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Ray Green has broken his Australian major race drought with the most unlikely of horses. The South Auckland trainer claimed the richest win of his career when King Of Swing led throughout in the hands of David Butcher in the A$285,000 ($310,000) Breeders Crown two-year-old pacing final. The rangy pacer capped a remarkable rise from obscurity, winning his group one just three months after he debuted and without having contested any of the feature juvenile races at home. That didn't deter Green, the trainer for Lincoln Farms, from giving him his shot at Australia's best and his improvement curve has peaked at the right time, with Butcher's perfect drive a massive help. Green is no stranger to campaigning horses in Australia, having won decent races with Badlands Bute and training Sir Lincoln to a luckless second in the Victoria Derby. "But on the whole we haven't had a lot of luck over here so to finally get a really big one is very satisfying," said the jovial 71-year-old. "He has always looked a good horse but we waited until he told us he was good enough to bring over here." The win eclipses the Auckland Cup that Sir Lincoln won as the richest race taken out by a Lincoln Farms pacer and King Of Swing has Derby horse written all over him. King Of Swing His win was the highlight of a mixed day for the Kiwi challengers, with Canterbury filly Renezmae the other to taste group one glory. She led throughout in the two-year-old fillies trot for 23-year-old trainer Jack Harrington, who must surely be one of the youngest New Zealand horsemen to prepare a group one winner. Harrington has quickly built up a 25 horses stable after getting into racing with no family background. "I got into it because my Dad liked a bet so to be here, winning a Breeders Crown, is pretty amazing," says Harrington. "I was welling up when I was being interviewed after the race, I was worried I was gonna start crying," he laughed. Renezmae Punters who backed the All Stars' three runners probably felt like crying too as they had a rare off day. While Partyon was a brave third in her final, More The Better and Sicario both finished unplaced. More The Better was the shock of the day, galloping when in front after 600m as a red hot favourite. And the Kiwi juvenile pacing fillies were a mixed bag, with Bettor Joy below her best when unplaced after leading, leaving fellow Canterbury filly Angel Of Harlem to chase home stunning winner Nostra Villa. By Michael Guerin  

Some interesting facts of the Australasian Breeders Crown Finalists are shown below. The number of harness racing nominations for Series 19, the current three-year-olds totaled 1,533 and that is from a crop of 2,132 foals registered in New Zealand and 3,857 registered in Australia. That is a combined total of 5,989 foals registered. The number of harness racing nominations for Series 20, the current two-year-olds total 1,515 and they are from a crop of 1,945 foals registered in New Zealand and 3,838 registered in Australia. That is a combined total of 5,783 foals registered. It is roughly a little less than 25% of the foals that are born that are nominated for each of the series. Three-Year-Old Fillies Bettor's Delight   -  4 Live Or Die  -  2 Rocknroll Hanover  -  2 Art Major  -  1 Courage Under Fire  -  1 Mach Three  -  1 Sportswriter  -  1 Somebeachsomewhere  -  1   Three-Year-Old Colts and Geldings Art Major  -  3 Somebeachsomewhere  -  3 Mach Three  -  3 Bettor's Delight  -  1 Courage Under Fire  -  1 Rocknroll Hanover  -  1 Shadow Play  -  1   Three-Year-Old Totals Bettor's Delight  -  5 - number of nominations 138 Art Major  -  4 - number of nominations 101 Mach Three  -  4 - number of nominations 78 Somebeachsomewhere  -  4 - number of nominations 101 Rocknroll Hanover  -  3 - number of nominations 107 Courage Under Fire  -  2 - number of nominations 51 Live Or Die  -  2 - number of nominations 10 Sportswriter  -  1 - number of nominations 25 Shadow Play  -  1 - number of nominations 31   Two-Year-Old Fillies Bettor's Delight  -  3 Art Major  -  2 Mach Three  -  2 Betterthancheddar  -  1 Courage Under Fire  -  1 Four Starzzz Shark  -  1 Mr Feelgood  -  1 Rock N Roll Heaven  -  1 Somebeachsomewhere  -  1   Two-Year-Old Colts and Geldings Art Major  -  3 Mach Three  -  3 Somebeachsomewhere  -  3 Rocknroll Hanover  -  1 Bettor's Delight  -  1 Courage Under Fire  -  1 Shadow Play  -  1   Two-Year-Old Totals Art Major  -  5 - number of nominations 127 Mach Three  -  5 - number of nominations 93 Bettors Delight  -  4 - number of nominations 138 Somebeachsomewhere  -  4 - number of nominations 81 Courage Under Fire  -  2 - number of nominations 40 Rocknroll Hanover  -  1 - number of nominations 11 Betterthancheddar  -  1 - number of nominations 30 Four Starzzz Shark  -  1 - number of nominations 24 Mr Feelgood  -  1 - number of nominations 25 Rock N Roll Heaven  -  1 - number of nominations 82 Shadow Play  -  1 - number of nominations  83   Combined totals for two and three-year-olds Pacers Art Major  -  9 Bettor's Delight  -  9 Mach Three  -  9 Somebeachsomewhere  -  8 Courage Under Fire  -  4 Rocknroll Hanover  -  4 Live Or Die  -  2 Shadow Play  -  2 Betterthancheddar  -  1 Four Starzzz Shark  -  1 Mr Feelgood  -  1 Rock N Roll Heaven  -  1 Spportwriter  -  1   Sires of the Dams of the Pacers                        3yo Colts & Geldings   3yo Fillies    3yo Colts & Geldings     3yo Fillies In The Pocket                  1                     1                                                             1 Life Sign                          1                                                    1 Western Terror                1                                                    1 Albert Albert                    2                                                                                     1 Blissfull Hall                    1 Elsu                                1 Dare You To                   1 Christen Cullen              1                       1                              1 Falcon Seelster              1 Badlands Hanover          1                                                      1 Perfect Art                       1                      1                              1 Bettors Delight                1                                                       1                                1 Fake Left                                                  2                              1                                2 Courage Under Fire                                 1 Western Ideal                                           1 Live or Die                                                1 Beach Towel                                              2 Classic Garry                                            1 Lucky Camilla                                            1 Artsplace                                                   1                             3 Camluck                                                                                    1 Aces n Sevens                                                                          1 Art Major                                                                                    1                                   1 Modern Art                                                                                                                      1 Sands A Flying                                                                                                                1 Million to One                                                                                                                 1 Village Jasper                                                                                                                1 Artiscape                                                                                                                        1 Troublemaker                                                                                                                 1 Road Machine                                                                                                                1   Three-Year-Old Trotters Angus Hall  -  2 Skyvalley  -  1 Muscle Mass  -  1 Blissfull Hall  -  1 Majestic Son  -  1 Metropolitan  -  1 Monarchy  -  1 Bacardi Lindy  -  1 The Prez  -  1 Great Success  -  1 Lawman  -  1 Sundon  -  1   Three-Year-Old Trotting Fillies Angus Hall  -  2 Majestic Son  -  2 Muscle Mass  -  2 Yankee Spider  -  2 Armbro Varialble  -  1 Eilean Donon  -  1 Like A Prayer  -  1 Muscle Hill  -  1 Skyvalley  -  1   Three-Year-Old Trotting Totals Angus Hall  -  4 Majestic Son  -  3 Muscle Mass  -  3 Skyvalley  -  2 Yankee Spider  -  2 Armbro Variable  -  1 Bacardi Lindy  -  1 Blissfull Hall  -  1 Eilean Donon  -  1 Great Success  -  1 Lawman  -  1 Like A Prayer  -  1 Metropolitan  -  1 Monarchy  -  1 Muscle Hill  -  1 The Prez  -  1 Sundon  -  1   Two-Year-Old Trotting Colts and Geldings Majestic Son  -  3 Muscle Hill  -  2 Angus Hall  -  1 Betto'rs Delight  -  1 Danny Bouchea  -  1 Down Under Muscles  -  1 Great Success  -  1 Imperial Count   -  1 Louey Louey Louey  -  1 Lucky Chucky  -  1   Two-Year-Old Trotting Fillies Angus Hall  -  2 Majestic Son  -  2 Louey Louey Louey  -  2 Skyvalley  -  2 Down Under Muscles  -  1 Great Success  -  1 Love You  -  1 Muscles Yankee  -  1 The Prez  -  1   Two-Year-Old Trotters Totals Majestic Son  -  5 Angus Hall  -  3 Louey Louey Louey  -  3 Geat Success  -  2 Muscle Hill  -  2 Skyvalley  -  2 Bettor's Delight  -  1 Danny Bouchea  -  1 Down Under Muscles  -  1 Imperial Count  -  1 Like A Prayer  -  1 Lucky Chucky  -  1 Love You  -  1 Muscles Yankee  -  1 The Prez  -  1   Combined totals for two and three-year-olds trotters Majestic Son  -  8 Angus Hall  -  7 Skyvalley  -  4 Great Success  -  3 Louey Louey Louey  -  3 Muscle Hill  -  3 Muscle Mass  -  3 Down Under Muscles  -  2 The Prez  -  2 Yankee Spider  -  2 Armbro Varialble  -  1 Bacardi Lindy  -  1 Bettor's Delight  -  1 Blissfull Hall  -  1 Danny Bouchea  -  1 Eilean Donon  -  1 Imperial Count  -  1 Lawman  -  1 Like A Prayer  -  1 Love You  -  1 Lucky Chucky  -  1 Metropolitan  -  1 Monarchy  -  1 Muscles Yankee  -  1 Sundon  -  1   Sires of the Dams of the Trotters                                3yo Colts & Geldings   3yo Fillies    2yo Colts & Geldings     2yo Fillies Dream Vacation                1                                                                                     1 Sundon                             1                              1                        3                            3 Yentls Image                     1 Muscles Yankee               1                               1 Great Success                  1 Chiola Hanover                 1 Gee Whizz                         1                                                         1 Wind Cries Maori               1 Monarchy                           1 SJ’S Photo                         1                               2 Keystone Salute                1                                                           1 Safely Kept                        1                                1                         1                             1 Continentalman                  1 Ganymede                                                           1 Our Sir Vancelot                                                   1                          1 Windsongs Legacy                                               1 Super Punk                                                           1 Onyx Du Goutier                                                   1 Wagon Apollo                                                        1                                                          3 Pegasus Spur                                                        1 Malabar Maple                                                       1 Balanced Image                                                                                   1 Earl                                                                                                       1                           1 Maori’s Idol                                                                                           1 Evanders Gold                                                                                      1 Classic Adam                                                                                        1 Ok Bye                                                                                                   1 Dr Ronerail                                                                                                                        1 CR Commando                                                                                                                 1 The Wrath of Pan                                                                                                              1 Lindy Lane                                                                                                                        1 Harnesslink Media  

Bettor Joy will be like a three-year-old racing juveniles at Melton tomorrow - literally. The Kiwi filly is an odds-on favourite for her A$285,000 Breeders Crown Final, courtesy of an eye-catching semifinal win last weekend, drawing barrier two and champion reinsman Dexter Dunn returning from the World Drivers Champs to pilot her. She also has the advantage of having a full season of juvenile racing behind her in New Zealand, turning three on August 1 but then reverting to being a two-year-old when she crossed the Tasman as their harness racing season runs until the end of August - don't ask, the answer is ridiculous. That weird anomaly means every season Kiwi horses go into the Breeders Crown with an experience edge over their Australian rivals and while the drop back is more of a paper advantage, trainer Cran Dalgety says in the case of Bettor Joy the gap is more real. "She was a very good juvenile early in the season when she won the big race at Auckland [March] but then she weakened off like a lot of young horses do," explains Dalgety. "But she has come through that, strengthened up again and feels now like a three-year-old because she has been through her two-year-old growing phase. "In her work and the way she is racing it really is like she is a three-year-old already." Dalgety says he will leave the crucial decision on whether Bettor Joy leads or trails Canterbury filly Angel Of Harlem up to Dunn but in a race with some Aussie fillies with big reputations it wouldn't surprise to see Bettor Joy making use of the passing lane. The other richest final tomorrow sees Auckland pacer King Of Swing in a very similar situation - an impressive semi winner, drawn best of the favourites and with a gun driver in David Butcher. He has never been further back than second and hasn't had some of the hard racing of his Aussie rivals so can give trainer Ray Green his first really major Australian victory, with the All Stars-trained Sicario the danger as last week's other semi winner. Our Renezmae (two-year-old trot) and More The Better (three-year-old male pace) are the other New Zealand-trained favourites but Partyon will need to do something special to overcome a second line draw against Aussie arch-rival Petacular, who finally gets a good draw in the big time. By Michael Guerin

Airborne Ameretto is taking the fast-class pacing ranks by storm for Great Western harness racing trainer-driver Kerryn Manning. The five-year-old Million Dollar Cam-Eyes Of Courage mare completed a five-straight picket-fence winning form line for Manning tonight at Tabcorp Park Melton with an explosive win in the Alabar Breeders Crown Graduate Pacers Free for All. Following last weekend’s brilliant Mares Graduate FFA Breeders Crown win at Bendigo, Ameretto lifted another notch tonight and the big question now is where to next? “There’s Perth … where there’s a nice mares’ race there,” Manning said post-race, adding, “We’ll have to sit down and have a think”. Ameretto tonight held off a fast-finishing Tee Cee Bee Macray by 1.9m in a mile rate of 1:53.3, with San Carlo running in third place 2.3m behind the winner. “It gets harder from here,” Manning said. “But if she keeps going like that she’ll be hard to beat in whatever she lines up in.” The last mare to win the Breeders Crown Graduate Free for All was Make Mine Cullen in 2012 (1:58.0).  And for the sake of including this stat, the last mare to win the Inter Dominion was Jodie’s Babe in 1989 (Stella Frost won Inter in 1971, Richmond Lass in 1969 and Robin Dundee in 1965). “It was a really quality field tonight. To (win) in such good fashion just shows how good a horse she is,” Manning said. “She’s a very easy horse to handle at home. It’s a pleasure to have her.” Manning was sent the mare by trainer Ashlee Grives in New South Wales. The Orange Agent, the star Kiwi mare who dominated this year’s Mares’ Triple Crown at Melton, went 1:53.7 in winning the Alabar Angelique Club Cup over 2240m at Melton in May. Messini ran on well for fourth tonight and My Kiwi Mate finished fifth. Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager)

The 2017 TAB Breeders Crown Finals were top of the agenda when harness racing jornos Cody Winnell and Michael Howard talked trots last night on Melbourne sports radio station SEN 1116am. Super Sunday will see eight Breeders Crown Group 1 finals contested as the Race to Royalty hits an exciting finale. The action gets under way on Friday night at Tabcorp Park Melton with stellar line-ups for the Alabar Breeders Crown Graduate Free for All and the Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Trotters Free for All. First race on Sunday is 12.45pm. Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager)

Classy youngster Our Little General is in a solid position to join an elite 'troop' at Tabcorp Park Melton on Sunday. Engaged in one of eight harness racing Group One Australasian Breeders’ Crown Finals, the Australian Pacing Gold graduate has drawn to lead throughout from barrier three. Should he emerge triumphant, Our Little General will become just the third colt/gelding three-year-old to successfully defend the title he captured the season before. Bit Of A Legend was the first to achieve the feat, having scored in 2012 and ’13, followed by Our Waikiki Beach. Also an Australian Pacing Gold graduate, Waikiki Beach was successful in 2015 and ’16. Two fillies have completed the double, with Sassy Sarah leading the way in 2001 and ’02, followed by Lady Waratah in 2005 and ’06. Like Our Little General and Waikiki Beach, Lady Waratah is a member of the APG family. Blessed with gate speed, Our Little General worked to the lead from barrier seven last season before accounting for Astride and Wrappers Delight. Winner of his semi-final at Bendigo last weekend, the son of Mach Three is in top shape for his title defence according to trainer Emma Stewart. “I’m very happy with where he is at going into the Final,” Stewart said. “He had a good run in the semi and has come throughout it fine.” Our Little General will be joined in the rich decider by APG stock Jilliby Kung Fu, Solid As A Rock, Stars Align and Wrappers Delight. by APG Media

Carisbrook harness racing trainer Brett Shipway hasn't got a market favourite in Sunday's TAB Breeders Crown Finals at Melton. In fact he doesn't even have a favourite of his own among his three runners. 'Shippy' doesn't play favourites. "They're all characters with their own personality," he says of his horses with genuine affection. "They enjoy themselves. They're having fun ... they're not superstars but they have a dip." Shipway will saddle up Bebubbalouie in the Aldebaran Park Breeders Crown 2YO Trotting Colts and Geldings Final and both Louieville Lass and Di Li in the 2YO Fillies Final on Sunday at Tabcorp Park Melton. "They've gone really good," he said of his two-year-olds' campaigns. "It's good to see them all make it there." by Trots Media - Cody Winnell

One of harness racing’s golden girls will fast-track her return to driving to be part of Sunday’s stellar Breeders Crown meeting at Melton’s Tabcorp Park. Life has changed a fair bit for Lauren Tritton since she last drove in a race about seven months ago. She’s now a first-time mum to son Levi, but has been counting down the days to jumping back in the sulky. “It’s really exciting to be back driving. I haven’t driven in a race since January,” she said. “Levi’s a month-old today (Tuesday). The first two weeks were hard, I felt like death warmed-up to be honest, but every day has been better since. It’s an amazing time of life, but I’ve certainly missed the driving.” It is another of her favourite “kids” — glamour two-year-old filly My Sweetchilliphilly — who has lured Tritton back to the races this weekend. “I will drive at the Menangle trials (Tuesday) and will drive My Riviera Belle at Melton on Friday night so I’m primed for ‘Chilli’ on Sunday,” she said. “I love the filly. She ran below her best last week and didn’t look comfortable. It’s the biggest race of her season and I really wanted to be part of it.” My Sweetchilliphilly brilliantly won her first five races, earning comparisons with great juvenile fillies of the modern era, before being beaten into fifth place as a $1.60 favourite in her Crown semi-final at Bendigo last Saturday night. She’s drawn the back row (gate 10) in Sunday’s final and is a $7.50 shot with TAB. Sunday’s card features eight Group 1 Crown finals and TAB markets are open on them all. The early movers have been: The More The Better $1.70 into $1.60 (3YO colts and geldings final); Petacular $1.50 into $1.40 (3YO fillies’ final); Our Bettor Joy $2.40 into $1.90 (2YO fillies’ final); Dance Craze $1.80 to $1.60 (3YO trotting final). Reprinted with permission of The Herald Sun

The two-year-old pacing males Breeders Crown Final shapes as one of the toughest nuts to crack from a harness racing punting viewpoint this coming Sunday at Tabcorp Park Melton. Last night’s Semi-Final winners, Sicario and King Of Swing – both Kiwis – were awesome, and Poster Boy was enormous in defeat.  Then there’s Colt Thirty One, who made up many lengths from the back for Grant Dixon – a renowned presenter of young talent when he treks to Victoria, Master Moonlite – another Kiwi, and his trainer Cran Dalgety doesn’t visit Melton without a live chance – and then the sleepers, probably spearheaded by Braeview Bondi, who promises to deliver a big blow on the big stage at some stage. Sicario, which hails from the all-conquering Mark Purdon Allstars camp, was at his career best so far last night at Bendigo, comfortably handling his opposition and clocking the second-fastest mile rate of the night, only behind potential free-for-all star mare Amaretto. “The last six to eight weeks he’s gone to another level,” said winning reinsman Luke McCarthy shortly after climbing out of the cart aboard Sicario. “His trials and races have been very good and tonight he just felt fantastic. He ran super. Especially on a cold night – it’s gotten quite cold now, that time is fantastic.” Earlier in the night King Of Swing went 1:55.1 to win his two-year-old boys’ division semi-final for trainer Ray Green and reinsman David Butcher. And his run was enormous. Three-wide the last lap without cover, King Of Swing held off the two horses who followed him into the race. “He’s improving with every run and I can’t fault the run (tonight),” Butcher said. “Hopefully we can do the job on Sunday. I think he’ll improve off (tonight) … he seems to get better all the time.” Of the beaten brigade last night boom youngster Poster Boy was brave to run second after being inconvenienced early then parking for the last lap. He lost no admirers. The draw for Sunday’s Woodlands Stud sponsored final has made life tricky for Sicario (gate 10), while Poster Boy also lobbed the second row (gate nine). Meanwhile, King Of Swing landed the pole draw, which shortened his odds dramatically. Colt Thirty One has gate six and Braeview Bondi barrier five. WATCH THE REPLAY OF THE 2YO BREEDERS CROWN C&G 1st SEMI-FINAL WATCH THE REPLAY OF THE 2YO BREEDERS CROWN C&G 2nd SEMI-FINAL $285,000 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 20 (2yo colts & geldings) Final (Group 1) 1 - King Of Swing NZ by Rocknroll Hanover from a Artsplace mare - David Butcher 2 - Kasbah Kid by Art Major from a Western Terror mare - Greg Sugars 3 - Forte Courage by Courage Under Fire from a Aces N Sevens mare - Glen Craven 4 - Tam Major by Art Major from a Camluck mare - Rodney Petroff 5 - Braeview Bondi by Somebeachsomewhere from a Badlands Hanover mare - Josh Duggan 6 - Colt Thirty One by Mach Three from a Perfect Art mare - Grant Dixon 7 - Beltane by Bettor's Delight from a Artsplace mare - John Caldow ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Joe Nien by Shadow Play from a Art Major mare - Greg Sugars 9 - Poster Boy by Somebeachsomewhere from a Artsplace mare - Chris Alford 10 - Sicario by Somebeachsomewhere from a Bettor's Delight mare - Luke McCarthy 11 - Mister Moonlite NZ by Art Major from a Christian Cullen mare - Anthony Butt 12 - Seeuinnashville by Mach Three from Fake Left mare - Nathan Jack 13 - Tin Roof Raider by Mach Three from a Life Sign mare - Michael Bellman  Em 1 Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager)

The big-race barrier curse of Petacular has been lifted. The marbles fell the way of the harness racing star Burrumbeet filly last night at Bendigo shortly after her Breeders Crown Race to Royalty Semi-Final win. Petacular drew gate three for Sunday’s $190,000 Woodlands sponsored three-year-old fillies Breeders Crown Final at Tabcorp Park Melton, a welcome change for connections who have endured horror luck at the draws in big races over the last 12 months. Petacular has also been made to work hardest several times in key qualifiers, so last night’s comfortable win was music to trainer/driver Michael Stanley’s ears. “It worked out really well,” he said of the Somebeachsomewhere daughter’s Semi-Final win, which saw her rate 2:00.8 after the 2150-metre race became just a dash up the straight (26.5s last quarter) after opening sectionals of 33.5s, 33s and 30.5s. “I was happy to go as slowly as I could once I was able to get to the lead because she’s had a few hard runs this year, and most of her semi-finals have been hard,” Stanley said. “It’s good that she’s had an easy one for a change. Hopefully we can go in (to next Sunday’s Breeders Crown Final) with a different game plan this time.” Partyon was a significantly quicker Semi-Final winner last night for trainer Mark Purdon and driver Luke McCarthy. The Allstars filly stopped the clock at 1:56.1 in the first semi, also leading throughout, but will have to negate a back-row draw on Sunday. Partyon has drawn gate nine, trailing out Gilty Hanover in two, whose runner-up effort to Petacular last night was full of merit for Kari Males and Zac Phillips. New South Wales filly Shezallapples will start from pole, which brings her absolutely into contention with the coveted leader’s back position behind Petacular a logical aim for reinsman Jimmy Douglass. Fellow NSW raider My Casino Belle has barrier four for the final, inside Better B Chevron, Perfect Look and Oaks winner Miss Graceland rounding out the front row. Tasmanian El Jays Mystery has the inside-back-row draw, just inside Partyon, with Lincolns Superstar, Six Elements, Be Not Afraid and Petacular’s stablemate Soho Angel, giving Stanley two runners in the final, rounding out the back row. Emma Stewart also has two runners qualified – Miss Graceland and Perfect Look. Video replay: Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown 3YO Fillies 1st Semi-Final at Bendigo Video replay: Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown 3YO Fillies 2nd Semi-Final at Bendigo $190.000 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 19 (3yo Fillies) Final (Group 1) 1 - Shezallapples by Sportswriter from a Fake Left mare - Jim Douglass 2 - Gilty Hanover by Rocknroll Hanover from a Courage Under Fire mare - Zac Phillips 3 - Petacular by Somebeachsomewhere from a Western Ideal mare - Michael Stanley 4 - My Casino Belle NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Christian Cullen mare - Brad Hewitt 5 - Better Be Chevron NZ by Bettor's Delight from a In The Pocket mare - Luke McCarthy 6 - Perfect Look by Art Major from a Live Or Die mare - Sidney Van Den Brande 7 - Miss Graceland by Rocknroll Hanover from a Fake Left mare - Chris Alford ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - El Jays Mystery by Live Or Die from a Perfect Art mare - Anthony Butt 9 - Partyon NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Beach Towel mare - Luke McCarthy 10 - Lincolns Superstar NZ by Mach Three from a Beach Towel mare - Ashlee Grives Em 1  11 - Six Elements - by Art Major from a Classic Garry mare - David Miles 12 - Be Not Afraid by Courage Under Fire from a Lucky Camilla mare - Rodney Petroff 13 - Soho Angel by Bettor's Delight from a Artsplace mare - Michael Stanley Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager)

The 2017 TAB Breeders Crown barrier draws have been completed in front of a big harness racing crowd at Lord’s Raceway Bendigo. This weekend's Super Sunday will see eight Group 1 finals at Tabcorp Park Melton as the Race to Royalty draws to an electric finale. $190.000 IRT Breeders Crown Series 19 (3yo colts & geldings) Final (Group 1) 1 - The More Than Better NZ by Bettor's Delight from an In The Pocket mare - Luke McCarthy 2 - Solid As A Rock by Rocknroll Hanover from a Life Sign mare - John Caldow 3 - Our Little General by Mach Three from a Western Terror mare - Chris Alford 4 - Alabrock by Rocknroll Hanover from an Albert Albert mare - Christopher Shinn - Em 1 5 - Mista Lombo by Somebeachsomewhere from a Blissfull Hall mare - Emmett Brosnan 6 - Big Mach NZ by Mach Three from an Elsu mare - Nathan Jack 7 - Cruz NZ by American Ideal from a Dare You To mare - Gavin Lang ...........................................Second Row................................................ 8 - Stars Align by Art Major from a Albert Albert mare - Anthony Butt 9 - Wrappers Delight by Bettor's Delight from a Christen Cullen mare - Greg Sugars 10 - Motu Meteor NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Falcon Seelster mare - Kerryn Manning 11 - King Solomon NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Badlands Hanover mare - Anthony Butt 12 - Jilliby Kung Fu by Four Starzzz Shark from a Perfect Art mare - Glen Craven 13 - Rock Diamonds NZ by Rocknroll Hanover from a Bettor's Delight mare - Luke McCarthy   $190.000 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 19 (3yo Fillies) Final (Group 1) 1 - Shezallapples by Sportswriter from a Fake Left mare - Jim Douglass 2 - Gilty Hanover by Rocknroll Hanover from a Courage Under Fire mare - Zac Phillips 3 - Petacular by Somebeachsomewhere from a Western Ideal mare - Michael Stanley 4 - My Casino Belle NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Christian Cullen mare - Brad Hewitt 5 - Better Be Chevron NZ by Bettor's Delight from a In The Pocket mare - Luke McCarthy 6 - Perfect Look by Art Major from a Live Or Die mare - Sidney Van Den Brande 7 - Miss Graceland by Rocknroll Hanover from a Fake Left mare - Chris Alford ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - El Jays Mystery by Live Or Die from a Perfect Art mare - Anthony Butt 9 - Partyon NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Beach Towel mare - Luke McCarthy 10 - Lincolns Superstar NZ by Mach Three from a Beach Towel mare - Ashlee Grives Em 1  11 - Six Elements - by Art Major from a Classic Garry mare - David Miles 12 - Be Not Afraid by Courage Under Fire from a Lucky Camilla mare - Rodney Petroff 13 - Soho Angel by Bettor's Delight from a Artsplace mare - Michael Stanley   $285,000 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 20 (2yo colts & geldings) Final (Group 1) 1 - King Of Swing NZ by Rocknroll Hanover from a Artsplace mare - David Butcher 2 - Kasbah Kid by Art Major from a Western Terror mare - Greg Sugars 3 - Forte Courage by Courage Under Fire from a Aces N Sevens mare - Glen Craven 4 - Tam Major by Art Major from a Camluck mare - Rodney Petroff 5 - Braeview Bondi by Somebeachsomewhere from a Badlands Hanover mare - Josh Duggan 6 - Colt Thirty One by Mach Three from a Perfect Art mare - Grant Dixon 7 - Beltane by Bettor's Delight from a Artsplace mare - John Caldow ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Joe Nien by Shadow Play from a Art Major mare - Greg Sugars 9 - Poster Boy by Somebeachsomewhere from a Artsplace mare - Chris Alford 10 - Sicario by Somebeachsomewhere from a Bettor's Delight mare - Luke McCarthy 11 - Mister Moonlite NZ by Art Major from a Christian Cullen mare - Anthony Butt 12 - Seeuinnashville by Mach Three from Fake Left mare - Nathan Jack 13 - Tin Roof Raider by Mach Three from a Life Sign mare - Michael Bellman  Em 1   $285,000 Always B Miki Breeders Crown Series 20 (2yo Fillies) Final (Group 1) 1 - Passions Delight by Bettor's Delight from a Modern Art mare - Gavin Lang 2 - Our Bettor Joy NZ by Bettor's Delight from a Road Machine mare - Gavin Lang 3 - Our Angel of Harlem NZ by Mach Three from a Bettor's Delight mare - Anthony Butt 4 - Red Charmer by Mr Feelgood from a Fake Left mare - Grant Dixon 5 - Amelias Courage by Courage Under Fire from a Art Major mare - Kerryn Manning 6 - Hows The Memory by Mach Three from a Troublemaker mare - Bill Trembath 7 - Angel Of Arts by Art Major from a Artiscape mare - Josh Aiken ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Goodtime Heaven by Rock N Roll Heaven from a Village Jasper mare - Glen Craven 9 - Captured Delight by Bettor's Delight from a Million To One mare - Chris Voak Em 1 10 - My Sweetchilliphilly NZ by Betterthancheddar from a In The Pocket mare - Chris Geary 11 - Molly Kelly by Four Starzzz Shark from a Albert Albert mare - Chris Alford 12 - Nostra Beach by Somebeachsomewhere from a Fake Left mare - Mark Pitt 13 - Nostra Villa by Art Major from a Sands A Flyin mare - Chris Alford   $65,000 Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown Series 19 (3yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) Final (Group 1) 1 - Our Fast Forward by Skyvalley from a Dream Vacation mare - Chris Alford 2 - The Male Model NZ by Muscle Mass from a Sundon mare - Anthony Butt 3 - The Spanyen by Blissfull Hall from a Yentls Image mare - Jullian Attard Em 1 4 - Aldebaran Prince by Angus Hall from a Muscles Yankee mare - Lisa Miles 5 - Kheiron by Majestic Son from a Great Success mare - Chris Alford 6 - Clarkes Hill by Metropolitan from a Chiola Hanover mare - Chris Svanosio 7 - War Spirit NZ by Monarchy from a Gee Whiz 11 mare - Kath Gath ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Claudys Prince by Bacardi Lindy from a Wind Cries Maori mare 9 - Empire Bay by The Prez from a Monarchy mare - Greg Sugars 10 - Truscott Hall by Angus Hall from a SJ's Photo mare - Brad Angove ODM 11 - Mano De Dios by Great Success from a Keystone Salute mare - Anthony Butt ODM 12 - Hammers Law by Lawman from a Safely Kept mare - Gavin Lang ODM 13 - Jilliby Babavska by Sundon from a Continentalman mare ODM   $65,000 Yabby Dam Racing Breeders Crown Series  (3yo Trotting Fillies) Final (Group 1) 1 - Hotjane Bling by Eilean Donon from a Muscles Yankee mare - Josh Aiken  2 - Chevron Express NZ by Muscle Mass from a Sundon mare - Anthony Butt 3 - Four Walls by Armbro Variable from a Ganymede mare - Matthew Craven 4 - Iona Spider by Yankee Spider from a Our Sir Vancelot mare - Chris Alford 5 - Dance Craze by Muscle Hill from a Safely Kept mare - Nathan Jack 6 - Breezin Around by Skyvalley from a Windsong's Legacy mare - Greg Sugars 7 - Hiding My Heart Fin by Like A Prayer from a Super Punk mare ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Une Belle Allure by Angus Hall from a Onyx Du Goutier mare - Zac Phillips 9 - Andyou by Majestic Son from a SJ's Photo mare - Kerryn Manning 10 - Skyeski by Angus Hall from a Wagon Appolo mare - Rodney Petroff 11 - Kinvara Sue by Yankee Spider from a Pegasus Spur mare - Jason Lee 12 - Downtown Miss by Majestic Son from a SJ's Photo mare - Ellen Tomey - ODM Em 1 13 - Bigonluck by Muscle Mass from a Malabar Maple mare - Alex Ashwood - ODM   $90,000 Aldebaran Park Breeders Crown Series 20 (2yo Trotting Colts & Geldings) Final (Group 1) 1 - Kyvalley Frank by Majestic Son from a Sundon mare - Anthony Butt 2 - Wobelee by Down Under Muscles from a Sundon mare - Chris Alford 3 - Smashthemcalder by Lucky Chucky from a Balanced Image mare - Anthony Butt 4 - One Muscle Hill NZ by Muscle Hill from a Earl mare - Gavin Lang 5 - Majestic Eyes by Majestic Son from a Maori's Idol mare - Ginger Gleeson 6 - Maziah by Bettor's Delight from a Our Sir Vancelot mare - John Caldow 7 - La Grange by Muscle Hill from a Safely Kept mare - Zac Phillips ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - More Shades Of Gold NZ by Majestic Son from a Evander's Gold mare - Nathan Jack 9 - Whizzbang Dan by Danny Bouchea from a Classic Adam mare - Christopher Shinn 10 - Imperial Whiz NZ by Imperial Count from a Gee Whiz 11 mare - Jim O'Sullivan 11 - Runaway Success by Great Success from a Ok Bye mare - Greg Sugars 12 - Bebubbalouie by Louey Louey Louey from a Keystone Salute mare -  Brett Shipway - ODM 13 - Tomahawk Phoenix by Angus Hall from a Sundon mare - Josh Aiken - ODM Em 1   $90,000 Aldebaran Park Breeders Crown Series 20 (2yo Trotting Fillies) Final (Group 1) 1 - Our Renezmae NZ by The Prez from a Lindy Lane mare - Anthony Butt 2 - Miss Kaikoura NZ by Majestic Son from a Dream Vacation mare - Alex Ashwood 3 - Princessa Ruth by Down Under Muscles from a Wagon Apollo mare - Josh Aiken 4 - Moonshine Linda by Majestic Son from a Sundon mare - Nathan Jack 5 - Louieville Lass by Louey Louey Louey from a Earl mare - Brett Shipway 6 - Moresuccess by Great Success from a Wagon Apollo mare - Greg Sugars 7 - Amour De Frere NZ by Love You from a Sundon mare - Zac Phillips ........................................................Second Row....................................................... 8 - Meadow Valley Sky by Skyvalley from a Wagon Apollo mare - Josh Duggan 9 - Hades Sky by Skyvalley from a The Wrath Of Pan mare - Tony Xiriha 10 - Fairytale Hall by Angus Hall from a CR Commando mare - Nathan Jack 11 - Aleppo Jewel by Angus Hall from a Safely Kept mare - Kerryn Manning 12 - Di Li by Louey Louey Louey from a Dr Ronerail mare -  Brett Shipway  Em 1 13 - Allthemoves by Muscles Yankee from a Sundon mare - Chris Alford Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager)

The all-important line-ups (pre-barrier draw) for the Group 1 TAB Breeders Crown trotting gait finals were today announced by Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) following yesterday’s heats at Maryborough. Brilliant juvenile Wobelee, a son of Down Under Muscles, was at his finest yesterday for reinsman Chris Alford in the Aldebaran Park 2YO Trotting Colts/Geldings third heat, destroying his rivals by 15.5 metres at the prohibitive odds of $1.04. As the skinny odds suggest, the trouncing was predictable and Wobelee will be shooting for his 10th straight triumph come next Sunday at Tabcorp Park Melton. He looks the day’s ‘moral’ already. La Grange (by Muscle Hill out of La Coocaracha) was the other male 2YO to salute in his heat for the powerful Anton Golino camp. In fact, Golino put the polish on three heat winners yesterday so has plenty of soldiers representing Yabby Dam Racing next week. Reinsman Zac Phillips meanwhile jagged a winning double to continue his stellar season.  La Coocaracha, a freakishly talented trotting filly and mare in her day, nowadays is renowned as a producer of quality squaregaiters. Yesterday two of her progeny tasted Race to Royalty success in their heats, with dynamo 3YO filly Dance Craze – a full-sister to La Grange – also victorious in her qualifier. Dance Craze will take a power of beating on Grand Final day at Melton, but stablemate Une Belle Allure cruised home in her 3YO heat, the Angus Hall-Glenferrie Unixa filly swaggering home with almost 10m to spare over her nearest rival Skyeski. Yesterday’s mile rates saw Une Belle Allure – who beat Dance Craze to win the Derby at Maryborough earlier this month – clocking 2:03.3 and Dance Craze stopping the clock at a quicker 2:01.7. Will that mean much come next Sunday? It’s going to be a heck of a clash. In terms of sheer dominance yesterday Kerryn Manning’s Angus Hall-Insulated 2YO filly Aleppo Jewel couldn’t have been more emphatic. After a couple of unplaced runs behind the tapes that resulted in her displaying head-banging moves more akin to a fan at an ACDC concert, Aleppo Jewel’s youthful exuberance became a thing of the past. She moved faultlessly and had her rivals absolutely thunderstruck, romping in by almost 25m in 2:05.5. Not to be outdone Kiwi Our Renezmae took out her 2YO fillies’ heat but had to dig for it, challenged fiercely by Moonshine Linda at the finish and it took a photo finish to separate them. The final margin was the shortest of half-heads in favour of the bay by The Pres out of City Lane for trainer Jack Harrington and reinsman Anthony Butt. Wife and husband team Kate and Andy Gath combined in the Woodlands Stud Breeders Crown 3YO male division third heat to achieve success with War Spirit, which won by 2.2m over Empire Bay. War Spirit, by Monarchy, was inconvenienced early and the race probably didn’t go as planned. But horse and driver worked their way through it and got the job done in style, rating 2:02.3. An exciting Sundon gelding by the name of Jilliby Babavska will clash with War Spirit and co. in the 3YO boys’ final after he blitzed his rivals in the fourth heat, making it three wins on the spin. Trained out of Terang by Paddy Lee and driven by Glen Craven, Jilliby Babavska clocked a 2:03.1 mile rate. The Race to Royalty spotlight turns to the pacers tomorrow night at Bendigo for Semi-Finals night. Trots Media will have all the action from the night, including interviews with trainers, drivers and of course the live barrier draws as they occur via Catch the action live on Sky Racing 1 (Channel 526 on Foxtel), RSN at 927am on radio or streamed online. Check out all the Breeders Crown markets at Breeders Crown Trotting Finals Fields 3YO Trotting C&G ALDEBARAN PRINCE CLARKES HILL CLAUDYS PRINCE EMPIRE BAY HAMMERS LAW JILLIBY BABAVSKA KHEIRON MANO DE DIOS ON FAST FORWARD THE MALE MODEL NZ TRUSCOTT HALL WAR SPIRIT NZ THE SPANYEN (1st Emerg) 3YO Trotting Fillies ANDYOU BIGONLUCK BREEZIN AROUND CHEVRON EXPRESS NZ DANCE CRAZE FOUR WALLS HIDING MY HEART FIN HOTJANE BLING IONA SPIDER KINVARA SUE SKYESKI UNE BELLE ALLURE DOWNTOWN MISS (1st Emerg) 2YO Trotting C&G BEBUBBALOUIE IMPERIAL WHIZ NZ KYVALLEY FRANK LA GRANGE MAJESTIC EYES MEZIAH MORE SHADES OF GOLD NZ ONE MUSCLE HILL NZ RUNAWAY SUCCESS SMASHTHEMCALDER WHIZZBANG DAN WOBELEE TOMAHAWK PHOENIX (1st Emerg) 2YO Trotting Fillies ALEPPO JEWEL ALLTHEMOVES AMOUR DE FRERE NZ FAIRYTALE HALL HADES SKY LOUIEVILLE LASS MEADOW VALLEY SKY MISS KAIKOURA NZ MOONSHINE LINDA MORESUCCESS OUR RENEZMAE NZ PRINCESSA RUTH DI LI (1st Emerg) Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager) Fields for Bendigo, Saturday 19 August 2017 Form guide for Bendigo, Saturday 19 August 2017

Queensland rookie Colt Thirty One is looking to right his wrongs. The Grant Dixon prepared youngster is easily the standout performer in the Sunshine State this season highlighted by his brilliant victory in the Gr.1 $100,000 QBRED Triad Final at Albion Park on July 15. The Mach Three colt is unbeaten in 7 starts on home soil. His only blemishes coming on foreign territory at TABCORP Park, Menangle during the rich Australian Pacing Gold series back in April. Now, he heads interstate again chasing glory in the Woodlands Stud Australasian Breeders Crown series starting with the semi-final at Bendigo on Saturday night. And everything appears in order to restore the faith. “He handled the flight down earlier this week (Tuesday) and has settled in really well with his new surroundings, he’s eating and drinking and seems very relaxed which is very pleasing. He’s definitely more mature and a more complete package compared to his first interstate trip earlier this season.” Dixon said. Since his unplaced efforts in Sydney, Colt Thirty One has won five straight times including his latest romp at Albion Park on August 8 where he thrashed his stablemate and subsequent Albion Park winner Aqua Miss in a time of 1:55.4. But he faces obvious hurdles this weekend after being slammed with gate seven, the outside of the front-line in the 2150m event. His only victory at a distance greater than a mile came via his heat triumph at Albion Park on July 7 but Dixon is adamant it won’t be an excuse if beaten. “We’re certainly not as seasoned as some of our rivals in this series but all of our juvenile racing is shaped at the sprint distances. It is what it is but I’m confident he can run a solid trip without any issues. “The draw isn’t ideal either and it’s obvious we’ll be working at some point during the race. My initial reaction to the draw was to push forward and try and get handy as quickly as possible, I think it’s best to be up on the pace at a track like Bendigo. “It’s really hard to line-up the form of our rivals because they’ve come from everywhere but I know my guy is ready to perform. He’s trained on really well since his last start and I’m pleased with the week we’ve had down here.” The $285,000 final will be staged over 2240m at TABCORP Park, Melton on Sunday week (August 27). Dixon is reluctant to be drawn into comparisons with Colt Thirty One and former juvenile freak Majestic Mach who went unbeaten in 9 starts as a two-year-old. The country’s leading trainer with over 270 winners this term is also hoping to qualify talented filly Red Charmer who starts in the Always B Miki Fillies division. The Mr Feelgood filly starts in the second semi-final (Race 7) and takes on unbeaten Sydney filly My Sweetchilliphilly among others. A winner of the Wayne Wilson Memorial Paleface Adios Classic at Albion Park back in March, Red Charmer hasn’t started since being unplaced in the Gr.1 $100,000 QBRED Triad Final on July 15. But recent trials suggest the filly is close to the mark. “I’m happy with her and being fresh won’t be an issue, she’s had two recent trials at Albion Park and the latest was very good against Arts Treasure in neat time. “The draw is obviously a little tricky but hopefully we can get some luck and she’ll be thereabouts.” Dixon will take the drive on both pacers. Chris Barsby

It is harness racing semi-final time for the kiwi Breeders Crown runners at Bendigo on Saturday night in Australia. The first heat of the night is the Woodlands Stud semi-final for the 2yo colts and geldings and New Zealand is represented by both King Of Swing and Master Moonlite. King Of Swing (Rocknroll Hanover - Twist And Twirl) is trained by Ray Green at Pukekohe and is having his first Australian start. David Butcher will do the driving from a tidy barrier position of three and he could possibly lead from there and be hard to beat. Master Moonlite (Art Major - Miss Moonlite) who won fresh up in Australia on the 9th August, has not fared so well with the barrier draw, coming in at five on the second row. Anthony Butt will drive him on Saturday night with Dexter Dunn likely to get back on for the final if he qualifies. In the second heat, impressive filly Our Angel Of Harlem has drawn perfectly to lead at barrier two.  Trained by Barry Ward at West Melton, Our Angel Of Harlem was late arriving in Australia, due to a delay at Christchurch airport with fog last week, but is now settled in ready to rumble according to trainer Barry Ward. Our Angel Of Harlem (Mach Three - Paradise City) won her final hit out at the Ashburton workouts last week leading all the way for driver Jimmy Curtin in a slick 2:58.9 for the mobile 2400m. She won easily under a hold and paced the last 800m of that workout in a quick 56.9 seconds. Angel Of Harlem or Our Angel Of Harlem as she is named in Australia, will be driven in the semi-final by Anthony Butt who will also do the steering in the final if she qualifies on Saturday night.  Starting in the same heat is Our Bettor Joy from the Cran Dalgety stable. She has drawn barrier 10 and will be starting from three on the second row, which is not ideal, but she does have the services of master driver Gavin Lang to guide her around the Bendigo track. Up against the two New Zealand fillies is the impressive Art Major filly Nostra Villa, who has won all seven of her starts this season. Trained by Emma Stuart, Nostra Villa has drawn badly at one on the second line giving a clear advantage to the kiwi fillies in that heat. Partyon from the All Stars Stable starts in the first semi-final for the 3yo fillies and has drawn perfectly in barrier three. She looks a good thing to lead and then be hard to beat for driver Luke McCarthy. Another All Stars runner in More The Better starts in race five the first semi-final for the 3yo colts and geldings. More The Better (Bettor's Delight - Lucky Pocket) has drawn poorly at barrier 7 with his main danger The Little General faring much better after drawing the pole position of one from the mobile over 2150m. Also in that heat is ex- All Stars Stable runner Stars Align who has won five out of six starts in Australia for owners’ G J Kennard, P I Kennard, P J Creighton, M C Creighton, G R Douglas and K J Riseley. He has drawn badly at six on the second line and will need luck in the running to feature in the finish. Big Mach (Mach Three - Outback Girl) for Logan Hollis starts in the second 3yo semi-final and has drawn barrier 8 and will start from one on the second line needing luck. He is up against the Merv Butterworth owned Motu Meteor who is building an impressive record in Australia for trainer/driver Kerryn Manning. Sicario (Somebeachsomewhere - Bettorthanyou) for the All Stars Stable in the second 2yo semi-final is the last kiwi breeders contender for the night and he has drawn well at barrier four for driver Luke McCarthy.    Harnesslink Media      

Harness racing trainer-driver Bill Trembath is rapt to just have a runner in the Race To Royalty, but in Hows The Memory he may have much more than just a competitive starter. Trembath’s two-year-old filly announced herself with an impressive victory in her TAB Breeders Crown heat at Shepparton, upstaging a well-rated rival. “I have been down and watched a few times, but never had a runner there,” he said of the Breeders Crown, but that all changed when Hows The Memory ran down Australian Pacing Gold winner Nostra Beach last Tuesday. “We had one nominated a few years ago but they never lived up to it, this one has. To be in the running is something special.” Making it all the more so, Hows The Memory – owned and bred by Dennis and Joanne Howe – is by Mach Three out of Distant Memory, Trembath’s talented juvenile who won a Vicbred Super Series and a Bathurst Tiara Final as a two-year-old in 2013. They remain the greatest stakes wins of Trembath’s 30 years-plus training career and it makes the new filly’s emergence all the more satisfying. “When you have done it all the way through and had them as a foal and broken them in, then when they race it means so much to you,” Trembath said. Hows The Memory certainly hasn’t been rushed into emulating her mare. “I gave her a trial early on, then put her out for six weeks to help her relax, and she has just kept stepping up each time.” A debut win at Leeton on July 3 preceded a second placing at Shepparton on July 21 and a further victory at Bathurst on July 30, all in country class. Last Tuesday signalled her first step into the metropolitan class spotlight and she was outstanding against a formidable rival, with Nostra Beach’s nine starts having delivered $189,400 in stakes courtesy of four wins and three second placings. “We gave ourselves a bit of a chance because at Bathurst she ran home in 26.7,” Trembath said. From gate one Trembath kicked along early and ensured Nostra Beach’s driver Mark Pitt had to earn the lead, then come the straight it was a race in two and Hows The Memory emerged from leader’s back to pinch the win by a half-neck. The 2:01.1 mile rate was the quickest of the night’s Breeders Crown heats. “It was good. We were lucky we drew well, but to beat one of Emma’s is not easy,” he said. He will now hope to turn a heat win into a semi-final top six placing that will deliver him a shot at the big dance. “Your draw plays a big part, we will just be hoping to get through to the finals,” he said.   Race programme for Tabcorp Park Melton, Friday 18 August 2017

Punters take note, Our Bettor Joy (Bettors Delight-Joyfulbelle) is a serious, serious filly.  That's the take of Anthony Butt, who piloted the Cran Dalgety-trained speedster to a Breeders Crown heat win in the two-year-old fillies' section on Tuesday night at Shepparton. Butt spoke glowingly in fact of both Dalgety juveniles that won B/C heats in recent days, with Art Major-Miss Moonlite colt Master Moonlite also successful at Kilmore last night. Meanwhile, Butt gave us an insight into veteran trotting superstar Keystone Del, who resumed with a win on Sunday at Maryborough ahead of this weekend's second-up assignment at Tabcorp Park Melton.   Cody Winnell Trots Media

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