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February 10, 2017 - Rocky Winner (9m Credit Winner-Level Fortytwo) narrowly scored a victory in the Gr. III Prix Jules Roucayrol (purse €80,000, 2925 meters) timed in 1.13.6kr for harness racing reinsman Gabriel Gelormini and trainer Jorgen Westholm. Nortronic KB of Sweden owns the winner that was sent off at 5.2/1 odds. 2/1 Truman Dairpet (10g Biesolo-Heloise Poterie) was second driven by trainer Nicolas Ensch and third was 19/1 Vicomte Boufarcaux (8m Oh James-Olympe du Boafard) with Edourd Coubard-Meunier driving. Ulk Medoc and Perfect Power ended fourth and fifth in the solid field. Rocky Winner The Quinte)+ Prix Ocargues (purse €32,000, 2925 meters, 16 starters) this day at Cagnes-sur-Mer went to 1.15.1kr timed, barefoot and 2.4/1 Beerscott (6m General Pommereuu-Oscotia) reined by Arnault-Albert Chavatte. 1.1/1 favorite Cote Ouest (5g Goetmals Wood-Island Dream) with Franck Nivard up finished second for trainer Ch.A. Mary. Scuderia Bolgheri Srl bred this one. Third was 16.4/1 Bridget Landemer (6f Quinoa du Gers-Ismie de Landemer) for driver Romauld Mourice. On February 8 at Aby (SWE) there were several interesting winners. 13.5/1 Muscle Lane (3g Timoko-Londirobks-Muscles Yankee) scored in 1.17.1kr over 2140 meters volt start in a race worth 50,000SEK to the winner. Stefan Soderkvist drove this Robert Bergh trainee that is owned by Perma Energy. 3/1 Astoria As (5f Conway Hall-Brooklyn As-Like A Prayer) scored in 1.1.7kr over 2140 meters autostart to earn 30,000SEK first prize in another event. Kevin Oscarsson was the pilot for trainer Peter Arnqvist. 10./1 Bourbon du Nord (g Racer Bourbon-Heresia Forix-Carmody Lobell) won a 2640 meter volt start event worth 30,000SEK to the winner, timed in 1.17.3kr for driver Peter Ingves and trainer Stefan Nordahl. Watch for tomorrow’s Prix de France with Bold Eagle at the start against 13 top flight rivals. Thomas H. Hicks  

January 24, 2017 - The monte Prix Dieppe (purse €62,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters, apprentice jockeys) was a superb harness racing contest that 4.3/1 Udine du Dezert (9f Le Retour-License To Win) won, timed in 1.14.9kr, with J-Y Ricart in the irons. David Bekaert trains the winner for owner Michael Zammit. 2.1/1 Vedette des Landes (8f New des Landes-Dolia du Houlbet) held second for Mlle. Noemie Hardy and trainer Sebastien Hardy, ahead of 3.1/1 Vamp Gede (8f Capriccio-Feeric Gede) with S-D Jardin aboard for trainer Alexandre Pillon. Apprentice drivers were on tap in the Prix Jallais (purse €55,000, 2100 meters autostart, 16 starters). The 1.12.6kr timed winner was 3.1/1 Vision Fromentro (8g Ganymede-Princesse Natacha) with Bryan Coppens driving for Jorgen Westholm and owner Anders Van Dapperen HB. 2.1/1 Ange de Lune (7g Laetenter Diem-Kera Elle) was a narrowly beaten second for Jean-Etienne Abrivard and owner/trainer Matthieu Abrivard. 109/1 Vicomte d’Havane (8g Invar-Mandoline de Ry) was third for driver Charley Heslouin and trainer Bruno Marie. The Prix de Moutiers (purse €36,000, 2700 meters, 15 starters) went to Franck Nivard teamed, 2.4/1 odds, 1.16.6kr timed Dotka de Loiron (4f Goetmals Wood-Kotka). Franck Leblanc trains this D.B. Leclerc property. 4/1 Diane d’Haufor (4f Paris Haufor-Diane des Essarts) was a close second between rivals for breeder/owner/trainer/driver Christian Bigeon. 9.1/1 Dantellu Bella (4f Ready Cash-Salsa Bella) was third for Antoine Wiels and owner/trainer J-P Marmion. Danseuse Citrus and Crown were fourth and fifth. The Prix de Pont-Audemer (purse €65,000, 2100 meters autostart, nine starters) went to 1.12.7kr timed, 5.4/1, impressive winner Dreammoko (4m Timoko-Uranie d’Atout) that is trained by Timoko’s conditioner Richard Westerink and reined today by Gabriel Gelormini. 3.6/1 Drageur (4m Speedy Blue-Tilda) was second for Matthieu Mottier and owner/trainer Dominique Mottier. Third was 24/1 Dahir de l’Iton (4g Nuage de Lait-Manne de l’iton). Thomas H. Hicks

January 10, 2017 - Tuesday’s Quinte+ Prix du Limousin (purse €65,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) was at Paris-Vincennes and was won by 6.6/1 Viking Madrik (8g Jasmin de Flore-Keltry d’Occagnes) timed in 1.15.2kr for Gabriel Gelormini, driving for harness racing owner/trainer Yannick-Alain Briand). 1.8/1 Ange de Lune (7g Laetenter Diem-Kera Elle) landed the second spot for owner/trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard. 10.7/1 Alf de Melandre (7g Panache de l’Hon-Luciole de Bisoir) and driver Franck Nivard. The same day 4/5 favorite Class Action (5f Scipion du Goutier-Nepeta) and reinsman J-M Bazire took the Prix de Ribeauville (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 15 starters) timed in 1.14.7kr. Ch. Dreaux is owner/trainer of the winner that defeated 10.6/1 Circe Le Chesnaie (5f Repeat Love-Gitance de Billeron) handled by Genny Delaune for trainer Sebastian Guarato and Scuderia Bivans SRL. 52.6/1 Coral Sea (5f Niky-Quest For Love) and Alexandre Abrivard was third for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. Prior day (Monday) at Paris-Vincennes provided several interesting winners. The Prix d’Etrepagny (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) was won by 1.13.7kr timed, 3.4/1 odds, barefoot, Corenzo Turbo (5m Ganymede-Poesie de Vigne) with J-M Bazire. 9/2 Clever Lymm (5m Korean-Oquidia) and reinsman Franck Nivard was second. The top two finishers are trained by Ph. Billard. 1.1/1 favorite Cleangame (5g Ouragan de Celland-Red Bull) was third for Eric Raffin. In the €85,000 purse Prix de Villedieu (monte, 2700 meters, eight starters) the 1.2/1 Broardo (6g Niky-Proadayna) was victorious timed in 1.15.3kr for jockey Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Vincent Martens and Ecurie Olmenhof. Later in the program the 4/5 favorite Detroit Castelets (4m Neoh Jiel-Rosanna Bonheur) scored victorious for Franck Ouvrie, trainer J.L. Dersoir and Ecurie Luck. Thomas H. Hicks  

Today’s Q+ at Paris-Vincennes was the Prix Oscar Collard (purse €95,000, 2100 meters autostart, 17 European starters and 14/1 Blues d’Ourville (5g Password-Pursuit Of Charm) was victorious for Gabriel Gelormini  in a quick 1.11.9kr. 4.9/1 Trinity Zet (5f SJ’s Photo-Kleo Zet) was second for Mathieu Abrivard, trainer Daniel Reden and Stall Zet of Sweden. 6.9/1 Cliff des Pommereux (4f Love You-Noune du Pommereux) took third for trainer/driver Sylvain Roger. Race fractions were (1.10.7kr at 1500 to go; 1.11.9kr at 1000; 1.11.8kr at 500 remaining, 1.11.9kr finish). The Gr. III Prix Jules Lepennetier (purse €76,000, 2100 meters, nine starters) went to 5.4/1 Dostoievski (3m Ganymede-Noor des Charmes). Jean-Michel Bazire trains and drove the winner for owner/breeder Ecurie des Charmes clocked in 1.13.9kr. Fractions were (1.10.6kr with 1500 remaining; 1.12.7kr at the 1000; 1.13.1kr with 500 to go; 1.13.9kr finish). 1.2/1 Dancing Love (3m Uniclove-Sissi du Caieu) was second for Bernard Piton and breeder/owner/trainer Jean Paul Piton. Third was 15/1 Discours Joyeux (3m Goetmals Wood-Quelle Copire) took third for Franck Nivard, trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J.Y. Roze. 5/2 odds Orient Horse (8m Abano As-Irma del Rio) took the Prix Michel Thoury (purse €78,000, 2100 meters autostart, 15 European starters) clocked in 1.12.2kr with veteran Pierre Levesque aboard. Thomas Levesque trains for Italian owner Mme. S, Bruni. 5.5/1 Tell Me No Lies (7g Offshore Dream-B.Glorious) was second for trainer Fabrice Souloy and Sweden’s KLV Holdings AB. Third was 23/1 Tallien (9g Extreme Aunou-Gyka de la Chaise) with owner/trainer Herve Sionneau aboard. Fractions were  (1.08.5kr at the 1500; 1.11.5kr at 1000 to go; 1.12.4kr at 500; 1.12.2kr finish) The Prix de Langeac (monte, purse €50,000, 2175 meters 11 starters) went to 1.13.4kr timed, 2.3/1 Biennala Vrie (5f Ludo de Castelle-Pantone Vrie). Franbck Nivard rode the breeder/owner/trainer Roger Baudron student. 3.2/ favorite Bastelica Phedo (5f Kesaco Phedo-Orezza Phedo). Thomas H. Hicks  

November 30, 2015 - Today’s Quint+ Prix de la Camarque (purse €62,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) went to 13/1 odds and 1.16kr timed Avrik de Guez (6G Joker de Rozoy-Quoumbaya de Guex), racing barefoot for harness racing driver Gabriel Gelormini and owner/trainer J.Ph. Ducher. 2/1 A Nice Boy (6g Niky-Pretty Perle) took second with David Thomain up and third went to 4/1 Auch (6g Niky-Migraine) for owner/trainer/driver Christian Bigeon. This day the Prix de Picardie (purse €90,000, 2850 meters, 18 European starters) went to 1.15.8kr timed Tessy d’Ete (4f Ganymede-Love Me Tender). Anthony Barrier was the pilot of this 7.3/1 winner that Fabrice Soulot trains for Scuderia Eurocolor SRL. The next two across the line were also Souloy trainees. Second was 4.3/1 Classic Way (4m Prodigious-Pole Position) for driver Franck Nivard and owner St. Szwarc. 3.6/1 Currency (4f Orlando Vici-Precious of Fee) was third with J-M Bazire aboard for owner Ecurie Le Tremont. The Prix Jean Maurice Beteua (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 5/2 odds Dunbar (3m Look de Star-Ima du Houx) timed in 1.15.1kr. Eric Raffin teamed the winner for trainer Sebastian Guarato and owner Pierre Pilarski. 1.7/1 Diego du Guelier (3f Kepler-Ophelie la Garenne) was second for Mathieu Mottier and owner/trainer Denise Mottier. 7.8/1 Derby de Sauvigne (3g Othello Bourbon-Sata Josselyn) was third for Michel Lenois. On the evening November 29 program the featured Prix Lachesis (purse €58,000, 2200 meters, 11 starters) went to 1.13.1kr clocked, 5/1 odds Bonne Copine (5f Love You-Joie Baroque) with J-M Bazire up for trainer Thierry Raffegeau and owner J.Y. Roze. 3/1 Baileyse (5f Opus Viervil-Lance de Fourches) and third was 3.1 Barbue (5f Hermes du Buisson-Harengere) The comping weekend at Vincennes includes  multiple upper class events, worth watching. Thursday is the Gr. II Pix Paul Buquest and Gr. III Prix Urgent, both for monte trotters. Friday is the Gr. III Prix Ourasi for two year olds. Saturday includes three groupe events and Sunday has four groupe trots including the Masters Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf. Thomas H. Hicks  

October 3rd harness racing action at Enghien featured theQ+ Prix de Saint-Chamond (purse €42,000, 2150 meters autostart, 15 European starters) that went to 1.13.1kr timed and 14/1 odds Anisa de Tilou (6f Pagalor-New Sommer Dream) with Gabriel Gelormini up. 6/1 American Jet (6m Quaker Jet-Marlena) was second for Romain Derieux, trainer/driver for Mme. Mauricette de Sousa. 1.4/1 favorite Speed Delicious (6m Fast Photo-Ala Delicious) landed third with Franck Nivard up for trainer Fabrice Souloy. 17/1 Lets Dance De (6m Oscar Schindler SL-Sirmione) was fourth for Klaus P. Kern, also trainer, and fifth was 14/1 Riviera As (6f Cantab Hall-Fortune As) with Franck Ouvrie up for trainer Salvatore Campolo and Ecurie Z (Belgium). The Prix d’Egletons (purse €52,000, 2875 meters, 14 European starters) on the Enghien card went to 1.14.5kr timed 11/1 Easytowin (5f Offshore Dream-Victory My Way-Koos Van Camstra) for trainer/driver Dion P. Tesselaar and Gerrits Recycling BV (Holland) in a furious finish. 9.2/1 Baileyse (5f Opus Viervil-Lance de Fourches) was second for Alexis Garandeau ahead of Seibella Park (5f Varenne-Grandera Park) with Pierre Vercruysse teaming for Salvatore Minopoli and Scuderia Allenamento Team Minopoli. Thomas H. Hicks

Bolero Love (5m Love You-Orelady) was the 3.7/1 upset harness racing winner of the Gr. I Prix de L’Etoile at Vincennes (€240,000 purse, 2200 meters, 10 starters) clocked in 1.10.4kr for teamster Gabriel Gelormini. Racing barefoot this Sebastian Guarato trainee (bred by Ecurie D) defeated 7/10 favorite Django Riff (3m Ready Cash-Rasta Perrine) and Yoann Lebourgeois. This Philippe Allaire trainee was bred and is owned by Elisabeth Allaire. 6.1/1 Dollar Macker (3m Saxo de Vandel-Salt Lake City), another Allaire trainee, was third for J-Ph Monclin and owner Olivier Henri Thomas. Prix de l'Etoile G1 BOLERO LOVE The excellent Vincennes card also included the €50,000 Prix d’Avallon (2100 meters autostart, 12 European starters) went to 1.11.5kr timed and 11.7/1 odds Seattle Bi (5f Equinox Bi-Las Vegas Bi). Roberto Andreghetti teamed the Alessandro Gocciadoro trainee owned by Scuderia Dielle. 22/1 Blue Sky (5f Opium-Loumana Flor) took second for Pierre Levesque (trainer Thomas Levesque) and third was 123/1 Baileyse (5f Opus Viervil-Lance de Fourches) with Alexis Garandeau up for breeder/trainer Christian Douillet. Thomas H. Hicks

Even-money choice Amiral Sacha easily won today’s Gr. I International Grand Prix de Wallonie at Mons Ghlin Belgium clocked in 1.10.4kr (mile rate 1:53.27) over the 2300 meter autostart course. The total purse was €180,000 and 11 started after two scratches (El Mago Pellini and Aladin d’Ecajeul). The winning six year-old son of Ganymede-Nostalgique Sacha was reined by Gabriel Gelormini for Ecurie Sidere and trainer Franck Lamare. 19/1 On Track Piraten (8g Kool du Caux-Monrovia) was second for Joseph Verbeeck with third to 161/1 Zorro Photo (10m SJ’s Photo-Zarrasatha) and Roberto Andreghetti for Ecurie GSL Trotting and trainer Stephanie Lepetit. 3.4/1 second choice Robert Bi (6m Toss Out-Up Front JM) ended fourth for Robin Bakker and fifth was 11/1 Romanesque for Christophe Martens. The beaten field included Solea Rivelliere, Trebol and Univers de Pan. Thomas H. Hicks

Top trotting highlighted the Saturday harness racing card at Enghien that began with the Prix de l’Ardeche (purse €39,000, 2875 meters, eight starters) that was won by 3/10 favorite Dubai Union (3f Love You-Irina du Bourg) timed in 1.19.4kr for driver Gabriel Gelormini. Philippe Allaire trains this one for Marquise de Moratella. 4.8/1 Dolce Vita Griff (3f Goetmals Wood-Phania Griff) took second for P-Y Verva, trainer Sebastian Guarato and Ecurie Griff. 9.6/1 Dunyasha (3f Sam Bourbon-Troika du Corta) held third for owner/driver Jean-Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. The Quinte+Gr. III  Prix de la Marche (purse €85,000, 2875 meters distance handicap, 15 European starters) went to the 1.14.2kr winning Artiste de Jourdes (6m Prodigious-Memory de Joudes). The 8.3/1 odds winner was reined by David Thomain for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire, ahead of 14.5/1 second finishing Ulula Bella (8f Jam Pridem-Nathalie Bella) that was handled by Alexandre Abrivard for trainer/owner J-P Marmion. 54/1 Tom Ruch (9g L;As de Viretaute-Itanema de Beval) was third and Briac Dark was fourth. In the good field Viking Va Bene was fifth ahead of the next three Romanesque, Olympic Kronos and El Mago Pellini. The featured Groupe III Prix de Berlin (purse €85,000, 2150 meters autostart, 16 European participants) was taken  by 1.14.9kr timed and even-money odds Dawana (3f Ready Cash-Sanawa) with Gabriel Gelormini aboard. The owner/trainer is Philippe Allaire and Jean Pierre Guay was the breeder of this good filly. 35/1 Deesse de Gueron (3f Melchior Jet-Olivia) captured second for trainer/driver/owner Franck Anne ahead of 50/1 Dream Darling (3m Sam Bourbon-Lets Go Darling) driven by owner Jean-Pierre Dubois for trainer Yves Boireau. Fourth was 8./1 Ducato Bourbon (3m Love You-Kamera Bourbon) driven by Pierre Vercruysse for trainer Franck Leblanc and Ecurie Sray. Thomas H. Hicks  

Trotting on the turf continued Sunday at Arras (FR) as the Trophee Vert harness racing series took the form of the Prix Pascal Noe (purse €45,000, 2875 meters, 18 starters). 4.6/1 After River rallied on the fan-side to score for Gabriel Gelormini, trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner Gerard Manzi. The six year-old daughter of Quaker Jet-Ogusa de la Merite) defeated 19.6/1 Un Satin Rose (8g Ganymede-Dentelle Rose) with Franck Ouvrie up. Third was 5.2/1 Ambassadeur d’Am (6g Orlando Vici-Halotte des Acres) with Christophe Martens at the lines. Well-regarded Tagada Tagada, off at 8.5/1 odds, finished seventh. Thomas H. Hicks

Philippe Allaire enjoyed quite a Friday evening as his owned and trained Dawana (3f Ready Cash-Sanawa) at 5.6/1 took the Gr. II Prix Ozo (purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 11 starters) with harness racing driver Gabriel Gelormini up. Timed in 1.13.5kr the winner is now four for seven generating earnings of €136,550. 1/1 Don’t Explain (3f Prodigious-Quarmen du Gite) took second for Matthieu Abrivard, this one bred/owned/trainer by Allaire. 58/1 Deesse de Guerin (3f Melchior Jet-Olivia) took third for trainer/driver Franck Anne and fourth to the line was 79/1 Dalabama (3f Lets Get Along-Obama) for driver Alexandre Abrivard and owner/trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. The programs’ Quinte+ Grand Prix Equipede France (purse €90,000, 2100 meters autostart, 15 European starters) was a dandy race and went to shoeless 12/1 odds Ave Avis (6m Kesaco Phedo-Magna Avis) for Matthieu Abrivard, trainer J-M Bazire and owner Mme. O. Roffi-Urano. This winner scored for the 11th time in 45 starts for €605,180 earned. Timed in a quick 1.10.5kr the winner bested 2/1 Viking Va Bene (6m Rite On Line-Iriana de Mont) for Franck Nivard, and trainer Fabrice Souloy. 3/1 Indigious (7m Prodigious-Indication) took third for Eric Raffin and also trainer Souloy. The next seven to the line were all timed in 1.11kr or better and that good group was, in finiosh order, Truman Dairpet, Very Nice Marceaux, Zorro Photo, Chapeau, Africaine, Trebol and Black d’Avril. Thomas H. Hicks    

Saturday at Paris-Vincennes, three year-old open performers contested the €55,000 Prix de Chatillon (2700 meters, 12 starters) and a blanket finish saw 44.3/1 Donzelle Moniga (3f Sanymede Tivoli-Ravana Verderie) secure victory for Franck Ouvrie timed in 1.16.5kr. 1.1/1 favorite Drageur (3m Speedy Blue-Tilda) landed second for trainer/driver Mathieu Mottier with 10/3/1 Darwin Maza (3m Coktail Jet-Paloma) third along the pegs for David Thomain and trainer Sebastien Guarato. The Gr. II Prix Louis Forcinal (purse €120,000, 2700 meters, seven monte starters) resulted in an easy victory for 4/5 favorite Athena de Vandel (6f Prince Gede-Maelia de Vandel). Matthieu Abrivard was in the irons for trainer Cedrik Megissier and Ecurie La Tour de Vandel. 3.9/1 Attentionally (6f Jasmin de Flore-Intentionally) took second for David Thomain ahead of placed third Annees Folles (6f Memphis du Rib-Juva Fortuna) ridden by Mathieu Mottier. Time for the winner was 1.13.7kr. Saturday’s Quinte+ was the Prix Jean Cabrol (purse €72,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) at Paris-Vincennes. The upper class warriors displayed their skills with victory to fast-closing Universal Rider (8m Nahar de Beval-Hanska) at 16/1 odds. Mathieu Mottier teamed that winner that he also trains. Timed in 1.12.4kr off steady fractions (1.11.8kr at the 1500 and 1000 meters to go posts; 1.12.4kr at the 500) the winner nipped 6.7/1 Altesse du Mirel (6f Ready Cash-Ina de Mirel), and trainer/driver Pierre Vercruysse, on the line. 9.5/1 A Nous Trois (6m Orlando Vici-Quallas) landed third for Franck Nivard and trainer Sebastien Guarato. 67/1 Uniflosa Bella (8f Jag de Bellouet-Koctiflosa Gede) was fourth for Antoine Wiels ahead of 62/1 Anette du Mirel (8f Laetenter Diem-Lisa de Mirel) handled by Anthony Barrier for trainer Anders Lindqvist. The Gr. III Prix de Vincennes (purse €115,000, 2700 meters, 13 international starters) was a Pick5 contest that drew fast-class aged performers. 7/10 favorite Amiral Sacha (6m Ganymede-Nostalgique Sacha) scored for driver Gabriel Gelormini and trainer Florent Lamara/owner Ecurie Sidere from 20/1 Kadett CD (9m Scarlet Knight-Kiss Of Life) and Dominik Locqueneux. Robert Bergh trains Kadett CD for In The Zone AB. 44/1 Sierra Leone (10f John Arifant-Une d’Havetot) took third for J.Cl. Hallais ahead of 21/1 Brillantissime (5m Ready Cash-Ivre de Victoire) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Philippe Allaire and owner/breeder Frederic Sauque and fifth was Spain’s 11/1 Trebel (9m Hot Blues-Sally Can Wait) for Gabriel-Angel Pou Pou. Fractions were relatively modest for this class (1.13.3kr at 1500 to go; 1.12.8kr at the 1000; 1.14 at 500) with a fast finish ending 1.12.9kr race time.Amiral Sacha Today’s Prix de Beaux (purse €65,000, 2700 meters) for four year-old females went to 2/1 second choice Tessy d’Ete (4f Ganymede-Love Me Tender) with Franck Nivard up. Timed in 1.14.9kr the winner is trained by Fabrice Souloy for Scuderia Eurocolor SRL of Italy. 1.6/1 favorite Tentation Ans (4f Muscles Yankee-Coronation Ans) held second for trainer/driver Pietro Gubellini and Scuderia Phenomena SRL. Third went to fast-closing Clarabelle (4f Ready Cash-Rebelle) with Gabby Gelormini up for owner Jean-Pierre Dubois and trained Yves Boireau. The final groupe race this day was the Gr. II Prix Robert Auvray for a purse of €120,000 and conducted over 2850 meters by eight quality starters. J-M Bazire teamed his trainee Belina Josselyn (5f Love You-Lezira Josselyn) to victory timed in 1.14.2kr for owner Yvan Bernard as the 1.4/1 favorite. 1.6/1 odds Bolero Love (5m Love You-Orelady) was a close second for Franck Nivard, trainer Sebastien Guarato and Antonio De Sousa. 2.6/1 Baltic Charm (6m Password-Ilikova) was third driven by Eric Raffin for trainer Guarato and owner Stephane Szwarc. The top three finishers were all timed in 1.14.2kr. The closer of a great card this Saturday was the €65,000 purse Prix de Gueugnon over 2700 meters with 18 European participants at the start. The 1.14.6kr winner was Italy’s Toseland Kyu (4m Love You-Zoraya Kyu) off at 2.4/1 and driven by Alexandre Abrivard. Catello Savarese trains this one for Scuderia 4AB SAS. 3.6/1 Cupidon du Vivier (4m Love You-Odessa du Vivier) was a solid second for Eric Raffin, trainer Guarato and owner Jean Yves Lucuyer, 24/1 Cash Okay (4m Ready Cash-Tresokay) rallied to nab third ahead of 57/1 Flashback (4m Expo Bi-Pine Spirit) that Franck Ouvrie teamed for Arnold J. Mollema. At Graignes FR, lightly raced Diable du Vivier (3m Orlando Vici-Rodie du Vivier) took the €18,000 Prix Presse de la Manche over 2700 meters, defeating nine rivals over the rain soaked course, clocked in 1.20.5kr. Sebastien Ernault teamed the winner, trained by owner/breeder Jean Yves Lucuyer. At Gavle SWE today the featured Fyraaringslopp for Mares (150,000SEK to the winner, 2140 meters autostart) went to the impressive favorite Timbal (4f From Above-Clear As A Bell-Super Arnie) for trainer/driver Robert Bergh. She recorded her 16th career win in 22 starts now for 2.24SEK million earned. This Menhammer Stuteri AB bred mare is owned by Stall Gaffelby. In Toto Sund (4f Ken Warkentin-Marsia LB-Windsongs Legacy) was second for Ulf Ohlsson and trainer Daniel Reden with Spoil Me (4f Going Kronos-Mystical Ann-Kadabra) third for Kenneth Haugstad and trainer Roger Walmann. US import Wild Honey was scratched from this race that would have been her initial European appearance. On the same card the Forsmark AB for 30,000SEK to the winner went to the Reden trained, Stall Zet owned Stand Bayou (5m Donato Hanover-Roux Hanover-Mr. Lavec). Ulf Eriksson teamed the winner, bred by Pete Spears’ Windsong Stable. Stand Bayou recorded his second 2016 victory to go along with two second place finishes in four starts. He’s now 13 times first through third in 18 outings. Explosive River (4g Explosive Matter-Just About Enough) was second the Orjan Kihlstrom up for trainer Walmann. Thomas H. Hicks

December 25, 2015 - Wolvega (Netherlands) hosted a solid Christmas evening harness racing card that included three top flight races. The Grand Prix de Noel Pays Bas (purse €9,900, 2600 meters, eight contestants) went to 1/10 favorite Voltigeur de Myrt (6m Opus Viervil-Myrtille des Bois) with Gabriel Gelormini teaming for Ecurie Donati and trainer Roberto Donati. 29/1 Radamarte (5m Ganymede-Tenderembrace) was second for Andre Bakker, trainer A.J. Mollema and AGM Groot Beheer BV. 18/1 Secret Boy (7g Allison Hollow-Sugarcanes Riviera) was third with Dion Tesselaar aboard. The winner was clocked in 1.14.6kr. The Championnat de Marathon (purse €10,000, 3100 meters, nine starters) went to the 1.16.7kr timed,.5/1 odds, As des Jacquets for trainer/driver Robbin Bott for owner Stall Cortina. Second was 4.6/1 Vramdao (6m Quido du Goutier-Kiss Me Coulonces) with Andre Bakker up for trainer A.J. Mollema and PM Van Klaveron. 5.3/1 Tournis Chouan was third for Jos. Verbeeck and trainer H.A.J. Grift. The Championnat des Trotteurs Francais (purse €12,500, 2600 meters autostart, eight starters) went to the 1.15.9kr winning Vinochka (6f Milford du Chene-Miss du Chene) reined by Jos. Verbeeck. 8.9/1 Automatic Gear (5f Joker de Rozoy-Perle de Fael) was second for Andre Bakker and trainer JWN Enguerda with 2.4/1 Athena d’Hoa (5f Norman Jet-Harpe de Beaufort) also trained by Engwerda and reined by Rick Ebbinge. Thomas H. Hicks  

October 27, 2015 - This evening’s Prix Lameia at Paris-Vincennes (purse €40,000, three year-old females, 2850 meters, 13 starters) went to the 1.14.6kr winner and 1.1/1 odds Clarabelle (3f Ready Cash-Rebelle) for harness racing reinsman Gabriel Gelormini, owner Jean-Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. Due to breaks by competitors Clarabelle drew clear for an easy victory over 2.9/1 Carla d’Hertels (3f Othello Bourbon-Pearl Mesloise) and teamster Franck Nivard with third to 29/1 Caline d’Avril (3f Gazouillis-Elegante d’Avril) for Eric Raffin. The featured Gr. III Prix de Vittel (purse €80,000. Two year-old females, 2200 meters, 10 starters) went to the game pacesetter 2.8/1 Demonia Roma (2f Password-Rome to Paris-Love You) with Joseph Verbeeck up for trainer/owner Philippe Allaire. Timed in 1.16.9kr the winner held off stablemate 1.7/1 Dawana (2f Ready Cash-Sanawa-Jeanbat du Vivier) handled by Pierre Vercruysse for trainer/owner Allaire. 3.7/1 Dista Love (3f Royal Dream-Usita Love-Goetmals Wood) was a competitive third for owner/driver Jean-Pierre Dubois and trainer Yves Boireau. This filly held game after a lengthy death seat performance. The Prix d’Abbeville (purse €35,000 for three year-old females, 2850 meters, 15 starters) was won by 2.1/1 Class de Loriol (3f Ready Cash-Orogeuse de Marjon) with Franck Nivard teaming, clocked in 1.16kr. 10/1 Coralie du Soir (3f Gros Grain-Quenotte du Prieur) landed second for Mathieu Abrivard with 25/1 Caty Angel (3f Look de Star-Pretty Angot) third for Bernard Piton. Today at Lyon la Soie the Prix de l’Herault (purse 20,000, 2700 meters, 16 starters) was won by 1.15.4kr clocked 9.7/1 odds Amtao (5g Rocklyn-Melia Clairchamp) handled by Kevin Vanderschelden for trainer Yves Boireau and owner Jean-Pierre Dubois. 3.3/1 Amadeus Quick (5g Prince d’Espace-Quinta Vaumicel was second for C.J. De Leeuw with 14/1 Valentino du Sec (6m Pad d’Urzy-Montluconnaise) home third. Thomas H. Hicks  

September 30, 2015 - Gabriel Gelormini reined the Roberto Donati owned and trained Voltigeur de Myrt (6m Opus Viervil-Myrtille des Bois) to victory at 3.3/1 odds in the €100,000 purse International Grand Prix Anjou Maine over 2875 meters distance handicap. The winner, clocked in 1.13.2kr, took charge on a backstretch of the last lap and easily recorded his 10th career win in 55 starts for earnings now of €1,086,082. He overcame a 25 meter handicap as did second finishing Roxanne Griff (10f Tenor de Baune-Julia Mesloise) handled by Eric Raffin for Sebastien Guarato and Ecurie Griff, at 5.2/1 odds. The grand mare raced well and now has earnings in excess of €3.04 million in 120 starts. Third today was secured by 15/1 Nefertite del Rio (8f Varenne-Zendia) with Alexandre Abrivard up. Nahar was fourth for Robert Berg with late rally with Up The Green and Roi du Lupin next across the line. The latter two contested for the lead at various points during the race. The Gr. I Prix d’Avenches Championnat European for 3 year-olds (purse €100,000, 2050 meters autostart, 13 starters) was down to 11 at the gate with the scratch of Captain Sparrow and Chatearoux. Also, highly-regarded Traders, Germany’s Ferrari Kievitshof and Ultimate Photo were disqualified for miscues. That opened the door to victory for 4.4/1 odds Coquin Bebe (3m Rancho Gede-Noble Nenette) driven by J-M Bazire for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Annie Bezir. Second was 2.2/1 favorite Cristal Money (3m Coktail Jet-Making Money) for reinsman Franck Nivard and trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. Cash Okay (3m Ready Cash-Tresokay) was third at 87/1 for G-V Gundersen and trainer A-L Wolden with fourth to 51/1 Photo Lavec (3m SJ’s Photo-Joyful Lavec) reined by Per Oleg Midtfjeld for trainer Bo Westergaard. Canari Match (3m Extreme Aunou-Ruelle) ended fifth at 32/1 for Franck Ouvrie and trainer Frederic Prat. Time for the winner was 1.13.1kr for a four-length score. Today’s Quinte+ (jackpot €4,050,000) was at Laval in the Prix Yann Despres (€32,000 purse, 18 starters, 2875 meters) and 9.1/1 Trinite du Mont scored in 1.15.1kr for Anthony Barrier for owner/trainer Philippe Deroyand. The winner is an eight year-old daughter of Hugo Barbes-Ozo du Mont. The exact order Q+ payoff (excluding jackpot) was €7,990) for a €2 wager.   Cl. N° Chevaux Drivers Propriétaires Entraîneurs 1er 18 Trinité du Mont A. Barrier P. Deroyand P. Deroyand 2ème 4 Uzzao de Blary F. Nivard Ecurie Christian Boisnard C. Boisnard 3ème 14 Thalie Ludoise E. Raffin S. Bourlier S. Bourlier 4ème 8 Tigre de Guez A. Morin M. Gilbert A. Morin 5ème 3 Unanime de Chenu P. Pellerot Ecurie Franck Pellerot F. Pellerot  Rapports (pour 2€)   Tirelire 4.050.000 € - Numéro plus : 0583     Ordre :       7.990,00€     Désordre :       159,80€     Bonus 4 :       17,60€     Bonus 4sur5 :       8,80€     Bonus 3 :       3,60€                     Thomas H. Hicks

September 19, 2015 - Daddy Wood (2m Ready Cash-Ushuaia Wood), the 3/5 favorite, took today’s Prix de Pionsat (purse €20,000, 2200 meters, 8 starters) at Vichy, driven by Gabriel Gelormini for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. This winner recorded his second victory in as many appearances, clocked in 1.18.2kr. His dam, Ushusia Wood, is a daughter of Love You-Daisy Chain-Speedy Somolli. Daisy Chain is a great producing 1991 foal that has generated 16 foals including Kaisy Dream (US$1,208,145) and four more plus US$100,000 winners, Jackpot Dream, Nice Dream, Orsy Dream and Paisy Dream. Third dam Kravotte produced US$459,557 winner Rainbow Runner. Finishing second today was 5/2 odds Dis Papaoutai (2m Goetmals Wood-Quemilia Pierji) owned by J-P Barjon, trained by Sebastien Guarato and driven by H. Langlois. Third was 6/1 Dame Denferst (2f Quilon du Chatelet-Pin Up du Chariot). 1 6 DADDY WOOD G. Gelormini 1.6 1'18''2 2nd 5 DIS PAPAOUTAI H. LANGLOIS 3.5 1'18''2 3rd 8 DAME DENFERT C. PETREMENT 7 1'19''2 4th 7 OF DIVINE ECROVILLE A. LAMY 16 1'19''5 5th 4 DIA DE LA BOATERIE B. RUET 29 1'19''5 6th 3 DARLING OF Solnan S. PELTIER 29 1'21''0 7th 2 DIVA OF LOVE F. JAMARD 38 1'21''6 8th 1 DON JUAN GERSOIS G. VIDAL 68 1'24''1 Spot   Horse Jockey Odds Redkm Also on the Vichy card was the €44,000 purse Prix Uranie contested over 2850 meters by 11 European starters. 28/1 Vertige de Chenu (6g Lynx de Bellouet-Neige de Chenu) took victory for owner/trainer Franck Pellerot and driver P. Pellerot by four lengths clocked in 1.16.4kr. 7/1 Sem Jafat (7g SJ’s Photo-Persilja) was second for driver Dominik Locqueneux, trainer Ronny Kuiper and owner Untersteiner Training AB. 45/1 Louisville As was third with fourth to SHT’s Playmate at 105/1 odds.Vertige de Chenu At Farjestad in Sweden today, the featured V75 Gold (150,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) went to Thai Broadway (6m Broadway Hall-Isabella Knick-Tap In) with trainer Bjorn Goop aboard. Thai Broadway was timed in 1.11.3kr to record his 18th career win in 55 starts for 4,192,395SEK earned. Ivar Sanna (5m Super Arnie-Staro Africat-Giant Cat) was second for driver Thomas Uhrberg and trainer Jan Hellstadt with Rocky Winner (7m Credit Winner-Level Fortytwo-Arnaquer) home third for Jorma Kontio aboard for trainer Jorgen Westholm. Your Highness (6f Chocolatier-La Belle Lady-Conway Hall) was fourth for Orjan Kihlstrom and trainer Ulf Stenstromer. The Silver Division (125,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) resulted in victory for Lover Face (7g Love You-Ambra OK-Mr. Lavec) and driver Jorgen Sjunnesson. Lover Face was timed in 1.12.2kr for his 14th victory in 59 starts and earnings of 1,331,800SEK. The winner’s first dam is from T Ball by Super Bowl-Bedell, she dam of Donerail and Gramola. Nitalar Bra Latin (5g Kiss Francis-Fattiga Lisa-Supergill) was next for Stefan Soderkvist and trainer Petri Puro with third to Sir Ratzeputz (5m Love You-Celebrate-Lindy’s Crown) and Jorma Kontio. Ja El Tomcat (6m Chocolatier-Topcat Hall-Conway Hall) ended fourth with Johan Untersteiner driving for trainer Karoline Krogh-Hanssen. This one is a half-brother to 2015 US trotting star JL Cruze. Viva Lover Wins Quinte+ at Vincennes The Quinte+ (jackpot €3.45 million) Prix Cleomede (€44,000 purse, 2850 meters, 17 starters) was at Paris-Vincennes this day and the 1.13.4kr timed winner was Viva Lover (6f Look de Star-Kaline Cover). This 3.4/1 odds winner was teamed by Mathieu Mottier. 52/1 Tikva de Baylev (8f Sancho Panca-Jasmina du But) was second for J.G. Van Eeckhaute, ahead of 12.3/1 Ulula Bella (7f Jam Pridem-Nathalia Bella) that Tony Le Beller aboard.   Cl. N° Chevaux Drivers Propriétaires Entraîneurs 1er 15 Viva Lover M. Mottier Ecurie D.M.Mottier D. Mottier 2ème 4 Tikva de Beylev J.-G. Van Eeckhaute J.-P. Sauvage C. Dreux 3ème 13 Ulula Bella T. Le Beller Ecurie Jean-Paul Marmion J.-P. Marmion 4ème 14 Victoire de Lèvres F. Nivard Ecurie de Neret F. Provost 5ème 17 Verzee Carisaie E. Raffin J.-E. Thuet J.-E. Thuet  Rapports (pour 2€) Tirelire 3.450.000 € - Numéro plus : 2151   Ordre :       17.904,00€   Désordre :       149,20€   Bonus 4 :       67,40€   Bonus 4sur5 :       6,00€   Bonus 3 :       4,00€ Friday’s Prix Bruma (purse €48,000, 2850 meters, 17 starters) went to the 1.14kr winner Ahrima Turgot (5f Prodigious-Night Turgot) driven by J-M Bazire at 3.4/1 odds. 51/1 Anza du Carbonel (5f Lontzac-Lea Girl) with trainer Franck Blandin aboard was second. 132/1 outsider Alesia Lado (5f Maitre d’Atout-Aspara) was third. At Paris-Vincennes, the Prix Aquitania (purse €33,000, 2200 meters, 14 starters) went to 2.1/1 Dolce des Rioults (2f Jam Pridem-Judith des Rioults) reined by Joann Lebourgeois for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. She scored in 1.18.6kr. 7.6/1 odds Detoilesmie (3f Mage de la Merite-Netoilesmie) with Franck Nivard up finished second with third to 2.5/1 Deesse Port (2f Uniclove-Mania Port) driven by Cl. Duvaldstin. Thierry Duvaldestin is owner/trainer of Deesse Port. Friday’s feature at Lyon La Soie was the Prix Lugdunum (purse €35,000, 2700 meters, 13 starters) that resulted in a 1.15.8kr victory for 2.2/1 Ustar de Vandel (7g Look de Star-Deila de Vandel), owned by Ecurie des Charmes and reined by trainer J-< Bazire. 2.7/1 Uno Prior (7g Ispalion Jarzeen-Laliga Prior) was second with 11/1 Ugo d’Urzy (7g Jasmin de Flore-Jepee) home third. At Romme (SWE), Cool Keeper (5g Broadway Hall-Missys Go Go-Yankee Glide) and trainer/driver Leif Witasp took a 2140 meter autostart event worth 75,000SEK to the winner. Cool Keeper scored in 1.13.1kr for his 14th victory in 36 outings now for 2,21SEK million earned. Vasterbo Fantast (5m Pine Chip-Pacsia LB-Supergill) was second with Jilly W. Andersson up for trainer Svante Bath. US-bred Smilin Eli (5m Muscles Yankee-Gerry’s Joy-Enjoy Lavec) was third for driver/trainer Daniel Reden. Another contest at Romme was a 1640 meters autostart event also worth 75,000SEK to the winner. The 1.11.9kr victor was Democrat (8g Pearsall Hanover-Sugar Dream-Supergill) driven by Ulf Ohlsson. This one vanquished Francais du Gull (8m Jag de Ballouet-Tantern Gull-Lindy Lane) reined by Erik Ludegren with third to Quick Master (11g Look de Star-Kadisha-Buvetier d’Aunou) with Claes Sjostrom driving. The race winner recorded career victory 20 in 93 starts for earnings of 2.06SEK million. Thomas H. Hicks

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