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The Gr. I Criterium 3ans (purse €240,000, 2700 meters) is the co-feature on a superb harness racing program. The Criterium field follows: Dragueur, J.Ph. Mary Diego de Guelier, M. Mottier Dunbar, D. Thomain Dista Love, G. Goop Diana du Chatelet, A. Thomas Delia du Pommereux, S. Roger Ducato Bourbon, J-M Bazire Dragon des Racques, A. Abrivard Diable du Noyer, W. Bigeon Draft Life, E. Raffin Doberman, F. Nivard Dijon, R. Derieux Dawana, G. Gelormini Dollar Macker, J.Ph. Monclin Django Riff, Y. Lebourgeois Bold Eagle and Timoko headline Sunday’s Gr. II Prix du Bourbonnais at Vincennes (2850 meters, purse €120,000).  The lineup follows with the top three finishers earning Prix d’Amerique entry.   1 Tony Gio ITY C. Martens            - 2850m M 4 V. Martens Scuderia Bivans Srl € 309,447 1'10 "4 6a 5a 2a 1a 8a 2 Call Me Keeper SWE O. Kihlström            - 2850m M 6 D. Reden Stall Zet € 436,090 1'10 "6 2da 1a 2a Da Da 3 Eleanor of Godrel Anne F.            - 2850m F 6 Anne F. Ecurie AB Trot € 470,070 1'12 "3 4a 2a 3a 4a 1a 4 Viking Valley E. Lambertz            - 2850m M 7 E. Lambertz E. Lambertz € 611,150 1'11 "5 0a 9a 0a 6a 7a 5 Tagada Tagada A. Barrier            - 2850m F 9 E. Varin Emmanuel Varin Ecurie € 621,880 1'12 "2 0a 4a 1a 6a 1a 6 Trebol SPA   G.-A. Pou Pou            - 2850m M 9 G.-A. Pou Pou Mrs. O. Perez Crespi € 663,922 1'11 " 5a 7a 1a 9a 3a 7 Bolero Love E. Raffin            - 2850m M 5 S. Guarato M. de Sousa € 714,080 1'10 "3 1a 2a 3a 4a 3a 8 Belina Josselyn J.-M. Bazire            - 2850m F 5 J.-M. Bazire Ecurie Yvan Bernard € 722,230 1'11 "1 Da Da 1a 2a 2a 9 Moving On SWE D. Thomain            - 2850m F 7 F. Souloy ICEquine AB € 761,918 1'09 "9 10a 10a 9a 7a 7a 10 Lionel NOR Mr. Abrivard            - 2850m M 6 G. Antonsen G. Antonsen € 778,931 1'12 "1 6Disqa 0a 0a Da 1a 11 Sacha Admiral G. Gelormini            - 2850m M 6 F. Lamare Sidere Ecurie € 915,930 1'10 "4 1a 1a 1a 8a 3a 12 Princess Grif ITY   R. Andreghetti            - 2850m F 7 F. Souloy Az.Agr.Biasuzzi Srl € 922,127 1'10 "3 3a 4a 1a 6a 9a 13 Bird Parker Monclin J.-P.            - 2850m M 5 Ph. Allaire E. Allaire € 1,127,480 1'10 "8 4a Da 1a 2a 7a 14 Fielder Myrt L. Donati            - 2850m M 7 R. Donati Donati Ecurie € 1,308,068 1'09 "7 Da 6a Da 3a 6a 15 Tiego Etang   Ch. Bigeon            - 2850m M 9 Ch. Bigeon F.-L. Adam € 1,818,580 1'10 "4 0a 6a Da 6a 2a 16 Bold Eagle F. Nivard            - 2850m M 5 S. Guarato Ecurie Pierre Pilarski € 2,185,300 1'10 "1 2a 1a 1a 1a 1a 17 Timoko B. Goop            - 2850m M 9 R. Westerink R. Westerink € 4,265,098 1'09 "1 3a 3a 3a 1a 1a   Thomas H. Hicks

Wednesday’s Quinte+ Prix de la Ville de Royan (purse €50,000, 2850 meters, 16 European starters) went to 1.15.4kr timed and 5/2 odds barefoot Amarilla de Rabut (6f Ideal d’Liton-Deux Pommes) with harness racing Yoann Lebourgeois up for owner/trainer Philippe Duclos. Belgium owned 29/1 Riviera As (6f Cantab Hall-Fortune As) was second for Franck Ouvrie, trainer Salvatore Campolo and owner Ecurie Z. 9/1 Stoneisle Lilian (6f SJ’s Caviar-Ginger Tree Megan) landed third for reinsman J-M Bazire and  trainer Fabrice Souloy. Wednesday’s Paris-Vincennes card also included the Prix de Bourigny (purse €85,000, 2850 meters, 11 starters) and the 1.14.5kr timed winner was 80/1 Beauty de Bailly (5f Vivaldi de Chenu-Oceane de Bailly) with Franck Ouvrie up. 39/1 Baraka de Bellou (5f Prodigious-Olifina) held second for Gabriel Gelormini and third was 15/1 Belline d’Urzy (5f Otello Pierji-Querida d’Urzy). Thomas H. Hicks    

Harness racing stars Nuncio and Knows Nothing have been scratched from their race tomorrow at Solvalla. The resulting fields for the Gunnar Nordins and Gosta Nordins, both over 2140 meters autostart) are shown below: Gunnar Nordins Floyd Fortuna, Adielsson Camelot Sisu, Goop Banthechocolate, Haapio Divisionist, Kontio Global Satisfaction, Ohsson Cupido Sisu, Kihlstrom   Gosta Nordins Attack Diablo, C. Eeriksson Nato Dream, Haugstad Partout Simoni, Kern Charrua Forlan, Goop Claes Boko, Adielsson   The Royal Mares is set for Sunday at Agnano with 14 in the field (below). Anna Mix is entered here and she is also an early entrant for Prix Bourbonnais at Vincennes. G.P. Royal Mares – € 45.000 – Gr. II  1600 meters Sundance Bi (x) Terra dell’Est (P. Gubellini) Oudry dei Veltri (V. Luongo) Super Star Reaf (D. Di Stefano) Semola Ek (L. Ferro) Trendy Ok (A. Gocciadoro) Rania Lest (x) Tamia Jet (Lor. Baldi) Paris Dany (M. Minopoli jr) Radiofreccia Fi (E. Bellei) Tootsie Font (R. Fiorino) Rialba Rl (V.P. Dell’Annunziata) Top Grif Italia (G.P. Maisto) She’s Romy Lions (T. Tufano) Thomas H. Hicks  

Today’s Prix des Gardenias (two year-olds, purse €33,000. 2100 meters autostart) went to 9/10 favorite Estella Love (2f Love You-Shucca) and driver Franck Ouvrie. Yves Boireau trains this filly for owner Jean-Pierre Dubois and breeder Ecurie Dream With Me. The open-lengths winner was timed in 1.15.1kr in the defeat of 5.8/1 Extasia Bella (2f Prodigious-Rare Perle) driven by Alexandre Abrivard for owner/trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. Third was 14.5/1 Eternity du Belver (2f Coktail Jet-Sindy de la Noe) reined by A.A. Barassin and trainer Robert Chauvin. The winners’ dam Shucca (Goetmals Wood-Hucca-Kimberland) was a US$226,000 winner. The day’s Quinte+ Prix des Pyrenees (purse €50,000, 2850 meters,14 European starters) went to 1.14.3kr timed and 1.2/1 odds Acefor de Mire (6g Notre Haufor-Hilda Dry). Christian Bigeon reined his trainee for owner A.F. Bigeon. 5.6/1 Diamond (6g Classic Photo-Gala dei Bessi) was a close second for driver Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and Holland’s Ecurie Mille Fleurs. 40/1 Panoramic (6g Scarlet Knight-Cartolina Spin) was third for trainer/driver Ch.C. Degiorgio and owners M&G Scicluna (Malta). The 3/5 favorite Dear Lover (3m Love You-Luna du Goutier), a striking chestnut, won the Prix de Quincy Sous Denary (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 15 starters) timed in 1.16.4kr. Eric Raffin teamed the Sebastian Guarato trainee for Scuderia Bivans SRL. 16/1 Derby du Dollar (3m Rodrigo Jet-Magalie du Dollar) was a rallying second for trainer/driver Sylvain Roger and 20/1 Darling Atout (3m Timoko-Opaline d’Atout) was third for driver Mathieu Abrivard and trainer J.L. Dersoir. Three year old fillies contested the Prix de la Ferte-Vidame A (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) with the 1.17kr victory earned by 5.6/1 Diane d’Haufor (3f Paris Haufor-Diane des Essarts). Breeder/owner/trainer Christian Bigeon was the teamster. Danae de la Frette (3f Quaro-Queen de la Frette) was second with Mathieu Mottier up for trainer Franck Leblanc and third went to Daisy Team (3f Timoko-Daisy Chain) for owner/trainer/driver Julian Dubois. Ecurie D bred this one. Her dam Daisy Chain (Speedy Somolli-Kravotte) produced US$1.14 million winner Kaisy Dream and also Orsy Dream and Paisy Dream, all useful stallions. Thomas H. Hicks  

Today’s Quinte+ Prix des Alpes (purse €48,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 starters) went to a host of outsiders including the 1.13.7kr timed winner Venquero Phedo (7g Le Retour-Imparable) with Damien Bonne up for harness racing owner/trainer Pierre Touvais. This 176/1 longshot defeated 40/1 Valmayor (7g Le Retour-Korinaya du Bois) with owner/trainer Vincent Viel driving. 19/1 Vasco du Gite (7g Laetenter Diem-Nageuse du Gite) was third for Franck Ouvrie. 7.8/1 Valse du Pirai and 62/1 Violon de Bez were fourth and fifth. The longshots resulted in no exact order Q+ winning tickets (below). Note, the sire of the top two, Le Retour, is a somewhat obscure 1999 son of Sebrazac-Veillee Charmeuse, a winner of US$625,000 with a 1:56 mile rate record. Next Sunday’s Gr, II Prix du Bourbonnais (purse €120,000, 2850 meters) now has 37 early entrants including Timoko, Bold Eagle, Tiego d’Etang, Univers de Pan, Voltigeur de Myrt, Akim du Cap Vert, Bird Parker, Anna Mix, Amiral Sacha, Lionel, Trebol and US expats Delicious and Propulsion. The Sunday program also includes the Gr. I Criterium des 3Ans over 2700 meters for a €240,000 purse. This groupe includes Django Riff, Dollar Macker, Dawana and Douce Rebelle, and its been a solid trotting pack throughout the year. The Gr. II Prix Ocatave Douesnel (purse €120,000, 2700 meters) will also attract interest with Charly du Noyer and Cobre Bleu in the field. Thomas H. Hicks  

Coin Perdu (2m SJ’s Caviar-Provo Kronos-Viking Kronos) remained undefeated in five career starts by winning the Gr. I National Svensk 2016 (harness racing two year olds) at Jagersro. Timed in 1.12.7kr over 1640 meters autostart the Erik Adielsson teamed winner is trained by Svante Bath. He earned 700,000SEK first prize. The winner’s second dam is Pine Dust (Pine Chip-Web Chance) and is from the family of Sushi (by Speedy Crown) and Ah So, dam of Workaholic. Executive Caviar (2m SJ’s Caviar-La Belle Lady-Conway Hall) was second for trainer/driver Joakim Lovgren and third went to Dats Cabello (2m Jacose-No Entry-Windsong’s Legacy) driven by Christoffer Eriksson for Tomas Malmqvist, trainer. The program also included the V75 Gold Meadow Prophets for 150,000SEK to the winner of this 2140 meter autostart test. The 1.12.5kr timed 4.6/1 Takethem (6m From Above-D’Cherie-New Quick) from Denmark was victorious for Steen Juul. Je’t’Aime Express (5g Symphonic Hanover-Je’t’Aime Marron-Sugarcane Hanover) was second for Peter Untersteiner and third was Dreams Take Time (7m Andover Andover) for Johan Untersteiner. 4.2/1 Nahar was a miscue dq. The V75 Silver for 125,000SEK first money was raced over 2140 meters autostart. The 1.7/1 choice Isor Haleryd (4g Ready Cash-Velvet As-Mr. Vic) won for trainer/driver Peter Untersteiner timed in 1.13.4kr. Ni Talar Bra Latin (6g Kiss Francais-Fattiga Lisa-Supergill) was second with Erik Adielsson up and third went to Bartenders In (6g Muscles Yankee-Garfish Face-Viking Kronos) reined by trainer Johan Untersteiner. Thomas H. Hicks

Phillipe Allaire’s Brillantissime (5m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire-Buvetier d’Aunou) took today’s Gr. I Premio Duomo UET Masters (purse €110,000, 1600 meters autostart) at Firenze, Italy (1000 meter track) in gate to wire fashion timed in 1.12.4kr. Pierre Vercruysse reined the winner that easily held off Sharon Gar (5f Varenne-Geneve Gar-Lemon Dra) driven by Gaetano Di Nardo and third to Stella di Azzura (5f Supergill-Genny de Azzurra-Pine Chip) for Alessandro Gocciadoro. Note, the second dam of Sharon Gar is Happy Diamonds (Diamond Exchange-Sharon’s Streak-Sirloin).  Interesting to me was the naming of the undercard races after well-known trotters Toss Out, Keystone Patriot, Friendly Face, Intact Hornline, Italiano, Crowns Invitation and Brads Photo. Two undercard winners were Trillo Park (4m Varenne-Mystery Flight-Balanced Image) for Enrico Bellei timed in 1.12.2kr over 1600 meters, and Velvet Dancer (2m Mondiale OK-Natalie Starlight-Self Possessed) in another 1600 meter autostart contest with a purse of €13,200. This winner was clocked in 1.13.1kr. Thomas H. Hicks  

Nuncio returns to action next Wednesday at Solvalla, where the Stefan Melander trained and owned harness racing champion will be teamed with regular pilot Orjan Kihlstrom in the Gosta Nordins. A field of seven will race over 2140 meters autostart (field below). Divisionist will also take part in the Gunnar Nordins on the card. Nuncio may be pointed toward the Prix d’Amerique the last week in January. December 7, 2016 – Solvalla - R7 Gosta Nordins 2140 meters autostart Nuncio - Kihlstrom Knows Nothing - Ohlsson Attack Diablo - Eriksson Nato Dream - Haugstad Partout Simoni - Kern Charrva Forlan - Goop Claes Boko - Adielsson   R4 Gunnar Nordins 2140 meters autostart Floyd Fortuna - Adielsson Camelot Sisu - Goop Barthechocoate - Haapio Divisionist - Kontio Global Satisfaction - Ohlsson Cupido Sisdu - Kihlstrom   Thomas H. Hicks  

Andrea Nagyvary (a) piloted Utrillo d’Amour (8g Balexis du Mouty-Jorgane d’Amour-Tak Tak) to victory in today’s featured Baka Handicap (purse 1,100,000Huf, 4200 meters distance handicap), overcoming a 40 meter handicap. The 1.24kr timed win, for harness racing trainer Imre Fazekas, over the marathon distance, was over second finishing Oszi Feny (8m Wall Street Banker-Sugar-Mill H) and trainer/driver Imre Fazekas, that overcame a 60 meter penalty. Third was 40 meter handicapped Ruby Reeves (6g Wall Street Banker-Jade-Valley Guardian) driven by Mitja Slavic for trainer Balazs Juhasz, who was in Paris this day finishing second in the annual international drivers competition. The undercard included the Oroshaza Varos DIJA (purse 600,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) and favorite Romi Mms (6f Turbo Sund-Goldy LB-Self Possessed) prevailed in 1.16.7kr for driver Mitja Slavic and trainer Marko Slavic, of SLO. Amazing Koks (9g Jailhouse Joey-Data Star Index-Ata Star L) took second for trainer/driver Lajos Marton, ahead of Orderly (9f Yankee Glide-Dearest Dimling-Utra Ducal) and trainer/driver Csaba Lakatos. Two year-olds battled in the GY&GY Istallo DIJA (purse 500,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) with victory to Wotan (2g Maximus Lindy-Lezer-Baltic Pet) timed in 1.23.1kr for Imre Fazekas, also trainer. Violetta (2f Racino-Franciska-Witsends Speedy) was second for Zsokt Vereb and trainer Sandor Varga. Villeneuve (2m Pilgrims Taj-Brisco Emma-Briso Robertto) earned third for Sandor Kolozsi and trainer Laszlo Kolozsi. The Oroshazi Lovas DIJA (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) for aged performers went to 1.20kr timed Oklahoma Font (8f Toss Out-Divine Child-Mr. Lavec) with Lilla Horvath the pilot for trainer Judit Kele. Titus Livius (4m Incredible Cole-Juci-Valley Guardian) was second and third went to San Francisco (5m Medic Hanover-Kentucky Girl-LV Glory Bound) for Ferenc Nagy II. Plans are in place for the annual December 31 celebration “Ugeto Szilveszter”. Thomas H. Hicks    

The featured Gr. II Masters Grand National du Trot Finale (purse €150,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) went to 1.13.4kr timed and 0.5/1 favored Aubrion du Gers (6g Memphis du Rib-J’Arrive du Gers). Owner/trainer/driver Jean-Michel Bazire was the pilot. 41/1 Bahia Quesnot (5f Scipion du Goutier-Queen Ines) took second for Mathieu Abrivard and 12/1 Bolide Jenilou (5g Kesaco Phedo-Melodie Jenilou) was third for Anthony Barrier. Alienor de Godrel and Al Capone Jet were fourth and fifth with Swedishman and Val Royal next to the line. The Prix de l’Eure (purse €54,000, 2850 meters, 15 European starters) went to 1.15.6kr timed and 2.2/1 Shiraz Brodde (7g Love You-Stephanie Brodda). Christophe Martens reined the winner for owner Olof Brodin AB (Sweden) and trainer Vincent Martens. 4.7/1 King Of The World (7m Magnificent Rodney-Queen Of Hearts) was second for Bjorn Goop, teamster for William Nimczyk and owner Johann Lenz. 72/1 Okay dei Ronchi (8g From Above-Faboui’of Brown) was third. The last of the LeTrot Open du Regions was for four year-olds vying over 2850 meters for a purse of €85,000. The field of 12 ended with victory for 8.7/1 Callijo Delbi (4g Rieussec-Joliette de Marvez) timed in 1.14.6kr. Franck Nivard was the pilot for owner/trainer H.N. Bihel. 12/1 Capitaine France (4g Modern Jazz-Quanta Rosa Sun) took second for owner/trainer/driver William Bigeon, and third was the 3/2 favorite and Gabriel Gelormini reined Cantin de L’éclair (4g Jet Fortuna-Nice Joyeuse). The first of the LeTrot Open des Regions was a Gr. III event for three year-olds for a purse €85,000. 16 entrants battled over 2850 meters with the 1.14.8kr timed winner being 5.6/1 Dream de Nilrem (3g Jet Fortuna-Naomi de Chamant). Eric Raffin teamed the Frederic Prat trainee. 1.6/1 Doberman (3m Prodigious-Quietude Mesloise) was second for trainer/driver Franck Nivard. Third went to 8.8/1 Dream Life (3f Royal Dream-Union Of My Life) with breeder Jean-Philippe Dubois driving. Philippe Moulin trains for Ecurie Victoria Dream. Five year-olds competed in the Gr. III LeTrot Open des Regions, also over 2850 meters for an €85,000 purse. 16 starters lined up and 30/1 Banjo de la Noemie (5g Planbeau des Pins-Prima de la Noemie) emerged victorious for Mathieu Mottier timed in 1.14kr. 3/2 favorite Bakchich (5g Quopeck-Paix de Villeneuve) was placed second, driven by Tony LeBeller, after Black Jack From was disqualified. 36/1 Best du Hauty was third ahead of 31/1 Berry Felin. Clara du Pontseuil Wins Monte Gr. II Prix Philippe du Rozier at Vincennes Today’s opener, the Gr. II Prix Philippe du Rozeir (monte, purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 11 starters), went to 16/1 Clara du Pontseuil (4f Mich Phili-Osaka d’Occagnes) with Anthony Barrier in the irons. This pair were up in the final strides timed in 1.13.5kr (off even fractions 1.13.9kr at 1500 to go; 1.12.7kr at the 1000; 1.13.5kr at 500 remaining) ahead of 5.7/1 Cyprien cdes Bordes (4m Ouragon de Cellard-Perle des Bordes) with J.L.Cl, Dersoir up for legendary trainer Joel Halais and Ecurie Rib. The 0.5/1 favorite Canadien d’Em (4m Ready Cash-Kanada) was third for Mathieu Mottier and trainer Franck Leblanc. The Masters Grand National des Amateurs (purse €17,000, 2850 meters, 14 starters) went to 1.16.9kr timed and 2.1/1 favorite Tenor du Passage (9g Gazouilis-Glynis Vandrin) with Mickael GillesLemarchand up for trainer St. Provoost and Ecurie Danover. The winning amateur pilot now has 23 wins in 2016 from 136 starts and 33 career victories Thomas H. Hicks  

Harness racing trainer/jockey Mathieu Abrivard teamed 2.4/1 Bellissima France (5f Blue Dream-Quanta Rosa Sun) to an impressive 1.14.2kr score in the Gr. II monte Prix Joseph LaFosse (Gr. II, purse €120,000, 2700 meters) at Paris-Vincennes. Ecurie L.D.M. Abrivard owns the fine mare. 8/1 Bilibili (5f Niky-Quetty du Donjon) was second with Alexandre Abrivard up for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and owner/breeder Jean Pierre Barjon, Third was 4/1 Booster Winner (5m Love You-Quille Viretaute) with Eric Raffin in the irons for trainer Sebastian Guarato and owner Ecurie Winner The Quinte+ Gr. II Prix Doynel de Saint-Quentin (purse €120,000, 2850 meters, 14 starters) resulted in an easy win for 7/10favorite and barefoot Cash Gamble (5m Ready Cash-No Way Back). Jean-Michel Bazire piloted the Fabrice Souloy trainee for Norwegian owner Stall TJ Gamble. Second was 29/1 Beau Gamin (5m Quinoa du Gers-Cadette), also barefoot, with Eric Raffin up for trainer Sebastian Guarato and owner J.M. Rancoule. 30/1 Sugar Rey (5m Look de Star-Qurona Boreale) from Italy landed third for Roberto Andreghetti, trainer H.E. Bondo and Ecurie Tre Cer of Italy. Boeing du Bocage and King Sir Kir ended fourth and fifth. The winner’s time was 1.13.2kr off even fractions Thomas H. Hicks  

Service Secret (10g Look de Star-Kalamita) took today’s Prix des Recontres Internationale (purse €22,000, 2100 meters autostart, 15 starters) with harness racing driver Franck Nivard up representing France. The 5/2 favorite scored in 1.15.9kr to survive in a close finish with 4.1/1 Sire de la Creuse (10g Ildo de Fleurac-Hanna de la Creuse) handled by Hungary’s Balazs Juhasz for trainer J.F. Senet. Third was 18/1 Tonio du Vivier (9g General du Pommeau-Melba du Vivier) with Rick Wester up. This international drivers contest is an annual fixture during the winter meet at Vincennes. Saturday’s Prix de Saint Georges de Didonne (purse €90,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) went to 9/10 betting favorite Avenir de Blay (6g Hooper-Mirabelle de Blay) with breeder/owner/trainer Tony LeBeller aboard. Timed in 1.14.6kr this winner defeated 16/1 Aulis du Courtilfe (6g Buvetier d’Aunou-Miss du Courtille) with J-M Bazire driving and third finishing 34/1 Au Clair de Lune (6g Capriccio-Queen de Beaulieu) The Gr. II Prix Vourasie (purse €80,000, 2200 meters, 13 two year-old fillies) went to a very impressive 34/1 Elea Madrik (2f Goetmals Wood-Duelea Madrik). Trainer William Bigeon teamed the winner for owner Cl. Guedj. 7/10 favorite Epice Turgot (2f Orlando Vici-Kippa Turgot) was next to the line for driver J-M Bazire. Fabrice Souloy trains this second place finisher for owner Mme. Th. Hoste. Third was 31/1 Elite du Ruel (2f Timoko-Romance du Ruel) handled by David Thomain for trainer Franck Anne and owner/breeder Annick Bazin. The winner was clocked in 1.15.3kr with a quick finishing kick. Thomas H. Hicks

Two year-olds harness racing colts contested the Gr. II Prix Ourasi (purse €80,000, 2200 meters, 10 starters) Friday evening with 6.2/1 Eridan (2m Ready Cash-Topaze d’Atout-Coktail Jet) posting an impressive 1.15.7kr timed victory. David Thomain teamed the Sebastian Guarato trainee that is owned by Ph. Dewulf. The winner’s dam was a career winner of €179.541 with a 1.12.7kr record. The 4/5 favorite Everest Vedaquais was a dq. Finishing second was 17/1 Everest de Ginai (2m Love You-Nymphe de Ginai) handled by Gabriel Gelormini for trainer Philippe Allaire and Finland owner Reima Kuisla OY. Third was Eros du Chene (2m Un Amour d’Haufor-Oulanova) for Franck Nivard. The evening’s Quinte+ Prix Hilda (purse €46,000, 2850 meters, 16 starters) went to 1.15.7kr timed and 4.8/1 odds Aurore de Chloee (6f Islero de Bellouet-Loisiane de Nacre). Anthony Barrier piloted this winner for trainer Emmanuel Varin inn defeat of 85/1 Ariane du Nil (6f Ni Ho Ped d’Ombree-Melby du Lin) with Maxime Bezier the trainer/driver. 4.9/1 Azela des Plaignes (6f Lilium Madrik-Ibiza des Plaignes) was third in a photo for trainer/driver Denis Brossard, also trainer. Secret Boy (8g Allison Hollow-Sugarcanes Riviera) took tonight’s Winter Cup at Wolvega (purse €6,960, 2100 meters autostart, 8 starters) timed in 1.15kr at 5/1 for Dion P. Tesselaar.  The 9/10 favorite Olympic Kronos (8g Viking Kronos-Ebony Kronos) was second for Joseph Verbeeck and trainer Lutfi Kolgjini. Third was 29/1 Radamante (6g Ganymede-Tenderembrace) Thomas H. Hicks  

December 1, 2016 - 1.2/1 favorite Daida de Vandel (3f Real de Lou-Gallia de Vandel) held off two others to secure victory in the harness racing Gr. III monte Prix Urgent (purse €90,000, 2700 meters, 8 starters) at Paris-Vincennes. Alexandre Abrivard reined the winner for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard and owner Ch. Germain. 23/1 Dino de Jilme (3g Orsy Dream-Une du Maine) was a close second for P.Y. Verva and 9/1 Dragon d’Avril (3m Thorens Vedaquais-Sirene d’Avril) landed third for jockey Adrien s’Avril and owner/trainer Sebastian Houyrey. The winner was clocked in 1.16.5kr off even fractions. The Gr. II monte Prix Paul Buquet (purse €120,000, 2850 meters, 12 starters) for upper class trotters went to 7.7/1` Veloce du Banney (7g Quaro-Java du Banney) and jockey Franck Nivard. Franck Leblanc trains the winner for Ecurie du Grand Buisson. 2.9/1 Nene’Degli Dei (9g Uconn Roc-Maureen Lobell) from Italy was a close second for Alexandre Abrivard, and trainer Vincent Lacroix. 12/1 Texas de l’Iton (9g Cygnus d’Odyssee-Iliadra de l’Iton) took third for Mathieu Mottier and trainer Hughes Levesque, ahead of 4/1 Tornade du Digeon (9f Jag de Bellouet-Herlane du Terme) with Eric Raffin up for trainer J-M Bazire. 1.9/1 The Tiger (9g Nelson de Vandel-Notre Dame Bourbon) was fifth for Damien Bonne and owner/trainer Benjamin Goetz. Time for the winner was 1.14.5kr. Veloce du BanneyThe Prix d’Angles (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 9 starters) went to 51/1 Douceur de Vivre (3f Rocklyn-Resless) that rallied between rivals to win for breeder/driver Jean-Philippe Dubois. Philippe Moulin trains this one for Ecurie Victoria Dreams. 5.4/1 Diamond Crown (3f Repeat Love-Ma Crown) was second for Mathieu Mottier, trainer Sebastian Guarato, owner Lady O’Reilly and breeder Ecurie D. 6.1/1 Doria Desbois (3f In Love With You-Ivaniez) was third Action returns to Vincennes tomorrow with the Gr. III Prix Ourasi for two year olds. Everest Vedaquais is the likely favorite. On Saturday three groupe events highlight the program along with the eighth edition of the Prix des Rencontres Internationale. Sunday’s program include five groupe contests headed by the €150,000 purse Grand National du Trot Finale. Swedishman, Val Royale and Ultimate du Rib are in the Gr. II field that will battle over 2850 meters. Thomas H. Hicks    

November 30, 2015 - Today’s Quint+ Prix de la Camarque (purse €62,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) went to 13/1 odds and 1.16kr timed Avrik de Guez (6G Joker de Rozoy-Quoumbaya de Guex), racing barefoot for harness racing driver Gabriel Gelormini and owner/trainer J.Ph. Ducher. 2/1 A Nice Boy (6g Niky-Pretty Perle) took second with David Thomain up and third went to 4/1 Auch (6g Niky-Migraine) for owner/trainer/driver Christian Bigeon. This day the Prix de Picardie (purse €90,000, 2850 meters, 18 European starters) went to 1.15.8kr timed Tessy d’Ete (4f Ganymede-Love Me Tender). Anthony Barrier was the pilot of this 7.3/1 winner that Fabrice Soulot trains for Scuderia Eurocolor SRL. The next two across the line were also Souloy trainees. Second was 4.3/1 Classic Way (4m Prodigious-Pole Position) for driver Franck Nivard and owner St. Szwarc. 3.6/1 Currency (4f Orlando Vici-Precious of Fee) was third with J-M Bazire aboard for owner Ecurie Le Tremont. The Prix Jean Maurice Beteua (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 5/2 odds Dunbar (3m Look de Star-Ima du Houx) timed in 1.15.1kr. Eric Raffin teamed the winner for trainer Sebastian Guarato and owner Pierre Pilarski. 1.7/1 Diego du Guelier (3f Kepler-Ophelie la Garenne) was second for Mathieu Mottier and owner/trainer Denise Mottier. 7.8/1 Derby de Sauvigne (3g Othello Bourbon-Sata Josselyn) was third for Michel Lenois. On the evening November 29 program the featured Prix Lachesis (purse €58,000, 2200 meters, 11 starters) went to 1.13.1kr clocked, 5/1 odds Bonne Copine (5f Love You-Joie Baroque) with J-M Bazire up for trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J.Y. Roze. 3/1 Baileyse (5f Opus Viervil-Lance de Fourches) and third was 3.1 Barbue (5f Hermes du Buisson-Harengere) The comping weekend at Vincennes includes  multiple upper class events, worth watching. Thursday is the Gr. II Pix Paul Buquest and Gr. III Prix Urgent, both for monte trotters. Friday is the Gr. III Prix Ourasi for two year olds. Saturday includes three groupe events and Sunday has four groupe trots including the Masters Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf. Thomas H. Hicks  

November 28, 2016 - 5.8/1 odds Valse d’Avignere (7f Look de Star-Hermine d’Avignere) took today’s Quinte+ Prix de Meslay du Maine (purse €55,000, 2700 meters, 18 entrants) timed in 1.13.7kr with owner/trainer Thierry Duvaldestin aboard. 2.2/1 Vasco Flower (7g Niky-Nimea) was second for driver/owner Christian J. Bigeon. 34/1 Verso du Jaar (7g Ico Kiki-Paola d’Or Fix) landed the third spot. Two year-olds were in action in the Prix des Giroflees (purse €36,000, 2100 meters autostart, 13 starters). 1.6/1 favorite Erming d’Oliverie (2f Scipion du Goutier-There d’Oliverie) scored in 1.16.5kr for Franck Nivard, trainer Franck Leblanc and breeder/owner Ecurie de l’Oliverie. 14/1 Envolee Desfinee (2f Uniclove-Oceanara) was second for Clement Duvaldestin and breeder/trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. 38/1 Elisione Mag (2f Quaker Jet-Perle du Ravary) was third with David Thomain up for breeder/owner Michel Agostini. Thomas H. Hicks  

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