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The Hawkinsville Training Center, Hawkinsville, Ga., is geared up for an exciting 2016-17 harness racing training season. In addition to several returning stables, it is a pleasure to welcome two new stables to the facility this winter. They are the stables of Eddie Gorgei and Leslie Burton. The Dan Shetler Stable has returned for another year after a successful season on the Indiana circuit. Returning with the stable is the 4-year-old pacer Bourbon Chase, winner of more than half of his lifetime starts, taking a 1:50.3 record. Also returning with the stable is the standout 3-year old trotting filly Fawn De Savage, who amassed earnings of more than $243,000 for the 2016 racing season, pushing her career earnings to more than $320,000. The Ron Otto stable is looking to another successful year after returning with multiple stakes winner Fly Jesse Fly. He set a new track record for Indiana sired 3-year-old trotters while stablemate Power Wave set the season's best record of 1:56.3 to take the fastest time of the 2-year-old Indiana sired trotters. The Majestic Star Stable has also returned after a successful season in Indiana with the trotter Ultimate Encore, winner of the Hoosier Futurity and Indiana Sire Stake final. Ultimate Encore took a record of 1:58 in his 2-year-old season with earnings of more than $145,000. Miss Perfection, another notable performer from the Majestic Star Stable, won her division of the Hoosier Futurity, taking a record of 2:00 for the year. Dane May's Hawkinsville trainee, Fox Valley Elana, was a Night of Champions winner in Illinois for 2-year-old trotters, taking a season's record of 2:02 with earnings of more than $60,000 in her freshman year. The 44th annual Hawkinsville Harness Festival is set for April 7-8 and will feature two full days of matinee racing and qualifiers along with a backyard chicken and chili cook-off on Friday night along with other festival activities throughout the weekend. Garnet Arnold Stable 3-year-old Exodus Seelster 3,g,p Camluck-Eagle Kelly Dan Ater Stable 2-year-old Johnny's Chip 2,c,p 3-year-olds Buckeye Brent 3,c,p Big Bad John-Leda's Twoeleven Chairman Hall 3,c,t Dejarmbro-Chatterly Hall Chromed Out Cruiser 3,g,p No Pan Intended-Cruzin Inya Jammys Life With John 3,c,p Big Bad John-This Is My Life Maryn's Rascal 3,g,p The Panderosa-Gabrielles Girl Tom Brinkerhoff Stable 2-year-olds Embrace This Moment 2,f,t Dejarmbro-Moment Of Music LBS Joleah Marie 2,f,t Dejarmbro-Marion Merlot 3-year-olds Please Mr DJ 3,f,t Dejarmbro-Marty E Doc's Ravenna 3,f,p Woodstock-The House Of Pan Leslie Burton Stable 3-year-olds Belle Of The Beach 3,f,p Somebeachsomewhere-News Letter On To The Light 3,c,p Popperosa-Ciarales Cajon Stable Trainer: John Taylor 3-year-olds Youvegotawaywithme 3,f,p Mach Three-Dexter Shmoopy Cartier Stable Trainer: Sally Cartier 2-year-old Police Break 2,g,p Veeza-High Scape 3-year-old DW's Revenge 3,g,t (2:01.2) Archangel-Princess Maddie older horse Midnite Pass 4,g,p (1:55) Kenneth J-The Company Store Fred Drouillard Stable older horses Spy Flex 5,g,t Federal Flex-Scotish Delight Robert Dykesterhouse Jr. Stable 2-year-old Kill The Lights 2,g,t Coiles-Celebrity Dreamer E & L Stable Trainer: Ed Peconi Jr. 2-year-old Carnegie Hall 2,f,t Angus Hall-Credibility 3-year-old Wildcat Hillton 3,c,p Camluck-Armbro Champagne older horse Always Reese 5,m,p Always A Virgin-Devon On The Beach Eddie Gorgei Stable 2-year-old Friskie Favors 2,f,t My MVP-Little Favors Gary Hayes Stable older horses Cinder Lane Jade (1:52.2) Sand Shooter-Hilda Hylight Fat Fannie Annie (1:53.1) Always A Virgin-Fedorov Shares Desire (1:54.2) Real Desire-Shares Rebound Majestic Star Stable Trainer: Jeff Edwards Assistant Trainer: Tom Grinstead 2-year-olds Atta Boy Clyde 2,c,t Mr Cantab-Atta Girl Ranger DL's Chrome 2,f,t Pilgrims Chuckie-Un Aperitif Dream Dealin 2,f,t Swan For All- Dream Team 2,c,t Guccio-Dream On Broadway Epic Hill 2,c,t Muscle Hill-Southwind Ursalin GW Wildflower 2,f,t Guccio-Malibu Hall Lilbigboy 2,c,t Guccio-Jesses Nice Girl My Girl Grayce 2,f,p Fred And Ginger-Miss Kimbest Msnaughtyashill 2,f,t Muscle Hill-Msnaughtybutnice Poet's Encore 2,f,t Encore Encore-Powerful Poet Ponda's Network 2,f,p Net Ten EOM-B J's Sunrise Sally Rose 2,f,t Mr Cantab-Ruby Princess 3-year-olds Arch Enemy 3,c,t Archangel-Msnaughtybutnice Archie 3,c,t Jailhouse Jesse-Miss Naughty Pine Herbies Wild Child 3,g,t Here Comes Herbie-Msnaughtybynature Miss Perfection 3,f,t Dejarmbro-Southwind Ursalin Ultimate Encore 3,g,t Encore Encore-Southwind Ultima older horse Trottin Roxy 6,g,t Scramble Ranger-Foxy Roxy Clarence Martin, Jr. Stable 2-year-olds Pepin Hanover 2,c,t Donato Hanover-Platinumatic Pink Champagne 2,f,t Donato Hanover-Chianti 3-year-olds Goodness Grace 3,f,t Conway Hall-Princess Peri older horses G Force Hanover 6,g,t (1:55.1) Glidemaster-Gracejean Blue Chip Marat 7,g,t (1:56) Cantab Hall-Bedswerver Juice Hanover 7,m,p (1:52.3) Yankee Cruiser-JK She's A Lady Opinion Hanover 9,g,t (1:54.4) Cantab Hall-Ocean Princess Red Maple Lane 5,g,t (1:57.3) SJ's Caviar-Lane Bryant Wishicouldfish 4,m,t (1:58.3) SJ's Caviar-Ms Lure Dane May Stable Trainers: Dane and Ty May 2-year-olds Dandy Dude 2,g,p Sagebrush-Sporty Cam Dry Creek Eze 2,g,t Powerful Emotion-Dry Creek Fling Dry Creek Gin 2,f,p Always A Virgin-Lisilicious Dry Creek Shooter 2,f,p Rockin Image-True Shooter Lambo 2,g,p Duneside Perch-Flashy Yankee Peacock Danz 2,g,t Lous Legacy-Fox Valley Lapdanz Whispering River 2,g,p Duneside Perch-Scarlet 3-year-olds Daisy Dune 3,f,p Duneside Perch-Free Livin Dry Creek Lis 3,f,p Always A Virgin-Lisilicious Fox Valley Elana 3,f,t Powerful Emotion-Madcap Escapade Raffaelli's Filly 3,f,t Swan For All-Touch Of Victory older horses Dinky Dune 5,g,p Duneside Perch-Dream Hand Rocknroll Hoochcoo 4,m,p Rocknroll Hanover-LA Dolce Hall Sara The Spy 7,m,t Powerful Emotion-Sarabella Ron & James Otto Stable Trainer: Ron Otto 2-year-olds Blue Power 2,g,t Power Play-Tags Blue Can't Beat Jesse 2,g,t Jailhouse Jesse-Sis Beat The Boys Gamblin' Girl 2,f,t Power Play-Edith Meadowbrook Deva 2,f,t Power Play-Sand Lauren Real Net Worth 2,g,t Net Ten EOM-Binding Desire Wheretherosesbloom 2,f,t Cincinnati Kid-Where'slovers'lane 3-year-olds Blazing Cantab 3,g,t Mr Cantab-Blazing Caviar Blowtheworldakiss 3,f,p Shadyshark Hanover-Mighty Passion Gorgeous All Over 3,f,p He's Gorgeous-Cloverallover Hoosier Muscle 3,f,t Guida Muscle-Sandy Britches Power Wave 3,f,t Power Play-Wave After Wave Rapido Chrome 3,g,t Amigo Hall-Chiptoria Secret Rae's Hooray 3,f,t Chip Chip Hooray-Flying Rae Red Man Chew 3,g,t Sing Jesse Sing-Waltzing Savannah Social House 3,g,t Jailhouse Jesse-Society Hall older horse Fly Jesse Fly 4,g,t Jailhouse Jesse-Flying Rae Jim & Joann Perry Stable 3-year-olds Rock On Penny 3,f,p Rock N Roll Heaven-Perfect Penny Veteran Of Honor 3,c,p American Ideal-Unblemished Norman Robbins Stable 2-year-olds Mr Manny Mission 2,c,t Manofmanymissions-Super V Begonia 3-year-olds Dill Pickle 3,c,t His Highness-Share Hall Lucky's Niece 3,f,t And Away We Go-Lucky Billie Team Shehan Stable Trainers: Tyler & Marna Shehan 2-year-olds Fins Up 2,c,t Yankee Glide-Kitefin Hanover Overlord Hall 2,c,t Deweycheatumnhowe-On With The Show Swinging Rockette 2,f,p Pet Rock-Swinging Reba 3-year-olds Father Julio 3,c,t Tequilla Spur-Cherry Tree Sara Lt Phillips 3,c,p Prince Chablis-Cherchez Bluegrass Odetta Hall 3,f,t Deweycheatumnhowe-On With The Show Private Valentine 3,f,p Third Straight-Wendy Showstopping Annie 3,f,p Shattered Halo-Sailor's Delight older horses Brow Down 5,g,p Jenna's Beach Boy-Swinging Reba Swinging Cami 7,m,p Jenna's Beach Boy-Swinging Reba Dan Shetler Stable Trainers: Dan & Kristin Shetler Second Trainer: Steve Waller 2-year-olds Absolutely Divine 2,f,t Muscle Hill-Minibar Adoring Spirit 2,f,p Rockin Image-Tammy C Tresa Au National Herbie 2,c,t Here Comes Herbie-Ljnearl Bluebird Ballerina 2,f,t Swan For All-Debs Dalliance Bluebird Cherry 2,f,p Rockin Image-Bluebird Regal Dame Du Lac 2,f,t Muscle Hill-Cartier Hall Dojea Warrior 2,g,p Palone Ranger-Postmark Flirtatious Me 2,f,p Rockin Image-Tressa Guccios Big Boy 2,c,t Guccio-Holdersteady Here Comes History 2,f,t Here Comes Herbie-Destiny Calls Kanokie Chrome 2,c,t Guccio-Prayer Kannection Katkin American 2,c,t Guccio-Katkin Logan Creek 2,c,t Yankee Glide-Dazzling Miss Muscular Babe 2,f,t Guccio-Andover Babe Our Miss Reese 2,f,p Art Official-Brianna Joy Passionate Miss 2,f,t Muscle Hill-American Graffiti Tiffany Marie 2,g,p Art Official-Podge's Lady Townline Dodger 2,g,p Fred And Ginger-Dolly's Joy Truly Inspired 2,f,t Yankee Glide-Always Yours 3-year-olds Banacek 3,c,p Rockin Image-Tressa Blakemore 3,c,p Rockin Image-Tammy C Tresa Captivating Spirit 3,f,t Muscle Hill-Catch A Train Creative Spirit 3,f,t ABC Garland-Sheezhomeward Bound Cubano Hall 3,c,t Windsong Espoir-Colleen Hall Decisive Moment 3,f,t Lucky Chucky-ABC Easter Graceful Gem 3,f,t Elegant Man-Ljnearl Her B's Foxy Lady 3,f,t Here Comes Herbie-Lady Saint Ponda Bluestone 3,c,t Big Stick Lindy-Asestra Bluestone Southwind Fiat 3,f,t Muscle Hill-Flawless Lindy older horses Allie Labrook 7,m,t (1:52) Here Comes Herbie-Allie Jane Arthur Luck 4,g,t Here Comes Herbie-Allie Jane Bourbon Chase 4,h,p (1:50.3) Palone Ranger-Stonebridge Beauty Fawn De Savage 4,m,t (1:54.2) Keystone Savage-Ms Mastercraft Fireball's Prayers 4,m,t Big Stick Lindy-Destiny's Prayer Gruden 4,g,t Muscles Yankee-Minibar Kincaid 4,g,p Art's Chip-Tammy C Tresa Longwell 7,g,t (1:53, $230,000) Yankee Glide-Minibar Mo Muscles 10,g,t Muscles Yankee-Garland's Princess Bill Vankatwyk Stable 3-year-olds Mr Shanahan 3,g,t Justice Hall-Credability Paul Walker Stable Trainer: Paul Walker 2-year-old Johnny Bravo 2,c,t Johnny William-Tomorrow's Dream 3-year-old Oaklea Charlie 3,c,t Manofmanymissions-Sororiety House older horse Dayliner 4,m,t Muscle Mass-Our Day Greg Wright Stable Trainers: Greg Wright & Rick Reisert 2-year-olds Beach Jetta 2,c,t Lear Jetta-Southwind Princess Buddy 2,c,t La Jetta 2,f,t Lear Jetta-La Cantera Lucky Euno 2,c,t Lucky Chucky-Europass Tweet 2,f,t Yankee Glide-Video White Lie 2,c,t Muscle Massive-Hips Don't Lie Yankee Knocker 2,c,t Yankee Glide-Knockout Doll 3-year-olds Blue Lace 3,f,t Donato Hanover-Blue Muscles Held Hostage 3,c,t Crazed-Love U Overandover Itsgoodtobequeen 3,f,t Muscle Massive-Ucanthisahoneymoon Playing With Matches 3,c,t Lucky Chucky-Wildfire Julie by Jim and Brenda Valiante

Standardbred Canada has announced the winners of the 2013 O’Brien Awards, which honour Canada’s best in harness racing over the past season. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the event, the annual Black Tie Gala was held in Charlottetown, PEI, at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel and PEI Convention Centre. The awards are named in honour of the late Joe O’Brien, an outstanding horseman and member of the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame. O’Brien was born in Alberton, PEI. Bee A Magician who was perfect in her 2013 season, was the unanimous choice in the Three-Year -Old Trotting Filly division and was also voted Canada’s Horse of The Year. Bee A Magician won all 17 of her races last season and earned in excess of $1.57 million for a perfect sophomore campaign. The daughter of Hall of Fame sire Kadabra took a mark of 1:51 at the Meadowlands Racetrack. The invincible filly’s stakes victories included the SBOA elimination and final, the Casual Breeze, the Elegantimage elimination and final, three Ontario Sires Stakes events including the Super Final, the Delvin Miller, Hambletonian Oaks elimination and final, the Simcoe, Breeders Crown elimination and final, American National and Moni Maker. Sylvain Filion successfully defended his Driver of The Year title. In 2013 he led all reinsmen in the nation in terms of purse earnings, as his mounts banked $6,111,736. Filion finished as the leading money-winning driver on the Woodbine Entertainment Group circuit with over $5 million to his credit between Mohawk Racetrack and Woodbine Racetrack. The resident of Milton, Ont. earned the Lampman Cup for the second straight year, as he topped the Ontario Sires Stakes standings for drivers. Filion celebrated his richest win of the season while steering Boomboom Ballykeel to a 10-1 upset victory in the $683,000 Metro Pace at Mohawk Racetrack. Richard Moreau was voted Trainer of The Year following an impressive season that saw his stable win 279 races and earn $3,623,805 in purses. The resident of Puslinch, Ont. earned training titles across Ontario at Georgian Downs, Grand River Raceway, Mohawk Racetrack, The Raceway at Western Fair District and Woodbine Racetrack. Moreau topped the Canadian trainer standings with $3.5 million in earnings and 270 wins. He celebrated the biggest win of his career this past season when Boomboom Ballykeel captured the Metro Pace at Mohawk Racetrack. The 2013 season marked the 14th consecutive year that his stable has surpassed the $1-million mark in purse earnings. Alberta’s Kelly Hoerdt won the O’Brien Award of Horsemanship. Hoerdt is a successful driver/trainer who is annually near the top of the training and driving charts in Alberta. The 2013 season was another productive year for Hoerdt, as he trained 82 winners and horses to $623,000, and drove 66 winners and horses that earned over $490,000. Hoerdt was the leading trainer in terms of earnings at Alberta Downs. His stable was led by sophomore pacing colt Premium Attaction, a multiple stakes winner that rattled off six wins in 11 races and over $111,000 Precocious Beauty was honoured as Two-Year-Old Pacing Filly of The Year. Precocious Beauty won seven of 11 races, $462,912 in purses and took a mark of 1:50.1 which tied a world record for a one-mile track. Her richest payday was a victory in the Shes A Great Lady at Mohawk. The two-year-old pacing colt title went to Arthur Blue Chip, who scored six wins in 11 starts and bankrolled $400,120 for his connections. The son of Shadow Play took a mark of 1:51.2 in his Metro Pace elimination at Mohawk before being scratched ‘sick’ from the final. His most lucrative payday was a runner-up finish in the Governor’s Cup. He also won a handful of Ontario Sires Stakes races, an elimination of the Battle of Waterloo and a division of the Nassagaweya Stakes. I Luv The Nitelife returned as a seasoned sophomore in 2013 and added another O’Brien (Three-Year-Old Pacing Filly of The Year) to her trophy case. The talented filly boasted a record of 13-1-1 in 15 races and $1.2 million in earnings. She took a mark of 1:48.4 in the Valley Forge at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. She also set a two-heat world record of 3:42.2 in the Jugette. She swept the Fan Hanover, the Lynch, the Mistletoe Shalee and closed the season as strongly as she began with a win in the Breeders Crown and runner up finish in the American National. Little Brown Jug winner Vegas Vacation took the hardware home as Canada’s Three-Year-Old Pacing Colt of The Year. Vegas Vacation gave his connections the ride of a lifetime in 2013. Conditioned by Casie Coleman, the son of Bettors Delight put together a sophomore record reading 10-4-1 from 20 starts while banking $976,037 in purses. He wheeled off victories in his first four races which included the Somebeachsomewhere Stakes and an elimination of the Pepsi North America Cup. On September 19 he captured the Little Brown Jug in straight heats – both timed in 1:50. ‘Vegas’ finished his sophomore season with a win in the Matron Stakes to put his bankroll at just over $976,000. Anndrovette continued to dominate the pacing mare ranks in 2013, and, for the third consecutive year, was crowned Canada’s Older Pacing Mare of The Year. The daughter of Riverboat King was on the board in all but three of her 21 races. Some of her major wins included three legs of the Blue Chip Matchmaker Series at Yonkers Raceway along with the Roses Are Red and Breeders Crown eliminations. On July 20 at Mohawk Racetrack she captured the Roses Are Red final in a career best 1:48. The talented mare now has 35 lifetime wins and a career bankroll of almost $2.6 million. The $6 million horse, Foiled Again was voted Canada’s Older Pacing Horse of The Year. Foiled Again didn’t show any signs of slowing down in his nine-year-old season, as he won 11 of his 29 starts, including three Levy divisions, the Ben Franklin elimination and final, as well as the Breeders Crown elimination and final for his third straight million-dollar campaign. He entered the year within reach of the all-time earnings record for pacers, and he managed to obliterate that mark by adding $1.4 million to his bank account while visiting 11 different racetracks along the way. He closed the season by sweeping the elimination and final of the TVG Free For All Pace at the Meadowlands. Riveting Rosie was the winner in the two-year-old filly trotting category. Riveting Rosie closed out her rookie campaign with six wins in eight starts and earnings of $468,613. Her major victories included the Peaceful Way Final, her Ontario Stakes Super Final and a division of the Champlain Stakes. In the Two-Year-Old Trotting Colt division, it was Father Patrick who took the O’Brien trophy. He topped the earnings chart in his division and was flawless in 10 stakes starts with his only blemish coming in an early season two-year-old race where he was beaten by just a head. Father Patrick amassed $752,395 in earnings with major wins in the Breeders Crown, Peter Haughton Memorial, William Wellwood Memorial Trot, Champlain Stakes and Bluegrass Series. Flanagan Memory was voted Three-Year-Old Trotting Colt of the Year after a productive season which saw him win seven of 11 races and $408,798 in earnings. He clocked a season’s best 1:53 effort in winning his Ontario Sires Stakes Super Final at Mohawk. He also scored victories in the Goodtimes and several OSS events. Maven was voted Canada’s Older Trotting Mare of The Year. Since winning the 2012 Breeders Crown at Woodbine Racetrack, Maven has been one of the most consistent trotters in North America. She added wins in the Miss Versatility Trotting Series, an elimination and final of the Armbro Flight, and the Allerage. She showed just how good she was by claiming a second Breeders Crown title. At season’s end Maven had won 10 of 14 races, and added $513,485 to her bankroll. For the second consecutive year, Mister Herbie captured the title as Canada’s Older Trotting Horse of The Year. Although Mister Herbie only won one race in 2013, he was a strong contender in many of the major stakes and scored six runner-up finishes in stakes competition, including the Maple Leaf Trot, Allerage, John Cashman Memorial and Breeders Crown, finishing the season with $492,067 in purses. Seelster Farms, of Lucan, Ont. was honoured as the Armstrong Breeder of The Year. In 2013, Seelster-bred horses scored 248 wins and $2.1 million in earnings. In the Future Star category, the winner of this first-time award was trainer/driver Travis Cullen. The 21-year-old Alberta-based horseman closed out Alberta Downs' 2013 meet with five wins on the final card of the meet while securing both the Lacombe track's driving and training titles. Amidst a career-best year, the Edmonton horseman concluded the Alberta meet with a chart-topping 64 training victories and 86 driving wins. The complete list of winners follows. 2013 O’BRIEN AWARD WINNERS PACERS Two-Year-Old Filly Pacer - Precocious Beauty owned by James L Avritt Sr., Lebanon, KY Two-Year-Old Colt Pacer - Arthur Blue Chip owned by Dr. Ian Moore, Guelph, ON – R G McGroup Ltd., Bathurst, NB – Serge Savard, Saint-Bruno, QC Three-Year-Old Filly Pacer - I Luv The Nitelife owned by Richard P. Young, Boca Raton- Joanne Young, Coconut Creek, FL Three-Year-Old Colt Pacer - Vegas Vacation owned by West Wins Stable, Cambridge- Adriano Sorella, Milton – Anthony B Beaton, Waterdown – Phyllis M Saunders, Hamilton, ON Older Pacing Mare - Anndrovette owned by Bamond Racing LLC, Brick – Joseph Davino, Clarksburg, NJ Older Pacing Horse - Foiled Again owned by Burke Racing Stable LLC, Fredericktown – Weaver Bruscemi LLC, Canonsburg, PA – JJK Stables LLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL TROTTERS Two-Year-Old Filly Trotter - Riveting Rosie owned by Parkhill Stud Farm, Peterborough – Don Allensen, Wyoming – J And T Stable Newmarket – John F Hayes, Sharon, ON Two-Year-Old Colt Trotter - Father Patrick owned by Father Patrick Stable, East Windsor, NJ Three-Year-Old Filly Trotter - Bee A Magician owned by Melvin Hartman, Ottawa, ON – Herb Liverman, Miami Beach – David H McDuffee, Delray Beach, FL Three-Year-Old Colt Trotter - Flanagan Memory owned by Liette Flanagan, Repentigny-Rene Dion, Saint-Lazare, QC Older Trotting Mare - Maven owned by William J. Donovan, Ft Lauderdale, FL Older Trotting Horse - Mister Herbie owned by Jeffrey R Gillis, Hillsburgh – Mac T Nichol, Burlington, ON- Gerald T Stay, Buffalo, NY PEOPLE AWARDS O’Brien Award of Horsemanship Kelly Hoerdt, Beaumont, AB Armstrong Breeder of The Year Seelster Farms, Lucan, ON Driver of The Year Sylvain Filion, Milton, ON Trainer of The Year Richard Moreau, Puslinch, ON Future Star Award Travis Cullen, Edmonton, AB STANDARDBRED CANADA MEDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS The Media Excellence Awards program, established by Standardbred Canada in 2008, is aimed at honouring exceptional work that covers Canadian harness racing in a manner that is extraordinary and of broad national appeal. Outstanding Written Work Paul Delean ’Reaching Improbable Heights’ 'Reaching Improbable Heights', written by Paul Delean, was published in the December, 2012 issue of Trot Magazine. It tells the story of trotter Intimidate’s incredible journey from obscurity to harness racing’s biggest stage and the ride of a lifetime that two smalltime owners from Quebec are still pinching themselves over. Outstanding Broadcast Woodbine Entertainment Group North America Cup HD Broadcast Woodbine Entertainment Group’s North America Cup broadcast aired across Canada on The Score television network on Saturday, June 26, 2013. The one-hour special of the $1-million North America Cup was the first live high definition broadcast of a standardbred race in Canada. The show featured live race coverage of the main event, a feature on Marvin Katz (co-owner of eventual winner Captaintreacherous) and a profile of a very special racing fan – Sydney Weaver. The broadcast was a production of WEG’s broadcast department, produced by Rob Platts and directed by Kris Platts. Outstanding Photography Clive Cohen Clive Cohen captured the sunset behind trainer Rene Dion warming up Ocean Mist Beauty on September 19, 2013 at Mohawk Racetrack. The image was published on WEG’s Facebook page later that night. Reprinted with permission by

Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Up Front JM-Self Possessed) with Robin Bakker aboard, easily took the Gr. I Italian Derby in 1.12.7kr for owner Allevento G. Biasuzzi Srl. The 2100 meter autostart event carried a purse of 770,000 euro. Jerry Riordan's trainee Rod Stewart earned second for Enrico Bellei and the other Riordan entrant, the filly Rossella Ross, was fourth behind third place finisher Royal Blessed. Robert Bi went off as the overwhelming favorite and did not disappoint punters and fans with his three length score. Napoli, 86thGran Premio Derby Italia del Trotto, Gr. I Finale, 2100 meters autostart, 770,000 euro purse  1.12.7kr 1st Robert Bi (3m Toss Out-Up Front JM-Self Possessed), Robin Bakker up, owner Allevemento G. Biasuzzi Srl 2nd Rod Stewart (3m Love You-Valley Lane-Lindy Lane), Enrico Bellei up for trainer Jerry Riordan 3rd Royal Blessed (3m Varenne-Ivory Kronos-Viking Kronos), Lorenzo Baldi up 4th. Rossella Ross (3f Self Possessed-Northern Jewel-Garland Lobell), Roberto Andreghetti up for trainer Riordan 5th Remo Gas (3m Varenne-Isotta Gas-Toss Out), Roberto Vecchione driving The companion Gran Premio Oaks del Trotto for a purse of 220,000 euro over 1600 meters autostart went to the Riordan trained, Guida Italia Srl developed Red Rose America (3f Varenne-Armbro Voice-Garland Lobell) in 1.12.9kr. Enrico Bellei did the teaming and led virtually all the way to win by two lengths. Rodeo Drive was second for "Pippo" Gubellini ahead of Roxanne Bar and reinsman Robert Andreghetti. Napoli, Gran Premio Oaks del Trotto, Gr. I, 220,000 euro, 1600 meters autostart  1.12.9kr 1st Red Rose America (3f Varenne-Armbro Voice-Garland Lobell), Enrico Bellei up, trainer Jerry Riordan, owner Guida Italia Srl 2nd Rodeo Drive OK (3f Conway Hall-Georgia Pines-Pine Chip), Pietro Gubellini 3rd Roxanne Bar (3f Exploit Caf-Guendalina Bar-Bon Vivant), Robert Andreghetti Replay below: Earlier in the card the Derby Consolation, worth 45,100 euro, went to Radieux (3m Love You-Dordogne-Viking Kronos) in 1.13.4kr for Andrea Guzzinati. He prevailed in a close encounter over Reby di Celo and Rombo di Cannone. Napoli, 86 Derby del Trotto Consolation, 45,100 euro, 2100 meters autostart  1.13.4kr 1st Radieux (3m Love You-Dordogne-Viking Kronos), Andrea Guzzinati 2nd Reby di Celo (3m Self Possessed-Mely di Ceco-Lindy Lane), Pietro Gubellini 3rd Rombo di Cannone (3m Varenne-Cannoniera-Diamond Way), V.P. Dell'Annunziata by Thomas H. Hicks for       

The Director of the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) today announced the decision on a number of additional applications seeking variances to the assigned dates for 2014. In addition to previous applications from Woodbine Entertainment Group for Woodbine Standardbred, Western Fair Association and Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) for Flamboro, dealt with by the Director in previous notices, applications to vary race dates were received from Rideau Carleton Raceway Holdings Ltd. and GCGC for Georgian Downs. The Director confirms and approves the schedule of race dates for the 1st quarter of 2014 as follows:   Number of Race Dates approved for 1st Quarter   Woodbine Racetrack 37 Premier Cards Western Fair 38 Signature Cards  Flamboro Downs 52 Signature Cards Georgian Downs 0 Signature Cards (Approved to cancel 4 race date in early January) Rideau Carleton 14 Signature Cards (Approved for Sundays, January 12 through March 30, adding Thursdays starting March 20)   Kawartha Downs Limited has advised the ORC that it will not be applying for a 2014 Licence to Operate a Racetrack. Therefore all race dates approved for Kawartha Downs have been cancelled. Additionally, as a result, the 2014 Home Market Areas for Telephone Account Betting formerly approved for Kawartha have been conditionally approved for Woodbine Racetrack, with all net revenues to be held in trust.   Winrac Development Inc. did not submit a complete application for licence and therefore, all race dates approved for Dresden Raceway have been cancelled. Additionally, as a result, the 2014 Home Market Areas for Telephone Account Betting formerly approved for Dresden Raceway have been conditionally approved for Woodbine Racetrack, with all net revenues to be held in trust. Any teletheatres licences currently approved under Dresden Raceway’s 2013 Licence to Operate a Racetrack have not been issued for 2014.   In accordance with Policy Directive 3-2007, all other race date calendars are approved based on previous approvals, but are subject to change where a racetrack operator or other interested party makes an application to vary the approved dates, which will be considered based on the strengths of the business plans submitted and the industry funding available.   The Director is moving forward to implement the components of the 5 year Horse Racing Partnership (HRP) Plan, as recommended by the Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel in its final report of October 2013. As part of that implementation, the Director is currently considering options related to a single operator of teletheatres and telephone account betting in the province, as recommended in the HRP. Decisions regarding implementation will be communicated in the coming weeks to ensure that such changes will come into effect April 1, 2014.  

Harrisburg, PA --- Monarch Blue Chip (hip #1003) topped Thursday’s edition of the Standardbred Horse Sale at Harrisburg, selling for $90,000 to trainer Sam Schillaci for owner Ken Bencic. The colt, a son of Crazed out of the Revenue S mare Reven Crown, bears a bold white blaze. “He is a well-made colt, the three-quarter brother (Rolls Blue Chip) who we raced against this year and he was a good horse,” said Bencic. “Credit Winners cost too much money, although I have two down in Kentucky. We train outside Cleveland at Sahbra Farms, so he’s headed there.” Schillaci says this colt has been in his sights all along. “We targeted him from the beginning,” said Schillaci. “We were hoping he didn’t sell that high. He was right about to the limit of where we were going to go. We’re very pleased to have him and we hope he turns out to be the horse we think he is. Nowadays, people are paying a few extra dollars for a horse that just looks the part and he definitely looks the part.” Ed Lohmeyer and his wife, equine surgeon Dr. Patty Hogan, bred one of the higher priced horses on Thursday, hip #921, the RC Royalty colt Lunch With Jack. He sold for $55,000 to New York-based trainer Gates Brunet. “I’m looking for New York breds and I’m looking for trotters and I’m very short on trotters,” said Brunet.  “I’m focused on trotting colts and he’s a very nice looking individual and I like the fact that there’s a very recent update on the horse. The brother, Crosbys Clam Bake, just won the Grassroots Final in 1:53 in Toronto. “The RC Royaltys, they do good, but there weren’t that many selling that I could see. There weren’t any in Lexington; there were a few at Morrisville. One of his horses won the Hambo (Royalty For Life) and he throws nice looking individuals. In New York, Credit Winners, I can’t touch them. But for that kind of money, $50,000, you get a nice looking individual. I love Conway Halls, but they’re hard to touch, too. “I’d like to win the Hambo, but I buy horses bred for the sire stakes. I bought this one for Ted Gewertz and Clare Chappell; there may be other partners coming in. The colt’s name comes from Dr. Hogan’s family. “Jack is Patty’s father’s nickname; he came over every Wednesday and had lunch with Patty,” said co-breeder Lohmeyer “He passed away about two months ago. John J. Hogan and they called him Jack.  “Per Henriksen raced a half-brother to him for me in Canada this year, Crosbys Clam Bake, named after the first Pebble Beach (golf tournament). He raced real well. He made $90,000 and I sold him for $125,000.” Paul Kelley signed for hip #988, a $60,000 pacing filly by Art Major, named Mowet Blue Chip out of the Matt’s Scooter mare Armbro Savannah. “I saw him at the farm, but if you turn the clock back about 15 years, I actually had her mother, Armbro Savannah,” said Kelley. “I bought her as a yearling and I really liked her a lot. I ultimately ended up selling her to Perretti Farms as a broodmare. She went on to produce what she did (six stakes-winners; five $100,000 winners including millionaire Georgia Pacific) and she’s been a good producing dam. This particular filly I thought was one of her better looking foals. She stood very correct, a lot of the prior foals were a little bit toed-in and they were still able to overcome that kind of conformation fault and be good horses. “This is the first one I’ve had out of the mare. She’s a little but older now, but she (the yearling) is very correct, so I’m happy with her. There will be partners on her, New York people, players to be named later. There are some people very interested in getting in on her, so it shouldn’t be hard to split her up.” Through the first four days of the sale, 1,047 horses sold for a total of $35.9 million and an average of $34,345 against 2012 figures of 1,162 horses sold at an average of $28,889.  This is an improvement of 13.7% over 2012.  “It’s the same trend that’s been going on all week,” said Dr. Paul Spears, president of the Standardbred Sales Company.  “Unofficial numbers show that we’re just short of $36 million gross, 1,047 horses sold for $39,950,500 with average prices $34,345.  We’re up considerably over last year.  New York had the highest average of $39,667 and New Jersey actually did quite well at $38,830.  Pennsylvania is at $35,200 and Ontario’s at $23,354.  “So overall, quite good and I don’t think there were any big surprises, to me.  A few of the highest priced horses today were placed there on purpose by their consignors.  Sometimes being a big fish in a little pond is a good thing.  I thought it was very solid all the way through and again, we have to remember, there are there are more than 500 fewer commercial yearlings being sold in the Mid-Atlantic area at public sales over the last couple years.  When supply goes down that far, the demand is there and so the prices have to go up.”    1,162 horses sold at an average of $28,889. by Ellen Harvey for HRC

On October 25, 2013 the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) issued a Notice of Order to Great Canadian Gaming Corporation (GCGC) to redirect a total of $566,400 in purse monies from Georgian Downs Ltd. (Georgian) for race dates at The Raceway at Western Fair District (Western) and Grand River Raceway (Grand River). It was determined and communicated in the September 3, 2013 Notice to the Industry that the cancellation of eight Georgian race dates necessitated additional race dates at Western and Grand River. The additional nine race dates that were approved required more purse funds then either Western or Grand River were forecasted to have available in their purse accounts. In the September 3, 2013 Notice to the Industry, the Director gave notice that the Administration of the ORC would work with Western and Grand River management to ensure that adequate purse funds were available for these additional nine Signature race dates. The actual purses paid on the five additional race dates at Western was $328,600, while the actual purses paid on the additional four race dates at Grand River was $237,800. For more information, please see the Background document attached. Please be advised that any aggrieved party has the right to appeal the Director’s decision to the Commission. Submitted by the Ontario Racing Commission

Premier Kathleen Wynne says her government will spend up to 400 million dollars over the next five years to help the struggling industry.  A panel appointed by the Liberals after they cancelled the slots at racetracks program made the recommendation in a report released on Friday. The funding would cover purses and the costs of live racing.  The panel also calls for a Standardbred racing alliance to operate a "world class racing circuit'' with eight tracks -- Hanover, Clinton, Grand River, Western Fair, Flamboro, Georgian, Mohawk and Woodbine. However, it says it doesn't support a full race calendar at Fort Erie's track but endorses the current 30-day calendar at Ajax Downs. Reaction to report is mostly positive from the Harness Racing industry. General Manager at Hanover Raceway Gord Dougan is glad his track is part of that eight-track alliance. He also points out the funding would be 80 million dollars a year, starting next April, compared to the 60 million that race tracks received this past year.  One negative is the amount of race days.  Dougan says it appears they will have only 15 dates for racing compared with 20 last year, and 32 days in 2012. Hanover Mayor Kathi Maskell is also reacting positively to the report, stating “the recommendations of the Transition Panel and inclusion of Hanover Raceway in the racing alliance is fantastic news for the industry, the regional economy and livelihood of hundreds of people in this area alone, and certainly for the Town of Hanover”. The Progressive Conservatives say the damage has already been done in rural Ontario, where farms have gone bankrupt and people have lost their jobs.  To view details of the plan click link below. Ontario Horse Racing Plan (reprinted with permission from

ELORA, ON — Robert Shepherd made his 2000th trip to the winners circle on September 23 at Grand River Raceway. The Cambridge, ON resident entered the card with 10 drives and three wins shy of the milestone. J M Regal set the course for Shepherd in race three with a one-length score from post seven for Link Stable and trainer Nick Gallucci. Autodynamic put the 33-year-old reinsman one step closer as he guided the trotter, in race five, to his second season win for trainer William Walter who co-owns with Linda Rumney. It was Johnny Prine Tyme in race nine who granted Shepherd the relief he sought. “It was nice to get it done in this race,” Shepherd said in a post-race interview. “Takes the pressure off for when I race my own horse tonight in the eleventh.” The two-length victory was the pacer’s second consecutive score with Shepherd, in a new career best of 1:57. David Brown owns and trains the homebred sophomore. Shepherd’s first career win came in 1999 at the age of 19 at Charlottetown Driving Park in his native PEI with Whattheblazes, a chestnut pacer trained by his father Harold. Ten years later in 2009, he hit his 1000th win with Secret Lives at Georgian Down. “I’d say my most memorable win was with The Bruster in the 2004 Nat Christie,” he recalled. Then 24, the $120,000 race at Stampede Park was Shepherd’s first major stake win, and came just two years after relocating to the west. He relocated to Ontario a few years later and quickly established himself as one of the province’s top reinsmen. Shepherd is a winner of $15 million in career purse earnings. Kelly Spencer

CAMPBELLVILLE, ON — Last season Gregg McNair clinched his first Johnston Cup title with three Grassroots Championship victories. This year the Guelph resident could watch Saturday’s festivities from the Mohawk Racetrack grandstand and still take home the Ontario Sires Stakes program’s leading trainer award. After jumping out to an early lead in June McNair has been unstoppable and currently sits 129 points ahead of his nearest rival, Puslinch resident Richard Moreau. The horseman has raced 24 different pacers and nine trotters this season, making winner’s circle appearances in every division except the two-year-old trotting colt. The trainer will only harness entries in two Grassroots Championships this season, but his starters make up almost one-third of the two-year-old pacing filly field and are headlined by division point leader Momara. “She’s had a surprisingly good year,” says McNair of the Lis Mara filly, who will start from Post 7. “She always had a lot of potential, but she wasn’t just the greatest gaited thing all winter, so she’s been a nice surprise.” McNair shares ownership of Momara with Leonard Gamble of Etobicoke and Don MacDonald and David Kryway of Amherstburg. The partners also bred the winner of $65,634, who has not been bested in Grassroots action since the July 2 season opener at Georgian Downs. McNair’s son Doug will steer Momara in Saturday’s $50,000 test, which is slated for Race 8. Momara’s stablemate Can Art finished third in the point standings and will attempt to capture the division title from Post 4. A daughter of Artistic Fella and former McNair trainee Canadette, who won $449,634 in her racing career, Can Art has always ranked near the top of the trainer’s freshman pacing filly group, which also includes the American-bred star Precocious Beauty ($376,062). “She trained down real big last winter,” says the horseman. “She’s a little like her grand dam, Legacy of Fame ($861,061). You get floating along with her and you really don’t realize how fast you’re going.” Chatham resident Rob Chapple bred and owns Can Art, who comes into the Championship off a three and one-quarter length win in the Sept. 11 Grassroots event at Grand River Raceway. The final member of McNair’s potent two-year-old pacing filly trio is Regally Ready, who also reeled off a win in the last regular season event, posting a 1:56.4 personal best over the Grand River oval. The Royal Mattjesty daughter, owned by Hutt Racing Stable of Paoli, PA, finished sixth in the point standings and will start from Post 2 on Saturday. “She’s got a lot better that mare. She’s stronger now than she was at the start of the year,” says McNair. “She’s got gate speed and she’ll race from out of it too.” The trainer’s fourth starter is three-year-old pacing colt Southwind Amazon, who gets Post 4 in the tenth race. The Camluck colt found the winner’s circle for the first time this season in the Sept. 8 Grassroots event at Clinton Raceway where he stopped the teletimer at 1:56.4. “I don’t think he got beat in the Grassroots as a two-year-old,” notes McNair. “But we tried to switch him over to the Gold at the end of last year and it ended up he had a cracked P1 bone or something. He had to have surgery on it. “He’s come back, but he’s not as dominant as he was,” the trainer continues. “The rest caught up to him I guess.” After going four-for-four in the Grassroots last season Southwind Amazon posted one win, two seconds and three thirds in six regular season starts, putting him fourth in the sophomore pacing colt point standings. Jarold Hawks of Jeddo, MI owns the winner of $94,184 and Doug McNair will be in the race bike for Saturday’s test. Mohawk Racetrack raises the curtain on its Saturday, Sept. 21 program at 7:25 pm, and turns the spotlight on the province’s best Grassroots competitors in Races 2 through 6 and 8 through 10. Race 7 features the $284,000 Milton Final for aged pacing mares, highlighted by former Ontario Sires Stakes stars Monkey On My Wheel and Voelz Hanover. For complete entries please go to

The Pres is underway as a sire, having left four individual juvenile winners in America during the last month. Now based permanently in New Zealand, the popular stallion served one small book of mares in the States before he was imported here three seasons ago; these horses are now 2-year-olds by American standards, and they've wasted no time putting their sire on the map. The Pres has had only eight starters in the U.S. to date, but already half of them have won and two others have been placed – tipping their sire over the $50,000 mark in earnings. First to greet the judge was the Charles Taylor-trained and drivenSpartan Presence, a colt out of the Lindy Lane mare Vega Blue Chip whowon at Hastings in Michigan on July 14. Next to salute was Hetties Commander, a colt out of Hetties Dream (by Dream Of Glory) who is trained by Michel Rivest and driven by David Boughton; he won at Georgian Downs in Ontario at the end of July. Following in the footsteps of these two sons were two daughters, who incidentally are his fastest thus far – The Pres Child is a filly out of the Mr Lavec mare Crowchild, who Walter Haynes trained and drove to win in 2:00.4 at Hoosier Park in Indiana on August 14; then the very next day, filly Nickange Two won a $50,000 Leg of the Ontario Sires Stakes Series at Rideau Carleton in Ontario for trainer Wayne Lee and driver Trevor Ritchie. The latter is out of the Wesgate Crown mare Goingonby, and trotted to victory in 2:00.8.    

CLINTON, ON — Legends Day at Clinton Raceway always features a group of harness racing’s most revered drivers and trainers, but fans attending this year’s edition on Sunday, Aug. 18 may also catch a glimpse of several former stars from the National Hockey League. Brothers Dave, Dale and Mark Hunter, best known for their careers with the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals and St. Louis Blues, respectively, will be on hand to watch two-year-old trotting colt Strike It Big battle in the Grassroots event featured on the Legends Day program. And while Strike It Big has shown some promise in the early stages of his career, the novice trotter was not solely responsible for the gathering of the Hunter clan. “My grand-daughter is getting married on Saturday, Carol’s daughter,” explains Richard “Dick” Hunter, who, along with son Dale and neighbour Randy Clark, comprise Chasin The Dream Stable of Petrolia and share ownership of Strike It Big with Alvinston resident Rick Podolinsky and Dave Hudson of Dallas, TX. Having the colt racing the day after the wedding was a stroke of luck Hunter was willing to take advantage of, however, and the family has arranged a bus to pick them up at their Oil Springs homestead Sunday morning and deliver them to Clinton for the trotter’s fifth lifetime start. “It just hit perfect, didn’t it,” says Hunter, noting that the bus will hold 40. “We’ll see how we do.” Strike It Big will battle for a share of the $18,000 Grassroots purse from Post 8 in the seventh race on Sunday. The Striking Sahbra son started his season at the Gold Series level, but after failing to hit the board in two attempts trainer Dan Creighton opted to drop the youngster down to the Grassroots level. The strategy paid off as Strike It Big recorded his first win in his Grassroots debut at Georgian Downs on July 30. In the Aug. 8 test at Mohawk Racetrack the trotter finished fifth, closing hard after getting away at the back of the 10-horse field. 'He’s a very nice colt. Like others, he’s had his struggles, but he’s learning,” says Strathroy resident Creighton. “We have hopes for him to be a nice horse. He’s definitely shown some ability.” A $21,000 purchase out of the Forest City Yearling Sale last fall, Strike It Big initially caught Dick Hunter’s eye because of his conformation, but it was the colt’s number in the sale that sealed the deal. “I was going by his stall and the owner was there, and another guy who was helping him. I got talking to the owner and he said, ‘This is quite a colt’,” recalls Hunter. “’He said, ‘This is quite a colt,’ and I looked up and I said, ‘That’s number 99, well I hope he’s as good as Wayne Gretzky was.” Should Strike It Big find success at Clinton on Sunday, it would cap off an exceptional week for the Hunter family. In addition to the much anticipated wedding, last weekend Dale and Mark Hunter returned to London from the Czech Republic sporting gold medals from the Ivan Hlinka under-18 tournament where Dale served as the national team’s head coach and Mark as the general manager, the same roles they perform with the OHL’s London Knights. “How he gets around Clinton, we don’t know, but hopefully he makes a good account of himself,” says trainer Creighton of Strike It Big’s prospects. “Hopefully there will be a big crowd of Hunters up there. I know that Dick, he enjoys the horses because it does get the family together.” No matter how the young trotter performs, or how many family members are on hand to cheer him home, Hunter is confident the busload from Oil Springs will enjoy Clinton Raceway’s biennial Legends Day celebration. “Ian (Fleming) does a heck of a job up there,” says the longtime owner. In addition to the five Grassroots divisions for the two-year-old trotting colts (Races 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8), Clinton Raceway General Manager Ian Fleming and his staff have a full slate of Legends Day activities planned for fans, including an opportunity to meet 12 of harness racing’s legendary reinsmen. The event gets under way at 1:30 pm and full details are available at For complete entries please go to by Sandra Snyder  

INNISFIL, ON — When Deweykeepumnwhy failed to qualify for the Mid-Summer Challenge, trainer Ronald Parsons dropped the two-year-old trotting colt down to the Grassroots level for two starts. The move proved to be a wise one as Deweykeepumnwhy picked up two straight victories, touring Georgian Downs in 1:57.4 on July 30 and Mohawk Racetrack in 1:57.2 on Aug. 8, and the trotter jumps back up to the Gold Series level when the division makes a second stop at Georgian Downs on Saturday, Aug. 17. Deweykeepumnwhy will start from Post 4 in the fourth $42,000 Gold Series division, taking on three colts currently ranked in the top 10. Second ranked Utopia gets Post 6, Special Agent Man, currently seventh, will benefit from Post 1, and eighth-ranked Aggressive will start from Post 7. Cambridge resident Parsons conditions Deweykeepumnwhy for owner Norah Parks of New Lowell. Through five lifetime starts the Deweycheatumnhowe son has tallied two wins, one third and $15,628. Mid-Summer Challenge champion Muscle Matters will be looking for his second straight victory from Post 6 in the third division for trainer Benoit Baillargeon of Rockwood and his partners Nunzio Vena of Bolton, Santo Vena of Brampton and Richard Thompson of London. Through three starts the Muscle Mass gelding boasts a record of two wins and $98,800. Dontcheatonmenow captured the Mid-Summer Consolation at Mohawk on Aug. 5 and will be looking for his second victory from Post 6 in the second Gold Series division. The Deweycheatumnhowe colt is trained by Tom Durand of Puslinch for his partner Allan Smith of Oakville. The two-year-old trotting colts will compete in Races 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 on Georgian Downs’ Saturday evening program, which gets under way at 7:25 pm. For complete entries.   For up to date point standings, race replays, and more.            Sandra Snyder  

INNISFIL, ON — Chelseas Chance earned her second Grassroots victory at Georgian Downs on Tuesday evening and jumped back to the top of the two-year-old trotting filly division standings. The Kadabra daughter and driver Steve Condren of Milton eased away from Post 1 in the fifth $15,000 Grassroots division and tucked in fourth on the rail as Erin Hall led the field through fractions of :28.2, :59.1 and 1:28.4. Turning for home Condren asked the fan favourite for an extra gear and Chelseas Chance responded with a smart finishing kick that propelled her to a three and three-quarter length victory in 1:58.4. Supreme Monarch closed well to be second, leaving Erin Hall to settle for third. Windsor resident Bob McIntosh conditions Chelseas Chance for his partner, and fellow breeder, C S X Stables of Liberty Center, OH. Through four Grassroots appearances the filly has three wins and one second for a point tally of 175. Condren and McIntosh also teamed up to earn Lenny Mac her second Grassroots win. Another homebred daughter of Kadabra, owned by McIntosh and Earl Hill Jr. of Ohsweken, Lenny Mac cruised along on the front end to a five and one-half length victory in a personal best 2:00.3. The victory, over Mount Juliette and Majestic Jewel, boosted Lenny Mac into third spot in the division standings, behind her stablemate and Muscle Girl, whose Grassroots win streak was halted at three when she made a miscue in the fifth race and finished seventh. Taking advantage of Muscle Girl’s error was Serendipitous, who looked very impressive in her first lifetime start, circling around the leaders and trotting down the stretch to a four and one-half length victory in 1:58.4 for driver Jody Jamieson of Moffat. Jamieson engineered the win for his father, trainer Carl Jamieson of Rockwood, and Thomas Kyron of Etobicoke. Pocket sitter Jayport Princess and Oceana rounded out the top three. The other Grassroots divisions were captured by Danica (2:00); My Kind Of Pretty (2:00.2); and Jamandra (2:00.2). The two-year-old trotting fillies make their fifth Grassroots start at Grand River Raceway on August 14, and Ontario Sires Stakes action will be back at Georgian Downs next Tuesday, Aug. 13 with the fourth Grassroots event for the three-year-old trotting colts. For complete results please Click here.  

CAMPBELLVILLE, ON — Muscle Matters picked the perfect time to figure out how to be a racehorse, battling to a half-length victory in the $150,000 Ontario Sires Stakes Mid-Summer Challenge at Mohawk Racetrack on Monday evening. Heading into the contest trainer Benoit Baillargeon was not sure if the long-legged son of Muscle Mass had truly grasped the ins and outs of the racing game, but the two-year-old trotting colt delivered a gritty effort on Monday to earn his second lifetime win. Starting from Post 4 with Milton resident Mario Baillargeon in the race bike Muscle Matters landed fourth in the early going and then swung to the outside heading for the halfway marker. Parked on the outside all the way around the final turn, Muscle Matters dug in through the stretch to hang on for the 1:57.3 victory over hard closing favourite See The Wind and Jitterbug. “He doesn’t mind being on the outside,” said driver Mario Baillargeon from the winner’s circle. “He’s just a really nice colt.” Rockwood resident Benoit Baillargeon shares ownership of Muscle Matters with Nunzio Vena of Bolton, Santo Vena of Brampton and Richard Thompson of London. Through three starts the colt, a $17,000 purchase from the 2012 Canadian Yearling Sale, has posted two wins and one fourth for earnings of $98,800. Driver Paul MacDonell of Guelph piloted the winners of both the two-year-old trotting filly Challenge and Consolation, with Challenge winner Riveting Rosie clocking the fastest mile of the four Ontario Sires Stakes events. Starting from Post 5 Riveting Rosie sat third on the rail through the opening stages of the race behind Marcella Hall and Danica Hall. When division point leader Marcella Hall seemed to run out of gas heading into the backstretch, first Danica Hall then Riveting Rosie circled around her, but MacDonell did not send his charge after the lead until the fillies swung off the final turn. As she gained a clear view of the finishing wire Riveting Rosie shifted into another gear and powered away from the field to a two and three-quarter length win in 1:57.2. Miss Aultsville came on to be second and Danica Hall trotted into third. “She acts like a filly that just gets better with every start,” said MacDonell. “She’s developing smarts, which is good, and she just seems to trot smoother at a higher speed.” MacDonell engineered the win for trainer John Bax of Peterborough and his partners Don Allensen of Wyoming, J and T Stable of Newmarket and John Hayes of Sharon. Through three starts the Muscle Mass daughter — also a $17,000 purchase, but from the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale — has two wins and one second for earnings of $106,500. In the trotting filly Consolation, MacDonell guided Margie to her first lifetime victory for trainer Michael Keeling of Cambridge and owners Paul Fontaine of Woonsocket, RI, Jim Winske of Marlborough, MA, Michael Winters of Saratoga Springs, NY and George Ducharme of Norfolk, MA. The fan favourites led for much of the race before cruising under the wire one and one-quarter lengths ahead of Mayberry and Toughs Legacy in 1:57.4. Angus Hall daughter Margie now boasts one win, one second and one third in her first three starts. Like the Challenge winners the filly was a $17,000 investment at last fall’s Harrisburg Yearling Sale. The other consolation trophy went home with trainer Tom Durand of Puslinch and his partner Allan Smith of Oakville after Dontcheatonmenow rocketed from seventh to first through the final quarter to capture the $50,000 trotting colt event. A $30,000 purchase from the Harrisburg sale, Dontcheatonmenow reeled in Valorscross and SAS Warkentin to post the 1:57.4 win. Milton resident Randy Waples piloted the Deweycheatumnhowe colt to his first lifetime victory. The two-year-old trotting fillies make their fourth Gold Series start at Rideau Carleton Raceway on Aug. 15, while the two-year-old trotting colts head to Georgian Downs on Aug. 17. Next up at Mohawk Racetrack are the two-year-old trotting colt Grassroots competitors, battling in their fourth event on Thursday, Aug. 8. For complete results please click here.  

CAMPBELLVILLE, ON — Ontario’s two-year-old trotting colts return to Mohawk Racetrack on Thursday, Aug. 8 for the fourth Grassroots stop on their 2013 schedule. In his first two appearances at the Campbellville oval — in the July 4 Gold Series season opener and the July 15 Grassroots leg — Yoooukilis made early breaks that knocked him out of contention. The addition of trotting hopples to his equipment bag saw the gelding log a steady qualifier at Mohawk on July 24 and then power to a 2:02 victory at Georgian Downs in the July 30 Grassroots leg, bumping him to tenth spot in the division point race. The son of Ken Warkentin is the third foal from Jeff Boyd’s broodmare Tymal Francesca, a multiple Grassroots winner during her $107,928 career. The Cambridge resident and his brother and co-owner, trainer Rod Boyd of Cambridge, have gifted each of the mare’s foals with names saluting their beloved Boston Red Sox. Yoooukilis, named for Gold Glove-winning first baseman Kevin Youkilis, has already outshone elder half-brothers Papelbon and Pedroia. Trotting specialist Trevor Ritchie engineered the July 30 victory and the Acton resident will be back in the race bike behind Yoooukilis on Thursday evening, steering the gelding from Post 2 in the fourth $12,857 division. Among the competition are three other colts that have captured a single Grassroots leg. Striking Patrick, currently ranked fifth in the division point standings will start from Post 1, while Deweykeepumnwhy and Hetties Commander, who are currently tied with Yoooukilis for tenth, will start from Posts 6 and 7, respectively. Division point leader Pasadena Star will be looking for his third straight Grassroots victory from Post 6 in the ninth race for trainer Bob McIntosh of Windsor and his partner C S X Stables of Liberty Center, OH and driver Randy Waples of Milton. The two-year-old trotting colts kick off the Thursday evening program at Mohawk Racetrack at 7:25 pm and will also compete in Races 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. For complete entries please click here.  

INNISFIL, ON — Ontario’s two-year-old trotting fillies return to Georgian Downs on Tuesday, Aug. 6 and division leader Muscle Girl will be looking to add a second victory over the Innisfil oval to her unblemished resume. After scoring a victory in the July 6 season opener at Kawartha Downs, Muscle Girl made her first stop at Georgian Downs in the July 13 event and trotted to a personal best 1:58.4. The daughter of Muscle Mass and My Witch then added an effortless third victory to her tally at Mohawk Racetrack on July 29. Ray Paquette of Port Hope bred, owns and trains Muscle Girl, who has amassed $27,000 in her three race career, and will entrust her to the care of driver Mario Baillargeon in Tuesday’s fifth race. The Milton resident has piloted the filly in all but one of her starts this season, including a pair of June qualifiers at Mohawk Racetrack. Three of the division’s top fillies squared off in one race the last time the young trotters stopped at Georgian Downs and Tuesday’s event is no different. In the fifth $15,000 Grassroots division number two ranked filly Chelseas Chance will be looking for her second straight win over the Innisfil oval from Post 1, as will Erin Hall from Post 2. Fifth ranked Charstruck starts from Post 3, looking to score her first win after a trio of runner-up finishes, and Diamonds For Life, currently tied with Chelseas Chance for second in the point race, is aiming for her third straight win from Post 5. Finally, Bit A Magic, recently arrived in the Grassroots program from the Gold Series, will be hoping to replicate the mile that saw her record a victory at Mohawk Racetrack on July 29. The two-year-old trotting fillies will battle in Races 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 on Georgian Downs’ Tuesday, Aug. 6 program, which gets under way at 7:25 pm. For complete entries please click here

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