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January 24, 2015 - The Prix Ready Cash (€60,000 purse, 2850 meters, 18 European harness racing six year-old males and geldings) went to Rooibus (6m Rotation-Miss Tresami) ) in 1.14.6kr for trainer/driver Bjorn Goop. Off at 5/1 the winner handled another 5/1 shot, Italy’s Paparazzi (6g Infinitif-Emily di Jesolo) with Adrian Kolgjini up. 2.3/1 favorite Princes di Paggio (6m Varenne-Moon Shadow) was third for Franck Nivard. The Prix Varenne (€55,000 purse, 2175 meters, monte with eight European starters) went to Scoot To Score (6g Quite Easy-Twilight Sund) at 19/1. Vincent Martens trains the winner and Jonathan Carre was up as he scored in 1.14.4kr to defeat Valentino Neige (6g Norman Jet-Notre Neige) and Mathieu Mottier. Viking Dream was third for Eric Raffin. Bjorn Goop teamed the Daniel Reden trainee Call Me Keeper (5m Pine Chip-Aliza Keeper), at 1.2/1 odds, to victory in the Prix de Chateaubriant (€50,000 purse, 2700 meters, 18 European starters). Stall Zet owns the winner. Lionel (5m Look de Star-Aurora Sign) was second for Frank Nivard, trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner Goran Antonsen, ahead of Aventin Belri (5m Fortuna Fant-Kolarkie) at 13/1. Time was 1.14.5kr. The Prix Offshore Dream (€70,000 purse, 2700 meters, 11 European monte starters) went to 1.7/1 Argan du Loulay (5m Jam Pridem-Ma Bella Ile) with Alexandre Abrivard up for J-M Bazire, trainer. The winner scored in 1.14.1kr over As de Godisson (5g Gai Brillant-Deese de Godisson) and David Thomain. Astre Blanc was third at 26/1 for Mathieu Mottier and trainer Sebastian Guarato. The final of the sunny afternoon at Paris-Vincennes (Prix Moni Maker) was the second drive of the day for US reinsman Yannick Gingras and first at the volt start. Teaming Franck Anne’s Bahira Buissunay at 22/1, Gingras found an excellent starting spot and was away nicely until the false-start siren sounded. On the second start the mare was among a cluster of horses trying to depart from the inside and she was forced toward the back. The race developed with three tiers and when Gingras  sought to make a backside brush on the petite piste his mare made a miscue and was disqualified. At least he had two volt experiences and will likely have a bit more luck when it counts tomorrow. Thomas H. Hicks

January 24, 2015 - Erik Adielsson put Sweden’s veteran On Track Piraten (7g Kool du Caux-Monrovia) on the front early and led throughout to record a three length harness racing score timed in 1.12.2kr in this Gr. III Prix du Luxembourg (€110,000 purse, 2100 meters autostart, Quinte+). The Stall Morkermassa owned campaigner is trained by H.R. Stromberg and he was off as 1.9/1 favorite. Un Fille d’Amour (7f Infant du Bossis-Never So Great) was second at 11.5/1 for David Thomain with Ru de l’Airou (10g Cygnus d’Odyssee) third at 31/1 for Pierre Levesque. Backfire was fourth for Jos. Verbeeck driving. The winner finished briskly after an even pace (fractions 1.11.2kr at 1500; 1.13.1kr at 1000l 1.13.1kr at 500 and 1.12.2kr at finish). The race record was set in 2011 by Rapide Lebel in 1.10.9kr. Turbo Jet took the 2014 edition. Yannick Gingras driven SHT’s Playmate raced well but finished eighth timed in 1.13.2kr for trainer Anders Lindqvist. This mare was in the Arqana Trot sale last evening but did not achieve reserve. Gingras first mount Pershing Bi was a scratch in the second race. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 23, 2015 - Friday night concluded the three-session harness racing Arqana Trot Prix d’Amerique Sale.  In the final program 150 catalogued resulted in 61 sold for gross proceeds of €1,870,000. The total sale saw 221 sold from 347 offered (after outs) for gross of €3,514,000, an average of €15,900. Prior year 165 sold from 286 offered, totaling €3,316,200 for an average of €20,098. Friday session included some high-class racehorses and prospects, many of which worked out Friday morning and their efforts were filmed for night session playback. The leading horse sold are listed below: Hip    Horse     Buyer    Price 302 Radieux (m, Love You - Dordogne), Campus RPF, €180,000 315 Armstrong Jet (m, Love You - Jenny Jet), Ecurie du Graal, €175,000 336 A Nous Trois (m, Orlando Vici - Quallis), Neuilly Bloodstock, €150,000 290 Conga (f, Goetmals Wood - See You Soon), Sylvain Vidal, €115,000 Tom Hicks

Sunday’s Prix d’Amerique, race six on the Paris-Vincennes card, looks to be a competitive, wide-open affair. Early odds show Up And Quick as 7/2 favorite followed by Texas Charm at 5/1, Uhlan du Val 9/1, Tiego d’Etang 10/1, Roxane Grif 12/1, Aladin d’Ecajeul 13/1 and Timoko 15/1. Horses with US interest, past or present, are considered outsiders with Maven at 50/1, Solvato at 40/1 and Tumble Dust at 25/1. 15 of the 18 participants will race barefoot on the cinder Vincennes surface. The purse is 1,000,000 euros ($1,120,000 US), making it the world's richest harness horse race.   Domenica 25 gennaio- Vincennes 6a Prix d'Amerique Opodo   European Trotting Masters Series 2015 Groupe I Course Internationale 1.000.000. - Attelé. - 2.700 mètres (G. P.) 450.000 et 45 % des entrées, 250.000 et 25 % des entrées, 140.000 e 14 % des entrées, 80.000 et 8 % des entrées, 50.000 et 5 % des entrées, 20.000 et 2 % des entrées, 10.000 et 1 % des entrées. En outre, un objet d'art au propriétaire, à l'éleveur, à l'entraîneur et au driver et un souvenir au lad du gagnant. Pour 4 à 10 ans inclus (B à R), hongres exclus, ayant gagné au moin 31.000 au trot attelé depuis le 1er janvier 2014 inclus et ayant pri part à une course depuis le 1er octobre dernier inclus, les 4 à 6 an ayant gagné au moins 180.000, les 7 à 10 ans ayant gagné au moins 250.000. Une priorité de participation au Prix d'Amérique est accordée au gagnant du Critérium Continental 2014 et celui du Prix Ténor de Baun2015, quels que soient leurs gains, ainsi qu'aux six premiers du classement établi à l'issue des Prix de Bretagne, du Bourbonnais, deBourgogne et de Belgique, en fonction du barême suivant qui s'appliquera dans chacune des quatre épreuves précitées : 12 points au 1er, 6 points au 2ème, 4 points au 3ème, 2 points au 4ème, 1 poinau 5ème. En cas d'ex-aequo, les chevaux dont les gains sont les plus élevés sont retenus.(*) En cas d'élimination, les gains des chevaux déclaré. Légende : Déferré = . Déferré postérieur = . Déferré antérieur = . Ferré = . 1 VULCAIN DE VANDELF. NIVARD 1a14Da6a2a5a3aDa1a1a1'11"8(Vinc.) (JAG DE BELLOUET - OPHELIA DE VANDEL) - Propriétaire : R. COHEN - Entraineur : F. NIVARD - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 417450 € 2 TUMBLE DUSTJ. VERBEECK 141a5a1'10"7(Vinc.) (CRAZED - AFFINITY) - Propriétaire : Stall TUMBLE BOYS (SWE) - Entraineur : T. MALMQVIST - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 510169 € 3 VOLTIGEUR DE MYRTG. GELORMINI 5a144a1a5a7a6aDa3a3a1'10"9(Vinc.) (OPUS VIERVIL - MYRTILLE DES BOIS) - Propriétaire : Ecurie DONATI - Entraineur : R. DONATI - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 635795 € 4 SOLVATOO. KIHLSTROM 9a141a3a1'12"4(Vinc.) (DONATO HANOVER - SOLVEIG) - Propriétaire : Ecurie DENCO HB (SWE) - Entraineur : Mme Catharina DENBERGER - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 650686 € 5 OLMO HOLZCH. MARTENS 1a140a8a1a2a2a4a1a5a1'11"1(Vinc.) (URONOMETRO - VEUVE DU KRAS) - Propriétaire : F. DELMOTE (BEL) - Entraineur : V. MARTENS - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 676946 € 6 ALADIN D'ECAJEULM. ABRIVARD 144a1a1a2a2a1a1a2aDa1'10"9(Vinc.) (QUAKER JET - NANCY D'ECAJEUL) - Propriétaire : PH. DEWULF - Entraineur : S. GUARATO - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 714140 € 7 LINDA DI CASEIA. GOCCIADORO 138a125a101a090a2a5a1'13"2(homol) (URONOMETRO - COMTESSE FERM) - Propriétaire : U. MORZENTI (ITY) - Entraineur : A. GOCCIADORO - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 721312 € 8 KADETT C.D.R. BERGH Da145a4a3a3a13DaDaDa1'11"7(Vinc.) (SCARLET KNIGHT - KISS OF LIFE) - Propriétaire : IN THE ZONE AB (SWE) - Entraineur : R. BERGH - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 820722 € 9 MOSAIQUE FACEP. VERCRUYSSE 6a140a9a13Da1'14"2(Vinc.) (CLASSIC PHOTO - IONA L.B.) - Propriétaire : Tommy NILSSON HOLDING AB (SWE) - Entraineur : L. KOLGJINI - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 852998 € 10 UHLAN DU VALC. MEGISSIER 1a140a2a0a2a6a1aDa1a1'10"5(Vinc.) (ISLERO DE BELLOUET - INDIANA BEAUTIFUL) - Propriétaire : J.P. MEGISSIER - Entraineur : C. MEGISSIER - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 949390 € 11 SEVERINOD. BONNE Da146a0a6aDa4a3a1a4a1'11"2(Vinc.) (GOBERNADOR - KATIA DE TILLARD) - Propriétaire : David Michel BONNE - Entraineur : CH. BIGEON - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 959049 € 12 NAPOLEON BARE. BELLEI 140a3a1a1a0a130a2a0a1'10"1(homol) (VARENNE - DALMAZIA) - Propriétaire : Emiliano STECCA (ITY) - Entraineur : CATELLO SAVARESE - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 1045993 € 13 TEXAS CHARMJ. DUBOIS 5a14Da1a0a0a7a0a131a1'09"9(Vinc.) (CYGNUS D'ODYSSEE - KAMELA CHARM) - Propriétaire : Ecurie VICTORIA DREAMS - Entraineur : PH. MOULIN - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 1076530 € 14 MAVENY. GINGRAS 7a140a1'14"3(Vinc.) (GLIDEMASTER - M STEWART) - Propriétaire : Herb A. LIVERMAN (USA) - Entraineur : JIMMY TAKTER - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 1268294 € 15 UP AND QUICKJ.M. BAZIRE 4a142a0a0a1a8a2a1a131'10"6(Vinc.) (BUVETIER D'AUNOU - FICHTRE) - Propriétaire : Ecurie QUICK STAR - Entraineur : F. LEBLANC - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 1291060 € 16 TIEGO D'ETANGCH. BIGEON 2m142a1a7a2a7a3a8a2a1'10"4(Vinc.) (CHAILLOT - HAROLENE) - Propriétaire : F.L. ADAM - Entraineur : CH. BIGEON - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 1592680 € 17 TIMOKOB. GOOP 147a4a6a4a1aDa2a1a1a1'09"9(homol) (IMOKO - KISS ME COULONCES) - Propriétaire : R. WESTERINK - Entraineur : R. WESTERINK - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 2825478 € 18 ROXANE GRIFFE. RAFFIN 1m144a1m3a3m5a2a2m2a1'10"2(Vinc.) (TENOR DE BAUNE - JULIA MESLOISE) - Propriétaire : Ecurie GRIFF - Entraineur : S. GUARATO - Distance : 2700 - Gains : 2891818 €   by Thomas H. Hicks, for  

January 22, 2015 - Hip 183, a share of Prodigious (Goetmals Wood-Imagine d’Odyssee) led session two at Arqana Trot’s Prix d’Amerique Sale. JLB Management was the buyer.  Other stallion share were in solid demand – Royal Dream €46,000; Quaker Jet at €45,000; and €40,000 for an Up And Quick share. The latter starts Sunday in the Prix d’Amerique. The broodmare Queen Jet (Viking’s Way-Idole), in foal to Prix d’Amerique winner Royal Dream, brought €40,000. Overall 95 head were catalogued in this session with eight outs and 27 RNA’s, leaving 60 sold for €960,500. Total gross sales for the two sessions to date are €1,644,000 for an average of €10,340. Session three takes place Friday evening as part of EXPO. Thomas H. Hicks

Today’s Paris-Vincennes harness racing card included several races for which European registered trotters were eligible. This is a normal Prix d’Amerique week situation and is good for business and racing quality in my opinion. Each race today was named for PMU international simulcasting partner tracks (e.g., Yonkers Raceway). The featured Prix de la Semaine Internationale (€65,000 purse, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) went to Italy’s 2.7/1 favorite Osiride Grif (7m Varenne-Sex Appeal OK) handled by veteran Pierre Levesque in 1.14.9kr. Trained by Nicolas Ensch the winner is owned by Scuderia Winner. Conrad Lugauer’s trained and reined Swedish entrant Freeman T. Porter (8m Korean-Lion Chica) at 12/1 was second, he by the sire of Sebastian K. Eric Raffin piloted Trou Normand (8g Bon Conseil-Jilanska) to third at 9/1. The Quinte + jackpot today was €4.55 million on this event.  Rapports (pour 2€) Tirelire 4.550.000 € - Numéro plus : 2299   Ordre :       5.173,20€   Désordre :       82,80€   Bonus 4 :       35,60€   Bonus 4sur5 :       5,40€   Bonus 3 :       3,60€   The Prix de Hambourg (€50,000 purse, 2700 meters, 17 European starters) went to Italy’s Roberta Zack (5f Zinzan Brooke Tur-Legacy Grif) with trainer Romain Derieux up at 22/1. Owned by Scuderia Cloudlet Horse Racing the winner scored in 1.17.2kr by a nose over fast finishing Alite de la Cote (5f Quaker Jet-Kelite Jet) at 7/1 for trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse. A Cappella (5f Prodigious-Kiralla) was third home at 29/1 for teamster David Thomain. Today’s top monte contest was the Prix de Vienne-Krieau (€55,000 purse, 2175 meters, 11 European starters) with the victory to Camille Levesque ridden Vista du Gade (6f Diamant Gede-Bayonne) at 2/1. The pair scored dominantly in a sharp 1.13.3kr for trainer Mike Lenders and owner Ecurie Pierre Levesque. 25/1 outsider Va Vole du Lys (6f Oiseau de Feux-Nostelgie du Lys) with Paul-Philippe Ploquin up. 5/1 Manos Invercade (6f Viking Kronos-Menas Sperenza) was home third for Frank Nivard and trainer Svante Bath. The Prix Yonkers Raceway (€60,000 purse, 2850 meters, 15 European starters) produced a score in 1.15.6kr for Sweden’s Fortuna Sund (6f Angus Hall-Nanny As) at 6/1 for teamster Dominik Locqueneux, trainer Peter G. Norman and owner Peter Eriksson. The daughter of Angus Hall defeated Volga du Chatelet (6f Jag de Bellouet-Jalna du Chatelet) that ended second for trainer/driver Pierre-Yves Verva at 15/1 with third to Italy’s 2.6/1 favorite Pleasure Kronos (6f Varenne-Speaks Volume) for Andrea Guzzinati, trainer Cristian Rizzo and Scuderia Cristian SAS, owner. Thomas H. Hicks

Maven, with Jimmy Takter aboard, trained today at Paris-Vincennes and impressed observers. Video in French is atttached with this story. She reportedly (by Paris-Turf) trained three 1,600 meter trips including a 500 meter sprint in 1.13.5kr. She will race barefoot on Sunday over the Vincennes surface, as will many other starters. Originally built in 1860, and subsequently rebuilt on several occasions, the track can handle 60,000 spectators and its’ surface is a cinder-like material that the trotters effortlessly float over, almost without sound. Paris-Vincennes has hosted the Prix d’Amerique since 1920 when it was created to honor America for its efforts to save France in WWI. Except for two years during WWII when the facility accommodated American troops and supplies. The fabulous Prix d’Amerique has been raced continuously and, in my opinion, honors America like no other sporting event. Fans from throughout the world make the annual trip to Paris to take in Prix d’Amerique week and cheer for their favorites. Here is the field for the Prix d'Amerique 2015 2700 meters, €450,000 for the winner. 1. Vulcain de Vandel - Franck Nivard 2. Tumble Dust - Jos Verbeeck 3. Voltigeur de Myrt - Gabriele Gelormini 4. Solvato - Örjan Kihlström 5. Olmo Holz - Christophe Martens 6. Linda di Casei - Alessandro Gocciadoro 7. Aladin d'Ecajeul - Mathieu Abrivard 8. Kadett C.D. - Robert Bergh 9. Mosaique Face - Pierre Vercruysse 10. Uhlan du Val - Cédric Megissier 11. Severino - Damien Bonne 12. Napoleon Bar - Enrico Bellei 13. Texas Charm - Julien Dubois 14. Maven - Yannick Gingras 15. Up And Quick - Jean Michel Bazire 16. Tiego d'Etang - Christian Bigeon 17. Timoko - Björn Goop 18. Roxane Griff - Eric Raffin by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink;com

Saturday’s Gr. III Prix du Luxembourg (€110,000 purse, 2100 meters autostart) drew 15 final entrants, each with career earnings ranging from €407,000 to €752,000. The accomplished group lines up as follows in post-position order, off the mobile barrier. This event is always competitive,  just a notch below the Prix d’Amerique level and often showcases future years’ Amerique starters (those that are males and females, geldings excluded). 1. Ru de l’Airou, Pierre Levesque 2. Global Manhattan, Eric Raffin, SWE 3. Solea Rivelliere, Philippe Daugeard 4. Soleil du Fosse, Thierry Duvaldestin 5. Vagabondu Mag, Mathieu Mottier 6. On Track Piraten, Erik Adielsson, SWE 7. Une Fille d’Amour, David Thomain 8. Beckman, Franck Nivard, SWE 9. Juggle Face, Lutfi Kolgjini, SWE 10. Chelsea Boko, Bjorn Goop, SWE 11. SHT’s Playmate, Yannick Gingras, SWE 12. Remo Gas, Marco Smorgon, ITY 13. Olona OK, G.P. Minnucci, ITY 14. Vincennes, Michel Houel, SWE 15. Backfire, Joseph Verbeeck, SWE by Thomas H. Hicks, for

Illness forced the exit of veteran mare Roxana de Barbray from the Prix d’Amerique on Sunday. Therefore the Vincent Martens trained Olmo Holz will be the 18th starter, instead opting out of the Saturday featured Prix de Luxembourg. Martens reported that Olmo Holz is in good shape following a recent excellent showing at Cagnes sur mer and should be competitive in what was described as a very open edition of the €1,000,000 Prix d’Amerique. List of the field for Sunday's Prix d'Amerique is attached. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

Wednesday’s first session of the annual Arqana Trot sale at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes saw 99 horses sold from 163 catalogued and 141 offered (after 22 outs). Another 42 failed to reach reserve. Gross sales totaled €683.500 for an average of €6,904. Median was €6,000. Thursday’s session features stallion shares with the Friday evening final session, held in conjunction with the popular EXPO, featuring better class racehorses and racing prospects. Session one leader was hip 65, the lightly raced Beauty Darche (4f Niky-Ola s’Urzy) sold to Nicolas Ensch for €27,000. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

The Tuesday Vincennes card featured the Prix de Mirande (€90,000 purse, 2700 meters, 16 starters) went to the consistent Altesse du Mirel (5f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel) with trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse up. She was able to get loose from the pegs late and rallied for a three-wide nose victory in 1.14.6kr (fractions 1.15.7kr at 1500; 1.14.9kr at 1000; 1.15.1kr at 500). Florence Allera owns the winning mare as the 1/1 favorite defeated Aloa des la Mortrie (5f Drag-Queen d’Acanthe) for Anthony Barrier and trainer Sylvain-Gerard Dupont at 13/1. Ave Avis (5m Kesaco Phedo-Magna Avis) was third for Alexandre Abrivard and J-M Bazire, conditioner. Well-bred Bahama Island (4f Love You-Island Flower) took the Prix de Montiers (€36,000 purse, 2700 meters, 15 starters) for Ecurie Victoria Dreams, trainer Philippe Moulin and Etienne Dubois at the lines. The 7/1 winner scored in 1.17kr over Bambolina (4f Kaiser Soze-Sima Thai) at 15/1 for David Thomain and trainer Alain Roussel. The Prix de Pont-Audemer (€58.000 purse, 2100 meters autostart, 13 European starters) ended in victory for Franck Anne, Ecurie Podium and their Barjal (4m Memphis du Rib-Jaidemosa) at 2.8/1. 21/1 Italian outsider Shiraz Roc (4m Gigant Neo-Bufera Roc) with Igor Guosti up for trainer Giorgio Ceuini). Sir Robert (4m Adrian Chip-Lindes de Gloria) was third for Santo Mollo at 3.6/1.  On January 19 at Vincennes Pierre Vercruysse won a pair (with Brosnan Jet and Argentina Dream) and Italy’s Sharon Gar was an impressive winner for Pietro Gubellini. The Prix de Cantin Gr. B (€36,000 purse, 2700 meters, 14 starters) produced a victory for the Jean-Etienne Dubois trained and owned Brosnan Jet (4m Sam Bourbon-Rosemary Jet) in 1.16.5kr. The 5/1 good gaited winner was teamed by Pierre Vercruysse and enjoyed a patient pocket sitting journey. Bolido Bello was second at 12/1 for Alexandre Abrivard. The January 19th Prix de Lambelle (€36,000 purse, 2700 meters, 18 starters) went to the Stephane Bourlier trained Argentina Dream (5f Offshore Dream-Miss de la Merite) as 1.4/1 favorite for reinsman Pierre Vercruysse. Timed in 1.15.6kr the winner defeated Astria Noblu (5f Jasmin de Flore-Norman Jean Noble) was second at 7/1 for Alexandre Abrivard up for trainer Sylvain Lelievre. The Prix de Cavaillon (€58,000 purse, 14 european starters, 2100 meters autostart) was a win for  the Pietro Gubellini reined Sharon Gar (4m Varenne-Geneve Gar) at 5.7/1 for trainer Battista Congui. Bliss Nevele (4f Ready Cash-Quick Nevele) was second at 1.7/1 with Pierre Vercruysse teaming for trainer/owner Philippe Allaire. Mathieu Abrivard reined third finisher Beline d’Urzy (4f Otello Pierji-Querida d’Urzy) at 10/1 in the market. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

The probable 18 Prix d’Amerique starters on Sunday are named below with their committed teamsters. The week also includes the three day Arqana Trot sale that commences Wednesday and the Expo Friday at Paris-Vincennes. by Thomas H. Hicks, for      

Roxane Griff (10f Tenor de Baune-Julia  Mesloise), at 2.6/1 odds, with jubilant Eric Raffin in the irons for Ecurie Griff and conditioner Sebastian Guarato, made a powerful move around the final bend from third over in the outer flow and surged to the front in winning the €700,000 Prix de Cornulier (monte) at Vincennes, France. They held off the favorite 1.8/1 Tiego d’Etang (8m Chaillot-Harolena) and Charles J. Bigeon up in the drive, overcoming a drift out to the fans fence by Roxane Griff that perhaps cost her four lengths and nearly the victory as she won by just a head. Nevertheless she held on with Raffin saluting the crowd without reins in hand. Roxane Griff scored her 21st victory in 105 starts, now for €2,891,818 earned. The “grande-dame” of trotting raced without shoes. This was the world's richest monte race for trotters. Pacesetter Vittel de Brevol and David Thomain was third on the line but disqualified causing Talicia Bella (8g General du Pommeau-Illicia Bella) to be placed third for Anthony Barrier and trainer J-P Marmion, ahead of Udayama and Ugo de Nieil. The winner became the first ten year-old to win this classique. The pace was even (1.13.6kr at 1500; 1.13.6kr at 1000; 1.13.8kr at 500: 1.13.3kr finish) but the top two picked it up impressively in the drive to the line. The Cornulier was today’s Quinte+ race of the day (jackpot €4.35 million) and over €1.85 million was bet on the race on win/place alone. On a sunny, well-attended winter day at Paris-Vincennes, the Gr. II monte Prix Camille de Wazieres (€120,000 purse, monte, 2175 meters) went to 7/1 Bocage d’Ortize (4m Mirage du Goutier-Providence d’Ortize) with Mathieu Abrivard aboard for trainer Sebastian Guarato. The winner rallied steadily in the lane to defeat 4/5 favorite Booster Winner (4m Love You-Quille Viretaute) with Eric Raffin up, also for top trainer Guarato. Best of Jets (4m Magnificent Rodney-Plume Jets) was a good third for Franck Lagadeuc at the lines for Jean-Michel Baudouin. The winner scored in a sharp 1.12.3kr after solid early fractions (1.09.9kr at 1500; 1.11.1kr at 1000; 1.12.2kr at 500). The Gr. III Prix de Dinan (€110,000 purse, 2850 meters, 17 starters) went to fast finishing 6/1 Volare de Lou (6g Korean-Pareastern de Lou) with Christophe Martens driving for trainer Vincent Martens. The winner scored in 1.14.4kr after modest fractions. Vodka du Wallon (6f Onlyx du Goutier-Neige des Harneaux) was second at 8/1 for Eric Raffin ahead of 41/1 Val Royal with Alexandre Abrivard teaming for trainer J-M Bazire. The Gr. III Prix de Valence (€95,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 3/2 favorite Buffalo de Beylev (4m Memphis du Rib-Rafale du Plessis) with Mathieu Abrivard aboard for trainer Hubert Hardy. 67/1 outsider Bardane du Houlbet was second for David Thomain with third to 10/1 Brasil de Bailly and teamster Franck Ouvrie. The winner scored in 1.15.5kr. Today’s Prix Bellino II (€85,000, 2700 meters, 11 starters) produced victory for 2/1 Virgious du Maza (6g Prodigious-Pocket Edition), with David Thomain up for trainer Sebastian Ernault. The winner scored in 1.14.4kr, closing stoutly off modest fractions (1.15.3kr at 1500; 1.14.4kr at 1000; 1.14.9kr at 500). 25/1 Varoum Boy (6m Baccarat du Pont-Hawai Girl) ended second for Eric Raffin and trainer Yves Dreux. Anthony Barrier teamed third place finisher Vivier de l;Oison (6g Prince de Montfort-Punaise) at 6/1. Lightly raced three year-olds contested the Prix de Maisons-Lafitte (€42,000 purse, 2200 meters, nine starters) and the winner was undefeated (now in three starts) Comtesse du Chene (3f Quaker Jet-Imperiola du Chene) with Pierre Vercruysse up at 9/10 odds. Cana de Bailly and Carla Bilou trailed the winner across the line. Young sire Quaker Jet looks to be an emerging stallion. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

January 17, 2015 - The Gr. II Prix de Pardieu (€120,000 purse, 2175 meters monte, 13 starters, four year-old females) went to 3/1 Beauty Turgot (4f Hand du Vivier - Quouragane) in 1.13.2kr, after a quick early tempo, with Anthony Barrier in the irons for trainer Fabrice Souloy. The comfortable winner easily dispatched Bianca d’Atout (4f Saxo de Vandel - Geline d’Atout) and Matthieu Mottier at 9/1 and third place Brise de l’Alba (4f Quido du Goutier-Celq de la Meritee) with David Thomain aboard at 15/1 odds. The Quinte+ Prix de Granville (€75,000 purse, 2700 meters, 18 starters) produced an impressive victory for Ugor du Beauvoisin (7m Olitro - Klea du Beauvoisin) for reinsman Alexandre Abrivard and trainer L. Cl. Abrivard. The 11/1 odds winner handled second place Topaze de Landerie (8f Legs des Clos - Oree Line) with Pierre Vercruysse up at 23/1 by two lengths. Tollemont Haufor (8f Ganymede - Mamba d’Haufor) ended third at 6/1 for Christian J. Bigeon. The Gr. II European Prix de Brest (€120,000 purse, 2850 meters, 12 starters) went to the game mare Princess Grif (6f Varenne - Fauve Grif) at 17/1 for Italian teamster Roberto Andreghetti, trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner Azienda Agricola Biasuzzi. The winner, timed in 1.13.9kr, nosed out 5.2/1 Villeroi (6m Oiseau de Feux-Pochahontas) trained by Sebastian Guarato and reined by Gabriele Gelormini. Guarato was also third as trainer with Ustinof du Vivier (7g Look de Star - Melba du Vivier), the 1.4/1 favorite with Eric Raffin up. Repay Merci landed fourth for Anthony Barrier and Triskell Pacha was fifth for Franck Nivard. Lightly raced three year-old males contested the Prix de la Ferte Mace (€42,000 purse, 2200 meters, 13 starters) over the petite course. Pacesetter 1.6/1 favorite Cobra Bleu (3m Fortuna Fant - Nuit Irisee) held on for trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse for the 1.16.3kr score. Cote Ouest (3m Goetmals Wood -Island Dream  -Coktail Jet) was a fast closing second along the pegs at 8/1 for Joseph Verbeeck, trainer Patrick Chevrier and owner J-P Dubois. The first dam of Cote Ouest, Island Dream, is a great one, having produced Infinitif USD750,093, Viva Island USD374,815, Not Disturb USD373,948 and Rebelle USD100,225. Third today went to 16/1 Colibri de Larve (3m Echo - Sagresse de Larre) for trainer/driver Sylvain Roger.Cobra Bleu Thomas H. Hicks

The January 16th Paris-Vincennes Prix d’Ableiges (€35,000, three year-old females, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 4/1 odds Comlicite d’Azur (3f Love You-Quelle Prestance) with Robin Bakker at the lines. The winner scored in 1.17.9kr. He dam Quelle Prestance (Buvetier d’Aunou-Easy To Love) was a winner of USD95,096 and her dam Easy To Love produced two other USD100,000 plus winners. 13/1 odds Capucine Gede (3f In Love With You-Orehadie Gede) was second for Alexandre Pillon ahead of 26/1 Cincinnati Bend (3f Prince Gede-Miranda d’Odyssee) with Tony Le Beller up. The Prix de Boulay (€42,000 purse, monte for males four years-old, 2700 meters, 13 starters) went impressively to 10/1 odds Bourbon Somolli (4m Sam Bourbon-Jamaica Somolli-Workaholic) with David Thomain piloting for trainer Thierry Duvaldestin and owner Ecurie Augustin-Normand. The first dam has produced five winners from eight foals and second dam Ophelia is the dam of Valacirea 1:58.2 mile rate winner of the Prix Roederer by Mickey Viking and USD136,474 winner Grafin Somolli by And Arifant. Favorite Botido (4g L’As de Neige-Otida) secured second in this event for Mathieu Mottier at 3/2 with third to Broadway Delo (4m Replay Oaks-Mr Lovely Star) and Eric Raffin at 4/1 odds. This winner is one to watch in the mounted races ahead. The Prix Jean-Pierre Reynaldo (€60,000, Quinte+ with jackpot €4.2 million, 2700 meters, 16 starters) at Paris-Vincennes (January 15) went to the game Americaine (5f Chef du Chatalet-Marina Raudiere) for Anthony Barrier, at the lines for legendary trainer J-P Marmion. The 7/2 odds winner scored in 1.14.7kr over 12/1 Amie d’Andy (5f Coktail Jet-Nanyo Tiere) trained and reined by P-Y Verva and 3/1 After River (5f Quaker Jet-Ogusa de la Merite) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Sebastian Guarato. Well-bred Univers Love (7m Love You-Harazina) with trainer/driver Mickael Cormy up, at 18/1 odds, took the Prix de Beaumont de Lomagne (€35,000 purse, 2625 meters, European 15 starters) in 1.13.8kr, the Agen le Passage January 14 feature of the day. Heavily favored,  at 1.2/1, Tast of Bourbon (5f Donato Hanover-Qualita Bourbon), Denmark registered and owned/bred by Jean-Pierre Dubois, was a close second for teamster Robert Lacruix and trainer Jean Baudron, ahead of third place Sonia des Bordes (9m Imoko-Ino d’Atout) and reinsman Denis Bossard. Also January 14th, former world dash winning leader Heinz Wewering won a pair at Berlin Mariendorf, scoring with the game Pablo Kemp and then later in the card with his trainee Good Man in a driving finish. by Thomas H. Hicks, for

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