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Exciting times as the first BETTING LINE yearlings in New Zealand go under the hammer and a quality list of very well bred harness racing horses across the four days of the sales from Somebeachsomewhere, Captaintreacherous, Well Said and Western Terror. Lots 5-122 below will be sold at the Karaka Sales in Auckland 16 & 17 February Lots 185-382 will be sold at the Canterbury Sales in Christchurch 18 & 19 February You can access the entire catalogue through the NZB logo at the bottom of the email or click on the individual photo for the full pedigree of that lot - below is a listing of the outstanding colts and fillies available by our exceptional stallions: Lot 5 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Christian Cullen mare)   Lot 44 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 50 - BETTING LINE colt (from Artiscape mare) Lot 67 - BETTING LINE colt (from Presidential Ball mare) Lot 87 - BETTING LINE filly (from Falcon Seelster mare) Lot 122 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 186 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Artsplace mare) Lot 201 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from American Ideal mare) Lot 210 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 212 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 227 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Dream Away mare) Lot 230 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 241 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 256 - BETTING LINE colt (from Courage Under Fire mare) Lot 263 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 268 - BETTING LINE filly (from Somebeachsomewhere mare) Lot 278 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Rocknroll Hanover mare) Lot 310 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 319 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 344 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 352 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 364 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 374 - BETTING LINE colt (from Dream Army mare) Lot 381 - BETTING LINE filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 36 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Art Major mare) Lot 47 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Artsplace mare) Lot 54 - BETTING LINE filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 75 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 96 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 185 - BETTING LINE colt (from American Ideal mare) Lot 193 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 203 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 211 - BETTING LINE filly (from Big Jim mare) Lot 220 - WELL SAID filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 228 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 235 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Life Sign mare) Lot 250 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 258 - BETTING LINE colt (from Holmes Hanover mare) Lot 266 - WELL SAID filly (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 267 - BETTING LINE filly (from Artsplace mare) Lot 277 - BETTING LINE filly (from Artsplace mare) Lot 297 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Live Or Die mare) Lot 318 - BETTING LINE colt (from Rocknroll Hanover mare) Lot 338 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Shadow Play mare) Lot 350 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 362 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 365 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Presidential Ball mare) Lot 380 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 382 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Artsplace mare)

Eight current and past Empire Stallions sires will have yearlings going through the sale ring at Inglis Oaklands on Sunday - a great opportunity for harness racing buyers to secure terrific race horses and outstanding bloodlines. SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE World's most prolific pacing sire with North American progeny earnings over $131M including 17 millionaires and 13 World Champions BETTING LINE A double World Champion and Bettor's Delight's fastest ever son with a world record in the Little Brown Jug & winner of the $1M North America Cup CAPTAINTREACHEROUS World's leading sire from first two crops to race - an incredible 147 winners of $14.2M from 178 starters FOUR STARZZZ SHARK Sire of 285 individual winners of over $17.7M including Australian champions Lennytheshark & Frith HESTON BLUE CHIP American Ideal's richest son and USA 3YO Colt of the Year - first two US crops to race secured over $2M in earnings WELL SAID Sensational international sire with worldwide progeny earnings of over $45M WESTERN TERROR A proven super sire with worldwide progeny earnings of over $105M including 12 millionaires and 449 in 1:55 or faster PET ROCK Triple world champion with first two crops in Australia securing over $1.3M in earnings already You can access the entire catalogue through the APG Logo at the bottom of the email or click on each photo for the individual's pedigree - below is a listing of the outstanding colts and fillies available by our exceptional stallions, including the first lot of Betting Line yearlings to go under the hammer in the south.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lot 53 - WELL SAID filly (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 59 - PET ROCK colt (from Jereme's Jet mare)                                                                                             Lot 65 - BETTING LINE filly (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 68 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Courage Under Fire mare)                                                                                             Lot 78 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Denver Gift mare)                                                                                             Lot 81 - BETTING LINE colt (from Armbro Operative mare)                                                                                             Lot 87 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 90 - BETTING LINE colt (from Grinfromeartoear mare)                                                                                             Lot 93 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Fake Left mare)                                                                                             Lot 98 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 107 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 115 - PET ROCK colt (from Four Starzzz Shark mare)                                                                                             Lot 119 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Live or Die mare)                                                                                             Lot 121 - BETTING LINE filly (from Mach Three mare)                                                                                             Lot 124 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Courage Under Fire mare)                                                                                             Lot 128 - PET ROCK filly (from Courage Under Fire mare)                                                                                             Lot 134 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK filly (from American Ideal mare)                                                                                             Lot 144 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK filly (from Badlands H anover mare)                                                                                             Lot 149 - PET ROCK filly (from Mach Three mare)                                                                                             Lot 151 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 159 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Live Or Die mare)                                                                                             Lot 169 - WELL SAID filly (from Camluck mare)                                                                                             Lot 171 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 178 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK colt (from Armbro Operative mare)                                                                                             Lot 186 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 191 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Troublemaker mare)                                                                                             Lot 206 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Dream Away mare)                                                                                             Lot 214 - BETTING LINE filly (from McArdle mare)                                                                                             Lot 222 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Cams Card Shark mare)                                                                                             Lot 233 - BETTING LINE colt (from Artsplace mare)                                                                                             Lot 236 - WELL SAID colt (from Aces N Sevens mare)                                                                                             Lot 242 - BETTING LINE colt (from Life Sign mare)                                                                                             Lot 247 - BETTING LINE filly (from Perfect Art mare)                                                                                             Lot 250 - BETTING LINE colt (from Christian Cullen mare)                                                                                                                                                                                         Lot 57 - BETTING LINE gelding (from Trump Casino mare)                                                                                             Lot 62 - WESTERN TERROR filly (from Torado Hanover mare)                                                                                             Lot 66 - BETTING LINE colt (from Safely Kept mare)                                                                                             Lot 70 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 79 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 86 - HESTON BLUE CHIP colt (from Badlands Hanover mare)                                                                                             Lot 89 - BETTING LINE colt (from Rock N Roll Heaven mare)                                                                                             Lot 92 - WELL SAID filly (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 95 - PET ROCK filly (from What's Next mare)                                                                                             Lot 103 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Christian Cullen mare)                                                                                             Lot 112 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Western Ideal mare)                                                                                             Lot 117 - BETTING LINE filly (from Blissfull Hall mare)                                                                                             Lot 120 - BETTING LINE colt (from American Ideal mare)                                                                                             Lot 123 - BETTING LINE filly (from Island Fantasy mare)                                                                                             Lot 127 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from McArdle mare)                                                                                             Lot 131 - WELL SAID colt (from Crouch mare)                                                                                             Lot 138 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Armbro Operative mare)                                                                                             Lot 146 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK colt (from Western Hanover mare)                                                                                             Lot 150 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Four Starzzz Shark mare)                                                                                             Lot 154 - BETTING LINE colt (from Courage Under Fire mare)                                                                                             Lot 168 - BETTING LINE colt (from Falcon Seelster mare)                                                                                             Lot 170 - BETTING LINE filly (from Astreos mare)                                                                                             Lot 172 - PET ROCK colt (from Modern Art mare)                                                                                             Lot 185 - PET ROCK colt (from Art Major mare)                                                                                             Lot 187 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK colt (from Live Or Die mare)                                                                                             Lot 205 - 

Congratulations on a terrific 2019-20 harness racing breeding season. The whole team at Empire would like to thank all our clients for choosing the World Class Sires on offer at Empire Stallions this breeding season; we look forward to seeing lots of healthy foals on the ground come September. Of course it's now sales season, and as always, we will be putting out a comprehensive guide to the lots on offer by Empire sires across the Australian Pacing Gold yearling drafts, starting below with these lots on offer at the Brisbane sale on Sunday 26 January - including the first BETTING LINE yearlings to go under the hammer in Australia. For those chasing a quick return from their sales purchases it's worth noting the Captaintreacherous topped the USA 2YO Pacing Money Winning Sires table for 2019 with his progeny earning over $4.4M, and Somebeachsomewhere in second with $3.2M - over a million dollars ahead of the next sires on the list, which include Pet Rock ($1.01M).                                                                 Lot 1 CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt (from Famous Forever mare)                                                                                             Lot 6 BETTING LINE colt (from Christian Cullen mare)                                                                                             Lot 8 BETTING LINE colt (from Bookmaker mare)                                                                                             Lot 24 WESTERN TERROR colt (from Flightpath mare)                                                                                             Lot 33 CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly (from Rock N Roll Heaven mare)                                                                                             Lot 37 SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Courage Under Fire mare)                                                                                                                                                                                         Lot 3 BETTING LINE filly (from Major In Art mare)                                                                                             Lot 7 SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE colt (from Bettors Delight mare)                                                                                             Lot 13 BETTING LINE colt   (from Perfect Art mare)                                                                                             Lot 26 PET ROCK filly (from Perfect Art mare)                                                                                             Lot 35 BETTING LINE colt (from Art Major mare)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Click the Sale Logo to see the full Brisbane catalogue and all the pedigrees.   Best of luck to all our consignors - we genuinely appreciate your ongoing support!                                                                                                                                                                                                     317 Tarcombe Road AVENEL VIC 3664 AUSTRALIA p 03 5796 2122    f 03 5796 2137 Australian sales - Les Joslin 0410 414 671 

Sydney offers another opportunity to buy a quality harness racing lot by an Empire sire You can access the entire catalogue through the APG Logo at the bottom of this page or view an individual pedigree by clicking on the photo - below is a listing of the outstanding colts and fillies available by our exceptional stallions, including more of the first draft by Captaintreacherous and Artspeak yearlings, and a rare Rocknroll Hanover lot. Lot 301 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Live Or Die mare) Lot 308 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREfilly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 319 - HESTON BLUE CHIP filly (from Sportswriter mare) Lot 324 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Armbro Operative mare) Lot 334 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Grinfromeartoear mare) Lot 343 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Panorama mare) Lot 348 - WELL SAID colt (from Safely Kept mare) Lot 369 - PET ROCK filly (from Jenna's Beach Boy mare) Lot 382 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREfilly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 387 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK filly (from Sokys Atom mare) Lot 397 - HESTON BLUE CHIP colt (from Stature mare) Lot 404 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Art Major mare) Lot 413 - WELL SAID filly (from Perfect Art mare) Lot 422 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Grinfromeartoear mare) Lot 432 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Jeremes Jet mare) Lot 438 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Presidential Ball mare) Lot 440A - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHERE filly (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 447 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREfilly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 460 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Safely Kept mare) Lot 470 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Bettors Delight mare) Lot 478 - ARTSPEAK colt (from Presidential Ball mare) Lot 481 - WELL SAID filly (from Mach Three mare) Lot 491 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Jeremes Jet mare) Lot 494 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREfilly (from McArdle mare) Lot 305 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREcolt (from Falcon Seelster mare) Lot 318 - HESTON BLUE CHIP filly (from Golden Greek mare) Lot 323 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREcolt (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 328 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREcolt (from Western Hanover mare) Lot 336 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Northern Luck mare) Lot 345 - WESTERN TERROR filly (from Falcon Seelster mare) Lot 357 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Life Sign mare) Lot 381 - ROCKNROLL HANOVER colt (from Courage Under Fire mare) Lot 386 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 389 - PET ROCK filly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 400 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Mystical Prince mare) Lot 412 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Mystical Prince mare) Lot 420 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Christian Cullen mare) Lot 426 - HESTON BLUE CHIP filly (from Panoramamare) Lot 435 - PET ROCK colt (from Western Terror mare) Lot 439 - WESTERN TERROR colt (from Courage Under Fire mare) Lot 445 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREcolt (from Sportswriter mare) Lot 451 - WESTERN TERROR filly (from Mach Three mare) Lot 469 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Troublemaker mare) Lot 475 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREcolt (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 480 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUSfilly (from Art Major mare) Lot 485 - SOMEBEACHSOMEWHEREfilly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Other Empire Sired Lots Lot 302 - ARTSPEAK filly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 311 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Life Sign mare) Lot 313 - HESTON BLUE CHIP filly (from Four Starzzz Shark mare) Lot 321 - PET ROCK colt (from Armbro Operative mare) Lot 358 - MODERN ART filly (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 380 - MODERN ART colt (from Village Jasper mare) Lot 398 - ARTSPEAK colt (from Mach Three mare) Lot 409 - ARTSPEAK colt (from Riverboat King mare) Lot 462 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUScolt (from Badlands Hanover mare) Lot 463 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK filly (from Seahawk Hanover mare) Lot 476 - PET ROCK colt (from Village Jasper mare) Lot 490 - FOUR STARZZZ SHARK filly (from Courage Under Fire mare)

The Australian Pacing Gold Yearling Sale in Melbourne on Sunday February 3rd was a great day for the harness racing Victorian breeding establishment Empire Stallions. In total, 84 of the 225 catalogued yearlings were sired by the Empire stallions and what a terrific group they were! Sale numbers show that Captaintreacherous and his sire Somebeachsomewhere gave the APG Yearling Sale more firepower than ever this year with their yearlings grossing $1,554,000. Seven of the top ten highest priced sale yearlings were by Somebeachsomewhere or Captaintreacherous. The first Australian yearling crop from the USA two-year-old boom sire Captaintreacherous led ALL sale sires with his average of $45,715.  In total, 9 colts and 5 fillies by Captaintreacherous went through the ring with his top-price selling for $82,500 for the outstanding colt out of Behappysam NZ, the dam of two $150,000+ winners. Tim Bunning, who owns his promising 2YO brother by Mach Three, signed for the colt. Lot #135, another colt by Captaintreacherous, out of the Art Major mare The Baggy Green was purchased by the U.S. partnership of Marc Hanover & Gordon Banks for $78,000. Selling for $70,000 was Lot #116, the Captaintreacherous colt out of Slip Slop Slap by Perfect Art. The striking individual is a half-brother to the 2018 Chariots of Fire Champion Jilliby Kung Fu p,1:48.8 ($526,710).  Also selling for $70,000 was Lot #162, another Captaintreacherous colt, out of Always A Target, a sister to the sensational Four Starzzz Shark (GR1) winning mare Milly Perez p,1:52.7 ($343,882). Somebeachsomewhere also had an exceptional sale selling 23 lots including the top priced yearling of the day. The very impressive colt out of the Western Ideal mare Ideal Priority, a full-brother to the Australian 2 & 3YO Filly of the Year & Breeders Crown Champion Petacular p,1:55.6 ($454,083), stole the show bringing $130,000. The colt, consigned by Durham Park of Victoria, was purchased by Tom Hogan. Lot #206, a gorgeous Somebeachsomewhere colt out of Dreams Of Heaven by Safely Kept, was sold for $95,000 by breeder Susan Wegmann and is a full brother to the multiple GR1 Winning Champion Menin Gate p,1:54.3 ($574,758). The Somebeachsomewhere filly out of the 100% producing Live Or Die broodmare Perfect Life was knocked down at $80,000 and went to Justin Baker. Victorian trainer Mattie Craven was all smiles when he signed for Lot #197 for $70,000 – a stunning Somebeachsomewhere colt out of a half-sister to Lazarus consigned by Benstud Standardbreds. A list of all sales results can be found at Hernesslink Media

The whole team at Empire would like to thank all their harness racing clients for choosing the World Class Sires on offer at Empire Stallions this breeding season. We look forward to seeing lots of healthy foals on the ground come September and can't wait to see the first Australasian crop of our newest Sires, LENNYTHESHARK and HUNTSVILLE. FINAL COLLECTION DATES Monday 14 January *  Wednesday 16 January *  Friday 18 January Arrange your bookings here to avoid disappointment Of course it's now sales season, and as always, we will be putting out a comprehensive guide to the lots on offer by Empire sires across the Australian Pacing Gold yearling drafts, starting below with these lots on offer at the Brisbane sale on Sunday 27 January - including the first CAPTAINTREACHEROUS and ARTSPEAK yearlings to go under the hammer in Australia: Lot 1 - ARTSPEAK filly from an Art Major mare Lot 2 - PET ROCK colt from a Holmes Hanover mare Lot 5 - WESTERN TERROR colt from a Classic Garry mare Lot 8 - WESTERN TERROR filly from a Mach Three mare Lot 13 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS filly from an Art Major mare Lot 16 - CAPTAINTREACHEROUS colt from a Famous Forever mare Lot 20 - WESTERN TERROR filly from a Fake Left mare Lot 30 - ARTSPEAK colt from a Perfect Art mare Lot 12  WESTERN TERROR filly (from Artistic Fella mare) Lot 40 ARTSPEAK filly (from Bettor's Delight mare) Lot 14 HESTON BLUE CHIP colt (from Perfect Art mare) Lot 34 HESTON BLUE CHIP colt (from Island Fantasy mare) Lot 45 ARTSPEAK filly (from Art Major mare) Click the Sale Logo to see the full Brisbane catalogue and all the pedigrees. Best of luck to all our consignors - we genuinely appreciate your ongoing support! 317 Tarcombe Road AVENEL VIC 3664 AUSTRALIA p 03 5796 2122    f 03 5796 2137 Australian sales - Les Joslin 0410 414 671 Facebook Twitter Website Email Copyright © 2019 Empire Stallions, All rights reserved.  Welcome to updates from Empire Stallions - World Class Sires  Our mailing address is:  Empire Stallions 317 Tarcombe Road AVENEL, VIC 3664 Australia Add us to your address book

Empire Stallions in Avenel, Victoria proudly announces superstar Australian harness racing 'Horse of the Year' Lennytheshark p,2,1:57.2; 3,1:55.9; 1:49.2 ($3,007,585) has been retired and will join their powerhouse stallion line up for the upcoming 2018/19 breeding season. One of Australia’s greatest racehorses to ever have looked through a bridle, Lennytheshark raced against and defeated the very best of his generation. In 82 lifetime starts – “Lenny” racked up an impressive 39 wins, 20 seconds and 13 thirds while banking over $3 million in earnings. He also has a remarkable 23 Group victories to his credit with 7 at Group 1 level. An outstanding juvenile performer at 2 & 3 winning 9 times, Lennytheshark signalled his potential for greatness right from the start. At two, conditioned by John Justice, Lenny won a heat of the Vicbred Super Series as well as his semi-final for the Australasian Breeders Crown earning a two-year-old mark of 1:57.2. As a three-year-old, Lenny returned to score further wins in a heat of the Victoria Derby and semi-final of the Empire Vicbred Super Series. Lennytheshark posted his first Group 1 triumph in the $200,000 NSW Derby at Tabcorp Park Menangle where his performance was nothing short of brilliant - he paced his last two quarters in 27.2 and :27.4 respectively for a mile rate of 1:57.3 over 2400m. Transferred to the David Aiken stable at 4, Lenny remained perfect for that season winning 6 races in 6 starts including a clean sweep of the Empire Vicbred Super Series posting wins in a heat, semi-final and the $100,000 4YO (GR1) Final. As talented as Lenny was at 2, 3 & 4, it was as an Aged horse where he excelled in the open ranks and elevated his status as a hero for the sport. He was a formidable competitor winning back to back Victoria Cups (2016 & 2017) as well as the $100,000 Canadian Club Sprint. It was his victory in the 2016 $1.3 Million Inter Dominion Grand Final in Perth that stamped Lenny as the premier pacer in the country.  He turned in yet another stunning performance winning the Final in 1:54.8 for the 2,536 metre journey after sitting parked outside the leader. And, who can forget the images of “The Shark” happily swimming at the beach in Perth days before the Final with his trainer smiling widely on his back. If you weren’t a Lenny fan before seeing those photos, you sure were afterwards. He was a wonderful ambassador for the sport! Inter Dominion Final Of all the memorable moments Lennytheshark gave us during his illustrious career, without a doubt, his most exciting performance was in the GR1 $750,000 Miracle Mile. In a star-studded field that included Lazarus, Hector Jayjay and Our Waikiki Beach, Lenny faced the breeze nearly the entire mile. He showed tremendous heart, grit and determination when he fought hard to put his head in front on the line to stop the clock in a new lifetime mark of 1:49.2. Lenny’s regular pilot was Australia’s champion reinsman Chris Alford, who said “He is the best horse I have ever driven – full stop. LENNY’s win in the Miracle Mile was that of a very special horse. It really showcased his incredible will to win.” Miracle Mile It’s no surprise Lenny was destined for stardom – his pedigree is loaded with black type performers. His sire, Four Starzzz Shark has made his mark as one of the leading international sires in the industry. Worldwide, Four Starzzz Shark has sired the winners of nearly $50 Million with 543 Winners, 16 in 1:50, 198 in 1:55 or faster, 121 $100,000+ Earners, 5 World Champions and 3 Millionaires. Each season, Four Starzzz Shark continues to sire talented colts and fillies alike that are highly competitive winning throughout Australia at every level including the sensational multiple Oaks Winner & Breeders Crown Champ FRITH p,1:50.1 ($1,180,345), the 2018 Chariots of Fire Winner Jilliby Kung Fu p,1:48.8 ($506,710) and the NSW Breeders Challenge 2YO Filly Champion Molly Kelly p,1:54.8 ($260,080) – just to name a few. Lennytheshark’s dam is the 2016 Australian Broodmare of the Year Botswana. Not only does Botswana’s resume include Lenny, but she is also dam of the 2YO Australasian Breeders Crown Filly Champion Led Suitcase p,1:55.8 ($261,395) and the WA Sales Classic Winner Blissfull Boy p,1:54.3 ($241,970) - both by the former Empire Stallion Blissfull Hall. Lenny’s second dam, Lourenco Marques is the dam of 7 winners including the GR1 Australian Oaks winner Newbold Penny, Penny Veejay p,1:54 ($387,114) and Lord Marques p,1:52.8 ($214,830), etc. One of Lenny’s greatest attributes was his versatility. He had an uncanny ability to win on any sized track, over any distance, racing on the front end, in the death or coming from behind. Trainer David Aiken said this about his star pupil. “Lennytheshark is the complete package. He had brilliant high speed and a faultless gait which enabled him to run fast times on smaller tracks. Lenny was a once in a lifetime horse – he has a special place in my heart and he has stolen the hearts of racing fans all over the country. I can’t wait to see what he does as a sire.” Lenny is a spectacular looking bay stallion standing 15.3 hands with outstanding conformation, an excellent temperament and a fondness for apples. It makes perfect sense that he would begin his stallion career in Victoria as he is truly an all-Victorian horse. He was bred by Kevin Newbound’s Forest Lodge Standardbreds, is owned by Kevin & Martin Riseley and family, trained by John Justice & David Aiken, driven by Chris Alford and sired by a Victorian-based stallion out of a mare by another Victorian-based stallion the late ALBERT ALBERT. “We are very excited to be standing Lennytheshark this season” said Empire principal David James. “We have followed his career with great enthusiasm and cheered him on every step of the way. His credentials are second to none and we believe that he will have wide appeal to breeders. His progeny should be highly sought at the yearling sales and we are certain that Lenny’s legacy will continue through his sons and daughters.” Lennytheshark’s progeny will be Vicbred, Breeders Crown, Bathurst Gold Crown, SA Southern Cross and NSW Breeders Challenge eligible – conditions apply.

Sensational USA two-year-old Pacer of the Year and World Champion Huntsville (p,2,1:49; 3,1:47.4 ($1,704,242)) has been issued an international passport and is headed to Empire Stallions in Victoria to stand the upcoming 2018-19 breeding season. In one of the deepest crops in recent history, Huntsville defeated the best of his generation on his way to accumulating 15 wins and nine placings from 25 lifetime starts at two and three while banking over $1.7 million in earnings. From the minute Huntsville first set his hooves on a racetrack it was evident he was destined for greatness. In his very first 2YO trial at The Meadowlands, Huntsville blew by his competitors with a 27.1 final quarter to win in 1:54.2. During his two-year-old season, Huntsville was never worse than second in 11 starts with seven victories and earnings of $689,814. In a six-race win streak that culminated with his dominant win in the $600,000 Breeders Crown Final, Huntsville captured the Tyler B Pennsylvania Sire Stake, the $252,000 Pennsylvania Sire Stakes Championship, the $66,000 Bluegrass Stake, the $65,000 International Stallion Stake and the Breeders Crown elimination. Huntsville provided many great moments during his two-year-old campaign, but his exciting win in the Bluegrass Stake with a 26.3 last quarter in the mud at The Red Mile was an eye-opener. And, he came right back the following week with yet another extraordinary performance pacing 26.4 in both his last two quarters to win the International Stallion Stake in a 2YO World Record of 1:49. Despite a 54.1 first half-mile in the Breeders Crown Final, Huntsville used a bold middle move to secure command of the lead and went on to capture the Crown by two lengths in 1:49.1 – setting a Meadowlands track record and missing the stakes record by only a fifth of second. Huntsville completed this Championship season as the both the richest and fastest 2YO of the year and was voted the USA 2YO Pacing Colt of 2016. Huntsville returned at three to high expectations and he did not disappoint. In 14 starts, he was only out of the money once winning eight races and placing five times earning a further $1,014,428. He lowered his lifetime record to 1:47.4 making him the fastest three-year-old of 2017. He won eliminations for the Adios Stake in a brilliant 1:49.3 over the Meadows 5/8ths mile oval, the North America Cup at Mohawk Raceway in 1:49.1 and The Meadowlands Pace in 1:48.4 with a sizzling 26.2 last quarter. Huntsville was also victorious in the $160,000 Jenna’s Beach Boy Stake at Hoosier Park with an impressive gate to wire win in 1:49.1. In the $334,000 Cane Pace, Huntsville proved he could be just as effective at a distance as he was over a mile. He turned in another stellar performance leading every step of the way winning the 1 1/8 mile contest (1,800 metres) in 2:03 at The Meadowlands. Without a doubt, the highlight of Huntsville’s three-year-old season was his thrilling win in the $738,000 Meadowlands Pace. Huntsville got away fourth and issued a backstretch charge to grab the lead flashing past the three-quarter pole in a torrid 1:20.3. In an epic display of guts and determination, Huntsville dug down deep in the stretch to hold off his challengers while achieving a new career best of 1:47.4. Huntsville retired at three to begin stallion duty at Cameo Hills Farm in the very competitive state of New York where he has served a full book of quality mares in 2018. It’s no wonder Huntsville excelled on the racetrack – his pedigree is nothing short of royalty. His sire, the late Somebeachsomewhere needs no introduction. From only six North American crops to race, he is the sire of 560 winners from 618 foals, 456 in 1:55, 60 in 1:50 or faster and the winners of over $91 million. Last year, he became the only sire in history whose progeny earned over $20 million in a single season. In Australia, Beach has sired 185 winners from 219 starters who have earned nearly $10 million including the standout Group 1 Champions Our Waikiki Beach p,1:50.4 ($912,294), Menin Gate p,1:54.3 ($557,259), Petacular p,1:55.6 ($378,1990) and Poster Boy p,3,1:54.1 ($378,190) – just to name a few. Huntsville dam Wild West Show p,4,1:42.4 ($217,714) is by Western Hanover out of the Artsplace mare Sweet On Art combining two of the most influential sire lines in modern history. To date, she is the dam of five foals of racing age for five winners with two in 1:50 and four in 1:55 or faster. In 2017, she received the prestigious honour of USA Broodmare of the Year. She is currently in foal to another Empire stallion – Betting Line. Huntsville is a magnificent dark bay stallion standing 16 hands who was a fierce competitor with tremendous heart and a strong will to win, outstanding conformation and excellent fertility. “We are very excited with the addition of Huntsville to our line-up this season,” Empire principal David James said. “Huntsville is one of Somebeachsomewhere’s best sons and his credentials speak for themselves. We believe Huntsville will continue to carry on the legacy of his esteemed sire and play a significant role in the future Australian racing scene.” Huntsville will stand for a very attractive fee of $6,000 including GST and discounts will apply. His progeny will be Vicbred, Breeders Crown, NSW Breeders Challenge, Bathurst Gold Crown and SA Southern Cross eligible – conditions apply.   Peter Wharton

Empire Stallions (NZ) has reached an agreement with Noel Kennard and his experienced sales and management team to act as their New Zealand representatives effective immediately following the decision of Ron Burrell to retire. Ron has served as general manager of Empire’s New Zealand operations for the past six years. After 47 years of racing, breeding and managing stallion careers, Ron has decided to relocate to the Gold Coast with his wife Lilian to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren and he is looking forward to enjoying their well-deserved retirement. “Ron has been a wonderful friend and asset to Empire” said David James, principle of Empire Stallions. “He is dedicated, loyal and his organizational and accounting skills are second to none. We wish to thank Ron for all his efforts on Empire’s behalf and while he will be greatly missed, we wish him and his family health and happiness in this new phase of their lives. Ron and Noel have agreed to work together during the next few months to ensure a smooth management transition.” David James stated that “we have found the perfect solution to Ron’s retirement with Noel Kennard’s outstanding team. Noel has been a leading figure in all facets of the New Zealand Standardbred breeding industry for many years and with his experience and extensive knowledge of the business, this is a natural fit. We couldn’t be happier moving forward.” With Noel in the supervisor’s chair, John Robinson will act as sales manager and Mel Johnson will handle all administrative duties from their Christchurch office. “It is very exciting to combine forces with Empire Stallions” said Noel Kennard. “Empire is the second largest breeding establishment in the Southern Hemisphere and their desire to expand into New Zealand this season is a great opportunity for New Zealand Breeders to have access to these exceptional world class stallions. We believe this is just the beginning of a very successful partnership.” Empire will offer NZ breeders a choice of eight sensational stallions from its powerhouse line-up this season. Five new stallions (Betting Line, Heston Blue Chip, Pet Rock, Well Said and Western Terror) will be available via fresh, chilled semen while three stallions (Somebeachsomewhere, Captaintreacherous and Rocknroll Hanover) will be available via frozen semen. Double World Champion and first season sire Betting Line is the fastest 3YO colt and all-age stallion ever sired by Bettor’s Delight. This Little Brown Jug winner was voted the North American 3YO Colt and Canadian All-Age Horse of the Year in 2016.   Heston Blue Chip was a winner of 25 stakes at 2 & 3 including the Breeders Crown. He is American Ideal’s richest son and was voted the USA 3YO Colt Pacer of the Year over A Rocknroll Dance and Sweet Lou. Triple World Champion Pet Rock has the distinction of being Rockroll Hanover’s fastest son with a record of 1:47 and $1.9 million in earnings. He is the Leading First Crop Sire in North America in 2017 with 66 starters, 23 winners and 15 in 2:00 from 99 foals after only 30 days of the North American 2YO season. USA Pacer of the Year Well Said will now be available to NZ breeders via fresh, chilled semen as he will shuttle to Australia in August. Well Said has been a leading Top Ten U.S. Sire each year since his first crop raced in 2013 and he is currently one of NZ’s leading percentage sires from two small frozen semen crops to race. He has already sired both a Meadowlands Pace and Breeders Crown Champion and 13 faster than 1:50. The sensational international sire Western Terror has crossed remarkably well with Australasian mares producing the winners of over $13.7 million from only 3 down under crops to race. He has many Group 1 performers to his credit including the twice NZ Horse of the Year Terror to Love p,1:51 ($2,429,978). Western Terror’s worldwide progeny earnings stand at over $90 million. Empire will again offer the World’s Leading Sire Somebeachsomewhere, USA Horse of the Year at Both 2 & 3 Captaintreacherous and the prolific Rocknroll Hanover who has sired the winners of over $105 million all via frozen semen. For stallion updates, progeny race replays, stallion paddock and race videos, photo galleries, pedigrees and hypothetical matings, please visit  

It was fittingly a Group 1 win at Tabcorp Park Melton that would see Gavin Lang join the elite harness racing group of two Southern Hemisphere winners of 6000 races as a drive. Lang won the Captain Treacherous Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series final for three-year-old fillies with Tell Me Tales to join Chris Alford on the magical mark. Lang said the victory was a “good feeling”, with the win all the more significant for the fact it was done representing Emma Stewart’s stable. “These colours have been very good to me for a lot of years now,” Lang said. “I’m quite happy to achieve this tonight, especially for these guys. 6000 wins, I’m nearly 60 years that’s only 100 a year so it’s not much when you add it up like that.” The modesty belied a cracking drive that brought up the victory, with Tell Me Tales upstaging highly fancied favourites Petacular and Miss Graceland, who worked to the front but with the latter overracing it kept the door ajar for the contenders. Come the final stages it was Tell Me Tales hitting the line best to secure the bulk of the $120,000 prize. “Everything worked out well for her,” Lang said. “The barrier draw came out and (12) was not what you would have chosen if you had the choice, but you knew full well the ingredients were there that it might be a genuinely run race and when you’re drawn bad that’s what you require. “She’s progressively got better each run Emma and Clayton have had her.” The win was one of three Group 1s captured on the night by Stewart’s stable, with Poster Boy and Nostra Villa winning the two-year-old features, both with Alford in the sulky. For results and video replays of races from Tabcorp Park Melton click here. Michael Howard (HRV Media/Communications Co-Ordinator)

The final night of the 2017 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series delivered three top-level harness racing triumphs for the Emma Stewart stable. Stewart's triple Group 1 success also saw champion reinsman Gavin Lang pick up his 6000th career winner in the sulky, aboard Tell Me Tales in the three-year-old fillies' final, upsetting favourites Petacular and Miss Graceland. Nostra Villa remained unbeaten winning the two-year-old fillies' big dance for Chris Alford before stablemate Poster Boy doubled up for the Puppet and Stewart combo with victory in the two-year-old final a race later. Without You wired her rivals in the four-year-old final, Nathan Jack flying the Lauriston Bloodstock owned four-year-old off the arm from gate seven before staving off all comers at the finish for trainer Amanda Turnbull. Jilliby Kung Fu is this year's three-year-old boys' champion for the Terang team of Marg Lee and Glen Craven. And West Australian raider Soho Tribeca overcame adversity to notch a stunning win for trainer-driver Kim Prentice in the four-year-old entires and geldings' final. For results and video replays of races from Tabcorp Park Melton click here. Below is a snapshot of what the winners had to say post-race Race 1 – Greg Sugars on Hes Okey Dokey “His manners before and during the race are really good now whereas he was a bit wayward early days. Keith’s (Cotchin) done a marvellous job to sort him out. He never runs a bad race. He’s been a bit fortunate in recent times and tonight was no exception.” Race 2 – Zac Phillips on Four Ex Dan “His first dip at free-for-all level last week and we were over the moon with his run. He chaired up and held off Maximan and It Is Billy. We were confident enough if we were aggressive early we could find the front and if he found the front he’d be a hard horse to get past.” Race 3 – Chris Alford on Nostra Villa “She just keeps getting better and better each week. Tonight was the first night she had not got to the front but she travelled really well. Nearly dropped in before the turn. Clayton said her last 50m would be her best. “She was just travelling too well. She wasn’t off the bit. She stuck her head in front and didn’t know to run right away. She did enough and that was super.” Race 3 – Anthony Curuana on Nostra Villa “Amazing. I’m still pinching myself, I still can’t believe it.” Race 4 – Chris Alford on Poster Boy “Things didn’t pan out exactly like we would have liked but he was able to get a good trail, poke around and get another good trail, had to come out a bit earlier than I would have liked but he was really good. “I didn’t know if I’d be able to lead, as soon as the gate left I could see Gavin wanted to get out hard. Just had to wait and see what happened and thankfully we got cover for a while and he got a bit of a breather. “He’s a perfect little racehorse. “Clayton always thought he was the pick of his two-year-olds this year and the way the season’s going he’s probably right.” Race 5 – Nathan Jack on Without You “Big thanks to everyone at home. Everyone that chips in, without them we wouldn’t be here tonight. We’ve had a rough trot lately, but Bill and Anne have been there the whole time. “Lauriston horses turn out looking amazing and she’s coming good at the right time.” Race 6 – Gavin Lang on Tell Me Tales “Good feeling… “Everything worked out well for her. She was good last week. Barrier draw came out and not what you would have chosen if you had the choice but you knew full well the ingredients were there that it might be a genuine run race and when you’re drawn bad that’s what you require. She’s progressively got better each run Emma and Clayton have had her. “These colours have been very good to me for a lot of years now. Quite happy to achieve this tonight, especially for these guys. 6000 wins, I’m nearly 60 years that’s only 100 a year so it’s not much when you add it up like that." Race 6 – Emma Stewart on Tell Me Tales “This one’s quite special to us because we’ve had a good association with Mrs Head (Helen, the breeder) over the years.” Race 7 – Glen Craven on Jilliby Kung Fu “We got the draw. He’s been plagued with bad draws and he’s always had to run second fiddle to Emma and Clayton’s good horses. He’s developed into a really nice horse now and was able to get the job done. “We’ve always liked him. He took a while to get going as a young horse but every time you took him out on the track he just got better. It’s a great thrill. The amount of work everyone does at home, the hours and after hours, it’s a team effort and that’s what we’re here for.” “Jason’s (Lee) won more races on him but I drove him as a two-year-old. I went to Sydney with the Breeders Challenge horses. Jason rang me straight after his heat win and said 'he’s ready for you'. “He’s still improving and hopefully we can have a bit more success with him.” Race 7 – Marg Lee on Jilliby Kung Fu “He’s been racing really well and he was super at Kilmore and he did the same tonight sprinting over the top of them. “You can sit him in and come from behind or he can lead, he’s just a really good horse to deal with. He’s still a stallion and you wouldn’t know it.” Race 8 – Kim Prentice on Soho Tribeca “I just have to take my hat off to this horse. I wanted the second favourite to be sitting outside me for longer but it was gone turning for home. He’s an incredible horse and there’s plenty of people Id like to thank, Rob Watson, but this win goes to Mick and Gen Stanley, what they’ve helped me with the last couple of weeks has been unbelievable and if it wasn’t for them I don’t think I’d be there. “He was 90 per cent better than last week but he’s still only 80 per cent right.” Race 9 – Michael Bellman on Whenmechief “(It has) been good to get a pick-up drive for Darren and Julie when they came across. He was a good horse in the Sunraysia and I think he ran third in a South Australian Cup last year, and he’s done a good job for them tonight.” Race 10 – Greg Sugars on Rule Of Thumb “Tim’s done a good job to get him back racing as well as he has his last couple. He showed as a two-year-old he was going to be a horse of the future, but unfortunately he’s had a few little hiccups. But they’ve got him back doing everything right and doing well. “The Nott family put a lot of money into the sport over a number of years and it’s good to see those people get the rewards.” Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager) Harness Racing Victoria

Kinvara Sue and Wobelee left little doubt as to who are the premier Vicbred trotters in their harness racing categories with scintillating Group 1 wins. On the night that Gavin Lang reached 5999 career wins when saluting on Aldebaran Eve and Deltasun, it was the two-year-old colts and geldings (Wobelee) and three-year-old fillies (Kinvara Sue) races that produced the most jaw-dropping performances of the Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series trotting finals. “He just likes to race,” Chris Alford said of Wobelee, who is trained by Alison Alford. “He just got better and better each time he goes out. He just wants to get out there and go. He knocked off when he got a long way in front tonight.” As has been his custom, Wobelee found the front with ease from his gate five draw and from there it was lights out, winning by 18.2m from Fend Off with Smashthemcalder a further 8m back in third. Kinvara Sue was just as impressive in the three-year-old trotting fillies, overcoming her Victoria Trotters Oaks disappointment when she led, sustained pressure, overraced and dropped out. Tonight she led, sustained pressure and then put her rivals to the sword. A triumphant Jason Lee salute with 50m to go reinforced what this win meant to the driver, the trainer (Anton Golino) and the owner (Pat Driscoll). “Any win is awesome but when they’ve got Group 1 written behind them that was pretty special,” Lee said. “To win my first Group 1 trotters race for Anton and Pat is just awesome.” The stable had a super night with Nieta winning the three-year-old silver trot in addition to Aldebaran Eve’s four-year-old trotting mares Group 1 win, a second Group 1 victory for the Skyvalley trotter having saluted in last year’s Vicbred three-year-old final. That winning feeling was also savoured by Neville Pangrazio, trainer of Moonshine Linda who he also owns and bred with Michael Pangrazio. The two-year-old trotting filly won her Group 1 with a 1.8m salute ahead of Allthemoves. It was a night for the trainer-owner-breeder, with Terry Young’s ripping Tennotrump gelding Deltasun storming home to win the three-year-old boys Group 1 for owner-breeder Alison Young. Brent Lilley and Anthony Butt teamed up to add another Group 1 notch to their belts, this time with Enrolled in the four-year-old entires and geldings final. “He’s got a bit of ability there, it’s just a matter of doing things right. That’s half the battle,” Butt said. “I got a lovely run through early. He relaxed after the first half a mile. They kept the pace on and it worked out good for him.” Sparkling Success ( Trot) and Maorisfavouritesun (Noopy Kiosk Trotters Free For All) also reaffirmed their status at the pointy end of metropolitan racing with impressive victories, while it was also a night that highlighted the trotting gait’s diversity, with the 10 winners coming from 10 different stallions. For the full results click here. Michael Howard (HRV Media/Communications Co-Ordinator) ................................................................................................. What the winners said Night one of the 2017 Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series Grand Finals saw Cardigan trainer Anton Golino notch three triumphs, while champion reinsman Gavin Lang picked up two to move within one victory of the magical 6000 career wins mark. Here's a snapshot of what the winners said post-race tonight at Tabcorp Park Melton.  Race 1 – Chris Svanosio on Sparkling Success “He’s a very nice horse and it makes it easy to drive. He’s very professional. I was able to control it and stay in front of the main dangers and he did it well at the finish. “Terrific against the pacers last time and he’s got a terrific record this horse and hopefully he can build on it in the future. “John's (Meade) done a great job with this horse and he went terrific tonight.” Race 1 – Trainer John Meade on Sparkling Success “He’s done a lot of work. I work him fairly solidly at home. I think he’s a real chance to win a few cup races off a stand.” Race 2 – Nathan Jack on Nieta “If they were ever going to beat her tonight was the night when they walked and dashed up the straight but I think they underestimated her speed tonight. “Everything went wrong at Bendigo for her but that’s the way it goes and it was her day today and hopefully come Breeders Crown time she can get her chance again.” Race 3 – Jason Lee on Kinvara Sue “It’s been a tremendous effort by the team to get her to relax and to do that tonight and have the horse outside her there racing very fierce, and for to relax and rip home like that was terrific. “Any win is awesome but when they’ve got Group 1 written behind them that was pretty special. To win my first Group 1 trotters race for Anton and Pat is just awesome. Really enjoy sitting behind a trotter now.” Race 4 – Neville Pangrazio on Moonshine Linda “Half to Trumpem Johnny and Marvellous Max, she’s the third one out of Maoris Sunshine and she’s just like Mum. She’s a bit pudding and she’s hard to get the weight off her but we love her. “We’ve had a good time with the Vicbred it’s been great.” Race 4 – Nathan Jack on Moonshine Linda “I was pretty confident a long way from home. You probably never should be with two-year-old trotters. Was just a matter of doing everything right and she never let us down. “A dynasty doesn’t happen overnight. I have to thank the Pangrazio family a lot and we’ve all been rewarded tonight. To hear them crossing the line, that’s what it’s all about. “I can’t take the credit. Neville and everyone at home has done a great job.” Race 5 – Mark Pitt on Maorisfavouritesun “He’s a tough horse. He was a little bit keen tonight. Was a bit worrying over the later stages but he was too strong for them. “I knew it was pretty close… He’s going really good. David (Aiken) and the crew have got him really good at the moment. I really enjoy driving him.” Race 6 – Anthony Butt on Enrolled “He’s come a long way and he’s just gotten better and better. “Tough situation because this guy likes to get rolling. The danger was on my back early so I had to wait as long as I could and I thought if I dashed up the lane he’d take a bit of picking up.” Race 7 – Gavin Lang on Deltasun “He’s always been up in the top bracket of his age group and just lately a few of the others have caught up to him but the great thing about him is he’s a great racehorse. Unfortunately for Andy’s horse he never really competed. I drove him quietly tonight and it really suited. “In the past I might have driven him like he’s the best horse but because of the high esteem I’ve held him in I was probably a bit disappointed with his last run but I knew Terry would have him in good order tonight.” Race 8 – Gavin Lang on Aldebaran Eve “Credit to Anton and the team. She’s probably not the most gifted horse they’ve got but great manners, great attitude and a little bit ability which always helps.” Race 9 – Chris Alford on Wobelee “He just likes to race. He doesn’t do a real lot at home. We didn’t have much idea other than that he trotted and he’d make the races until he qualified. He just got better and better each time he goes out. He just wants to get out there and go. He knocked off when he got a long way in front tonight. “I don’t have to ask him (early) he just wants to go. “He’s got his dad’s speed and good for him he’s got better manners.” Race 10 – Anthony Butt on Crow Power “Good run. I’ve driven him a couple of times ta the trials and once at the races. He’s got a bit of ability there, it’s just a matter of doing things right. That’s half the battle. “I got a lovely run through early. He relaxed after the first half a mile. They kept the pace on and it worked out good for him.” Race 11 – Brad Angove on Sundons Courage “It didn’t cross my mind that he wouldn’t be in the final, but these things happen. “In trackwork at home he’s working as good as he has in his life. I was pretty happy, I got my A Grade licence on Tuesday to drive him tonight, to win my first metropolitan race as a Group 3 was pretty good.”  

Tabcorp Park Melton was the scene for the Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series Semi-Finals tonight and the harness racing action was electric. Here’s what the winning drivers had to say post-race ahead of the Grand Final double-header next Friday and Saturday back here under lights at Victorian Trots Headquarters. R1 Jodi Quinlan on General Dodge (Courage Under Fire) “I wouldn’t swap him. He can carve out 27-second sectionals and he feels like he’s doing it in third gear. Next week will be harder again. He wanted to over-race in patches tonight. You’ve got to remember he’s only had 10 starts so it’s all still pretty new to him. It’s scintillating the speed that he does possess. He’s a really exciting horse.” R2 Michael Bellman on Rockstar Angel (Rocknroll Hanover) “She’s pretty exciting. The hard part’s done now, she’s into the final. Josh and David, and Kima and the rest of the gang have her in perfect order and everything’s ticking along beautifully. Brendan’s idea a couple of weeks ago was to send to Menangle and do her prep up there in the water walker and a bit warmer weather, and her coat suggests that’s worked quite well. One thing’s for sure, she’ll be hard to beat next week.” R3 Craig Turnbull on Major Occasion (Art Major) “She’s coming along. (I’m) very thankful to Anthony and Chris for sending her down to me. The draw was vital but she did the job well. It suits her just coming out and relaxing. She can be a bit of a nutter here and there. She can get out of the gate but we pay the penalty during the race and at the end.” R4 Chris Alford on Nostra Beach (Art Major) “She’s a lovely filly she’s got speed, she’s got good strength and she relaxes so well. Once she gets into a fight she’ll really dig deep. She stills seems to be on the rise. This filly she just seems to go through her races pretty well and have something in reserve. She’s pretty good at the moment.” R5 Greg Sugars on Wrappers Delight (Bettor's Delight) “He’s been a very well performed horse right throughout his entire career. He had a good draw tonight, which really helped. Against the very best he’s probably a bit more of an opportunist but given the right run and the right circumstances he’s very good and good enough to knock off the best.” R6 Greg Sugars on Whirily School (Courage Under Fire) “She’s had a couple of starts early this prep where she was not quite right but ever since then Clayton and Emma have done a great job to resurrect her. She really knuckled down hard the last 400, 500 metres and hit the line strong.” R7 Anthony Butt on Stars Align (Art Major) “(That was a) big run. We got running down the back and Chris got me off the bit. Lucky we had a wee breather. He really picked up and felt strong when I did that and felt really strong at the line. He was one of the Purdon army as a three-year-old. It’s not easy getting a horse off Purdon. Sometimes you’re on a hiding to nothing. He’s three-out-of-three here. Dean’s a master trainer in his own right and he’s proven it with this horse.” R8 Gavin Lang on Major Times (Art Major) “He’s bred to be a good horse but he’s a big gangly guy at the moment. He possesses his share of ability. His run at Bendigo last week was awesome really. He should be good for next week. He’s a veteran of three, four starts, so don’t worry … if I had have got more fair dinkum with him I’m sure he could have done more than he did. He’s going through it pretty well at the moment. I’ll wake him up when the time needs. When he ran home here in the Youthful Stakes he hit the line very good. He’s pretty versatile, which is a nice asset to have.” R9 Kim Prentice on Soho Tribeca (American Ideal) “I hadn’t been here before so he had to show me around. He just got left alone. I was hoping the six-horse would stay outside of me a lot longer. Next week we’ll have the pull-ups on him and he’ll find the line next week. He’ll be so, so much better next week.” R10 Chris Alford on Poster Boy (Somebeachsomewhere) “He’s racing really well. He’s so beautiful and relaxed and does everything you ask of him. He came out nice and once the speed backed off. He roared up the straight.  The draw will be interesting. Emma and Clayton will have six or seven in the final. He doesn’t have to lead. I wouldn’t swap him for any of the others.” R11 Chris Alford on Miss Graceland (Rocknroll Hanover) “She zoomed up the straight good. She sort of knocks off a bit when she’s out by herself. She won as she liked, really. She had a bit of a break before the heat and tonight would have topped her right off.” R12 Michael Stanley on Petacular (Somebeachsomewhere) “That’s the first times I haven’t had to pull the ear plugs, she’s normally pretty casual. Shows she’s starting to learn what it’s all about. She does it so comfortably. She’s been a top filly all the way through and hopefully we can keep her together.” > Facebook Gallery of the Winners > Fields for Super Series Grand Finals > Semi-Final Facebook Live video wrap > Semi-Final Results Cody Winnell (HRV Media/Communications Manager) Michael Howard (HRV Media/Communications Co-Ordinator)

Harness racing world champion Well Said has packed his trunk and is flying to Australia this season to stand at Empire Stallions in Avenel, Victoria. Previously available to Down Under breeders via frozen semen, Empire is thrilled to welcome the U.S. Pacer of the Year in the flesh. Well Said is a stunning, dark bay 16-hand individual who commanded attention from the beginning. He caught the eye of many of the sport’s top owners and trainers fetching a top price of $240,000 at the Standardbred Yearling Sale at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Well Said was destined for greatness being a son of the prolific Western Hanover out of the Artsplace mare Must See, a 1:52 winner of $552,000 and a full sister to World Champion Glowing Report, a winner of more than $2 million. Well Said was placed in the very capable hands of notable U.S. trainer Steve Elliott who knew the colt was outstanding from the beginning.  “He’s the perfect horse” Elliott said. “From the moment he arrived at my barn, I knew he would be special. He has perfect conformation, perfect manners and a perfect gait – he has no faults. Good horses make trainers look good – he made me look great. “ During his two-year-old season, Well Said took a record of 1:51 while earning nearly $600,000. His greatest achievement that year was his brilliant win in the $700,000 2-year-old Breeders Crown Final. Hall of Fame driver Ron Pierce, who piloted Well Said throughout his career, said after the Breeders Crown victory, “He is the fastest two-year-old I have ever sat behind.  His come from behind win tonight proved he is the best of his generation.” Breeders Crown Final Well Said returned at three to dominate the pacing ranks winning 10 of 14 races and banking over $2 million. His major victories included the $1 million North America Cup, the $1 million Meadowlands Pace, the Little Brown Jug, the Battle of the Brandywine and a division of the Simcoe Stakes. He joined another Empire alumni, Precious Bunny, as one of only two horses in history to win the North America Cup, Meadowlands Pace and the Little Brown Jug. Battle of the Brandywine Well Said was flawless in the North America Cup winning this prestigious race in a stakes, track and Canadian record of 1:48.1 at Mohawk Raceway. He claimed the Meadowlands Pace by six lengths with an impressive 1:47.3 mile and he paced the fastest mile in the history of The Meadows five-eighths mile oval in Pennsylvania with a 1:49 victory in his elimination for the Grand Circuit Delvin Miller Adios Stake. Well Said - 2009 Mohawk $1,500,000 Pepsi Cup 1:48.1 Well Said’s most memorable moment, was without a doubt, his first-heat triumph from the eight post in the Little Brown Jug in 1:51.1. This extraordinary performance was voted by the readership of The Horseman & Fair World Magazine as the most exciting race of the year. First Heat Little Brown Jug Following this superstar season, Well Said was voted the U.S. Dan Patch 2009 Pacer of the Year. He also unanimously voted the 3YO Colt Pacer of the Year in both the U.S. and Canada. Not only did Well Said receive accolades that year, but he also helped his connections receive national attention that year as well. His trainer, Steve Elliott was named the New Jersey Standardbred Trainer of the Year and his breeders, Mark & Ed Mullen of Fair Winds Farm and Steve Jones of Cameo Hill Farms were honoured as the Standardbred Breeders of the Year. Well Said has done an exceptional job in the siring department during his young stud career. From just four North American crops of racing age, including a 2-year-old crop in 2016, he has sired the winners of just on $24 million with 13 in 1:50, 160 in 1:55, Already has produced a millionaire, eight $500,000 plus winners and 70 winners of over $100,000 and his progeny has average earnings per starter of $70,867 as at todays date (Track It stats). Well Said was the leading first crop Sire in North America and this crop included the 2yo Breeders Crown filly champion Uffizi Hanover 2,1:50.3 ($746,552) . Other champion performers include the 2016 Meadowlands Pace champion Control The Moment 3,1:48.2 ($1,085,220), the  2015 Little Brown Jug heat winner Lost For Words 3,1:49.3 ($937,784), the $80,000 Adios Betty winner I Said Diamonds 3,1:50 ($473,857), Adios Elimination winner My Hero Ron 3,1:49.2 ($548,913), Katie Said 1:49.4 ($504,476) the Tompkins Geers Stake, Ladyship Stake, Keystone Classic winner Sometimes Said 3,1:50 ($497,716) the 2yo Goshen Cup Winner, Tellitlikeitis 3,1:48.4 ($490,695) North America Cup elimination winner, second in $1 million Final, etc.   2016 Meadowlands Pace - Control The Moment Well Said has been a top ten U.S. Sire of 2 and 3-year-olds each year since his first crop raced in 2013. In the Southern Hemisphere, from just two small frozen semen crops, Well Said’s progeny are just beginning to make an impact on the racing scene. He currently is New Zealand’s leading percentage sire of 2-year-olds. “He is one of the most handsome horses I have ever seen and I have always been a fan of his”: said David James, principle of Empire Stallions. He was a super racehorse and he is now an outstanding sire of both colts and fillies. He is a great addition to our powerhouse stallion lineup and he will suit Down Under mares perfectly.” Well Said will stand for an introductory fee in Australia of $6,000 including GST and $6,000 plus GST in New Zealand with discounts available. Harnesslink Media

Betting Line 2,1:51.4; 3,1:47.2 ($1,879,061), the 2016 North American 3Yo Pacing Colt of the Year and Canadian Horse of the Year has had his passport issued as he readies to stand his first Australian season at Empire Stallions, Avenel, Victoria this coming year. Betting Line will arrive at Empire in mid-August. A striking dark bay stallion, Betting Line is currently standing his first North American season with a full book at the famed Hanover Shoe Farms in Pennsylvania. Betting Line is following in the hoofprints of the sensational Somebeachsomewhere and the promising second year sire Artspeak – both of whom have stood at Empire - the only stallions ever shuttled to the Southern Hemisphere from Hanover in the farm’s 110-year distinguished history. Betting Line was selected, trained and co-owned by one of North America’s premier trainers Casie Coleman who was captivated by the colt the first time she laid eyes on him. “When I first saw Betting Line at Fair Winds Farm in New Jersey, about a month before the yearling sale, he was an absolute jaw dropper and I knew I just had to have him” recalled Coleman. “He was one of the very best moving colts I have ever seen in a paddock.”  Coleman and partners Christine Calhoun, Mac T. Nichol and West Wins Stable, anted up $60,000 for the youngster at the Standardbred Horse Sale in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Coleman’s instincts would prove to be correct as Betting Line, in his juvenile season, notched 6 major stakes wins with 4 placings while banking $411,675. He scored an impressive come from behind win in the $88,000 Grand Circuit Champlain Stakes at Mohawk in 1:52 after being eight lengths back at the half mile mark and also won his elimination for the $513,000 Metro Stake in the mud. Betting Line struck gold twice in the Ontario Sire Stakes with a two and a half-length victory in 1:52.1 in a $56,300 Gold division and again by three lengths in an $80,850 Gold division in 1:51.4 – both at Mohawk Raceway.  Another highlight of Betting Line’s 2YO career was in the $192,500 Ontario Sires Stakes Super Final at Woodbine using his long, powerful strides to lead every step of the way to win in 1:52 flat. Betting Line returned at three to take the harness racing world by storm! During this spectacular season, he won 14 consecutive races and captured many of the sport’s classic stakes and grand circuit events adding a further $1,467,386 to his winnings. Following a win in the Somebeachsomewhere Stake at Mohawk, Betting Line’s next major test was the elimination for the prestigious North America Cup which he won racing from behind in 1:49.1.  Betting Line returned the next week with another exciting come from behind victory to win the $1 Million Final in a sizzling 1:47.4 with a last quarter of  :25.4 to tie the track, stakes and Canadian record defeating Racing Hill and Control The Moment. Betting Line then went on to win the $300,000 Milstein Memorial at Northfield Park’s half-mile oval in 1:51 on a sloppy rack. His next performance in the $500,000 Battle of The Brandywine at Pocono Downs in Pennsylvania was truly electrifying. He won convincingly in 1:47.2 again defeating Racing Hill and Control The Moment while earning his first World Record as the fastest 3-year-old colt in history on a five-eighths mile track. His next win was in the $157,111 Simcoe Stake at Mohawk where Betting Line drew post 9 and was victorious in a great stretch duel in 1:49.1. The $577,000 Little Brown Jug contested over Delaware Ohio’s half-mile oval is considered by most as the signature event for 3-year-olds in North America. It is the sport’s biggest test of stamina and fitness as the colts are asked to win not one, but two races on the same afternoon in a span of just a few short hours and Betting Line absolutely dominated his rivals in world record fashion! He was an easy winner in his first heat scoring by two and a half lengths while coming from behind to win in 1:50.4 with a last quarter of :26.4. He returned just two hours later blasting down the stretch to win by eight lengths in 1:49 neat – a new world half-mile track record for 3-year-old pacing colts. Betting Line also performed brilliantly in the Ontario Sires Stakes once again winning four $80,000 Gold divisions and punctuated his championship season with his 14th straight victory winning the $190,000 Ontario Sires Stakes Super Final. Betting Line ended his spectacular race career with 20 wins and 5 placings from 27 starts with earnings of nearly $1.9 Million. With 10 wins under 1:50, this two-time World Champion was rewarded for his efforts by being voted the 2016 North American 3YO Pacing Colt of the Year as well as the Canadian Horse of the Year! Betting Line’s pedigree is true royalty combining two of the most influential sire lines in modern history – Bettor’s Delight and Western Hanover. His sire, Bettor’s Delight, was a world champion banking over $2.5 Million and has been a leading sire on both continents with 72 in 1:50 and worldwide progeny earnings of over $225 Million.  With his 1:47.2 record, Betting Line has the distinction of being the fastest 3-year-old colt and all-age stallion ever sired by Bettor’s Delight. Betting Line’s dam, Heather’s Western by Western Hanover, has been an exceptional producer with 9 foals of racing age for eight winners, all in 1:54.2 or faster, with total race earnings of over $3.5 Million. His second dam is the Camtastic mare Santastic who has left 10 winners from 12 foals of racing age including the multiple stakes winning performer Santastic’s Pan. “We are very enthused to add a stallion of Betting Line’s caliber to our lineup this season” said Empire principal David James. “Betting Line is Bettor’s Delight’s greatest son and we believe that with his World Champion race credentials, royal pedigree, outstanding conformation and fertility, we are certain that he will have a major influence on the future racing scene, both in North America and the Southern Hemisphere.” Betting Line will be available to Australian breeders for $10,000 including GST and in New Zealand for $10,000 plus GST with discounts available. His progeny will be Vicbred, Breeders Crown, Bathurst Gold Crown and NSW Breeders Challenge eligible in addition to the NZ Sires Stakes.

This season has been a little drawn out for one leading three-year-old filly, but connections are optimistic further success is just around the corner. Dancingwithsierra will be among the many chasing  harness racing silver and bronze at Tabcorp Park Melton tomorrow, when the Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series concludes with the silver and bronze pacing races. Trainer Gary Hoban remains adamant his three-year-old filly, Dancingwithsierra, is top shelf, providing she gets a little luck before and during the race.Unfortunately for the Tasmanian Oaks winner and her connections that luck of the draw has seemed all too fleeting.  It is disappointing from an owner and trainers point of view that when she gets into big races she never draws a barrier,” Hoban said. That frustration was renewed when Dancingwithsierra drew barrier 12th for the Empire Stallions Vicbred Super Series semi-final and ran eighth, having been unable to make an impression on the leaders who had rolled along comfortably. “When (driver) Chris (Alford) jumped on her in the semi we had to hope for speed on up front,” Hoban said. “When he came off he said with a lead time of (45.3) and a 63-second first half of the mile they ran home in (55.2) and from the back, how could she get into it?“ For the Victoria Oaks she drew barrier 12, for the Breeders Crown she drew 10 and then she drew 12 in the Vicbred semi-final.  In today’s racing there is probably not a lot between first and last ability wise and if she doesn’t draw well it is hard to make up that 20m on the others. “When she draws a barrier, like in the Tassie Oaks, she has shown what she can do. When she draws in the first three or four she finishes there.” Poor random draws are not an uncommon complaint, begging the question in Dancingwithsierra’s case, does it stack up?In 21 starts her average draw is 6.52 in an average field size of 9.48. Well below par, and makes all the more notable that her average finishing position is 3.05.And to Hoban’s point the bigger the stakes the worse her draw? In races with stakes of more than $20,000, Dancingwithsierra’s average draw is 7.63 in an average field size of 9.81. “She is not a filly who can make her own luck against the elite,” Hoban said. “Rocknroll Magic, who won the (Vicbred) final, three months ago Dancingwithesierra defeated her when she led and Rocknroll Magic had to come from behind.”And that’s where the frustration stems from, Hoban’s confidence in his filly. This brings us to tomorrow’s 11-race card, when Dancingwithsierra has drawn barrier seven in the $25,000 stakes race. “Again she is drawn poorly, but she is probably not against the elite,” Hoban said. “Chris wasn’t disappointed with her run last week. She has probably trained on as well as you could expect her too and she will give a good show Michael Howard.”

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