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Of all the people who were shocked and saddened by the news of the untimely death of champion pacer and sire Rocknroll Hanover (Western Ideal–Rich N Elegant), no one felt the loss more keenly than the young woman who experienced first-hand his two-year odyssey at the very top echelon of harness racing.

Rocknroll Hanover is gone, but he will not be forgotten. Not now, or likely anytime in the future. The 2005 Horse of the Year winner and a 2012 inductee into the Harness Racing Hall of Fame, Rocknroll Hanover found success not only on the racetrack, where he earned $2.75 million in his career, but also in the breeding shed.

Eight hours after 2005 Horse-of-the-Year and harness racing giant Rocknroll Hanover was euthanized at the Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center in New Jersey, her former caretaker Sarah Lauren Scott was still having trouble holding back her tears.

Rocknroll Hanover, the sire of 2010 Horse of the Year and five million-dollar winners, was euthanized on Thursday afternoon (March 14) at Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center.The stallion was collected for breeding on Wednesday at the Perretti annex in Pennsylvania. On Thursday morning he showed signs of discomfort and his stomach appeared distended and he was taken to Mid-Atlantic. Dr. Rodney Belgrave told Perretti Farms, where the horse stood at stud, that he suffered gastric impaction and his condition was irreversible.

When Kiwis think of harness racing's prestigious Meadowlands Pace the names Brett Pelling and Mark Harder quickly spring to mind.

When Brian Sears reflects upon the career of Rocknroll Hanover, he is reminded of another star from outside the world of harness racing.

Harness racing trainer Noel Daley's Down Under exclusive interview (Part Two) with editor Duane Ranger. The last sentence of part one was ..... Noel Daey's pupils have banked a career-best $4.2 million (130 wins) in 2008, led by Yonkers Trot champion Napoleon. But even Daley is baffled with where he's at today...................

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