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Harness Racing New South Wales is once again rallying its support behind the Women's Cancer Foundation (WCF) and taking part in the Teal Pants promotion. In order to increase the awareness of ovarian cancer, every female driver across the state will be wearing teal coloured driving pants when competing in official races from February 1 to March 11. And, just like last year, every time a reinswoman wins a race in NSW during this period, HRNSW will donate $200 to the WCF with corporate partner Tabcorp matching the donation. In addition, leading female drivers Ellen Rixon, Emma Turnbull and Madi Young are the 2017 driving ambassadors and will wear the WCF silks in all their drives from Wednesday until the end of the campaign. And joining these three drivers as ambassadors will be the state's leading female trainers KerryAnn Turner and Lauren Tritton. This support has been congratulated by HRNSW Chief Executive John Dumesny. "The girls helped raise close to $50,000 towards the Foundation and I would again like to thank all the ladies for getting behind the cause once again," Dumesny said. "HRNSW is proud to support the WCF again and hopefully we can help contribute another significant donation towards funding ovarian cancer research. "The Sky Racing Carnival of Miracles is set to start next week and with some of the Australasia's best reinswomen competing at this time it will mean so much more exposure for the cause." The Women's Cancer Foundation was established in 1996 and is the longest running Foundation dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research in Australia. More than 70 per cent of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will not survive their disease and there is no effective vaccine, early detection test or screening program for ovarian cancer. There will be constant updates on the results of the female drivers on the HRNSW Facebook and Twitter pages.   AMANDA RANDO

Following Harness Racing New South Wales' endless commitment to fight against the use of illegal and banned substances, more than 40 out-of-competition swab samples have been collected over the past two days. These samples were taken from horses that are competing at Tabcorp Park Menangle this Saturday night. This strategy follows tests obtained from horses that were engaged at Penrith last Thursday week and also Tabcorp Park Menangle last Saturday night and HRNSW Integrity Officers will continue collecting more samples according to Chairman of Stewards Graham Loch. "This strategy will be continued in coming weeks as feature meetings and Carnival of Cups race meetings wind up," Loch said. "In addition, whilst our recent focus has been close to Sydney similar visits are planned across the state." For further information please contact Graham Loch at (02) 9722 6600 or AMANDA RANDO

The Orange Harness Racing Club has some big plans for its TAB.COM.AU Carnival of Cups meeting next month. Now that the 'all clear' has been given to switch racing from Highlands Paceway to Towac Park, the Club is making the most of showcasing harness racing on the turf. For the Club's Carnival of Cups meeting on February 12 there will be four $14,000 features with all races to be run in the clockwise direction over the 1609m distance. And to help capture all the action of the day will be renowned racecaller Mark McNamara, the original voice of the Carnival of Cups. Harness Racing New South Wales has worked alongside Racing NSW and the Orange City Council for some time to have this flagship harness racing event moved to Towac Park according to HRNSW chief executive John Dumesny. "The move is about having a presence here (Orange) and the Board (HRNSW) didn't want to see the sport move away from Orange," Dumesny said. "The Orange community suffered from the fact we had to move two meetings to Bathurst last year but we're back and we're very thankful to the Council who showed strong support and also to Racing NSW for allowing us to use Towac Park. "Everyone involved headed by Frank McRae and Kel Winnell should be congratulated for securing racing at Towac Park. "It's about using community assets and multi-using community assets and that's what can happen at Towac Park." Just last Friday local trainers and drivers trialled horses at this thoroughbred racing venue and it was a success according to the state's leading trainer Steve Turnbull. "It (the surface) was just beautiful and smooth," Turnbull said having previously tested out the surface. "I don't think I've even been around a harness racing dirt track as smooth as it was . . . I had a shock, I really did." Orange HRC's will host the first of its two meetings this year on February 5 and Turnbull plans to take a team of horses to both meetings. To view the race program for Orange on February 5 CLICK HERE To view the race program for Orange on February 12 CLICK HERE   AMANDA RANDO

The Turnbull family is one of New South Wales' largest harness racing dynasties and it continues to grow but the place to learn is in the stables at harness racing meetings and that is exactly where Jett Turnbull was on Boxing Night. Previously Jett would not have been admitted entry into the restricted area but he successfully completed the Harness Racing NSW Stable Awareness Course, the first to do so and without any difficulty. Jett passed his induction with HRNSW senior steward Michael Zarb during Bathurst's TAB.COM.AU Carnival of Cups meeting and was later presented his Stable Access Pass by HRNSW Chairman Graham Kelly in front of the big crowd on-course. The National Rules of harness racing prohibits children under the age of 14 years entry into the stable areas for race meetings and trials, however, HRNSW has taken steps to remedy the situation by introducing a Stable Awareness Course. The program allows children between the ages of six and 14 to go into the stabling area during a race meeting whilst supervised by the responsible parent or guardian once they have satisfactorily undertaken the course. "The issue of disenfranchising our participants was recognised by the Board and Management of HRNSW and we set about rectifying the situation but at all times were cognizant of all other relevant issues," HRNSW Chief Executive John Dumesny explained. "Insurance concerns for one have now been remedied by the fact that the children must demonstrate a level of competence with horses, awareness of the surrounds of the stable areas and most importantly there must be an adult who is responsible and accountable for the children's activities whilst in the confines of the stables. "Responsibility was a major issue and it now comes down in order to the parents, the Club officials and finally the Stewards to ensure there are no issues which would curtail this positive change for the children of our family orientated industry. "The HRNSW Board also took action in repealing the national rule in this State but I stress it is not an open door policy, the children must first undertake the course and become accredited otherwise the responsible licensee will come under the notice of the Stewards and the rules," Dumesny concluded. Parents of children aged between six and 14 years of age who wish to have their children undertake the Stable Awareness Course should contact the Integrity Division of HRNSW on 97226600 (Michael Prentice or Jacob Munday) to complete the required documentation and make the necessary arrangements.   AMANDA RANDO

Acting New South Wales Racing Minister Mr. David Elliott today announced the appointment of Mr Peter Nugent as the new Board Member for Harness Racing New South Wales. Mr Nugent has been involved in various capacities within the sport since 1975 and fills the current vacancy on the HRNSW Board until February 2019. A former School Principal, Mr Nugent brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge having served on many harness racing club committees and boards previously. "Peter brings a long-standing interest in harness racing as well as an extensive experience in community activities," HRNSW Chairman Graham Kelly said. "These community activities are across a wide range of platforms but especially with younger people and families. "An important object of the Board is to seek the greater involvement of families in the spectacle of harness racing to which he (Peter) will be a real asset." Mr Nugent is looking forward to his new appointment. "What a privilege and honour it is to be appointed to the Board of HRNSW," Nugent said. "My thanks go to the Board who have placed their trust and faith in my ability to work with them in the interests of the harness racing industry throughout the state. "It is my intention to keep in mind during deliberations all sections of the industry from the breeders, owners, trainers, drivers, administrators and of course our horses. "I am humbled by the appointment but honoured to be part of the team at HRNSW." Harness Racing NSW undertook an exhaustive process, which included calling for applications, a specialist independent panel review and interview of the applicants and finally interviews were undertaken by the incumbent Board Members, prior to Mr Elliott's announcement on behalf of the Racing Minister Troy Grant. Amanda Rando

In October 2016, Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) Stewards commenced an investigation into disqualified person Mr Jackson Painting and the ownership of the registered standardbred ULTIMATE SHELDON NZ after information was received from Harness Racing Victoria (HRV). On 25 October 2016, HRNSW Stewards commenced an Inquiry in relation to this matter. Mr Jackson Painting, Mr Nathan Jack, Ms Amanda Turnbull, Ms Ellen Bartley and Mrs Janet Painting all appeared at the Inquiry. HRNSW Stewards issued the following charges against Mr Jackson Painting: Charge 1   AHRR 259 (1) A disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority or a person warned off cannot do any of the following   -    (a)  associate with persons connected with the harness racing industry for purposes relating to that industry… (h)  participate in any manner in the harness racing industry….  (j)  place, or have placed on their behalf, or have any other interest in, a bet on any Australian harness racing race…. (7)  A disqualified person who fails to comply with this Rule is guilty of an offence and is liable to a penalty. Charge  2 AHRR 245 A person shall not direct, persuade, encourage or assist anyone to breach these rules or otherwise engage in an improper practice. Charge 3 AHRR 187(2) A person shall not refuse to answer questions or to produce a horse, document, substance or piece of equipment, or give false or misleading evidence or information at an inquiry or investigation. Mr Painting pleaded guilty to Charges 1 & 2 and was found guilty of Charge 3. Mr Painting was issued with the following penalties: Charge 1- 12 month disqualification to be served cumulative to the recommencement of the original period of disqualification. In total, Mr Painting is disqualified for a period of 3 years and 3 months from 6 May 2015. Charge 2-      $1000 fine Charge 3- $1000 fine Mr Painting was advised of his right to appeal this decision HRNSW Stewards issued the following charges against Ms Ellen Bartley: Charge 1 AHRR 230 Except with the consent of the Controlling Body a person shall not associate for purposes relating to the harness racing industry with a disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority. Charge 2 AHRR 187(2) A person shall not refuse to answer questions or to produce a horse, document, substance or piece of equipment, or give false or misleading evidence or information at an inquiry or investigation. Ms Bartley pleaded guilty to both charges and was issued with the following penalties: Charge 1- 6 month disqualification to commence immediately Charge 2- $1000 fine Ms Bartley was advised of her right to appeal this decision. HRNSW Stewards issued the following charge against Mrs Janet Painting: AHRR 239A A person whose conduct or negligence has led or could lead to a breach of the rules is guilty of an offence. Mrs Painting pleaded guilty to the charge was issued with a fine of $1000. Mrs Painting was advised of her right to appeal. HRNSW Stewards also issued the following charges against Mr John Pett: Charge 1 AHRR 239A A person whose conduct or negligence has led or could lead to a breach of the rules is guilty of an offence. Charge 2 AHRR 230 Except with the consent of the Controlling Body a person shall not associate for purposes relating to the harness racing industry with a disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority Mr Pett pleaded guilty to both charges and was issued with the following penalties: Charge 1- $1000 Charge 2- 6 month disqualification to commence immediately Mr Pett was also advised of his right to appeal this decision. Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 33 racing clubs across the State.  HRNSW is headed by an industry-appointed Board of Directors and is independent of Government.   To arrange an interview or for further information please contact: Name: Reid Sanders Position: Chief Operating Officer Phone: (02) 9722 6600 Email:

In a dramatic but strategic change in direction Harness Racing New South Wales has successfully secured the Tamworth Showground property thus ensuring uninterrupted racing for the local Club. Following an extended period on the open market the Showground property which is owned by the Tamworth Pastoral and Agricultural Association was open to final offers which closed last Thursday. HRNSW were successful in its bid which was formally accepted by the Tamworth P & A Association executive this week. For harness racing in Tamworth securing the property removed the possibility of a break in racing in the city, had the site been purchased by another owner developer with the planned new facility on the outskirts of the city still not progressed to the development application stage. The purchase is a positive for harness racing in Tamworth, the North West Region and the Industry at large according to HRNSW Chief Executive John Dumesny. "The purchase of the established track site has considerable positives not least that the racing schedule at Tamworth will proceed uninterrupted." Dumesny said. "In securing this site the opportunities are endless especially in the harness racing activities." "I must stipulate the 2017 Tamworth Show will be held on its traditional site . . . the Tamworth Showground on March 24 and 25." "The HRNSW Board has made an immediate commitment to a substantive infrastructure spend on the Showground inclusive of members and public facilities as well as an all weather cover to the existing race stalls." "The ultimate aim is to convert the 200 permanent stables already in place at the track into an accessible training centre for the current and new participants which HRNSW will aim to attract to Tamworth." "Other works and strategies which enhance the productive capabilities for the property will be investigated in due course in consultation with the Board of the Tamworth Club however the priority commitments will be commenced even before settlement on February 1." "Working with both the Tamworth club directors and the Pastoral and Agricultural Association executive in this exercise has been a fulfilling experience and HRNSW looks forward to a cohesive transition in the ownership of the Showground." Dumesny conclude. Tamworth Pastoral and Agricultural Association President Brett Nies predicted the future direction of the Association and the Tamworth Show was encouraging and exciting. "For us, as a group of volunteers the sale is a great outcome as it preserves the recreational use of the Showground and it secures the Associations viability in the long term future for the community of Tamworth." President Brett Nies explained. "We are always looking for new members and volunteers that like to bring new ideas for the Show each year." "This sale opens the door to a new era for the Association and the community, with the show dates moving to September in 2018 to the modern AELEC centre." "We very much look forward to working with AELEC Management and the support offered by the Tamworth Regional Council to reinvigorate the Show which has been conducted for over 145 years on a number of Showground sites in the City." "In accordance with our Constitution the P & A will retain a portion of the property as our base and administration office." Mr Nies concluded. Tamworth Deputy Chairman Robert Betts expressed the positive views of his fellow Board members in relation to the acquisition. "This is an exciting opportunity taken at the right time which will ensure continuity of harness racing in Tamworth, with ownership of a North West facility renewing enthusiasm amongst THRC members." Deputy Chairman Robert Betts stated. "For all of the harness racing community these new and upgraded facilities will ensure the sustainability of harness racing in this region." Mr Betts concluded. Tamworth Regional Council Mayor Col Murray in discussions with HRNSW was fully supportive of the decision made for the continuation of harness racing on the Showground which preserved the proud tradition of the sport in the City on the iconic site and looked forward to further growth in this activity. The immediacy of the offer was due to the closure of the offer period however HRNSW management had been undertaking costs analysis comparisons of the Showground and the green field site and other related industry impacts for some time. Investigations in relation to a valuation on the Showground property as well as heritage and contamination implications have been a prerequisite of the HRNSW discoveries. John Dumesny - Harness Racing NSW Chief Executive p: (02) 9722 6600 or Brett Nies - Tamworth P & A Association President p: (02) 6764 4338        

In September 2016, Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) commenced an investigation into communications between registered owner Mr Harvey Kaplan and licensed trainer/driver Mr Nathan Jack in the period leading up to the Goulburn meeting on 26 January 2015. During this investigation HRNSW has undertaken various investigations including interviews with relevant parties, analysis of the betting relating to the race, certain forensic imaging of mobile telephones and computers. HRNSW has been assisted by Harness Racing Victoria in this matter. Mr Harvey Kaplan was issued with the following charges: Charge 1: Pursuant to Rule 187 (2) Charge 2: Pursuant to Rule 187 (3) Charge 3: Pursuant to Rule 187 (6) These charges related to a direction issued to Mr Kaplan regarding his failure to produce a computer to HRNSW. Mr Kaplan subsequently produced that computer.  Charge 4: Pursuant to Rule 240- Improper Conduct relating to a text message sent to Mr Nathan Jack on 25 January 2015. The charges have been resolved as follows: HRNSW resolved to permanently stay Charges 1-3, on the basis that Mr Kaplan ultimately complied with his obligation to produce the computer, albeit later than directed. HRNSW has satisfied itself that this lateness caused no prejudice to its investigation. Mr Kaplan has pleaded guilty to a breach of Rule 240, in that his text message to Mr Nathan Jack on 25 January 2015 was improper. In determining penalty, the Stewards were mindful of the following factors: Mr Kaplan’s contribution to the industry through various volunteer roles; Mr Kaplan’s record as a considerable owner and breeder within the harness industry; Mr Kaplan’s remorse for the conduct; The nature of the offence, including the effect such conduct has upon the industry.       Stewards ordered the following penalty upon Mr Kaplan for his breach under Rule 240: A fine of $20,000 to be rendered within 21 days That Mr Kaplan shall not participate as an owner of any registered standardbred in races for a period of 12 months effective 7 November 2016. Mr Kaplan’s ownership rights were withdrawn by HRNSW on 7 November 2016 pursuant to Rule 183. Mr Nathan Jack has been issued with the following charges: Charge 1: Pursuant to Rule 240 – Improper Conduct relating to a text message received from Mr Harvey Kaplan and his reply. Charge 2: Pursuant to Rule 246 – In that he has failed to report behaviour that could have cause or is likely to cause a breach of the Rules. This charge is in the alternative to Charge 1. Mr Jack has been issued with a Notice to Show Cause as to why HRNSW should not invoke Rule 183 pending the outcome of the investigation. Mr Jack has until close of business Friday 11 November 2016 to reply. Mr Jack has not been found guilty of any offence and will have an opportunity to reply to and / or defend the charges issued. HRNSW will continue its investigation into this matter. Reid Sanders    

Harness Racing New South Wales has become aware of the use within the Industry of preparations containing the substance Mannitol. There are no registered animal products available in Australia that contains the substance Mannitol. Any such products would need to be dispensed by a treating veterinarian. Although Mannitol, which is a sugar alcohol, can be found in nature produced by a plethora of organisms including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae, lichens, some vegetables and fruit, the resulting levels in a horse would be low. As Mannitol can or may have a diuretic effect on a horse, it would be considered a prohibited substance under the Rules if detected in a sample taken from a horse on the day of a race. HRNSW has been working with the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) on the detection of this substance and will identify/report those samples with high levels for further consideration. Trainers are reminded of Australian Harness Racing Rule 188A (1) (d) which reads: The following are prohibited substances: "An endogenous substance where the concentration of that substance is in the opinion of the Stewards unusual or abnormal." Should any existing samples, including those that have been frozen by HRNSW since 2011, are identified as having high levels of Mannitol these samples will be subject to further investigation by HRNSW, including the impounding of the horse for further studies. The Rules prohibit trainers from possessing or procuring any substance or preparation that has not been registered, labelled, prescribed, dispensed or obtained in compliance with the relevant State and Commonwealth legislation. Trainers carry the absolute liability of presenting their horses to race free of prohibited substances, and therefore the onus in complying with the Rules lies with the trainer. Trainers are hereby placed on notice that the continued use of unregistered products is done so at their own risk. Reid Sanders CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER

The 2016 Annual Report of Harness Racing New South Wales released this week demonstrated increases in key areas of prizemoney, incentives and income whilst also recording a reduction in expenditure. Prizemoney increased to a record high of $32,904,560 and was complimented by breeding incentives of $2,368,274. Total income was $53,095,220 whilst industry expenditure reduced by $806,774. Investment income returned $1,359,913 to the industry, however, $7,074,205 was expended on new infrastructure around the state. The waiving by the Baird/Grant Government of the unjust GHRRA Loan ($918,572) was a welcome relief to the industry. Key initiatives undertaken by HRNSW throughout the year were: Two-Year-Old Review; Tax Parity Strategy; Harnessing Our Future Conference; Menangle Park Training Centre opening; Integrity Strategies. The 2016 HRNSW Annual Report can be viewed here. AMANDA RANDO

Harness Racing New South Wales can confirm that dates for the 2018 MIA Leeton Breeders Plate and future editions have been set. Following consultation with the Leeton Harness Racing Club and other affected clubs, the juvenile feature series will be conducted on the second (heats) and fourth (final) Friday nights of January, when there are four Fridays in a month. When there are five Friday nights in the month of January, the Breeders Plate will be held on the third and fifth Friday nights of the month. These Leeton meetings will be the premier meetings in NSW on those days, even if it falls on Australia Day according to HRNSW chief executive John Dumesny. "There was a requirement to give preference to this time-honoured event and to also provide a constant," Dumesny said. "In scheduling the permanent dates HRNSW can construct the race dates for the industry, especially in the Riverina and for two-year-old racing into the future. "The requirements of other clubs were taken into consideration on a historical basis."   AMANDA RANDO

He was the voice of the Sydney harness racing scene for many years and former racecaller Kevin Thompson was recognised for his contribution to the industry when receiving the Don Clough OAM Appreciation Award. Thompson was surprised when handed the honour at the Arthur J Gallagher Industry Awards Night in Sydney on Saturday evening. “I’m absolutely shocked, I thought I was just coming here to present an Award not to receive one,” Thompson said. “It really is an honour to get this Award. “I’ve been in harness racing ever since I left school and I wanted to be a racecaller all my life. “When you have a job that you love, it’s not a job it’s a hobby.” Previous winners of the Don Clough OAM Appreciation Award include: 2009                            Lynette Phillpott 2010                            John Coffey 2011                            Wally Mann 2012                            Les Camarda 2013                            Richard Earnshaw 2014                            Ross Gigg (posthumously) 2015                            John Tapp Amanda Rando

Administrator Michael Brown was awarded the Harness Racing New South Wales Industry Volunteer Appreciation Award. Brown was more than happy to accept the honour at the Arthur J Gallagher HRNSW Awards Night in Sydney on Saturday evening stating “I’m very shocked.” “I have a passion for what I do . . . I really enjoy trotting and have been involved my whole life.” Brown has carried out many voluntary roles including the preliminary development of the Menangle Park Training Centre, rezoning investigations on various harness racing properties, Council liaison in relation to the upgrade of Penrith Paceway, a Board Member of the NSW Harness Racing Club, a Committee Member of the NSW Owners Association, a delegate to the Harness Racing Clubs Committee and most passionately the driving force behind the NSW Indigenous Drivers Series – J C Caffyn Plate. These voluntary contributions to the Industry have been untaken at various points since 2000. Meanwhile the recipients of the HRNSW Club Volunteer Appreciation Awards were Robert Pettit from the Leeton HRC and Les Peters from the Parkes HRC. These award winners are from nominations received from all race clubs across the state. Amanda Rando

He has only tasted defeat once in his career and Our Waikiki Beach continued his winning record when crowned New South Wales Horse of the Year at the Arthur J Gallagher Industry Harness Racing Awards night in Sydney on Saturday. The NSW Derby winner had nine starts in the state last season resulting in eight wins which was enough to convince the judges, made up of media, to earn 63 per cent of the votes. Owner Trevor Casey was in shock: “He’s an exciting horse and I look forward to him returning to the track over here (Australia),” Casey said. “It’s fantastic to win this Award, I’ll treasure it for life.” Our Waikiki Beach made a clean sweep of awards also being handed the NSW Three-Year-Old of the Year and NSW Three-Year-Old Colt and Gelding Pacer of the Year. Other award winners were: Aquadec NSW Broodmare of the Year – Full Pleasure; Aquadec NSW Sire of the Year – Sportswriter; Bulli HRC NSW 2YO Trotter of the Year – Pegasus Elegance; Cockburn and Co NSW 2YO Filly Pacer of the Year – Shezallapples; Cockburn and Co NSW 2YO Colt and Gelding Pacer of the Year – Astride; Wagga HRC NSW 2YO of the Year – Astride; Bulli HRC NSW 3YO Trotter of the Year – Bacardi Hurricane; Alliance Contractors NSW 3YO Filly Pacer of the Year – Our Dream About Me; Albury HRC NSW 3YO Colt and Gelding Pacer of the Year – Our Waikiki Beach; IntelliTek NSW 3YO of the Year - Our Waikiki Beach; Bulli HRC NSW Aged Trotter of the Year – On Thunder Road; Club Menangle Aged Mare Pacer of the Year – Arms Of An Angel; Club Menangle Aged Entire and Gelding Pacer of the Year – Have Faith In Me; Club Menangle Aged Horse of the Year – Have Faith In Me. Amanda Rando

Bathurst horseman Steve Turnbull was given one of the highest honours when named a Harness Racing New South Wales Living Legend at the Industry Awards Night in Sydney on Saturday evening. Turnbull was recognised for his many achievements in his career including taking out 11 NSW Trainers Premierships. “To be classed up there with Dad and those other great names, it’s a really great honour,” Turnbull said. The 60-year-old has trained and driven winners in most of the state’s feature races and has also tasted success in the two major features, the Inter Dominion and Miracle Mile, with Smooth Satin. This Award is strictly merit based and is not necessarily given each year, in fact the Living Legend Award has not been awarded since 2011. Previous Living Legend Inductees have been: 1998       A D (Tony) Turnbull 1999       W G (Bill) Whittaker (since deceased) 2000       K B (Kevin) Newman 2001       L D (Don) Clough (since deceased) 2002       B P (Brian) Hancock 2004       E F (Eric) Hando (since deceased) 2007       H (Harry) Pearce 2011       C (Colin) Watts Amanda Rando

Given the chance to work alongside some of New Zealand’s best trainers in Barry Purdon and Cran Dalgety is an experience most young harness racing drivers would not pass up. So when Martelle Maguire and Tom Pay had their names called out as the winners of the Junior Driver Encouragement Awards at the Arthur J Gallagher Industry Awards Night in Sydney on Saturday they were ecstatic. Up against four other drivers each, Maguire was crowned with the Lexus of Parramatta Metropolitan Junior Driver Encouragement Award while Pay was the Daily Form Service Country equivalent. Other award winners were: Garrards Horse and Hound Champion Driver – Todd McCarthy; Garrards Horse and Hound Champion Junior Driver – Todd McCarthy; Garrards Horse and Hound Champion Trainer – Steve Turnbull; Garrards Horse and Hound Leading Hobbyist Driver – Wes Komorowski; Garrards Horse and Hound Leading Hobbyist Trainer – David Eurell; Garrards Horse and Hound Leading Trotting Trainer – Blake Fitzpatrick; Garrards Horse and Hound Leading Trotting Driver – Blake Fitzpatrick. Amanda Rando

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