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A total of 35 trotteurs have declared for next Sunday’s Grand Prix de Paris, the marathon test that is the finale of the French Triple Crown. The race will be held at Paris-Vincennes. The declarations include Face Time Bourbon, Davidson du Pont, Delia du Pommereux and Bahia Quesnot. The distance is 4150 meters, nearly 2.5 miles, and the purse is 400,000€ ($486,000US). Last week’s Face Time Bourbon driver controversy is apparently over with Eric Raffin named as his driver by trainer Sebastien Guarato. C4 - PX D'AMERIQUE RACES ZETURF PX DE PARIS 400 000€  Groupe I - Attelé - 4150m - Grande piste European Trotting Masters Series 2021 Course Internationale Pour 4 à 11 ans inclus (H à A), hongres exclus, ayant gagné au moins 160.000. En cas d'élimination, les chevaux ayant obtenu une priorité de participation dans le Prix d'Amérique sont maintenus en priorité. En cas d'élimination, les gains des chevaux déclarés partants sont calculés sur les bases suivantes : chevaux âgés de 4 ans (H), gains réels majorés de 30 %, chevaux âgés de 5 ans (G), gains réels majorés de 20 %, chevaux âgés de 6 ans LeTrot files by Thomas H. HIcks, for Harnesslink      

Sunday’s Paris-Vincennes featured Grand Prix de Paris drew a field of 13 led by Davidson du Pont, Belina Josselyn and a host of worthy rivals including Earl Simon. This Gr. I UET Masters Series marathon (4150 meters) event highlights a program that also includes the Gr. II Prix Paul Bastard for monte specialists that has Feeling Cash and Fleche Bourbon among that field. The Gr. III Prix de la Mayenne is also on stage with Calie Crown and Freyia du Pont among those participants. 15:15 C4 - GRAND PRIX DE PARIS 350 000€ Groupe I - Attelé - 4150m - Grande piste European Trotting Masters Series 2020  Course Internationale Pour 4 à 11 ans inclus (G à V), hongres exclus, ayant gagné au moins 160.000. En cas d'élimination, les gains des chevaux déclarés partants sont calculés sur les bases suivantes : chevaux âgés de 4 ans (G), gains réels majorés de 30 %, chevaux âgés de 5 ans (F), gains réels majorés de 20 %, chevaux âgés de 6 ans On Friday the top action is the Gr. III Prix de Joinville Le Pont, a Gr. III European event, that has Eridan and J-M Bazire’s trainee Velokaja Hindo among those participants. This signals the start of upper level racing at Cagnes sur Mer that will culminate in two weeks with the Gr. I Grand Criterium du Vitesse. 18:12 C4 - PRIX DE JOINVILLE LE PONT 80 000€   2-21-20 Cagnes sur Mer Groupe III - Attelé - 2925m Course Européenne Pour 6 à 11 ans inclus (V à E), n'ayant pas gagné 750.000. LeTrot files by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

The 1.1/1 favorite Belina Josselyn (8f Love You-Lezira Josselyn), with trainer Jean Michel Bazire aboard, bravely won today’s Gr. I UET Masters Series Grand Prix de Paris (purse 350,000€, 4150 meters, 11 starters) at Paris-Vincennes on a clear sunny day before a great audience.   Bahia Quesnot, Looking Superb and Tessy d’Ete were in the top spots for the first half of the race with Looking Superb on the front with 1500 meters to go. Then veteran Valko Jenilat made a strong move into contention forcing Belina Josselyn out of fourth position and she surged forward leaving Valko Jenilat three wide in the final turn.   Belina then engaged and move past stablemate Looking Superb in the upper stretch under strong Bazire urging.   She drew ahead by three lengths and then held by a length on the line ahead of fast closing Tony Gio (7m Varenne-Ilaria Jet) handled by Christophe Martens that was off at 28.5/1.   Carat Williams (7m Prodigious-Miss Williams) also rallied strongly late in the lane to be three lengths back in third at 10.4/1 with David Thomain up.   Belina Josselyn won for the 21 st time in her 65-race career with life earnings advancing to 2,284,930€. Race time was 1.13.9kr, well of the 1.13.5kr race record of Up And Quick in 2015.   Belina also won the Prix d’Amerique and completed the double last done in 2017 by Bold Eagle. The fractions were steady throughout (1.14.9kr at 1500 to go; 1.14.3kr at the 1000 and 1.14kr with 500 meters remaining). Cash Gamble. Tessy d’Ete, Looking Superb and Bahia Quesnot earned the fourth through seventh checks.     by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The last major International harness racing event of the Paris-Vincennes Winter Meet is the Gr. I UET Masters Series Grand Prix de Paris (purse 350,000€, 4150 meters voltstart, 12 engaged) on Sunday. This is the last race of the France Triple Crown of which there will be no winner this year following victories by Readly Express in the Grand Prix de France and Belina Josselyn in the Prix d’Amerique. Last year’s Paris winner was Bird Parker that was reportedly retired several weeks ago. The Grand Prix de Paris began in 1962 and was raced at 3150 meters distance handicapped until 1994 when distance moved to 4150 meters (2 and 13/16 miles). The fastest winner was Up And Quick in 2015 clocked in 1.13.5kr and that year the son of Buvetier d’Aunou also won the Prix d’Amerique. Bold Eagle accomplished that double race victory in 2017. Only three horses have won the Paris three times – Jardy in 2004-2006l Vourasie in 1003-1995 and Bellino II in 1975-1977. American breds Apex Hanover (in 1965 when owned in Russia) and Timothy T (in 1974 when Italian owned) were victorious in the Grand Prix de Paris. The 2019 version of the Prix de Paris includes the Jean Michel Bazire trainees Belina Josselyn and Looking Superb, the latter owned in Norway as was the 2016 race winner Lionel. Others engaged are the Amerique participants Bahia Quesnot, Valko Jenilat and Uza Josselyn. Attached is the race winning history since 1990 (Wikipedia chart). by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

February 19, 2018 - Twenty-two have been engaged to Sunday’s Grand Prix de Paris (Gr. I, purse €400.000 4250 meters). The third leg of the harness racing FR Triple Crown, this race commenced in 1962 and was raced at the 3150-3100 meters distances until 1994 when it was changed to 4150 and then in 2000 the distance became 4125 meters, as it remains today. The marathon event winners are an honorabe group that includes three time winners Jardy (2005-2007), Vourasie (1993-1995) and Bellino II (1975-1977). American bred performers Timothy T (1974) and Apex Hanover (1965) have been victorious, the latter then owned and traied in Russia and driven to victory by Maria Burdova. Race time record was set at the current distance in 2015 by doube winner Up And Quick, clocked in 1.13.5kr. Single time winners include Bold Eagle, Lionel (a 2018 likely starter), Ready Cash, Maharajah, Roxane Grif, Jag de Bellouet and Ourasi. Belina Josselyn, the recent Prix de France winner a week ago, Bird Parker, monte star Bilibili and the Daniel Reden trained entry of Propulsion, Lionel, Wild Honey and Call Me Keeper are among those engaged. See the lineup below. Thomas H. Hicks   Tables of the starters     NOT Horse HER Ferr. Dist. Driver Coach Music General Record Earnings Rapp. Prob. Rapp. PMU to -: - Rapp. LETURF to -: - 1 Captain Sparrow  M6 - 4150   L. Roelens 2a 1a (17) 2a 3a 1'11 "9 € 248,780 0.00 - - 2 Diablo Walnut  M5 - 4150   W. Bigeon 4a Da (17) 4m 6a 1'11 "5 € 307,040 0.00 - - 3 Venezia May  F9 - 4150   Mrs F. Blot-Cariot 8a 6a 15m 8a (17) 1'11 "9 312 € 490 0.00 - - 4 Blooma of Herypre  F7 - 4150   G. Thorel Da Da (17) 2a 1a 1'12 "3 € 341,320 0.00 - - 5 Ultra Landes  F10 - 4150   S. Hardy 15m (17) 11m 8m 5a 1'13 " 352,530 € 0.00 - - 6 Violine Mourotaise  F9 - 4150   E. Raulline 10a 6a (17) 3a 3a 1'12 "5 411 280 € 0.00 - - 7 Anette of Mirel  F8 - 4150   Anders Lindqvist 8m 13a 8a 6a (17) 1'11 "9 $ 423,435 0.00 - - 8 Apollo of Kacy  M8 - 4150   J. Westholm 2a 4a 5a (17) 9a 1'11 "9 € 426,260 0.00 - - 9 Cash Gamble SWE  M7 - 4150   Ph. Billard 4a Da (17) 8a 1a 1'11 "6 541 829 € 0.00 - - 10 Tony Gio ITY  M6 - 4150   V. Martens 6a 10a 4a (17) 5a 1'10 "4 $ 564,195 0.00 - - 11 Call Me Keeper SWE  M8 - 4150   D. Redén 9a 2a 4a Da (17) 1'10 "6 € 595,190 0.00 - - 12 A Serenade  F10 - 4150   Serge Peltier 2a 2a (17) 3a 1a 1'10 "6 € 623,030 0.00 - - 13 Best of Jets  M7 - 4150   J.-M. Baudouin 7a 16m (17) 12a 6m 1'10 "6 707 660 € 0.00 - - 14 Briac Dark  M7 - 4150   T. Duvaldestin 4a 5a 11a (17) 3a 1'10 "4 € 728,910 0.00 - - 15 Carat Williams  M6 - 4150   S. Guarato Da Da (17) 4a 7a 1'10 "8 € 805,040 0.00 - - 16 Ave Avis  M8 - 4150   J.-M. Bazire 12a (17) Da 2a 5a 1'10 "5 € 837,420 0.00 - - 17 Attentionally  F8 - 4150   P. Viel 4m Dm 9m (17) 3m 1'11 "2 957,330 € 0.00 - - 18 bilibili  M7 - 4150   L.-C. Abrivard 2m 3m 1m (17) 16a 1'10 "5 € 1,084,300 0.00 - - 19 Django Riff  M5 - 4150   Ph. Allaire 2a (17) 4a 1a 4a 1'11 " 1 189 000 € 0.00 - - 20 Akim of Cape Verde  M8 - 4150   F. Anne (17) 14a 6a 2a 7a 1'10 "5 € 1,307,180 0.00 - - 21 Lionel NOR  M8 - 4150   D. Redén Da 10a (17) 8a 5a 1'10 "9 € 1,389,138 0.00 - - 22 Propulsion USA  M7 - 4150   D. Redén 3a 3a (17) 1a 4a 1'08 "1 € 1,401,073 0.00 - - 23 Wild Honey USA  F6 - 4150   D. Redén 7a 12a 9a (17) 9a 1'09 "9 € 1,406,941 0.00 - - 24 Bélina Josselyn  F7 - 4150   J.-M. Bazire 1a 4a Da (17) 6a 1'10 "2 € 1,443,230 0.00 - - 25 Bird Parker  M7 - 4150   Ph. Allaire 6a 1a (17) 10a 1a 1'09 "7 € 1,608,605 0.00 - -   Duke of Carless wins Q+ Prix de Fontainebleu at Vincennes The Q+ today at Paris-Vincennes was the Prix de Fontainebleu (purse €60,000, 2850 meters, 16 European starters). 12/1 Duke of Carless (5m l’As de Viretaute-Jinou de Caless) scored for driver Nocolas Mortagne and owner/breeder/trainer Philippe Mortagne. Rface time was 1.13.7kr. 1.9/1 favorite Dudu du Noyer (5g Real de lou) was next for J-M Bazire and trainer Syvain Roger. Third went to 21/1 Urbanio (5m Adrian Chip-Ophelia Blue Chip) driven by Gabriele Gelormini. Dexter des Baux and Ulberto completed the top five and the exact order payoff exceeded €15,000. The apprentice jockeys battled in the Prix Patrick Mottier (purse €75,000, 2850 meters, 14 starters)at Vincennes. The impressive 1.13.7kr timed winner was 17/1 Benjamine Gede (7f Insert Gede-Niquette Gede) with Louis Jublot in the irons for trainer Alexandre Pillon. 1.7/1 favorite Union de Bellarde (10f Ladaick Jiel) took second withg Julien Balu up for owner/trainer Georges Fournigault. 9/1 Varum Boy (9g Baccarat du Pont) was third for Mlle Marie Bazire and trainer Yves Dreux. Thomas H. Hicks  

February 26, 2017 - Magnifique!!! Extraordinare!!! Bold Eagle (6m Ready Cash-Reethi Rah Jet) won today’s Gr. I Grand Prix de Paris (purse €400,000, 4150 meters) for harness racing driver Franck Nivard, coming from a fourth back outer position during much of this race. He followed advancing Briac Dark late in the last bend and sprinted past for a length score timed in Off at 3/10 odds the winner now has 33 wins in 37 career starts for career earnings of €3,103,300) after the €180,000 winners share today. Bold Eagle and connections also earned a €300,000 Triple Crown bonus after also winning the Prix d’Amerique and Prix de France during the Paris-Vincennes winter meet. What a horse!!! 13.6/1 Briac Dark (6m Prince Gede-Queen des Chames) was a solid second for David Thomain, trainer Thierry Duvaldestin and owner Guy Barou. Third was 30.2/1 Bird Parker (6m Ready Cash-Belisha) for J.Ph.Monclin, trainer Philippe Allaire and owner Elisabeth Allaire. 9.1/1 Belina Josselyn (6f Love You-Lezira Josseln) was a competitive fourth for trainer/driver J-M Bazire and owner Yvan Bernard with fifth to 274/1 Best Of Jets (6m Magnificent Rodney-Plume Jets) driven by Tony LeBeller for owner/trainer Jean Michel Baudouin. Lionel, last year’s Prix de Paris upset winner, and Akim du Cap Vert were next to the line. Game pacesetter Up And Quick, a double winner of this race and race time record holder, faded to 10th. Bold Eagle’s accomplishment today is made even more important by the fact that it has been over 40 years since Bellino II won the Triple Crown of FR trotting and there had been only three winners (Jamin, Gelinotte and Bellino II) prior to Bold Eagle. Other interesting notes are that Thierry Duvaldestin trained Ready Cash during much of his career and was second as trainer today with Briac Dark. Philippe Allaire, owner/developer of Ready Cash, was third today as trainer of another son of that sire, Bird Parker. The top five finishers are all FR-bred six year-olds, quite a powerful crop. The Prix de Paris was today’s Quinte+ as well. Prix de Paris 2017 : Bold Eagle remporte la Triple Couronne Guarato back on the Bold Eagle GP of Paris and discusses the future Peter Pilarski after the Grand Prix de Paris Bold Eagle Thomas H. Hicks

February 22, 2017 - Caprice de Lupin (5g Chaillot-Nadege Francerie) scored a 1.14.7kr victory in today’s Prix de Noir Moutier (purse €80,000, 2875 meters, 12 starters) at Enghien. The 2.7/1 odds winner was reined by Antoine Wiels for breeder/owner/trainer J-P Marmion. 1.2/1 favorite Classic Haufor (5m Jag de Bellouet-Glamour d’Haufor) was second for breeder/owner/trainer Christian Bigeon and 11.3/1 Copernic de Play (5g Giant Cat-Orelie de Play) took third for owner/trainer/driver Franck Blandin. The final engaged horses for Sunday’s Gr. I Grand Prix de Paris numbers 13 including Bold Eagle, seeking the Triple Crown title in France. Lionel and Bolina Josselyn are likely to be the significant obstacles. Sunday 26 Février 2017 C4 - GRAND PRIX DE PARIS 400 000€ Groupe I - Attelé - 4150m European Trotting Masters Series 2017 Course Internationale Les partants du Grand Prix de Paris 2017 :   1- Sauveur (D4) – Björn Goop 2- Ustie Haufor (D4) – Christian Bigeon 3- Briac Dark ( DA) – David Thomain 4- Valko Jenilat (D4) – Eric Raffin 5- Best Of Jets (D4) – Tony Le Beller 6- Lionel (D4) – Örjan Kihlstrom 7- Tornade du Digeon (D4) – Alexandre Abrivard 8- Belina Josselyn (D4) – Jean-Michel Bazire 9- Bird Parker (DP) – Jean-Philippe Monclin 10- Akim du Cap Vert (D4) – Franck Anne 11- Tiégo d'Etang (F4) – Charles-Julien Bigeon 12- Up and Quick (D4) – Mathieu Mottier 13- Bold Eagle (DP) – Franck Nivard Gelinotte, Bellino II, Vourasie and Jardy won the classic “Vincennes Marathon” three times, each consecutively. The race was created in 1942 and the distance was changed from 3450 meters to the current 4150 meters in 1994. Two time winner Up And Quick holds the record time of 1.13.5kr and is the 2017 field. Other double winners were Jamin, Toscan, Une de Mail and Eleazer. Thomas H. Hicks

A total of 34 upper level trotters have been engaged for Sunday’s Gr. I Prix de Paris, the third leg of the France Triple Crown, and raced over 4150 meters (just over 2.5 miles) for a purse of €400,000. The group, which will be finalized and narrowed on Thursday, includes Bold Eagle, Timoko, Up And Quick, Tiego d’Etang and Voltigeur de Myrt among the largest career money winners. J-M Bazire has named Belina Josselyn and Tornade du Digeon; Philippe Allaire entered Bird Parker and Traders; Daniel Reden named Wild Honey, Lionel, Propulsion, Call Me Keeper and Bold Eagle’s conditioner Sebastien Guarato also entered Valko Jenilat and Beau Gamin. The February 26 Paris-Vincennes program also includes the Gr. II Prix Paul Bastard (monte, purse €120,000, 2700 meters) and the Gr. III Prix de la Mayenne (purse €105,000, 2700 meters). On February 23 will be the Gr. III International Prix du Plateau de Gravelle (purse €110,000, 2100 meters) and the Prix du Cantal (purse €90,000, 2850 meters, European eligibles). Trotting action on February 24-25 is at Enghien. More to follow. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The Paris-Vincennes featured Gr. I UET Master Series Grand Prix de Paris (purse €400,000, 4150 meters, 12 starters) went to relentlessly closing Lionel (6m Look de Star-Aurora Sign) for Orjan Kihlstrom, trainer Fabrice Souloy and owner Goran Antonsen. The winner at odds of 8.9/1 tracked leading Bird Parker and then followed Bold Eagle, as he took the lead into the stretch, before storming home a with a length to spare. Bold Eagle held second for Franck Nivard with 88/1 Tagada Tagada third, 14/1 Bird Parker fourth and 7/1 Timoko fifth. Lionel’s win denied Bold Eagle the Triple Crown as he increased career earnings to over €711,000. Timoko was first to lead off the start and then yielded to Bird Parker. Content with a pocket spot Timoko could not keep with Bird Parker late in the final bend and tired late. The marathon distance took its toll also on Bold Eagle as he weakened late after surging to the front at top stretch. Time was 1.14.8kr (5:10.32) with a quick last 1000 meters off a slow pace (1.16.9kr at 1500 meters to go; 1.16.1kr at 1000). The replays and pre/post race coverage – spectacular! Grand Prix de Paris Thomas H. Hicks

The final Grand Prix de Paris draw has 12 international starters engaged for this harness racing  Gr. I UET Masters Series test on Sunday at Paris-Vincennes. The race showcases another battle between Bold Eagle and Timoko in the €400,000 purse event over 4150 meters. If Bold Eagle wins to secure the FR Triple Crown he will become the first to do so in 40 years and he will earn a special monetary dividend for victory. The race goes as race four on the superb card. Thomas H. Hicks

Sunday’s harness racing entrants are now 12 as the Grand Prix de Paris (Gr. I UET Masters Series, purse €400,000, 4150 meters) awaits to determine if Bold Eagle can capture the FR Trotting Triple Crown. The field is shown below as it now stands: The reduced field size means that the event will not be the Quinte+ race of the day. While it’s unlikely that Bold Eagle will be denied, his primary adversary, Timoko, could be a factor although he was unplaced in a previous Grand Prix de Paris attempt and may be better at middle distances. Bird Parker could be a factor as could Lionel albeit he has made breaks in his last two starts. Nevertheless, the race will draw world-wide attention by racing fans and the media. Tuesday’s European Trotting Action Trotting action Tuesday in France and Belgium caught my attention, first at Cagnes-sur-mer as the Prix Selfon (purse €20,000, 2925 meters, 14 starters) went to fast-closing 23/1 odds Duo Denfer (3m Sam Borubon-Nina Madrik) clocked in 1.18.2kr for driver Kevin Vanderschelden for trainer Yves Boireau and owner Jean-Pierre Dubois. The photo-determined winner bested 2.4/1 favorite Dalton (3m Rocklyn-Quadra Sport) and trainer/driver Romain Derieux. Third was 7.5/1 Denderah (3f Rieussec-Onile de Brevol). The winner’s dam Nina Madrik was a career winner of US$587,995 and is also dam of A Nous Deux 1:55.4 (US$383,952). At Mons Ghlin the featured Prix Centre Pompidou (purse €7,200, 1750 meters autostart, 8 international starters) went to 2/2 favorite Ru de l’Airou (11g Cygnus d’Odyssee-Cour d’Intheville) for owner/driver Sven Hoste, timed in a sharp 1.12.2kr. 21/1 Circus Brolin (10g Johnnie Walker N-Pandora Brolin) was second for Piet Van Pollaert ahead of the 55 time winner and 12/1 Onyx d’Em (14g Urane Sautonne-Besilia) with Rik Dupuydt up. The veteran race winner recorded his 30th victory in 139 starts, now for earnings in excess of €787,000. Also at Mons Ghlin the Prix Journal Eurotierce (purse €6,000, 2300 meters autostart, 10 international starters) went to Italy’s 3/1 odds Severino (5m Dominatore d’Orio-Ujane di Basse) timed in 1.14.2kr for driver Giuseppe Ruocco and owner/trainer Johanna Lindqvist. 3.9/1 Best Well (8f Love You-Ushi Dragon) was next for Nico d’Haenen with third to 1.4/1 favorite Bullseye (8g Love You-BWT Spirit) with Rik Dupuydt up. Sunday’s Grand Prix de Paris card at Paris-Vincennes will be an interesting one, beyond the featured Triple Crown final leg. The Gr. II Prix Paul Bastard (monte, €120,000 purse, 2700 meters) includes €469,000 career earner Bilibili (5m Niky-Quetty du Donjon-Coktail Jet) and the Gr. III Prix de la Mayenne (purse €105,000, 2700 meters) has Bugsy Malone (5m Ready Cash-Night Captain-Goetmals Wood) at the start. The Prix d’Avenches (purse €80,000, 2700 meters for mares) includes well-regarded Alexia (6f Prodigious-Ilexia-Cezio Josselyn) and the day’s opener is the Prix des Pays Nordiques for coldbloods going 2100 meters autostart for €20,000. Thomas H. Hicks

Post Time with Mike and Mike is proud to announce they will be hosting an American race call during the 2016 Prix de Paris. Bold Eagle is attempting to become the first horse in 40 years to attempt the feat and the duo will have coverage of the race on their podcast live via The broadcast will begin at 10 AM (Time subject to change based on post time of race) and will feature an American race-call for those tuning in to the race.   The broadcast will last about a half hour and will also include a little pre-race analysis. Post Time with Mike and Mike is harness racing's newest podcast co-hosted by announcers Mike Bozich and Mike Carter.   The show's focus is to positively promote harness racing.   Every hoof that hits the racetrack, whether a claimed or a stakes horse, has a story to tell, and they plan on telling those stories.   Log on to to listen.   If you miss the show live, you can listen on-demand at any time.   You can also follow the show via Twitter (ptmikeandmike1) or via Facebook.   Post Time With Mike and Mike    

Bold Eagle is engaged to contest Sunday’s €400,000 purse, 4150 meter Grand Prix de Paris, a Groupe I International, UET Masters Series event that is the final leg of the French Trotting Triple Crown. It has been 40 years since Bellino II last captured the ”Triple Couronne”. Bold Eagle will again face his primary challenger Timoko along with Tiego d’Etang and Bird Parker as he attempts to record an historical result next weekend. The Prix de Paris will be race four on the Paris-Vincennes card. Final entrants will be announced Thursday. Thomas H. Hicks

February 18, 2015 - The last leg of the French Triple Crown the Prix de Paris takes place Sunday and 14 harness racing  entrants remain following removal of Timoko today, by his connections, from the marathon (4150 meters) test for a purse of €400,000. Roxane Griff leads the career earners with defending champion Up And Quick (J-M Bazire up) hoping to gain redemption from his miscue disqualification in the Prix de France two weeks ago. Texas Charm, Tiego d’Etang and Anna Mix deserve recognition. Thomas H. Hicks  

Timoko (7m Imoko-Kiss Me Coulonces-And Arifant) took today's Elitloppet 2014 Final gate to wire for Bjorn Goop and trained Richard Westerink. The pair covered the 1609 meters autostart course in a sharp 1.09.5kr (1:51.82) to earn the 3SEK million first prize. Timoko now has 22 wins in 60 starts for earnings of 23,285,351SEK. Goop rated the winner effectively with Panne de Moteuri in the pocket throughout and Digital Ink parked out first-over in the death seat. Raja Mirchi raced second over with Maven right behind him. Approaching the last turn Raja Mirchi made an aggressive three wide advance for Lutfi Kolgjini and was rough gaited, eventually making a break that caused Maven minor interference albeit she would likely not have threatened the leaders. Timoko held strong through the line to score by a long length from Panne de Moteur with Delicious and Pascia'Lest next at the finish. Reven d'Amour and Maven were fifth and sixth respectively. The French trotter traces its roots back to the 1981 Elitloppet winner Jorky, through his third dam Vanina B. Timoko has a 3.95% inbreeding coefficient and the family has won classics over nearly 40 years at all distances. Vanina B. (FR) f, 1965 2:02.4  At 5, Winner of Criterium des 5 ans. At 6, Winner of Prix de France, second in Criterium de Vitesse de la Côte d'Azur, Prix d'Amerique. 1975 Jorky (FR)        1:57.3a   $ 1,311,448   58  28- 13- 3        h, by Kerjacques (FR)   - Vanina B. (FR)     At 3, Winner of Criterium des 3 ans. At 4, Winner of Criterium des 4 ans, third in Prix Marcel Laurent. At 5, Winner of Preis der Besten, Prix Marcel Laurent, Gran Premio Delle Nazioni, Prix de l'Atlantique, Criterium des 5 ans, Grote Prijs der Lage Landen, second in Prix de Sélection, Grosser Preis von Bayern, Grand Prix du Sud Ouest. At 6, Winner of Copenhagen Cup, Prix de Paris, Elite-Rennen, Grote Prijs der Lage Landen, Elitloppet, Preis der Besten, Prix de Bretagne, second in Gran Premio Delle Nazioni, Prix d'Amerique, Prix de Belgique, International Trot. At 7, Winner of Preis der Besten. At 8, third in Preis der Besten. At 9, second in Prix d'Amerique. by Thomas H. Hicks, for                        

It will be a case of the Dubois' second generation stars battling it out for favouritism in the Prix Gaston De Wazieres (G2) a 120,000 euros preparatory race for the Criterium des 4 Ans, over 2100m in Good Friday racing at the Temple du Trot in France. Jean-Philippe Dubois will have son Julien on board favourite Atlessima, a daughter of Rocklyn - a son of Love You, the world champion sire owned and raced by the clan's patriarch, Jean-Pierre Dubois. Atlessima was second in the Prix Paul Leguerney (G2), which was the first prep, earlier in the month. She is already a group one winner, although under saddle in the Prix de Vincennes. Vying for favouritism is the winner of the Prix Paul Leguerney (G2), Africaine, who is owned and driven by Jean-Pierre's younger son Jean Etienne Dubois . She is a daughter of French-bred sire Oiseau de Feux, an unheralded former European Derby winner who was second in both the Elitloppet and Lotteria, the Premier races of Sweden and Italy respectively. The pair were the first two favourites the last time out and the public have stuck with them in early markets. The well-credentialled Avila a daughter of Ready Cash in the care of the champion's former trainer Thierry Duvaldestin is third inearly betting despite not having risen to the heights she showed as a juvenile when she won two group one races. Also getting support is Alesia d'Atout, a mare by in the stable of Dominique Mottier, who won the Prix Charles Tiercelin (G2) in January and was third favourite in the Prix Paul Leguerney. The proudly French-bred chestnut Prince Gede (83% French trotter) was a wonderful performer on the track (a winner of the French triple crown marathon Prix de Paris no less) and his daughter from his first crop Athena de Vandel has certainly inherited a lot of his traits,and will also come in for plenty of support. And Ganymede has proven to be one of France's unheralded heroes in the breeding barn, a proven producer of top class performers in France and Italy, and throughout Europe. He is represented by Adelie who will be driven by Alexandre Abrivard for Laurent Claude Abrivard. PRIX GASTON DE WAZIERES Vincennes 18/04/14 FR Nat Group 2 100 4F 120 000e 1 Avila Ready Cash (Encombevineuse) Dr: Thierry Duvaldestin Tr: Thierry Duvaldestin 2 Alesia d'Atout (Defi d'Aunou - New York Jet) Dr: Mathieu Mottier Tr: Dominique Mottier 3 Almira Marancourt (Lilium Madrik - Elmira) Dr: David Thomain Tr: Sebastien Hervalet 4 Adelie (Ganymede - Linea Dream) Dr: Alexandre Abrivard Tr: Laurent Claude Abrivard 2100 5 Africaine (Oiseau de Feux - Italienne) Dr: Jean Etienne Dubois Tr: Jean Etienne Dubois 6 Alizea du Kastel (Quaker Jet - Kalida Jet) Dr: Emmanuel Allard Tr: Emmanuel Allard 7 Athena de Vandel (Prince Gede - Maelia de Vandel) Dr: Cedric Megissier Tr: Cedric Megissier 8 Asana Trembladaise (Kuadro Wild - Passion d'Alban) Dr: Anthony Dollion Tr: Anthony Dollion 9 Atlessima (Rocklyn - Noblessima) Dr: Julien Dubois Tr: Philippe Moulin 10 Agora (Prodigious - Ibiza des Brisants) Dr: Franck Nivard Tr: Alexandre Buisson 11 Aosta de Lou (Goetmals Wood - Prima Dona de Lou) Dr: Matthieu Abrivard Tr: Laurent Claude Abrivard 12 Agneska (Quaker Jet - Pocahontas) Dr: Gregory Simon Tr: Jean Etienne Dubois 13 Altesse des Brumes (Jasmin de Flore - Fleur de Leau) Dr: Yoann Lebourgeois Tr: Franck Harel by David Sanders, for  

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