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Yoann Lebourgeois teamed 7.4/1 Amour de la Vie (6g Diamant Gede-La Vie Est Belle) to victory in the Quinte+ Prix Austria (purse €44,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) on the Paris-Vincennes evening harness racing program. Timed in 1.13.7kr the winner bested 48.4/1 Vivaldi d’Amboise (7g Kid Blue-Oceane d’Amboise) and 39/1 Aerobate (6g Kiwi-Fabriere). Didier Brohier bred and also trains Amour de la Vie. Two year-olds contested the Prix Hekate (purse €42,000, 2200 meters, eight starters) with the 1.18.4kr timed victory earned by 4/5 favorite Ecume de Reville (3f Hand du Viviewr-Perla Villetot). Eric Raffin teamed the winner. 2.6/1 Exclusive Red (2f Love You-Tornade de Neuvy) was second for Gabriel Gelormini, trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Mme. G. Poulsen-Allaire. 6/1 Elec Madrik (2f Goetmals Wood-Quelea Madrik) rallied for third with trainer William Bigeon driving. The evenings’ featured Prix Felicitas (purse €68,000, 2850 meters, 14 starters) produced a powerful surging winner timed in 1.12.9kr, that being 11.8/1 Cocotte Jolie (4f Gogo-Milady de Roche) with Mathieu Mottier the pilot. 13.4/1 Captain Sparrow (4m Ready Cash-Holly du Locton) held gamely for second driven by Yoann Lebourgeois and trained by owner Ulf Nordin. 6.1/ Colorado Blue (4g Oue Je T’aime-Star de Gueron) took the third spot. Thomas H. Hicks  

Harness racing trainer, breeder, owner Philippe Allaire had a superior day at Paris-Vincennes on the Prix Jockey card. Allaire won three Groupe II events starting with the Prix Pierre Plazen (purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 14 starters) that he won with trainee Dollar Macker (3m Saxo de Vandel-Salt Lake City) driven by J-Ph Monclin. Olivier Henri Thomas owns the winner that was timed in 1.12.6kr. 5.8/1 Diamanten (3m Adrian Chip-Iata Kall) was next for trainer/driver Robert Bergh for Ecurie Forspro AB of Sweden. 36/1 United Love (3m Conway Hall-Dolly Kronos) was third with Eric Raffin aboard. 13/1 Muscle Scott (3m Muscle Mass-What A Spirit) was fourth for Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and Mastro Wire Service As of Holland and fifth was 59/1 Usago Luis (3m Ubresson Luis-La Pompadour Luis) with Bjorn Goop up for Fabrice Souloy, trainer for My Horse SRL of Italy. Germany’s Geronimo T (3m Uranus-Zita Jones) was sixth for Dominik Locqueneux and trainer/owner H.J. Tipke. The 7/10 favorite Django Riff was a dq for miscues, that one an Allaire trainee too. The Gr. II Prix Herve Ceran-Maillard (monte, purse €120,000, 2175 meters, eight starters) went to trainer Allaire’s 4.6/1 Baraka d’Henlou (5f Diamant Gede-Laura d’Etangville) clocked in 1.12.4kr for jockey Yoann Lebourgeois and owner Gildo Carnesecca. The 2/5 favorite Best Of Jets (5m Magnificent Rodney-Plume Jets) took second for Francois Lagadeuc and owner/trainer Jean Michel Baudouin. Third was 5.3/1 Booster Winner (5m Love You-Quille Viretaute) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Guarato and breeder/owner Ecurie Winner. 33/1 Be Mine de Houelle was fourth. The Gr. II Prix Guy Deloison (purse €120,000,  2175 meters, 13 starters) produced another victory for the impressive, well-bred,  9/10 favorite Dawana (3f Ready Cash-Sanawa) with Gabriel Gelormini up. Philippe Allaire is owner/trainer of the well-bred filly created by Jean Pierre Guay.The open lengths winner scored in 1.12.8kr off rated fractions (1.089kr at 1500 meters to go; 1.11.3kr at the 1000; 1.13.5kr at 500 to go). 21/1 Unison Kronos (3f Donato Hanover-Zagabria Dei) was second with Roberto Andreghetti up for owner J-M Saguin and trainer Mlle. Stephanie Lepetit. Jean-Pierre Dubois teamed his 5/2 odds Douce Rebelle (3f Sam Bourbon-Rebelle) to a game third after a death seat journey. Yves Boireau trains this one that Dubois bred in Italy through Scuderia Bolgheri SRL. 11.8/1 Don’t Explain (3f Prodigious-Quarmen du Gite) was fourth for Mathieu Abrivard and breeder/owner/trainer Allaire. 8.8/1 Daylight Jet (3f Jag de Bellouet-Ocarina Jet) was fifth for trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse and owner/breeder Jean-Etienne Dubois. Between these events was the Prix de Dole (purse €39,000, 2700 meters, 18 starters) that resulted in a 1.15kr win for 9/2 odds Capria (4f Jag de Bellouet-Ocapri) with Franck Nivard up. Thierry Raffegeau trains this J-Y Roze property. 5.6/1 Calinka Gwen (4f Orlando Vici-Kaline de Tellor) took second for Eric Raffin and trainer Anthony Dollion with 1.9/1 favorite Clara Sautonne (4f Rieussec-Sara Sautonne) home third for trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. Thomas H. Hicks

Vignia la Revelle (7f Diamant Gede-Jirania La Revelle) took Wednesday’s €45,000 Grand Prix du Conseil Departmental de la Mayenne) at Laval, scoring over 2850 meters and clocked in Off at 4.3/1 odds the J-M Bazire piloted, E.G. Blot owned and trained winner defeated 17 international rivals ib the days Quinte+ race with a jackpot of €3.3 million. 9.6/1 Urgos du Cedre (8g Kiwi-Miss de Buisson) finished second ahead of 19.3/1 Ufana Nonantaise (8f Keridu du Donjon-Info Nonantaise) with Eric Raffin up. Also at Laval the Prix de la Societe du Cheval Francais (purse €30,000m monte, 2875 meters, 13 European starters) went to the 1.14.6kr winner Orione Spin (8g Viking Kronos-Karisma Zet) at 12.2/1 for Antoine Wiels. Lutfi Kolgjini owns and trains Orione Spin. 4.7/1 Vittorio de Carly (7g Quaro-Gamine des Sarts) was second for Guillaume Martin with third to 38/1 Va Vole dy Lys. Sunday March 20 kicks off the first Drivers Cup competition between the five driver teams from France and the USA. Pierre Vercruysse captains the FR team and Jason Bartlett leads Team USA. The FR team includes Matthieu Abrivard, Nicolas Ensch, Franck Ouvrie, Pierre Levesque and captain Vercruysse. The USA group includes captain Bartlett (a winner of over 6,000 races), Jordan Stratton, Tyler Buter, Pat Lachance and Daniel Dube. The second Drivers Cup round will take place in Paris on June 24 and June 26. Thomas H. Hicks

December 9, 2015 - Today’s Quinte+ (jackpot €4 million) at Paris-Vincennes was the Prix de Villers (purse €55,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 European starters) and the photo-finish battle went to 5.8/1 Vichenko Chef (6g Chef de Chatelet-Incertaine Mabon) for owner/trainer/driver Ch. Dreux clocked in 1.12.1kr. 2.8/1 Donttellmeanymore (6g Andover Andover-Possessive Lilly) was second for Franck Nivard, Sweden’s Wallen Invest and trainer Fabrice Souloy. 29/1 outsider Voyage d’Affaire (6g And Arifant-Granny d’Hilly) was third for Damien Bonne. The Prix les Mathes-La Palmyre (purse €80,000, distance 2175 meters, 10 starters) was the top event of the Wednesday Paris-Vincennes program and the 1.13.1kr winner was 8.4/1 Barraka d’Henlou (4f Diamant Gede-Louva d’Etangville) for reinsman J-Ph Monclin and trainer Philippe Allaire. 2.3/1 Action Partage (5f Opium-Loumane Flor) landed second for Pierre Levesque, trainer Mike Lenders and owner Mme. Daniele Gozlan, 13/1 Andalousie (5f Ganymede-Napoule) was third for Mathieu Abrivard, teaming for Jacques Bruneau and Ecurie JR. The Quinte+ (jackpot €3.95 million) on Tuesday at Cabourg was the €42,000 purse, 2850 meter Prix des Calceolaires with 16 European starters. 35/1 Univers Solaire (7g Lutin Malin-Interaction) was victorious for Mathieu Mottier and trainer Mme. V. Lecroq timed in 1.13.9kr. 31/1 Tempete d’Hermes (8f Fleuron Perrine-Nemesis Fortiniere) was second for Antoine Wiels and trainer J-P Marmion with heavily supported 2.6/1 odds Unbridles Charm (7m Password-Intense Action) third for Ecurie Victoria Dreams, driver Jean-Philippe Dubois and trainer Philippe Moulin. Thomas H. Hicks  

June 28, 2015 - The turf specialists took stage Sunday first at Segre in their Prix du Credit Agricole (€35,000 purse, 2700 meters, 18 starters on the turf) with victory to 52/1 Undevenis Javanais (7g Diamant Gede-Grande Java) for Antonio Triho in 1.19.4kr. Tony Le Beller trains this winner for P-A Viel. 10/1 Thaipan (8g Magot du Ravary-Limelight) was second ahead of 3.1/1 Ulyssee du Ravary (7g Hugo du Bossis-Epee) with Sebastian Hardy up. At Landivisiau the Prix de la Ville de Landivisiau (€45,000 purse, 2600 meters, 18 starters on the turf) went to 6.8/1 Valto des Landiers (6g Kesaco Phedo-Oretanes du Louvet) clocked in 1.20.2 for owner, trainer/driver D. Charadame. 7/1 Urfee Jailerie (7f Neutron des Cebe-Nana du Domaine) was second for Damien Bonne with 1.2/1 favorite Verrazano Bridge (6g Offshore Dream-Kuala Lampur) third for Thomas Levesque, trainer Mike Lenders and owner Ecurie Pierre Levesque. Also June 28 at Duindigt (Netherlands) the Grand Prix des Pays Bas Pays Bas (€33,000 purse, 2600 meters, Gr. II with 16 starters) went to the 1.15.73kr clocked winner Caen OIdseon at 3.3/1 for teamster John De Leeuw, trainer C-A Westerveld and owner Jachthaven de Groot B.V. 3.9/1 Zorro Photo (9m SJ’s Photo-Zarrasotha) was second for Jos. Verbeeck and trainer/owner Mw, S. Lepetit. Third went to 8/1 Zorba Oldeson (9g Love You-Trond’s Mari) with Rob De Viege up for trainer R-I De Vliegen and owner Merwe Staal Moerdiljk B.V. Thomas H. Hicks    

Today’s featured Prix de Beunos-Aires (Gr. II, €120,000 purse, 12 starters) was over the marathon distance of 4150 meters (just over 2-1/2 miles). The 52 to 1 rank outsider Quarlos (10m L’as de Viretaute-Cette Abgevire-Workaholic) rallied late from eighth place in mid-stretch to secure an easy surprise win in 1.14.9kr for Mathieu Mottier and trainer/owner Michel Dabouis. The veteran earned his 12th win for career bankroll of €618,800. Holland’s Amour d’Occagnes (7m Diamant Gede-Naomi November) finished second at 5.3/1 for Christophe Martens with third going to Shadow d’Odyssee and J-M Bazire at 5.2/1. Favorite Swedishman, at 2.5/1, and teamster Franck Ouvrie, had swept the field to lead nearing top-stretch over early leader Global Manhattan, and Roberto Andreghetti, but the best these could do was fourth and fifth. The co-featured Gr. III Prix de Rome for €85,000 (2875 meters, 12 starters) went to second choice Bird Parker (3m Ready Cash-Belisha-Fakir du Vivier) and reinsman Yohan Lebourgeois, for trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Mme. Elisabeth Allaire. Coming off four straight monte starts, in which he had two wins and two seconds, today Bird Parker was the best to sulky as he scored in 1.16.7kr for his third career win and €311,980 earnings. Off at 4.5/1 Bird Parker was the early leader and then allowed Booster Winner to take over before doing the re-take and setting a leisurely pace (1.19.8kr at 1000; 1.18.1kr at 500). Booster Winner (3m Love You-Quille Viretaute) was a game second for Eric Raffin and trainer Sebastian Guarato as the 2.1/1 favorite but could not gain the advantage in fast late race fractions. Another Ready Cash offspring won the Prix de Notre Dame (females, €42,000 purse, 2150 meters autostart, 12 starters) as Bianca de Lou (3f Ready Cash-Prima Dona de Lou-Coktail Jet) scored in 1.14.5kr for Christophe Martens, owner Ecurie Olmenhof and trainer Vincent Martens. The win, at 4/1 odds, was her third for €49,500 career earnings. Bubble Jet (3f Password-No Limit Jet) was a gaining second for teamster Gabriele Gelormini and trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois at 8.3/1 Today’s Quinte+ (jackpot €5,550,000) at Enghien-Soisy was the Prix de la Porte Montmartre for €55,000 (2150 meters autostart, 16 European starters) and it went to Ravenna (6m Legendary Lover K-Coccola Jet-Supergill) and reinsman Roberto Andgrehetti, for trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner Stald Independence from Denmark. The 3.3/1 odds winner scored in 1.12.1kr for his eighth career victory, good for €169,126 earnings. Longshot 31/1 Rififi Nonantais was second for trainer/driver Romain Derieux with 12.3/1 Noir d’Ete third with David Thomain aboard. Holders of exact order ticket (without the winning jackpot number) enjoyed a payoff in excess of €15,000 for the €2 play. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

Sirene de Feugeres, in rein to Nicolas Bazin and trained by Thierry Duvaldestin, secured today’s €80,000 international Prix Vichy Celestirs in France at 19/1 odds. Racing over the marathon 3525 meters (two and 3/16 miles, distance handicapped), the winner rallied late to sweep to victory in 1.16.6kr, her 23rd win for over €391,000 earned. The eight-year-old daughter of Infant du Bossis overcame a 25 meter handicap to defeat 17 rivals. June 5, 2014 Vichy, Prix Vichy Celestirs, International, €80,000, 3525 meters distance handicap, 18 starters, Quinte+ jackpot €3,550,000, 1.16.6kr 1st Sirene de Feugeres (8f Infant du Bossis-Deesse de Feugeres-Ogino), Nicolas Bazin for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin, 25 meter penalty, 19/1, 23rd career win for €391,638 for owner Xavier Cavey 2nd Tornade de Piya (7f Buvetier d’Aunou-Nandette), Eric Raffin, 15/1 3rd Amour d’Occagnes (7m Diamant Gede-Naomi November), Christophe Martens for trainer Vincent Martens, 50 meter handicap, 23/1 The solid Vichy undercard showcased a win by H.M. Monocerus, a seven year-old daughter of Staro Showbiz (a Swedish sire by Supergill-Emma Gee San-Speedy Fly), in the Prix  de Grosbois, a  European affair for a purse of  €32,000. The 3/2 favorite was teamed by Damien Bonne for trainer Duvaldestin and Norwegian owner Geir Norbotten. Christophe Martens reined Sandman Sand, a son of SJ’s Photo, home second. June 5, 2014 Vichy, Prix  de Grosbois, European, €32,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters, 1.14.2kr 1st H.M. Monocerus (7f Staro Showbiz-Taxi Genova-Super News), Damien Bonne, 1.5/1, Norway owner Geir Nordbotten, trainer Thierry Duvaldestin 2nd Sandman Sand (8g SJs Photo-Dream Sand), Christophe Martens up for Vincent Martens, 5/1, Sweden 3rd Rinouk de Bouliere (9g Jasmin de Flore-Hippie de Bouliere), Eric Raffin for Mlle, M.A. Goetz, 12/1 As the card drew to a close Jean-Michel Bazire took victory 5,000 in France with Botzaris, a three year-old son of Ganymede that he owns and trains. Quite an accomplishment for the reinsman widely regarded as the leading catch-driver in France, now also training a relatively large contingent of campaigners. June 5, 2014 Vichy, Prix Saint-Remy Eu Rollat, €21,000, 2800 meters autostart, 14 starters, 1.17.5kr 1st Botzaris (3g Ganymede-Misomys-Tenor de Baune), J-M Bazire owner, trainer, driver, 4/1, second career win for €14,650 and Bazire’s 5,000th driving win in France 2nd Boycott (3g Goetmals Wood-Mine d’Or), Gabriele Gelormini up for Jean-Etienne Dubois, 2.8/1 3rd Break de Bertrange (3m Magnificent Rodney-Olympe du Rui), Jean-Philippe Ducher trainer/driver, 6.5/1 Quinte+ race of the day at Vincennes The Quinte+ race of the day this evening at Paris-Vincennes went to the Sebastian Ernault trained and reined Vittel de Brevol. The son of legendary Jag de Bellouet scored in 1.14.1kr over 2700 meters to win the Prix Trophee des Hippodrome Marins for €56,000. Ernault is seen too seldom these days at Paris-Vincennes, where he won the Prix d’Amerique with Oyonnax in 2010. Longshots led the wire-parade this day and the exact order winning ticket (excluding the jackpot of €3.4 million) paid €60,200 for a €2 wager. June 6, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Trophee des Hippodrome Marins, €56,000, 2700 meters, 17 starters, European, Quinte+, 1.14.1kr 1st Vittel de Brevol (5m Jag de Bellouet-Lady de Brevol), Sebastian Ernault trainer/driver, 2.6/1 2nd Vostania de Viette (5f Prodigious-Isis des Mariniers), Mathieu Abrivard up, 13.7/1 3rd Picard del Ronco (5m Varenne-d’Amour la Vie), Bernard Piton up for Mauro Baroncini trainer, 53.9/1, Italy The undercard included some fine performances including a victory by 4/5 favorite Blue Grass in the Prix des Federations Ouest Et B.N. The three year-old daughter of Ready Cash was an easy winner for reinsman Jerome Ruaults and trainer Philippe Allaire. The aforementioned Ernault teamed the second place finisher, the Nice Love filly Burnette. June 6, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix des Federations Ouest Et B.N., €37,000, 2850 meters, 10 starters, 1.16.4kr 1st Blue Grass (3f Ready Cash-Princesse Natacha), Jerome Ruaults for Philippe Allaire, 4/5 favorite 2nd Burnette (3f Nice Love-Koskaje), Sebastian Ernault trainer/driver, 22.8/1 3rd Bunorina (3f Paisy Dream-Dunorina), trainer Olivier Boudou up, 24.3/1 J-M Bazire was back for a winning picture as he teamed Urtikaline to victory in the €50,000 Prix de Jullouville-Les-Pins. The six year-old daughter of Krac Special raised her bankroll to over €180,000 for this her fourth career victory. June 6, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Jullouville-Les-Pins, €50,000, European, 2700 meters, 14 starters, 1.14kr 1st Urtikaline (6f Krac Special-Ovaline-Historien), J-M Bazire up for trainer Michel Bizoux and owner Ecurie Twenty, 2.3/1,  fourth win for €180,430 earned 2nd Union Mystique (6f Lets Go Along-Mr Darling), Lois Grousser trainer/driver, 10.5/1 3rd Tamira d’havavoche (7f Buvetier d’Aunou-Jana d’havaroche), Eric Raffin, 4.5/1 by Thomas H. Hicks, for        

The brilliant Ready Cash colt, Brillantissime, will look to make amends for a last start costly gallop when he fronts for the Prix Paul Karle a 120 000 euro Group 2 race for 3YO males over 2100m at Vincennes' petite piste on Tuesday evening. Philippe Allaire's striking colt had been the star of the B-generation thus far but in the Criterium des Jeunes, the first of his generation's classiques or group one races he broke within spitting distance of the line as he loomed up alongside eventual winner Billie Montfort. Previously Brillantissime had won the first two group races of the crop, including the Prix Emmanuel Margouty the only group race for 2YO colts in December and the following month prevailing in the Prix Maurice De Gheest the first of the generation's 3YO elite tests. His was handed his first major defeat in the Prix Paul Viel in mid February when he was third to Black d'Avril and Brutus de Bailly, who he will meet here again. But he was back to his brilliant best for all but the last 50 metres of the group one Criterium and is at short odds in early betting for the race and will be driven once again by regular pilot Jos Verbeeck. His greatest danger will be Oceano Nox colt Black d'Avril who has made the step up to group racing with aplomb for trainer Frederic Prat . He was third in the Critierium des Jeunes at his last start and of course won the Prix Paul Viel the start before that, after running third to Brillantissime in the Prix Maurice de Gheest, the first of this year's group races in mid January - in his first group race. He will be driven by Mathieu Mottier. Master driver Jean Michel Bazire will be at the reins of Brutus de Bailly who was a fast finishing second last start in the Criterium des Juenes although some distance behind Billie de Montfort. The son of Niky is trained by Bruno Bourgoin. One who impressed early in his career is Franck Anne's stunning colt Bolide de Gueron who was one of the first to show promise of this crop. The long striding strapping son of Cygnus d'Odyssee won his first three races in commanding fashion and then was third in the Prix Emmanuel Margouty the only group race for 2YO colts in France and then ran fourth in both the Prix Maurice de Gheest and Prix Paul Viel. He led the Criterium des Jeunes until the turn into the straight where he broke under pressure and will be looking to return to the promise he showed earlier. Last start winner Bijou de Spinelly is making his first start in a group race after compiling a record of three wins and two seconds in just 8 starts. Yves Dreux' son of Diamant Gede won his first start at La Capelle in November and looks a promising colt. Jean Etienne Dubois also has a promising sort in Bixente a son of rising star sire Quaker Jet who was fourth in the Criterium des Jeunes in his last start, which was only his second time in group company. Best of Sly is one of three entrants in the field by first crop sensation Sam Bourbon (the others being Bioness and Bolero de Daidou) and was sixth in the Criterium des Jeunes. PRIX PAUL KARLE Vincenne 22/04/14 FR Group II 2100m 3M 120, 000e 1 Bolero de Daidou (h Sam Bourbon - Djakarta) Dr: Mathieu Abrivard Tr: Jean Francois Senet 2100 2 Bixente (h Quaker Jet - Ketty Mesloise) Dr: Jean Etienne Dubois Tr: Jean Etienne Dubois 2100 3 Bijou de Spinelly (h Diamant Gede - Nana Loving Fair) Dr: Yves Dreux Tr: Yves Dreux 2100 4 Black d'Avril (h Oceano Nox - Olivia d'Avril) Dr: Mathieu Mottier Tr: Frederic Prat 2100 5 Brillantissime (h Ready Cash - Ivre de Victoire ) Dr: Jos Verbeeck Tr: Philippe Allaire 2100 6 Bioness (h Sam Bourbon - Quiradelle d'Hilly) Dr: Jean Pierre Dubois Tr: Patrick Chevrier 2100 7 Best of Sly (h Sam Bourbon - Quinella Aimef) Dr: Pierre Yves Verva Tr: Sebastien Guarato 2100 8 Bolide de Gueron (h Cygnus d'Odyssee - Olivia) Dr: Franck Anne Tr: Franck Anne 2100 9 Brutus de Bailly (h Niky - Ninon de Bailly) Dr: Jean Michel Bazire Tr: Bruno Bourgoin 2100 10 Bots Dub's (h Rolling d'Heripre - Plus de Melody) Dr: Philippe Guyard Tr: Philippe Guyard 2100 11 Bernador (h Gobernador - Richlyly) Dr: Dominik Locqueneux Tr: Ã…ke Kristoffersson 2100 by David Sanders, for

Grand international mare Roxane Griff (9f Tenor de Baune-Julia Mesloise-Sancho Panca) easily dispatched 10 rivals to win today's Gr. II £120,000 Prix Theophille Lallouet at Paris-Vincennes. Reined by Eric Raffin for trainer Sebastian Guarato, and owner Ecurie Griff, the 2014 Prix de Cornulier winner secured her 18th career victory for earnings of £2,303,118 over 2700 meters. The 9/10 favorite sat a comfortable second much of the way before moving to the front with 600 meters to go, leaving the field in the cinders. Rapide du Digeon, the Damien Bonne handled campaigner, held second with Remember Jihem third in the 1.13.5kr timed event. Quarry Bay was disqualified for an early miscue. Italy's Nene'Degi Ulivi was fourth for Alexandre Abrivard. Three other graded events were on the card along with several supporting races of note. The Gr. II Prix Phaeton for £120,000 over 2850 meters, went to 29/1 upsetter Athos Elfes (4m Ganymede-Lazio du Bourg-Tadzio de la Motte) with trainer Joel Van Eeckhaute driving. He scored in 1.13.7kr for his fifth career win and now earnings of £157,680. Astor du Quenne was second for Eric Raffin (trainer Guarato) at 2/1 with 3/2 favorite Aldodes Champs third for trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. The Gr. II Prix Paul Leguerney for £120,000 over 2850 meters, went to the good filly Africaine (4f Oiseau de Feux-Italienne-Coktail Jet) with trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois at the lines. The 2.7/1 winner scored in 1.15.2kr, with a strong final 1500 meters, for her third career win and £142,820 earnings. Ten rivals followed with 2.2/1 favorite Atlessima (4f Rocklyn-Noblessima-Goetmals Wood) second with Julien Dubois up for Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. Athena de Vandel ended third. The Gr. III Prix de Saintes (three year-olds) for £60,000 went to Bijou de Spinelly for trainer/driver/owner Yves Dreux. The three-year-old son of Diamant Gede-Nana Loving Fair-In Love With You, won for the third time, increasing earnings to £80,300 in his young career. He scored at 5.2/1 odds by storming home to defeat favorite Buako des Angles and Franck Ouvrie in 1.13.8kr over the 2100 meter autostart course. Bioness was third for Julien Dubois at 9/1, a good effort for the son of Sam Bourbon. The Quinte+ (£6.8 million jackpot) was on the Paris-Vincennes card in the form of the Prix du Treport (£85,000, 2700 meters, European). Reinsman Christophe Martens confidently steered Italy's Olmo Holz (6m Uronometro-Veuve du Kras-Park Avenue Joe) to victory in 1.14.1kr to secure his 14th career win for £401,846. Vincent Martens trains the consistent winner, owned by Frans Delmote, as they humbled 13 rivals at 5.4/1 odds. Italy's Oropuro Bar (6m Love You-Ubatuba Oaks) was second for trainer Marco Smorgon and teamster Pierre Vercruysse. Reine Helene, a daughter of Instant Gede, was third for Pierre Levesque with another Italy contestant, Moses Rob (a son of Ganymede), fourth for Andrea Guzzinati. The Prix d'Aubusson for £55,000 (2100 meters autostart) was also an exciting race with the win to 22/1 Red Red Red (6f Offshore Dream-Extreme Lady-Meadow Gallant) reined, from off the pace, by Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Sofia Aronsson. Red Red Red scored in 1.11.3kr for her eighth career win for £221,494 as she defeated Uvevering du Gite and Damien Bonne. That 65/1 outsider was placed second ahead of favorite Up The Green and J-M Bazire, that was second placed third. The pace was fast from the outset in this one as they reached the 1500 meters to go pole in 1.07.9kr. The pedigree of Red Red Red is of interest, she being by Prix d'Amerique winner Offshore Dream (second dam Tableau by Joie de Vie-Seascape Lobell) from a Meadow Gallant (Super Bowl-Quiet Elegance-Speedy Crown) mare. She's 29% French trotteur; 71% standardbred. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

The French Winter Meeting at Vincennes is over but elite group racing continues in the world's richest trotting coutry as the UET Masters Series heads south to Cagnes sur Mer, France for the group one Grand Criterium De Vitesse over a mile (1609) for 200,000 euros Italian-bred horses drew the all important three inside positions on the barrier draw as the final field of 14 was released Friday for Sunday's big race. Former Italian Derby winner Pascia' Lest, now trained in France by Thierry Duvaldestin has the pole position inside another French trained Italian, Marielles, a former heat winner in Italy's biggest race the Lotteria over this distance who is trained by Fabrice Soulouy. The number three pole will be taken Nesta Effe, which was the only one of the trio to race in the Prix d'Amerique this year although she finished 10th. But Holger Ehlert's son of Naglo is a proven sprinter and was in super form this time last year, winning two group ones in Finland in April, the Prix d'Etain Royal Seinäjoki-Race and the Finlandia-Ajo over a mile, and he is also a runner-up in the final of the Lotteria, Italy's greatest race, also over a mile. The other two Italians carry good form from the Winter Meeting with Pascia' Lest second in the Group two Prix Jean Le Gonidec in February over 2175m while Marielles was third in prestigious Prix Du Bourbonnais (Gr2) in December. All three are driven by Italian reinsman Andrea Guzzinati (Pascia' Lest), Roberto Andreghetti (Marielles) and Roberto Vecchione (Nesta Effe). While the three Italians have the inside draws, they also have have to face some of their French vanquishers in their respective races here with Prix Jean Le Gonidec winner Vanika du Ruel drawing the seven hole while Prix du Bourbonnais winner Triode de Felliere, possibly the most improved horse in France over the Winter Meeting, drawing pole four. Franck Anne's Vanika du Ruel was the best horse of her generation at two and three and has a best time over the sprint distance at Vincennes of 1.11.6 (1.55.1MR) when winning the group one Prix de l'Etoile. And Jean Paul Marmion's Triode de Felliere warmed up for this race with a close third in the Prix de Plateau de Gravelle, a Vincennes sprint over 2100m in which he recorded a slick 1.11.3 (1.54.4). But the biggest French danger comes from the horse drawn fifth, Univers de Pan who was beaten by the narrowest of margins in the sprint round of the French Triple Crown,the Grand Prix de France. Philippe Daugeard's son of Kenya du Pont was fifth last start off a 25m handicap in the Prix de Selection, but recorded a slick 1.11.1 (1.54.1MR) for the journey and from the five hole will prove very tough to beat. Sweden's best chance Amaru Boko is the only Scandinavian-based entrant in the rich sprint, but the recent addition to Robert Bergh's stable is in outstanding form with four wins on the trot since coming to the Bergsaker barn. The son of Coktail Jet has a fastest time of 1.10.3 (1.53.1MR) but has to start off the second line. GRAND CRITERIUM DE VITESSE Cagnes sur Mer, France 09/03/14 UET Masters Series Group 1 Int 1609m 4-10 200 000e 1 Pascia' Lest (5h Varenne - Superiors Sun) Dr: Andrea Guzzinati Tr: Thierry Duvaldestin 1609 2 Marielles (8m Kick Tail - Egida Play) Dr: Roberto Andreghetti Tr: Fabrice Souloy 1609 3 Nesta Effe (7h Naglo - Etna Sec) Dr: Roberto Vecchione Tr: Holger Ehlert 1609 4 Triode de Felliere (7m Derby du Gite - Linea de Vandel) Dr: Anthony Barrier Tr: Jean Paul Marmion 1609 5 Univers de Pan (6h Kenya du Pont - Gypsilore) Dr: Philippe Daugeard Tr: Philippe Daugeard 1609 6 Quoumba de Guez (10m Urfist des Pres - Vanina de Mareuil) Dr: Jean Michel Bazire Tr: Jean Michel Bazire 1609 7 Vanika du Ruel (5m Jardy - Jacarandine) Dr: Franck Anne Tr: Franck Anne 1609 8 Quinoa du Gers (10h Ganymede - Targa du Chalange) Dr: Franck Nivard Tr: Fabrice Souloy 1609 9 Olona Ok (6m Varenne - Erreuno Ok) Dr: Dominik Locqueneux Tr: Domenico Zanca 1609 10 Aisle Stand (7m Scarlet Knight - Twisterella) Dr: Jos Verbeeck Tr: Ronny Kuiper 1609 11 Twist des Caillons (7h Jam Pridem - Heyra des Caillons) Dr: Eric Raffin Tr: Hubert Hardy 1609 12 Amour d'Occagnes (7h Diamant Gede - Naomi November) Dr: Christophe Martens Tr: Vincent Martens 1609 13 Amaru Boko (7h Coktail Jet - Sue Boko) Dr: Robert Bergh Tr: Robert Bergh 1609 14 Unabella Perrine (6m Diamant Gede - Minnie Perrine) Dr: Franck Ouvrie Tr: Jean Francois Mary 1609 by David Sanders, for    

The Prix de Selection is the final Group I race of the rich Vincennes Winter Meeting and is an aptly named race which is often a precursor to a rich stud career for the place-getters. An inter-generational race for 4-6YOs, it is the second (after the Prix des Centaures) to be run under the new handicapping system which has reduced the handicap for older horses to address the more precocious modern horse, which has seen 4YOs dominate this traditional stallion identifying race. Only Milord Drill (Sancho Panca) as a 6YO in 2006 and Kiwi (Coktail Jet) at 5 in 2003 have won the race in the last 21 years, but the change from a 50m to a 25m handicap should readdress the balance. But even with this anomaly the race's success as a test of stallion potential can be seen by a quick look at its alumini who have been well represented in this Winter Meeting. Royal Prestige's son Buvetier d'Aunou, sire of superstar Up And Quick, winner of the Prix de Paris and runner up in the Prix d'Amerique won the race in 1992, while the following year's winner Cygnus d'Odysee, a son of former US 2YO star Workaholic is the sire of the brilliant Texas Charm, who was favourite for this year's Prix d'Amerique after a superb win in the Prix de Bourgogne until injury. And 2001 winner Jasmin de Flore is the sire of Criterium de Juenes winner Billie de Montfort. Prominent stallions who have won the race include Kaisy Dream (sire of group one winners Santa Rosa France and So Lovely Girl), the aforementioned Kiwi (sire of Criterium des 3 and 4 winner Quaro), Full Account (sire of Criterium de Jeunes winner Kinder Jet), Insert Gede and Meaulnes du Corta, Nice Love and rising star Saxo de Vandel. And underlining just how important the race can be for predicting great sires can be further illustrated by a look at some of the runners-up in the race - none other than Coktail Jet, Ganymede, Orlando Vici, Kesaco Phedo, Giant Cat and the next superstar sire Ready Cash. Last year's winner Village Mystic (who is already at stud) lines up against a swag of group one winners and such is the strength of the field that Louis Baudron's son of Love You will probably be seventh or eighth favourite. After running a narrow second in the Goup 1 Grand Prix de France Univers du Pan will be the favourite for this race, given the reduced nature of the handicap against his talented younger rivals. Philippe Raugeard's son of Kenya du Pont is in rare form, with three second placings in a row against the best older horses in the world, which will set him up for a great shot at this. Prix De Bretagne winner Uhlan du Val, who was also second to current star Up And Quick in last year's Criterium des 5 Ans, is also well in the mix here . Cedric Megissier's son of Islero de Bellouet is the only one of the field who graced the Grand Prix d'Amerique where he finished a meritorious sixth and his last three starts have all been in the crucible of the French triple crown. He also looks to be in great shape against his own and younger age-groups after such a torrid build up. Of the younger horses, who will start with a 25metre advantage on the 2175m trip, Sebastien Guarato's rising star Aladin d'Ecajuel (Quaker Jet ) is favoured to test the older horses and maintain the dominance of 4YOs, while Akim du Cap Vert (First de Retz) is also a very talented stallion. Mares have also enjoyed rare success with only the exceptional Pearl Queen and Qualita Bourbon having won the race in the past 20 years, but the A generation has been dominated by the female gender up until very recently. But whether the leading lights Axelle Dark (Ready Cash), Anastasia Fella (Goetmals Wood) and Atlessima (Rocklyn) are of that quality is the 240,000 euro question. PRIX DE SELECTION  Vincennes 2014-03-01 Group I 2175 4-6YOs € 240 000e 1 Aldo des Champs (4h Prince d'Espace - Noumea des Champs) Dr: Mathieu Abrivard Tr: Matthieu Abrivard 2175 2 Alesia d'Atout (4m Defi d'Aunou - New York Jet) Dr: Mathieu Mottier Tr: Dominique Mottier 2175 3 Astor du Quenne (4h Opus Viervil - Qualinka du Quenne) Dr: Jean Michel Bazire Tr: Sebastien Guarato 2175 4 Atlessima (4m Rocklyn - Noblessima) Dr: Julien Dubois Tr: Philippe Moulin 2175 5 Aladin d'Ecajeul (4h Quaker Jet - Nancy d'Ecajeul) Dr: Eric Raffin Tr: Sebastien Guarato 2175 6 Anastasia Fella (4m Goetmals Wood - Jeanne's Fella) Dr: Franck Nivard Tr: Fabrice Souloy 2175 7 Akim du Cap Vert (4h First de Retz - Prima du Cap Vert) Dr: Franck Anne Tr: Franck Anne 2175 8 Axelle Dark (4m Ready Cash - Queen des Charmes) Dr: Jos Verbeeck Tr: Philippe Allaire 2175 9 Vanna Coletto (5m Lejacque d'Houlbec - Paloma du Donjon) Dr: Anthony Barrier Tr: Guillaume Grelier 2200 10 Viking de Val (5h Baccarat du Pont - La Forge de Val) Dr: Eric Lambertz Tr: Eric Lambertz 2200 11 Unabella Perrine (6m Diamant Gede - Minnie Perrine) Dr: Franck Ouvrie Tr: Jean Francois Mary 2200 12 Voltigeur de Myrt (5h Opus Viervil - Myrtille des Bois) Dr: Pierre Vercruysse Tr: Roberto Donati 2200 13 Une Fille d'Amour (6m Infant du Bossis - Never So Great) Dr: David Thomain Tr: Cyril Raimbaud 2200 14 Village Mystic (5h Love You - Netchka d'Orgeres) Dr: Louis Baudron Tr: Louis Baudron 2200 15 Uhlan du Val (6h Islero de Bellouet - Indiana Beautiful) Dr: Cedric Megissier Tr: Cedric Megissier 2200 16 Univers de Pan (6h Kenya du Pont - Gypsilore) Dr: Philippe Raugeard Tr: Philippe Raugeard 2200 by David Sanders for  

Triskell Pacha, with Franck Nivard up, rallied to win today's Q+ Prix de Langeais at Paris-Vincennes. The seven year-old gelded son of Filio Josselyn defeated 19 rivals to take the winners share of the 85,000 euro purse for owner/trainer David Cherbonnel. The race was contested over 2850 meters with finishers two through five handicapped 25 meters. The winner secured his 11th career win now with earnings of 280,320 euros. The Q+ exact order winning ticket paid 5,455 euros excluding the 3.55 million euro jackpot. January 30, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Langeais, 85,000 euro purse, 2850 meters, 20 starters, Quinte+ with jackpot 3.55 euro million  1.14.8kr 1st Triskell Pacha (7g Filio Josselyn-Derose de la Butte), Franck Nivard up for owner/trainer David Cherbonnel, 2.1/1, his 11th career win 2nd Sierra Leone (8f John Arifant-Une d'Havetot), Jean-William Hallais trainer/driver, 11/1, 25 meter handicap 3rd Starter du Rib (8g Ganymede-Jiviga), Mathier Abrivard, 31/1, 25 meter handicap 4th Sissi du Morin (8f Grassano-Haltise du Morin), Philippe Daugeard up, 10/1, 25 meter handicap 5th Tornade du Digeon (7f Jag de Bellouet-Herlane du Terme), J-M Bazire, 4.8/1, 25 meter handicap The Gr. III Prix de Verdun (2700 meters, 11 starters, 105,000 euro purse) for five year-olds was the day's racing feature and it went to Villeroi (5m Oiseau de Feux-Pocahontas-Defi d'Aunou) with trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois aboard. Villeroi recorded his fifth lifetime win and increased earnings to 255,590€ for owner Antonio De Sousa. He defeated the good Love You mare Violetta Mauzin handled by Franck Nivard. January 30, 2013 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Verdun, Gr. III, 105,000 euros purse, 2700 meters, 11 starters  1.14.4kr 1st Villeroi (5m Oiseau de Feux-Pocahontas-Defi d'Aunou), Jean-Etienne Dubois, 7.8/1, fifth career victory for earnings of 255,590 euros, owner Antonio De Sousa 2nd Violetta Mauzin (5f Love You-Ocely de la Merite), Franck Nivard, 3/1 3rd Vaillant Cash (5m Offshore Dream-Kara du Redon), Mathieu Abrivard, 3/1 4th Voluntary Dream (5m Goetmals Wood-Luna d'Odyssee), Jean-Philippe Dubois, 9/1 5th Viva la Vida (5f Quaro-Perriere), Pierre Vercruysse, 14/1 Holland's Berry's Boy took the Prix Chambery for European males over the 2700 meter grand piste. The six year-old gelded son of Love You scored in 1.14.6kr to increase career earnings to 108,750 euros with his eight lifetime win. Jan-F Van Dooyeweerd trains the winner who scored at 18/1 for reinsman Pierre Vercruysse. This pair rallied to gain a short lead after the field turned into the long stretch and held off a host of competitors for a nose verdict. Italy's Oneghin del Ronco, also by Love You, was second for J-M Bazire and trainer Vincent Tufano. January 30, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix Chambery European males, 18 starters, 48,000 euro purse, 2700 meters 1.14.6kr 1st Berry's Boy (6g Love You-Realy Furniture-Incredible Crafts), Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Jan-F Van Dooyeweerd, 18/1 odds, eighth career win for 108,750 euros in earnings (Holland) 2nd Oneghin del Ronco (6m Love You-Talia del Ronco-Park Avenue Joe), J-M Bazire up for trainer Vincenzo Tufano, 5/1 (Italy) 3rd Unix des Forges (6g Nuage de Lait-Ottawa d;Orgeres), Eric Raffin, 5.3/1 4th Uvaro Vet (6m Diamant Gede-Harmonie Chery), Bertrand Le Beller, 6.8/1 5th Omas NP (6g Brandy dei Fiori-Franciosa Fgf), Ferdinando Pisacane, 49/1 (Italy) In separate news it was reported that Prix d'Amerique winner Maharajah was returned to Sweden and will not contest the Prix de France. It was also reported that now 11 year-old Commander Crowe has returned to light training in the stable of Fabrice Souloy who stated that the veteran Swedish registered gelded campaigner would only return to the races if physically fit. The coming weekend feature at Vincennes is the 200,000 euro monte Prix de L'Ile de France. Roxane Griff heads the eight horse field, making this her third major event appearance in as many weeks. She won the Prix de Cornulier on January 19 and then raced tough in the Prix d'Amerique last Sunday. Camille Levesque ridden Quarry Bay may be a major competitor in this one. by Thomas H. Hicks for  

Sweden's Moving On took today's Quinte+ Prix de Laval at Paris-Vincennes, scoring in 1.15kr over 2700 meters for reinsman David Thomain and trainer Fabrice Souloy. This European contest resulted in a truly European winner in the five year-old daughter of US registered Quite Easy from Kings Blondie (Sweden),she a daughter of Ride The Night (Finland). Quite Easy (Andover Hall-Marita's Victory-Valley Victory) is a half-brother to US winner From Above (Donato Hanover) and his second dam, Miss Marita, also produced Mr. Vic, Passionate Glide, Master Glide and Mr. Cantab. Third dam Keystone Profile produced Act Of Grace. Quite a family! January 28, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Laval, European, 68,000€ purse, 2700 meters, 15 starters, Quinte+ 3.45€ million jackpot  1.15kr 1st Moving On (5f Quinte Easy-Kings Blondie-Ride The Night), David Thomain, 13/1. Fabrice Souloy trainer, IC Equine AB owner 2nd Vadapolina (5f Quaro-Miska des Rondes-Extreme Aunou), J-M Bazire driver/trainer, 2/1 3rd Vignia la Ravelle (5f Diamant Gede-Jirania la Ravelle-Bassano), Tony LeBeller, 4.8/1 4th Vita Bourbon (5f Love You-Kamara Bourbon-Cezio Josselyn), Mathieu Abrivard at 7.5/1 French turf press noted several outcomes from Sunday's Prix d'Amerique. Philippe Allaire reported that his Ready Cash would make his final career start in the upcoming Prix de France and would then be permanently retired to stud duty. His initial crops have been excellent. Trainer Franck Leblanc stated that Up And Quick would contest both the Prix de France and Prix de Paris and would then head to stud duty for the season. Stefan Hultman, trainer of Maharajah, said he would make a decision Friday on the Prix de France. Up And Quick The Prix d'Amerique visit by David McDuffee and trainer Richard Norman triggered speculation concerning a future European campaign for Bee A Magician, to follow in the hoof-steps of Moni Maker and her victory in France over a decade ago in 1999. by Thomas H. Hicks for  

Turbo Jet (7m Joyau d'Amour-Elite d'Atout-Sugarcane Hanover) took today's Gr. III Prix du Luxembourg, the feature event at Paris-Vincennes. Owner/trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois teamed the winner to a rallying victory at 52/1 in a race dominated at the finish by outsiders. Turbo Jet was hip 256 in last night's Arqana Trot sale and was hammered down at 100,000 euro but did not sell. He captured the winner's share of today's 110,000 euro purse covering 2100 meters autostart in 1.11.8kr defeating Unabella Perrine and reinsman Franck Ouvrie and Talicia Bella third for Anthony Barrier up for owner/trainer J-P Marmion. Turbo Jet now has 13 career wins for earnings of 434,100 euro. Favored Beckman, off at even money, ended unplaced with On Track Piraten sixth after leading the pack much of the way. On Track Piraten easily defeated Maharajah two weeks ago in Sweden. Other contenders Maxwell Mayday was tenth today and Caballion ended ninth. The top five finishers in this race were off at odds 52, 30, 12, 89, and 64/1, respectively. January 25, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix du Luxembourg, Gr. III International, 110,000 euro purse, 2100 meters autostart 1.11.8kr 1st Fractions: 1.06.2kr at 1500, 1.11kr at 1000, 1.11.4kr at 500, 1.11.8kr finish 2nd Turbo Jet (7m Joyau d'Amour-Elite d'Atout-Sugarcane Hanover), Jean-Etienne Dubois at 52/1 3rd Unabella Perrine (6f Diamant Gede-Minnie Perrine-Viking Sun), Anthony Barrier at 12/1 4th Rubis Darpet (9g Kaiser Soze-Betty de la Noe-Kimberland), Eric Raffin at 89/1 5th Oropura Bar (6m Love You-Ubatuba Oaks-Armbro Goal), Marco Smorgon up, 64/1 (Italy) 6th On Track Piraten (6g Kool du Caux-Monrovia-Rite On Line), Jos. Verbeeck, 2/1 odds (Sweden) by Thomas H. Hicks for  

Today marked the first session of the annual Grand Prix d'Amerique Mixed Sale conducted by Arqana Trot. Comprised of young, lightly raced and unraced stock, the initial session saw 71 horses offered of which 62%, or 44, sold for an aggregate value of 251,500 euro, an average of 5,716 euro. Sale topper was hip 53, the three year-old colt Bold de Tonnerre (by Diamant Gede) that brought 15,000 euro off a qualifying effort at La Capelle. Session #2 on Thursday is comprised of only stallion shares, including those of Goetmals Wood, Password, Quaker Jet, Royal Dream, Sam Bourbon, Texas Charm, The Best Madrik, Timoko and Up And Quick. Racing continued at Paris-Vincennes and Cagnes sur Mer on Tuesday-Wednesday with much European influence in races so designated. The feature today at Cagnes sur Mer was the 55,000 euro purse Prix Une de Mai over 2925 meters with 17 starters. This Quinte+ race of the day (jackpot 3.15 million euro) went to Tailor handled by trainer Yannick Briand. Tailor increased career earnings to over 189.000 euro with the 1.14.2kr win, his 13th lifetime victory. The Quinte+ exact order payoff was 15,470 euro for a two euro wager. January 22, 2014, Cagnes sur mer, Prix Une de Mai, 55,000 euro purse, 2925 meters, 17 starters, Quinte+ with 3.15 million euro jackpot  1.14.2kr 1st Tailor (7m Intrepide-Une Gamine-Hetre Vert), Yannick A. Briand driver/trainer, 2.7/1, 13th career win for 189,940 euros won 2nd Roller Quick (9m Derby du Gite-Arquebuse-Florestan), Jean Uroz trainer/driver at 7.3/1 3rd Superdu Chatelet (8g Jag de Bellouet-Jaina du Chatelet-Jet du Vivier), Roland Jaffrelot up at 16/1 Three year-olds competed in the Prix du Perigord today on the shore at Cagnes sur Mer with Busquesda taking victory at 18/1 for Laurent Fresneau. Favored Blanco du Biwetz was second for Christophe Martens with Black Blues third for Jean-Pierre Dubois. Black Blues is cataloged to sell Friday at the Arqana Trot Prix d'Amerique Sale. January 22, 2014, Cagnes sur mer - Prix du Perigord, 16,000 euro purse, 2125 meters, 9 starters  1.17.9kr 1st Busquesda (3f Repeat Love-Quelette-Hasting), Laurent Fresneau trainer/driver/owner, 18/1 odds 2nd Blanco du Biwetz (3m Orlando Vici-Lio du Biwetz-Capriccio), Christophe Martens up at 3/2 3rd Black Blues (3m Sam Bourbon-Scarlet Lady-Kaisy Dream), Jean-Pierre Dubois driver/owner at 3/1 The Prix de Pont-Audemer showcased European males on Tuesday at Paris-Vincennes for a 58,000 euro purse over the sprinter distance of 2100 meters autostart. The Peter J. Strooper trained Duke Of Greenwood prevailed for reinsman Hugo Langeweg, Jr. in 1.14kr in a front-stepping score. The German registered trotter increased his earnings to over 101,000 euro. Jos. Verbeeck was second with a son of Ready Cash named Alto de Viette that closed strongly for second at 20/1 ahead of Renoir Dany and Italy's Marco Smorgon, off at 15/1. Another Italian performer was fifth, that being the Infinitif colt Rue du Bac, he from Ici by Diamond Way. January 21, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Pont-Audemer, European males, 58,000 euro purse, 2100 meters autostart, 11 starters  1.14kr 1st Duke of Greenwood (4m Otello Pierji-Nikki Groenhof-Meadow Road), Hugo Langeweg, Jr. up for trainer P.J. Strooper and owner Michel F. Rothengatter, his third win for 101,836 euro (Germany) 2nd Alto de Viette (4m Ready Cash-Mini Ceinture-Dahir de Prelong), Jos. Verbeeck up at 20/1 3rd Renoir Dany (4m Varenne-Nikita November-Viking Kronos), Marco Smorgon up at 15.1 (Italy) 4th Amazon du Floriange (4g Echo-Peoleta-Ganymede), Loic Guinoiseau up at 12/1 5th Rue du Bac (4m Infinitif-Ici-Diamond Way), Eric Raffin up at 4/1, bred by Scuderia Bolgheri (Italy) European monte practitioners contested the 62,000 euro Prix de Dieppe over 2700 meters. Mathieu Abrivard prevailed with his partner, the seven year-old mare Tuanita d'Occagnes in 1.14.4kr. The mare recorded her fifth career win and increased earnings to over 227,000 euro. January 21, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Dieppe, European monte, 62,000 euro purse, 2700 meters, 16 starters 1.14.4kr 1st Tuanita d'Occagnes (7f Tenor de Baune-Juanita d'Occagnes-Quadrophenio), Mathieu Abrivard up at 7.2/1; her fifth career win for 227,740 euros lifetime 2nd Tsar de Houelle (7g Baccarat du Pont-Vanita de la Motte-Granit), Franck Nivard up at 4.3/1 for trainer Franck Leblanc 3rd Surlando de Viette (8g Quadrophenio-Jolimira-Workaholic), Sebastien Emmanuel Pasquier up at 37/1 Another European event, the 90,000 euro Prix de Mironde with 17 starters, went to the Franck Nivard teamed Vulcain de Vandel in 1.14.2kr over the classic 2700 meter distance. German invader Dream Magic BE was a good second for Josef Franzl at 35/1. He's by Dream Vacation from a Defi d'Aunou mare. January 21, 2014 Paris-Vincennes, Prix de Mironde, European, 90,000 euro purse, 17 starters  1.14.2kr 1st Vulcain de Vandel (5m Jag de Bellouet-Ophelia de Vandel-Defi d'Aunou), Franck Nivard up at 2.2/1; his seventh career win for 179,550 euro 2nd Dream Magic BE (5m Dream Vacation-Dentesca Cla-Defi d'Aunou), Josef Franzl aboard the German invader at 35/1 3rd Vicomte Boufarcaux (5m Oh James-Olympe du Bouford-Eclat de la Crau), Yohan Lebourgeois up at 71/1 by Thomas H. Hicks for            

The superb six year-old Up And Quick moved three wide early to gain command for J-M Bazire and then drew away from rivals to win the Gr. II International Prix Tenor de Baune, the second last major event before the Prix d'Amerique. Franck Leblanc conditions the winner for Ecurie Quick Star. Longshot Unabella Perrine was second at 25/1. Uhlan du Val, off as 3/1 second choice, was fourth ahead of two entrants from Sweden, Rocky Winner (by Credit Winner) and Disco AE (by Scarlet Knight). None were a match for the winner. January 12, 2014 Paris-Vincennes - Prix Tenor de Baune, Gr. II International UET Masters Series, 120,000 euro purse, 2700 meters turning start, 10 starters 1.13.3kr Fractions:1.15kr at 1500; 1.13.5kr at 1000, 1.13.7kr at 500, 1.13.3kr finish 1st Up And Quick (6m Buvetier d'Aunou-Fichtre-Quiton du Coral), J-M Bazire up for Ecurie Quick Star and trainer Franck Leblanc, his 10th career win for earning in excess of 880,000 euro, odds 0.7/1 as favorite 2nd Unabella Perrine (6f Diamant Gede-Minnie Perrine-Viking Sun), Franck Ouvrie up at 25/1 3rd Une Fille d'Amour (6f Infant du Bassis-Never So Great-Ever Jet), David Thomain up at 7.5/1 4th hlan du Val (6m Islero de Bellouet-Indiana Beautiful-Beautiful Somolli), Cedric Megissier trainer/driver, 3/1 odds 5th Rocky Winner (6m Credit Winner-Level Fortytwo-Arnaquer), Dominik Locqueneux up for Jorgen Westholm trainer, 17/1 odds 6th Disco AE (6m Scarlet Knight-Queen AR-Super Arnie), Eric Raffin up for Stefan Melander owner/trainer, 57/1 The winner's pedigree is productive, he being sired by legendary Buvetier d'Aunou (Royal Prestige-Nesmile-Caprior) from the mare Fichtre by Quiton du Coral. She is dam of seven foals, six winners ranging in life earnings from 99,000 euro to 880,000 euro, and each by a different sire. Up And Quick's pedigree is 63% French trotter and 37% standardbred with a 1.7% inbreeding coefficient. Up And Quick is in fact quick and able to go the distance. He'll be a likely contender in the Prix d'Amerique, at least among the youngsters first tackling the full-scale veteran, top-level, international players. by Thomas H. Hicks for   

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