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Harness Racing South Australia (HRSA) advises that following an assessment of its current financial situation it has reassessed its position with respect to the engagement of externally contracted personnel. The HRSA Board has determined that many functions, currently undertaken by external contractors will now fall within purview of existing HRSA staff.     HRSA Board Chairman Gary Crocker stated. “Changes in the way we conduct our business are necessary in order to assist HRSA bridge a significant deficit resulting from both a decline in wagering revenues and the introduction of the Point of Consumption tax by the previous government.”   The Point of Consumption Tax and the impact of our product being shown on Sky2 is set to cost HRSA in excess of $400,000.00 in the current financial year. Mr Crocker added “Oliver Bott (HRSA Finance Manager) and Ross Neal (Chairman of Stewards) are currently conducting a thorough and comprehensive review of all operational and race day functions with the aim of ensuring the long-term sustainability of harness racing within South Australia.” This report will be submitted and considered by the Board at its next meeting on 27th June and the outcomes will be advised to the industry following the meeting. For further information please contact: GARY CROCKER | CHAIRMAN (08) 8285 2899 • Mobile:  0408 945 755

Following a review of the South Australian Concession/Young Driver series the Harness Racing South Australia Board has agreed to recommendations to amend those races in which the Concession/Young drivers can compete The effect of the changes being that any horse driven by a Concession/Young driver, who has not driven 50 career winners and who, during the current racing season, has not driven in excess of five winners as at the close of driver declarations, will not be penalised (subject to the exclusions prescribed in the rule) should that horse win. The intent of the rule being to assist those young drivers, who are embarking on their driving careers, to gain greater experience and opportunity.                       The new Local Rule which takes effect as of Friday 1st June 2018 reads as follows; 15      (1)     In every Race which is not: (a)     a Race for two and three-year old’s; (b)   a Group or Listed Race (b)     a Race with a purse greater than $7,000.00 or less than $2001.00 (d)     a Race restricted to invited drivers; or (e)     a Race in which the Board determines allowances may not be claimed; a horse, which is not prevented by any of these Rules from competing in that Race, and which is driven by a Concession Driver, who has driven not more than 50 career winners, and who has not driven more than 4 winners during the current racing season, shall not be liable to any penalty should it be placed first. (2)   Notwithstanding Rule 15 (1) a driver may claim, during the currency of a race meeting, the same allowance to which he was entitled when the declaration of drivers for that race meeting officially closed. (3)   No horse may claim any relief provided in Rule 15 (1) more than once in their lifetime. For further information please contact: ROSS NEAL | CHAIRMAN OF STEWARDS (08) 8285 2899 •

Trotting horse owner and former Port Pirie identity Gary Crocker has taken the reins of the Harness Racing South Australia Board. The new chairman will continue to race the successful Major Crocker while supervising Port Pirie’s switch from Friday to Sunday harness racing meetings. Mr Crocker grew up in Port Pirie, attended Risdon Park Primary School and Port Pirie High School and worked in real estate here. He continues to work in home finance. He said he aimed to bond “all of the industry together” while contending with a diminishing slice of betting revenue for harness racing. The declining revenue is despite an explosion world-wide in wagering. This has brought myriad gambling opportunities compared with yesteryear. “It is a difficult time. The Sky 1 and Sky 2 situation highlights that,” he said, referring to Port Pirie’s change to Sunday so that it has guaranteed national coverage on Sky 1 television. “There is a huge push from every gambling angle in the world to get a part of the cherry. “We need to stabilise and ensure there is a good, viable sport or industry going forward.” He said punters had many more opportunities to place a bet these days. “I was talking to a friend who had a bet on soccer in Stuttgart and it was 1 o’clock in the morning,” he said. “The days of going to the track are dwindling. It can be freezing cold and you could be home instead watching Sky Channel with a lovely meal and glass of wine.” He said he wanted the findings of the Cunningham Report, completed 12 months ago on the industry, to be introduced. “I am sure harnessing racing SA could not be in better hands, but we are probably facing some of the hardest times you can face,” he said. “I would classify ourselves as a business and industry, not sport.” It is a highly competitive scene on the track in South Australia with gallops, trotting and greyhound meetings being held. Thoroughbred horse races take two minutes to be telecast while trots needs three minutes and greyhounds require only 30 seconds. The dilemma for harness racing is that the telecasts can feature more gallops and greyhounds because the events are quicker. In fact, five greyhound races can be covered in the time that one trotting event can be seen. “Competition for the punting dollar has never been more voracious,” Mr Crocker said. By Greg Mayfield Reprinted with permission of The Port Pirie Recorder

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards today conducted a hearing into an adverse test result returned by PRINCESS CLEOPATRA following its win in Race 4 at Port Pirie on Friday 12th January 2018. The particulars being that a post-race sample taken from PRINCESS CLEOPATRA was shown to contain Cobalt at a mass concentration greater than the permissible tolerance.  Mr Sims admitted a resultant breach of Rule (AHHR) 190(1) which states “A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances”  After considering submissions on penalty and after having regard to the following relevant factors: The nature of the substance detected and the seriousness of the offence in all of the circumstances. The level reported by the Racing Analytical Services Ltd, which was toward the lower end. Mr Sims’s personal circumstances, including his length of involvement in harness racing industry Mr Sim’s submissions with respect to the medications employed in the treatments of his horses, which the Stewards were satisfied was the primary cause for irregularity reported. • Penalties imposed in South Australia and other jurisdictions in relation to this prohibited substance. Mr Sim’s co-operation during the currency of the investigation The need for both specific and general deterrence The Stewards determined that Mr Sims be disqualified for a period of eight months with such disqualification to commence at midnight on Tuesday 15th May 2018.  Acting under the provisions of AHRR 195, PRINCESS CLEOPATRA was disqualified from first placing in Race 4 at Port Pirie 12th January 2018 and Stewards directed that the placing’s be amended accordingly. All enquiries to Ross Neal /Chairman of Stewards

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards today concluded an investigation into a posting made by licensed trainer Ms Franca Carbone on `Facebook’ on Saturday 24th February 2018. After hearing from Ms Carbone, the Stewards issued a charge under Rule 248 of the Rules of Harness Racing. The particulars being that on Saturday 24th February 2018 she published offensive remarks about a senior racing official, and that such postings were considered improper within the meaning of Rule 248. Ms Carbone admitted the breach and after consideration of penalty the Stewards imposed a fine of $800.00 with $400.00 being suspended for a period of two years pending no further breaches of this, or similar rules. In reaching this determination the Stewards took into consideration that this was Ms Carbone’s first breach of this rule and that she, at the first instance, admitted her wrongdoing. Ross Neal Chairman of Stewards HARNESS RACING SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

Harness Racing South Australia and UBETwill again be corporate supporters of the 2018 Women In Teal promotion. The campaign, where reinswomen wear teal pants in races, will run from Thursday, February 1 concluding on Sunday, March 11 when the inaugural Australian Reinswoman Championship will be staged in Tasmania. The Chairman of Harness Racing South Australia, Mr Chris Hartwig, said HRSA would donate $100 for each winner by a female driver in South Australia during the campaign, and that amount would be matched by UBET. The Women In Teal idea began with Victorian harness enthusiasts Duncan McPherson and Michael Taranto. Originally a Victorian promotion, at Mr Taranto’s suggestion, last year it became an Australia-wide campaign. The promotion raises money for the Women’s Cancer Foundation, established in 1996, which has raised millions of dollars to fund researchers looking for more effective ways to treat and care for women suffering with ovarian cancer. The cause is impactful and important as gynaecological cancers affect mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, wives and friends. Last year, champion South Australian reinswoman Danielle Hill was the most successful driver throughout Australia with 32 wins during the six-week period earning $7,040, with the money from HRSA, UBETas well as personal sponsorship from Carter Racing. All up in 2017, South Australia’s reinswomen raised $9,400 through winning drives. The teal pants campaign promotes an awareness and raises funds for Ovarian Cancer research for the Women’s Cancer Foundation. It is hoped during the campaign a large amount of money can be raised to assist clinical research possible through the funding of research nurses. Clinical research is vital for finding new treatments for gynaecological cancers and improving patient care, and research nurses are at the forefront of the process. All South Australian female drivers will wear the teal pants and they will be supported by the Clerks of the Course who will be wearing custom-made teal silk shirts. #Go Teal 1 February – 11 March 2018 Graham Fischer

The Racing Analytical Services Laboratory (RASL) has advised Harness Racing South Australia (HRSA) that arsenic has been detected in urine samples taken from the following; 1. ARNOUX - prior to it competing in Race 2, the HOPKINS SADDLERY CLAIMING PACE conducted at Globe Derby Park on Saturday 25th November 2017. 2. ARNOUX - following its placing in Race 2, the HYGAIN PAK-CELL CLAIMING PACE conducted at Globe Derby Park on Monday 27th November 2017. 3. BLUE BEACH ANGEL - following its placing in Race 4, the TOBY RYAN (SA YOUNG/CONCESSION DRIVERS SERIES) conducted at Globe Derby Park on Saturday 2 nd December 2017. The “B” samples have been sent to Racing Science Centre (RSC) in Queensland for confirmation. Trainer Mr Christopher Massey has been advised that HRSA will continue its investigation into this sample irregularities and an inquiry will be conducted in due course. Acting under the provisions of Rule 183A, it has been determined that ARNOUX and BLUE BEACH ANGEL, the subject horses, shall not be nominated or compete in any race until the outcome of an investigation or inquiry. This is effective immediately. Furthermore, acting under the provisions of Rule 183 (d) Mr Massey’s licence to train has been suspended pending the outcome an investigation or inquiry. This also being effective immediately. Mr Massey was advised of his rights of appeal.  Ross Neal Chairman of Stewards HARNESS RACING SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Harness Racing SA Ltd  1 Globe Derby Drive, Globe Derby Park SA 5110 Telephone: (08) 8285 2899  Facsimile: Admin (08) 8285 2961;  Stewards (08) 8250 5692  Internet:  ▪ Email:

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards today conducted a hearing into an adverse test result returned by GENUINE EXCUSE following a pre-race blood test taken from the mare prior to her racing in Race 5 at Globe Derby Park on Monday 18th September 2017 The particulars being that the sample taken from GENUINE EXCUSE revealed the presence of TC02 at a level greater than 36mmol/L. Mr Massey denied a breach of Rule (AHHR) 190(1) which states “A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances” After consideration the Stewards found the charge proved, and after receiving submissions on penalty put by Mr Christopher Massey, and his advocate Mr John Halliday, the Stewards determination was that Mr Massey be disqualified for a period of nine (9) months, with the activation of the penalty to be delayed seven (7) so that Mr Massey may get his affairs in order. Furthermore, acting under the provisions of AHRR 195, GENUINE EXCUSE was disqualified from second placing in Race 5 at Globe Derby Park on 18th September 2017 and Stewards directed that the placing’s be amended accordingly. Mr Massey was advised of his rights of appeal. Ross Neal Chairman of Stewards HARNESS RACING SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

Prominent owners Adam, Ben and Terry Cormack were big winners at the 2016/2017 Harness Racing South Australia awards day on Sunday. Three-year-old trotter Rocknroll Baby, squaregaiter Al Bundy and quality mare Just Rockon Bye collected awards. The Cormacks have developed an impressive property outside Two Wells with Greg Norman as their stable trainer. Gallifrey Mystique, trained by Jake Webster and Aaron Bain, was named the Leading State Horse for most wins, but the trainer revealed the mare had finally succumbed to injury leading up to the awards day and had been retired. The mare had leg issues when she arrived in South Australia, but the trainers were able to get her to the racetrack where she proved a star winning 12 races during the season. All the award winners were: Horse of the Year: Emain Macha 2YO pacer (filly): Renesmae 2YO pacer (colt/gelding): Bulletproof Boy 3YO pacer (filly): Crystal Sparkles NZ 3YO pacer (entire/gelding): Emain Macha 4YO+ pacer (mare): Just Rockon Bye NZ 4YO+ pacer (entire/gelding): Tie; Bettor Party & Whenmechief 2YO trotter: Muscle Hillbilly 3YO trotter: Rocknroll Baby 4YO+trotter (mare): Im Princess Sophie 4YO+trotter (entire/gelding): Al Bundy NZ Leading State Horse: Gallifrey Mystique Leading Claiming Horse: My Man Dan NZ Leading State Driver: Danielle Hill Leading Young Driver: Jayden Brewin Leading Concession Driver: Jayden Brewin Leading State Trainer: Ryan Hryhorec SA Young/Concession Drivers Series Winner: Bradley O’Keeffe  Chairman’s Award: Claire Goble Jim Hurley Award winner:  Ryan Hryhorec The Broodmare of the year for 2016/17 is Aratusa Lass.   Media Awards: Literary: Graham Fischer – Wayne Hill’s greatest night in harness racing’ Photography: Joint Winners: Graham Fischer – ‘When is it my time? Horses watching Ryan Hryhorec work Live For Peace around his track at Two Wells’ and Jodie Hallows – ‘Son Breaks Dad’s SA Cup Record’ Television/Video/Film - Best feature ‘to air’. Dean Baring 'Sales Day Video Interview with HRSA Chairman Chris Hartwig'    SARA (SA Reinswomen Association) State Trainer and Driver: Dani Hill 2nd state trainer: Jill Neilson 3rd state trainer: Leah Harvey 2nd state driver: Lisa Ryan 3rd state driver: Kaela Hryhorec   Square Trotters Association Trotter of the Year – Liava 2yo Trotter of the Year – Muscle Hillbilly 3yo Trotter of the Year – Rocknroll Baby Trainer and Driver of the Year – Ryan Hryhorec   SABOTRA Breeder: Viv Clark Owner: A B & T Cormack Trainer: Les Harding Driver: Wayne Hill Industry Participant: Sam & Pauline Spirou  Life membership: Naomi Shelbourn   ​SAHRC Horse with the most number of wins at Globe Derby: Gallifrey Mystique Graham Fischer

An emotional harness racing trainer/driver Ryan Hryhorec was overwhelmed by the announcement he had won the Jim Hurley Medal for 2016/2017. A strong family man, Hryhorec’s first thought was for his father Jon who passed away about 12 months ago aged 71, after a two-year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “I would love to be able to show the Medal to Dad,” Hryhorec said, “I’m sure he would be so proud. “He was such a strong influence on my life and I owe him so much.” The Jim Hurley Medal, was introduced by Harness Racing South Australia for a trainer or driver who performed consistently at a high level throughout the racing season. Hryhorec said he had not given a thought to winning the Hurley Medal. “To be honest I wasn’t going to attend the awards day because things were very busy at home. However, Dave Battye had a talk with me about the importance of industry participants supporting awards presentations, and I agreed, and so we came along. “This is an amazing honour. “I knew of Jim Hurley as a trainer and driver when I was a kid and by the time I was starting my career he had scaled right down but everyone talked of him in legendary terms.” The medal is named after Jim Hurley who was an accomplished trainer, driver and owner for more than 50 years and a legend of harness racing. He was still training at age 90 until his passing in March, 2016. With more than 1000 winners, the 1964 Inter Dominion winner Minuteman was his greatest highlight as an owner. Hryhorec had a very successful 2016/2017 season winning the SA Trainers premiership with 72 winners and finishing second on the SA Drivers premiership with 129 winners. He paid tribute to Victorian owner Paul Brumby. “Paul has been a massive supporter of mine since I took up training and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for him and his group of friends I would not have been able to set myself up as I have.” The Hurley medal was decided by votes cast at each meeting. Voting is conducted on all SA harness racing TAB meetings by a panel of three who have been selected by Harness Racing South Australia. Each panel member allocates points based on what they consider to be the three best training or driving performances at each meeting, not necessarily winning performances. Graham Fischer

Harness racing enthusiast Claire Goble’s passion was rewarded with the Chairman’s award at the 2016/2017 Harness Racing South Australia awards function on Sunday afternoon. Mr Chris Hartwig, chairman of Harness Racing South Australia, said Ms Goble had been involved in harness racing for about 30 years, but had overcome adversity in the past two years to have a very successful 2016/2017. Claire and partner Dennis Lyle developed Clarenden Standardbreds at Wasleys about 20 years ago. Her day starts at 6am when she tends to horses for two hours before leaving for her job. Claire oversees the Vocation, Education and Training program at Trinity College in Gawler. The program is the largest of its kind in South Australia and helps non-university bound students find a pathway into the work force. She returns home around 4pm and goes out to work and tend her horses working until around 6.30pm during the winter and as late as 9pm during daylight saving in summer. On November 25, 2015, the Pinery bushfires raced through the Clarenden Standardbreds property but fortunately swept around the main house and a group of the nearby sand yards saving a number of horses. Three of the horses on the property that day, which would have been subjected to the extreme heat and smoke were Clarenden Hustler, Clarenden Valour and Emilys Vacation – all finalists in the 2016-2017 Horse Of The Year awards. Claire only had those three horses, and Clarenden Daydream in work during the 2016/2017 season. Their records were amazing. Clarenden Hustler had 13 starts for 5 wins, 1 second and 3 thirds; Clarenden Valour had 12 starts for 3 wins, 3 seconds and 3 thirds; Emilys Vacation had 26 starts for 3 wins, 4 seconds and 3 thirds while Clarenden Daydream had 30 starts for 4 wins, 6 seconds and 3 thirds. The Clarenden horses were also bred by Claire. Apart from her job with Trinity plus training and caring for the horses, after the Pinery fire, Claire has also had to assist partner Dennis Lyle in the rebuilding of their fire damaged property, a job which is still going on. So far, they have refenced about two-thirds of the property, replaced all of the piping used to carry water to the stables and yards, cleared the burnt trees and scrub, planted 400 trees in the last three months which need to be watered regularly to withstand the upcoming summer, replaced the insulation batts in the main house along with replacing the blinds plus knocking down and removing the old house which was destroyed by the fire, replaced hay sheds and a tack room. Claire has about 30 horses on the property covering all ages. From weanlings, yearlings, broodmares and racehorses that all receive her individual attention. Graham Fischer

The South Australian Racing Appeals Tribunal today heard an appeal filed by Mr Donald Moore with respect to a decision of the Stewards to disqualify him for a period of five years following a conviction under Rule 218 of the Rules of Harness Racing. The particulars of the case being that Mr Moore failed to properly care for the horse ‘MAX’ when it was domiciled at his stables at the Whyalla race track. Mr Moore also appealed the severity of the penalty imposed. The outcome was that the Tribunal dismissed the appeal against conviction and reserved its decision with respect to penalty. Harness Racing South Australia

The Sugars named is successfully etched into Australian harness racing. Today it is Greg and Kylie who are in the form guide, before them it was their father Ross, a champion and world record holder, and before him, the patriarch Len who started the family on a 70-year involvement in the sport. Len Sugars, 92, is in the SA Hall Of Fame while Ross was named a Living Legend of Australian Harness Racing in 2015. Sugars drove his first winner in 1948 but it was in the 1960s and early 70s at Wayville that his stable became a household name. That success followed the family to Globe Derby Park and now the family’s involvement is in Victoria. Despite his age, Sugars and his family are looking forward to a family get-together at Harness Racing South Australia’s Retro Night at Wayville on Friday, October 27. “They were exciting days,” Sugars said. “The atmosphere was electric with the crowd encompassing the track and they always made plenty of noise. Sugars said the turning point of his career was a horse called Van Nut. “He won about 26 races and really set up my stable and I’m sure someone was looking over me when he came about,” he said. “I wanted to breed a horse by Van Derby out of a Raider mare so I advertised in the paper for a suitable mare and a Mrs McIntosh answered my call with a mare called Nell’s Choice. “When Van Nut was only 22 months old he won seven trials at Klemzig and Campbelltown under the name Sonross. “For some reason when I tried to name him Sonross it wasn’t allowed and when I took him to the races he was called Van Nut. His first start was at Kapunda and we got 40/1 because very few knew he had trialled as Sonross. “He was a brilliant beginner and led easily and coming to the home turn he was set for an easy win but in those days the track sloped away and with the dip he struck himself, galloped and finished fourth. “Lloyd Webster won the race and on pulling up asked me what had happened. He knew the horse was Sonross and had backed him at the long odds.” Van Nut went on to become one of SA’s best pacers and his wins included the 1965 Easter Gift, 1966 Gawler Cup and the Minor Derby Free For All the same year. Sugars also drove Laradoc in Richmond Lass’ 1969 Inter Dominion win at Wayville. “Laradoc was trained by Jack Caldow, John’s father, and he sent her across and we won a heat of the Inter Dominion before finishing unplaced in the final. In her heat win she reared at the start and nearly tipped me out but was still good enough to come down, hit her gear, lead and win.” But a career highlight for Sugars is the introduction to race driving of his son Ross. “I drove a horse called Perkandi at Wayville back in November 1977 and he was a 6/4 favourite and I was happy to sit three wide waiting to make a run but another driver came up four wide and put me in a pocket,” Sugars said. “I leant across and tried to push him out of the way. After the race, the stewards called me in and asked me what happened and were going to give me a two-year disqualification. “I told them I was driving the red hot favourite and anyone who came outside me had ulterior motives and they said because I was so honest they only gave me a three-month suspension. I said that was okay because my son Ross had a permit to drive and could start driving. “The following Saturday Ross had three drives – Red Score, Hallett and Perkandi – and they all won. It is a world record that still stands for a driver to win at his first three drives, all on a city track and as a B grade licenced driver.” Sugars is looking forward to going back to Wayville and his family has already booked a dining package for the night. Greg Sugars is one of the invited drivers for the night’s racing while Len and Ross and their families will be happy to ‘drive’ from the grandstand. In an amazing co-incidence, the Wayville Retro Night, Friday, October 27, is the birthday of Sugars’ late wife Shirley so there it is certain to be an emotional evening. Tickets for the Wayville meeting are now available via by Graham Fischer Race programme for Port Pirie, Friday 08 September 2017

Harness Racing South Australia Stewards today conducted a hearing into an adverse test result returned by RAP ARTIST following a pre-race urine test taken from the gelding on Saturday 7th January 2017. The particulars being that the sample taken from RAP ARTIST was shown to contain Cobalt at a mass concentration greater than the permissible tolerance. Mr Billinger admitted a breach of Rule (AHHR) 190(1) which states “A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances” After considering submissions on penalty put to the Stewards by Mr Billinger’s advocate, Mr R Fewings, and after having regard to all other factors, including that this was Mr Billinger’s second breach of the presentation rule, the finding was that Mr Billinger be disqualified for a period of eighteen (18) months and that, following the expiration of his disqualification, he be prohibited from holding a trainer’s licence for a further eighteen months.  Acting under the provisions of AHRR 195, RAP ARTIST was disqualified from second placing in Race 6 at Globe Derby on 7th January 2017 and Stewards directed that the placing’s be amended accordingly. Ross Neal Chairman of Stewards HARNESS RACING SOUTH AUSTRALIA

The Harness Racing South Australian Board are delighted to announce that the Trots are returning to the Wayville Showgrounds on Friday 27 October 2017. This will be the first race meeting at a Wayville meeting since 1973. Home to the South Australian harness racing from 1925 to 1973, the Wayville Track was described as racing in a coliseum. Especially during the 1950s and 60s, crowds flocked to the track in the halcyon days of the sport with names such as Webster, Holberton, Messenger and Shinn being household names. Wayville was also the scene of some of harness racing greatest ever moments including the 1963 Inter Dominion won by New Zealand champion Cardigan Bay before a record crowd of 45,000 people. Cardigan Bay was the first horse to win $1 million in prizemoney. In addition, Wayville hosted countless memorable South Australian Cups featuring outstanding horses including SA champion, Minuteman. With Wayville’s proximity to the city and excellent public transport options, the HRSA Board is expecting a massive crowd in attendance with a great night of racing and entertainment with a back to the 70s retro theme.  Planning for the race meeting is well underway and the race meeting also has been endorsed by UBET and Sky Racing and final regulatory approval from the Independent Gambling Authority is anticipated expected within the coming weeks.  More information John Lewis, HRSA CEO Ph:  0417 855 300

On 12 April 2017, Harness Racing SA (HRSA) Stewards conducted an inquiry into a report received from Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) that Cobalt was detected in a urine sample taken from GENUINE EXCUSE NZ prior to it competing in Race 9, Farewell Come On Frank Pace at Globe Derby Park on 7 January 2017. The B sample was confirmed above the threshold by the ChemCentre in Western Australia. Evidence was taken from trainer Nick Tardio regarding his feeding and treatment regime including his possible explanation for the elevated readings. Mr Tardio pleaded guilty to a charge pursuant to Australian Harness Racing Rule 190(1),(2) &(4) in that he presented GENUINE EXCUSE NZ to race at Globe Derby Park on 7 January 2017 not free of a prohibited substance. Mr Tardio was disqualified for 2 years effective immediately and ordered to pay $1500 to HRSA to cover costs incurred including analytical testing. Acting under Rule 195 GENUINE EXCUSE NZ was disqualified from its seventh placing and all placings amended accordingly. In determining penalty, Stewards took into account: his guilty plea the period of time Mr Tardio has been involved in training horses the penalties applied in other Cobalt cases in SA and other States the personal circumstances of Mr Tardio. Mr Tardio was advised his rights of appeal. Reid Sanders ACTING CHAIRMAN OF STEWARDS

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