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With the Australasian Breeders Crown finals being run tomorrow at Tabcorp Park Melton, we are trying to finish the previews we started. This preview is of  the two year old pacing fillies final 1) Tascott Lady (Modern Art)   Starts 11  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $11,330 Nice filly but this does look a bit rich. Even from the draw we find it hard to make a case for her here. Not for us 2) Zibibbo (Shadow Play)   Starts 12  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $14,878 Has improved late in the season and very competitive here Very quick off the gate in her semi final last week and got home well when clear for smart second to Dream About Me. Should lead early and be able to choose who to hand up to. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 3) Soho Madeleine (Bettors Delight)   Starts 11 -- Wins 3  -  Seconds 5  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $51,398 Talented filly who has only missed a first three placing once in eleven starts.  Very consistent  but just half a metre off a couple here. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 4) Whirily School (Courage Under Fire) (Emerg 1)  Starts 13  -  Wins 7  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $69,270 Disappointing  in her semi final last Saturday at Ballarat but bounced back to win a weak consolation on Friday night. To many negatives for us at this point. Not for us. 5) Three Squared (Mach Three)   Starts 11  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 3  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $59,165 Looked very smart earlier in the season but no where near that level at the moment. Finished a long way from them in her semi final after working early. Not for us. 6) Hot Shot Woman (Rocknroll Hanover)   Starts 13  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 8  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $125,683 Great record all season and although she doesn't win out of turn, she is always in the fight. Smart second to Heavens Trend in $125,000 NSW Breeders Challenge Final in a touch over 1:53 means she is a serious player here. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 7) Celebrity Guest (Mach Three)   Starts 10  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 1  -  Third 1  -  Stakes $18,664 Nice filly but at a level below what she meets here. Hard to make a case for her as a major player from the poor draw. Not for us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SEC0ND LINE 8) Jilliby Jitterbug (Rock N Roll Heaven)   Starts 7  -  Wins 4  -  Second 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $176,695 Super impressive in her first campaign with three wins and a second but doesn't appear to have come back as good in her second campaign. Should have stuck on a lot better than she did in her heat so the jury is out on her this week.  Draw doesn't help as well so only a trifecta and first four player for us at best. 9) Get In The Groove (Mach Three)   Starts 6  -  Wins 4  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $49,497 Has only missed a place once in her short career when she was carved up by Heavens Trend at Albion Park. Nice win in her first start in over a month last week in the semi final and should be a lot sharper this week. Must include for trifecta and first four takers 10) Dancingwithsierra (Modern Art)   Starts 7  -  Wins 4  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $36,,330 Started the season with three dominant wins but hasn't really improved as much as some here in the interim. Handy enough on her day but draw and strength of field make her an outside trifecta and first four player for us. 11) Magical Delight (Bettors Delight)   Starts 10  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $38,998. Has been thereabouts in some big races this season but not in the same form at the moment. Had a lovely run last last week on Get In The Groove's back but lost ground on her in the last 400 metres. Throw in the poor draw and we find it hard to make a case for her. Not for us. 12) Dream About Me (Bettors Delight)   Starts 7  -  Wins 7  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $229,632 Champion filly who has silenced her critics several times already in a short career. Her Harness Jewels win from the outside of the gate was outstanding and when Mark Purdon labels her a "special" filly it pays to take notice. Anything less than a win would be a surprise. 13) Heavens Trend (Rock N Roll Heaven)   Starts 9  -  Wins 6  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $134,033 Looked a superstar in the making when winning five of her first six but had a hiccup at Albion Park where she raced erratically late in the piece and repeated that again last week in her semi final at Ballarat. Emma Stewart has changed some gear this week because she thought she raced a bit fierce last Saturday. Hard at this stage of the season though to fix problems with an erratic two year old in one week. On class she is the major threat to the favourite and a must include for all trifecta and first four takers. SELECTIONS Dream About Me is a clear first pick for us  Heavens Trend is still the second best filly here and if driven differently may be the major player everybody thought she was before her semi final. After that it is hard to split Zibibbo, Soho Madeleine, Hot Shot Woman and Get In The Groove. Harnesslink Media

With the Australasian Breeders Crown finals being staged at Tabcorp Park Melton tomorrow, we will preview the remaining finals we haven't yet covered. This preview is of the two year old colts/geldings final for pacers. 1) Shadow Sax (Shadow Play)   Starts 10  -  Wins 5  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $121,563 Very smart two year old who was huge from the second row in his semi final at Ballarat last Saturday. Really smart overall record and from the ace draw Gavin Lang has plenty of  options. Winning chance and a must include for trifecta and first four takers. 2) Nathans Courage (Courage Under Fire)   Starts 4  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $ 15820 Visitor from Perth who was just okay in his semi final last Saturday night. Worked very hard early last week from out wide but was was beaten 26 metres when finishing sixth Not for us. 3) Smithstars Lexus (Rock N Roll Heaven)  Starts 8  -  Wins 4  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $18,743 Got a lovely run last week and finished on well without looking like threating the first three. Should get a similar run to last week but with the increased depth in the field, he is an outside first four player for us. 4) Born To Rocknroll ( Rocknroll Hanover)   Starts 15  -  Wins 7  -  Seconds 4  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $131,209 Tough semi final win after just holding the front early and looking in trouble on the turn.  Never super impressive but always thereabouts in the big races and has won seven this season. Winning chance with run to suit and a must have for trifecta and first four takers. 5) Christmas Jolt (Village Jolt)   Starts 16  -  Wins 6  -  Seconds 4  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $73,685 The early season star who was dominant then but the pack seems to have caught up with him as we have moved towards the end of the season. Still going great races but finding a few too smart now. Not for us 6) Catcha Lefty (Village Jasper)   Starts 10  -  Wins 7  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $68,543 In his first start out of Queensland last week in the semi final, he showed enough to suggest he is not completely out of it here. Drawn worse this week and in a stronger field but does look a genuine type. Could boost up those trifecta and first four dividends.. 7) Waikiki Beach (Somebeachsomewhere)   Starts 11  -  Wins 11  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0                 Stakes $ 336,181 Outstanding youngster in the best stable in the juvenile game. Eleven from eleven says it all and even from out here at seven, this race looks his to lose. Has high speed and plenty of bottom to him so has plenty of options whatever happens. Clear first pick, should win.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SECOND LINE 8) Zee Dana (Tintin In America)   Starts 6  -  Wins 4  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $41,291 Exciting juvenile who produced  a huge effort in his semi final last week. Flew the gate from the outside to lead early and then trailed Waikiki Beach the rest of the way and was comfortably second so following Shadow Sax out on Sunday should see him get a soft run close to the pace. Must have for trifecta and first four takers. 9) Emiliana (Art Major)   Starts 8  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $13,828 Has got better the deeper into the season we have gone. Really nice run in his semi final, coming from four back on the outer to run a close up fourth in a heat where they ran home from in front in 55.8  First four chance if the breaks go his way. 10) I Will Rock You (Rock N Roll Heaven )   Starts 6  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $11,586 Never left the inner from barrier one in his semi final and just battled into fourth. New Zealand form okay but away from the smart ones. Not for us from the draw. 11) Soho Tribeca (American Ideal)   Starts 8  -  Wins 1  -  Seconds 4  -  Thirds 1  -  $11,460 Had a lovely run last week when second in his semi final but pushed Born To Rocknroll over the line with no passing lane. Pushed Born To Rocknroll close the start before that and appears the most likely horse to run a place at odds. Include in trifecta and first four selections. 12) Iconic Valor (Jeremes Jet)   Starts 8  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $17,008 Nice juvenile but the draw is a killer in this race. Hard to make a case for him in this field from the draw. Not for us.   SELECTIONS Waikiki Beach is one exceptional juvenile and even from the draw he is the clear first pick. Shadow Sax, Born To Rocknroll and Zee Dana are all capable of being big players here. Next in line after that would be Catcha Lefta and Soho Tribeca.                                                                                Harnesslink Media

With the Australasian Breeders Crown finals at Tabcorp Park Melton almost upon us, Harnesslink has decided to do a preview of all the finals. This peview is of the IMV Technologies three year old trotting fillies final. 1) Vari Perfect (Armbro Variable)   Starts 9  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $2878 Nine start maiden who is on the improve but the depth of this field makes things difficult.Even from the draw it is hard to make a case for her. Not for us 2) Desert Flyer (Pegasus Spur)   Starts 24  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 5  -  Stakes $21,203 She has a tidy enough record overall but her performances in the Group races has been poor. Draw a help but still hard to see her as a player here. Not for us. 3) Justines Amore (Love You)   Starts 8  -  Wins 5  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $24,476 Her record says she should be a major player here but we are not convinced. Dominant in New South Wales earlier in season but her last couple in Victoria against many of those she meets here have been okay without being top draw. First four player for us at best. 4) Reina Danzante (Armbro Invasion)   Starts 7  -  Wins 5  -  Seconds 1  -  thirds 0  -  Stakes $53,638 Has hardly put a foot wrong in her career todate and from the draw looks the one they all have to beat here. Bred to be something special and trainer -driver combo is outstanding. A clear first pick for us. 5) Zaire Diva (Red River Hanover)   Starts 22  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 4  -  Thirds 4 $26,245 Hasn't won out of turn right through her career as her record shows. Good enough at different times to be placed or be thereabouts against a lot of those she faces here. Draw no help but outside trifecta and first four player here. 6) Yankee Sister (Yankee Boy)   Starts 17  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $13,573 Nice enough trotter but just a length or two off the smart ones here. Hard to make a case for here in this field from this draw. Not for us. 7) Alannah Hall (Angus Hall)   Starts 10  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 4  -  Stakes $20,998 Not the worst here by any means but draw makes it very hard. Given a good blowout in her one Australian start to date so will strip a lot fitter for this. Outside first four player at best from the draw.                                                                                                                                                                                           SECOND LINE 8)  My Arya (Angus Hall)   Starts 24  -  Wins 14  -  Seconds 14  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $234,149 Champion filly who has just seemed slightly off her game lately. Has only missed a place once in 14 starts in Australia so underestimate at your peril. Draw terrible but driver Anthony Butt is right in the zone at the moment. A winning chance and a must include for all trifecta and first four takers. 9) Fiery Mountain Girl (Sundon)   Starts 15  -  Wins 6  -  Seconds 3  -  Thirds 2  -  $63,416 Quality filly who ran a great third in the New Zealand Oaks after doing plenty of work, beating home My Arya Carried on the good work in New South Wales winning the Trotting Derby there and has to be a big player here with any kind of luck from the draw. Include in everything. 10) Naked Majesty (Majestic Son)  Starts 19  -  Wins 6  -  Seconds 3  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $38,235 Nice filly who was unlucky to not make the field for the final. If she did make it back into the field, she is not a forlorn first four chance.  11)  Glenferrie Burn (Muscle Hill)   Starts 24   -  Wins 8  -  Seconds 8  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $61,875 Lovely filly who has built up a smart record to date. Always seems to be one or two better than her but a good chance to get amongst it here. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 12) Endsino (Angus Hall)   Starts 18  -  wins 7  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $97,443 Another beautifully bred filly with a race record to match. Outstanding run for fourth in Victoria Trotting Derby but needed a draw to beat a couple here and ended up in the carpark on the second row. Still a chance from there but hard to see her winning. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 13) Aldebaran Deebee (Skyvalley)   Starts 12  -  Wins 4  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $ 21,220 Continues to step up but another filly who has been hamstrung by the draw. Seems to take each step up in her stride but hard to see her winning this from the carpark. Must include for trifecta and first four players. SELECTIONS From the draw Reina Danzante looks sure to lead and be very hard to run down with all her major competitors drawn poorly If My Arya sees any kind of daylight from her draw, she immediately becomes a big danger to the favourite while Fiery Mountain Girl, Aldebaran Deebee, Glenferrie Burn and Endsino are all capable of running in the first four. Harnesslink Media

Sunday is shaping up as a definitive day for All Black halfback Andy Ellis. Ellis is part of a harness racing syndicate who race duel Group I winner Speeding Spur, a $1.30 favourite with the New Zealand TAB to win the Group I Breeders Crown final for 3-year-old trotting colts and geldings at Melton on Sunday. The John and Josh Dickie trained Speeding Spur has not been helped by a tricky second row draw for the 2240m race, but his overwhelming favouritism suggests he should be good enough to overcome that. The Speeding Spur camp will be looking for redemption after the son of Pegasus Spur made an uncharacteristic break which ended his winning chances at the Harness Jewels at Ashburton in late May.  Ellis was on track to watch the disappointing result and will be looking for redemption of his own around three hours after Speeding Spur's race which starts at 3.09pm NZT. At 6.30pm the All Blacks squad for the Rugby World Cup will be announced. Fellow Speeding Spur owner Kieran Read is a certainty but Ellis' chances of playing in back-to-back World Cups appear to be dwindling. With Aaron Smith and TJ Perenara seemingly assured of their spots, Ellis also has to battle with a now fully fit Tawera Kerr-Barlow. And coach Steve Hansen has also hinted at only taking two halfbacks. If Ellis does miss out on what would be his final World Cup chance, he should hopefully be able to call himself a Breeders Crown winner. A Speeding Spur win looks a much better bet than an All Black call up on paper. Ellis and Read were invited into harness racing ownership by Woodlands Stud and have never looked back after first tasting success with Betters Delight pacer Victors Delight. Also in the Speeding Spur ownership is Crusaders forwards coach Dave Hewett and Commonwealth gold medallist Dick Tayler. A World Cup winner in 2011, Ellis makes no secret of his love of harness racing. New Zealand trained runners hold favouritism in seven of the eight Breeders Crown Group I events. Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen's 2-year-old trotting filly High Gait is a $1.20 favourite from the ace, as is stablemate Our Waikiki Beach who starts from the outside of the front row in the 2-year-old colts and geldings pacers final. Fellow All Stars pacers Our Dream About Me ($1.40) and Follow The Stars ($1.70) hold favouritism in the 2-year-old fillies and 3-year-old colts and geldings final. Our Dream About Me will have to come from barrier 12 but Follow The Stars has drawn four and inside main rival Menin Gate. The Bunty Hughes-trained The Orange Agent is at $1.50 to win the 3-year-old fillies pacing final from the second line and Paul Nairn's Conon Bridge is a $1.30 shot to win the 2-year-old trot for colts and geldings on the back of drawing the ace. The 3-year-old trotting final for fillies is the only race the Kiwis do not hold favouritism but Barry Purdon's Alannah Hall is a $14 chance from the outside of the front line. Mat Kermeen Reproduced with permission of Stuff NZ   -  Check site here

With the Australasian Breeders Crown finals looming large on Sunday at Tabcorp Park Melton, we here at Harnesslink thought we would preview the finals. This preview is of the $84,000 two year old colts and geldings trotters final. 1) Conon Bridge (Raffaello Ambrosia)  Starts 8  -  Wins 5  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $63,072 Looked to be the horse to beat in this division before the draw came out and now it really looks like the final is his race to lose. Was off the unruly earlier this season but hasn't put a foot wrong off the gate since being back in the draw so it shouldn't be an issue here. Seems to have a clear margin on his opposition and barring the unexpected should win. 2) Charlie Runkle (Angus Hall)  Starts 6  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $37,158 Started the season with a hiss and a roar but last couple of runs have been just okay. However they have both been at Maryborough so maybe back to Tabcorp Park we might see the real Charlie Runkle. From the draw is a must include for trifecta and first four players. 3) Cruisin Around (Bacardi Lindy)  Starts 8  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $32,772 Has been thereabouts all season, running in the money in six of his eight lifetime starts. Has faced all of these here and been very competitive against them so from the handy draw  he is a must include for all trifecta and first four players. 4) Cyclone Chief ( The Pres)  Starts 9  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $20,497 Has continued to go from strength to strength since his huge run for fourth in the Harness Jewels. Super run for second to the very smart Isa Smiling at Cambridge last week over the distance of Sundays final and in quick time to boot. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 5) Greg The Great (Great Success)  Starts 3  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $690 Has failed to impress in three starts to date. Hard to see him having any chance here. Not for us. 6) War Dan Destroyer (Majestic Son)  Starts 8  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 3  -  Stakes $12,440 Started the season in great fashion but doesn't seem to have kicked on with it just lately. The draw of six only compounds his problems so hard to see him being a major player here. Outside first four hope at best. 7) Imahe Man (Aldebaran Yankee)  Strats 8  -  Wins 1  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $7478 Started very slowly but has really stepped up in his last three runs which makes the draw a big disappointment. Hard to see how he can be a major player from out there at barrier seven. Not for us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SECOND LINE    8) Sundons Courage (Sundon)  Starts 10  -  Wins 5  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $61,798 Has had a great season to date and drawn to have a chance of ending it on a high. The big question is can he hold Conon Bridge's back early as he can really leave the gate and Sundon's Courage is okay without being real quick. If he does hold the leaders back, he is the biggest danger to the favourite. Must include for all trifecta and first four takers. 9) Skyflyer (Skyvalley)  Starts 9  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 3  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $19,333 His performances have varied during the season but at his best he would be a player here. It will depend on which Skyflyer shows up but no doubting the ability. First four player for us. 10) Sun Valley Road ( Skyvalley)  Starts 4  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $593 Has yet to show anything that would suggest he is a chance here. Not for us. 11) Flash Angus (Angus Hall)  Starts 2  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $300  (Emerg 1) Another starter who at this stage of his career looks heavily outclassed. Not for us. 12) Hudson Bay (Angus Hall)  Starts 9  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $16,495 Quite a nice trotter in the making but the draw of four second line makes his job very hard. Is going to have to give a lot of nice trotters a start from there and it may just be too big an ask. Outside first four player at best from the draw. 13) Variance (Armbro Variable)  Starts 3  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $415 Another starter who has done little to inspire confidence with his three lifetime runs todate. Not for us. SELECTIONS From the draw and with his gate speed, Conon Bridge looks very hard to beat. Distance will suit so he is a clear first pick Sundons Courage is a clear second pick on both form and his draw. After those two Charlie Runkle, Cruisin Around and Cyclone Chief appear the next best Throw in Skyflyer for first fours. Harnesslink

As this weekends Australasian Breeders Crown finals loom large, here at Harnesslink we thought we would do a runner by runner preview of each of the finals at Tabcorp Park Melton. First up is the $84,000 two year old trotting fillies final 1) High Gait  (Muscles Yankee)     Starts 8   -   Wins 7   -   Seconds 1   -   Thirds 0     Stakes  $100,631   High Gait has had an outstanding season winning seven from eight and being beaten a nose in her other start. Beat the boys on Redwood day and from this draw with her gait speed it is hard to see her beaten.  Great manners just add to the impression that she is nigh on unbeatable from barrier 1 2) The Cooler  (Majestic Son)   Starts 4   -   Wins 0   -   Seconds 0   -   Thirds 3   -   Stakemoney $8,200 The Cooler is yet to go a bad race in her brief four start career with three thirds and a fourth. Hard to see her troubling two or three here on class but does things right which is a big plus in two year old trots. Throw in for trifectas and first fours 3) Smile Smile Smile  (Angus Hall)   -   Starts 3  -  Wins 2  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $7493 Promising filly with a good draw but needed to draw inside High Gait to be a chance to beat her. Still on the up and looks a major player her. Must include for trifecta and first four takers. 4) A Nip Will Do (Bacardi Lindy)  Starts 14  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 3  -  Stakes $7,178 Thereabouts in a lot of her starts this season but it is hard to see her playing a major part here. Several runners appear to have the wood on her in this race going on past performances. Not for us. 5) Jay Bee Flex (Federal Flex)  Starts 6  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 2  -  Stakes $4363 Last run at Maryborough was her best run this season, finishing a close up third to Smile Smile Smile. However the depth of this field is far stronger and the draw doesn't help either. Not for us. 6) Liava (Bacardi Lindy)  Starts 4  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $1403 Has failed to really impress in her four starts todate. Hard to see on exposed form how she is a player here. Not for us 7) Parisian Chic (Love You)  Starts 6  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $18,658 A real winning chance if she had just drawn well instead of the outside of the front line. Really nice second two starts back to Missandei and has won three of her last four. Major player here but more a trifecta and first four chance due to the draw                                                                                                                         SECOND LINE 8) Missandei (Angus Hall)  Starts 7  -  Wins 3  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $76,530 The obvious danger to High Gait  having drawn on her back and seems to have improved even further since her Harness Jewels win. Only filly in this field to have beaten High Gait but her fortunes may depend on how much mid race pressure the favourite is put under. Can win this but does need a few things to go her way. Clear second pick. 9) Cobbler Creek (Great Success)  Starts 9  -  Wins 1  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $6438 Has won a race this season which is more than some here. Just appears to be be a length or two off the good ones in this race Not for us. 10) Sky Majesty (Skyvalley)  Starts 8  -  Wins 1  -  Seconds 2  -  Thirds 1  -  Stakes $12,540 Has really come solid in her last four starts and has definitely improved lately. Needed a good front line draw to help her chances so from three second line she faces a real challenge. First four player at best for us from the draw. 11) Fear Not (Skyvalley)  Starts 12  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 0  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $2935  ( Emerg 1) The emergency for the race and on disclosed form would appear to be out of her depth. Not for us 12) Social Fireball (Courage Under Fire)  Starts 7  -  Wins 1  -  Seconds 4  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $18,676 Pacing bred filly that has developed into a lovely trotter. Hard to fault her last five runs with her second in the $60,000 Vicbred Trot in smart time over the distance of 2240 metres a good pointer. Appeals to us as a trifecta and first four player even from the draw. 13) Mizurri (Skyvalley)   Starts 3  -  Wins 0  -  Seconds 1  -  Thirds 0  -  Stakes $1,038 Very inexperienced filly and this looks a huge jump in class to us. Throw in the draw and it looks like mission impossible. Not for us. SELECTIONS High Gait from the draw looks very hard to beat. Should lead and should win Missandei is the clear second pick and if High Gait is eyeballed in front during the race, she is a chance to upset the favourite up the passing lane. For trifecta and first four takers, throw in The Cooler, Smile Smile Smile, Parisian Chic and Social Fireball. Harnesslink Media

Tonight at Ballarat in the second Australasian Breeders Crown semi final for three year old fillies, Australian harness racing fans got their first look at New Zealands best three year filly in The Orange Agent who has been in stunning form all season. Starting from barrier four after a scratching, The Orange Agent and regular pilot Maurice McKendry were caught four wide into the first corner but Maurice continued to press on and reached the front after 400 metres. From that point on it was just a matter of what she would win by as Maurice dropped the speed appreciably after the early burn. Passing the 800 metres Maurice upped the tempo and scooted the quarter down the back in 27.6 with Start Dreaming and Barry Purdon looming up outside The Orange Agent passing the 400 metres mark. Maurice gave her a bit more reign and she brushed home in a brilliant 26.9 to win comfortably from a very game Start Dreaming with Soho Tokyo holding on well for third after breezing the whole race. It was the daughter of American Ideal 15th win at just start 21 and took her earning to $371,512. The Orange Agent paced the 2200 metres in 2:42.4, a mile rate of 1:58.8 with electric closing sectionals of 54.5 and 26.9. Tonights race was a perfect lead in for The Orange Agent heading into nexts week Breeders Crown final and she will be terribly hard to beat regardless of where she draws. The two obvious dangers are Ameretto, who won the first semi final in impressive fashion and Start Dreaming who has been placed behind The Orange Agent several times this season already. Harnesslink Media

The clash of two of the best harness racing three year olds in Australia was one of the many highlights of tonights Australasian Breeders Crown semi final meeting at Ballarat. Follow The Stars with Mark Purdon in the bike drew barrier two, a spot inside the brilliant Menin Gate driven by regular pilot Chris Alford. However Mark Purdon was not keen to get into a duel this week with Menin Gate after the son of Art Major missed a run last week and was keen to take a trail this week with a view to the final next Sunday. And that is exactly how it panned out early with Follow The Stars leading early before taking a trail behind Menin Gate after 200 metres. Robbie Morris aboard Hes Lightfingered quickly moved around to sit on Menin Gate's wheel and that was the order up front for the rest of the race. Menin Gate really upped the ante from the 800 metres and the leading three cut away from the rest of the field passing the 400 metres. Follow The Stars looked to have plenty to offer in the trail as they turned for home but with no passing lane at Ballarat, he had no where to go as Hes Lightfingered kept him pocketed. It wasn't until the leading trio got inside the final 100 metres that Follow The Stars pushed his way out and flew late to only go under by half a neck to Menin Gate. Hes Lightfingered showed real courage to stick on well for a great third. Menin Gate, a son of Somebeachsomewhere paced the 2200 metres in 2:39.6, a mile rate of 1:56.8 with smart closing sectionals of 55.6 and 27.8. The three year old colts and geldings final looks to be one race next Sunday where the barrier draw will play a big part in the outcome with both Sluggem and Hes Lighfingered a chance to push Menin Gate and Follow The Stars with a draw to suit. Harnesslink Media  

Star harness racing two year old Our Waikiki Beach was at microscopic odds to make it eleven straight in his semi final of the Australasian Breeders Crown for colts and geldings at Ballarat tonight and he didn't disappoint. The upstanding Australian bred but New Zealand owned and trained son of Somebeachsomewhere had drawn perfectly at barrier 4  and driver Mark Purdon didn't rush him early as Zee Dana with Nathan Jack in the bike burnt the gate from barrier 7 to lead early before taking a trail behind Waikiki Beach after 400 metres. Mark Purdon kept up a solid tempo without breaking any track records and everybody was still in touch with the hot favourite at the 400 metres mark. Mark Purdon gave his charge a little bit more rein as they straightened and he quickly shot clear and coasted down to the line an easy winner. The son of Tintin In America in Zee Dana battled on well for second after his early burn while Catcha Lefty (Village Jasper) made ground late for third. Mark Purdon was all smiles post race. " He was a bit fresh tonight and a bit keen so he will definitely improve off tonights run." " He felt really good and strong tonight so I am very happy heading into the final," Mark said When asked to compare Our Waikiki Beach with some of the other great two year olds he has trained Mark Purdon gave a very qualified reply. " I wouldn't say Our Waikiki Beach is the best two year old I have trained but he is right up there with the best ones I have had," Mark said On tonights performance It is hard to see how they beat Waikiki Beach in the Breeders Crown final next Sunday. Harnesslink Media

Barrier Draws to decide Breeders Crown Fate The chances of runners in next Sunday's TAB Australasian Breeders Crown Finals will be hugely impacted by the all-important Barrier Draws next Monday 24 August, to be conducted in the Legends Cafe© at Tabcorp Park Melton. Coinciding with the Tabcorp Park race meeting, the Barrier Draw action gets underway after Race 3 from 2.30pm where host Cody Winnell and the Good Form team of Jason Bonnington and Blake Redden will dissect and analyse the fields for the 2 year olds. The action continues after Race 4 from 3.10pm as the team turn their attention to the 3 year olds. Entry is free and the Legends Cafe© Tabcorp Parkwill be serving an extensive selection of meals throughout the afternoon. TAB Breeders Crown Barrier Draws From 2.30pm, Monday August 24 Legends Cafe©, Tabcorp Park  -  2 Ferris Road, Melton After Race 3  -  2.35pm 2YO TROTTING FILLIES 2YO TROTTING COLTS 2YO PACING FILLIES 2YO PACING COLTS & GELDINGS   AFTER RACE 4  -  3.10pm 3YO TROTTING FILLIES 3YO TROTTING COLTS 3YO PACING FILLIES 3YO PACING COLTS & GELDINGS TONY ISING MARKETING MANAGER

Ballarat & District Trotting Club is gearing up for one of the biggest Breeders Crown Semi-Final nights in living memory this Saturday night (August 22) at the harness racing meeting at  Bray Raceway. On the track the action is expected to be fierce with anticipation building towards Australasia's biggest futurity's series. Long renown as perhaps even more exciting than Super Sunday just over a week later, Saturday night will see the clash of some of the southern hemisphere's best horses as they battle it out to earn their right to progress. Star three-year-old's Follow The Stars and Menin Gate are on a collision course while the best two-year-old fillies in the land, Heavens Trend and Our Dream About Me will also go head-to-head. The season defining clashes don't end there with The Orange Agent putting her title on the line as one of the best Kiwi fillies to emerge in the past decade. In addition to a huge night of racing, the club is also providing plenty of on-course entertainment with the assistance of the Victorian Government's Raceday Attraction Program. Headlining the attractions are Will & Steve 'the Gourmet Pommies' Champions of My Kitchen Rules 2015 who will deliver a live cooking demonstration And patrons will have the chance to win be on track for your chance to win a Webber BBQ/Accessories + a premium meat pack. As if that wasn't excitement enough, the Sportsmans' Panel featuring the Goodform Punters Club Challenge will see the TAB's Jaimee Rogers going head to head with Harness Racing Victoria's own Blake Redden in a Beauty and the Beast match-up. Entry is just $20 a ticket - pick a team or choose both for more chances to win big on the Trots. Jaimee and Blake will be joined on stage by esteemed industry participants, including winner drivers and trainers throughout the night. Action starts at 5.25pm. PAUL ROWSE  BALLARAT & DISTRICT TROTTING CLUB 

Smart youngster Lady Willoughby will warm up for a bid to win the rich Breeders Crown for three-year-old fillies in Victoria late this month when she contests the $18,000 Cleanteligent Westralian Pace over 2130m at Gloucester Park on Friday night. She is due to leave Perth by air next Tuesday before contesting the semi-final of the Breeders Crown at Ballarat the following Saturday. The rich final will be decided at Melton on Sunday August 30. Lady Willoughby, trained at Byford by Ross Olivieri, is a smart and seasoned performer who has raced 28 times for ten wins, six placings and $87,103 in stakes. She faces a hard task on Friday night from the outside barrier (No. 9) against several top-flight fillies, including Nuala, Foxy Dame, Massive Attack, Sea Me Smile, La Mia Juliette and Bettors Gem. Lady Willoughby was unlucky when fifth behind Sea Me Smile at Gloucester Park last Friday week. She started out wide from the No. 8 barrier and was forced to race three wide for the first 500m before moving to the breeze outside Donegal Kahlum. She then overraced badly before pulling her way to the front 600m from home and then wilting in the final stages. The brilliant Nuala, trained by Gary Hall sen. and making her first appearance for four months, will be attempting to retain her unbeaten record. A winner in grand style at each of her seven starts, she is awkwardly drawn out wide at barrier eight. But she has the class to overcome that disadvantage. Nuala, to be driven by Clint Hall, warmed up for her return to racing with a smart win in a 2150m trial at Byford on Sunday morning when she narrowly beat another outstanding filly, Tricky Styx. Hopeland trainer Debra Lewis holds a strong hand with Massive Attack (barrier four) and Sea Me Smile (six). Her husband Chris has opted to drive Massive Attack, who was narrowly beaten by Sea Me Smile over 2130m last Friday week. Gary Hall jun. has been engaged to handle Sea Me Smile. The Peter Tilbrook-trained La Mia Juliette (a fast-finishing winner at Pinjarra on Monday) and the Mike Reed-trained Foxy Dame cannot be underestimated in a most interesting event which should produce abundant action. Ken Casellas

Three short-priced favourites lined up in tonight’s three-year-old colts and geldings’ Breeders Crown heats at Bendigo. But only punters who cashed out after just one leg – My Kiwi Mate ($1.30) winning Race 1 – walked away with more loot than what they set out with. Andy Gath-trained Burnaholeinmypocket upstaged Menin Gate by the slightest of margins in the second of the night’s heats, while $1.30 pop Ideal For Real came in sixth in Race 5, Lexus On The Beach instead scooping the prize from Egodan. My Kiwi Mate (Bettors Delight/Classic Nymph) took out the ninth heat of the IRT Breeders Crown Series 17, the Craig Demmler-trained former Kiwi holding off runner-up Rule Of Thumb by just a short half-head. The runner-up charged late, but My Kiwi Mate, driven by Jodi Quinlan, did enough, holding on in a 1:58.5 mile rate. Rule Of Thumb (Greg Sugars) was probably unlucky, held up at a vital stage, while Madis Mate finished third for Michael Bellman. Burnaholeinmypocket moved straight through to the semis with his heat victory, the son of Bettors Delight/Kelly Maguire from the Andy Gath stable with Kate Gath in the sulky upstaging Queensland and Victorian Derby winner Menin Gate by a short half-head in 1:56.7. Chumlee (Amanda Turnbull) ran third. Bathurst colt Lexus On The Beach (Somebeachsomewhere/Panoramic Lady) took out the 11th Breeders Crown heat for trainer Steve Turnbull and reinswoman Amanda Turnbull, scoring a 4.4-metre win over Egodan from the Beau Tindale camp with Rod Petroff in the cart, while Sluggem (Anthony Butt) came in third. Lexus On The Beach showed plenty of dash early, ran to the front and kept on running, rating 1:56.2 for an all-the-way win. Ideal For Real galloped late and never raced like the New South Wales Derby winner punters know. by Cody Winnell >> RE-LIVE THE ACTION My Kiwi Mate holds on ... just! Burnaholeinmypocket upstages Menin Gate Lexus On The Beach grabs the win

Queensland harness racing rookie pacers Catcha Lefty and Get In The Groove have been confirmed by their respective connections as targeting the upcoming Australasian Breeders Crown in Melbourne. Both pacers are already feature race winners, in fact, both scored in their respective Gr.2 $50,000 QBRED Breeders Classic Finals at Albion Park back on June 20. And both have already qualified for the semi-finals at Ballarat on August 22 following their respective victories in qualifying heats at Albion Park on July 10. Both pacers will head south together. And stable together, with Clinton Welsh. Catcha Lefty is prepared by husband and wife combination of Charlie Cini and Cristina Monte while Get In The Groove is prepared by husband and wife combination of Grant and Trista Dixon. The Dixon’s are no strangers to tackling the Breeders Crown after winning the two-year-old fillies consolation last year with Feel The Faith plus running third in the three-year-old final with Alleluia. But it’s entirely new for Cini and Monte. The Village Jasper – Lefty gelding is yet to miss the board in 9 starts this season which includes 7 victories. “We’re keen to get down there and give it a real shot; he’s the only horse we’ve ever paid up with this series and we’ll take our opportunity." "He’s a nice horse and he’s qualified, we’re due to fly out on the 17th and I’m hoping we can secure a race start with him next week which will keep him ticking over just nicely.” Cini said. Both horses haven’t raced since July 18 at Albion Park in the Gr.1 $100,000 QBRED Triad Finals. Catcha Lefty finished a close-up third behind Leos Best and Roarn in 1;54.8 after working hard throughout while Get In The Groove crashed to the track after being wiped out by Victorian filly Heavens Trend at the 300m marker. Get In The Groove bounced back with a stylish trial victory at Albion Park last night (Tuesday) coming off the speed to win the workout in a mile rate of 1;58.6 with a final split of 27.6 seconds. The Mach Three – Get Happy filly is raced by her breeders Kevin and Kay Seymour. “We’re keen to give her an opportunity against the best fillies available, we think she has good ability and we’re prepared to head south and Grant is confident she has taken no harm from that nasty incident at Albion Park in the Triad Final, it was a good trial.” Seymour said. Get In The Groove has won 3 of her 5 starts to date. A Queensland trained runner is yet to win a 2yo Breeders Crown Final but have tasted success in the 3yo division through the deeds of Fleur De Lil and Tip Your Hat. Chris Barsby

Pinjarra harness racing trainer Michael Brennan has completed arrangement for exciting gelding Nathans Courage to travel to Victoria to contest the rich Breeders Crown for two-year-old colts and geldings. Brennan will accompany Nathans Courage on a flight from Perth next Tuesday week and Chris Voak will drive the son of Courage Under Fire in a semi-final of the Breeders Crown at Ballarat the following Saturday night. Brennan is hopeful that Nathans Courage, a stylish all-the-way winner at Gloucester Park at his only two starts, will qualify to run in the $288,000 final at Melton on Sunday August 30. "He should go well," Brennan said. "He's a lovely little horse, a professional racehorse and he's so relaxed." Two of Nathans Courage's most serious rivals appear to be Our Waikiki Beach and Zee Dana. Our Waikiki Beach, trained by New Zealander Mark Purdon, is unbeaten at his ten starts and has amassed $324,081. He sped over the final quarters in 27.1sec. and 27.8sec. and rated 1.56.3 when he scored a four-length victory in a heat of the Breeders Crown over 2300m at Menangle on July 21. He won the group 1 Australian Pacing Gold, covering the 1609m journey in 1.54.3 at Menangle in April and he won the 1609m NSW Breeders Challenge final in 1.53.7 at Menangle in June. Zee Dana notched his second win from three starts when he sat behind the pacemaker and finished strongly along the sprint lane to win a heat of the Breeders Crown at a 1.58 rate over 2190m at Shepparton on Tuesday night. Ken Casellas

Classy harness racing mare Faithful Gabby will head interstate to prepare for the 4YO Breeders Crown for mares to be run at Bendigo next month. Faithful Gabby travelled to Melbourne last month to tackle an M0-M1 mares race that resulted in her finishing second, beaten a half-neck, to classy Victorian She's Just A Delight that clocked a mile rate of 1m.54. She was driven by Tasmania's top reinsman Gareth Rattray who believes the mare is capable of winning the Breeders Crown. "She was unlucky not to win that race in Victoria and to go down by such a narrow margin with the winner clocking a mile rate of 1.54 was a good effort and it proved she is up to the top mares over there," Rattray said. "She will head back to Victoria in a fortnight and have at least one more run before the Breeders Crown," he said. Faithful Gabby has had seven starts this season for six wins and a second for about $50,000 in stakes so she has earned her chance to mix it with the best in Australasia. Peter Staples

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