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The Upstate New York Chapter of the United States Harness Writers Association is looking for eligible high school seniors or returning college students from families of licensed owners, trainers, or drivers who participate full or part time in harness racing. They can now submit an application that could bring them $1,500.00 closer to completing their college education. Through the generosity of Ray Schnittker and Jeff Gural, UNY-USHWA is offering the scholarship named for Schnittker's world class trotter, Deweycheatumnhowe. The sixth annual "Dewey Degree Scholarship" will be given to an eligible student who meets the criteria and is chosen by the chapter officers and an impartial third party judge. It is a $1,500.00 one time, non renewable assistance award. The applicant must be entering college for the first time this fall or already in a college, university, or trade school and be enrolled as a full time student (12 credit hours minimum). Applicants' parent(s), grandparent(s), and/or legal guardian(s) must be a licensed horseman or horsewoman during the year prior to application. (In this case, 2013) Only one relative need be licensed to be eligible. The applicant must be at least a high school senior at time of application. Anyone living in the U.S. or Canada is eligible. You are required to submit an essay discussing your background in harness racing, your work experience in harness racing, what you think could be done to better harness racing in the future, and how you see yourself as part of it. The essay should be around 600 words in length. You will also need to submit proof of your relatives licensing and a minimum of two letters of reference - one from a horse person and one from a teacher or advisor in your current school. All documents must be received by UNY-USHWA no later than May 31, 2014. The recipient of the 2014 Dewey Degree will be announced shortly thereafter and the scholarship will be presented in the winners circle at Tioga Downs this summer. We request the winner be present for that presentation. You can click here to download a copy of the application. By Tim Bojarski, for Upstate NY Chapter USHWA  

Harness driver Tony Hall has a pretty prestigious win column. Earlier this year, Tony notched his 4,000th career victory. The way he is racking up so many wins is quite remarkable but to achieve that level of wins, it sure takes a lot of time and Tony being a family man, he always manages to create a fine balance within the daily grind of work and family. "My wife (Ashlee) has a few horses she trains and I work with her" Tony explains. "Right now we are based at the Meadows in Pennsylvania and we are stabled off track. So that's where I am 90% of the time. I help her in the morning with the horses." For the winter season, with Tony driving at the Meadows, he hasn't had to do much traveling thanks to good planning. "Through the week, I work with her horses and as far as my son, when he is done school he comes and stays with me in the summer." Tony says. As for quality time with family, on off days, Tony always ensures they go out for an activity that is not horse related. "I have a 14 year old son, so I try to be involved with him as much as possible.... Try and take tropical vacations whenever possible." Tony says he never went to college and he hopes his son will go to college and find a career he truly enjoys. "I've always tried to lead him to something that is more stable, more consistent. In our business it's very up and down, I've had years where I've made close to $300,000 and years where I make less than $100,000. (The business) fluctuates so much... I'd like him to have the opportunity where (business) can only go up and not worry about things going down." The sense of security Tony wants to provide his family is touching, doing all he can so his son can focus on the positives and not heed the negatives. Away from the track, Tony enjoys the outdoors becoming one with nature. "I like to fish and deer hunt. I mostly get to do that in the fall, mainly deer but sometimes turkey but mainly white tail deer." Tony hasn't gotten his trophy kill yet, as he's been limited on time, but does admit he's had some close encounters. This coming Saturday, Tony will be venturing to the Meadowlands for a driver's series. The series is six Saturday nights. When at the Meadowlands, Tony predominantly drives for trainer Ron Burke's stable and if possible, try and catch on where possible. "Once I confirm with Ron that I'm going to go (to the Meadowlands), word spreads around that I'm going to be there. So truthfully, it's all word of mouth and when you commit to one guy, word spreads around." Tony explains. "One good thing about New Jersey is they have a good publicity office. Once they get the word, they spread it." Since Tony will be driving Saturday nights at the Meadowlands, he's is planning on driving at Pocono Downs on Sundays. "I'll do that for a while, so long as the opportunity is there. Pretty much, I will go wherever I am needed." Horse racing and the purses for that matter are built on gambling and the revenue from gambling patrons. Everyone has their opinion on gambling, the pros and cons and everything in between. For Tony, simply put he is not a gambler, with the exception of putting himself at risk every time he gets on to the racetrack. "Honestly, I hate gambling of any sort." Tony openly says. "If I go to a casino, it's to eat at a restaurant or go to a bar at a casino with a group of friends. I've never been one to gamble, you hear people talk about it, but I just ignore it." Tony doesn't condemn anyone nor does he look down on anyone who gambles, it's just not his cup of tea. "The way I look at it" Tony says, "to each their own and just because I don't do it, there's a million other people that do." "I understand that keeps us going but I am being honest from my standpoint as an individual. I don't consider (gambling) a disgrace." Reflecting on the idea of Tony's risk when racing doesn't really play on his mind, "I've been doing this my whole life so I don't even think about it." Tony admits. "I've been in accidents where I come back 24 hours later and drive a full card. It doesn't register, it's a part of the business that something can happen." With over 4,000 wins under Tony's belt, he says "I want to keep getting better, do the best I can do in the career I chose... and find ways to better my stats and in other ways that strengthen my weak points and I can only do that by driving more races." In all of Tony's trips, one memorable race he recalls in particular was when he was driving in a stakes race at the Meadows in 2006. "It was in the Adios, I got beat by a nose in the opening race of the Asioa in the eliminations and missed the finals. To be that close to a race of that stature was definitely it, a big moment for me." (The 2006 Adios was won by 20-1 shot, Cactus Creek, driven by Mike Lachance and trained by Erv Miller.) If Tony had a choice between driving pacers or trotters, hands down Tony would choose to drive trotters. "The trotter was the first of the Standardbreds, back in the day; the trotter was more of the natural gait. They can be more of a challenge, with a trotter you really have to watch how you handle them compared to a pacer." "A good bred trotter, when the breeding is there and it's with a good barn, it's an unbelievable feeling." Tony explains. "Just a natural that's quick on its feet is hard to find. When you do (find one), it's unbelievable and a great feeling." One trotter Tony mentions that he liked was Deweycheatumnhowe, but there isn't one currently that he can pick out and feel the same about. The race Tony hopes to win most is the highly regarded Hambletonian. Tony's other milestone he'd like to achieve is 5,000 wins. "I've always said to myself, if I could have 5,000 wins that would be a huge milestone for me and whatever happens after that would be a bonus. I never expected to be at this number (of wins) at this age when I was young." Tony continues, "I would love to win one prestigious race on the grand circuit and if I could pick, it would be the Hambletonian. It would be a great achievement." It would be tremendous if Tony won the Hambletonian as his 5,000th win. Tony expresses he is not a cold weather person and when it's time to step away from racing, he'd like to relocate somewhere warm, like Florida where his biggest decision would be where to fish. By: Roderick Balgobin Twitter: ScSupernova  

The Harness Racing Museum would like to thank all of the donors and bidders for a successful stallion breeding auction. Due to several newly received services, as well as some breedings that did not receive appropriate bids, the following is a list of stallions that are still available. TROTTERS are indicated with upper case CAPS.   Delaware - Cr Commando, Dream Away Illinois - Yankee Skyscaper Indiana - Allthatgltrsisgold, GUCCIO, Panspacificflight Maryland - CHARLIE DE VIE, FOUR STARZ ROBRO, GROTON HALL, Holy Guacamolie, Nuclear Breeze, Totally Western, Up Front Charlie New York - Conway Hall, Deweycheatumnhowe, Lislea, Lucky Chucky, Panther Hanover, Riverboat King Ohio - COLIE'S, Manhardt, Northern Kid, Powerful Toy, Valley Victor, Woodstock Ontario - Angus Hall, Artistic Fella, Badlands Hanover, Classic Card Shark Pennsylvania - Lear Jetta, Sierra Kosmos, Tom Ridge, Tuffofthetoughest   In addition, the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame is proud to offer a newly acquired breeding to GUCCIO as part of our stallion breeding auction. This is a unique opportunity as his book is sure to be full and closed very shortly.   The world champion and million-dollar winning trotter Guccio 4,1:51.1f ($1,021,809) begins stud duty at Victory Hill Farm, one of the leading farms in Indiana. He will stand for a fee of $5,000 for the 2014 breeding season.   Income raised by the stallion auction, nearly $540,000 over the past 15 years, supports the Museum's General Operating Fund. It helps to ensure quality services, special exhibitions, traveling exhibits, promotional support and educational programming for children and adults. Our efforts also help to encourage new owners and fans!   For additional information on the auction, to donate breedings, or to receive a complete list of stallions and conditions for bidding, please contact Joanne Young at 845.294.6330, or visit, where updates will also be posted. Some stallions have more than one breeding available.   The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame is located at 240 Main Street in Goshen, N.Y. and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last tour 4 p.m.). Thanks to USTA support, the Museum is currently offering free admission for walk-in visitors and group docent-guided tours at a minimal charge per person.   From the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame  

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program’s 16th annual stallion auction is currently in progress and ends at 2:00 pm Friday February 14.  The auction is taking place online at  Breedings to Donato Hanover, Deweycheatumnhowe, Conway Hall, Camluck, and A Rocknroll Dance are among the 85 breedings offered.  All proceeds go to rehab, retrain, and rehome Standardbreds that are leaving the track. Click here to view the auction in progress For more information call (937) 947-4020 or email Submitted by New Vocations

Breedings to Donato Hanover, Deweycheatumnhowe, Conway Hall, Camluck, A Rocknroll Dance, and Dragon Again are among the 85 seasons donated to New Vocations 16th Annual Stallion. The auction starts Monday February 10th and runs through 2:00 pm Friday Feb 14 at  The auction is conducted in an Open Ended format that allows for bidding slightly beyond the 2:00 p.m. deadline if less than five minutes have elapsed since the last bid on a particular breeding.  Participants are asked to be considerate and not bid for mares over 20, ones that have been barren two or more consecutive years, any that are due after May 21, and those that are already booked.  To view the list of stallions visit or email  Breedings are still being sought and can be added until the auction begins. New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption program in North America accepting over 400 retired racehorses each year. Proceeds from the stallion auction go toward the care, retraining, and placement of retired racehorses. “We would like to thank all the stallion donors for their generous support,” said Executive Director Dot Morgan.  “They enable us to equip these horses with useful skills and get them into loving homes that will give them a life beyond the track. Every horse we adopt becomes an ambassador for the breed.” From New Vocations Horse Adoption

Breedings to Donato Hanover, Deweycheatumnhowe, Conway Hall, Camluck, A Rocknroll Dance, and Dragon Again are among the 85 seasons donated to New Vocations 16th Annual Stallion. The auction starts Monday February 10th and runs through 2:00 pm Friday Feb 14 at   View Breedings Here   The auction is conducted in an Open Ended format that allows for bidding slightly beyond the 2:00 p.m. deadline if less than five minutes have elapsed since the last bid on a particular breeding.  Participants are asked to be considerate and not bid for mares over 20, ones that have been barren two or more consecutive years, any that are due after May 21, and those that are already booked.  To view the list of stallions visit  or email  Breedings are still being accepted until the auction begins Feb 10th.  For more information call (937) 947-4020.  New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption program in North America accepting over 400 retired racehorses each year. Proceeds from the stallion auction go toward the care, retraining, and placement of retired racehorses. “We would like to thank all the stallion donors for their generous support,” said Executive Director Dot Morgan.  “They enable us to equip these horses with useful skills and get them into loving homes that will give them a life beyond the track. Every horse we adopt becomes an ambassador for the breed.” From New Vocations

At a recent meeting of the Historic Track Board of Directors Steve Jones was elected president of the Board. "I have been on the Board since 1983 and it's a honor to be associated with the oldest harness track in the United States" he said. "And with the help of the Board we'll try to keep Goshen's tradition going for decades to come." "Of course everyone knows Goshen is called the 'Cradle of the Trotter' because that's where harness racing began back in the mid-19th Century. And besides, for nearly a century there were two racetracks in Goshen and for over 25 years, from 1930 through 1956, the sports greatest event, the Hambletonian, was raced over the mile track which was known as Good Time Park." Jones notes that for decades Historic Track has been an excellent training facility and he vows to maintain it. "Bernie White worked tirelessly as President of Historic Track for many years and I will continue to seek his guidance on decisions regarding GHT in the future." In the summer of 2013 Jones was elected to the Board of Trustees at Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame, and on Hambletonian Day 2013, Steve was elected to the Hambletonian Society. Jones is also the proprietor of Cameo Hills Farm a boarding and breeding facility in Montgomery N Y. Over the years Cameo Hills Farm has bred and raised champions ,including the 2008 Hambletonian winner Deweycheatumnhowe. "This year, for the first time ever, we'll have a stallion, So Surreal, the first son of Somebeachsomewhere to stand stud. And with a freshman mark of 1:49.4 he's the fastest 2 year old to ever stand in New York," Jones added. Also at that directors meeting all Board positions were determined with George Casale, elected vice president; Frank "the Hands" Baldassare, treasurer; Judy Green secretary; and Kerry English, Chairman of the Board. "And as always, we all look forward to our matinee races in the spring as well as our annual Grand Circuit meeting in July," Jones added. by John Manzi for Goshen Historic Track

Delaware, OH --- All roads led to Ohio as owners and trainers from 29 states, Canada, and Europe flocked to the Delaware County Fairgrounds for the 66th annual Fall Blooded Horse Sale.  Opening day featured nearly 25% of Ohio’s total yearling crop, along with over 100 Indiana-breds and a large number of Pennsylvania, Ontario, and New York breds. The strong catalogue of slots enhanced sire stakes eligibles drove prices to a record high. The next three days contained 198 2-year-olds, 297 3-year-olds, 87 weanlings and hundreds of raceway horses and broodmares.       The top priced yearling and ultimate sale topper was an Always A Virgin sister to Indiana champion Color’s A Virgin. Brown Color was purchased from the Emerald Highlands consignment by Dan Shetler for $43,000.   Next in line was an Ohio-bred Feelin Friskie colt from the Midland Acres consignment purchased by Burke Racing Stable LLC for $42,000.  Spring Haven Farm sold a Total Truth brother to top Indiana colt Totally Kissed for $37,000 and Walnut Hall Ltd sold an Ontario bred Deweycheatumnhowe filly for $32,000. Broodmares were led by the young Andover Hall prospect, Ladyfinger 3,1:59.2f, that was purchased by Black Creek Farm in Indiana for $28,000 from Marty Wollam. Hoosier Standardbred Farm stepped up at $15,000 for Sexpot Hall in foal to Deweycheatunmhowe from the Walnut Hall Ltd consignment.  That farm also provided the top weanlings, a Conway Hall filly from the family of two $1 million earners and a Groton Hall half-brother to two 1:54 trotters, that each brought $20,000. Competitive racehorses are always in demand and five of them shared the spotlight at $20,000 each.  Nidaros, a Muscle Yankee non-winners of two consigned by Kjell Magne Andersen, was purchased by Jeff Clark of Maryland. Indiana Sires competitor, Fancy Colt, left Emerald Highlands Farm on a bid from Red Shaw in Ohio. Competitive $20,000 claimer Darth Quaider was purchased by Steve Richard of Massachusetts. The rugged raceway mare Athleticlyinclined, with $278,575 lifetime earnings, was picked up by John Mungillo of New York from Burke Racing Stable LLC. And Dan Kennedy added the Open pacer Lost Jewels to his racehorses in preparation for the December opening of Hard Rock Racino Northfield Park. Complete sale results are available at  The Blooded Horse Sale Company holds quarterly mixed sales at the home of the Little Brown Jug in Delaware, Ohio The next sale is February 10-11, 2014.  Entries close around January 10. by Dot Morgan for Blooded Horse Sale

The last yearling sale of the season drew a record crowd for the first day of the 66th Annual Fall Blooded Horse Sale.  Monday featured 346 yearlings including nearly 25% of the Ohio crop and 120 Indiana breds. There were also large numbers of Ontario, Pennsylvania, and New York breds along with a handful of very scarce Kentucky breds. The strong catalogue of slots enhanced sires stakes eligibles drove prices to a record high. An Always A Virgin filly, Brown Color, topped the day at $43,000.  Consigned by Emerald Highlands Farm the full sister to 2013 Indiana Champion Color’s A Virgin was purchased by Dan Shetler. Midland Acres brought a large consignment of Ohio breds by the leading sires Feelin Friskie and Chip Chip Hooray.  Among those, Over Friskie, was purchased by Burke Racing Stable LLC for $42,000, Ed Telle signed the ticket on Feelin Shady for 34,000, and Lantern’s Chip went to Rich Lombardo for $32,000.  The Spring Haven Farm consignment was led by a Total Truth brother to the top Indiana colt Totally Kissed at $37,000 and the Feelin Friskie filly Friskie Buckeye at $36,000, purchased by Kirk Nichols and Bruce Soulsby, respectively. Charisma Hall, a gorgeous Deweycheatumnhowe filly, was purchased by Michael Andrew of Maine from the Walnut Hall Ltd consignment for $32,000. The Walnut Hall Ltd reduction also features a large, attractive group of weanlings and in foal mares on Wednesday. The Blooded Horse Sale continues Tuesday through Thursday with over 1100 horses, including 198 two year olds, 297 three year olds, 87 weanlings and hundreds of raceway horses and broodmares. The catalogue and sale results are available online at by Jerry Haws for Blooded Horse Sale  

It was a trot in the park for Ma Chere Hall and driver Corey Callahan as they captured the $164,250 Matron Stakes for three-year-old trotting fillies Sunday at Dover Downs. Not only did the daughter of Deweycheatumnhowe win with ease by four opens lengths but also tied the track record for her age, gender and gait with Personal Style (2012) in 1:53.2. Going right to the lead from the start, Ma Chere Hall cut fractions of :27.1, :56.2 and 1:25 with Time To Kill (John Campbell) following in the two-hole spot. Thistle Dhu (Brett Miller) came first-over in the backstretch but could not gain any ground on the leaders. Déjà vu Too (Matt Kakaley) was third. “I have had a really fun summer this year with Ma Chere Hall,” Said Callahan, “And this was a good way to culminate the year. I don’t know if she has any more stakes left but I hope she does. She was really super tonight.” Trained by Jonas Czernyson and owned by Walnut Hall Limited, Aldebaran Park and J. Sbrocco, it was the ninth win this year for Ma Chere Hall. She was sent off as the overwhelming 1/9 favorite and paid the mandatory $2.10 to win. By Steve Wolf for

Ma Chere Hall rebounded from her poor performance in the Breeders Crown with a superb effort in the $54,750 Matron Preview at Dover Downs Sunday for three-year-old trotting fillies. Time To Kill (John Campbell) was the first out of the gate and on the lead but that was short lived as Corey Callahan had 8/5 race favorite Ma Chere Hall on the move and in the lead at the opening quarter mile in :27.4. Ma Chere Hall held the field at bay as she cut fractions of :56.3 to the half mile and the three-quarters in 1:25. Southwind Coco and driver Tim Tetrick was the only one to go game and come first-over but it was too little too late as Ma Chere Hall was an easy winner by more than two lengths in 1:54. Southwind Coco was second with Time To Kill third. Ma Chere Hall will be the early favorite in the $150,000 Matron Final next week. The daughter of Deweycheatumnhowe is trained by Jonas Czernyson and is owned by Walnut Hall Limited, Aldebaran Park and J. Sbrocco. She was also bred by Walnut Hall Limited. It was her eighth win of the year and she paid $5.40 to win. By Steve Wolf for

Harrisburg, PA --- Bodacious sold for $355,000 and was the sales topper during Monday's opening session of the Standardbred Horse Sale in Harrisburg. Chris Oakes signed the sales slip for the daughter of Somebeachsomewhere-Silky. She is a full sister to Beach Body p,2,1:53.1f ($280,609), the runner-up in last month's Breeders Crown for 2-year-old filly pacers. Oakes is also the trainer of Beach Body. Canepa Hanover sold for $300,000 earlier in the day. The Muscle Hill-Cressida Hanover colt was purchased by Jimmy Takter. He is a half-brother to 2006 Horse of the Year Glidemaster. Below is a list of the $100,000-plus yearlings sold during Monday's session. A full recap will be available shortly. Hip-Name-Sex-Sire-Dam-Price 194–Bodacious–Filly–Somebeachsomewhere-Silky–$355,000 Half-sister to Malicious (1:50.1f; $780,859) and Ms Malicious (1:51.4f; $351,963); full sister to Beach Body (1:53.1f; $280,609) 89–Canepa Hanover–Colt–Muscle Hill-Cressida Hanover–$300,000 Half-brother to 2006 Horse of the Year Glidemaster (1:51.1; $1.96 million) 202–Honey I’m Home–Colt–Well Said-Sweet Future–$300,000 Half-brother to Bettor Sweet (1:47.2; $2.78 million) and Sweet Lou (1:47.4s; $2.04 million) 155–Way Bay Hanover–Colt–Somebeachsomewhere-Western Duel–$270,000 Half-brother to Westwardho Hanover (1:49.1f; $689,408), Woodstock Hanover (1:50.1f; $456,007) and Whackamole Hanover (1:49f; $439,896) 108–Katniss–Filly–Credit Winner–Armbro Deja Vu–$260,000 Full sister to Dejarmbro (1:52.2f; $1.13 million) 189–Fire Permit–Colt–Credit Winner-Amber Fire Hanover–$230,000 Dam is a half-sister to Spicy Wings (1:54.3f; $570,720) 164–Paparazzi Hanover–Colt–Well Said-Paula’s Best–$190,000 Half-brother to Pirouette Hanover (1:50.3; $608,759) 172–Lookslikeachpndale–Colt–Muscle Hill-Poster Pin Up–$185,000 Stakes-winning dam had a mark of 1:55.4f and earned $439,454 187–Off To Bed–Colt–Credit Winner-Satin Pillows–$185,000 Full brother to To Dream On (1:52.1; $975,395) 162–Peruski Hanover–Colt–Somebeachsomewhere-Paris Hanover–$180,000 Dam is a half-sister to Philos Hanover (1:49.3f; $523,246) and Panther Hanover (1:47.2; $367,877) 144–Hit The Hay–Filly–Kadabra-Bedtime Song–$160,000 Dam is a half-sister to Pampered Princess (1:53; $1.64 million) 186–Workout Warrior–Colt–Muscle Hill-Sabrina Hall–$160,000 Half-brother to He’s A Demon (1:53.1; $305,370) 82–Its Okay To Stare–Filly–Deweycheatumnhowe-Glide By–$155,000 Dam is a half-sister to Maven (1:51.4h; $1.37 million) and Lanson (1:51.3; $791,586) 106–Lady Winona–Filly–Credit Winner-Ladylind–$155,000 Full sister to Jezzy (1:55; $834,240) 176–Wheels Ah Smokin–Colt–Muscles Yankee-Quick Credit–$155,000 Half-brother to Wheeling N Dealin (1:55; $811,226) 222–Bring On The Beach–Colt–Mach Three-Wheres The Beach–$155,000 Full brother to 2008 Horse of the Year Somebeachsomewhere (1:46.4; $3.22 million) 61–Dreams Beachboy–Colt–Somebeachsomewhere-Dream-A-While–$150,000 70–Morning Blue Chip–Colt–Bettor's Delight-BJ’s Sunshine–$150,000 Full-brother to Fashion Delight (1:50.1s; $803,897) 116–Lovely Jan–Filly–Muscle Massive-Lotsa Love–$145,000 Dam is a half-sister to Malabar Man (1:53.1; $2.14 million) 175–Motleyjue Bluechip–Colt–Art Major-Fool That I Am–$145,000 Full brother to Feel Like A Fool (1:49.4; $933,986) and Fool Me Once (1:48.1s; $635,057) 149–Anwar Hanover–Colt–Well Said-Allamerican Nadia–$140,000 Half-brother to Rusty’s All In (1:50f; $481,589) and Apprentice Hanover (1:49.4f; $383,405) 158–Strong Sorceress–Filly–Kadabra-One Tough Lass–$140,000 Dam won 2008 Kentucky Filly Futurity 133–Class Included–Colt–Muscles Yankee-Yankee Blondie–$137,000 Full brother to 2009 Horse of the Year Muscle Hill (1:50.1; $3.27 million) 114–Raylan Givens–Colt–Rock N Roll Heaven-Lisheen–$135,000 Half-brother to Lismara (1:47.3; $2.14 million) 216–Azorean Art–Colt–Art Major-Dancin Barefoot–$135,000 Stakes-winning dam had mark of 1:51.4f and earned $219,147 107–Lilu Hanover–Filly–Andover Hall-Lady Luck Hanover–$130,000 Full sister to Luckycharm Hanover (1:52.2; $430,056) 151–Ideal Donato–Colt–Donato Hanover-New Ideal–$130,000 Half-brother to Kadealia (1:55.1s; $570,375) 183–Arque Hanover–Colt–Rock N Roll Heaven-A Pippin Hanover–$130,000 Dam is a half-sister to Appleoosa Hanover (1:52.1s; $468,725) 200–Gold Beach–Filly–Somebeachsomewhere-Sunone–$130,000 Three-quarter brother to Smashbox (1:51.4s; $426,282) 62–Late Night–Colt–Art Major-Dreamland’s Jo Jo–$125,000 Half-brother to Real Nice (1:51.1h; $1.24 million) 227–Hard Rock Deo–Colt–Rocknroll Hanover-Worldly Beauty–$125,000 Full brother to World Of Rocknroll (1:50.3s; $338,561) 14–Raptureblisterburn–Filly–Conway Hall-Lady Marian–$120,000 Half-brother to Possessed Fashion (1:53.4; $314,272) 59–Day Man Hanover–Colt–Credit Winner-Dornello–$120,000 Half-brother to Lauderdale (1:54.1s; $217,535) 79–Sacreligulous–Colt–Credit Winner-Religulous–$120,000 168–Taiya Hanover–Filly–Rock N Roll Heaven–Trim Hanover–$120,000 Half-sister to American Jewel (1:48.2s; $1.84 million) 213–Penji Hanover–Colt–Art Major-Platinum Hanover–$120,000 Dam is a half-sister to Philos Hanover (1:49.3f; $523,246) and Panther Hanover (1:47.2; $367,877) 177–Can’t Wait Hanover–Colt–Somebeachsomewhere-Carolina Angel–$110,000 Dam is a full sister to Knock Three Times (1:51; $645,922) 204–Tady’s Legacy–Colt–Muscle Hill-Tady’s Comer–$110,000 Half-brother to Hez Striking (1:52.3s; $1 million) and Tady Strikes Again (1:54f; $585,681) 104–Rocknroll Katie–Filly–Rocknroll Hanover-Kutekatie–$100,000 Dam is a full sister to Kikikatie (1:50.3; $1.26 million) and Just Wait Kate (1:50.4; $387,931) by Ken Weingartner for USTA/HRC

To Dream On was the 2012 Two-Year-Old Trotting Filly of the Year but had been unable to live up to her stellar performances last year until today when trainer/driver Jimmy Takter give his filly a perfect drive to win the $205,100 final of the 48th annual Kentucky Filly Futurity at the Red Mile in Lexington, KY. The race started off with Shared Past and driver Yannick Gingras shooting to the early lead to the opening quarter mile in a speedy :26.4 with Classic Martine (Tim Tetrick) sitting on their backs. Then Ma Chere Hall and driver Corey Callahan, who had won the first heat of the Filly Futurity, came first-over in the backstretch to take command at the half mile in :54.2 but Shared Past would not let them past. They raced neck and neck to the three-quarters in 1:23 and all the while Jimmy Takter and To Dream On was second-over on the outside following the live flow. As the field came down the stretch it was a two-horse race as Ma Chere Hall was wearing down Shared Past but all of sudden Takter moved To Dream On to the center of the track and they not only collared the race leaders, but passed them by to win going away by two open lengths in 1:52.1. Ma Chere Hall second and Shared Past held for third place. “She can be a little grabby like she was in the first heat,” Takter explained. “I stayed outside and did not want to get her so excited and then Corey gave me good cover and then I waited and waited and waited. We have had so many problems with this filly this year so it was sweet for her to win today.” It was the second win in 12 starts for To Dream On, who is sired by Credit Winner. She is co-owned by Marvin Katz, Al Libfield and Sam Goldband, all of Ontario. The time of the race was a lifetime mark as To Dream On paid $28.00 to win. After the race, majority owner Marvin Katz had news about To Dream On. “This was her last race,” Katz said in the winner’s circle. “I just talked it over with Jimmy and he is in agreement. I also have to thank Jimmy Takter for all he has done with this filly. He is a masterful horseman.” Ma Chere Hall wins first heat Ma Chere Hall loves racing at the Red Mile in Lexington, KY, posting her fifth straight victory with an impressive 1:52.3 triumph in the $87,900 first heat of the 48th annual Kentucky Filly Futurity Sunday over a track labeled good. Driven by Corey Callahan, Ma Chere Hall went out to the early lead over Classic Martine (Tim Tetrick) by the opening quarter mile in :28.1 but once the field entered the backstretch it was Frau Blucher and driver Ron Pierce charging up first-over and taking command after the half mile marker in :56.1. Coming into the final turn, Frau Blucher had a firm hold on the lead at the three-quarters in 1:24 but once they started down the stretch, Callahan brought Ma Chere Hall to the center of the track and she starting motoring away. Only Classic Martine could chase her down as Ma Chere Hall went on to win by a half length. Mistery Woman (Dave Miller) was third. “She has been really good,” Callahan said. “I was able to get to the lead with sensible fractions. Ronnie then came at me hard so I let them go. Then Timmy’s horse (Classic Martine) came at us in the stretch but my filly digs in and she impresses me every week.” Trained by Jonas Czernyson, Ma Chere Hall was bred and is co-owned by Walnut Hall Limited with Aldebaran Park, Inc. and J. Sbrocco. It was the seventh win this year for the daughter of Deweycheatumnhowe who paid $12.80 to win. By Steve Wolf for  

Lexington, KY --- The Lexington Selected Yearling Sale concluded its highly successful sale on Saturday, with a final tally of 687 horses selling over the five sessions for a gross of $27,382,000, averaging $39,857. The average price was the highest for the sale since 2008 and represented an increase of 12.5 percent over the average price in 2012. On opening night, the Cantab Hall colt Custom Fit sold for $475,000, the highest price in the nine-year history of the Lexington Selected Sale. Saturday’s session trailed in average price the amount on the final day a year ago, as 111 yearlings sold for an average of $11,694, a decline of about seven percent. The sale topper at $50,000 was the Groton Hall colt Cinnabar Hall. Out of Charm’s Chip, he is a half-brother to Chaplain Hall and Chancey Hall, both with career earnings exceeding $250,000. John Como Jr. was the buyer of this Walnut Hall Ltd.-bred yearling. Second on the leaderboard at $40,000 was the Muscle Hill colt Southwind Paco, actually making his second appearance, since he was a resale from the previous night. Dam Southwind Prelude is a full sister to Malabar Maple ($483,107) and a half-sister to three other winners of more than $100,000. Bobby Brower bought this colt that was consigned by Preferred Equine Marketing, Inc as agent for Southwind Farm. The next two highest priced yearlings Saturday were Walnut Hall Ltd-bred pacing colts by the farm’s stallion Third Straight. Teahouse Hall sold for $33,000 to Bruce Riegle. The colt is the first foal of Tearose Hall, a full sister to Pleasure Chest a winner of $601,854, and Mind Boggling, with career earnings of $505,553. Corsica Hall, who sold for $30,000, is a half-brother to four winners of at least $100,000, including Camelot Hall ($856,639) and Castanet Hall. Bill Elliott was the winning bidder. Groton Hall, Third Straight, and Cambest, the sire of the fifth-highest priced yearling for the night, all stand at Walnut Hall Ltd. Savvy buyers were aware of the very limited number of Kentucky-sired yearlings selling at auction that are eligible for the lucrative Kentucky Sires Stakes. Session 5       Group-Number-Sold-Total-price-Average-Price-Top-Price-Median-$100,000+ Pacing-Colts-26-$345,000-$13,269-$33,000-$10,000-0 Pacing-Fillies-30-$303,000-$10,100-$29,000-$10,000-0 Trotting-Colts-27-$338,000-$12,519-$50,000-$9,000-0 Trotting-Fillies-28-$312,000-$11,143-$27,000-$10,000-0 Total-111-$1,298,000-$11,694-$50,000-$10,000-0 Complete Sale Group-Number-Sold-Total-price-Average-Price-Top-Price-Median-$100,000+ Pacing-Colts-166-$7,103,000-$42,789-$150,000-$30,000-22 Pacing-Fillies-159-$5,479,000-$34,459-$180,000-$25,000-10 Trotting-Colts-171-$8,355,000-$48,860-$475,000-$35,000-18 Trotting-Fillies-191-$6,445,000-$33,743-$260,000-$25,000-8 Total-687-$27,382,000-$39,857.35-$475,000-$30,000-58 YEARLING-SIRE-DAM-Sex-Gait-Price-buyer CINNABAR-HALL-Groton-Hall-Charm's-Chip-C-T-$50,000.00-John-Como,-Jr. SOUTHWIND-PACO-Muscle-Hill-Southwind-Prelude-C-T-$40,000.00-Bobby-Brower TEAHOUSE-HALL-Third-Straight-Tearose-Hall-C-P-$33,000.00-Bruce-Riegle CORSICA-HALL-Third-Straight-Cirque-De-Soleil-C-P-$30,000.00-Bill-Elliott BESTANTATION-Cambest-Magical-Western-C-P-$30,000.00-Td-Trot-Llc-&-Mystical-Marker-Farm-Llc Average By Sire - Pacers Sire-Total-Total-Price-Ave-Price-High-Price American-Ideal-13-$612,000-$47,077-$145,000 Art-Colony-2-$42,000-$21,000-$30,000 Art-Major-28-$1,569,000-$56,036-$125,000 Art-Official-3-$85,000-$28,333-$35,000 Artiscape-2-$30,000-$15,000-$20,000 Artistic-Fella-1-$30,000-$30,000-$30,000 Badlands-Hanover-6-$77,000-$12,833-$20,000 Bettor's-Delight-28-$1,179,000-$42,107-$100,000 Cambest-1-$30,000-$30,000-$30,000 Camluck-1-$25,000-$25,000-$25,000 Cam's-Card-Shark-3-$93,000-$31,000-$38,000 Dragon-Again-10-$459,000-$45,900-$92,000 Four-Starzzz-Shark-5-$70,000-$14,000-$25,000 If-I-Can-Dream-17-$274,000-$16,118-$90,000 Mach-Three-2-$17,000-$8,500-$10,000 Major-In-Art-1-$6,000-$6,000-$6,000 Mcardle-2-$29,000-$14,500-$15,000 Mister-Big-1-$10,000-$10,000-$10,000 Ponder-1-$12,000-$12,000-$12,000 Quik-Pulse-Mindale-3-$20,000-$6,667-$12,000 Real-Artist-2-$39,000-$19,500-$20,000 Real-Desire-3-$57,000-$19,000-$29,000 Rock-N-Roll-Heaven-28-$1,925,000-$68,750-$150,000 Rocknroll-Hanover-39-$1,606,000-$41,179-$180,000 Shadow-Play-5-$181,000-$36,200-$73,000 Shark-Gesture-5-$55,000-$11,000-$24,000 Somebeachsomewhere-15-$1,251,000-$83,400-$150,000 Sportswriter-19-$559,000-$29,421-$90,000 Tell-All-1-$6,000-$6,000-$6,000 Third-Straight-7-$161,000-$23,000-$33,000 Well-Said-21-$874,000-$41,619-$87,000 Western-Ideal-11-$389,000-$35,364-$105,000 Western-Terror-38-$745,000-$19,605-$100,000 Yankee-Cruiser-1-$65,000-$65,000-$65,000 Average By Sire - Trotters Sire-Total-Total-Price-Ave-Price-High-Price Andover-Hall-30-$1,288,000-$42,933-$150,000 Angus-Hall-5-$103,000-$20,600-$37,000 Broadway-Hall-2-$190,000-$95,000-$170,000 Cantab-Hall-21-$1,804,000-$85,905-$475,000 Cash-Hall-1-$27,000-$27,000-$27,000 Chocolatier-2-$31,000-$15,500-$22,000 Conway-Hall-18-$463,000-$25,722-$70,000 Crazed-12-$97,000-$8,083-$18,000 Credit-Winner-19-$1,668,000-$87,789-$260,000 Deweycheatumnhowe-29-$719,000-$24,793-$85,000 Donato-Hanover-30-$1,303,000-$43,433-$100,000 Explosive-Matter-9-$305,000-$33,889-$77,000 Federal-Flex-1-$10,000-$10,000-$10,000 Glidemaster-12-$235,000-$19,583-$47,000 Groton-Hall-2-$66,000-$33,000-$50,000 Holiday-Road-4-$22,000-$5,500-$9,000 Jailhouse-Jesse-2-$11,000-$5,500-$8,000 Justice-Hall-1-$35,000-$35,000-$35,000 Kadabra-10-$311,000-$31,100-$110,000 Lucky-Chucky-28-$1,490,000-$53,214-$450,000 Muscle-Hill-33-$1,642,000-$49,758-$260,000 Muscle-Mass-7-$173,000-$24,714-$50,000 Muscle-Massive-25-$574,000-$22,960-$60,000 Muscles-Yankee-18-$568,000-$31,556-$140,000 SJ's-Caviar-1-$2,000-$2,000-$2,000 Swan-For-All-3-$39,000-$13,000-$24,000 Yankee-Glide-37-$1,624,000-$43,892-$105,000 by David Carr for

Four $45,000 finals in the Excelsior Series will be featured on the 14-race card at Monticello Raceway on Monday afternoon, September 30. These races are for the top point earners in the 2 year-old divisions that were contested  at various  raceways throughout the state during the summertime. They will go as races  one, four , eight and 11 on the Monday  program. Strangely, lawyer Ted Gewertz, alone or with partners , will start six youngsters in the Excelsior Series finals and will have at least one in each division. Gewertz is no stranger to racing top quality horses. He has owned, either wholly or partly, some of the greatest champions over the past few decades. Among them ; Deweycheatumnhowe, Windsong’s Legacy, Custard The Dragon, Thehousethatruthbuilt, Giant Hit, and Neighsay Hanover, to mention a few. And Gewertz is no stranger to the Catskills either, having spent his youth waiting tables at a multitude of hotels in the famous and now gone, “Borscht Belt”. In the first  $45,000 Excelsior division for 2 year old filly trotters Ted’s name adorns the ownership of both  Ski To The Max and Sweet Jesse T who’ll race coupled as the favorites  in their split. Gates Brunet trains both fillies and will drive the former from the four hole while Jimmy Marohn, Jr. got the assignment behind the latter and will leave from post five. In the Second $45,000 Excelsior final for 2 year old colt and gelding pacers, Gewertz is sole owner of High Q, a co-favorite who’ll race coupled with Bosak. Both colts are trained by Ray Schnittker, hence the coupling. Gates Brunet will drive the former from the eight hole while Jordan Stratton will handle the lines behind the latter from the pole position. Gewertz again is part- owner of two  colts who’ll start in the $45,000 Excelsior  Final for freshman trotting colts and  geldings. Both are  in the Ray Schnittker barn. Hands Off Frank has the pole position and  will enjoy the services of Jordan Stratton while One Last Roadie will leave from the four hole with the meet’s leading driver Bruce Aldrich Jr. at the controls. And in the last $45,000 Excelsior Series Final, for freshmen pacing fillies, Gewertz in partnership with Ray Schnittker, will send out Hay Stacked who’ll start from the five-hole with  Jordan Stratton in the sulky. But according to John Flynn, the track’s odds- maker, in that contest they’ll  all be hard pressed to beat Spreester who has a four race win streak and has won seven of nine  lifetime starts and owns a 1:52.3 record taken on September 6 at Vernon Downs. Betty Holt, the executive director of the Harness Horse Breeders of NYS, was asked if an owner ever had six horses in the previous finals? “No, “ she said unequivocally, and when  quizzed who the owner might be she guessed correctly when she answered, Ted Gewertz. “He’s a wonderful  man  who loves harness racing and Ted is a tremendous supporter of New York State racing.” First post for the Monday card will be at  12:50pm. by John Manzi for Monticello Raceway  

CAMPBELLVILLE, ON — Doug McNair will steer eight talented horses during Saturday’s $1.6 million Super Final Night at Mohawk Racetrack, and while the Guelph resident cannot catch the leaders in the Ontario Sires Stakes drivers’ race a successful Super Final showing could move him closer to an even bigger goal. In the Ontario race McNair is over 100 points behind dueling leaders Jody Jamieson and Sylvain Filion, but in the Canadian rankings the 23-year-old reinsman is in a heated battle with Jamieson and Filion that sees the three separated by less than $250,000 in earnings. Just five years after he drove his first race, those numbers could put McNair among the contenders for a year-end O’Brien Award. “I think there are two or three guys who could win Driver of the Year,” says the young reinsman. “I’d love to be part of that.” Horses from his father Gregg McNair’s barn have been among those that have propelled McNair up the Canadian standings, including the three he will steer on the Super Final program. Two-year-old trotting filly Luck Is All Ineed, three-year-old trotting colt Buddy Hally and two-year-old pacing colt Three Of Clubs have all been multiple winners on the Ontario Sires Stakes circuit this summer. Trainer Tony O’Sullivan has also contributed to McNair’s success and his two-year-old pacing filly Sudoku and three-year-old pacing filly Love Canal will benefit from the driver’s guidance on Saturday evening. “I personally think when you get to the top level, or at any level, the trainers are going to help you get there. The year they have is the kind of year you’re going to have,” says McNair. “My Dad’s had a great year and Tony O’Sullivan’s had a great year and that’s helped me be where I am.” McNair says his father’s support and guidance played a key role in his journey to the sport’s major leagues and he would love to steer one of his dad’s horses to a win on Saturday. While he has had multiple Grassroots Champions, including three in 2012, it has been 12 years since McNair Sr. captured a Super Final title. The father-son team will have their first opportunity to gather in the winner’s circle with two-year-old trotting filly Luck Is All Ineed. The Muscle Mass daughter finished atop the division point standings with two wins and two seconds in five regular season starts and will make her bid for the division title from Post 8. “She’s been pretty nice all year,” says McNair of the filly, who is owned by his father and Thomas Harmer of Willowbrook, IL. “I’m not expecting to win it, it’s a pretty tough field, but hopefully she gets a big piece of it.” McNair’s second mount of the evening comes in the three-year-old trotting filly Super Final, where he will drive heavy favourite Bee A Magician’s stablemate Choir Robe from the outside Post 10 for trainer Richard “Nifty” Norman and owners Melvin Hartman of Ottawa, Herb Liverman of Miami Beach, FL and David McDuffee of Delray Beach, FL. In the three-year-old pacing filly showdown McNair and O’Sullivan trainee Love Canal will be looking to defend the Super Final title they earned in 2012. The Badlands Hanover daughter won her July 1 Gold Series start at Mohawk, but could only muster a runner-up effort at the Campbellville oval on Sept. 12. McNair is confident that O’Sullivan will have Love Canal firing on all cylinders for Saturday’s test and believes the filly can deliver a repeat even if she is not at her best. “If she races at 75 per cent I think she can win that race,” says the reinsman, who sends the filly out from Post 9. “She has a lot of talent; hopefully she’s on her game. I know the rest of them will be, going for that kind of money.” Let It Ride Stables Inc. and Robert Cooper Stables LLC of Boca Raton, FL and J And T Silva Stables LLC of Long Beach, NY share ownership of the winner of $570,420. McNair will steer a second “Nifty” Norman starter in the two-year-old trotting colt contest. The reinsman teamed up with Great White Way for a 1:58 score in the Sept. 21 Gold Series event at Mohawk and will be looking for a second win aboard the Deweycheatumnhowe son from Post 6. “I got lucky to pick him up,” says McNair of the colt, who is owned by Fashion Farms LLC of New Hope, PA. “He raced awesome last week. He won his last few races; he’s getting hot right now.” Races 7 and 8 will be McNair’s second and third opportunity to land his father in the winner’s circle. Three-year-old trotting colt Buddy Hally will start from Post 4 for McNair Sr., Howmac Farms Ltd. of North Wiltshire, PEI, Reginald MacPherson of Stratford, PEI and Wayne MacRae of Fall River, NS. The pair clocked an impressive 1:53.4 triumph in the Sept. 20 Gold event and McNair is hoping the Angus Hall colt has another one of those miles up his sleeve. In the two-year-old pacing colt final the driver had the choice of two colts from his father’s string and opted for Three Of Clubs from Post 9, rather than Crafty Master from Post 7. The Mach Three son won two of four Gold Series starts this summer and was metres away from a third win last weekend when he stepped on his quarter-boot in the stretch and made a break. “He was probably on top by 10 lengths,” says McNair, ruefully. “Any of the times he ever lost it was not his fault,” the driver continues. “He’s a really nice horse.” Gregg McNair, Tony Lawrence of Hanover and Shady Hill Racing Stable of Durham share ownership on Three Of Clubs, who also won the Battle of Waterloo at Grand River Raceway in early August. McNair opted for O’Sullivan trainee Sudoku over two of his father’s starters in the two-year-old pacing filly showdown. Badlands Hanover daughter Sudoku, owned by Let It Ride Stables Inc., Robert Cooper LLC and Dana Parham of Boca Raton, FL and Howard Taylor of Philadelphia, PA, will start from Post 4. The driver also left his father looking for a substitute in the three-year-old pacing colt final when he agreed to drive Windsong Jack for trainer Dave Menary. It will be McNair’s first appearance in the Santanna Blue Chip son’s race bike. “I was asked to drive him a couple of weeks ago and I think he’s good enough to finish first or second in there if he races good,” explains the driver. “He’s shown some huge speed.” McNair will steer Windsong Jack from Post 4 for Larry Menary of Cheltenham, Kenneth Ewen of Georgetown, Denis Breton of Welland and Geoffrey Lyons Mound of Burford. Mohawk Racetrack’s first race gets under way at 7:25 pm and the Super Finals are slated for Races 2 through 5 and 7 through 10. For complete entries  Sandra Snyder

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