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Racing Horseshoes

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Kerckhaert Horseshoes

Extra Sound Steel

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Size available is 2,3,4,5,6,7,7.5 and 8. Front shoes are Toe Clip and Hind shoes are Toe Clip and Side Clip. For more information contact your nearest Maneline store.

Extra Sound Aluminium

This brand new design is made from a wider section than the standard Kings Plates. This gives the front foot more cover and support with excellent results on many racehorses.

Trainers and Farriers will welcome this new race plate, because comfort for the horse is an important part of their success. On the foot surface the seating out is increased and extends forward towards the back of the clip to avoid pressure in the toe. The nail holes are positioned coarser than the standard Kings Plate to produce strong nailing and the toe is designed a little flatter, to keep the toe short when fitting.

That's why it's Extra Sound

Extra Sound Bonded Front Only

From years of listening to Farriers all over the world, Kerckhaert have created this ultimate multi-faced Raceplate. Extra nail holes provide options when they are needed most - a problem foot with limited nail placement. Now it's not a problem. Strong radius flush-set clips sit confidently on the outside of the shoe but are flexible to set with ease.

The Kerckhaert precise patterned fronts & hinds mean the shoe literally drop-on. You won't believe the shape! It will save you time and energy making your job that much easier, giving you the edge with quality and savings. Seated-out to save you time, gently flared inside edge and heels and a wear insert which will defy your belief in wear, make this a truly revolutionary Raceplate.

Kings Plates

The Kings Plate Unclipped is used in turf racing and is often used in the early training stages of the race horse. It is also a very good shoe for the Western Pleasure show horse and the smaller hunters.

The features of this shoe include a flush toe insert, sole relief, good nail placement with plenty of options, and a heel taper that saves time.

The web of the shoe is slightly wider providing a good base of support and strength to prevent spreading.

Kings Degree Hind Only

Triumph Aluminium & Steel

The Kerckhaert Triumph aluminum shoes have several design features that farriers have been asking for. A bold toe front shape fits effortlessly. The shoe has a sole relief feature as well as a heel cut that allows for a good cleanout. The design of the shoes will fit applications in all riding horse markets, including western pleasure and race horses. The Triumph shoes are available clipped and unclipped in sizes 000 through 3 with the dimensions of the stock graduated proportionate to the shoe sizes.

Triumph Degree

The Degree shoe is a wedge of approximately 2-1/2 degrees and is available in sizes 000 through 3, front pattern only.
Unclipped only: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3

Triumph Egg Bar

Offering the same features as the regular Triumph, the aluminum Triumph Eggbar comes in a front pattern with quarter-clips in sizes 3x0 to 3

Outer Rim

The first production of the Outer Rim was designed primarily for the use in the Standardbred racing market. But farriers have also found this front shoe to be useful for the Thoroughbred race horse. The toe insert provides additional wear and is 2 mm above the surface of the outer rim of the shoe. Nail holes are placed to provide good solid nailing.

This shoe was designed to satisfy the demand of many American farriers for a shoeing style that doesn't require the full toe, rounder shape of the normal Kerckhaert race plate.

While the toe shape is more natural than many other brands of race plates (not pointed) the branches are less round, providing a quicker fit for the narrower feet. The nail placement is also slightly different yet still offers excellent nail placement choices.

In addition to the shape and nail placement changes, this shoe also offers a slight taper from toe to heel to suit a more traditional shoeing style. The shoes have a well-defined sole relief built in and the taper of the heel cut minimizes the finish work in that area.


This is the traditional steel race plate for trotters, race horses and yearlings.

The perfect concave design gives optimum grip and is creased all the way through to the heels. The DR give a good sole support without adding extra weight.

The profile of the shoe has been designed in such a way that grip on a racing track is good, combined with a lower chance of injury.

DR Pacer

Speed Toe

The new revolutionary Kerckhaert Speed Toe Race Plate is now being launched worldwide. In additional to the industry standard testing and prototyping, the Speed Toe was also extensively tested in selected control environments for almost a year.

The first horses on the new commercial version of the Speed Toe are already winning the top races in impressive style. With quicker break over, the Kerckhaert renowned farrier-friendly shape and finishing, we are only seeing the beginning of the Kerckhaert Speed Toe not just leading the industry, but also revolutionizing it.

Series TDR

The TDR is a steel half-round trotter shoe, with or without clip. The advantage of this is that the front legs can make place for the fast moving hind legs. The crease of the TDR gives you traction that is not available with a typical plain stamped half-round. In addition to this, there are no sharp edges, which prevents damage to the legs. The available different dimensions make it possible to experiment with the balance of the horse. Advised nails: E or JC

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Thoro'bred Racing Plate Co.

Thoro'Bred - Front


World Racing Plate

The toe area is angled back to allow ease of break over. The heels are full and raised to the height of the steel wear blank locvated in the toe area, providing four point balanced support. Thoro'Bred Sizes 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8.

Halverson Egg Bar Shoe

Designed with the assistance of Master Farrier Jim Halverson, this shoe features side clips, steel toe insert, tapered sole relief, punched and countersunk for either a 5 City or 5 E head nail. They are forged and heat treated for maximum structural integrity. Available with our Leg Saver Neoprene rubber 1 1/2 degree pad. Gives horses 360 degrees of stability and comfort from many types of lameness problems.
Sizes: 0 - 1 - 2 - 3

Pleasure steel shoes

A new style in pleasure shoes. Outer wall is slanted or beveled back allowing ease of break over. Nail groove will lock in 4 1/2 City Head nail tightly. The width is .790 inch for good hoof protection without being too heavy or clumsy. Available in fronts and hinds, sizes 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10.

Light Steel Training Plate

Excellent for young horses in training. Provides protection and support for the young hooves. Available in fronts and hinds.

Aluminium Natural Balance Shoes

The Natural Balance Shoe addresses the biomechanical needs of the equine foot for support and protection in a domestic environment. This shoe offers the horse the most natural foundation for optimal performance with minimal stress. NBS design, along with a few suggested hoof preparation guidelines, will help eliminate hoof capsule distortion

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