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Pompano Beach, FL...January 27, 2020...A monster Monday is shaping up at Pompano Park as two large carryovers and a bulging Super Hi-5 jackpot highlight the harness racing program for the "Send It In" Army. The track's Pick-6 went unsolved on Sunday night resulting in a $12,711 carryover and a $30,000 guarantee of that wager covering races three through eight. Even more lucrative is the $75,000 guarantee on the Pick-4 covering races six through nine. That guarantee is the result of a carryover of $25,987 as that popular wagering feature also went unscathed on the program. Closing out the Monday festivities is the Super Hi-5 finale, which has ballooned to $90,857. Post time is set for 7:20. Reported by John Berry for Pompano Park  

Sorrento, FL — Here is the 2020 harness racing training roster for Southern Oaks, Sorrento, Fla. Harness racing stallions with first crops in training include Arthur Blue Chip, Bar Hopping, Betting Line, Creatine, JK Endofanera, Southwind Frank, State Treasurer and Up Front Murray. World champion Amigo Volo is among the 3-year-olds spending the winter at Southern Oaks. . Dave Arrenholtz Stable 2-year-olds Life In Color p,c, Shadow Play—Hypnotize Roll Em p,c, Time To Roll—Feetonthedashboard 3-year-olds Frontier Rollo p,g, (p,2,1:54, $9,870) Time To Roll—Incredible Dodger Rambler Blue Chip t,c, Credit Winner—Glowngold John Butenschoen Stable 2-year-olds Above The Clouds t,f, Explosive Matter—Miss Michelle H Acup O Joe Hanover p,g, Roll With Joe—A Royal Hanover Angiesmiki Hanover p,f, Always B Miki—A and G’sconfusion Artisan Bet p,f, Artspeak—Ultimate Bet Broker Volo t,g, Yankee Glide—Bank Of Newport Check My Score t,g, Credit Winner—Dancing Slippers Come Roll With Me p,f, Roll With Joe—Elizabeth Spencer Crazy N Wild Guy t,c, Bar Hopping—Crazed For Lindy Dancing Machine p,c, Art Major—Lilmissdothetwist Destined To Dance t,f, Chapter Seven—Go Go Dancer D’oro Deo t,c, Father Patrick—Yalta Hanover Homebody p,c, American Ideal—No One Is Alone Impression t,f, Creatine—Grand Idea In Style t,f, Cantab Hall—Warrawee Krisp Mallard Hanover t,g, Swan For All—Mynah Hanover Moni Clip Lindy t,f, Cantab Hall—Martini Lindy Muscles Frankee t,c, Southwind Frank—Vee Vee Natchez Belle p,f, Betting Line—Grrby Hanover Protein Shake t,c, Muscle Hill—Sugar Wheeler Scirocco Big John t,c, Bar Hopping—Think Twice Show Stop p,c, Captaintreacherous—The Show Returns Southwind Jorah p,c, Captaintreacherous—Southwind Johanne Spartacus Blue Chip p,g, American Ideal—Crucial Moment Sumbigbank Hanover t,g, Explosive Matter—Secret Credit Teresa Kemp t,f, Cantab Hall—Smarty Has A Party The Right Credit t,c, Credit Winner—The Right Thing Truffles Too t,c, Donato Hanover—Truffles Turnthecrankfrank t,g, Southwind Frank—Feel The Pressure 3-year-olds Alota Chips p,c, (p,2,1:54.3f, $23,514) Heston Blue Chip—Alota Bling Ballcapsnbluejeans t,c, Chapter Seven—Mazda Hanover Blank Stare p,g (p,2,1:52.4f, $44,600) Bolt The Duer—Hypnotize Do You Wanna Dance t,f (2,1:55.3f, $32,179) Father Patrick—Tail Of Night Generous Pour t,c, Donato Hanover—Athena Miss Kyrie Deo t,g (2,1:59.2h, $74,028) Donato Hanover—Rare Book Looking Santastic p,f, Artspeak—Santastic’s Filly Nimble Kid t,c, (2,2:01f, $8,250) Chapter Seven—Swift Kid Hanover Oreo Dream Xtreme p,c, (p,2,1:57.1h, $55,783) American Ideal—Spotlight On Party Whip p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Hedgie Blue Chip Platoon System t,c, Manofmanymissions—Celebrity Liza Rolling With Sam p,c, (p,2,1:55.3h, $19,672) Roll With Joe—Martinique Romanee Blue Chip t,c, Cantab Hall—Munis Blue Chip Scirocco Patrick t,g, Father Patrick—Starlet Rules Scirocco Rocboogie t,g, Explosive Matter—Bellini Lindy Spirit Of Deo t,f, (2,1:56.3, $29,662) Trixton—Caylee Dream Spirit Of The South p,c, American Ideal—All Spirit Swipe Right t,c, (2,1:58.3f, $25,171) Explosive Matter—Online Exclusive Thankfulforyou t,f, (2,1:54.1, $32,626) Manofmanymissions—Adelaide Hall Scott & Lisa Henry/SNL Stable 2-year-old Such Is Life t,f, Royalty For Life—Magic Factory older horses Kwik Talkin p,h,5, (p,3,1:51.1f, $177,458) Well Said—Kwik Dial Rockstar Rebel p,g,4, Art Major—Rockjaws Carl Jamieson Stable 2-year-olds Beachblanketlindy p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Luck Be A Lindy Crazy Goodbye t,c, Crazed—Sayonara Hall Day At The Gym t,c, Muscle Mass—Day At The Spa Major Bean p,c, Art Major—Lismorebella No Plan Intended p,c, Up The Credit—Warrawee Star Warrawee Whynot p,c, Sweet Lou—Great Memories What Can You Say p,c, Up The Credit—Twin B Bambino 3-year-old Sports Obsession p,c, (p,2,1:53, $151,272) Sportswriter—Hayworth Blue Chip Eddie Lohmeyer Stable 2-year-old Melania t,f, Donato Hanover—Miss Fidget 3-year-olds Ireland t,f, (2,2:00f, $38,865) Cantab Hall—Clarice Marie Tupelo Honey t,f, (2,Q1:59.2f, $41,325) Chapter Seven—Supreme Dish older horses Casa Palmera t,m,6 (4,1:53.4f, $15,460) Andover Hall—Ura Hanover Yuge t,g,5 (4,1:54f, $178,754) Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget David Miller Stable 2-year-old Chat Line p,c, Betting Line—Chat Snap 3-year-old Play The Ponies p,g, (p,2,1:54.4f, $15,836) Shadow Play—Expose Erv Miller Stable 2-year-olds Adjacent p,f, Always B Miki—Geometry Affinity Hanover p,f, Always A Virgin—Artaffection Allforone Hanover t,c, Swan For All—Allamerican Phoebe Alwaysshowfaith p,c, Always A Virgin—Show Faith Andy Can t,c, Andover Hall—Candidcamerakosmos Axe Blue Chip t,c, Chapter Seven—Can Can Frisco Bacardi t,c, Southwind Frank—Strawberry Wine Bet Nineteen p,c, Betting Line—Ideal Nectarine Bossy Linda p,f, Roll With Joe—Ideal Ginny Captain Sleaze p,c, A Rocknroll Dance—Da Sleazy One Carl Spackler t,c, Credit Winner—Athena’s Mission Carrythetorchman p,c, American ideal—Kattimon Certifiable p,c, Rockin Image—Psychotic Cheers For Chips p,f, Heston Blue Chip—Celebrate America College Coed t,f, Conway Hall—Dipietrantonio Crystal Beach p,f, Always B Miki—Gold Beach Cschapeterone t,c, Chapter Seven—Chandler T Cyborg t,f, Swan For All—Fox Valley Yavonne Divine Image t,f, Chapter Seven—Womanly Image Dixie Chick p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Fashion Majorette Doc’s Skipper p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Doc’s Hope Dontbeafraidtowin t,c, Kadabra—Share My Secret Fox Valley Liza t,f, Muscle Mass—Super Renee Fox Valley Sampson p,c, JK Endofanera—Lr Dancing Dream Fox Valley Specter t,c, Whom Shall I Fear—Fox Valley Diva Gd Rockin Kay p,f, Rockin Image—Kaylas Dream Gettin Gone p,f, So Surreal—Long Gone Glitter Hanover t,f, Andover Hall—Gold Fish Gochisumgo t,g, Dontcheatonmenow—Tight Lips Got That Right t,f, Credit Winner—Lol Hanover Gucci Goo t,c, Guccio—Love Child I Say No More p,f, American ideal—Blackjack Princess Ivana Vinalot t,f, Guccio—Ivana Hanover JK She’s Gordjus p,f, JK Endofanera—Gordjus Likeafreighttrain p,c, Art Major—Upfront Secret Lindys Leading Man t,c, Cantab Hall—Lindys Leading Lady Loyal Kim p,f, Bolt The Duer—Hidden Cost Marcia p,f, Always A Virgin—Miss ATM Mayday Volo t,c, Trixton—Mayflower Volo McQuickie p,c, McArdle—Dobre Povedane Miss Zelda t,f, Explosive Matter—Sofia Letsgo My Only Sin t,f, Lou’s Legacy—Earli Valley Mystical King t,c, Muscle Massive—Miss Imperial Night Owl Hanover t,c, E L Titan—Nightflix Hanover Not Today p,c, Art Major—Wenditions Octave p,c, Always B Miki—Music City Please Don’t Tell t,f, Bar Hopping—Twice Is Right Pure Sin p,c, Ryan N Hanover—Are We Rich Now Quick Six p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Southwind Vanna Railin Jennings p,f, JK Endofanera—Cinnamon Girl Refiner t,c, Chapter Seven—Catching Katie Rose Run Webster p,c, American Ideal—Jus Chillin Out Salect Friday p,c, Rockin Image—The Face Of Love Skyway Genna t,f, Swan For All—GS Grasshopper Skyway Miss Foxy t,f, Swan For All—Maui Blue Chip Southern Road Trip p,c, Rockin Image—Dixiegirl Stayinalivehahaha p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Village Madonna Swanofagun t,g, Swan For All—CJ’s Susie Sweet Doodle p,f, Sweet Lou—Willow Gram Sweet Gisele p,f, Sweet Lou—Meet Gisele Sweet Ron p,c, Sweet Lou—Safe From Harm Swift Swanda t,f, Swan For All—Cheetah Hall Ten Above t,c, Here Comes Herbie—Demons N Diamonds The Perfect Woman p,f, Rockin Image—Poppies Pride T’S Raider II p,c, Rockin Image—Do Me Good Upfront Money t,c, Up Front Murray—Andoverhertreasure Volcano Volo t,c, Swan For All—Sierra Glide Well Basically p,c, Sagebrush—Basic Brown With Or Without t,f, Conway Hall—Queen Of More 3-year-olds Allow Me Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:55f, $12,350) Artspeak—Armbro Cachet Anchors Away t,g, (2,1:57.2, $5,880) Whom Shall I Fear—Lima Simplicity Beautiful Mrs A t,f, ($1,690) Donato Hanover—Sina Bolten Beach p,f, Bolt The Duer—Beach Bretta Bolt Of Beauty p,f, (p,2,1:55.4f, $41,305) Bolt The Duer—Natural Luck Coconut Beach p,f, (p,2,1:54, $35,436) Art Major—Gold Beach Coconut Kate t,f, (2,1:57, $10,125) Donato Hanover—Cocoacabana Father Dunn t,c, ($10,650) Father Patrick—Majestic Style Fox Valley Hustler p,g, (p,2,1:53.3, $29,618) Time To Roll—Panfastic Gabby Tabby p,f, Western Ideal—Midnight Art Genius Man p,c, (p,2,1:52.2, $57,229) Art Major—Unred Hanover Heaven t,f, (2,1:55.1, $57,252) Father Patrick—Blue Diamonds Hidden Cove p,f, (p,2,1:52.4, $71,056) American Ideal—Sun N Sand Meadowbrook Chip t,c, (2,Q2:00.3f, $4,810) Whom Shall I Fear—Chip’s Goddess Paytons A Cane t,c, ($3,960) Donato Hanover—Sly Fox Rockin Your World p,f, (p,2,1:58h, $5,250) Rockin Image—Pandemonious Rock Swan t,f, (2,1:55.4, $392,981) Swan For All—Jolly Jessica Sleazy Gal p,f, (p,2,1:54.1, $49,814) Sagebrush—DA Sleazy One Solar t,g, ($9,000) Father Patrick—Jupiter Stickemup Pickemup p,f, (p,2,Q1:57.1, $1,400) American Ideal—Fashion Gal Vivaldi Hanover p,g (p,2,1:53.1, $23,187) Always A Virgin—Vasmajority Hanover Witchey Woman t,f, ($6,123) Donato Hanover—Wedding Dress Woodside Datendiva t,f, (2,1:56.3, $70,281) Guccio—Cantab’s Chorine older horse Zack’s Got The W t,g,4, (3,1:53, $39,730) Yankee Glide—Catch A Train Kimberlie Miller Stable 2-year-old Miss Maytrix t,f, Trixton—Marion Mayflower Dr. Ian Moore Stable 2-year-olds Alumni Seelster p,f, State Treasurer—Atlantic Seelster Arthur Blue p,c, Arthur Blue Chip—Armbro Creole Dietrich Seelster p,c, State Treasurer—Demi Seelster Kim p,f, He’s Watching—Ms Lady Shark Lady Arthur p,f, Arthur Blue Chip—April Three Lawless Seelster p,c, Shadow Play—Ladycino Lyn p,f, Betting Line—Hedge Blue Chip Marlboro Seelster p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Macapelo Rose Shadow Warrior p,c, Shadow Play—Sassafras Girl Sir Shadow p,c, Shadow Play—Dream Of Mimi Snap Call p,c, Shadow Play—Malocchio Sorone Seelster p,f, State Treasurer—Shadows Wonder Sunrise Blue Chip p,f, Shadow Play—Frame Worthy Twain Seelster p,c, Bettor’s Delight—The Patriot 3-year-olds Denali Seelster p,c, (p,2,1:52.3, $82,355) Sunshine Beach—Demi Seelster Kit p,f, (p,2,1:56, $19,752) Big Jim—The Patriot Tattoo Artist p,c, (p,2,1:52, $182,672) He’s Watching—Stylish Artist The Wild Card p,c, (p,2,1:55.1, $28,765) Bettor’s Delight—Scarlet’s Western older hoses Casimir Richie P p,h,5 (p,4,1:49.1, $271,553) Astronomical—Casimir Hugs Century Farroh p,h,4 (p,3,1:49.1, $786,184) Mach Three—Beachy Girl Randy Owens Stable 2-year-old Ifeellikeaterror p,f, Western Terror—Ifeellikelaughing 3-year-old Pete Stamas t,g, (2,Q1:59.1, $26,300) Uncle Peter—Donata Dont Gotta Pinske Stable 2-year-olds Adelia Hanover p,f, Betting line—Always On A Roll Anna Bolena t,f, Kadabra—Keystone Taylor Babyiloveyourway t,f, Muscle Hill—Baby Bella Broken p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Robin Cruiser Father Of Ireland t,c, Father Patrick—Lindy Of My Dreams Fire Start Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Fit To Frame Honey Run Hanover p,f, Captaintreacherous—Hit The Curb I Lack Compassion p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover Jack Fire t,c, Cantab Hall—Jolie De Vie Keepthetab Hanover t,c, Bar Hopping—Keepsake Hanover Letters Of Love t,f, Creatine—Celebrity Lovenote Soukup Blue Chip t,f, Chapter Seven—Sirenuse Stay In Your Lane t,f, Chapter Seven—Who Dat Girl Steel t,c, Chapter Seven—Pink Power Venerate t,c, Love You—Peaceful Kemp Whimbel Hanover t,f, Father Patrick—Winterberry 3-year-olds Amigo Volo t,g, (2,1:52.3, $610,546) Father Patrick—Margarita Momma Annabella Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:50.2, $131,876) Somebeachsomewhere—Always On A Roll Bombshell Hanover p,g, (p,2,Q1:55.3, $23,059) Somebeachsomewhere—Blind Ambition Love A Good Story t,f, (2,1:52.2, $234,137) Chapter Seven—Celebrity Lovin Marloe Hanover p,f, (p,2,1:50.3, $313,787) Captaintreacherous—Mesmerize Blue Chip Paige’s Girl p,f, Captaintreacherous—Lightning Paige She Rocks Kemp t,f, (2,2:01.2h, $135,165) Kadabra—Southwind Adele Somewhere North p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover Western Vacation p,g, (p,2,1:54.1f, $27,713) Western Ideal—Robin Cruiser Wine Rack Hanover t,f, (2,1:56, $176,249) Kadabra—Winbak Maya older horse Drain The Swamp t,h,4, ($12,181) Yankee Glide—Brandnewgirlfriend Two Days Stable/Richard and Joan Day 2-year-old Two Days Ohno t,g, Clocked At Eighty—North Lima Disco   by Kendra Casselman

Northfield, Ohio--After a successful winter season participating in amateur harness racing events at Pompano Park in Florida Steve "You're Never Too" Oldford made his seasonal Billings debut in late April at Miami Valley Raceway where his charge was an also-ran but tonight, May 13, at Northfield Park, the talented tail-setter scored his seventh seasonal triumph when he guided Mego Moss to a gate to wire 1:59.3 triumph turning back eight others to score 1:59.3 triumph over a track rated good. After starting from the pole position Oldford and Mega Moss were challenged Super Rock, driven by Brian "BJ" Miller, and they were one-two past the first stanza in a swift :28. But Miller found a spot behind Mega Moss which took the pressure off Oldford as he led the was by the halfway point in 1:00.1/ At that point Emanuel "Manny" Miller and Dd's Comet were in hot pursuit. However, Oldford's veteran trotter was up to the task and kept Dd's Comet at bay. When the field rounded the final turn and headed for home Mega Moss put away his challengers and began to open daylight on the field. In mid-stretch , 65-1 shot, Song In My Heart, driven by "Tiny Tim" Miller, took aim at Oldford but ole Mega Moss was up to that challenge and cruised home 3-1/4 length winner. Song In My Heart headed-out Moon Tan and driver "Lightweight Larry" Ferrari for second money. Meanwhile, the 3-10 betting favorite, Annie's Rocketman, with Gregg :Fast Greggy" Keidel aboard, lumbered home in fourth place. "My horse is a grand ole campaigner and loves to race and he's a real pleasure to drive,"said Oldford, who was recently named the Harness Racing Museum's Amateur Driver of the Year. Mega Moss, a 10 year old altered son of Amigo Hall, owned by Oldford Racing, returned $11.60 for win.   by John Manzi for the Billings Series

Pompano Beach, FL…May 6, 2019…Buoyed by mandatory payouts on several events, Pompano Park closed out its 2018-2019 season with a strong Saturday harness racing finale with wagering topping $1.3 million.   The wagering highlight of the program came in the final race as the Super Hi-5, with its carryover of over $127,000, attracted over $256,000 in new wagers, vaulting that total pool to over $383,000.   While the program was dotted with several long-priced winners, chalk players were rewarded in the Super Hi-5 with favorites finishing one-two, resulting in over 8,700 winning tickets sold on the winning 6-5-2-7-1 combination returning $38.58 for the 20 cent investment.   Wally Hennessey led all drivers in wins with 359 while Mike Simons, Dave Ingraham, Rick Plano and John MacDonald rounded out the top five. Gaston Lareau led all trainers with 60 visits to the winner’s circle, edging Jim McDonald and Kim Sears in that department. Plano and MacDonald finished in a dead-heat for fourth in the trainers standings.   In the “batting average” (UDRS) department, Hennessey finished first at .522, competing in 920 races while achieving that lofty score. Pompano Park, in cooperation with the Florida Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association also presented its trainer incentive awards program with Gaston Lareau, John MacDonald, Dan Hennessey and Marie Schaefer taking the top prizes in their respective divisions.   Pari-mutuel racing resumes in early November with Florida bred two and three year-olds beginning their season in October in non-wagering events.   by John Berry for Pompano Park

Hightstown, NJ — McWicked, who was the 2018 Horse of the Year in both the U.S. and Canada, returned to the track Tuesday (April 23) for his first harness racing qualifier of the season. The 8-year-old pacing stallion and driver Wally Hennessey cruised around the five-eighths-mile oval at Pompano Park in 1:51.2, winning by 7-3/4 lengths over 3-year-old filly Prescient Beauty. McWicked, trained during the racing season by Casie Coleman, has spent the off season with Jim McDonald. “It looks like he went well,” said Coleman, who is based in Canada. “He’s leaving Saturday and coming back to me. I’ll probably qualify him again, but I’ll wait until I get him in the barn to decide what’s next.” Honored for last season’s 7-year-old campaign, McWicked became the oldest pacer in history to receive Horse of the Year. He led the sport in earnings last year, with $1.57 million, and became the oldest horse in 43 years to top the money standings. For the season, McWicked won 12 of 19 races, capping his campaign with a five-race win streak, and hit the board a total of 17 times. He is owned by Ed James’ SSG Stables. Prescient Beauty, who closed last season with a win in the Three Diamonds, also was qualifying for the first time, as was her Kentucky Sire Stakes champion stablemate Beautyonthebeach. Prescient Beauty was timed in 1:53 in her qualifier while Beautyonthebeach won her qualifier in 1:54. Both 3-year-old fillies were driven by Doug McNair and are trained by Gregg McNair. Jim Avritt Sr. bred and owns both horses.   by Ken Weingartner USTA Media Relations Manager

Pompano Beach, FL...April 15, 2019...Casimir Richie P, made his 2019 harness racing debut a successful one at Pompano Park on Sunday night, April 14, as four year-old son of Astronomical got picture perfect handling from Wally Hennessey to score in 1:51.2 in the $13,000 Open Pace. His winning margin was three-parts-of-a-length over the pacesetting American Hustle, driven by Bryce Fenn, who sliced through panels of :26.4, :55 and 1:23.4 before being out-kicked in the final yards by Casimir Richie P, was in the garden seat all with away after zooming off the wings at the start before yielding around the opening bend. Cenutry Endeaver, with Cory Braden, in the bike, was next, after closing quickest of all--:27.1--once they straightened away for the drive home. Caviart Reagan and Prairie Panther picked up the final two awards in the classy sextet. In a post race interview, driver Wally Hennessey lamented, "Doc (Ian) Moore said he's trained really well coming up to this race, qualified superbly and is ready to be driven aggressively, even though it's his first start." "This wasn't a case of Bryce's horse quitting--he was very game--it was just that we had the trip and squeaked on by " Dr. Moore co-owns the winner along with Michael Goldberg with the win inflating his career earnings to $118,191 with the victory. Off at 4 to 5 on the tote-board, Casimir Richie P paid $3.60 to his multitude of faithful. In other action, Rebellious, known for his ability to turn on the afterburners at the end of his miles, did so in a five-eighths mile "Dash for the Cash" event, scoring for Jim Meittinis in 1:08.1 after a brave first over journey. This five year-old altered son of Mach Three wore down the favored Four Socks (Hennessey) after fractions of :27.2 and :55.2, pacing his final eighth mile in :12.3 (a 1:40.4 mile rate) to earn the one length victory. Beach Pro (Aaron Byron) finished third over Panocchio and Dinky Dune in the quintet. Rebellious is trained by MIke Deters, who co-owns with Joel Warner, and earned his second win of the semester in eight starts to send his 2019 bankroll to $18,600. Lifetime, Rebellious has earnings of $173,441. Off as the second choice at 5 to 2, Rebellious paid $7.00 to win. In an oddity of sorts, driver Roy Dinges had a driving double on the card with his first winner, Thundercrest, off at odds of 1 to 10 and his next winner, Power and Faith, off at 10 to 1. Dinges drove the heavily favored Thundercrest ($2.20) to a handy gate-to-wire win in 1:59, scoring over Miss Flora (Mario Dessureault) and Kegler Hanover (Leon Cable) to earn his third win of the year in 16 starts. Power And Faith ($22.60) went a courageous journey in scoring for Roy in 1:58.3, after fighting back the challenge of Smart Flight (Steve Oldford) around the final turn and Stardust Memories (Leon Cable) in deep stretch to earn thnod over the latter. Smart Flight did manage to finish third. Power And Faith is trained by George Coblentz for owner Don Brainard. Both events were part of the Florida Amateur Driving Club festivities featuring four events. Security Guard ($11.60) and Fire In My Heart ($2.60) won the other two divisions--both driven by Dein Spriggs, who swept the early Daily Double ($36.80). The F.A.D.C. capped off the festivities when donations to "Go For The Green," an organization empowered by women in their quest to fight breast cancer, and The Hall of Fame and Museum in Goshen, New York. The club has donated well over $200,000 to worthy causes since their inception. Racing continues on Monday night with the Super Hi-5 Jackpot carryover bursting through the $100,000 barrier--$101,403.12--to be precise. Post time is set for 7:20 p.m.   by John Berry for Pompano Park

Pompano Beach, FL., April 8, 2019…The “semi-retired” Mickey McNichol hopped back in the harness racing sulky for a rare appearance on Sunday night and promptly guided Lets Roll to victory in Pompano Park’s $11,000 featured Open Pace.   McNichol all but retired from the driving scene late last semester after a star-studded career that included wins in many of harness racing’s most prestigious events.   Still very active as a trainer delegating the driving chores to the “younger” set, McNichol was asked by trainer Jake Huff to take the lines back of Lets Roll off of a winning qualifying effort of 1:53.3.   “Jake asked me to handle him (Lets Roll),” lamented the now 70 year-old, “and I said I would, knowing, of course, that he’s a very nice horse—versatile and fast—great traits in any racehorse.”   Facing a very talented field, including track record holder, Panocchio, McNichol sent Lets Roll right to the front from post five, out-hustled Panocchio (post 1) when the wings closed up and clocked fractions of :27.1, :54.4 and 1:22.3 before a :29.1 stroll home stopped the timer at 1:51.4, leaving Panocchio (Wally Hennessey) two lengths away with Harry Terror (Dave Ingraham), Mc Mach and Windsun Gotham rounding out the top five in the classy septet.   “He did it all on his own tonight,” McNichol said. “I never had to ask him for anything, he just felt that strong all the way.”   For McNichol, it was his 4,759 th career win benefitting owners to the tune of almost $45,000,000.   For Lets Roll, a four year-old son of Roll With Joe, it was his fourth win of the year in seven starts, pushing his 2019 bankroll to $19,890 for owners Rosie Huff, Beauty Bridle Racing and Our Three Sons Stable. Lifetime, Lets Roll has a 10-4-2 scorecard in only 27 starts with $71,355 in earnings to go along with his recent Pompano Park mark of 1:51.1.   Trainer Jake Huff had high praise for his “track-team,” saying, “I have had this horse since he was a baby, broke him and always thought highly of him. And, of course, I have always thought very highly of Mickey, who proved he can still compete with the younger set after all these years. They made a great ‘track team’ tonight, that’s for sure.”   As third choice in the betting, Lets Roll paid $8.20 to win.   In other Sunday night happenings at the South Florida oval, The Florida Amateur Driving Club had four events on the card with Dein Spriggs, Joe Pennacchio, Ron Cusimano and Nick Coblentz each visiting the winner’s circle.   Spriggs kick off the early Daily Double by steering his own Gespacho ($14.20) to a narrow win in 1:59 after the 11 year-old gelded son of Holy Guacamolie opened up a huge lead while clocking blazing panels of :27.2, :55.4 and 1:27.   Alfredo Dream (Jeff Schaefer) was a fast closing second over Lucid Thoughts (Den St. Pierre).   Trained by Allen Saul, Gespacho won for the 40 th time in a career measuring 192 starts.   Next, Cheeky Little Minx ($6.00), with outgoing FSBOA President Joe Pennacchio in her sully, scored a gate-to-wire win in 1:59.3, after parking FSBOA’s incoming President, Dein Spriggs, in a fierce duel lasting into the final bend.   Geronimo Fame (John Campagnuolo) was second while S J Better Days (Ron Cusimano) was next.   Jim McDonald trains Cheeky Little Minx for the Joe P Racing Stable.   Next, Everyone’s Talkin ($4.80), driven by Ron Cusimano, made a sharp quarter move to the front and led the rest of the way in winning in 1:57.2 over Little Big Rigs (Brian Calvert) and Security Guard (Dein Spriggs).   Everyone’s Talkin, a recent claim by former owners Carlo Angelillo, Henry Tanzer, Erika Sirianos and Ron Cusimano, returned to the training care of Jake Huff for the win, his fifth of the year and 23 rd lifetime.   Finally, Fair Glider $45.60), given exceptional rating by Nick Coblentz, led every stride of his one mile journey to score and easy win measuring 7 ¼ lengths over favored You Cant Habit (Carl Garofalo) in 1:58.1. Keystone Orion (Leon Cable) was third.   The F.A.D.C., having donated over $200,000 to charity since their inception, added to that total on Sunday night with a generous donation to Bit-by-Bit, an organization that serves special needs of children and veterans using horses as therapy.   Racing continues on Monday with the Super Hi-5 Jackpot carryover now at $86,029.   Post time is 7:20 p.m.     Reported by John Berry for Pompano Park

  Del Ray Beach, FL - Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Center in Delray Beach, FL will hold qualifying races on Friday (April 5) at 11 a.m.   Horses may be entered via online entry until 10 a.m. on Thursday (April 4).   The condition sheet is available here.   To use online entry, trainers will need to add Sunshine Meadows to their list of tracks.   The track abbreviation is SSM and they can be searched in the Maintenance tab of online entry in "Search by fair" option. Horses must have electronic eligibility activated for the entry to be accepted. There will be a charge of $100 per horse to cover the cost.     Nick Salvi

Jeff Schaefer and his wife Marie know what it is like to battle cancer. Now they want to help bring hope to those facing the fight today and in the future. The couple recently launched an online store, Harness Life, that sells T-shirts, sweatshirts and window decals to raise money for cancer research. The venture, which began last year, is gaining momentum and produced a $1,000 donation last month with another $1,000 donation to be made soon. "I had kidney cancer and my wife had breast cancer and we've seen a lot of our friends go through it too," said the 55-year-old Schaefer, who is a blacksmith at Pompano Park and Tioga Downs as well as an amateur driver and U.S. Trotting Association ID technician. Marie is a teacher and trains horses on the side. "I was sitting on the couch one day and said we should come up with some T-shirts and call it Harness Life. The name is for harness racing, and helps promote the sport, but it also is for harnessing life as a whole. I can't make enough shirts right now. We've probably sold over 250 T-shirts and sweatshirts so far with all the profits going to cancer research." Schaefer is from Illinois and has been involved in harness racing since his early teens. When he was 16, he finished second in the junior driving championship at Sportsman's Park and he remained active in training and driving through his 20s. At the age of 30, though, he decided to pursue his real interest, which was a career as a blacksmith. He has worked as a farrier for 25 years, currently splitting his time between Florida's Pompano Park and New York's Tioga Downs. "I was interested in it when I was younger, but at the time my dad had back surgery and couldn't train horses so he kind of steered me in that direction," Schaefer said. "Later, I decided to become a blacksmith, but having trained horses has helped me a lot. I can pretty much judge where a horse is off, and if I need to, I can train a horse and see where they're hitting and that kind of stuff. "It's rewarding. I've gotten to shoe a lot of good horses, like Corleone Kosmos and Burning Point. I also got to shoe for Stanley Dancer at the end of his career." Photo courtesy Jeff Schaefer Schaefer's career as a blacksmith forced him to put driving on hold for a dozen years, but he returned to the sulky in 2012 and has been a regular in the Florida Amateur Driving Club. In 2017 he was among a group of drivers from the club to travel to the United Kingdom for a competition and in June he will be among a group to travel to France for an event. "I got the itch to start driving again so I bought a horse and got back into it," said Schaefer, who has 75 career wins. "It gets in your blood. I enjoy the competitiveness. I think it's thrilling every time I go out to drive. I'm kind of the underdog most of the time. It's fun to have a good horse and win." Shaefer will be in action again Sunday at Pompano Park, but in the meantime he will be busy shoeing horses and making T-shirts. It's the harness life. It's Harness Life. "It's turning out to be a big success," Schaefer said.   Ken Weingartner Media Relations Manager U.S. Trotting Association

Pompano Beach, FL - Track officials are pleased to announce that there will be a mandatory payout in the jackpot Super Hi-Five at Pompano Park on Sunday (March 3), if the carryover is not taken down with a unique ticketholder over the next few racing nights. The Jackpot Hi-Five carryover currently stands at $142,185 heading into Tuesday (Feb 26), and is expected to climb well over $160,000 heading into Sunday night's twelfth race, with three programs remaining prior to Sunday. The jackpot Super Hi-Five is a nightly wager on the final race of the program which features a 20-cent minimum wager. The blockbuster twelve race card will also feature a change in the wagering menu, as the popular $30,000 guaranteed Pick 4 will be offered on races 5 - 8. A late Pick 4 will be added to the card covering races 9 - 12. Both wagers will offer an industry low takeout of only twelve percent.   Live racing continues at the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park five nights per week, with a first post of 7:20 pm every Sunday through Thursday.

Pompano Beach, FL...January 28, 2019...Amateur harness racing drivers Tony Dinges, Steve Oldford and Sky Walker were the driving stars as The Florida Amateur Driving Club edged their Italian visitors in a two night, four race competition that concluded on Sunday night at Pompano Park. The Italian amateurs--from Clubs Venti and Tuscany--were lead by Giancarlo Moretti, who also landed in the Pompano Park winner's circle during the heated--but friendly, competition. Dinges got things rolling for the American contingent when he piloted Lee Clarke's Phoenician to the Thursday night opener, scoring in 1:58.1 over Power and Faith, handled by Tuscany Club amateur Daniele Orsini and Global Power, with the Florida Amateur Driving Club's Sky Walker in the bike. Moretti, from Club Venti, who has tasted victory in the U.S. before, then guided Dein Spriggs' Security Guard to a come-from-behind win in 1:59.3 to even the score in round one. Florida's Joe Pennachio was next with Cheeky Little Minx while Roberto Giannoni was third with Jelectric. On Sunday night, with tornado warnings abundant and record rainfall drenching Pompano Park, Steve Oldford gave the Americans the edge by piloting Oldford Racing's Kaffir Kemp to a near wire-to-wire win from the eight post in 1:59.2, holding off Majestic Mystic, handled by Joe Pennacchio by a half length. Fair Glider, with Daniele Orsini in his sulky, wasa fast closing third. The win sent Kaffer Kemp's earnings over the $200,000 mark lifetime and rewarded his backers with a win mutuel of $190.00, keying a trifecta payoff of $4,992.80. Sealing the deal for the Americans was Sky Walker with his own Keystone Blade, who overcame the sloppy going and the eight post to score in 1:56.4 over Everyone's Talkin, driven by Ron Cusimano. Shadow Copy, with Roberto Giannoni in the bike representing Club Tuscany, was third. The final tally showed the FADC-USA Amateurs with 91 points, the Tuscany Club with 65 and Club Venti with 48. After the competition, Amateur driver Joe Pennacchio remarked, "This competition has been so well received in both the USA and Italy and shows the strong ties that have developed between our two countries via our grand sport. We all take the competition very seriously but the friendships that we have developed have been just unbelievable." Italian spokesperson Alessandro Spano echoed Pennacchio's comments by saying, "Despite somewhat of a language barrier, these visitors from Italy have come to treasure the friendships that have developed and their is no doubt that both countries will be eager to continue the competition for many years to come." In other action, Andreios Kardia, the eight year-old gelded son of Badlands Hanover trained by Jeff Byron for owner Ina Madill, got a perfect second over journey for Aaron Byron to score in the $10,000 feature in 1:53 for his first win of the season in three starts and 35th of his career. The win sent his career earnings to $344,741. Track Record $28,503 Pick 5 Carryover at Pompano Monday   Fans could never quite recover after 94-1 upsetter Kaffir Kemp (Steve Oldford) kicked off the Sunday card at Pompano, resulting in a rare double-carryover of $23,503 in the 50-cent Pick 5.  Track officials, in conjunction with the USTA Strategic Wagering Program, have placed an 'instant guarantee' of $80,000 on the total Pick 5 pool on Monday night.     The Pick 5 is a nightly wagered featured on the first race of every card.    Live racing continues at the Isle Casino Pompano Park five nights per week, with a first post of 7:20 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.  There will be no live racing on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 2). Post time is set for 7:20 p.m.   By John Berry for Pompano Park                

Pompano Beach, FL - The chance to make a Pick 6 score on Monday night (Jan 21) at Pompano Park didn't last long for harness racing patrons, as there were no live tickets remaining only two legs in after Rollingndiamonds ($136.80) and Jelectric ($17.60) pulled off upsets.   The sequence would go on to return $941 for those that selected five of six, but the lion's share, $9,533, moves forward into a carryover for Tuesday (Jan 22) beginning in race three.   Track officials, in conjunction with the USTA's Strategic Wagering Program, have placed an 'instant guarantee' of $25,000 on the total pool Tuesday night.   Free past performances can be found at The Pick 6 is a nightly wager beginning on race three, with a low fifteen percent takeout and a fifty-cent minimum. If no one selects six of six, a 25% consolation is paid to those who have the most winners, while 75% of the pool moves into a carryover for the next racing program. The fourth race pentafecta also went unsolved on Monday night, leaving a $4,449 carryover into Tuesday night's fourth race. Live racing continues at the Isle Casino Pompano Park five nights per week, with a first post of 7:20 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. There will be no live racing on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 2).      

Pompano Beach, FL - Due to the overwhelming support from harness racing patrons in the nightly Pick 4, track officials, in conjunction with the USTA's Strategic Wagering Program, have increased the nightly guarantees across the board in the Pompano Pick 4.   The wager features a 50-cent minimum and the lowest takeout in North America at only twelve percent. The updated Pick 4 guarantee schedule is as follows: Sunday - $30,000 Monday - $15,000 Tuesday - $15,000 Wednesday - $15,000 Thursday - $15,000 Live racing continues at Pompano Park five nights per week, with a first post of 7:20 p.m. every Sunday through Thursday. There will be no live racing on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 2). Gabe Prewitt

Sorrento, FL — Harness racing stallions with first crops in training at Southern Oaks include Artspeak, Bolt The Duer, He’s Watching, Sebastian K S, Time To Roll and Whom Shall I Fear. Dave Arrenholtz Stable 2-year-olds Frontier Rollo p,c, Time To Roll—Incredible Dodger Haul N Swan t,f, Swan For All—Haul’n Fanny Rambler Blue Chip t,c, Credit Winner—Glowngold 3-year-old Our White Knight t,g, 2,1:58f ($143,079) Crazed—Psychotherapist John Butenschoen Stable 2-year-olds Alota Chips p,c, Heston Blue Chip—Alota Bling Ballcapsnbluejeans t,c, Chapter Seven—Mazda Hanover Bellindy t,c, Explosive Matter—Bellini Lindy Blank Stare p,c, Bolt The Duer—Hypnotize Break The Deal p,f, American Ideal—Spring Break Capital Volo t,c, Yankee Glide—Bank Of Newport Child Of Wild t,f, Muscle Hill—Sistas Don Grigio t,c, Donato Hanover—Crazy Grigio Do You Wanna Dance t,f, Father Patrick—Tail Of Night Generous Pour t,c, Donato Hanover—Athena Miss Keystone Wynn t,f, Donato Hanover—Willa Hanover Kyrie Deo t,c, Donato Hanover—Rare Book Longview Hanover p,c, Captaintreacherous—Luxuriant Hanover Looking Santastic p,f, Artspeak—Santastic’s Filly Naughtydorettejane t,f, RC Royalty—Naughty Nana Nimble Kid t,c, Chapter Seven—Swift Kid Hanover Oreo Dream Xtreme p,c, American Ideal—Spotlight On Padilla Hanover t,c, Explosive Matter—Platinumatic Party Whip p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Hedgie Blue Chip Platoon System t,c, Manofmanymissions—Celebrity Liza Rock Party t,c, Cantab Hall—Scream And Shout Roll With Amy p,f, Roll With Joe—Balasun Rolling With Sam p,c, Roll With Joe—Martinique Romance Blue Chip t,c, Cantab Hall—Munis Blue Chip She’s Got Muscles t,f, Muscle Hill—Royal Assets Sonic Flare p,f, Art Major—Trine Hanover Spirit Of The South p,c, American Ideal—All Spirit Sugaronthebeach p,f, Roll With Joe—Somenicebeach Swipe Right t,c, Explosive Matter—Online Exclusive Thankfulforyou t,f, Manofmanymissions—Adelaide Hall Time Out Of Mind p,c, Captaintreacherous—Time N Again Yohance t,c, Father Patrick—Starlet Rules Winning Chip p,c, Heston Blue Chip—Winbak Las Vegas 3-year-olds Caesar’s Crazy t,g, (2,1:58.2, $6,800) Muscle Hill—Crazy Gringo Captain Panko p,g, (p,2,1:53f, $49,550) Captaintreacherous—P Note Blue Chip Celebrate It All t,f, Trixton—Celebrity Angel Darty t,g, (2,1:58f, $22,900) Yankee Glide—Foxy Victory Drain The Swamp t,g, Yankee Glide—Brandnewgirlfriend Forecast t,c, (2,1:53.4, $201,530) Cantab Hall—Downpour Jo Jo’s Place p,g, Roll With Joe—Angel Place Ladylilli t,f, (2,Q,2:00.3, $17,128) Cantab Hall—Celebrity Nike Mami Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Mesmerize Blue Chip Manwilling t,g, 2,Q2:03, Andover Hall—I’ll Bring Dessert Music Note p,g, Heston Blue Chip—Keystone Musical No Ordinary Man p,g, Betterthancheddar—Hypnotize Sabrina Deo t,f, (2,1:57.3f, $33,062) Muscle Hill—Caught My Eye Scirocco Donnahill t,f, (2,1:57f, $53,879) Muscle Hill—UF Tadys Donato Scirocco Mistysaid p,g, Well Said—Cold Mist Seven Hills t,c, (2,1:54.3, $34,074) Muscle Hill—Southwind Maywood Stella Jane t,f, (2,1:54.4, $180,840) Crazed—Naughty Nana Strong Is Sexy t,f, Muscle Massive—Inspired Society Wishimaywishimight t,f, Yankee Glide—Celebrity Liza older horse Bill’s Man t,5,h, (4,1:52.1f, $681,018) Credit Winner—Silver Springs Eddie Lohmeyer Stable 2-year-olds Ireland t,f, Cantab Hall—Clarice Marie Tupelo Honey t,f, Chapter Seven—Supreme Dish 3-year-olds Blackjack t,g, 2,Q2:04.2f Credit Winner—You And I older horses Casa Palmera t,5,m, (4,1:53.4f, $92,570) Andover Hall—Ura Hanover Yuge t,4,g, (3,1:54.1f, $141,469) Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget Erv Miller Stable 2-year-olds Allow Me Hanover p,f, Artspeak—Armbro Cachet Anchors Away t,g, Whom Shall I Fear—Lima Simplicity Bella Visa p,f, Always A Virgin—Tu Sei Bella Bolten Beach p,f, Bolt The Duer—Beach Bretta Bolt Of Beauty p,f, Bolt The Duer—Natural Luck Classic Country p,f, Rockin Image—BC’s Jesse Coconut Beach p,f, Art Major—Gold Beach Coconut Kate t,f, Donato Hanover—Cocoacabana Dances With p,f, A Rocknroll Dance-Redhot’s Memory Father Dunn t,c, Father Patrick—Majestic Style Fear The Tiger t,g, Whom Shall I Fear—Mamie’snightmare First Power p,c, American Ideal—Power Again Fox Valley Hustler p,g, Time To Roll—Panfastic Gabby Tabby p,f, Western Ideal—Midnight Art Genius Man p,c, Art Major—Unred Hanover Graceful Winner t,f, Manofmanymissions—Foxy Victory Hannah Nicole t,f, Sebastian K S—Perfect Picture Heaven t,f, Father Patrick—Blue Diamonds Heid t,f, Muscle Mass—Six Figure Dreams Hidden Cove p,f, American Ideal—Sun N Sand Hit Show t,c, Explosive Matter—Broadway Madam Island Of The Sea p,g, Always A Virgin—Trinity Islands Jasmine Volo t,f, Muscle Mass—Mayflower Volo Jekyil N Hyde t,g, Whom Shall I Fear—Hit Girl Kaikoura t,f, Cantab Hall—Wind Stroll Lady At Arms t,f, Muscles Yankee—Maiden Knight Liberty Bella p,f, American Ideal—Lismorebella Mare Of Honor t,f, Donato Hanover—Wedding Dress Meadowbrook Chip t,c, Whom Shall I Fear—Chip’s Goddess Nae Nae Neve p,f, Sagebrush—Sleazy Babe Pamona Rocks p,f, American Ideal—Ready To Rocknroll Rock Swan t,f, Swan For All—Jolly Jessica Sandbagger Nellie t,f, Explosive Matter—Fox Valley Ying Simply Sinsational t,f, Donato Hanover—Sina Sleazy Gal p,f, Sagebrush—DA Sleazy One Stickemup Pickemup p,f, American Ideal—Fashion Gal Swan Mark t,g, Swan For All—Little Rigs Sweetonthebeach p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Jeremes Sweetheart Toys R Us t,c, Donato Hanover—Sly Fox Twin B High Roller p,c, Roll With Joe—JK Isn’tshelovely Uncle Peters Love t,f, Uncle Peter—Love Me Two Times Vivaldi Hanover p,c, Always A Virgin—Vasmajority Hanover Woodside Datendiva t,f, Guccio—Cantab’s Chorine Woodside Dee Lady t,f, Guccio—Lady Blitz 3-year-olds Airman Kelly t,c, (2,1:55.2,$46,476) Swan For All—Ladylike Volo Alii Nui p,f, (2,Q1:55.2f,$18,350) Captaintreacherous—Real Appealing Artie’s Ideal p,c, (2,1:54.1, $125,158) American Ideal—Midnight Art Brady Bunch t,c, (2,Q1:58.1, $109,697) Muscle Mass—Miss Fidget Brimfull t,f, Credit Winner—Strong Tea Byfarthefavorite t,f, Muscle Mass—-Special Interest Century Ferrari p,c, American Ideal—Sounds Perfect Cole On The Beach p,c, (2,Q1:54f, $4,440) Somebeachsomewhere—Talkative Cub Fan p,g, (2,1:53.1, $44,328) So Surreal—Pardon Dali Deo p,c, Art Major—Wordly Deo Flippen Creek t,c, (2,Q2:02.2f, $45,534) Andover Hall—Angelholm Hanover Forever Foxy t,f, Swan For All—Fox Valley Click Goose Bay Fiftytwo p,c, (2,Q1:54.3, $5,750) Art Major—Classical Yankee Gumption p,c, Captaintreacherous—Uffizi Hanover Imperial Miss t,f, Muscle Massive—Miss Imperial J Rockin B p,f,p,2,1:54.4 ($35,783) Rockin Image—Red S Jumalay Mass t,f, (2,2:02.4h, $29,500) Muscle Mass—Acoustic Hanover Keystone Magneto p,c, Roll With Joe—Miss Rose Livinonthedash t,c, Muscle Mass—Sunshine Glide Marty’s Barn Party t,g, (2,Q1:57.3, $1,500) Muscle Massive—Piney’s Schooner Meadowbrook Crown p,g, (2,1:54.4, $39,774) Rockin Image—Diamond Tiara Meyer On Fire p,g, (2,1:52.4, $118,297) Sagebrush—Sleazy Babe Michelon’s Filly p,f, (2,1:52, $107,636) Captaintreacherous—New Album Mocedes Boy t,c, (2,1:58.3, $77,186) Swan For All—C E R T More More More p,f, (2,Q1:57.2f, $5,000) Western Ideal—Allamerican Rand Notwithoutafight p,c, (2,Q1:57f, $6,900) Art Major—Upfront Secret Peace Train p,c, Captaintreacherous—Keep The Peace Ponder Dat p,f, Ponder—Pleasant Thoughts Rockin Jimmy Brown p,g, (2,Q1:55.4, $7,623) Rock N Roll Heaven—Ideal Ginny Rockin Medicine p,g, (2,1:52.2, $10,943) Rockin Image—Modern Medicine Rocknroll Annie p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—Miss Annie J Saint Albray p,f (2,Q2:00.1f, $2,661) Betterthancheddar—Ms Maggie Seafarer p,c, (2,Q1:58.4f, $8,031) Captaintreacherous—Baez She’s A Major Lady p,f, Art Major—J K Getupngo Swan For Vito t,c, Swan For All—Petticoat Affair Swan In The Valley t,f, Swan For All—Fox Valley Flan Titi’s Ava p,f, (2,1:52.4, $24,561) Rockin Image—BC’s Jesse Topville Angelina p,f, (2,1:54.1f, $63,805) American Ideal—A Fiesty Affair White Hair Rocks p,g, Rockin Image—Yankee Luck Windy Corner t,f, (2,1:55.3f, $192,805) Yankee Glide—Wind Stroll With Out A Doubt t,f, (2,2:00.4h, $51,536) Conway Hall—Queen Of More Zac’s Got The W t,c, Yankee Glide—Catch A Train older horses Boxing Gloves t,4,h, (3,1:54.1f, $40,710) Muscle Hill—Alix Hall Centurion Hanover t,6,g, (4,1:54.4f, $82,062) Donato Hanover—Charlotte Alber Kimberlie Miller Stable older horse Drill Queen t,5,m, (4,1:58.1f, $21,150) Muscle Massive—Musical Mystery Dr Ian Moore Stable 2-year-olds Airspace p,f, Shadow Play—Breathe Alexa Skye p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Pirouette Hanover Kat p,f, He’s Watching—Atlantic Seelster Kit p,f, Big Jim—The Patriot Manlicious p,c, Malicious—Azure Bluestone McAva p,f, McArdle—Magestic Blue Chip Shadow Silhouette p,f, Shadow Play—April Three Skyfe Hanover p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Scarlet’s Western Southpaw Hanover p,c, Sportswriter—Sub Rosa Hanover Tattoo Artist p,c, He’s Watching—Stylish Artist 3-year-olds Century Farroh p,c, (2,1:53, $51,169) Mach Three—Beachy Girl Missile Seelster p,c, Bettor’s Delight—Magna Blue Chip Silas Seelster p,g, (2,Q1:57.3, $5,874) Shadow Play—Smilesplace older horse Casimir Richie P p,4,h, (3,1:50.3, $141,158) Astronomical—Casimir Hugs Pinske Stable 2-year-olds Amigo Volo t,c, Father Patrick—Margarita Momma Annabella Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Always On A Roll Bombshell Hanover p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Blind Ambition Destiny’s Child p,f, Captaintreacherous—American Truth I’d Rather Be Red t,f, Swan For All—Ultimate Red Love A Good Story t,f, Chapter Seven—Celebrity Lovin Marloe Hanover p,f, Captaintreacherous—Mesmerize Blue Chip Mila Hanover p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Miss Kitty Hanover Minefield Hanover t,c, Sebastian K S—Mayday Hanover Paige’s Girl p,f, Captaintreacherous—Lightning Paige Rogerthatbluechip p,c, Captaintreacherous—Ramalama She Rocks Kemp t,f, Kadabra—Southwind Adele Somewhere North p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover Western Vacation p,c, Western Ideal—Robin Cruiser Wine Rack Hanover t,f, Kadabra—Winbak Maya 3-year-olds Antonia t,f, (2,1:56.4f, $50,636) Donato Hanover—Tactical Caviar Arglbargl Hanover t,g, (2,1:59.3, $11,950) Cantab Hall—Are You Ready May Bride Hanover p,f, (2,1:52.3f, $58,712) Captaintreacherous—Musicale Hanover older horse Points North p,4,g, (2,1:51.1, $159,496) Somebeachsomewhere—Northwest Hanover Joel Smith Stable 2-year-olds Atoritotell p,f, Tellitlikeitis—Fox Valley Tori Jacobtellsitolucas p,c, Tellitlikeitis—Fox Valley Touche So Foxy t,f, Bluto—Fox Valley Click 3-year-old Always A Class Act p,g, (2,1:56.2, $7,300) Always A Virgin—Fox Valley Touche Two Days Stable 2-year-old Twodays Discover t,c, San Siro Lane—North Lima Disco by Kendra Casselman

Astor, FL — Here is the 2019 harness racing training roster for the Winter Miles Trotting Center/Burke Training Center in Astor, Fla. Robert Anderson Stable 2-year-old Bnb p,f, Bolt The Duer—Mom’s Bella older horse Casie’s Believer 4,p,m, (p,3,1:55h, $32,120) Betterthancheddar—What Fools Believe Burke Stable 81 2-year-olds Abeautifulswan t,f, Swan For All—She’s A Buckeye A Fancy Face t,f, My MVP—Alliomi Alloy t,f, Trixton—A Perfect Gem Aperfectcrystal t,f, Muscle Hill—Asixpakfromperfect Bawitdaba p,c, Sweet Lou—Baia Hanover Born Free De Vie p,c, Western Vintage—Free Miles Cache All The Way p,c, Aracache Hanover—Southinkucandance Caliber p,c, Sweet Lou—Allstar Rating Can’t Break Rosie t,f, Break The Bank K—Rose Run Marci Cattle Wash p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Road Bet Complete Kaos p,c, Sweet Lou—American Shuttle Condoleeza p,f, Yankee Cruiser—Spring Delight Crucial t,f, Father Patrick—Jolene Jolene Cupid Hanover t,c, Father Patrick—Cressida Hanover Dance Club p,f, A Rocknroll Dance—Liscaramore Dee Di N Michelle t,f, Andover Hall—Superfine Hanover Dublin t,c, Father Patrick—Devilish Emerald Dune Hill t,f, Muscle Hill—Quite Possible Elegant Gigi t,f, Uncle Peter—Glidemyway Elver Hanover p,c, Yankee Cruiser—Edra Hanover Fromming t,c, Muscle Hill—You Want Me Ginger’s Bid p,f, Fred And Ginger—MJ’s Bid Gingras Beach p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Ginger Shark Girl On The Beach p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Mattie Terror Girl Harpswell p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Hollyrocker Hen Party p,f, Roll With Joe—My Lady Day Hey Diddle Diddle t,c, Uncle Peter—Nettie Hostile t,c, Father Patrick—Ultimate Cameron Johan Hanover p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Jans Luck Judy Taylor p,f, Western Terror—Eloquently Stated Lady Cache p,f, Aracache Hanover—Camber Hanover Locked Up Lindy t,c, Trixton—Love Lockdown Looksgoodinaromper p,f, Pet Rock—Don’t Blame Her Lou’s Sweetrevenge p,c, Sweet Lou—Before The Poison Mac’s Big Boy p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Michelle’s Jackpot Master Conrad p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—Mastery Blue Chip Merga Hanover p,f, American Ideal—Magic Starlight Miss Caledonia t,f, Swan For All—Singing Hallelujah Miss Stunner t,f, Uncle Peter—Pilgrims Stunner Mr Wiggle It p,c, Mr Wiggles—Shani Pants Nassau Desire p,c, Real Desire-Nassau Loop Ok Ok Ok p,c, Sweet Lou—Ok Destiny Only Date Models t,c, Uncle Peter—Annapolis Ontopofthehill t,c Muscle Hill—On The Bright Side Opportune Hanover p,c, Dragon Again—Ozmopolitan Patriarch Hanover t,c, Father Patrick—Personal Style Petey Sarah t,f, Uncle Peter—Maxine The Mighty Primrose p,f, Sweet Lou—Hunger Games Rockin Odds p,c, Rockin Image—Odds On JP Sailaja Deo p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Show The World Sans Défaut t,f, Muscle Hill—Flawless Lindy Sawyer’s Desire p,c, Real Desire—Ain’t That Funny S Class t,c, Muscle Hill—Spellbound Hanover Secular t,c, Muscle Hill—Michelle’s Angel Shadrack Hanover t,c, Muscle Hill—Shared Past She’s Got Game p,f, Heston Blue Chip—She’s Game Shouldabeenatd p,c, Sweet Lou—Breakheart Pass Sister Sledge t,f, Father Patrick—Behindclosedoors Sizzling p,f, Sweet Lou—Major Crush Soixante Hanover p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Social Scene So So De Vie p,c, American Ideal—Place Your Best Stop Action p,c, Somebeachsomewhere—The Show Returns Storm Breaker t,c, Donato Hanover—Ma Chere Hall Sweet Ace p,f, Sweet Lou—One Ace Too Many Sweet Camille p,f, Sweet Lou—Camille Sweet Milo p,c, Sweet Lou—Air Miles Hanover Sweet Smooch p,f, Sweet Lou—Kiss Me Sweet Truth p,c, Sweet Lou—Rose Ruthless The Breeze p,f, Dragon Again—Tea Pot Hanover The Candyman Can p,c, Rockin Image—Sweet Lady Jane The Greek Freak p,c, Captaintreacherous—Thirty X Tru Lou p,c, Sweet Lou—Real Touch Twin B Captivating p,f, Captaintreacherous—Smart Card Vinny De Vie t,c, Muscle Hill—So You De Vie Wading Boots t,c, Wishing Stone—Sequin Hanover Warrawee Victor p,c, Sweet Lou—Warrawee Koine Wayside p,f, Somebeachsomewhere—Al’s Girl West End Pip p,f, Sweet Lou—Atsallrite Hanover WW Swan Star t,g, Swan For All—Lost In Lindy Land Zoe F t,f, Muscle Hill—Dana Boko Tom & June Durand Stable 2-year-olds Credit Shock Wave t,c, Explosive Matter—Credit Lover Regal Seven t,c, Chapter Seven—Catching Katie older horses Blonde Magic 4,m,t, (3,1:54,$163,596) Muscle Massive—Ally Top Dia Monde 6,g,t, (4,1:53, $419,881) Deweycheatumnhowe—Lady Bar The First Chapter 4,h,t, (3,1:55.3, $19,360) Chapter Seven—Aurova Hanover Whiskey Tax 11,g,t, (1:52.1s, $1,096,560) Revenue S—Bourbon Belle Will Can Go 4,h,t, (3,1:55.4, $32,006) Possess The Will—B Cor Tamgo Benny Eggers Stable 2-year-olds Altus Hanover t,c, Crazed—Audra Hall Angel Nation t,c, Archangel—Seawind Pascale Art Nukem p,f, Artiscape—Mama Nukes Ashlee’s Day p,f, Bolt The Duer—Ashlee’s Court Call Me Gabs t,c, Archangel—Snow Catcher Hot Secret t,f, Make It Hot—CJ’s Top Secret Jackpot Lady t,f, Lucky Chucky—Im A Party Girl Mckee’s Angel t,f Archangel—Top Photo My Bella Angel t,f, Archangel—Allerge Belle 3-year-old R Snow Angel t,c, Archangel—Snow Catcher Rick Huffman Stable 2-year-olds Always Hotspeed p,c, Real Desire—Princess Jalona Britches And Booty t,f, Manofmanymissions—Nouvelle As Broadway Boomer t,c, Broadway Or Bust—Brioni Suite CR Beauty t,f, Dredd—Sandi Balance Crossfit Mouse t,c, Muscle Mass—Zumba Mouse Get Some Of This p,c, Millionaire Cam—Khaki’s Landin Lar’s Candyman t,c, Lucky Chucky—Barcelona Baby Lucky Playmate t,c, Lucky Chucky—Almond Chip Poker Play t,c, Yankee Glide—Caviar And Kisses Dave Samuelson Stable 3-year-old Evco Lane p,g, Always A Virgin—Devon On The Beach Ray & Sue Vandreason Stable 3-year-old Summer Chrome g,t, (2,2:00.1, $5,541) Prayer I Am—Summer Ran older horse Pudge’s Pastime 5,m,p, (3,1:54.2, $29,742) American Ideal—Won Night Stand by Kendra Casselman

Pompano Beach, FL...May 3, 2018...Thundercrest, handled by Dave Ingraham, eked out a narrow victory in Pompano Park's top trot on Wednesday night (May 2), stopping the timer in 1:55.4, equaling his lifetime best performance. The ultra-consistent five year-old gelded son of Crest got up in the very last stride to edge by a stubborn Up The Alley, driven by Dewayne Minor--the winning margin being a head. Boli, beginning from the outside none post for driver Wally Hennessey, finished third while Railee Workable finished fourth. Overnight Shipper picked up the nickel in the classy field of nine. As the wing folded, Thundercrest, leaving from Pompano Park's coveted post five, was away sharply along with Up The Alley and MIdnite Craze with this trio all in search of the top spot early. Boli was also outside and looking for an improved place but, at the opening station in :28.4 over a somewhat dull racing oval, it was Thundercrest on top with Up The Alley in the garden spot and Midnite Craze on the attack and pressing forward. Midnight Craze was able to wrestle the lead around turn two and was two lengths clear at the half in a picked up :56.4. On the backside, Up The Alley surged from third and brushed forward, taking the lead from MIdnite Alley past the third marker in 1:26.4 with Thundercrest ready to pounce from the pocket and Boli second over. In the lane, the war between Up The Alley and Thundercrest really heated up as these two sprinted hard to the wire with Thundercrest's :28.3 individual finale getting the job done. After the race, the humble Dave Ingraham related, "This horse races good just about every start. He's handy, he's got gate speed, he can relax, he's go the go power late and he's got a winning attitude. A big part of this win took place a few days before when he drew the five post and the others, especially Wally's trotter (Boli) drew outside of us." Trained by Dave's son, Dustin Ingraham, for owner MIke Richards, Thundercrest now sports a 7-4-3 scorecard in 18 starts, good for $43,835. The win also pushed his career bankroll over the $100,000 mark--$101,581 to be precise. Off as the even-money favorite on the tote-board, Thundercrest paid $4.20 to win. The companion event carded as an Open III, went to the rugged mare Diamond Dagger, driven by Bryce Fenn. This eight year-old daughter of ABC Garland, was outside and grinding forward just about every step of the mile--in her case a mile and 20 yards--to score in 1:56.3. Prairie Diamonds, with Dewayne Minor in the bike, finished second, two lengths away, while Kegler Hanover, who cut all the panels for Dave Ingraham, finished third. Vicki All and William star picked up the minor awards in the field of nine. The 1 to 5 tote-board favorite, Modern Mercury, made a miscue at the start and finished sixth. In a post-race interview, driver Bryce Fenn said, "This is the first time I've driven this mare and Mark (trainer O'Mara) said she's not afraid to take some air. The fractions were comfortable for her and she just kept churning away until the got to the front turning for home. She did this all on her own. All I did was steer. After we got back from the winner's circle, Mark thanked me for driving her. Heck, I thanked him right back for letting me drive a mare of this quality." Owned by trainer O'Mara along with Paul Johnson and Melvin Schmucker, Diamond Dagger "evened-up" her scorecard at 3-3-3 in 14 starts and now sports $31,880 this semester and $266,062 lifetime. Off as third choice at 7 to 1, Diamond Dagger returned $17.60 to her faithful. Diamond Dagger's win also closed out the track's Pick-5 for the night with nary a single ticket on the 5-2-5-6-8 combo resulting in a carry-over of $4,707, thus, the track will offer a $20,000 guarantee on the Pick-5 for Sunday. Post time is set for 7:20 p.m. by John Berry for Pompano Park          

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