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November 30, 2015 - Franck Ouvrie teamed his trainee Una Fix (7f Kiwi-J’Y Pense) to victory today in the Quinte+ (jackpot €3.55 million) Prix des Alpes (purse €48,000, 2100 meters autostart, 18 starters) at Paris-Vincennes. Timed in a sharp 1.12.7kr (mile rate 1:56.97) the 5.1/1 odds winner defeated 15/1 Ula de Baudrairie (7f Niky-Olga de Baudrairie) for Michel Lenoir, with third to 23.2/1 Uni de Travouille (7g If Only-Linka du Saptel). The exact order ticket for €2 paid €52,185 excluding jackpot. Cl. N° Chevaux Drivers Propriétaires Entraîneurs 1er 9 Una Fix F. Ouvrie Mme O. Cordier F. Ouvrie 2ème 12 Ula de Baudrairie M. Lenoir Mme J. Strang Mme J. Strang 3ème 11 Uni de Travouille J. Dubreil J. Dubreil J. Dubreil 4ème 6 Un Diable Blanc J.-F. Senet S.-S. Dumont J.-F. Senet 5ème 15 Unanime Quick D. Locqueneux Ecurie Quick Star Cees.J. de Leeuw  Rapports (pour 2€)   Tirelire 3.550.000 € - Numéro plus : 0857     Ordre :       52.185,60€     Désordre :       748,40€     Bonus 4 :       73,00€     Bonus 4sur5 :       23,70€     Bonus 3 :       15,80€                     The Prix de Berry (monte, purse €65,000, 2700 meters, 10 starters) at Vincennes went to the 1.16kr timed shoeless winner Bellisima France (4f Blue Dream-Quanta Rosa Sun) for trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. Off at 1.7/1 the winner easily defeated 2.3/1 Bixenta du Gers (4f Quinoa du Gers-Seventy Seven) for Alexandre Abrivard and trainer/owner J-M Bazire, also barefoot this day. Third went to 4.5/1 Bofa Fligny (4f Magnificent Rodney-Orsa Major de Jay). The Prix de Mirambeau (purse €54,000, 2700 meters, 14 starters) went to the 1.14.4kr winner, 16.7/1 odds Belle des Molles (4f Goetmals Wood-Nouvelle Rush) handled by Alexandre Abrivard for trainer L.Cl. Abrivard. 11.6/1 Beautiful River (4f Quaker Jet-Olga de la Grenne) was second for Eric Raffin and trainer Sebastien Guarato, with third to 1.6/1 favorite Believe Seven (4f Jasmin de Flore-Lea Vinoir) for trainer/driver J-M Bazire. The €50,000 purse Prix de Sault (2100 meters autostart, 13 starters) also at Paris went to the 1.14.1kr timed, 15/1 odds Aviva Aimef (5f Love You-Harmonie du Fosse) for trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. 13.2/1 Anza du Carbonel (5f Lontzac-Lea Girl) was next for trainer/driver Franck Blandin with 11.6/1 A Cappella (5f Prodigious-Kiralla) home third for David Thomain. At La Croise Laroche, the Grand Prix de Morcq-en-Baroeul (purse €25,000, 1900 meters autostart, 15 entrants) went to 4.8/1 Vicky du Bolage (6f Joker de Rozoy-Pretty de Dramard) for Gabriel Gelormini ahead of 6.7/1 Ulgape du Voulgis (7f Infant du Bossis-Baelie du Voulgis) with third to 40/1 outsider Tchao Chamant (8g Look de Star-Jasmin de Chamant). The top three all raced shoeless. Thomas H. Hicks

November 19, 2015 - Yoann Lebourgeois rode Tess de Villeneuve (8f Goetmals Wood-Joie de Villeneuve) to victory in today’s Gr. III monte Prix de L’Ile d’Oleron at Vincennes (purse €110,000, 2850 meters, 17 monte starters). Off at 2/1 the winner scored in 1.14.4kr to defeat 7/1 Volcan d’Occagnes (6g Qurdo du Gautier-Flornina Beauces) teamed by Mathieu Abrivard with 22/1 Un Gars du Large (7g Memphis du Rib-Gorganes du Large) home third for jockey J.L.Cl. Dersoir and trainer Joel Hallais. The next pair to the line were 11/1 Nonant Le Pin (8f Goetmals Wood-Blazing Janice) and Eric Raffin followed by fifth finishing 12/1 Vrai Voyou (6g Gazouillis-Oranginette) handled by Anthony Barrier. On the undercard was the €85,000 Prix de Thoissey (2175 meters, six monte four year-old starters) and 2.4/1 Blooma d’Heripre (4f Rolling d’Heripre-Quenta Por Favor) recorded am impressive 1.12.5kr victory. 5/1 Boris des Doults (4g Flambeau des Pins-Petite Gitane) held second with third to 5/1 Bijou d’Auvillier (4g Kepler-Olive d’Auvillier). The €60,000 Prix de Dunkerque (2750 meters, 14 starters, Quinte+) resulted in a 1.14.3kr victory for the J-M Bazire reined Baxter du Klau (4g Oiseau de Feux-Imia Josselyn) trained by J-M Baudouin. This 4/5 odds winner defeated 37/1 Black Atout (4m Prodigious-La Laqune) reined by Franck Nivard for trainer Franck Leblanc. 44/1 Brelan du Vivier (4m Joker de Rozoy-Queline du Vivier) was third for David Thomain. Thomas H. Hicks  

August 29, 2015 - Roxane Griff, albeit finishing third, and Ave Avis were headliners in today’s Paris-Vincennes program that included five groupe events and the Quinte+. Captain Crazy, Nene Degli Ulivi, Un Charme Fou, Villeroi and well-bred Calita Wood were also victorious. Race summaries follow. The Gr. II Prix Victor Regis (€120,000, 2700 meters, 9 starters) for three year-olds went to 5/2 odds Captain Crazy (3m Quaro-Quick Scarlet) driven by Tony Le Beller for trainer Fabrice Souloy and Ecurie Le Tremont. The length winner was clocked in 1.16.1kr to defeat 29/1 Cahal des Rioults (3m Password-Plessie des Rioults) with Jos. Verbeeck up for trainer Philippe Allaire. 43/1 Chant des Sirenes (3m Opus Viervil-Nice Quenny) was third for F-P Bossuet. 1.4/1 favorite Cristal Money finished fifth. The Gr. II monte Prix Camille Lepecq (purse €120,000, 2700 meters, nine starters) went to 1.2/1 favorite Nene Degli Ulivi (8g Uconn Roc-Maureen Lobell-Speedy Somolli) for Alexandre Abrivard. Vincent Lacroix trains this one for owner Joe Cachia. Clocked in 1.14kr (fractions 1.17.2kr at 1500; 1.14.8kr at 1000; 1.14.4kr at 500) the winner vanquished 3.9/1 Tess de Villeneuve (8f Goetmals Wood-Joie de Villeneuve) and David Thomain with 7/1 Roxane Griff (10f Tenor de Baune-Julia Mesloise) and Eric Raffin home third. Torre Crepin (8g Capriccio-Lanaka) was fourth for Adrien Lamy at 21/1. Roxane earned €16,800 today and that placed her career earnings at €3,003,818.  The Quinte+ (jackpot €3.2 million) today was the Prix de Neuilly (purse €65,000, 2850 meters, 17 starters) and the winner was Un Charme Fou (7m Love You-Ma Crown) at 3.3/1 odds and reined by Franck Nivard for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Cl. Guedy. The winner recorded career victory 14 in 54 starts. Tina Jolie was a close second but was disqualified causing 4.3/1 Urus (7g Liwi-Trojka de Mai) to be placed second with Gabriel Gelormini aboard. Placed third was Rififi Nonantais (10g Kerido du Donjon-Info Nonantaise) with trainer/driver Romain Derieux up. Time for the winner was 1.13.1kroff rated fractions (1.14.2kr at 1500; 1.13.3kr at 1000; 1.13.9kr at 500 to mark). The Gr. III Prix de Beaugency (purse €105,000, 2850 meters, 12 starters) went to pacesetter Villeroi (6m Oiseau de Feux-Pocahontas) for teamster Eric Raffin for trainer Sebastien Guarato and owner Pierre Pilarski. This 3/5 favorite held off 10/1 Tornado Bello (8m Jag de Bellouet-Enfilade) with returning to action Pierre Levesque up for trainer Mike Lenders. Dam Enfilade produced Prix d’Amerique winner Offshore Dream. Third today went to 37/1 Ugor du Beauvoisin (7m Olitro-Klea du Beauvoisin) with Alexandre Abrivard driving and fourth was 26/1 Very Nice Marceaux (6m Jag de Bellouet-Jolie Fortuna) for Pierre Vercruysse. The winner was timed in 1.13.2kr after reaching the 500 to go marker in 1.13.3kr. Today’s feature event was the Gr. I Criterium des 5 Ans (purse €240,000, 3000 meters, 13 starters) and after three recalls and the scratching of Anna Mix that refused to start, the field finally was underway and during the course were four more disqualifications including favorite Amiral Sacha just as he was surging to the lead. Ultimately, J-M Bazire and his barefoot trainee Ave Avis (5m Kasaco Phedo-Magna Avis) prevailed at 13/1 for owner Ottavia Roffi-Urano. 1.8/1 Akim du Cap Vert (5m First de Retiz-Prima du Cap Vert) rallied to be second for owner/trainer/driver Franck Anne, also racing without shoes. 18/1 Africaine (5f Oiseau de Feux-Italienne) was third for Pierre Vercruysse and owner/trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois despite being impeded by the breaking Amiral Sacha. Athena de Vandel (5f Prince Gede-Maelia de Vandel) was fourth at 128/1 for Cedrik Megissier with fifth to the Tony Le Beller reined, Anders Lindqvist trained 102/1 Anette du Mirel. Time of the race was a sharp 1.12.6kr over the extended distance with solid fractions (1.14kr at 1500; 1.13.5kr at 1000;1.12.8kr at 500 to go mark). The Gr. II Prix Uranie (€120,000 purse, 2700 meters, 15 three year-old female starters) went to the Jean-Pierre Dubois owned and reined Calita Wood (3f Goetmals Wood-Qualita Bourbon) at 4/1 and trained by Yves Boireau. This filly raced all of the contest on the outer and midway rallied three wide to the death-seat where she remained before surging to the front off the final turn. Once on the lead she held the front firmly under minimal urging. Calita Wood was timed in 1.15.1kr with steady, rated fractions. 23/1 Caline Elde (3f Laetenter Diem-OK Floride) was second for Mathieu Mottier ahead of 40/1 Cuise La Motte (3f Repeat Love-Onagra du Vivier) and Tony Le Beller. 4.2/1 Cere Josselyn (3f Kaisy Dream-Kate) was fourth for David Thomain and fifth went to 12.3/1 Couleur Citron (3f Coktail Jet-L’Aunou du Fier) for driver Pierre Levesque and owner J-P Barjon. The winner’s dam Qualita Bourbon earned $1,826,528 with victories at ages three and four in the Criterium des Jeunes, Prix de l’Etoie, Prix Roquepine, Prix de Selection, Grand Prix de l’UET and Criterium Continental. At five she was a game third in the Prix d’Amerique. In a stellar career she won 21 times in 31 starts. Qualita Bourbon has also produced Tast of Bourbon 1:55.1 ($263,105) and Quel Bourbon 1:53.2 ($35,392) and her dam Etta Extra (Florestan-Une Crown-Speedy Crown) produced Mara Bourbon 1:53.4 ($1,967,940) and Sam Bourbon 1:55.1 ($443,397). Thomas H. Hicks  

August 19, 2015 - The featured Gr. II Prix Pierre Gamare for monte performers (purse €120,000, 2700 meters, 7 starters) went to favorite 7/10 odds Che Jenilou (3m Goetmals Wood-Pirogue Jenilou) with Eric Raffin aboard for owner Antonio De Sousa and trainer Sebastien Guarato. The 1.17.6kr winner, by five open lengths, rallied late for the win and then held off 12/1 Caennaise (3f Memphis du Rib-Opaline Blanche) ridden by Camille Levesque for trainer Benoit Barassin, with third to 11.7/1 Cadeau de Noel (3m Corot-Nuit de Noel) with Philippe Masschaele up for owner/trainer Pascal Daulier. The Prix de Beaune (purse €65,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) was today’s secondary feature, the Quinte+ with a €2.4 million jackpot, contested under sunny skies at Paris-Vincennes with the win going to 7.6/1 odds Un Charme Fou (7m Love You-Ma Crown) with Franck Nivard up. Franck Leblanc trains this one for owner Claude Guedy clocked in 1.14.4kr. Ecurie D bred the winner that earned victory 14, now for career earnings in excess of €350,000. 43/1 Umberto de Nacre (7g Korean-Ivana d’Arc) was second for trainer/driver Didier Dauverne with 18/1 odds Totem d’Azur home third for owner/trainer/driver Herve Soinneau. The monte Prix d’Epernay (€55,000 purse, 2700 meters, 12 starters) went to 5/2 odds Tess de Villeneuve (8f Goetmals Wood-Joie de Villeneuve) handled by Yoann Lebourgeois clocked in 1.13.7kr. The trainer of the winner is Mme. Severine Raimond. 12/1 Vermeer Jarzeen (6g Oh James-Perle Jarzeene) landed a distant second for Eric Raffin ahead of 38/1 Temia Cayennaise (8f Kepler-Fauvette de Bodean) with Mme. Emilie Le Beller in the irons. Pioneer Gar (6m Varenne-Follia) scored in the Prix des Noailles (purse €46,000, 2700 meters, 16 European contestants) by three-lengths timed in 1.13.8kr. The 3.1/1 winner was teamed by Eric Raffin for trainer Johanna Lindqvist and is owned by Italy’s Scuderia Super Chico SAS. 2.4/1 favorite from Sweden, Tell Me No Lies (6g Offshore Dream-B.Glorious) was second for trainer/driver J-M Bazire and trainer Fabrice Souloy. Third went to Italy’s 4/1 Paparazzi  (6g Infinitif-Emily di Jesolo) trained by Lutfi Kolgjini and reined by Dominik Locqueneux. The Prix du Perigord for five year-olds (purse €60,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) was won by 20/1 Alexia (5f Prodigious-Ilexia) with Eric Raffin at the lines for trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Alexia scored in 1.14.3kr by three lengths defeating 9/1 pacesetter Bearhawaii (5g Offshore Dream-Honalulu Lulu) for trainer/driver Christophe Martens. 9/1 odds Amie d’Andy (5f Coktail Jet-Nanyotiere) was third for trainer/driver P-Y Verva. Today’s Prix d’Antibes for three year-olds (purse €52,000, 2700 meters, 9 starters) went to favorite 9/10 odds Chicago Blues (3m Prodigious-New Orleans) trained by Thierry Duvaldestin and driver Franck Nivard. This colt scored in 1.15.4kr to defeat 9.5/1 Coup Droit (3m Prodigious-Saint Leonard) driven by Robin Bakker for trainer Paul Hagoort. Third went to 11/1 Capone Face (3m Ready Cash-Kingly Pride) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Antonio De Sousa. Thomas H. Hicks  

August 17, 2015 - Gabriel Gelormini teamed even-money favorite Amiral Sacha (5m Ganymede-Nostalgique Sacha) to victory in today’s Paris-Vincennes Gr. II Prix Jockey (€120,000 purse, 2700 meters, 13 starters) clocked in 1.12kr. Florent Lamare trains this emerging talent. Second choice 2.1/1 Akim du Cap Vert (5m First de Retz-Prima du Cap Vert) was second for owner/trainer/driver Franck Anne with third to 20/1 Africaine (5f Oiseau de Feux-Italienne) with Pierre Vercruysse driving for owner/trainer Jean-Etienne Dubois. Great weather and a nice crowd took advantage of the Monday afternoon Vincennes program. Three other group events were on the Monday card along with the Prix Kozyr (monte, purse €70,000, 2700 meters, 12 starters) that went to the 1.14.7kr winner at 8/1 Boris des Douits (4g Flambeau des Pins-Petite Gitane) with Adrien Lamy up for trainer Bruno Marie. 5/1 Bahia Quesnot (4f Scipion du Goutier-Queen Ines) was second for Matthieu Abrivard ahead of 20/1 Brindille de Mai (4f Repeat Love-Katoune) trained by Franck Anne and ridden by Antoine Lherete. The Gr. II Prix Pierre Plazan (€120,000 purse, 2175 meters, 11 starters) went to the 1.14.2kr winner Cristal Money (3m Coktail Jet-Making Money) at 5.6/1 for teamster Franck Nivard and trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. 24/1 Cocktail Meslois (3m Roc Meslois-Ocarina Mesloise) was second for trainer/driver Pierre Belloche and 52/1 Cahal des Rioults (3m Password-Plesse des Rioiults) was third for Joseph Verbeeck and trainer Philippe Allaire. The Gr. II Pri Guy Deloison (€120,000 purse, 2175 meters, 13 starters) was won by another Duvaldestin trainee, this one Cere Josselyn (3f Kaisy Dream-Kate) at 13.3/1 for David Thomain. Timed in 1.14.3kr this winner defeated the Jean-Pierre Dubois owned entry with second to 3.4/1 Calita Wood (3f Goetmals Wood-Qualita Bourbon) that Dubois drove and Yves Boireau trains. 28/1 Chanson d’Amour (3f Sam Bourbon-Song Of Love) was third for driver Alexandre Abrivard, owner Dubois and trainer Boireau. The monte performers contested the Gr. II Prix Herve Ceran-Maillard (purse €120,000, 2175 meters, 11 starters) with the win going to 16.2/1 Ariane du Goutier (5f Goetmals Wood-Logoden Vro) ridden by Mathieu Mottier for trainer R.Ch. Larue. 75/1 Alto de Viette (5m Ready Cash-Mini Ceinture) was second for Jonathan Vanmerbeck aboard ahead of 3/5 favorite Athena de Vandel (5f Prince Gede-Maelia de Vandel) handled by Matthieu Abrivard. Thomas H. Hicks  

July 12, 2015 - Robin Bakker teamed Holland’s 7/1 odds Attrape Moi (8m Orlando Vici-Make My Day Pay) to victory in today’s Prix Vismie (€35,000 purse, 2900 meters, 16 European starters) covering the course clocked in 1.15.3kr. C-F Kamminga trains the winner for owner M-A-M Willemsen. 55/1 Tonnerre de l’Inam (8g Look de Star-Esperance du Chene) was next for trainer/driver A-H Post with Norway’s 107/1 Farmer’s Julia (8f Juliano Star-Frame Talk) third ahead of even-money favorite King Of The World (6m Magnificent Rodney-Queen Of Hearts) with trainer Michael Nimczyk aboard for owner Johann Lenz (AUT). Amiens’ Prix Une de Mai (€22,000 purse, 2400 meters autostart, 14 entrants) was taken by the Franck Ouvrie teamed Be You Soon (4f Goetmals Wood-See You Soon) at 3.6/1 odds clocked in 1.17.2kr. Tomas Malmqvist trains this winner for Stall Panamera Racing. Dam See You Soon is a 2006 foal Love You-Langone, she a daughter of Defi d’Aunou-Rangone-High Echelon. This is the maternal family of Prix d’Amerique winner Oyonnax (US$2,120,534) and other top money winners Giesolo du Lou (US$2,126,161), Daguet Rapide (US$1,875,661), Dream With Me (US$1,576,616) and Arnaquer (US$1,089,890). The family also produced Indy de Vive, sire of Ready Cash, along with Rombaldi, Trotting Race and Quatre Juillet. 5/1 Bambina Fortuna (4f Buvetier d’Aunou-Jina Fortuna) was second driven by Gabriel Gelormini with third to 8/1 Baraka Eretra (4f Gobernador-Vahine des Pres) and trainer/driver P-Y Verva. The turf specialists battled Sunday at St. Jean de Monts in the Prix Coved (€34,000 purse, 2625 meters, 16 starters). 1.8/1 odds Vagabond d’Echal (6g Quadrophenio-Malice de Piercla) took victory for trainer/driver J-M Bazire timed in 1.18.7kr. 27/1 Ton Ami du Prieur (8g Lynx de Bellouet-Jenny du Prieur) was second for M. Bezier ahead of 17/1 Tender And True (8g Coktail Jet-Go Along) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Philippe Moulin and Ecurie Victoria Dreams. Thomas H. Hicks

June 16, 2015 - Jean-Pierre Dubois teamed his Ecurie D bred Calita Wood (3f Goetmals Wood-Qualita Bourbon-Love You) to victory at 7/1 odds in tonight’s harness racing Prix Eunyke (€41,000 purse, 2100 meters autostart, 16 starters) clocked in 1.13.4kr. The winner bested 15/1 odds stablemate Chanson d’Amour (3f Sam Bourbon-Song Of Love-Coktail Jet) by five lengths. Julien Dubois drove Chanson d’Amour and Yves Boireau trains both the Jean-Pierre Dubois owned  and bred fillies. 7/1 Calyloulou (3f Gazouillis-Neige de Genetine) was third for pilot Pierre Vercruysse. The Dubois entry represents highly productive Ecurie D franco-american pedigrees. Qualita Bourbon, a winner of over US$1.8 million, was a major group event winner at ages three and four and finished third at age five in the Prix d’Amerique. Her maternal family is second dam Etta Extra (Florestan-Une Crown-Speedy Crown). The dam of second finishing Chanson d’Amour is Song Of Love (Coktail Jet-Guilty Of Love-And Arifant-Amour d’Aunou - Speedy Somolli-Nesmile). Guilty Of Love produced Love You, Nice Love, and Repeat Love while Amour d’Aunou foaled In Love With You and Private Love. The fabulous mare Nesmile produced Buvetier d’Aunou, Defi d’Aunou and Extreme Aunou and their accomplishments on track and as sires are too numerous to list. Also on the evening Vincennes card the Prix Polana (€46,000 purse, 2850 meters, monte with 10 starters) went to Bad Boy Terie (4g Showtime Bourbon-Perla di Parma) at 38/1 for jockey P-Ph Ploquin. 5/1 Brioni Arctic (4g Prodigious-Spring Flower) was second for Mathieu Mottier. The winners’ sire is Kaisy Dream (Extreme Dream-Daisy Chain-Speedy Somolli) and his dam is the Workaholic mare My Lady Bourbon. This day Arqana Trot held its spring mixed sale at Cabourg. 133 head were cataloged with 97 sold for  gross proceeds of €1,175,500 (average €12,119). Percent sold (72.9%), gross and average were well above the 2014 results (50% sold, gross €678,000 for 68 head, average €9.971). Hip 64 Aller Simple (5m Kaiser Soze-Origine d’Ar-Corot) led the parade at €56,000 with the final bid to Jerome X. Maillard. Thomas H. Hicks

June 15, 2015 - J-M Bazire teamed 5/2 odds Tess de Villeneuve (8f Goetmals Wood-Joie de Villeneuve) to a harness racing victory in today’s Prix de Cognat-Lyonne (€35,000 purse, 2850 meters, 18 starters). The winner was clocked in 1.15.1kr to defeat 57/1 Ulysse du Bouchet (7g Go Lucky-Harpe de Bouchet) with Georges Fourngault up and 5/1 Univers de Marzy (7g Look de Star-Lovelie de Marzy) with Jean-Philippe Monclin aboard. On Sunday June 14 the Cherbourg feature was the Grand Prix de la Ville de la Glacerie (€32,000 purse, 2625 meters, 15 participants) and 10/1 Umala du Rib (7f Kaise Soze-Kamala Castelets) took the prize for driver/trainer Joel Hallais and owner Ecurie Rib clocked in 1.14.5kr. 6/1 Urgah du Rib (7g Jag de Bellouet-Garda) was second for the same owner/trainer with Alexis Collette up, with third to Ulk Blue (7m Love You-Just Blue) for driver Gabriel Gelormini, trainer Jean Baudron and owner Ecurie Etoile. On Tuesday June 16 Cherbourg will be the venue for the Arqana Trot mixed sale. The turf specialists were on display at Montlucon-Neris-Les-Bains Sunday, and they contested the Grand Prix de la Ville de Montlucon (€45,000 purse, 3000 meters, 16 starters). 18/1 Tresor Wic (8m Jag de Bellouet-Epona Vinn) took the victory for Anthony Barrier and trainer Laurent Simon. 11/1 Tagada Tagada (8f Meaulnes du Corta-Lambada Blue) was second for owner/trainer/driver Emmanuel Varin ahead of Sierra Leone (9f John Arifant-Une d’Havetot) for trainer/driver J.W. Hallais, trainer J-Cl Hallais and owner Ecurie Rib. Time of the race was unrecorded. At Vitre the turf was featured in the Prix de la Societe du Cheval Francais (€40,000 purse, 3225 meters, 16 starters). 5/1 Vertige de Chenu (6g Lynx de Bellouet-Neige de Chenu) was victorious in 1.19.4kr for Pierre Pellerot and trainer/owner Franck Pellerot. 33/1 Titi Quick (8m Extreme Aunou-Gazelle d’Aussy) was next home for driver Patrick Chevrier, trainer C-J DeLeew and owner Ecurie Quick Star. 28/1 Retour du Tresor was third for teamster Philippe Beileard. Thomas H. Hicks

Harness racing trainer Anton Golino had his first runner in a race in October 2013. After spending years travelling overseas and gaining international experience with various horsemen, Golino returned to Australia and took out a training licence. Since then the 34-year old has had 48 runners for 16 winners and 18 placings but his trotting strike rate is even better. Golino trained trotters have won nine of the 15 races they have competed in with a further three finishing second. Arboe won Saturday night's Gr. 3 La Cooaracha at Tabcorp Park Menangle while stablemate My Tribeca finished second in the NSW Trotters Oaks. "It was a great night for the stable, Arboe is a really good horse, she is only lightly raced but she was a little difficult to get going when she first arrived," said Golino. "The daughter of french stallion Love You has a mind of her own but she's starting to put it all together now and I think she has got a bright future." Arboe defeated classy mare Claudys Princess on Saturday night but Golino is not getting too carried away. "The La Coocaracha was a very good field, I thought if she found the front she would be very hard to beat, Claudys Princess was very good in defeat, it was a huge run and if you reverse the draws it probably would have been a different result. "Arboe is really tough so over a mile we had to go forward from the draw but I think she'll get over distance and the further the race is the better she will be." Golino will now take Arboe to Victoria in a fortnight and driver Todd McCarthy will be offered the drive. "Todd will get the option to come if he wants, he's definitely going to retain the drive on Arboe and My Tribeca that's for sure." Arboe is raced by Pat Driscoll's Yabby Dam Farms Pty Ltd and Golino was full of praise for him. "Pat is an unbelievable guy, he is really passionate about trotters and I really think he can change the sport down here in Australia. "He puts a lot of time, money and research into his breeding, he has imported some really nice horses but it is just the beginning because in five years time he will have had a massive impact on the sport." My Tribeca ran an impressive race when finishing second in the NSW Trotters Oaks despite galloping soon after the start and will now also head to Victoria. "The filly by another French stallion called Goetmals Wood was a little unlucky, she got flattened at the start, hit a wheel and galloped but she put in a massive run for a horse having her second lifetime run. "She's a big filly physically, I think she would weigh close to 500 kilos now, I am tipping when she is fully grown she'll be 16 hands plus." Greg Hayes

Talented horseman Anton Golino trains a team of six horses and all are trotters. Therefore it is no surprise that with a number of harness racing features for the square-gaiters programmed in New South Wales over the next fortnight that the 34-year old will be well represented. This Saturday night at Tabcorp Park Menangle Golino will have a runner in the Gr. 1 NSW Trotters Oaks and the Gr. 3 La Coocaracha. My Tribeca (late name Tribeca) will represent the stable in the Oaks and Golino is excited by her long term prospects. "My Tribeca was bred in the Northern Hemisphere so she is giving away six or seven months in age to most of her rivals but I think she might develop into something special," said Golino. "She is unbelievably well bred by Goetmals Wood, a champion French stallion from the Italian mare Image by Coktail Jet and her second dam won a lot of money, I went to France last year and leading French trainer Jean Etienne Dubois had this filly that he wanted to race in Australia and I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to train her." My Tribeca trialled behind unbeaten pacer Our Waikiki Beach last week and recorded a personal time of 1:58.8 for the mile. "I think she has the ability to develop into a top horse eventually, she doesn't have the race experience of many of her rivals on Saturday night and I'm not in any major rush with her. "After Saturday night I will take her to Melbourne in a fortnight for the Victorian Trotters Oaks." In the Gr. 3 La Coocaracha Golino will produce lightly raced mare Arboe. The daughter of Love You had a preparation in New Zealand with Craig and Aimee Edmonds before heading to Australia. "She's got untapped ability, Arboe is getting better with the experience and although she is a slow learner she does have a very big motor. "Pat Driscoll owns her and I think with a bit of time she is going to develop into a really talented trotter, I want to take her to Victoria in a fortnight as well and she will compete in the Bacardi Lindy Trot for the four and five year old mares." Greg Hayes

May 9, 2015 - Today’s featured Speedy Foster DIJ (600,000HUf purse, 1900 meters autostart) went to the Finish import Rinette Streamline (8f Kashner Hanover-Keep Praise-Prakas) for harness racing trainer/driver Csaba Lakatos for owners Drimwind Zoll Kft. and Stall Magic Square. The winner is undefeated in three HU starts after arriving from Helsinki, today going wire to wire timed in 1.14.7kr. Ollyan Nincs was second for Imre Fazekas ahead of Masterpiece and teamster Lajos Marton. The winner’s sire is by American Winner from Keystone Impala-Speedy Crown-Ima Lula and the excellent maternal family includes Keystone Crown, Fancy Donut, Fancy Crown, Honor Donut and Honor Bright. The KP secondary feature was the Templar Handicap (500,000HUf purse, 1800 meters autostart) and Andorra Gold (7f Andover Hall-Olympics) took the win in a well-rated 1.19.1kr for Csaba Lakatos trainer/driver for owners Drimwind 2011 Kft. and Ari Pylvalainen. Polemic and Open were next to the line. At LaCroise Laroche (France) this day, Best Dream (4m Goetmals Wood-Harricana) took the Prix de la Cote d’Opale (€20,000 purse, 2825 meters, 12 starters) for owner/trainer Jean Baudron and teamster Joseph Verbeeck. The open lengths victor was clocked in 1.16.2kr. At the same venue Athos d’Urzy (5m Ganymede-Perle d’Urzy-Cygnus d’Odyssee) scored in 1.14.6kr to take the Prix de l’Artois (€22,000 purse, 2700 meters autostart, 13 entrants) for teamster Pierre Vercruysse. At Wolvega the Criterium des 4ans Pays Bas (€17,600 purse, 2100 meters autostart, 13 entrants) went to Europort Pride in 1.13.81kr for Kurt Rueges. Express Rapide was second for driver Rick Ebinge. Thomas H. Hicks

February 24, 2015 - Jean-Pierre Dubois teamed his Cristal Wood (3m Goetmals Wood - Topaze Bourbon) to victory in tonight’s featured Prix de Cassis (€34,000, 2925 meters, 9 starters) at Hippodrome Cote d’Azur at Cagnes sur mer. Jean Baudron trains the winner that was favored at 2.8/1 odds. 16/1 Colibri du Vivier (3m Oiseau de Feux - Iguine du Vivier) was second with third to 15/1 Canberra Tonique (3f Jasmin de Flore - Prima Beautiful). Interest is heating up for the March 8 Grand Criterium de Vitesse for €200,000 over 1609 meters (one-mile) autostart, also at Cagnes sur mer. Timoko, Maven and a host of invaders from Italy may be likely entrants. Varenne won the fastest edition of this event in 2002 covering the course in 1.09.9kr (1:52.46 mile rate). Thomas H. Hicks

February 7, 2015 - The excellent Saturday Paris-Vincennes harness racing program began with the Gr. II Prix Ephrem Houel (€120,000, 2850 meters, 10 starters) went to Bardane du Houel  (4f Jet Fortuna - Hague du Houlbet) with David Thomain the pilot for R-Ch. Larue trainer. The 7.6/1 winner was clocked in 1.14.3kr with a quick last panel off modest fractions (1.15.4kr at 1500; 1.15kr at 1000; 1.14.7kr at 500) to score easily over Briac Dark (4m Prince Gede - Queen des Charmes) the 9/10 favorite handled by trainer Franck Anne. Black d’Avril (4m Oceano Nox - Olivia d’Avril) was third for teamster Frack Ouvrie and trainer Frederic Prat at 9.1/. The winner recorded her third career win now for €203,340 earned. The Quinte+ Prix de Munich (€95,000, 2100 meters autostart, 15 European starters) went to 6/1 Scarlet Turgot (9f Dahir de Prelong - Noella de Massy) with Eric Raffin up for trainer Y-A Briand. Favorite Chelsea Boko made a misque at the start. The winner was clocked in a sharp 1.11.7kr off even fractions (1.09.8kr at 1500; 1.11.2kr at 1000; 1.11.9kr at 500). Italy’s Princess Griff (6f Varenne - Fauve Griff) was second at 9/1 for trainer Fabrice Souloy and pilot Roberto Andreghetti. 31/1 Septour (9g Love You - Kenitra) was third for Julien Dubois.  Rapports (pour 2€) Tirelire 5.350.000 € - Numéro plus : 0897   Ordre :       35.712,00€   Désordre :       297,60€   Bonus 4 :       66,20€   Bonus 4sur5 :       11,40€   Bonus 3 :       7,60€   Nonant le Pin (8f Goetmals Wood - Blazing Janice-Pine Chip) took the Prix de Lisieux (€88,000, 2700 meters, 12 European monte starters) took this test in her first ridden start for David Thomain, trainer Alessandro Gocciadoro and owner Scuderia le Pradine. The Italian invader scored at 14.3/1 odds timed in 1.14kr (mile rate 1:59) after even fractions (1.15.1kr at 1500; 1.14.2kr at 1000; 1.14.1kr at 500), during which she took an early lead, yielded and raced third until around the final bend when she rallied to the front and edged away for a two-length victory over 3/2 favorite Valleroi (6m Oiseau de Feux - Pocahontas) with Eric Raffin up for Sebastien Guarato and 3/1 Veloce du Banney (6g Quaro - Jeus du Banney) handled by Joan Lebourgeois for trainer Franck Leblanc. Nonant le Pin now has 20 wins for €316,656 earned. The five year-old mare Prix de Verneuil (€75,000, 2700 meters, European 13 starters)) went to Aupiquaria (5f Goetmals Wood - Illys Way) with trainer/driver J-M Bazire up as 1.6/1 favorite. She scored in 1.15kr with a good closing effort from soft fractions (1.16.8kr at 1500; 1.15.2kr at 1000; 1.15.9kr at 500) to defeat 10/1 Alpine du Rib (5f Opium - Rockeuse du Rib) reined by J.L. C. Dersoir for trainer Joel Hallais. The Divine Miss F (5f Kiss Francis - Fast Wise As) was a 20/1 third for Pierre Vercruysse and trainer Halena Burman for Folkbolagen AB from Sweden. Tomorrow is Grand Prix de France day and what a racing program it promises to be. Thomas H. Hicks

At Mons Ghlin (Belgium) the top European trotter Univers de Pan (7m Kenya du Pont - Gypsilore) made his harness racing comeback with a win in the Prix Ministre de L’Agriculture (€8,400 purse, 2300 meters autostart, 9 International starters). Trainer Philippe Daugeard reined the winner, clocked in 1.14.3kr, off at 3/5 odds. Univers de Plan left the mobile alertly and tucked third after which he was shuffled toward the rear. With a lap to go Daugeard got loose, quickly moved to second and followed the leader until the stretch drive when he rallied for a neck victory without the ear plus being pulled. Onyx d’Em (13g Urene Soutonne - Becilia) raced superbly and held second for driver Rik Depuydt and trainer Carine De Soete. Varina (6f Norginio-Jalencia) was third for reinsman Nico D’Haenens at 25/1 with fourth to Quentin Rose (11g Carpe Diem - Gigi Rose) and Jo Corbanie at the lines at 12/1. Univers de Plan last raced June 28, 2014 when third in the Prix de Washington. Before he won the Oslo Grand Prix, Finlandio AJO and Grand Criterium de Vitesse and was second in the Prix de France.  Jean-Pierre Dubois teamed Cristal Wood (3m Goetmals Wood-Topaze Bourbon) to victory at 9/1 in the Prix de la Bruyere (€28,000 purse, 2925 meters, 10 starters) clocked in 1.17.6kr with a front-end journey. Jean Baudron owns the winner bred by Scuderia Bolgheri SRL and owned by J-P Dubois. Favored even-money Colibri du Vivier (3m Oiseau de Feux-Iguine du Vivier) was second for trainer/driver Yannick A. Briand ahead of Creck du Vautour (3m Rio du Rib-Saeva du Vautour) with trainer Stephane Cingland up at 18/1. Dubois’ entrymate Cupidon Love (3m Coktail Jet-Guilty of Love) was fourth with Nicolas Ensch up for trainer Patrick Chevrier. J-P Dubois was back with another winner in the Prix Henri Callier (€28,000 purse, 2925 meters distance handicap, 12 starters) as he piloted the Ecurie D bred, J-P Dubois owned Buvetier (4m Goetmals Wood-Rapide Aventure) to victory clocked in 1.16.9kr. The 4.3/1 odds winner is trained by Patrick Chevrier and he overcame a 25 meter penalty. Broardo (4g Niky-Proadauna) also overcame a 25 meter handicap to be second at 3/1 for Christophe Martens and trainer Vincent Martens. 9/1 odds Brutus La Mesange (4m Lilium Madrik-Infante du Buisson) landed third for trainer/driver David Bekaert. Today’s Prix Grace Ducal (€58,000 purse, 2925 meter s distance handicap, 14 European starters, Quinte+ race of the day with jackpot €5.15 million) went to Twenty (8g Love You-Grive de Vire) at 9/2 odds. Christophe Martens drove the winner for trainer Vincent Martens, clocked in 1.14.5kr. Favorite Tagada Castelets (8f Jag de Bellouet-Gitane Castelets) was second for driver Arnaud-Albert Chavette and trainer Alain Chavette. Third was 5.5/1 Sophie du Vif (9f Jenko-Lavalliere du Vif) for trainer/driver Aymeric Thomas that overcame a 25 meter handicap. Thomas H. Hicks

January 27, 2015 - The Monday January 26 Vincennes card continued the excellent Prix d’Amerique weekend of harness racing. The Prix D’Issoice (€37,000 purse, 2700 meters, 15 European starters) went to the Jerry Riordan trained, Lisa Riordan owned Sylvester America (4m Varenne-Armbro Voice) clocked in 1.14.9kr and reined by Bjorn Goop. The even-money,  Chuck Sylvester namesake, favorite defeated Suerte’s Cage (Igor Font - Fuanziska’s Cage) for Roberto Vecchione for trainer H.K. Ehlert at 48/1 with third to 10/1 Bad Boy du Dollar (4m Magnificent Rodney - Nymphe du Dollar) with trainer Sylvain Roger at the lines. Winner’s dam Armbro Voice by Garland Lobell is also dam of Laurel America (US$341,000), Michael America (US$113,000) and Red Rose America (US$261,000), each developed by Riordan. Une de Villetot (7f Canada-Oste) took the Prix de Rethal (€48,000, 2700 meters, 18 European starters) at 38/1 for owner, trainer, driver Sebastian Baude timed in 1.14.9kr. 45/1 Una Fix (7f Kiwi-J’y Pense) ended second for trainer/driver Franck Ouvrie ahead of 63/1 Uka Pellois (7f Coktail Jet-Lady Square) with Pierre Vercruysse up for trainer Rony Kuiper in this Quinte+ event. The Prix de Fleurance A (€33,000 purse, 2200 meters, 13 starters) produced a 1.18.4kr victory for well-bred Cottie Cash (3f Sam Bourbon -Kidea) for Jerome Ruaults up for trainer Philippe Allaire. This 1.8/1 favorite handled Crista Maris (3f Kiwi-Prima Maris) for trainer, driver Sylvain Roger at 9/1 with third to Crazy Queen (3f Let’s Go Along-Rydding Star) and Julien Dubois. Philippe Moulin trains this one for Ecurie Victoria Dreams. The winner is from the Extreme Dream mare Kidea (from a Workaholic dam), dam of double Prix d’Amerique winner Ready Cash plus Suricate (US$169,000) and Upper Class (US$398,000). The lightly raced three year-olds also contested the Prix de Fleurance B (€33,000, 2200 meters, 12 starters) and Julien Dubois teamed Café Rossa (3f Let’s Go Along -Lee Nova) to the win clocked in 1.16.6kr. The 2.7/1 winner is trained by Philippe Moulin for Ecurie Victoria Dreams. 36/1 Chapella Phedo (3f Little Crack-Romanaisa Phedo) was second for Franck Nivard ahead of 2.9/1 odds Carla Love (3f Royal Lover-Querida de Vonnas) with trainer J-M Bazire aboard. Tuesday at Vincennes continued with a card that included European eligible events and first-time training win for Julien Dubois. Summaries follow: The Prix de Vittel A (€50,000 purse, 2700 meters, 14 European starters) went to Primula Brazza (6f Oiseau de Feux -Erbanoza Brazza) trained by Fabrice Souloy and reined by Roberto Andreghetti. The 2.3/1 favorite was clocked in 1.15.5kr in defeat of Voila Marine (6f Infant du Bossis-Lady Danae) with David Thomain up for trainer/owner Franck Harel. 9/1 Vany des Loyaux (6f Vivaldi de Chanu-Morie des Loyaux) was third for owner/trainer/driver Mathieu Abrivard. The Prix de Laval (€70,000 purse, 2100 meters autostart, 16 European starters) went to 3/2 odds Aupiquaria (5f Goetmals Wood -Illys Way) for trainer/driver J-M Bazire, clocked in a sharp 1.12.5kr. This Quinte+ event saw 9/1 Ardente du Clos (5f Reve des Vallees-Lumiere du Clos) end second for owner/trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard. 50/1 Roxanne Bar (5f Explot Caf-Guendalina Bar) was third for Roberto Andrghetti and trainer Catello Savarese. The Divine Miss F (5f Kiss Francis-Fast Wise As) was a 25/1 fourth for Pierre Vercruysse with fifth to 19/1 Ruguaida Dei Rex (5f Cantab Hall-Eternity Rex) for reinsman Robin Bakker, trainer Paul Hagoort and owner Arnold W. Mollema. The Prix de Laval was the Quinte+ race of the day. The Prix de Sarlat (€44,000 purse, 2700 meters. 18 European starters) went to owner/trainer/driver Julien Dubois and his 28/1 Always Perfect (5m Prodigious-Oh Butterfly), his first training win. Scoring in 1.16.1kr the winner defeated Atout de Montbrun (5g Otello Pierji-Dame Montbrun) with trainer/driver Philippe Daugeard and American Charm (5m Password-Question de Charme) at 45/1 for reinsman Jean-Philippe Dubois for his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. Thomas Hicks

January 23, 2015 - Friday night concluded the three-session harness racing Arqana Trot Prix d’Amerique Sale.  In the final program 150 catalogued resulted in 61 sold for gross proceeds of €1,870,000. The total sale saw 221 sold from 347 offered (after outs) for gross of €3,514,000, an average of €15,900. Prior year 165 sold from 286 offered, totaling €3,316,200 for an average of €20,098. Friday session included some high-class racehorses and prospects, many of which worked out Friday morning and their efforts were filmed for night session playback. The leading horse sold are listed below: Hip    Horse     Buyer    Price 302 Radieux (m, Love You - Dordogne), Campus RPF, €180,000 315 Armstrong Jet (m, Love You - Jenny Jet), Ecurie du Graal, €175,000 336 A Nous Trois (m, Orlando Vici - Quallis), Neuilly Bloodstock, €150,000 290 Conga (f, Goetmals Wood - See You Soon), Sylvain Vidal, €115,000 Tom Hicks

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