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Harness Racing NSW has today stood down Kristysbeachboy from racing pursuant to Rule 183A. The Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory (ARFL) has advised HRNSW that phenylbutazone and oxyphenbutazone were detected in the urine sample taken from Kristysbeachboy prior to it running in race 1, the CLUB PACEWAY PACE (1720 metres) conducted at Penrith on Thursday 17 July 2014. The “B” sample has been sent to the Racing Analytical Services LTD (RASL) in Victoria for confirmation. Trainer Mr A Attard has been advised and an inquiry will be set once the results of the B sample are known. Acting under the provisions of Rule 183A, it has been determined that Kristybeachboy, the horse subject of the certificate, shall not be nominated or compete in any race until the outcome of an inquiry or investigation. This has immediate effect. Harness Racing New South Wales

Harness Racing NSW commenced an inquiry yesterday into a report received from the Australian Government National Measurement Institute that cobalt above the threshold was detected in a post race urine sample taken from BIEN HOA NZ following its win in race 4, the NTS Pace (1609 metres) conducted at Newcastle on 29 May 2014. The “B” sample and associated control sample were confirmed by the ChemCentre in Western Australia. Mr Hayward did not appear at the inquiry. Charges have been issued against Mr Hayward pursuant to Australian Harness Racing Rules 190 (1), (2) and (4). The inquiry has been adjourned until 11am on Monday 1 September 2014. Harness Racing New South Wales    

HRNSW today launched the Development and Support Program (DASP) for the NSW harness racing industry. This program has been developed to provide industry participants with access to professional assistance for matters affecting their mental wellbeing through a 24 hour a day confidential counselling and advice service. The Program can assist with strategies to deal with your work and life journey and offers short term, solution focussed counselling and advice. The sessions are informal, friendly and focussed on your individual needs. It can be provided face-to-face or over the telephone, whichever is more convenient. The costs associated with this program are covered by HRNSW. HRNSW has engaged Grant Brecht and his company Insight Elite Performance Psychology to deliver this program. All counsellors are qualified, experienced professionals who have extensive training and experience in counselling, coaching and elite sports consultation. They provide similar services to Racing NSW and the NSW Jockeys Association, Sydney Swans AFL club, Sydney Roosters NRL club and Melbourne AFL club. Access to the program can be made directly to Insight Elite Performance Psychology on (02) 9929 8515 or 0403 944 900, or via HRNSW or the UHRA. For further information please visit the HRNSW website at or at the following link, Posters and leaflets will be available at all clubs. Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 31 racing clubs across the State. HRNSW is headed by an industry-appointed Board of Directors and is independent of Government. To arrange an interview or for further information please contact: Name: Reid Sanders Position: Manager - Integrity Phone: (02) 9722 6600 Email: Nancy O'Grady | Executive Assistant | Harness Racing New South Wales |  

Junee trainer Bruce Harpley only has three horses in work currently.  Frith is the star of the team and she has been entered at Tabcorp Park Menangle on Saturday night but Harpley's other two horses, Sokys Bigbullet and Justanotherslippa were able to provide him with his first metropolitan double at Menangle when they won their respective races on Saturday night. "I'm pretty sure that is my first metro training double, it definitely is my first metro training double at Menangle, I've driven a few winners for Bernie Kelly at Harold Park and Menangle but to train a double was very exciting," Harpley said. "What made it even better was that both races were Country Series Finals which means all three of the horses in my stable have won $25,000 feature races in the past couple of weeks which makes it a lot easier to get up and work them in the morning, that's for sure." Sokys Bigbullet proved too strong for short priced favourite Millwood Liberty rating 1:55.6 for the mile. "There was a bit expected of him after he made such a good start to his career but what a lot of people don't know is that he had a soft palate operation last season and it has taken him a while to put it all together." "Actually it has only been in the last month or so that he has really started to feel like his old self again, I have nominated him again for Menangle on Saturday night and then he can have a spell." Justanotherslippa brought up the second win of his career when he took out race six. "It wasn't an overly strong race and I thought it was going to come down to who got the most luck and it all worked out nicely for me." "These country finals are great for us country trainers, up until I won two heats at Bathurst before these finals I had never won a heat, let alone a final so it was nice to win a couple on the same night." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)

Ricky Frearson Appeal Outcome 22 July 2014 by Barbara Scott, Chair of Stewards   Result of appeal held before Deputy President King of the Racing Appeals Tribunal on 17 July 2014. Ricky Frearson Against a 6 month suspension of which 3 months was suspended for a period of 12 months.  This suspension was handed down by stewards after Mr. Frearson provided a urine same, which upon analysis, contained the banned substance 11-nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid (cannabis). Result Penalty varied to 24 weeks suspension of which 3 months was suspended for a period of 12 months.  In varying penalty, the Tribunal took into account the 14 days Mr. Frearson was stood down pending the result of a clear urine sample. Mr. Frearson will resume driving on Tuesday 2 September 2014. Assessor: B. Ewen. HRSA Representative: R. Foureur Appellant Representative: M. Webster. Barbara Scott Chair of Stewards 22 July 2014 Mr Jake Stockton - Cobalt Irregularity Harness Racing NSW yesterday suspended the licence of trainer, Mr Jake Stockton, pursuant to Rule 183. HRNSW has taken these measures after receiving a report from the Australian Government National Measurement Institute that cobalt above the threshold was detected in a post race urine sample taken from COLIN JOHN following its win in race 7, the Reece Plumbing Pace (1755 metres) conducted at Wagga Wagga on 16 May 2014. The “B” sample and associated control sample have been sent to the ChemCentre in Western Australia for confirmatory testing. Trainer Nathan Townsend - TCO2 Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) yesterday conducted an inquiry into a report from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory that Total Carbon Dioxide (TCO2) above the prescribed threshold was detected in a pre-race blood sample taken from THREE POINT TURN NZ prior to Race 1, the Form 700 Pace (1720 metres) at the Young harness meeting on Saturday 5 July 2014. The “B” sample for THREE POINT TURN NZ has been confirmed by Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) in Victoria. Mr Townsend pleaded guilty to a charge under Rule 190(1), (2) & (4) for presenting the horse to race not free of a prohibited substance. Mr Townsend was disqualified for a period of 22 months to commence from 10 July  2014, the date upon which he  was stood down. In considering penalty, Stewards were mindful of the nature of the substance and the levels detected. In addition, Stewards were mindful of the guilty pleas entered and personal subjective facts. Acting under the provisions of Rule 195, THREE POINT TURN NZ was disqualified from the abovementioned race. Harness Racing Australia  

HRNSW met recently with the United Harness Racing Association (UHRA). During that meeting, the UHRA Secretary Mr Wally Mann advised HRNSW that some trainers were concerned that they may be in breach of the Cobalt threshold due to industry rumours about the use of therapeutic substances in the days preceding a raceday. To alleviate any concerns and dispel industry rumours, HRNSW will now publish the results of post race urine samples that have been tested for the presence of Cobalt. The published information will include the date on which the sample was taken, the name of the horse, the trainer and the level of Cobalt at ug/L (micrograms per litre in urine). If an inquiry is pending the name of the horse and the date in which it was collected will not appear and the term "inquiry pending" will be displayed. We further wish to remind trainers that you cannot administer any form of treatment or medication to a horse on the day of the race. If you are unsure as to what constitute treatment or medication you should contact HRNSW Stewards. We further refer you to Australia Harness Racing Rule 193: 193. (1) A person shall not attempt to stomach tube or stomach tube a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event. (2) A person shall not attempt to use or use an atomiser, face mask or other device for the administration of a prohibited substance to a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event. (3) A person shall not administer or allow or cause to be administered any medication to a horse on race day prior to such horse running in a race. (4) Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-rule (3), a person, with the permission of the Stewards may administer or allow or cause to be administered any medication to a horse on race day prior to such horse running in a race. (5) The Stewards shall order the withdrawal from a race any horse that has received any medication in contravention of sub-rule (3). (6) For the purposes of this Rule, medication means any treatment with drugs or other substances. (7) A person who fails to comply with sub rules (1), (2) or (3) is guilty of an offence. In accordance with the AHHR, "Race day" or "day of the race" means the period commencing at midnight on the day of the race for which the horse is nominated and concluding at the time the horse is lawfully removed from the racecourse after competing in the race for which it was nominated. To access the results please click on the hyperlink below: Harness Racing Australia

Effective 1 September 2014, Harness Racing New South Wales will introduce the following policy for horses that are presented to race with an Elevated TCO2 level in plasma greater than 35 mmol/Litre. The Trainer of any horse which records an elevated TCO2 level (above 35 mmol/L) will be required to present that horse on course at an earlier time than otherwise required. The time will vary depending on the status of the meetings. Trainers are reminded to ensure that they review their husbandry practices to ensure that they do not present horses in breach of the Rules. In particular trainers should be cognisant of any additional alkalinising supplements they may be rendering to their horse in the lead up to a race.  Particular Rules of consideration are: Rules 193 (1), (3) (4) which reads: 193.  (1)  A person shall not attempt to stomach tube or stomach tube a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event. (2)  A person shall not attempt to use or use an atomiser, face mask or other device for the administration of a prohibited substance to a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event.  (3)  A person shall not administer or allow or cause to be administered any medication to a horse on race day prior to such horse running in a race. (4)  Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-rule (3), a person, with the permission of the Stewards may administer or allow or cause to be administered any medication to a horse on race day prior to such horse running in a race. Trainers are further reminded that there can be no administration of any medications or substances on the race day prior to the horse running in the race. This includes any injections, stomach tube, oral syringe, tropical application, inhalation or other means including anything placed into the horse other than normal feeding and drinking. Between now and the implementation date of 1 September 2014, any trainer who presents a horse with a TCO2 level greater than 35mmol/Litre will receive notification of such, and be put on notice of the effect of such presentation when the below policy comes into effect. Policy The Trainer of a horse/s which has recorded a TCO2 level greater than 35 mmol/L is to present that horse/s on course earlier than what otherwise may be required, at all meetings for a period of not less than 8 weeks. Where a blood sample collected from a horse has been subsequently analysed and reported to have a plasma total carbon dioxide (TCO2) level at greater than 35mmol/Litre in plasma – the following conditions shall apply; 1. That for a period of 8 weeks following the results of analysis the Trainer of that horse/s shall present it on course in accordance with the following schedule;   (a) At 10.00am on the date on which the Metropolitan race meeting is being conducted at Tabcorp Park Menangle.   (b) No less than 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time in which the horse is entered at all other meetings. 2. Should a Trainer fail to present his horse by the required times the horse shall be withdrawn from the race in which it was scheduled to participate and the Trainer may be subject to penalty. 3. Should the horse be transferred to another Trainer within the period of 8 weeks the  new Trainer, upon application to HRNSW, may have the embargo lifted. 4. HRNSW will publish a list on its website of all horses required to be presented under this policy including the name of the Trainer. Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 31 racing clubs across the State.  HRNSW is headed by an industry-appointed Board of Directors and is independent of Government. To arrange an interview or for further information please contact: Name: Reid Sanders Position: Manager Integrity Phone: (02) 9722 6600 Email:  

Raymond Terrace harness racing trainer Paul Bourke is hoping his two year old filly Always Amy can produce her best in Saturday night's Breeders Challenge Blue Final at Tabcorp Park Menangle. The daughter of Always A Virgin qualified for the Gr. 1 Breeders Challenge final last month but finished last behind Bamako Mali. "Always Amy has plenty of ability and I think you can just forget her run in the Breeders Challenge final because the leaders ran their last quarter in 26 and a half seconds and when you get back in the field and they go like that up front you are never going to get into the finish," Bourke said. "Saturday night's Blue final doesn't have all the depth that the Breeders Challenge had but it still won't be an easy race to win." Always Amy is out of a mare called Breakan Armbro, a daughter of Armbro Operative. "Breakan Armbro has been a handy producer, she has Nuggets Ace and Bennys Ace and now Always Amy." "Always Amy has won two races in her career so far, on both of those occasions I used her early speed to find the front and lead throughout but recently in the stronger races I have been driving her with a sit. I will have a closer look at the race later in the week and work out my tactics then." The whole Breeders Challenge series is now allowing participants to race for good prize money and Bourke is pleased with the set-up. "The time when horses can earn good money is when they are two and three and the way the Breeders Challenge is structured allows owners to get a good return on their investment." "They have the Breeders Challenge, the Breeders Challenge Blue Finals and the Regional Finals as well so it gives everyone a chance to earn a dollar." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)

Harness racing reinsman Gavin Fitzpatrick looks set to bring up another century of winners in a season in his home state of New South Wales        .  The son of leading trainer Paul Fitzpatrick has 97 winners for the season and has two good drives at Tabcorp Park Menangle on Saturday night. "I'm pretty sure I have got to the 100 winners three or four times in the past but I haven't done it for a couple of years," Fitzpatrick said. "Dad is working the same size team as he has in the past but we have just had a really good season, there is a lot of nice horses in the stable that started on good marks and have worked their way through the grades which obviously helps kick along my tally because I don't do a lot of outside driving." Fitzpatrick will drive Breeders Crown placegetter Rogers Passion in race three on Saturday night and was very pleased with her first up performance. "Her run at Penrith was very good, she got a long way back and made up a lot of ground and it was her first run back for a couple of months so I think she should take a lot of benefit from that." "She is paid up for the Breeders Crown this season and she did run second behind Frith in the three year old fillies final last year but we will just see how she progresses at this stage." In race one on Saturday night Fitzpatrick will drive Swift Exit. "He's been racing very well at Penrith and it will be his first run back at Menangle in quite a while. Saturday night will be a little bit harder but if he holds his form he shouldn't be too far away." Fitzpatrick also confirmed that Ocean Diva will not go to Queensland and will now be aimed at the Breeders Crown in Victoria. By Greg Hayes (Courtesy of Harness Racing NSW)  

Inter Dominion and Miracle Mile winner Beautide has been back in work for about a month and trainer James Rattray is confident his stable star is on track to defend his sprint title in November. Beautide has already had a few strong gallops after his month long spell after winning the Len Smith Mile. "I'm extremely happy with him at the moment. He came back from his spell and had put on some condition and looks really strong so I'm looking forward to getting him back to the races," Rattray said. "In saying that, I'm in no rush to get him back. At this stage I think he would only have one or two runs before going around in a race like the Newcastle Mile. I might take him to the trials once or twice as well just to make sure he was ready to go." Fresh from a break in Europe, Rattray is currently only working a small team. "I've only got a few in work at the moment but it is a good time of the year to be working a small team, we got back from Sweden after going to the Elitlopp for ten days and had a really good time." "I got the chance to catch up with some of my American friends who were also in Sweden at the time and there were a few Aussies over there that I spent some time with as well." Rattray drove the Kevin Pizzuto trained Freyberg to victory in Sunday's Free-For-All at Tabcorp Park Menangle. "Freyberg is a really nice horse, he has been racing against some quality horses lately but he proved he is tough horse over the weekend with the win over the 2300 metres." "He loves leading in his races and when he got left alone in front he was always going to be very hard to beat. I think his recent runs have all been pretty good." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)

It has been two years since KerryAnn Turner thought she had trained her first Gr. 1 winner. Blissfull Guy crossed the finishing line first in the 2012 Breeders Challenge Final for two year old colts and geldings but lost it in the stewards room after a protest was lodged by the second horse No Ah Saint. Time has dulled the pain but Turner is still chasing that elusive first Gr. 1 winner and with six individual chances this Sunday at Tabcorp Park Menangle she is hoping this weekend is her breakthrough meeting. "Two years ago it was pretty upsetting but that's racing and you just have to get on with the job, I've got a big team in this Sunday and I have my fingers crossed that this Sunday will be the day that I get my first Gr. 1," Turner said. "Blissfull Guy and Dealer are probably the best chances from my stable but the way the barrier draws have fallen I think most of them have a chance." At just 25 years of age, Turner has been based in Sydney for five years and is thoroughly enjoying the experience of training such a large team. "We have a number of horses in work and that means a lot of work but I'm really happy with how everything is going for us, we have had a great season and there is still a couple of months left to go." "With Robbie (Morris) out injured at the moment it has meant a little bit more work at home and a lot more driving at the races but I have enjoyed it." Blissfull Guy finished fourth in his semi final behind his old sparring partner No Ah Saint on Saturday night. "He did a good job to qualify because of the tempo of the race, he has to be driven quietly but if there is plenty of speed on I can see him being in the finish, he is very consistent." "Dealer finished second on Saturday night and he has won two of his last five so he's at the top of his game." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing Australia)

Talented harness racing reinsman Jarrod Alchin will drive two horses in Breeders Challenge Finals at Tabcorp Park Menangle, two year old gelding Sporty Spook drew barrier one while three year old filly Amanda Von will start from the outside after coming up with gate twelve meaning she will start from ten with the emergencies out. "Sporty Spook has drawn perfectly, he has some options from the good gate because he has the speed to lead or he can take a sit, that decision will be up to David (Kennedy trainer) and we will talk later in the week," Alchin said. "Amanda Von just lacks high speed but she will be suited down to the ground with the distance of the race, if they go hard she'll be running home well, the quicker they go the better." Sporty Spook was impressive beating the older horses at Wagga last week and Alchin was pleased to see the performance after being a little disappointed with his semi final run when he finished fourth behind Ominous Warning. "I thought he was only ordinary in the semi final compared to how he has felt in the past but David did say he might have got away on him in the week so he took him home after the Menangle run and worked him really hard, it obviously worked because his run at Wagga last Friday was great." "I think Ominous Warning is the hardest to beat, he has got the good alley, before the draw I thought there were a few chances but afterwards I think Sporty Spook and Ominous Warning deserve to be the favourites." Alchin trains Monarkmac and he will compete in the Rising Stars Final and will be driven by Nathan Xuereb. "I think Nathan will really suit Monarkmac, he needs to be driven quietly and in these young drivers' races they tend to go very hard and set it up for something from the back so hopefully he gets the right run in the race." "His win two starts ago was really good and he has been working well since." HRNSW

It was poetic that Lex Crosby's two year old filly Read About Lexy drew barrier eight in Sunday's Breeders Challenge Final at Tabcorp Park Menangle. The daughter of Sportswriter is from a family that is now into its eighth generation with the Crosby's and a win on the weekend would be a very emotional one considering the history attached to the breed. "It would be a big day for the whole family if Read About Lexy could win on Sunday afternoon. My father started it all back in 1955 when he bought Winsome Like in foal to Conflagrate and the resultant foal was Rapid Flow," Crosby said. "Rapid Flow fell over at a Fairfield gymkhana with my brother Russell driving and neither of them ever competed again but Dad continued to breed from the family." After the passing of Crosby's parents he made the decision to continue breeding from the mares within the family. "Rapid Flow produced Flowing In and she in turn had Big Sister and after both Mum and Dad had passed away I told the family that I wanted to keep Big Sister and continue the family which I have done." "Big Sister produced Aunty Alice, then Lexy Lobell came along, she had Lexys Laughing and she is the mother of Read About Lexy." When Crosby was born he was the youngest of ten and there are plenty of his family members that will be interested in Sunday's result. "Read About Lexy will have a cheer squad of about ten people trackside on Sunday afternoon but there will be a much bigger contingent tuning into watch or listen to her race because of the family connection." Crosby is the President of the popular country harness racing club at Eugowra and also trains thoroughbreds. After growing up in Sydney, Crosby made the move to Cowra in 1974 and has enjoyed the country lifestyle since. By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)  

HRNSW advises that it will utilise the HRNSW Retention Facility for all horses entered into the Group 1, Pepper Tree Farm NSW Breeders Challenge "Rock N Roll Heaven" 3YO Colts & Gelding Final to be conducted at Tabcorp Park Menangle on Sunday 29 June 2014. All trainers with horses entered for this race will be required to have their respective horses presented to the facility by 10am on Saturday 28 June 2014 and will remain under the supervision of HRNSW until released to the raceday stables 2 hours prior to the race. Horses may enter the facility prior to the imposed deadline, by making prior arrangements with HRNSW. If you've any questions please contact the Integrity Department of HRNSW. HRNSW  

Frith will compete in her first Gr. 1 this season on Sunday June 29th at Tabcorp Park Menangle when she starts a short priced favourite in the Breeders Challenge for four year old mares. The multiple Gr. 1 winner won her semi final on Saturday night but trainer/driver Bruce Harpley confirmed he was worried during the race and was pleased when she got to the winning post. "She always worries me because she likes to have horses around her and I was at her a fair way from home to keep her mind on the job," Harpley said. "Once she could sense Priceless Gem was on her outside she switched on and the best she felt during the entire race on Saturday night was in the last twenty metres." Harpley will not start his star mare this weekend believing she has done enough to be at her peak. "She has had to do a fair bit of work in the runs she has had this season, she hasn't really had a soft run yet plus I gave her a good hit-out at the Wagga trials last weekend so I'm pretty confident that she will be as good as I can get her in the Breeders Challenge final." While the barriers for the semi-finals were drawn using a preferential system, the final will be random. "I think that is the best way to do it, a lot of the lower class mares may not nominate for the semi finals if they were a chance of drawing the outside but I like the idea of it being random once the final comes around." "The Paul Fitzpatrick trained mare Grin For Miss was impressive in the other semi and she does possess some gate speed so if she drew underneath me it would be a good race for the early lead and Priceless Gem was very good in finishing second behind Frith last week too." Frith will be attempting to win her second Breeders Challenge after winning it last year as a three year old filly. By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)

Since the talented Hunter Valley trained pacer Ultimate Art resumed as a four year old his trainer Michael Formosa has had one target in mind, the Breeders Challenge. After competing in the finals as a two and three year old but finishing unplaced Formosa is hoping for a change of luck this time around. "He still has to qualify by running in the first five on Saturday night in the semi final but everything I have done with him this season has been with the Breeders Challenge as his main goal," Formosa said. "Ultimate Art finished fourth as a two year old behind No Ah Saint and then put in a very disappointing run as a three year old and ran seventh behind Home Of The Brave but it had been a very tough time for the family in the lead up last year because my wife's father passed away." Formosa has steered away from mile racing recently and has concentrated on stretching his Gr. 1 winner over a longer trip. "He was probably a bit one dimensional as a younger horse, he had to lead or sit outside them to produce his best but he has developed as he has aged and I've been teaching him to sit and sprint and he has really taken to it." "I've spaced his runs which should ensure that he is right to go and while I did consider giving him a run last weekend I was mindful that it would mean he would have to race three consecutive weeks which might have been a big ask." Ultimate Art last raced on May 24th but has had the benefit of recent trialling. "He has trialled twice this month, the first of them was super because he ended up recording a 1:54.5 mile at Newcastle and then last week he led and I was happy with what he did." "I will see how he goes in the Breeders Challenge and if he is still feeling ok I might think about taking him to Queensland for the 4 Year Old Championships, but there is a bit of water to go under the bridge between now and then." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)  

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