of meeting, the change of constitution or rescission of the association has to be mentioned. If the association is dismantled, the assets of the association are used to promote the purpose of the association in a manner determined by the meeting.

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