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Harness Racing Victoria's Teal Pants Promotion has raised $7600 for the Women's Cancer Foundation - Ovarian Cancer Institute. All reinswoman in Victoria are wearing teal pants for the month of February and until March 7 and HRV is donating $200 per Teal Pants win to the Women's Cancer Foundation - Ovarian Cancer Institute. Check out our Teal Pants scoreboard on Facebook TEAL PANTS PREMIERSHIP (winners from Feb 1) Jodi Quinlan 7 Kerryn Manning 5 Courtney Slater 4 Kate Gath 3 Emma Hamblin 3 Amanda Turnbull 3 UPCOMING TEAL PANTS RUNNERS Today at Yarra Valley R1: Virgil Hilts (Lisa Miles), Glamour Art (Alison Chisholm). R4: Mont Morley (Rebecca Bartley). R5: Nevaeh (Rebecca Bartley), Popeye Village (Maddie Ray). R6: Glenhuggard (Cassandra Troon). R8: Thunder Fee (Lisa Miles). Tomorrow at Echuca R1: Black Jasmin (Rebecca Bartley). R2: Our Glacier Girl (Amanda Turnbull). R3: Sans Frontiere (Carmel Belot). R4: Tennaya (Donna Castles), Bromac Del Mar (Amanda Turnbull), Tyco (Rebecca Bartley). R5: Three Dee Delight (Amanda Turnbull), Our Star Dust (Rebecca Bartley). R6: Turnoffate (Rebecca Bartley), Brother Rabbit (Donna Castles). R8: Donoson (Rebecca Bartley), Countdown (Donna Castles). Wednesday at Maryborough R1: Miss Cosmos (Anne-Maree Conroy), Gaelic Lass (Kerryn Manning), Ruby Victory (Debra Wicks-Moss), Lelisgirl (Rita Burnett), Majestic Mirage (Michelle Wight). R2: Ithappensinvegas (Michelle Wight), Our Sir Ivanhoe (Kerryn Manning), Gotta Bonus (Rita Burnett), Box Lu Cove (Rebecca Bartley). R3: Lisandros (Tina Ridis), Sir Macs Man (Jodi Quinlan), Kimama (Kerryn Manning), Sketchman (Michelle Wight). R4: Stylish Ruler (Kerryn Manning), Not Another De Jay (Lisa Miles), Catch A Ruby (Simone Walker). R5: Arthur Henry (Rebecca Bartley). R6: Katelin Brooke (Debra Wicks-Moss), Lady Mackendon (Kerryn Manning), Frances Annie (Michelle Wight), Morning Fawlty (Simone Walker). R7: Lierre Noir (Amy Tubbs), Wheatsheaf Avaball (Denbeigh Wade). R8: French Lesson (Rebecca Bartley), Soho Madonna (Kerryn Manning), Gemofabreeze (Lisa Miles), Glenferrie Arch (Jodi Quinlan). Wednesday night at Mildura R1: Dontbefoolish (Ellen Tormey), On Thevillagegreen (Kate Attard). R3: Laforce (Ellen Tormey). R4: Done And Dusted (Ellen Tormey), Oldmatefromthebush (Kylie Hughes). R5: Hayabusa Flyer (Ellen Tormey), Ya Bowen Delight (Kylie Hughes). R6: Wrinkle Knutt (Ellen Tormey), Graceful Art (Emma Hamblin). R7: Tirano Bliss (Kate Attard), Saabrina Miss (Ellen Tormey). R8: Tipperary Seelster (Ellen Tormey). HRV Media

In a terrific effort, Harness Racing Victoria’s Teal Pants promotion scoreboard has hit $4000! Popular reinswoman Courtney Slater drove Goodtime Alltime to victory at Terang last night to become the 20th Teal Pants winner since February 1, meaning HRV’s donation to the Women’s Cancer Foundation – Ovarian Cancer Institute has ticked up to $4000. The governing body is donating $200 for every reinswoman who wins a race between February 1 and March 7. The ever-growing list includes: TEAL PANTS WINNERS TO DATE (Date, venue, horse/driver, tally) 2-Feb Yarra Valley - Call Me Spartacus      Amanda Turnbull 200.00 3-Feb Mildura - One Knight Stand                 Emma Hamblin 400.00 3-Feb Mildura  - One Minutetodream            Kimberly Talent 600.00 3-Feb Mildura - Woodlea Cosmos                 Emma Hamblin 800.00 4-Feb Bendigo - Chumlee                               Amanda Turnbull 1,000.00 5-Feb Charlton - Su You Too                         Lisa Miles 1,200.00 5-Feb Charlton - Ryder                                    Courtney Slater 1,400.00 5-Feb Geelong - Mister Mundaka                  Kate Gath 1,600.00 6-Feb Shepparton - Yerrington Bob               Amanda Turnbull 1,800.00 6-Feb Shepparton - Lombo Flashlight           Jodi Quinlan 2,000.00 7-Feb Tabcorp Park - Arden Rooney             Kerryn Manning 2,200.00 7-Feb Tabcorp Park - Christmas Jolt                Kerryn Manning 2,400.00 9-Feb Warragul - Illawong Moonshine           Jodi Quinlan 2,600.00 9-Feb Warragul - Evil Trickster                         Emma Hamblin 2,800.00 9-Feb Warragul - Caesar Supreme                Gaita Pullicino 3,000.00 9-Feb Warragul - Intergalactic                         Jodi Quinlan 3,200.00 10-Feb Swan Hill - Opia                                    Rita Burnett 3,400.00 11-Feb Kilmore - Lots More Art                       Lisa Miles 3,600.00 11-Feb Kilmore - Sir Macs Man                       Jodi Quinlan 3,800.00 11-Feb Terang - Goodtime Alltime                  Courtney Slater 4,000.00 - HRV Media

An investigation, commenced by the Harness Racing Victoria Stewards’ Department, and continued by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit of Victoria Police, culminated yesterday in Victoria Police advising that criminal charges have been issued against licenced harness racing trainers Shayne Cramp and Greg Cramp. Upon receiving this advice, HRV Stewards have invoked the provisions of Australian Rule of Harness Racing 183 and suspended the licences of Shayne and Greg Cramp with immediate effect. No horse trained or owned by Shayne or Greg Cramp is able to race or trial. HRV Stewards have ordered the scratching of all of Shayne Cramp’s runners engaged at the Mildura meeting tonight. Any change of trainer requests from owners who have been impacted by these events must be approved by HRV. Shayne and Mr Greg Cramp have also been excluded under ARHR 15(1)(e) from attending any harness racing racecourse. HRV CEO John Anderson said: “It is important that the tireless work of Integrity Manager Andy Rogers is recognised. He initiated this exercise almost a year ago and has maintained a confidential vigilance throughout. I also commend the Chairman of Stewards Neal Conder and his panel for their ongoing contribution to the investigation. “I also wish to acknowledge the extensive commitment, dedication and tireless efforts of the whole team at the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit led by Detective Sergeant Kieran Murnane.” HRV respect the matters are now before the court and will be limiting any further comment. Harness Racing Victoria

Although rumours, and some facts, have already surfaced, names of the five Victorian harness racing participants arrested this morning cannot be released. Victoria Police confirmed raids were made on five properties during the early hours, with men arrested at each establishment. Two of the five – one from Merbein and another from Birdwoodton – have been charged, with the other three released pending further enquiries. The charged pair have been released on bail and are set to appear in the Mildura Magistrates’ Court on May 6. Even after being charged, the alleged offenders cannot be named until they appear in court. The five are alleged to have manipulated race odds and driving practices to achieve a desired outcome. After receiving information from Harness Racing Victoria, the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit and Mildura Crime Investigation Unit completed a year-long investigation before making the raids. A number of items, including documents, have been seized from the properties, with more charges expected to be laid by tomorrow morning. Speaking at a press conference, HRV chief executive John Anderson stated the raids were further indication corrupt behavior will not be accepted within the industry. “This is the first investigation of its kind that’s got to this outcome and has been a co-operative effort,” Anderson said. “It began with HRV commencing an investigation based on some information flowing through to a criminal investigation, so that’s a really strong statement for the harness racing industry that we’re prepared to go to those levels. “All credit to our officers and the police, who have kept it so tight from a confidentiality point of view, which is important in such an investigation.” Superintendent Peter Bringham is confident the alleged race fixing ring is confined to the Mildura region, which was echoed by Anderson. “It’s believed this is an isolated matter,” Bringham said. “It’s specifically focused on two races that were actually at Mildura. “Match and race fixing is a crime and the police will actively pursue to target and disrupt this crime right across the state.” “In the context in the size of the industry, this is only a very small part…but it does give us just a lever to have a look a bit further afield and see what else can be uncovered,” Anderson declared. “It’s confined for the Mildura region, so as it stands now, I don’t think it is wide spread.” If found guilty under various sections of the Crimes Act, the men face up to 10 years imprisonment. PAUL COURTS

Victoria Police officers have raided the properties of top Australian harness racing figures over their alleged involvement in a race-fixing scandal. The Monday morning raids have targeted the racing operations of the Cramp family in Mildura. Shayne Cramp is one of the state's leading harness racing drivers, while both he and his father Greg also run a major training operation as well. Fairfax Media was to publish an investigation about the pair's links to suspect betting activities and alleged corruption a fortnight ago, but was requested by police to stall publication. The Fairfax Media investigation can reveal that Shayne and Greg Cramp are alleged to be involved in a suspected illegal betting syndicate that has been attempting to manipulate the outcome of races for several months. No other members of their family are alleged to be involved. Fairfax Media is seeking comment from the Cramp family. Click this link to read the full article written by Nick McKenzie Richard Baker Matt Taylor in The Sydney Morning Herald

If you build it, they will come... Harness Racing Victoria have hit a home run, not too dissimilar to one of the homers hit by the baseballers in the legendary Kevin Costner movie involving cornfields and ghosts, by changing the summer calendar and launching the TAB Summer of Glory carnival. The TAB Victoria Cup field tonight is packed with stars and more than one trots pundit believes it to be the greatest and most competitive Victoria Cup field that's been seen in the modern era.   TAB VICTORIA CUP Saturday night, January 31. Group 1, 2240m, mobile start. 9.32pm   1: LENNYTHESHARK ($9) “He’s drawn perfectly. He’s second-up from a spell and ran a terrific race first-up in the Shepparton Cup. You don’t want them at 100 per cent first-up and he’ll improve significantly with that run under his belt. Chris (Alford) has options from the draw, so we’ll leave that up to him. Philadelphia Man got away from him at the turn at Shepparton and on the line we were on his wheel.” - David Aiken (trainer)   2: FRANCO LEDGER ($21) “He’s great, we’re really happy with him. He’s in the zone at the moment and we’re drawn well. I’d be really happy to be three back the pegs in the run, but one-out and three-back would be fine too. The quicker they go up front the better it’ll be for us.” - Geoff Webster (trainer/driver)   3: BEAUTIDE ($3.2) “Really happy with how he’s going. He’s trained well and we’re pretty confident he’s better than he’s been all season. He’s had some good trials and has got a good draw. He’ll come out quick; he’s got really good gate speed.” - James Rattray (trainer/driver)   4: PHILADELPHIA MAN ($6) “He was a little bit fresh at Shepparton and he’ll strip fitter for the run. He’s worked terrific during the week. I think he brought himself undone a bit by over-racing last week. I’m happy with gate four. We can run our own race.” - Emma Stewart (trainer)   5: IM CORZIN TERROR ($81) “We’re really happy with his work. The draw’s a bit unfortunate; we’d like to swap his draw with Chilli’s. Some people are putting him down but I think he’s the forgotten horse. You look at his run at Kilmore in the Cup when he gave Guaranteed a start and was running on strongly for second.” - Amanda Grieve (trainer)   6: CHRISTEN ME ($6) “They will fly the gate and from our barrier we are half in and half out, so Dexter will most likely come out and sit in the middle of the track until the dust settles. From then on we are aiming to position up in the front half of the field rather than the back half.” - Cran Dalgety (trainer)   7: TERROR TO LOVE ($16) “We’re getting used to these barrier draws now! It is what it is … I think he’ll come into it later on. It’s the first of a lot of big races coming up. Thinking he’ll just go back and try to work into it at the right time. Everyone sort of forgets how good a sprint he’s got when he’s saved for one go.” - Paul Court (co-trainer)   8: CHILLI PALMER (1EM) ($51) “Absolutely thrilled with Chilli, we’ve just got to hope he gets a start. We’re very happy with how he’s come back.” - Amanda Grieve (trainer)   9: DAVID HERCULES ($41) “I give him a huge chance. We’re not going to have to do half the work a few of the others will have to do. He’s apparently travelled very well.”  - David Thompson (trainer)   10: GUARANTEED ($4.8) “His form’s been terrific and he’s come through every run better and better. His work has been terrific.” - Emma Stewart (trainer)   11: FOR A REASON ($41) “We were disappointed he pulled at Horsham (in the Cup) and then off 30m with those sectionals last week he had no hope. He’s come on good since that run and he’ll benefit from it. This is a tougher Victoria Cup than last year though. This is probably the best cup field in years. We’ll drive him like last year; come with one run. We’d be thrilled if he ran a place.” - Luke McCarthy (driver)   12: ADORE ME ($10) “Adore Me is training very well and we’re pretty excited going into the Victoria Cup. She has travelled really well and it’s a pleasure to be involved with her.” - Duane Marfisi (stable assistant with Mark Purdon)   13: RESTREPO ($41) “We’re hoping he’s getting home well and finishing it off strongly. The draw makes it a bit tricky.” - Emma Stewart (trainer)   ACCESS THE MARKET FOR THE TAB VICTORIA CUP   $200,000 FIRST 4 JACKPOT Tomorrow night's TAB Victoria Cup will carry a $200,000 First 4 pool guarantee. There is also a special bonus offer for TAB customers this weekend. Have a fixed odds win bet on the Group 1 TAB Victoria Cup or the Group 1 Hunter Cup, with your TAB account or TAB rewards card, and if your horse runs second or third, you'll score a Bonus Bet up to $50 or equivalent TAB Rewards points. Bet at the track, your local TAB outlet, via the TAB smart phone app or online at   WIN A $50 TAB VOUCHER Here’s your chance to win a $50 TAB Voucher. To enter, tell us who you think will win the TAB Victoria Cup on Saturday night. All entrants that pick the winner will go into a random draw and whichever lucky entrant is drawn, wins the $50 TAB Voucher! Entries must be in by no later than 8:30pm on Saturday night 31 January. Must be over 18 years of age to enter. Email with the subject WIN.  The winner will be notified via email on Tuesday.

Throughout December 2014 and January 2015, Harness Racing Victoria Stewards and veterinarians have been collecting out of competition blood samples from yearlings scheduled to be sold at the upcoming Australian Pacing Gold (APG) Sales in Melbourne on Sunday 1 February 2015. Samples have been collected from approximately 1/3 of the 210 lots to be sold at the sales. All blood samples collected have been subjected to testing by Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) on their newly expanded steroid screening test, which covers over 40 targets, and is understood to be the most comprehensive screening test in operation in Australia. RASL report that all of the analysed samples are clear of steroids. HRV wish to acknowledge the significant support of APG in assisting HRV’s efforts to ensure compliance with the national harness racing rules, introduced in May 2014, which banned the use of steroids at all times.  Harness Racing Victoria

The anticipation ahead of Saturday night’s Victoria Cup is palpable. Tabcorp Park Melton will be the grand stage as 12 genuine harness racing top liners compete for summer Group One glory, with $400,000 on the line over 2240 metres. Barring any eleventh-hour misfortunes, the general consensus is nine of the 12 Victoria Cup spots have been locked away and the remaining three holes will be filled with runners from a group of five contenders. You can’t fit five horses into three spots, so there will be at least two hard-luck stories when the field is revealed ahead of the barrier draw tomorrow morning. And there will almost certainly be a host of other horses who in previous years would be lining up in the Victoria Cup, but will this year miss out. The ‘locks’ are said to be Guaranteed ($4.50), Philadelphia Man ($5.5), Beautide ($5.5), Adore Me ($7), Christen Me ($6), Terror To Love ($8), Im Corzin Terror ($51), For A Reason ($26) and David Hercules ($26). The other five – also known as “lineball runners” - are believed to be Franco Ledger ($18), Suave Stuey Lombo ($51), Avonova ($41), Lennytheshark ($10) and Restrepo ($26). And then there are the likely ‘hard luckers’, consisting of Chilli Palmer ($51), Arden Rooney ($101), Bit Of A Legend ($101), Flaming Flutter ($101), Blazin N Cullen ($201), Chancellor Cullen ($201), Cold Major ($201), Easy On The Eye ($201), Mach Alert ($201) and Monifieth ($201). There will be much debate all week about just where this field stacks up in the list of “all-time great Victoria Cup fields”. However, when you consider the quality and form of the runners who will miss a start in the race, it’s not hard to mount an argument that this race has the makings of an absolute classic. Let the debate about who should get into the field and why begin – and let the countdown to the field of dreams continue. This is going to be fun. JOIN THE DISCUSSION ON TWITTER: TWEET YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT WHO SHOULD BE IN THE VICTORIA CUP AND WHY TO @HRVNEWS WITH THE #SOG HASHTAG. HRV Media

American trotter Real Babe will make her Australian harness racing debut at Shepparton on Saturday night. Prepared by Jayne Davies, Real Babe will contest the Group Three George Gath, which has attracted a stellar field. The mare has had two trials ahead of her Down Under debut, finishing second at her most recent hit-out at Tabcorp Park Melton on Monday. To be driven by Anthony Butt, who has partnered the daughter of Donato Hanover at both trials, Real Babe’s task has been made tough by drawing gate seven – the outside of the front row. Real Babe is here for the Great Southern Star on March 7, one of two international invitees for the series. Star local Spidergirl will resume after a five-month break for trainer David Aiken. Last season’s dominant squaregaiter, with victories in the Vicbred and Breeders’ Crown Finals, Spidergirl will begin from the inside of the second row. With quick beginner Flying Isa drawn the pole, Spidergirl is likely to enjoy the perfect trip along the pegs. In a terrific coup for the Victorian industry, all trot races at Shepparton will be broadcast live into France for wagering purposes. Harness Racing Victoria will receive a product fee for beaming the action into the world's biggest trotting market. HRV Media

Leading Summer of Glory player Christen Me scored an all-the-way win in tonight's harness racing $50,505 Group 2 Petstock Bendigo Pacing Cup. The Cran Dalgety trained Kiwi superstar cleared out late for reinsman Dexter Dunn in the 2650m race, clocking a 54.1-second last half after being unchallenged in front mid-race, scoring a 14.1-metre win over runner-up Smudge Bromac. First-up since finishing second to Terror To Love in a stirring Cranbourne Pacing Cup on December 6, Christen Me – the winner of last year's Miracle Mile in Sydney and the reigning Hunter Cup champion – will be hard to beat in the Victoria Cup on January 31. Dunn was typically cool throughout tonight’s contest despite concession reinsman Zac Phillips pulling the first surprise off the arm and dashing to the lead from gate seven aboard outsider Hall Of Famer. The son of Christian Cullen quickly assumed the front with Hall Of Famer snaring the leader’s back. Im Corzin Terror and driver Alex Ashwood got mobile early and worked around to find the breeze before more moves came as the pace slowed. Chilli Palmer (Chris Alford), first-up from a spell, eased back to last early and the slow speed didn’t suit his cause. However, the son of Elsu was the eye-catcher of the race, launching home out wide in the home straight to just miss second in a photo-finish. His late splits will be super and many punters will pencil him into their black book. Smudge Bromac (Nathan Jack) produced a big run in second, the nine-year-old David Aiken trained entire the first of Aiken’s four cup runners over the line (Cold Major fifth, Wartime Sweetheart sixth and Jaccka Clive ninth). Bendigo Cup Finishing Order 1: Christen Me 2: Smudge Bromac 3: Chilli Palmer 4: Im Corzin Terror 5: Cold Major 6: Wartime Sweetheart 7: Uncle Wingnut 8: Jaccka Clive 9: Hall Of Famer Group 2 Petstock Bendigo Pacing Cup by Cody Winnell Courtesy of Harness Racing Victoria

Harness Racing Victoria has stated it welcomes the announcement by Victorian Racing Minister Martin Pakula of an audit into the governing body. The audit, to be conducted by Dale Monteith, was part of the Labor Government’s election commitment to Keep Victorian Racing Strong. HRV chairman Ken Latta declared the board and management will co-operate with the audit in every possible way and will implement any recommendations from the findings, which are due to be revealed on March 31. “Mr Monteith is highly respected as a leading racing administrator, especially for his leadership at the VRC, Australia’s leading racing club, and for his subsequent reviews of the Tasmanian and Northern Territory racing industries,” Latta said. “The Board is continuously critically reflecting on how we can make harness racing in Victoria stronger. “Whatever findings and innovations that result from Mr Monteith’s work will provide further ideas for us to pursue. “The Minister, the Board and now Mr Monteith, all have a common goal; to make Victorian Harness Racing as successful as it can possibly be.” PAUL COURTS

Harness Racing Victoria will commit an additional $10,000 prizemoney to Ballarat and District Trotting Club’s Boxing Day fast class race to help the club secure a quality field. In a bonus for the club, star pacer Beautide has been touted as a likely starter, with chief executive Paul Rowse stating trainer Emma Stewart has indicated she will have some horses in the race. Following the disappointment of the club’s Pacing Cup being decimated by late scratchings last weekend, HRV has worked closely with the club to make sure the Boxing Day meeting a not-to-be-missed event. Along with bolstering stake money for the C7 or Better race to $16,505, patrons can enjoy free entry, a host of trackside entertainment, including children’s activities and live music, and a special two-for-one dining offer in the Terrace Restaurant. “We want to see a huge crowd there supporting the local club. Paul Rowse and his team work extremely hard. They’re one of the best country clubs in Victoria and hopefully the patrons who left feeling disappointed on Ballarat Cup night can turn out and have a great night at the trots,” HRV’s Brett Boyd said. Rowse declared it was important the industry won back the trust of patrons who left Bray Raceway feeling flat after the Pacing Cup night fiasco. “Harness racing people are resilient people, but what I’m sure of is we’ll have a big crowd on Boxing Night,” Rowse said. "HRV have been fantastic and we've been working closely with the marketing team there to help ensure the Boxing Night meeting is a big success. “It’ll be great if we can attract some of the stars of the summer which didn’t end up competing in the Cup. “Beautide was obviously taken out of the field during the week and it’d be great to see him come to Ballarat and compete in front of a big crowd.” HRV Media

Rumours, innuendo, finger pointing, blame… has all been flying thick and fast in harness racing circles since Saturday night’s fiasco at Ballarat. For those who were in a coma, or living in a cave, Harness Racing Victoria measured the width of numerous sulkies throughout the night, with some found to breach the national rules for size. Harness Racing Australia’s specifications allow for sulkies to be between 120 and 130 centimetres wide, however, the ‘illegal’ sulkies were measured at 135 centimetres. After discovering the fact, stewards advised trainers they could not use the sulkies and gave them the option to find a replacement. Some found alternate sulkies while others chose to scratch their runners. Sadly, the scratchings involved six of the 10 runners in the Group One Ballarat Cup. It should be noted, of the trainers who did borrow sulkies, several complained their horses didn’t race up to expectations as a result! As for the rumours and various versions of events, one involves Harness Racing Australia having knowledge of the illegal sulkies for weeks, but failing to act upon the information. While HRA had been informed of the possible breaches priority to Saturday, it wasn’t a matter of weeks, nor is it up to the authority to take action. In fact, HRA’s responsibility stops at informing the stewards of the ‘tip off’. “HRA’s involvement is nothing more than setting the rules on the various specifications for sulkies,” chief executive Andrew Kelly explained. “Every new sulky is tested vigorously to meet the standards before being cleared for racing in Australia. If the manufacturer makes any alterations to the approved design, the process has to be repeated, it isn’t automatically approved. “Like any rumour in the industry that is reported to HRA, we pass it on to the authorities for them to take action. “HRA doesn’t employ stewards, we set the rules which are enforced by the stewards. If we get a tip off, it is not our job to work it out, we pass it on to the stewards. “As for the size of the sulkies, the rules on the width haven’t changed for 20 years, maybe longer, so at any time the stewards could check a sulky, no different to helmets, whips, vests and so on. “It has been determined that in the interests of all industry participants, the UFO Alien sulky’s approval be temporarily suspended, effective immediately - prohibiting the ordering, sale and delivery of such sulkies without the express written permission of HRA. “Frank Ranaldi from UFO Sulkies has been very co-operative in investigating how those with the wrong specifications got onto the market.” That brings us to the stewards, who have been the subject of severe backlash…some justifiably so according to HRV chief executive John Anderson. “I have a view that HRV should have advised the trainers in advance that we were paying close attention to the size of sulkies based on some intelligence received,” Anderson declared. “Stewards get a lot of rumours that they choose to look into and after receiving intelligence certain sulkies were oversized they investigated. “I am disappointed with the communication between the stewards and participants. This is something the board is taking very seriously and has asked the integrity council to look into ways of improving the communication.” Despite his belief prior warning should have been issued to trainer, Anderson’s response to the view stewards should have overlooked the breach for the sake of the stellar program was clear. “Once the stewards detected the sulkies were in breach of the rules they had no choice but to stop them from being used,” Anderson said. “The Chairman of Stewards had no alternative but to instruct those trainers to seek alternatives.” It has also been suggested Anderson, or chairman Ken Latta, should have overruled chief stipe Neal Conder rather than tarnish the meeting and damage harness racing’s public perception. “I would not overrule a stewards’ determination where rules had been breached,” Anderson said. “Rules are there for a reason and cannot be overlooked. “Once you go down that path, you open the door to let another slight breach pass, then another and another…a breach is a breach!” Anderson also quashed rumours the stewards were pressured into checking the sulkies by the Victorian Government, despite a member of the Racing Integrity Commission’s office attending the meeting. “That is not correct,” Anderson declared. “There was an official from the Racing Integrity Commission there, who was randomly observing the stewards. “It was purely coincidental he was there on the night stewards checked the sulkies…he was there to observe the stewards as does happen from time to time. “Our steward who observes gear was rostered on Thursday and checked several sulkies, which all cleared, his next rostered meeting just happened to be Ballarat on Saturday night, which had nothing to do with who was at the track and who wasn’t.” PAUL COURTS

No matter which way you look at it, harness racing in Victoria was the big loser tonight. In what has been described as a “totally unprofessionalism”, Harness Racing Victoria stewards have prevented several trainers from using their UFO sulkies, which led to a host of scratchings - including six of the 10 runners in the Group One Ballarat Cup. While the vast majority of participants accept the specific sulkies fail to meet Harness Racing Australia specifications, it is the handling of the situation which has infuriated trainers, drivers and owners alike. Despite being made aware of the use of the specific sulkies, which are five centimetres wider than permitted, earlier in the week, HRV stewards failed to notify trainers ahead of the popular meeting. In fact, stipes began measuring the sulkies after horses entered the parade ring for the first event. “We were here about an hour before the first, but the stewards decided to check the sulkies after we were in the parade ring,” trainer Marg Lee declared. “It is an absolute disgrace. “My horse (More Than Modern) was uncomfortable in the replacement sulky, was hitting the wheel, and as such, got fired up which cost him the chance to race truly. “You bust your gut working horses to get to the races and then cop this…is there any wonder why people are getting out of the game?” Widely-regarded as the finest reinsman produced in Australasia, Gavin Lang lashed out at stewards for their lack of foresight and handling of the situation. “Stewards wonder there is no respect coming from participants when they do things like this,” Lang said. “They knew they were going to do this, but never told us. “I’m very disillusioned with the process and it’s another case of the stewards being on one side of the fence and we’re on another. “It is ridiculous…is there any other industry in the world where they don’t go through the due process before making these calls?” Prominent trainer Emma Stewart’s four Ballarat Cup entrants were scratched from the Group One – including the favourite Guaranteed - which has left her contemplating legal action. “This is beyond a joke,” Stewart declared. “This is why Victoria is so far behind the rest of Australia. “We won the last race at Melton last night using one of these sulkies, then find out once we get here we can’t use it tonight. “If they had of told us during the week we could have made some arrangements…There will definitely be legal action.” Leading trainer David Aiken had Cold Sister scratched from the Group One V L Dullard Cup, while Thanesan contested the feature only to race out of his comfort zone. “If the sulkies are too wide, fair enough, but they knew about this days ago and decide to tell us tonight at the track, it is unprofessional,” Aiken said. “Thanesan raced in one of the sulkies a week ago and was perfect, tonight he was bolting for Gavin as he kept hitting the wheel.” Chief steward Neal Conder confirmed he was aware of the issue with the sulkies earlier in the week, stating he had ordered inspections last Thursday. “I was informed by HRA during the week of concerns some UFO sulkies were wider than allowable,” Conder said. “I informed our steward who looks after gear that when next at races to measure the sulkies. “He measured them Thursday and there was no issue, then we measured them before the first race tonight and found that some weren’t compliant with the HRA specifications. “Trainers were only told tonight. We didn’t expect given the results on Thursday to find any that were outside regulations. “We are bound by HRA specifications and it is our job to ensure that our participants adhere to those standards.” HRV chief executive John Anderson stated he is “disappointed with the communication” between the stewards and participants, having only become aware of the situation upon his arrival at Ballarat. Stewards report directly to the integrity council, and it would be up to the integrity council to advise on ways to improve processes around communication between stewards and participants HRV has also stated it will work closely with Ballarat on a way to compensate patrons who attended tonight’s meeting. Ballarat’s chief executive Paul Rowse revealed patrons were asking for refunds within minutes of the six Cup scratchings. For the record, handy pacer Im Corzin Terror caused a minor upset in the four-horse field when he upstaged the $1.10 favourite, Terror To Love, in 1:59.7 for the 2710-metre trip. - PAUL COURTS

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard the application for review of Andrew Vozlic against a disqualification issued by Harness Racing Victoria yesterday. VCAT resided in regard to the decision of the HRV Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board on 16 September 2013 to disqualify Vozlic for a period of 6 months regarding an offence committed against Australian Rule of Harness Racing 259(1). The rule reads as follows: 259(1) A disqualified person or a person whose name appears in the current list of disqualifications published or adopted by a recognised harness racing authority or a person warned off cannot do any of the following – (a) associate with persons connected with the harness racing industry for purposes relating to that industry; (g) enter any premises used for the purposes of the harness racing industry (h) participate in any manner in the harness racing industry The rule breach related to Vozlic being detected on the property of licensed trainer Malcolm Retallick by HRV Stewards on 16 July 2013 for the purpose of shoeing horses for Retallick. At the time, Vozlic was serving a five-year disqualification imposed on him for presenting a horse to race with a prohibited substance in its system. In October 2014, Vozlic had been granted leave by the VCAT to make an application for review of the 6 month disqualification imposed out of time after he provided evidence that he had originally made the application within the required timeframe, but had not heard from the VCAT and hadn’t bothered to check on the status of his application. At yesterday’s hearing Vozlic applied only for a review against the penalty. After hearing submissions from Vozlic and HRV Stewards, Judge Nixon, dismissed Vozlic’s application and confirmed the penalty is appropriate. Nixon noted Vozlic had, before being detected at Retallick’s property, unsuccessfully sought permission from HRV to continue working as a farrier while disqualified, and despite this, had decided to flout the rules. Nixon remarked the message must be heard loud and clear by disqualified persons that the rules are there for a purpose. Vozlic’s six-month disqualification will behind on 4 June 2017 when his current disqualification period expires. HRV Media

On 25 August 2014, the Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Stewards lodged an application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to review a decision of the HRV Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board (RAD Board) to allow the appeal of Shayne Cramp in relation to his drive on Philtra Phella in Race 1 at Mildura on 13 June 2014. Mr Cramp had been suspended for eight weeks by HRV Stewards under ARHR 149(1) which states that ‘a driver shall take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure that the horse driven by that drive has the best opportunity to win or obtain the best possible placing in the field’. The HRV RAD Board, on 14 July 2014, allowed Mr Cramp’s appeal and the penalty was set aside. The VCAT heard the application for review on 9 December 2014, where the presiding member, His Honour Senior Member Nixon, considered the relevant footage of the race along with the viva voce evidence of HRV Steward Mr Brett Day and Mr Cramp himself. His Honour also considered the submissions of the HRV Stewards and Mr Cramp including documents that were before the RAD Board. After considering evidence in relation to the first particular relating to Mr Cramp’s decision to remain on the pegs at the 1400m, His Honour indicated that although Mr Cramp should have checked where Fergus Mactavish was after it had galloped at the start, Mr Cramp was preoccupied with a gear problem and His Honour was not satisfied that the actions of Mr Cramp at this stage of the race involved a breach of Rule 149(1). In consideration of the second particular, which involved Mr Cramp shifting down the track at the 400m instead of persisting with a run wider on the track, His Honour stated that while the strategy at that point of the race turned out to be incorrect and an error of judgment, when the class of the horses and the speed of the race at that point were considered he could not be satisfied on the balance of probabilities it was a culpable error. The application of the HRV Stewards was dismissed. - HRV Media

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