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The defending Filly and Mare Pacer of the Year at Saratoga Casino and Raceway, Let's Go Higher (Cole Muffler) prevailed in her return to town on Sunday afternoon. The six-year-old mare flew out to the early lead behind a fast quarter of 27.2 and never looked back. Shawn Gray piloted Let's Go Higher for trainer Heidi Rohr and secured the victory in 1:55. Aint No Dollatable (Billy Dobson) sat the pocket to finish second in the $17,000 matinee feature while Venus Delight (Stephane Bouchard) earned the show spot. Let's Go Higher, who completed a training triple on the card for Rohr, was the race's 4-5 public choice. by Mike Sardella, for Saratoga Raceway  

The 2014 stake schedules for both Balmoral and Maywood Park have been released by racing secretary Doc Narotsky. The action kicks off at Balmoral on March 29th with the Taurus Bomber Stake for Illinois conceived and foaled three-year-old pacing colts. Maywood’s stake season gets underway on Friday, April 11th with sophomore pacing colts slugging it out in the Sportsmaster Stake. The first “major” state-bred stake of the season will be contested on Sunday, May 18th with three-year-old pacing fillies squaring off in the $45,000 Violet Stake at Balmoral. There will also be Violet and Cardinal Stakes for Illinois conceived and foaled pacers and trotters on Sunday, May 25th, Wednesday, May 28th, and Saturday, May 31st at Balmoral Park. Maywood’s first big event of the season will be the $100,000 Filly Maywood Pace for ICF three-year-old fillies on Friday, June 13th.  The $100,000 Maywood Pace for ICF sophomore pacing colts will be held the following Friday, June 20th. . The first Hanover Stakes of the season at Balmoral Park will feature a pair of events for three-year-old trotters on Saturday, June 7th.    The Southland Festival of Racing will provide a weekend filled with state-bred action at Balmoral on Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27th with pacers and trotters squaring off in $50,000 battles like the Mini Me Stake, Loyal Opposition Stake, Incredible Finale Stake, Ann Vonian Stake, Kadabra Stake, Fox Valley Evita Stake, Fox Valley Flan Stake and Plesac Stake. A pair of $50,000 Hanover’s for two-year-old colt and filly pacers are scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd at the Crete oval while a pair of $60,000 events for freshmen trotters will be contested on Sunday, August 3rd. Balmoral will also play host to Illinois’ biggest night of racing, Super Night, on Saturday, Sept. 13th.  As always, the state’s top pacers and trotters will be on display as they battle for more than $1 million in purse money. The prestigious American National’s kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 17th with a pair of $90,000 trotting stakes for two-year-olds. October will be a busy month for the youngsters as the $100,000 Lady Lincoln Stake for two-year-old trotting fillies takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 1st while their male counterparts battle in the $100,000 Lincoln Land Stake on Sunday, Oct. 5th Balmoral Park. Maywood will also host the $60,000 Cardinal and Violet Stakes for two-year-old colt and filly pacers on Friday, Oct. 3rd. If the last few years were any indication of things to come then racing fans throughout the country will want to circle Saturday, Oct. 11th and Friday, Oct. 17th, on their calendars as some of North America’s best pacers and trotters are expected to visit the Chicagoland area as Grand Circuit action comes to town. Balmoral Park will play host to the $250,000 three-year-old colt pace, $225,00 American National three-year-old colt trot, $200,000 American National Aged Pace, $180,000 aged trot, $175,000 American National three-year-old filly pace, $150,000 three-year-old filly trot, $125,000 two-year-old colt pace and $125,000 two-year-old filly pace approximately one month earlier than in recent years.    Maywood’s biggest card of the season is just six days later on Friday, Oct. 17th with the $225,000 Windy City Pace for three-year-old pacing colts, the $130,000 Abe Lincoln Stake for two-year-old pacing colts, the $110,00 Galt Trot for three-year-old trotting colts and the $100,000 Cinderella Stake for three-year-old pacing fillies sharing the spotlight. The $30,000 Associates-McKeever Stake for ICF pacers is also scheduled for that same night. Below is a complete list of both tracks entire stake schedules. All purse values are estimated. Date       Day Track A-S-G ICF Name Est Purse 3/29/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Taurus Bomber 10,000 4/5/2014 Sat Bal 3+p ICF Song Cycle 17,000 4/5/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Direct Balance 10,000 4/11/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Sportsmaster 10,000 4/13/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Trotting Tilly 10,000 4/16/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Speedy Rodney 10,000 4/18/2014 Fri May 3fp ICF Desperate Lady 10,000 4/26/2014 Sat Bal 3+p ICF Rambling Willie 17,000 4/26/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Betzotic 10,000 4/27/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Koochie 10,000 4/30/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Iggy Magoo 10,000 5/2/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Taser Gun 10,000 5/3/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Betzotic 10,000 5/11/2014 Sun Bal 3fp ICF Violet Eliminations 10,000 5/11/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Betzotic 10,000 5/14/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Betzotic 10,000 5/16/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Gosox 10,000 5/18/2014 Sun Bal 3fp ICF Violet 45,000 5/18/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Violet Eliminations 10,000 5/21/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Cardinal Eliminations 10,000 5/24/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Cardinal Eliminations 10,000 5/25/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Violet 40,000 5/28/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Cardinal 40,000 5/31/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Cardinal 45,000 6/1/2014 Sun Bal 2cp ICF Jimmy Sunshine 5,000 6/4/2014 Wed Bal 2fp ICF Egyptian Grande 5,000 6/5/2014 Thur May 3fp ICF Filly Maywood Pace Elim 10,000 6/7/2014 Sat Bal 3ct Hanover 35,000 6/7/2014 Sat Bal 3ft Hanover 35,000 6/8/2014 Sun Bal 2cp ICF Bingo Johnnie 5,000 6/11/2014 Wed Bal 2fp ICF Misty Misty Misty 5,000 6/13/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Maywood Pace Elim 10,000 6/13/2014 Fri May 3fp ICF Filly Maywood Pace 100,000 6/14/2014 Sat Bal 3+p ICF Broadway Preview 30,000 6/14/2014 Sat Bal 3ct ICF Southern Rocketop 10,000 6/15/2014 Sun Bal 2cp ICF Wicked Brew 10,000 6/15/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Million Dollar Bye 5,000 6/18/2014 Wed Bal 2fp ICF Incredible Tillie 10,000 6/18/2014 Wed Bal 2ft ICF Star Slinger 5,000 6/20/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Maywood Pace 100,000 6/21/2014 Sat Bal f&m p ICF Sue Fee 20,000 6/22/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Betzotic 10,000 6/25/2014 Wed Bal 3ct ICF Betzotic 10,000 6/26/2014 Thur May 2fp ICF Juxtaposition 10,000 6/27/2014 Fri May 2cp ICF Enzo The Baker 10,000 6/28/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Betzotic 10,000 6/29/2014 Sun Bal 3fp ICF Mystical Victress 10,000 7/2/2014 Wed Bal 3ft ICF Sorce Ann 10,000 7/4/2014 Fri May 3+p ICF Cook County 30,000 7/5/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Hot Head 10,000 7/5/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Ohyouprettything 10,000 7/6/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Vaporize 10,000 7/9/2014 Wed Bal 2ct ICF Psychic Spirit 10,000 7/9/2014 Wed Bal 3ft ICF Fox Valley Diva 10,000 7/10/2014 Thur May 2fp ICF My Metallica 10,000 7/11/2014 Fri May 2cp ICF Fox Valley Barzgar 10,000 7/12/2014 Sat Bal 3cp Hanover 45,000 7/12/2014 Sat Bal 3fp Hanover 40,000 7/13/2014 Sun Bal 3ct ICF Brandenburg 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Mini Me Elim 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Loyal Opposition Elim 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Incredible Finale Elim 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat/Sun Bal 3ct ICF Kadabra Elim 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat/Sun Bal 3fp ICF Ann Vonian Elim 10,000 7/19/2014 Sat/Sun Bal 3ft ICF Fox Valley Evita Elim 10,000 7/20/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Plesac Eliminations 10,000 7/20/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Fox Valley Flan Elim 10,000 7/26/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Mini Me 50,000 7/26/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Loyal Opposition 50,000 7/26/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Incredible Finale 50,000 7/26/2014 Sat Bal 3ct ICF Kadabra 50,000 7/26/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Ann Vonian 50,000 7/27/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Fox Valley Evita 50,000 7/27/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Plesac 50,000 7/27/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Fox Valley Flan 50,000 8/2/2014 Sat Bal 2cp Hanover 50,000 8/2/2014 Sat Bal 2fp Hanover 50,000 8/3/2014 Sun Bal 2ct Hanover 60,000 8/3/2014 Sun Bal 2ft Hanover 60,000 8/3/2014 Sun Bal 3+T ICF Mikes A Mystery 25,000 8/16/2014 Sat Bal 3+P ICF Big Tom 40,000 8/16/2014 Sat Bal f&m p ICF Parklane Powerful 40,000 8/29/2014 Fri May 3+p ICF Egyptian 30,000 9/6/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Orange & Blue Elim 15,000 9/6/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Filly O&B Eliminations 15,000 9/6/2014 Sat/Sn Bal 3+p ICF Tony Maurello Elim 15,000 9/6/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Pete Langley Mem Elim 15,000 9/6/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Grandma Ann Elim 15,000 9/6/2014 Sat/Sn Bal f&m p ICF Lorna Propes Elim 15,000 9/7/2014 Sun Bal 3ct ICF Su Mac Lad Elim 15,000 9/7/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Lady Ann Reed Elim 15,000 9/10/2014 Wed Bal 2ct American National Elim 15,000 9/10/2014 Wed Bal 2ft American National Elim 15,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Orange & Blue Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Orange & Blue 250,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Filly O&B Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Filly O&B 225,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3+p ICF Tony Maurello Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3+p ICF Tony Maurello 115,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Pete Langley Mem Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Pete Langley Mem 170,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3ct ICF Su Mac Lad 100,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Grandma Ann Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3fp ICF Grandma Ann 170,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal 3ft ICF Lady Ann Reed 100,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal f&m p ICF Lorna Propes Cons 25,000 9/13/2014 Sat Bal f&m p ICF Lorna Propes 115,000 9/14/2014 Sun Bal 3ct ICF Su Mac Lad Cons 25,000Date Day Track A-S-G ICF Name Est Purse 9/14/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Lady Ann Reed Cons 25,000 9/17/2014 Wed Bal 2ct American National 90,000 9/17/2014 Wed Bal 2ft American National 90,000 9/20/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Yates Eagle 15,000 9/20/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Thrifty Way 15,000 9/24/2014 Wed Bal 2ft ICF Lady Lincoln Land Elim 15,000 9/26/2014 Fri May 2cp ICF Cardinal Elim 10,000 9/26/2014 Fri May 2fp ICF Violet Elim 10,000 9/27/2014 Sat Bal 3cp ICF Bye Bye Byrd 15,000 9/28/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Lincoln Land Elim 15,000 9/28/2014 Sun Bal 3fp ICF Direct Dottie 15,000 10/1/2014 Wed Bal 2ft ICF Lady Lincoln Land Cons 25,000 10/1/2014 Wed Bal 2ft ICF Lady Lincoln Land 100,000 10/1/2014 Sun Bal 3ft ICF Betzotic 10,000 10/3/2014 Fri May 2cp ICF Cardinal 50,000 10/3/2014 Fri May 2fp ICF Violet 60,000 10/5/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Lincoln Land 100,000 10/5/2014 Sun Bal 2ct ICF Lincoln Land Cons 25,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 2cp American National 125,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 2fp American National 125,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 3cp American National 250,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 3ct American National 225,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 3fp American National 175,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal 3ft American National 150,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal ap American National 200,000 10/11/2014 Sat Bal at American National 180,000 10/17/2014 Fri May 2cp Abe Lincoln 130,000 10/17/2014 Fri May 3+p ICF Associates-McKeever 30,000 10/17/2014 Fri May 3cp Windy City Pace 225,000 10/17/2014 Fri May 3ct Galt 110,000 10/17/2014 Fri May 3fp Cinderella 100,000 10/18/2014 Sat Bal 2fp ICF Beecher 10,000 10/19/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Violet Elim 10,000 10/22/2014 Wed Bal 2ct ICF Cardinal Elim 10,000 10/26/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Violet 40,000 10/26/2014 Sun Bal 3ct ICF Betzotic 10,000 10/29/2014 Wed Bal 2ct ICF Cardinal 40,000 10/30/2014 Thur May 3ft ICF Speed N The Tunnel 10,000 10/31/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Betzotic 10,000 10/31/2014 Fri May 3fp ICF Giggles The Clown 10,000 11/1/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Crete 10,000 11/2/2014 Sun Bal 2fp ICF Betzotic 10,000 11/2/2014 Sun Bal 2ft ICF Monee 10,000 11/5/2014 Wed Bal 2ct ICF Betzotic 10,000 11/6/2014 Thur May 3ct ICF Lifes A Holiday 10,000 11/14/2014 Thur May 3fp ICF Betzotic 10,000 11/15/2014 Sat Bal 2cp ICF Betzotic 10,000 11/21/2014 Fri May 3cp ICF Cole Muffler 10,000 11/22/2014 Sat Bal f&m p ICF Fox Valley Memory 15,000 by Tom Kelley, for Balmoral & Maywood Park

DOVER, Del.---- For the third consecutive week, Dancin Yankee won the $30,000 Preferred pace and as last week, All Stienam took the $27,500 Delaware Special, both conditioned by Josh Green, at Dover Downs on Thursday, Feb. 13. Ron Pierce made a strong move from fourth to first on the backstretch and then romped to his fifth straight win of the 2014 season, a 1:50 mile on a sloppy track, for owners Rich Lombardo and Baron Racing. The Yankee Cruiser-Dancewiththebest six-year-old has been a convincing winner in each race during the streak. For the Third Straight time Texican N (Ross Wolfenden) had to settle for second-place honors. Adventure Bound (Vic Kirby) finished third in the field reduced to five starters after Special Forces was scratched. As last Thursday, All Stienam came from off-the-pace to win the $27,500 Delaware Special, this time in 1:52.4 with Ross Wolfenden driving the Tell All-Odds On Stienam gelding for JJ&M Stable and Green Racing. Sunshine Superman (Toby Lynch), the leader, and Fool Like A Fool (George Dennis), alongside, cut out the fraction until turning down the land. All Stienam, as he did a week ago, flashed down the lane for his fourth win with a second this season. Feel Like A Fool finished a game second while Full Of Sand (Corey Callahan) edging Sunshine Superman for third. Program favorite Mustang Art was scratched. Lindwood Player and Corey Callahan came on strong to win the $17,500 4&5-Year-Old Open in 1:52. The five-year-old The Panderosa-Direct Player is owned by Mike Casilino and trainer Dylan Davis. Ice Scraper (Roger Plante) was second in front of Just Bettor (Trace Tetrick). A Sweet Ride and Rage N Ryan did not start. A Cool Card closed strongly to score a 1:51.2 victory in a $15,500 Male Winners-Over pace. It marked Callahan's second win on the card. Nick Surick trains the Cole Muffler-Annie You're A Card gelding for Duffy, Paymag and Shim Racing and Mystical Marker Farms. Artists Rally (Trace Tetrick) and Beavercreek Artist (Pierce) was second and third respectively. Dirty Devil was scratched. In $15,000 races, Jim Whalen's 8-1 Varsity Hanover (Kim Vincent) in 1:53.4 and Crissman Inc.'s Fancy Colt (Tony Morgan) in 1:52.4 were winners. Ross Wolfenden and Ron Pierce drove three wins; Trace Tetrick, Corey Callahan, trainers Josh Green and Les Givens and owner Nanticoke Racing had doubles Horsemen acclaimed Track Superintendent Jerry Clifton for his preparation of the track for racing following a six-inch snowfall. by Marv Bachrad, for Dover Downs  

YONKERS, NY, Friday, December 6, 2013--Yonkers Raceway's Friday night $37,000 co-featured Open Handicaps--Pace for the ladies and Trot who all who passed initiation--were won by front-end Let's Go Higher (Jason Bartlett, $6.80) and double-millionaire Wishing Stone (George Brennan, $3.30). In play early from assigned post position No. 3, Let's Go Higher--as the tepid 2-1 choice--played leapfrog on the lead with Cocoa Beach (Matt Kakaley). After a :27.3 opening quarter-mile and :57.3 intermission, Cheyenne Miriam (Mark MacDonald) moved from third. However, that bid stalled before a 1:26 three-quarters, as Let's Go Higher owned a length-and-a-half lead into the lane. She held off a second-over Rock N Load (Jordan Stratton) by a half-length in 1:55.2. Third went to Cocoa Beach, with Sir Jillian Z Tam (Pat Lachance) and "Miriam" rounding out the payees. For Let's Go Higher, a 5-year-old daughter of Cole Muffler owned by Jesse DeLong and trained by Heidi Rohr, it was her 14th win in 37 seasonal starts. The exacta paid $26.40, with the triple returning $166.50. The week's marquee trot saw Wishing Stone end his season with a picture. Sent postward as the 3-5 choice from his ordered eight-hole, he was wide at the outset before wedging in fifth. It was Melady's Monet (Dan Dube) leading through sub-sections of :28 and :58.3 with Lorenzo Dream (catch-driver Kakaley) pocketed and Brando's Muscle Man (Eric Goodell) trying it first-up. Odds-on Wishing Stone was behind that one at the 1:27.2 three-quarters. An inside-the-cones Melady's Monet maintained the lead in and out of the final turn before Wishing Stone received the memo. He went by, with the margin a half-length in 1:57.1. Melady's Monet crossed the line second, but was set down to third for the above transgression. That moved Lorenzo Dream to second, with Zooming (Bartlett) and Elin (Larry Stalbaum) completing the cashers. For Wishing Stone, a 6-year-old son of Conway Hall trained by Ron Burke for co-owners Cowboyland Aalborg, Deo Volente Farms, J & T Silva and T L P Stables, it was his seventh win in 19 '13 tries. The exacta paid $13.80, the triple returned $43.40 and the superfecta paid $372.50. Next season, Wishing Stone begins a dual role as racehorse and stallion. The Raceway's five-night-per-week live schedule continues, with first post every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:10 PM. Evening simulcasting accompanies all live programs, with afternoon simulcasting now available daily. Frank Drucker  

The late season surge of Amy Giberson, Stephanie Winship, Carl Lacy and Monty Thompson’s Silver Devil continued on Friday, Nov. 22nd as the handsome roan gelding completely dismantled five other Illinois conceived and foaled three-year-old pacing colts in a 6 ¼ length romp while taking the $15,000 Cole Muffler Stake at Maywood Park. The final time was 1:54.0.           Taking full advantage of a nice inside draw and the defection of his main rival, Mystical Walter who was a “Judges Scratch”, the altered son of Duneside Perch—Armbro Wahine swept from third to first after watching Golden Nugget (Jason Brewer) and Fox Valley Norman (John Roberts) battle through an opening quarter in 27.4.           In command of the proceedings the rest of the way the Nick Giberson trained sophomore rattled off middle splits of 56.4 & 1:25.4 while putting daylight between himself and his competition. Leaving his rivals in his wake on the final turn Silver Devil sealed the deal with a 28.1 final quarter to post his 11th win in 26 starts this season. Monopoly Man (John De Long) rallied to be second while Colechester (Sam Widger) finished a distant third.           Unraced as a two-year-old, the 1-5 favorite of the betting public returned $2.40, $2.10 & $2.10 while upping his record to 11-2-1 in 26 lifetime starts with earnings of $84,614.           The .10 cent Pick 6 wager went unclaimed for a third straight racing card on Friday night so there will be a carryover of $15,026 for the Friday, Nov. 29th program at Maywood Park. There is no racing on Thursday, Nov. 28th because of the Thanksgiving holiday.           With the three card buildup in the Pick 6 Maywood Park will offer a guaranteed Pick 6 pool of $50,000 on Friday, November 29th. That should provide some lucky “player” with plenty of extra “shopping” money for the Holiday season!             Once again the Pick 6 can be played for as little as a .10 cent investment giving all gamblers, regardless of the size of the their bankrolls, a chance to play for a nice payday next Friday night.           Post time for the opener on Friday, Nov. 29th at Maywood Park is 7:10 p.m. (central) and the fifth race, which kicks off the guaranteed pool action, is expected to go sometime around 8:30 p.m. (central). by Tom Kelley for Maywood Park  

One of the many four-legged new faces here this season is Axle, a 4-year-old trotter who is making himself very much at home since relocating from Minnesota and is fresh from getting his picture taken last weekend. Axle was claimed for $5,000 at Running Aces in August and has since won two of his four starts while carrying the banner of Dave Siegel, Bob Thronson, Greg Robinson and George Reider, with the latter handling training duties. Axle clicked in his first start for the new connections at Running Aces while equaling his lifetime mark of 1:57 4/5 in the process. He met some tough types in his initial two outings at this meet and then got some class relief last weekend and prevailed with some aggressive handling by owner/driver Siegel. "Dave Siegel picked this horse out and I've always wanted to go in partnership with him and the opportunity finally opened up," Reider related when asked about the son of Hard Rock N Roll. "I was actually at Hoosier Park, but I did have three horses at Running Aces with my assistant trainer Kim Hines and we wired her the money and she put in the claim. "He got a great drive from Mooney (Svendsen) and won in his first start for us back there, and he's turned in three good efforts since coming here. I thought he was real game the other night for Dave and he certainly has the chance to get better. He was kind of a nervous type when he first got here, but he's settled down the last couple of weeks and that's very important with a trotter." Axle suits up Saturday night in the Open 2 Handicap Trot, where the water gets deeper as he takes on the likes of Alpine Hawk and Franks Best while leaving from the No. 3 slot with Siegel back at the helm. He'll definitely get a good test in that spot. Series finales, Open Trot headline program Four California Harness Legends late-closing pacing series finals and an Open 2 Trot headed by Alpine Hawk and Franks Best are the main attractions on the 14-race program at the Watch and Wager LLC meet at Cal Expo on Saturday night. A reminder that beginning next week, the schedule here will switch to Friday and Saturday action. The first series finale is the Mike Corley, which should find one of the heaviest favorites of the evening in I O One. The 4-year-old son of Cambest races for Fabian and Edwin Alberto Quevedo with Raul Escobedo the trainer and Luke Plano at the helm. I O One has rewarded the chalkplayers at 6-5 and 1-2 through the first two legs while leaving little doubt on either occasion. The Bill Conlin final has Serious Art and Live A Little once again figuring to command most of the tote attention after finishing one-two in the first two legs. Live A Little went coast-to-coast for owner/trainer Bob Johnson and driver Mooney Svendsen opening night, while Series Art was taking bows after their most recent meeting in a game performance for owner/trainer Nathalie Tremblay and Luke Plano. The Annette Funicello for fillies and mares goes as race No. 11 on the evening. Windy City Paige is looking to make a sweep of the three legs for owner Pamela Dunneback-Quirie, trainer Richad Dunneback and pilot James Kennedy. The 8-year-old daughter of Cole Muffler has made every pole a winning one in the opening two legs, most recently holding safe by a head over a game Mystically Mine. The Jim Dennis is headed by Lust, who put on a furious finish from last in the second leg after leaving from the demanding No. 10 post last weekend and won going away by three and a half lengths. Wiseman guides the Williams Hernandez/Georgette Wenceslao colorbearer, who just missed on opening week while also finishing powerfully. The Open 2 Trot is a handicap event that finds Racing Secretary Fred Kuebler assigning the outside two positions to the hard-hitting Franks Best and Alpine Hawk. The latter leaves from the extreme in the field of seven with Rich Wojcio at the controls, while Franks Best does his work from the No. 6 post with Mooney Svendsen giving directions. Franks Best got the job done at the head of the trotting division on opening week as the Bob Johnson owned, trained and bred performer looped the field to score. Alpine Hawk had some traffic troubles that evening, but had no such issues in their most recent meeting and was able to turn the tables with Wojcio. By Mark Ratzky for Cal Expo Harness \  

VERNON, NY—Let’s Go Higher increased her winning streak to five with a dominating 1:50.4 performance in Thursday night’s $12,000 featured Open for female pacers at Vernon Downs. With Shawn T. Gray doing the steering for trainer Heidi Rohr in Thursday’s second session, the favorite Let’s Go Higher was on the iron from the start, stomping out fractions of :26, :54.2 and 1:22.2 en route to a six-length score over last week’s winner in this class, Don’t Blame Her. It was the fourth local score, the 12th season’s tally and the 21st all-time victory for the steady-striding 5-year-old daughter of Cole Muffler-Ten Speed, who earned her 1:50.3 record here on Aug. 8. The Jesse J. De Long-owned mare is currently a career-winner of more than $265,000. Ten-time track driving champ Howard Okusko, Jr. charted his fourth triple of the 78-program meeting, winning with the trotters Oldmanandthesea (1:59), Oaklea Tyson (1:58) and pacer Winbak Your Kash (1:55). His wife, former Downs conditioning champ Jessica Okusko, is the trainer of Oldmanandthesea and Winbak Your Kash. Veteran horseman Angus Mac Donald (66) enjoyed a driving win, My Future Ex (2:00.3), and two training tallies during Thursday’s 12-race card. DOWNS DOINGS Roman Lopez and Jimmy Whittemore each earned one victory during Thursday’s action, and remained tied for second-place on the track’s driving chart with 92 wins each… The pacer Campanile Hanover and trotter DL Cruiser each extended their winning streaks to three during the program... Tomorrow night, the track will host the fifth and final preliminary leg of the Kindergarten Classic Series for 2-year-old trotters. Filly flights will be featured in Friday’s second and 11th events, while male divisions will be contested in the fourth and sixth races. A $12,000 Open Trot is also slated as the evening’s ninth event. First post is at 6:45 p.m… The Downs will also present the annual event’s $400,000 championship final the following Friday, Oct. 25… Only 10 racing dates remain during the track’s 60th anniversary season that continues through Nov. 9… A revised 2013, 88-program racing and stakes calendar, as well as additional information regarding Vernon Downs, its casino, hotel, racing and promotional events can be obtained at Jim Moran

When Terror Time crossed the wire first in last Saturday night's opener, it was another snapshot for the Robin Clements colorbearer and also marked a milestone for pilot Steve Wiseman as he reached the 2,000-win plateau. "Any time you win is great, but it was especially nice because it was Steve's 2,000th," Clements related after all the picture taking had been completed. A good-looking 6-year-old son of Western Terror with 145 starts on his resume and $145,000 in his bank account, Terror Time is one of those blue-collar workers who knows his job and comes to play week-in and week-out. "He's a stunning horse to look at and has a personality you've got to love," Robin noted. "He has his issues, though, one being that he sees ghosts! "When you train or jog him, you need to stay on your toes because you just never know when he's going to jump sideways. He wears a fly mask to help drown out the track monsters and shadows on the track." Clements claimed Terror Time for $4,000 here last November, and didn't do particularly well with the performer before he was taken back by his original connections. "I was searching for another horse to claim and looked at about 15, but I kept coming back to him because I had this feeling I was missing the boat. "I made a few changes when I got him the second time and he started doing well. I sent him to Minnesota this summer with Tim and Denise (Maier) as they had a spot for him and he had a good meet there. He came back in great shape, I gave him a few weeks off for some pasture rest and he's been strong. He's all heart and I wish I had four more like him." Terror Time will seek victory No. 21 when he suits up in Saturday night's 11th race from the outside slot, with Wiseman giving directions as he starts his long march to the joining the 3,000 club California Harness Legends Series continues The  second leg of the Bill Conlin, Annette Funicello, Jim Dennis and Mike Corley Pacing series and a simulcast of the complete Breeders Crown card from Pocono Downs head the bill at the Watch and Wager LLC Meet at Cal Expo on Saturday. The Breeders Crown simulcast set to begin at 2 p.m. Pacific Time, with such trotting superstars as Captaintreacherous and Bee A Magician in action at Pocono in what promises to be an outstanding card with championships on the line. First post for the live racing here at Cal Expo is 5:55 p.m. Looking at the second legs of the local series with the finales set for next week, Live A Little and Serious Art have established themselves as the big guns in the Bill Conlin after finishing one-two as the favorites last weekend. Live A Little made every pole a winning one from the No. 9 post for Mooney Svendsen, while Serious Art had a long, first-over trip from the second tier with Luke Plano and was a solid runner-up. The Jim Dennis is shaping up as another contest dominated by two performers as Emmasphere and Lust combined for a popular exact in the opening salvo. The former opened a daylight advantage turning for home, but needed the wire to come up just in time while holding safe over a long-fused Lust as that pair paced to their public support. Windy City Paige was well prepared by owner/trainer Richard Dunneback and captured the first leg of the Annette Funicello while making her first evening appearance since March. James Kennedy gunned the 8-year-old Cole Muffler mare into the stretch to open up five lengths, then just survived over another returnee in Poorlittlerichgirl as that one flew home when she got the chance to pace in the lane. The start of the Mike Corley series proved easy pickings for I O One, who was up close and personal throughout as the 6-5 chalk for Luke Plano and bid adios at the head of the stretch to post a three and a half-length decision. Fork In The Road put in a solid first-over try with James Kennedy and is certainly going to have a say in this event over the next two weeks. The second contest on the 14-race program is a $4,500 Open 2 Handicap for the pacing fillies and mares. Wild About Eagle, a 13-1 upsetter last week at this level for Steve Wiseman, has been assigned the outside post in the field of seven by Racing Secretary Fred Kuebler.   by Mark Ratzky for  Cal Expo Harness  

YONKERS, NY, Friday, October 11, 2013--Yonkers Raceway's Friday night $37,000 co-featured Open Handicaps--Pace for the ladies and a Trot for all up to the challenge--were won by a pair of "to-the-houses" in Let's Go Higher (Jason Bartlett, $6.90) and DW's NY Yank (George Brennan, $4.20). Let's Go Higher, leaving from post position No. 7 (in one notch after an inside defection), had things all her own way. Working around 19-10 favorite Rock N Load (Dan Dube), she controlled the crowd through comfy early intervals of :27.1 and :57.1. Lightning Paige (Jordan Stratton) tried it first-up from fifth, moderately pressing the issue toward a 1:25.3 three-quarters. Let's Go Higher owned a length-and-a-quarter lead into the lane, then held sway by a diminishing neck in 1:53.3. Second went to Rock N Load, with Lightning Paige, Sir Jillian Z Tam (Pat Lachance) and Ginger and Fred (Brennan) settling for the small change. For second choice Let's Go Higher, a 5-year-old daughter of Cole Muffler owned by Jesse De Long and trained by Heidi Rohr, it was her 11th win in 31 seasonal starts (fourth in a row at three different venues). The exacta paid $21.80, with the triple returning $92. The featured trot had DW's NY Yank, who jumped it off a week ago as the favorite, regain the faith of the populace. From his ordered eight-hole as the 11-10 choice, he whipped around the site in :27.1, :56.4, 1:25.3, 1:54.2...a new track record for 4-year-old geldings. Second went to last week's upsetter, a loose-pocket Brando's Muscle Man (Eric Goodell), with Zooming (Bartlett), Bound for Fame (Stratton) and Lorenzo Dream (Brent Holland) rounding out the payees. For "DW," a Dilbert Hanover gelding co-owned (as Burke Racing) by trainer Ron Burke, Weaver Bruscemi and Howard Taylor, he's now 12-for-21 this season. The exacta (two wagering favorites) paid $10.80, the triple returned $117 and the superfecta paid $265.50. A special Friday night salute to occasional (and insightful, as opposed to occasionally insightful) Saturday night co-host Gary Machiz, whose Where to Hanover (Mark MacDonald, $7.30) wired the $22,000, sixth-race trot in 1:57.1. The 4-year-old Donato Hanover gelding, trained by Joe King, is now 8-for-19 this season ($98,260). Machiz was joined by his wife, Stacy, in the winner's circle. The Raceway's five-night-per-week live schedule continues, with first post every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:10 PM. Evening simulcasting accompanies all live programs, with afternoon simulcasting available around the NYRA schedule.   by Frank Drucker for  

(NEW KENT, VA --- 10/6/13) ---- Indescribable won his second straight and had his fifth consecutive impressive outing in Saturday’s featured $4,250 conditioned pace at Colonial Downs. Owner/trainer Gerald Longo, who had been in the sulky for all three of Indescribable’s Colonial starts, opted to have leading driver Cory Braden drive Saturday. The move paid off as the 6 year old Cole Muffler gelding wired the field in a new life mark of 1:50 3/5. Braden’s charge triggered quarter panels of :25 3/5, :54 2/5 and 1:23.0 before crossing 2 ¼ lengths ahead of runner up Sharp Shuttle. He earned his eighth win of the season and 17th lifetime victory. A keen race in in the fall driver standings continued to develop between leader Corey Braden, Ronnie Wrenn Jr. and Chris Page, who did not compete at Colonial Saturday. Braden entered the weekend with 17 wins while Page had 15 and Wrenn was two back with 13. Wrenn got to the winners circle four times Saturday while Braden scored a hat trick. Heading into Sunday’s card, Braden leads Wrenn 20 to 17. The unique aspect to the battle is that Wrenn only drives in Virginia on weekends so his win total has come from only five actual race programs. by Darrell Wood for Colonial Downs  

VERNON, NY—The quick-footed Let’s Go Higher topped four fast and fit female foes in Thursday night’s $10,000 featured Open pace at Vernon Downs. With Shawn Gray doing the driving for trainer Heidi Rohr in Thursday’s second race, the favorite Let’s Go Higher, the field’s top money-winner in her last five outings, went right to the front and prevailed by 2-1/2 lengths over the pocket-sitting, second choice, Don’t Blame Her, a winner in this event in her last two starts. The first-place finish was the third in succession and the 10th this season for the 5-year-old daughter of former track favorite Cole Muffler and out of the Abercrombie-mare Ten Speed, owned by Jesse J. De Long. The career-winner of more than $240,500 now sports 19 career victories, the fastest in 1:50.3 here on July 11. Roman Lopez, the track’s second-leading driver (86 victories) and trainer (31) this year, logged a double during the track’s 72nd program, while Fern Paquet, Jr. and Truman Gale also delivered twin tallies during Thursday’s 12-race card. DOWNS DOINGS Rick Plano, Vernon’s leading driver (130 wins) and conditioner (51) has departed the Downs to begin a fall-winter-spring campaign at Florida’s Pompano Park… Vernon will present an 11-race program on Friday night, including an $8,000 featured trot in race seven. First post will be at 6:45…Only 16 racing dates remain during the track’s 60th racing season that continues through Nov. 9… A revised 2013, 88-program racing and stakes calendar, as well as additional information regarding Vernon Downs, its casino, hotel, racing and promotional events can be obtained at Jim Moran  

Division leader Auniqueaquistion had no problem overcoming the dreaded 10-hole thanks in part to another perfect steer from the red-hot Mike Oosting as the filly rolled to a 1 ½ length triumph in the $174,000 Grandma Ann Stake for three-year-old pacing fillies. The final time was 1:52.4. Floating away from the outside post Oosting had the daughter of Cole Muffler—Shessoluvabull in seventh as Dune In Red (Todd Warren) sped through an opening quarter in 27.0. The action really started to heat up going to the half as Feel Like Dancing (Kyle Wilfong) vacated the pocket and quickly swept into the lead as the fillies reached the half-way point in 56.4. “I was really happy we were able toget a hole even if was just for a little bit,” said Oosting. “I was prepared to go towards the front the entire way if I had to because this filly felt better tonight than she has been for most of the year.” A live outer flow continued around the far turn as Dallas Jones (Casey Leonard) moved up to challenge Feel Like Dancing, towing up a fit and fresh Auniqueaquistion who was cruising along in a perfect second position as the field hit the three-quarter-mile mark in 1:24.3. Setting sail for the money Oosting moved the Donna Lee Ozment trained miss to the far outside and she responded beautifully as she rattled off a final quarter to score for the ninth time in 14 starts this season.Schmatie (John De Long) rallied well to finish second while Dune In Red held on for third. “Considering we had the 10-hole you couldn’t have dreamed up a better trip,” explained Oosting. “She was just awesome tonight which is a credit to Donna. She really felt like her old selfout there.” At the top of her division for two straight years now Auniqueaquistion boasts 13 wins and five seconds in 22 starts with career earnings of $330,155 for owner John Carver. Despite being saddled with the outside post Auniqueaquistion was well backed at the windows returning $5.80, $3.80 & $3.60. David Baum   

Jesse De Long’s Let’s Go Higher soared to an impressive three-length victory over nine other filly and mare pacers in Saturday’s $130,000 Lorna Propes Stake stopping Mystical Victress’s bid to become the first four-time Super Night winner. The final time was 1:50.4.    Sweeping from fourth to first for driver John De Long after an opening quarter in 27.2 the five-year-old daughter of Cole Muffler then proceeded to roll through splits of 55.0 & 1:22.   “I didn’t want to rough up my mare too much early on so I thought I would just see how they got away and then move to the front once things settled down,” explained De Long. “I was a little surprised Mike didn’t leave a little more with his mare (Mystical Victress) so I was pretty happy to wind up in control of things like we did.”   After putting away a first over bid from Just By Design (Dave Magee) Let’s Go Higher began to put daylight between herself and her rivals quickly opening up a three-length advantage by the mid-stretch call.   “I looked back and saw Dave’s horse was starting to back up the outer flow a bit and we were starting to get away from the rest of them so I was pretty confident at that point,” said De Long.   On cruise control the rest of the way the Heidi Rohr trainee was never seriously threatened as she rolled under the wire with her ninth win in 29 starts this season. Mystical Victress (Mike Oosting) managed to rally for the second place check while Fox Valley Absolut (Robert Smolin), who was used hard to find a good early spot from her outside post held on for the show dough.   Bet down to 4-5 after her impressive elimination win Let’s Go Higher returned $3.60, $2.20 & $2.10 while winning for the 18th time in her career. The victory helped push her career bankroll to a gaudy $235,505.   David Baum

The $43,000 Governor’s Cup, the feature stake event of the Du Quoin State Fair, was expected to be a hard-fought battle between PQ Three and Unlocked, the one-two finishers at Springfield, and Sunday’s race came up as good as forecasted. The two top Illinois conceived and foaled colts put on a torrid duel down the stretch and just as he did at Springfield, the Erv Miller trained P Q Three prevailed for the meet’s leading driver Mike Oosting who changed tactics with the son of Yankee Skyscraper. Instead of coming out of a hole, as he did in his all of his other career victories, Oosting sent PQ Three to the front while Unlocked took the pocket behind him, reversing their Springfield roles. “With the wind to the horse’s backs on the backside and into their faces in the homestretch we didn’t want to come from too far out of it,” said the 46-year-old Miller in the winner’s circle. “We wanted to be up-close so I wasn’t surprised to see the horse on the lead. “PQ Three has really come around for us. “Turning for home he was digging in. Mike has done a very good job of driving him.” PQ Three’s head triumph was his fifth to go along with four seconds in nine career starts for owners Obermeier & Quaid Stables of Evergreen Park, IL. The youngster’s season earnings are now only $601 shy of $100,000. A heady drive by John Roberts enabled the 14-1 longshot Fox Valley Veto to pull off stunning upset in the $33,000 Darn Safe stake for 2-year-old trotting colts and geldings. Sensing the slow pace Roberts took Fox Valley Veto to the front soon after a :29.4 first quarter and was able to give the gelded son of Pizzazzed a :31.2 second quarter breather. When the heavy 1-5 favorite Tour Hall came at him through a :28.4 third quarter the Curt Grummel trainee still had enough left to put away the Springfield champion and post a one length victory in 1:58.1. It was the maiden win for Fox Valley Veto and it came in his fifth career start for his Carrolton, IL proprietors Curt and Craig Grummel. Mystical Walter had no trouble adding the $21,500 Dudley Hanover stake to his 3-year-old colt pacing accomplishments for Casey Leonard and the Miller Stable. The son of Yankee Skyscraper earlier won a Hanover and the Incredible Finale at Balmoral and the recent Springfield State Fair crown for the winning trio of Paymaq Racing (Long Grove, IL), D & M Racing (Chicago) and Mystical Marker Farms (Dwyer, IN). The pocket horse Fancy Creek Elusiv was second best in the 1:52.3 mile, beaten one length. Earlier in the afternoon A Cool Card sped to a 1:50.2 victory in the $10,000 stake for aged ICF pacing colts and geldings, the fastest mile of the meet. Marcus Miller steered the Cole Muffler gelding to his third win in a row for his father, trainer Erv. The $10,000 Aged stake for pacing mares went to Just By Design (Dave Magee) in 1:52.4 for Williamsville, IL owner Josh Carter. It was Mike Brink’s fourth training win at the three-day meet. Kiwi Party came on nicely to take the $9,000 County Fair Challenge Championship for freshman pacing fillies in 1:56.2 to earn a start in Balmoral Park’s Orange & Blue Filly eliminations three weeks away. John De Long drove the Party At Artsplace filly to her fourth straight victory and shares ownership of Kiwi Party with his father and trainer Jesse, and Austin De Long, all of Wisconsin. I Bizel The Chizel gave John De Long his second consecutive County Fair Challenge champion when he out-closed his entry-mate Overloaded in the 2-year-old colt and gelding division with a 1:54.2 mile. Tom Simmons trains the son of Yankee Skyscraper for the Illinois team of Laura Hendricks (Silvis) and Benita Simmons (Springfield.) Sadie’s Art (Tom D. Tetrick) came thundering down the stretch and swept past the even-money favorite Checkout By Body to take the 3-year-old colt County Fair Championship in a career best time of 1:53.1 for breeders and owners Mary Alice and Tom D. Tetrick of Geff, IL. Oosting took the driving title at the Du Quoin meet with ten winners while Erv Miller successfully defended his trainer’s crown. By Mike Paradise The Illinois Harness Horsemen's Association

Let’s Go Higher returned to town to compete in the Fillies and Mares Open at Saratoga after a recent stint at Yonkers and Vernon Downs. The Heidi Rohr trainee recorded back to back jacks in the local Open in July and also secured a victory in the Vernon feature for distaff pacers but returned to the Spa after a difficult trip in her last race at Yonkers. Shawn Gray fired Let’s Go Higher (Cole Muffler) up in the early stages and made the lead with the mare through an opening quarter of 27.3. The five year old never really had an anxious moment in the mile and secured another Open score on Thursday night, stopping the timer in 1:54.2 in the $18,000 feature. Bell On Wheels (Harry Landy) sat the pocket to Let’s Go Higher and finished behind her while Ace Of Pace (Dan Cappello Jr) earned the show spot. Let’s Go Higher was the race’s second choice in the betting at odds of 5-2 as she won for the seventh time of the season. Live racing continues on Friday night at Saratoga with a 7:05pm first post. by Mike Sardella

Let’s Go Higher (Cole Muffler) won her first harness racing "Fillies and Mares Open" at Saratoga on June 30th. She went out to Vernon Downs and set a lifetime mark in their Open for distaff pacers in her last start. Thursday night, the Heidi Rohr trainee was back in town and wound up back in the winner’s circle. Let’s Go Higher sat the pocket to the race’s favorite Bell On Wheels and pounced on her in the stretch to record a 1:54 victory in the $18,000 feature. Bell On Wheels (Harry Landy) was the runner up while Persistent (Stephane Bouchard) earned the show spot. Let’s Go Higher won for the fifth time this season for owner Jesse De Long of Clinton, WI. Live racing continues on Friday night at Saratoga with a first post time of 7:05pm. MIke Sardella  

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