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It took to Lot 125 of the 129 yearlings offered at Sundays harness racing sale at the Bathurst Show grounds to find the highest priced lot and it went to a striking filly by Aces N Sevens from the very successful New Zealand bred Holmes Hanover broodmare in Scent who made $36,000. Scent was a very smart racemare on the track herself taking a mark of 1:57.9 and earning $122,082 and has already produced nine winners from her first eleven foals including such standout types as Makes Every Scents 1:55.1 ($211,025) and Governor Art 1:58.6 ($189,250) so Lot 125 will have a lot of residual value once her career on the track is over. The second highest price for a yearling on the day was Lot 43 who made $26,000. She is a daughter of the elite sire Art Major from a Aces N Sevens half sister to six winners including the former star Queensland pacer in Rollon Bigred 1:55.3 ($343,903) and a full sister to two winners including Twograndahand 1:58.6 ($89,784). The third highest price of the Bathurst Yearling Sale was also a filly. This one was by Four Starzzz Shark from a Safely Kept daughter of the talented racemare Blue Sage 1:59.2 ($71,057) Not only has she left seven winners at stud to date including such smart types as Antigua Bay 1:56.7 ($161,159) and Marbles 1:58.5 $140,314) but Blue Sage is also a full sister to the outstanding age group performer in Blue Eagle 1:58 .5 ($157,229) and a half sister to another star in Khans Thunder 1:59 ($257,404) The top five priced yearlings were rounded out by colts from Courage Under Fire and the first season sire Auckland Reactor, both  of which sold for $21,000 . The Courage Under Fire colt is the first foal from the very smart Northern Luck mare in Edna Anne 1:55.4 ($105,811). Edna Anne is a half sister to the talented The Dies Cast 1:57 ($228,250) while her dam Anne Of Avonlea ($50,904) was a handy race mare herself. The surprise packet of the sale was the performance of the first season sire in Auckland Reactor. His top priced lot was Lot 76 and it was a beautifully bred individual. A colt son of Auckland Reactor, Lot 76 was a half brother to three winners including Lord Lombo 1:56 ($216,513) The second dam Decethree left eleven winners with seven in 2:00 including the outstanding Lombo Skyrider 1:50 ($841,611) and Lombo Cloud Nine 1:55.3 ($102,370) The third dam was the brilliant race filly Misty Maiden 1:59.4 ($245,449) who left nine winners at stud including the champion pacer Lombo Pocket Watch 1:53.6 ($1,552,638). A great pedigree for a smart looking colt. The other two Auckland Reactors made $16,500 and $11,500 which must have put a big smile on the Alabar Management team. To average $16,333 at the Bathurst Gold Crown Sale is a great achievement and has the son of Mach Three away to a great start.   Lot Sex Brand Foaling Date Colour Sire Dam Purchaser  Price  1 FILLY S2140226 17/09/2014 BROWN PASSMASTER HANOVER LIL MISS TERROR Nigel Frisby  $                4,000 2 COLT S2140542 2/11/2014 BROWN/BLACK IFIHADYOURLUCK INNOCENT JASPER Bernie Hewitt  $                5,000 3 FILLY S2140241 16/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER SHARNAE P/IN LEASED   4 FILLY S2141038 1/11/2014 BAY CHANGEOVER WATCH THE BLUES P/IN    Reserve $8000  5 COLT S2140562 20/09/2014 BAY GREAT SUCCESS KRYSTA NZ Michael Taylor  $              11,000 6 COLT S2140782 30/09/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS ELECTROFYING CULLEN NZ WITHDRAWN   6A FILLY S2140976 17/12/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK QUEENS UP Peter Perceval  $                6,000 7 COLT S2140439 6/11/2014 BROWN MILLION DOLLAR CAM LUTTEUR P/IN  Reserve $4000  8 COLT S2140512 10/11/2014 BAY ARTISTIC FELLA ART EXPRESS Nathan Turnbull  $                9,000 9 FILLY S2140124 16/10/2014 BROWN ALWAYS A VIRGIN BLACK TRUFFLE Ross Adams  $                7,500 10 FILLY S2140228 17/11/2014 BROWN MAJOR IN ART FAKECASH Barry Pitt  $                4,000 11 COLT S2140011 13/09/2014 BAY ALWAYS A VIRGIN CHRISTY Dwayne and Gina Attard  $              11,000 12 COLT S2140218 2/10/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER LOMBO ONAHI P/IN LEASED   13 FILLY S3140xxx 28/11/2014 BROWN/BLACK COURAGE UNDER FIRE RANSOM ROBUST WITHDRAWN   14 FILLY S2140233 10/12/2014 BROWN PASSMASTER HANOVER AQUABELLE P/IN LEASED   15 FILLY S2140644 14/11/2014 BAY JULIUS CAESAR ASHLEIGH SIMONE Gerry & Carmel Bryan  $                5,000 16 FILLY S3140876 30/10/2014 BROWN SAFELY KEPT IRRATIONAL Joshua Farrugia  $                5,000 17 FILLY S3141052 9/12/2014 BROWN SHADOW PLAY NATALIES HOPE Brian Pattison  $                6,500 18 COLT S3140315 15/11/2014 BAY BLISSFULL HALL SO GORGEOUS NZ WITHDRAWN   18A COLT S2140701 3/12/2014 BAY SPORTSWRITER MARYSIA NZ WITHDRAWN   19 FILLY S2140779 30/09/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS TICK THE BOXES NZ Noel and Mark Daly  $                6,000 20 FILLY S3140579 3/12/2014 BAY WE WILL SEE NATUZZI NZ WITHDRAWN   20A COLT S2140381 9/10/2014 BROWN/BLACK MR FEELGOOD WINSOME LASS P/IN  Reserve $11000  21 COLT S2140368 10/12/2014 BAY ROLL WITH JOE GRINWHENWEWIN Youkhanu Miller  $                9,000 22 COLT S2140570 30/10/2014 ROAN SHADOW PLAY RIWAKA DANCER NZ Murray River Cattle Company  $              13,000 23 COLT S2140951 23/11/2014 BAY COURAGE UNDER FIRE TALKABOUTYA Glenn Powell  $              14,000 24 COLT S3140041 14/10/2014 BAY ART OFFICAL FLUORESCENT LOMBO P/IN  Reserve $7500  25 FILLY S2140551 31/10/2014 BAY SPORTSWRITER ALYCEFORALL David Kennedy  $                4,000 26 FILLY S2140770 24/12/2014 BROWN ACES N SEVENS DONT MESS WITH LUV M Hargrave  $                8,000 27 FILLY S2140219 25/11/2014 BAY MAJOR IN ART KARAMEA BLACKBIRD Graham Bullock  $                3,000 28 COLT S3140961 23/10/2014 BAY SMILING SHARD MYLADY TESS Mitchell Turnbull  $                7,500 29 COLT S2140224 22/09/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER FAKE ILLUSION J Hanrahan  $                6,000 30 FILLY S2140556 17/10/2014 BROWN ALWAYS A VIRGIN MY ADDICTION Paul and Jackie Collins  $                4,500 31 COLT S3140327 26/10/2014 BAY ARTISTIC FELLA KRASNER Joshua Farrugia  $                6,000 32 COLT S2140773 3/11/2014 BROWN ACES N SEVENS THE MAGIC OF LIFE Douglas Johnston  $                6,500 33 FILLY S2140220 3/11/2014 BROWN PASSMASTER HANOVER CIARA John Schiller  $                5,000 34 COLT S2140872 6/12/2014 BAY FLIGHTPATH GOLDEN RULE P/IN  Reserve $3000  35 FILLY S2140435 12/12/2014 BAY VILLAGE JASPER LIFE OF ELINKA Matt Johnstone  $                3,000 36 FILLY S2140312 16/12/2014 BAY MISTER SWINGER GRACIES SONG NZ Glenn Powell  $                4,000 37 FILLY S2140237 16/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER SHEZAHEARTBREAKER Ken Smith  $                5,500 38 COLT S2140416 2/11/2014 BAY MILLION DOLLAR CAM CONROD CLASSIC Amy Rue  $                2,200 39 COLT S2140997 17/12/2014 BROWN TINTIN IN AMERICA CORILLA WARRIA Lex Bramble  $                5,500 40 FILLY S2140861 15/10/2014 BAY ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN MY GOLDERN PHOENIX NZ Scott Steele  $              10,000 41 COLT S2140222 10/11/2014 BAY MAJOR IN ART FAKE IMPRESSION Jason Gaffney  $                5,000 42 FILLY S2140526 25/09/2014 BAY SPORTSWRITER WICKER BELLA Bernie Hewitt  $              11,000 43 COLT S3141053 30/10/2014 BAY ART MAJOR ROLLON RODI WJ & BJ Dawson  $              26,000 44 COLT S2141055 30/10/2014 BROWN TIZ A MASTERPIECE AQUA VELVET Paul and Jackie Collins  $                6,000 45 FILLY S2140949 7/11/2014 BROWN COURAGE UNDER FIRE SHEB ACE Cameron Dunn  $              16,500 46 FILLY S2140527 17/10/2014 BROWN FOUR STARZZZ SHARK JANE OF TROY Michael Patrick Bigeni  $                7,500 47 FILLY S2140217 4/10/2014 BROWN PASSMASTER HANOVER LADY TITIAN LOMBO Nathan Turnbull   $                7,000 48 FILLY S2140878 14/11/2014 BLACK FLIGHTPATH VENUS ACE P/IN  Reserve $3000  49 COLT S2140184 10/11/2014 GREY ALWAYS A VIRGIN TALONTED G & B Simpson  $                4,500 50 FILLY S2140234 18/12/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER MY JANES CULLEN NZ Kerry Hedges  $                4,000 51 COLT S3140250 18/10/2014 BAY MODERN ART HIHO HILARY Scott Osmond  $              12,000 52 COLT S2140230 12/11/2014 BROWN MAJOR IN ART GOLDEN BOW Nathan Turnbull  $              11,000 53 FILLY S3141211 19/11/2014 BAY MODERN ART MY CHERIE Murray River Cattle Company  $              14,000 54 FILLY S2140792 22/10/2014 BROWN/BLACK STONEBRIDGE REGAL DEETROUBLEMAKER P/IN  Reserve $8000  55 FILLY S2140426 10/12/2014 BAY VILLAGE JASPER SUPREME LOBELL Dean Ingold  $                3,500 56 COLT S2140632 1/11/2014 BAY ARTISTIC FELLA MANAUDOU Garry Sloane  $              14,500 57 FILLY S2140635 24/11/2014 BAY COURAGE UNDER FIRE GOLDEN SASSY LOMBO John Foulger  $              13,000 58 FILLY S2140216 13/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER RIVERBOAT REIGN Paul and Jackie Collins  $                4,000 59 FILLY S3140779 24/11/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK HOWARDS DILEMMA Rodney Wilson  $                5,000 60 COLT S2140702 17/10/2014 BROWN ELSU SARAH TOPAZ WITHDRAWN   61 COLT S2140243 28/11/2014 BROWN MAJOR IN ART AQUARIUS RISING Julie Billinger  $              11,500 62 COLT S2140874 2/10/2014 BAY FLIGHTPATH LOMBO INDULGENCE P/IN  Reserve $3000  63 FILLY S3140824 5/12/2014 BAY AMERICAN IDEAL LETS GO BABY Vicki Rasmussen  $              15,000 64 FILLY S3140010 14/10/2014 BROWN MILLION DOLLAR CAM LOMBO DREAM TIME Phillip Haydon  $                6,500 65 FILLY S2140873 27/11/2014 BLACK MISTER SWINGER EARS ARE BURNING WITHDRAWN   66 FILLY S2140408 16/09/2014 BAY MILLION DOLLAR CAM CHERRYS ANGEL Shane Rabbets  $                5,500 67 FILLY S2140726 24/11/2014 BAY MODERN ART GEORGIAS CARMER P/IN  Reserve $3000  68 COLT S2140769 31/12/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS JUST AS TIME GOES BY NZ Julie Billinger  $              17,500 69 FILLY S2140414 16/09/2014 BAY RIVER KHAN DISCO MOTORING NZ Neville Dawson  $                3,500 70 COLT S2140261 7/12/2014 BAY ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN ASHURA Glenn Wilmot  $              16,000 71 COLT S2140394 5/11/2014 BROWN LOMBO POCKET WATCH SUPREME COMMAND Charlie Gauci  $                3,500 72 FILLY S2140240 28/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER BELLE OF PRADA NZ P/IN LEASED   73 COLT S2140876 14/10/2014 BAY FLIGHTPATH JUSTA GRIN WITHDRAWN   74 COLT S2140781 28/09/2014 BROWN ACES N SEVENS BUNDCHEN NZ WITHDRAWN   75 COLT S3140964 8/10/2014 BROWN AUCKLAND REACTOR THE WARP LEGACY John Burke  $              11,500 76 COLT S2140256 10/10/2014 BAY AUCKLAND REACTOR LADY LARA LOMBO GJ & MS Meredith  $              21,000 77 COLT S2140641 24/10/2014 BAY AUCKLAND REACTOR ALDEBARAN Michael Patrick Bigeni  $              16,500 78 COLT S2141054 14/10/2014 BAY CHANGEOVER UNSPOILED Chris Garrad  $              11,000 79 FILLY S2140967 4/10/2014 BAY ROLL WITH JOE TIFFANY SHANNON WITHDRAWN   79A COLT S2140070 18/12/2014 BAY CHRISTIAN CULLEN WEONA BABE Damian Davis  $              14,000 80 FILLY S2140780 31/10/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS GET A HAIRCUT Darren Richardson  $                5,500 81 COLT S2140223 28/10/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER CINTY NEPTUNE Eric McDermott  $                5,500 82 COLT S2140068 18/10/2014 BAY COURAGE UNDER FIRE EDNA ANNE Mark Williams  $              21,000 83 FILLY S2140401 6/11/2014 BAY ROBIN HOOD ELLE LOBELL Pat Fumara  $                3,500 84 COLT S2140010 14/09/2014 BAY/BROWN ARTISTIC FELLA LITTLE TRICKLE Maree Brown  $              14,500 85 FILLY S2140423 15/11/2014 BROWN MILLION DOLLAR CAM KAYS MY GEM Ryan Grives  $                4,500 86 FILLY S3140782 14/12/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK PIERRY Kel Winnell  $                9,000 87 COLT S3140317 25/09/2014 BROWN MODERN ART THE PEACE ROSE NZ Jayne Davies  $                9,500 88 FILLY S2140396 22/10/2014 BAY MILLION DOLLAR CAM ROYAL JENNAS Brett Woodhouse  $                5,000 89 COLT S2410509 29/09/2014 BAY WESTERN TERROR MY FIRST GEM Trevor O'Reilly  $              15,000 90 FILLY S2140859 7/12/2014 BAY SPORTSWRITER PROMHEIR P/IN  Reserve $7500  91 FILLY S2140741 25/09/2014 BAY ART MAJOR EXPENSIVE BABE Dennis Picker  $              14,000 92 COLT S2140775 10/10/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS SECRET GUEST NZ WITHDRAWN   93 COLT S3140875 14/10/2014 BAY SAFELY KEPT SWOOPER Robert Morris  $              10,000 94 FILLY S2140578 12/10/2014 BROWN ART MAJOR STRAIGHT LEFT NZ Michael Hawke  $              15,000 95 COLT S2140225 29/09/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER CRUSHED VELVET Brad Hewitt  $                6,000 96 FILLY S2140860 22/11/2014 BROWN ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN PICHON NZ WITHDRAWN   97 COLT S2140900 22/11/2014 BROWN ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN MISSFLITE P/IN  Reserve $14000  98 FILLY S3141216 5/01/2015 BAY ROLL WITH JOE OUR SANTA CATALINA NZ Nathan Xuereb  $              18,000 99 FILLY S2410513 12/11/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK OUTBACK SAGE Pat Bourke  $              22,500 100 FILLY S2140791 20/10/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS DUCHESS OF DUBAI Daphney Hutchings  $                5,500 101 COLT S2140877 7/12/2014 BROWN FLIGHTPATH NEW YORK CLASSIC WITHDRAWN   102 COLT S2140165 19/10/2014 BROWN ELSU NORAH Murray River Cattle Company  $                8,000 103 COLT S2140571 18/11/2014 BAY ARTISTIC FELLA CALCULATING Josh Powderly  $                6,500 104 FILLY S2140415 9/11/2014 BROWN ARMBRO OPERATIVE DREAMING JERRY Aaron Garaty  $                5,500 105 COLT S2140637 23/09/2014 BAY ROLL WITH JOE OUR LADYLIGHT NZ Nathan Turnbull   $              15,000 106 COLT S2140413 4/11/2014 BAY MILLION DOLLAR CAM SHEZ RYANS WITHDRAWN   107 FILLY S2140400 12/11/2014 BAY MR FEELGOOD MISS ZO ZO WITHDRAWN   108 FILLY S2140227 1/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER LOMBO LA JAZZ Josh Turnbull  $                3,500 109 COLT S2140636 8/12/2014 BAY AMERICAN IDEAL MORE SASSIE LOMBO Wendy Turnbull  $              14,000 110 COLT S2140235 7/12/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER GOLD TO WIN P/IN LEASED   111 FILLY S2140412 18/09/2014 BROWN LOMBO POCKET WATCH MISS NOBILO NZ Daniel Bennett  $                6,500 112 FILLY S2140141 30/11/2014 BROWN COURAGE UNDER FIRE MOI ATTACK P/IN  Reserve $10000  113 COLT S3140778 6/12/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK SEDUCTRESS Arthur Clancy  $              10,000 114 COLT S2140427 26/11/2014 BAY MR FEELGOOD GLITZNGLAMMA LOMBO SW Taylor  $                8,000 115 FILLY S2140703 31/10/2014 BAY FOUR STARZZZ SHARK MY LIVELY LASS Alan Colwell  $                8,000 116 FILLY S2140742 28/11/2014 BAY ROLL WITH JOE DEE JAYS BABE John McGuire  $              12,000 117 FILLY S2140561 30/09/2014 BAY VILLAGE JOLT AND LOUISE Graham Bullock  $                3,000 118 FILLY S2140410 3/10/2014 BAY VILLAGE JASPER DREAMY BRIOSO Brad Hewitt  $                5,500 119 FILLY S2140631 28/11/2014 BAY WE WILL SEE IM OFF LIMITS NZ Paul Fitzpatrick  $              17,000 120 FILLY S2140239 13/11/2014 BAY PASSMASTER HANOVER HUIAREYOU Mitchell Turnbull  $                5,000 121 COLT S2140326 21/10/2014 BAY MAJOR IN ART JILAIRE SEELSTER NZ John Brannelly  $                5,000 122 COLT S2140767 10/01/2015 BROWN ACES N SEVENS FIRST LADY JANE NZ Leigh Davis  $                7,000 123 FILLY S2140232 23/11/2014 BAY MAJOR IN ART SPIRIT OF RED Darryl Fliedner  $                3,000 124 FILLY S2140428 6/11/2014 BROWN MILLION DOLLAR CAM TEAM SPIRIT NZ Garrett Newton  $                6,000 125 FILLY S2140777 25/10/2014 BLACK ACES N SEVENS SCENT NZ John Gibson Family Trus  $              36,000 126 FILLY S2140185 11/12/2014 GREY JET LAAG ART DRAGON Graham Hutchison  $                5,000 127 COLT S2141123 30/11/2014 BAY ARTISTIC FELLA NEW YORK SCORE NZ WITHDRAWN   127A FILLY S2140053 3/11/2014 BROWN ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN ASHLEES GEM Ryan Grives  $                6,000 128 FILLY S2140771 28/10/2014 BAY ACES N SEVENS MAINLAND COUNTESS NZ Wayne White  $                7,000 129 FILLY S2140429 5/12/2014 BAY MR FEELGOOD ETERNAL LOVE John Schiller  $                6,000   Harnesslink Media

Tomorrows Bathurst Gold Crown Yearling Sale at the Bathurst Showgrounds is quite different to most of the other sales held throughout Australia each season. Most of the other sales have a heavy emphasis on the top end of the market where $50,000 yearlings become quite common. The best of the best breeding wise change hands but there is no guarantee they will be the best on the racetrack. The average trainer - driver and owner are shut out in the main at these sales and it is left to companies like Graeme Board to fill the gap in the market by running sales such as the Bathurst Gold Crown. This weekends catalogue is a great example of having yearlings to fit everyone's budget with all the elite sires represented along with stallions just getting established or having their first crop being sold this year. Courage Under Fire is enjoying a great run on both sides of the Tasman at the moment and he has six entries in tomorrows sale. The pick of them for us is Lot 82 which is being offered on behalf of Tony Dumesny. He is a colt from the former top racemare Edna Anne 1:55.4 ($105,811) and is her first foal. The second dam takes most of the pedigree page so he is very hard to fault on paper. Four Starzzz Shark is always great value for money at the yearling sales and tomorrow at Bathurst should be no exception. He has seven representatives in the sale and we think all seven have something to offer the buyers bench. All of them have plenty of well performed relatives close up on the pedigree page and anyone who has seen Lennytheshark or Frith dominate this season on the track is aware of the quality that Four Starzzz Shark can produce. Modern Art is another stallion who under sells at a lot of sales in Australia and it is a mystery to us why that is. He is closing in on 400 winners in Australia alone and stake earnings in excess of $14,440,000, yet he doesn't quite get the sale results his record would suggest he deserves. He has four yearlings in tomorrows sale and all have a touch of quality about them. Lot 51 appeals to us a lot as the colt for sale is the first foal from a full sister to the very smart Bo Jasper 1:57.9 ($168,436)  Aces N Sevens continues to churn out the winners to the point he now has over 305 on his card with stakes closing in on $13,500,000. He has twelve yearlings in tomorrows sale and they cover a wide cross section of mares but there should be something for everyone pockets amongst the twelve on offer. People tend to forget that Aces N Sevens has produced such stars as Excel Stride 1:50.3 ($769,464), Drumfire 1:49 ($628,739), Ananz 1:53.8 ($527,844) and Lettucerocku 1:52.6 ($489,004) to name just a few and there are bound to be some smart horses amongst a draft of twelve yearlings from such a proven sire With Rock N Roll Heaven having a handful of entries alongside Art Major (3), Roll With Joe (4) and Sportswriter(4), the elite sires are well represented but just maybe the value may come from the sires we have highlighted in this article. Harnesslink Media

Tasmanian harness racing trainer Marc Butler has his sights set on winning the Allen Williams Memorial final at Devonport this Sunday night after his four-year-old Notonasunday scored an effortless all-the-way win in a heat of the series at UBET Park Hobart last night. Notonasunday showed good gate speed to lead from barrier three and once In front driver Mark Yole rated the gelded son of Aces N Sevens superbly to score by almost five metres from Baldock with Karalta Delux almost two metres away third. "I bought this horse about six months ago as an entire and for not a lot of money but after a couple of starts I realised he was pinching himself so I had him gelded and he has been different horse ever since," Butler said. "If he can draw near the inside of the front row in Sunday's final at Devonport he can win." The Allen Williams memorial series is restricted to maidens and horses that have not won a race that carried more than $3000 in stakes. The remaining heat winners were Barooga Jezza, Coccinella, Gods Sake, Ductape and Pageantry. Barooga Jezza won his heat in Launceston last Sunday night producing a mile rate of 2.02.7 with Maybe Charlie likely to make the final in Launceston next Sunday night as one of the four fastest seconds. Ductape from the Ben Rossendell stable is likely to start favourite in the final on the strength of his impressive heat win in Hobart two weeks ago in which Maravilloso ran second and will more than likely earn a final berth. The Ben Yole-trained Coccinella also produced a good mile rate of 2.02.2 in winning his heat in Hobart with second-placed Guestamate another likely finalist based on times. Gods Sake qualified for the final when he won his heat at Burnie where he clocked a mile rate of 2.05.1 and comfortably defeated Art of my Art. The Grant Hodges-trained Pageantry cruised into the final with a commanding win in his heat in Devonport but clocked a modest mile rate of 2.06.3. The four fastest second placegetters from the six heats also will tackle the final with the field to be released on Wednesday. Peter Staples

LEBANON, OH. - Indian Spirit proved his win in last week's James K. Hackett elimination was no fluke by capturing the $30,000 championship on Saturday night at Miami Valley Raceway in near identical fashion. Eased off the gate by driver Kyle Ater and settled into sixth at the quarter-mile station, Indian Spirit was content to move up a spot along the inside during the middle half before swinging wide at the head of the stretch and cruising to a convincing 2-3/4 length triumph in 1:54. Chief Talkalot (Jim Pantaleano) raced gamely on the outside the entire mile to finish second with Gray Camo (Chris Page) garnering the show dough. Indian Spirit by Tyler's Big Mark is owned by Gregory Forcum and trained by Dan Ater. His next start will be in the first leg of the Ohio Sires Stakes series for sophomore pacing colts at Miami Valley on May 2. Earlier on the program, Ardyne Ace (Dan Noble) pulled an upset over heavily-favored Night Pro (Ronnie Wrenn Jr.) in the $18,150 Open Pace. The winning nine-year-old's clocking of 1:50.3 was the third fastest mile in the two-year history of Miami Valley. Jim Pollock Jr. conditions Ardyne Ace for owners David Ehrenberg and Daniel Fawcett, who saw the son of Aces N Sevens lifetime bounty exceed $400,000 with the victory at odds of 10-1. Night Pro, who was assigned outside and was parked through a first quarter in :26.4, held for second with longshot Mr Why (Ken Holliday) saving ground throughout to finish third. Gregg Keidel    

As a three-year-old Johnnyace was competitive against the likes of harness racing star Beautide, but like others, his form waned and he never reached the heights his owners might have expected. But Johnnyace has continued to be a good money spinner for his owners, and in particular, his trainer Andrew Rawlings. The now seven-year-old still has what it takes to win features and he showed that at Spreyton on the synthetic surface by storming home to win the Sheffield Cup. It was his 12th win and it also gave Rawlings and driver James Austin a double for the meeting. While Rawlings was quietly confident the son of Aces N Sevens would perform well, punters were not of the same opinion, sending him around a $37 despised outsider. Rawlings said injuries and illnesses had prevented Johnnyace from realising his full potential. “After his three-year-old season he went through a fence at home and almost cut off his leg,” Rawlings said. “Since then he’s never quite shown what he did as a three-year-old when he ran seconds and thirds behind Beautide, but he’s still been a nice horse.” Rawlings also had his recent New Norfolk Cup winner Musselroe Bay engaged in the Sheffield Cup and he was one of the top fancies for the race. “Musselroe Bay just couldn’t get a clear run at them in the straight and went to the line hard held,” Rawlings said. The $3.30 favourite Whisper Jet lost her chance when she was slow to begin from a 20-metre handicap, but she ran on well to finish fourth. PETER STAPLES

Paul & Sharon Carmody’s Lochend Stud at Maitland in NSW thought this season was going to be disaster when they found their champion stallion Aces N Sevens dead in his yard a little over a month ago. Little did they know then that this season could well turn into one of the best ever now that they have secured an exciting son of Artsplace – Shoobee’s Place 1.49.1 $787,271, to stand at their pristine Lochend Stud. Paul has always dreamed of being able to offer a quality Artsplace son to breeders in Australia, but could never find the right one. Well now it looks like he may have the perfect offering. In fact Shoobee’s Place is as close to an ideal offering for Australian mares as you could get. Bred on the ultra successful Artsplace – Jate Lobell cross, similar to stallion of the moment, Sportswriter, the ultra impressive Mr Feelgood & Mister Big and also Yankee Cruiser (sire of possibly one of the greatest aged horses we have ever seen in Sweet Lou 1.47 on a 5/8 track). Another stand out in his pedigree is his third dam – the great Blue Horizon, the dam of Panorama. She is also the dam of Smile Upon the dam of Grinfromeartoear, who certainly needs no introduction to Australian breeders, and is also the sire of Mr Feelgood & Mister Big. This fact alone makes him the ultimate choice in particular for Panorama mares and mares by Grinfromeartoear, allowing you to double on this highly productive line. Shoobee’s Place has an impressive & enduring race record, racing and winning every season from two thru to seven. He took a race record of 1.52 as a 2yo with his career best 1.49.1 at 4yo. He was placed 2nd in the Bluegrass stakes as 2YO. He bounced back as a 3YO with a win in the heat & final of the New Jersey Sires stakes. In his career he won the Consolation of the Battle of Brandywine, elimination & final of the Bergstein Pace, consolation of the Levy Memorial. In all he won in under 1.52 on no less than 15 occasions. Shoobee’s Place is an outstanding individual, standing 15.3hh with correct conformation, great looks and a superb temperament. He also had the reputation of a talented and tough raceway performer right throughout his career. Shoobee’s Place is being offered at an introductory fee of $2200 incl GST, with very generous discounts available for multiple mares and Members of Harness Breeders NSW.  For more information or to book your mare in phone Paul Carmody on 0439 607 349 or 02 49 33 6903. Harness Racing New South Wales    

The proprietor of the Lochend harness racing stud at Maitland in New South Wales Paul Carmody is in shock today at the sudden demise of his flagship stallion Aces N Sevens 1:48.8 ($888,934). The 17 year old stallion was found dead today by Paul Carmody when being checked early this morning. The son of Cams Card Shark had established himself as one of the better stallions in Australia and his loss will be keenly felt at Lochend Stud. "Aces N Sevens had never been in better order in his time at the stud and that made his sudden death all the harder to take” said Mr Carmody when speaking to Harnesslink this afternoon. “It appears Aces N Sevens had had a massive heart attack during the night and had died where he had fallen” he said. Aces N Seven has stood at stud in Australia since the 2002/2003 breeding season. For the first five years at stud Aces N Sevens shuttled back to North America but has been based in Australia full time since 2008. His North American stock have done an outstanding job to date with 170 winners of $10,927,896 in stakes. Not only have 28 of those winners won over $100,000 but 38 having taken a sub 1:55 record as well. Aces N Sevens has compiled an even better record in Australia having sired 284 winners of $12,033,631 in stakes to date. His flag bearer in Australia has been the brilliant Excel Stride 1:50.3 ($769,464) while others such as Drumfire 1:49 ($546,945)  Ananz 1:53.8 ($527,844)  Lettucerocku 1:52.6 ($343,854) and Lady Lexus 1:52.3 ($316,518) have all played their part in Aces N Sevens success. Aces N Seven has won the coveted New South Wales Stallion Of The Year award on no less than four occasions to date. While heading into the latter part of his stud career, Aces N Seven had served 59 and 66 mares in the last two seasons and early interest suggested a similar number this season. Aces N Sevens has had  21 $100,000 earners and 16 in 1:55 in Australia which are great numbers down under. Everyone knows how difficult it is for stallions to become established as a sire and to lose one like Aces N Sevens when he still had so much to offer must make his sudden death so much harder for Paul Carmody to deal with at the moment. Harnesslink media    

 The 2014 Bathurst Gold Crown Yearling Sale will be conducted by Davidson Cameron & Co Dubbo Pty Ltd at 11am on Sunday at the Bathurst Showground. The sale comprises 186 lots by 50 different sires including Australia’s champion sire Art Major, leading juvenile sire Courage Under Fire, former USA Horse of the Year Rock N Roll Heaven and premier North American sire Rocknroll Hanover, along with leading first-crop stallions Sportswriter, Shadow Play, Always A Virgin, Changeover and Million Dollar Cam. Other well known stallions include American Ideal, Grinfromeartoear, McArdle, Armbro Operative, Live Or Die, Elsu, Four Starzzz Shark, Artistic Fella, Modern Art, Village Jasper, Tinted Cloud and Aces N Sevens. The catalogue includes yearlings out of Group winners including the Edgar Tatlow winners Katasopos and Lady Titian Lombo, the WA Oaks winner Onassis Legacy and Modern Day (QSBA Breeders Classic). Other Group heat or metropolitan winners include Jillette, Unspoiled, Ezy Lady, Ambre Solaire, Lite Energy, Nietta Lombo, Spirit Of Tara, Madusa Cam, Lombo Silhouette, Lockton Loaded, Love Nest, Touch Of Jerry and Dana Bromac. The majority of the yearlings are eligible for the $1.17-million NSW Breeders Challenge Race series for two, three and four-year-olds of both sexes. They are also eligible for rich futurity series such as the Australasian Breeders Crown, Bathurst Gold Crown, Vicbred and QBred. The online catalogue for the Bathurst sale can be viewed at Hard-copy catalogues can be requested from Davidson Cameron & Co Dubbo Pty Ltd on (02) 6884 8355 or email or the Bathurst Harness Racing Club on (02) 6333 5000. by Peter Wharton for Bathurst Gold Crown Sale

The commanding end-to-end win of Allnight Kiss in the $15,000 final of the Sale Graduate Race for two-year-old harness racing fillies at Bathurst on Wednesday night has given the forthcoming Bathurst Gold Crown Yearling Sale a tremendous boost. Allnight Kiss, a filly by Modern Art, is the second foal out of the Aces N Sevens mare Sheb Ace, whose third foal, a colt by $4-million winner Mister Big, will go under the hammer as Lot 28 at the Bathurst sale. The first foal, Ultimate Ace, has won three races so far and holds a mark of 1:58. Only lightly raced, Allnight Kiss was bought for $21,000 by Golgong couple Gary and Marg Meredith at last year’s Bathurst sale. The Mister Big half-brother to Allnight Kiss is being offered by Wagga breeders Denis and Jo Howe, and is one of only two colts by the world’s richest pacing stallion to be presented at the sale. The Howe family’s five-prong consignment also includes a Courage Under Fire half-brother to this week’s impressive Cranbourne winner Soho Wonder. The Bathurst Gold Crown Yearling, comprising 186 lots by 50 different sires, will be held on Sunday, March 23 at the Bathurst Showground. The online catalogue for the Bathurst sale can be viewed at Hard-copy catalogues can be requested from Davidson Cameron & Co Dubbo Pty Ltd on (02) 6884 8355 or email or the Bathurst Harness Racing Club on (02) 6333 5000. by Peter Wharton

Great Western trainer Peter Manning’s Art Major/Anannz filly Znana was successful in the Wimmera Mail-Times 3-Y-0 Pace over 1700 metres at the Horsham trots meeting held on Monday November 25. Bred and raced by Adelaide’s Cormack family, Znana (Ananz spelt backwards) was given a charmed passage by Matt Craven from gate two trailing her pole line stablemate Adam Cartwright raced in the same interests and when eased off his back on turning, finished full of running to score by 3.1 metres in a new track record mile rate of 1-55.3. Racer finished a further 30.2 metres away in third place after racing in the open. Ananz (Aces N Sevens) died while foaling to Somebeachsomwhere recently with the foal not surviving. On a day of multiple wins, Peter Manning landed a double when seven year old Presidential Ball/Colada Hanover gelding The Avoca Flyer, a half brother to the great Blacks A Fake snared The Horse Shed Shop Melton Pace for C1 class over 1700 metres, recording his first victory in almost 12 months. Driven by Matt Craven, The Avoca Flyer began with a wing on every foot from outside the front line to lead all of the way, defeating the heavily supported Suerte (three back the markers – outside the winner home turn) and Big Gorilla (one/one) in a mile rate of 1-56.3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Four year old Union Guy/Echelon Express mare Sorority Sister broke her maiden status at start number eighteen by taking the Moore Bulk Haulage Pace for C0 class over 1700 metres in a mile rate of 1-59.2. Raced and trained by Marnie Bibby from nearby Navarre and driven by Daryl Douglas, Sorority Sister led throughout from gate three, accounting for the favourite Gee Mae which trailed, making no impression over the concluding stages, with Pandoras Jet third after facing the breeze. Daryl Douglas was to chalk up a successive double after piloting Ararat hobby trainer Gary Hull’s five year old mare Frameworks Pride to victory in the Become A Sponsor Trotters Handicap for T0 or better class over 2200 metres. Beginning speedily from the 10 metre mark, Frameworks Pride a daughter of Framework and Yawithme was sent forward to take over from Family Decision within a lap, before cruising to the wire 4.1 metres in advance of Champ Devine which raced outside her in a mile rate of 2-06.1. Looks A Moral showed a return to form in finishing third from three back in the moving line. Making three for Douglas and two for Bibby was very much in-form four year old Attorney General/Bludegirl gelding Blude Master in the Finn-Tack @ Horze Aust. Pace for C1 class over 1700 metres. Restrained from inside the second row, Blude Master settled three back in the moving line, with the pole marker Thewaytolive retaining the front running. Sent forward to park outside the pacemaker for the final circuit, Blude Master led on turning and held a margin to the wire to score by 5.4 metres over Mightbeme from last and Venus Williams (one/three – three wide last lap) in a rate of 2-00.1. Michelle Manning’s highly promising Four Starzzz Shark/Talilia four year old gelding Jackabeams recorded his 3rd victory in 5 outings, when successful in the H&DHRC Membership Pace for C1 class over 1700 metres with sister Kerryn in the sulky. Coming off a disappointing 4th to Chilli Palmer at Melton nine days earlier after leading, Jackabeams an unbackable $1.10 favourite again led from gate two and was never headed in defeating father Peter’s Additallup which raced outside him, with Miss Dilly (three wide last lap from mid-field) third. The mile rate 1-57. Mildura (Merbein) trainer Brian McGinty made the journey south with Kiwi bred four year old Bettors Delight/Invisage mare Our Mischievious Miss a happy one, as she saluted the judge in the Horsham Salutes G.A. Lang Pace for C2 & C3 class over 2200 metres. Taking a concession, Our Mischievious Miss led from gate two and after looking to be in trouble on turning, just lasted to nose out Bubble Art (one/two – four wide home turn) in a rate of 2-00.2, with Peace Of Art (one/one – three wide home turn) a head away in third place in the most thrilling finish of the afternoon. Ararat trainer/driver Michael Bellman does a great job with his select team and landed the Wimmera Roadways Pace for C0 class over 2200 metres with Witzend, a four year old gelded son of Dawn Ofa New Day and Fake Trick, leading throughout from gate two in defeating Rinashi which trailed and Saab Magic which faced the breeze in a rate of 2-0 By Len Baker

Saturday's $5.6 million Breeders Crown spectacular will feature an array of familiar faces, both equine and human. After 29 years of Crown races, many will have been here before, but some like 52-year-old Bob Baggitt, Jr., trainer of Don Dorado, is making his Crown debut in the $500,000 2-Year-Old-Colt Trot. This will also be the first-time Crown for owner Mitchell Walker, a farmer and nursery owner from Michigan. "I'm originally from Michigan," said longtime New Jersey transplant Baggitt, who now lives in Bangor, Pennsylvania. "My brother-in-law Terry Tomlin (a Michigan Hall of Famer), broke him and trained him down for Mr. Walker, who bred and raised him. His mare, Quintessential K, had been a good two-year-old, but got hurt at three. It's a good family though. His second dam is Perfect Patty and she was a very good horse for Terry and Mr. Walker."  Perfect Patty earned $281,407 for Walker while her foals have earned more than $1.1 million. Baggitt has only had the Donato Hanover gelding in his barn for a short while, but he did get the chance to check him out prior to taking over training duties. "I got him about three months ago," he said. "But I'd seen him before when I would visit back in Michigan. He was a nice-looking horse, maybe a little small and a little bit of a handful, but a nice horse otherwise." Don Dorado is the only gelding in the race, but Baggitt said that was more with an eye toward longevity than temperament. "That's usually Terry's call. We are looking more to keeping him and having him race for a few years, so it really didn't matter whether he was a gelding or not. That's also why we skipped some of the other, bigger races and why we didn't go to Kentucky. We want to race him for awhile yet." While his racing career may well last as long as his connections would like, Don Dorado has already put up some pretty good numbers in just his freshman season, winning four of six starts and banking $224,640. The largest portion of that bankroll came in the $260,000 Pennsylvania Sire Stakes Championship at Harrah's Chester, where he won easily on the front end in 1:56.2. He also added a second place finish to that tally and has one break showing on his card. But, according to Baggitt, that was uncharacteristic of the trotter, who races in trotting hobbles. Baggitt, whose richest races to date have been with pacer Aces N Sevens who was fourth to Gallo Blue Chip in the 2000 Meadowlands Pace and later won the Hoosier Cup that same year, said that he has not made it a point to watch Crown favorite Father Patrick's season this year and had not yet seen that one's 1:52.1 win over pacesetter Nuncio in the Crown elim on October 11. Don Dorado's connections opted to take a bye in that race and head directly to the $500,000 Crown final. "Well, I don't know if I'm superstitious," he said. "But I like to just focus on my horse. That looks like it was a pretty good race. But I am happy with the bye and happy that we drew post six instead of farther out." Father Patrick, who as the elim winner could have drawn as far out as post five, instead drew post two while Nuncio is outside of both Father Patrick and Don Dorado in post eight. "It looks like it should be interesting," said Baggitt. "There could be a few who want the front end and who leave out of there for position." Although it may be Walker and Baggitt's Crown debut, there is one member of the team who is a seasoned pro when it comes to helping "Crown" champions - driver Tim Tetrick.  Tetrick has been the gelding's regular driver, was in the bike for Don Dorado's Sire Stakes Championship win and also drove him to a six-and-a-half length win in a qualifier on October 10. Getting a commitment from Tetrick for a Crown drive is a distinct advantage. Tetrick is the only driver to win four Breeders Crowns in a single night, achieving that benchmark last year in the events at Woodbine in Canada. He’s rapidly climbing the all-time earnings list, and is now eighth with $4.6 million despite making his first Crown start just five years ago.  "Timmy was very happy with him after that and said he was ready to go," said Baggitt."Everyone is coming in to watch him and we are all excited about the race." by Gen Sullivan for the Breeders Crown  

A neat and compact meeting was held at Tabcorp Park Melton on Friday September 27, featuring the $20,000 Claiming Masters Final and the $16,000 Pace for M2 to M4 class. Smiles of joy turned to disappointment following the victory of six-year-old Aces N Sevens/Alesco gelding Cut For An Ace in the University Foods Claiming Masters Final over 2240 metres. Trained at Bacchus Marsh by Alan Tubbs, Cut For An Ace driven by daughter Amy was sent forward from gate five to stroll past Thats Mister Ali inside him shortly after the start and proceeded to run his rivals ragged. Kicking away on straightening, Cut For An Ace (claiming price $25,000) scored by an untouched 12.7 metres in a brilliant mile rate of 1-55.7 over Smudge Bromac from near last and Kotare Roland (one/one) which trailed the heavily supported favourite Catch Your Breath. Cut For An Ace who in winning chalked up his 13th victory in 62 outings, was claimed in the race and will do his future racing in the care of Geoff Webster at Bannockburn in the Geelong area. Hamilton part-owner/trainer David Lewis’ quality six-year-old Bettors Delight/Frosty Mattina gelding Abettorpunt resumed from a short break with a brilliant near last to first performance to take out the fast class event over 2240 metres. Driven by Matt Craven, Abettorpunt starting from the extreme draw settled at the tail of the field, with the roughie Pinevale Willpower leading from gate four. Although wide in the final circuit, Abettorpunt raced away on straightening to record a 7-metre victory in advance of Saint Flash and Victors Delight in a mile rate of 1-57.9. It was Abettorpunt’s 19th victory in 45 outings. Bolinda co-trainers Kari and Paul Males brought up another Melton victory with nine-year-old Sundon/Tender Annie gelding Tender Don listed in the racebook as being trained by Kari, taking out the $16,000 Glenferrie Farm Trotters Mobile for TM1 to TM3 class over 2240 metres in a mile rate of 2-00.8.. Driven by Greg Sugars, Tender Don (gate five) had little difficulty in crossing Jingling Silver (gate two) shortly after the start, before coasting to the wire 10.4 metres in advance of a game Prettylilangeseyes (one/one – outside winner home turn) after galloping in the score up. Armed Guard finished third. Avenel horseman David Aiken has been having a great run in recent weeks (especially around the provincials) and landed the Aldebaran Park Trotters Mobile for TMO class over 1720 metres at Melton with Kiwi bred mare Brylin Crescent in a slick rate of 1-59.5. Driven by David, Brylin Crescent a seven-year-old daughter of Brylin Boy and Another Starlet led virtually throughout from gate two, easily accounting for Goldstar Invasion (one/one) which raced outside her for the last lap. Just Call Me Earl came from last to finish an eye catching third. Next Friday’s Melton program will feature the $50,000 (Group 2) City Of Melton Plate for four and five-year-olds over 2240 metres and promises to be one of the highlights of the season. Len Baker

Night racing in the middle of winter is for the hardiest of souls, and last Wednesday’s Bathurst meeting tested the toughest, with the temperature hovering around the four degrees mark throughout, before dropping to zero as floats were loaded for home. It didn’t bother Nathan Hurst, however. Back in action on his home track after serving a suspension incurred at the end of a working holiday in sunny Queensland, Hurst celebrated with a driving double, to share the honours with Amanda Turnbull. We Own The Night provided the first leg of his double in race two, leading throughout in a 3CO-3C1 sprint event to score decisively from William Peter and Signum Vitae, which sat behind him. The overall rate was a tidy 2:00.8, with a last half in a minute. The Aces N Sevens gelding is owned and trained by Hurst’s girlfriend Angela Hedges, who helped keep his stable ticking over during his absence in Queensland. She’s currently on holidays, and he’s now returned the favour. Express Jet completed the double for Hurst in race five, a 2130 metres R2-R3 class. Drawn inside the second line, the Jet Laag four-year-old mare was driven quietly and finished strongly to score the narrowest of wins from leader Rebel Shannonn and trailer Son Of Lopez. The mile rate was 2:02.5, and the last half was 59.9. Like their trainer, owners Ray and Margaret Mawhood have recently spent some time away from the track- in their case, through illness – so the win was the best possible welcome back present. Being from Oberon, the weather did not present any problems for them! Amanda Turnbull began the meeting on 180 winners for the season, and her driving double keeps that “double ton” goal very much in sight with five weeks of the season remaining. Steve Turnbull’s season has been equally outstanding. His training tally stood at 182 to begin the meeting, so the prospect of both father and daughter achieving a remarkable milestone is highly likely. The race to get there first is played down by both, but is full of interest for the rest of us. Pevensey (for Josh Turnbull) led throughout in a 2130 metres CO class, to record her second win from four starts this season. Destiny Hope and Outlaw filled the minor places, and a slow lead time and even sectionals led to a modest mile rate of 2:04.2 . Ausswin sat outside the lead in race seven, for R0-R1 class, and proved too tough for Happy Camper, which had enjoyed a one-one trip, and Captain Barbossa, which made a wide run over the final lap. They were a very tired bunch at race end, with a final quarter of just 32.4 contributing to the overall mile rate of 2:04.8 Steve Turnbull being the trainer of Ausswin, the scoreboard then read this way: daughter 182 , dad 183 . The “Great Race” continues! Another double act from the Siejka sisters, with Amie (Bateup) successful in the C1 class opening race aboard Miners Lane, for trainer Bob Schweickle, and Ashlee scoring with Red Vee Hanover in the C2-C3 class two races later. They were contrasting wins. Miners Late led all the way, zipping up the back in a sharp 27.9 for an overall rate of 1:59.8, and defying his $36 quote. Red Vee Hanover started odds on, got a nice trail into the business end of the race, and just outstayed stablemate Stirling William which closed late. Graham Betts and Mark Hewitt have impressed all season, and again turned in excellent winning drives at this meeting. Betts, drawn the inside with favourite Abercrombie Alice (for trainer Leon Bennetts) in a 3YO Fillies sprint event, kept back a little from the early speed battle and then kicked through on the first corner to post his main rival and second favourite Crazzy Falcon in the death seat. He dictated the race from the lead, getting home in 60 seconds for a narrow win from the trailing Long Cool Woman. Hewitt’s runner in the 2YO Fillies final event, Pullabookaprincess, had to contend with the outside gate, and his move to take up the death seat might have seemed obvious enough, but it nevertheless confined Our Lissome behind race leader Rachelle Shannon during a slowly run affair, and enabled him to open up a break on the corner which he maintained to the line. Pullabookaprincess, by first-season sire Stonebridge Regal, is a very genuine trier, as her season’s record of 18 starts for 2 wins and 8 placings indicates. On these cold Bathurst nights, it’s mostly only regulars who attend. One unfamiliar face at this meeting belonged to an older man who identified himself as a traveller making his way from Sydney to Perth, in slow stages, sleeping in his swag along the way. He appeared to be enjoying himself, which is good because he might be thawed out just in time for the next meeting! Bathurst Harness Racing Club  

Western District racing was held at Terang on Tuesday July 9 with surprisingly only three winners coming from the area, the highlight of the evening's harness racing being Ararat reinsman Michael Bellman chalking up 100 winners for the season.

Champion New Zealand harness racing reinsman Dexter Dunn, successfully defended last year's title in the annual Noel Smith Memorial Invitation Drivers Championship conducted by the progressive Horsham Harness Racing Club at Horsham on Monday May 20.

Two harness racing meetings were held in Victoria on Thursday May 9 - Wedderburn holding the day fixture at Maryborough and Ballarat racing at night.

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