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Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) today announced measures to further assist integrity in the sport with the installation of additional cameras at Tabcorp Park Melton. The advanced cameras will cover all horse stalls, parade ring, float car park and maintenance equipment shed. The use of CCTV cameras has greatly assisted law enforcement agencies in solving crimes over a long period of time and is commonplace within the community. HRV believes the installation of these cameras ensures greater integrity for the sport at its major racing venue, Tabcorp Park. The HRV Integrity Unit will have access to the CCTV footage to investigate complaints and matters arising out of trials and race meetings. The CCTV can also be provided to law enforcement agencies to assist them in identifying persons responsible for any criminal offences at the venue, including burglary and theft. “This is a great initiative and will assist the HRV Integrity Unit in monitoring and providing evidence where required to support prosecutions where allegations have been made against them that have no basis whatsoever,” HRV Compliance Manager Brent Fisher said. The time of the announcement is significant with these works to start shortly with major races in January and February to be held at Tabcorp Park, including the Victoria Cup and the Hunter Cup during the Summer of Glory Carnival. HRV CEO John Anderson added: “The HRV Board is supporting the HRV Integrity Unit with continued investment in new resources such as these cameras and other detection devices, to ensure participants adhere to the rules.” Cody Winnell

The Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board yesterday heard a matter in regards to charges issued by HRV Stewards under Australian Rules of Harness Racing (ARHR) 190(1) and 190B against licensed NSW trainer Mr Anthony Wilson. ARHR 190(1) reads as follows: A horse shall be presented for a race free of prohibited substances.    The charge under ARHR 190(1) issued by HRV Stewards against Mr Wilson related to a prerace blood sample collected from the horse ‘Three Mugs In’ prior to it placing 8th in Race 5, the ‘IRT Breeders Crown Series 17 (3YO Colts and Geldings)(2nd Reprecharge)’, at Kilmore on 12 August 2015. Racing Analytical Services Limited (RASL) reported that analysis of the blood sample revealed the sample to contain a prohibited substance, namely alkalinising agents as evidenced by a total carbon dioxide (TCO2) concentration in excess of 36.0mmol/L in plasma. Mr Wilson pleaded guilty to the charge before the HRV RAD Board heard submissions on penalty from the HRV Stewards and Mr Wilson. In deciding an appropriate penalty the HRV RAD Board considered Mr Wilson’s offence record in that he had previously breached the same rule in 2013, both specific and general deterrence, consistency of penalty and Mr Wilson’s guilty plea. In considering all of these matters, the HRV RAD Board imposed a 12 month disqualification upon Mr Wilson. The RAD Board ordered the disqualification commence with immediate effect. Mr Wilson pleaded guilty to the charge under ARHR 190B in that he failed to keep and maintain a log book and was subsequently fined $250. The HRV RAD Board also ordered that ‘Three Mugs In’ be disqualified from Race 5 at Kilmore on 12 August 2015 Harness Racing Victoria

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) has today announced several changes to its January/February racing calendar to allow for extra product to be sent to France for broadcast and wagering purposes. HRV has received over $1million in revenue from international product in 2015 with 50 races broadcast live into France for wagering purposes. With a minimum of 72 races to be broadcast live into France in 2016 and negotiations for more races to be sent ongoing, the financial boon for the industry is expected to surpass this year’s figures. To allow for trots races to be beamed into Europe there have been a number of changes to programming in the coming months, which are listed below. HRV also would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to all in Paris following the horrific incidents in recent days. The French people are great friends of HRV and their hurt is felt by all involved in the trots in Victoria.   CALENDAR CHANGES Sunday 3 January, 2016: Cranbourne twilight becomes Cranbourne day. Monday 4 January, 2016: Tabcorp Park Melton night meeting added. Wednesday 6 January, 2016: Tabcorp Park Melton day meeting deleted Sunday 10 January, 2016: Horsham twilight becomes Horsham day. Monday 11 January, 2016: Geelong night meeting added. Thursday 14 January, 2016: Geelong day meeting deleted. Sunday 17 January, 2016: Hamilton twilight becomes Hamilton day. Monday 18 January, 2016: Bendigo night meeting added. Tuesday 19 January, 2016: Bendigo night meeting deleted. Sunday 24 January, 2016: Sebastian @ Tabcorp Park Melton deleted. Monday 25 January, 2016: Sebastian @ Tabcorp Park Melton night meeting added. Monday 1 February, 2016: Tabcorp Park Melton day becomes Tabcorp Park Melton night. Monday 8 February, 2016: Geelong @ Tabcorp Park Melton night meeting added. Wednesday 10 February, 2016: Geelong @ Tabcorp Park Melton day meeting deleted. Monday 15 February, 2016: Stawell day meeting deleted, Tabcorp Park Melton night added. Tuesday 16 February, 2016: Tabcorp Park Melton night meeting deleted, Stawell day added. Harness Racing Victoria

After initiating and conducting an investigation into the conduct of races and associated betting in the Mildura region relevant to the operation of the Mildura based harness racing Shayne Cramp stable, HRV Stewards provided information to Victoria Police who commenced an investigation into the relevant matters. The investigation was conducted by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit. The complex investigation culminated in licensed participants Shayne and Greg Cramp being arrested on 2 February 2015 and questioned with respect to race-fixing allegations. On this date, HRV Stewards immediately suspended the training and driving licences of Shayne and Greg Cramp and excluded both parties from attending any harness racing tracks. At the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 3 September 2015, Mr Shayne and Greg Cramp pleaded guilty to a charge issued by Victoria Police under Section 195C of the Crimes Act 1958 which provides: A person must not engage in conduct that corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome of an event or eventcontingency—    (a) knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, the conduct corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome of the event or the event contingency; and    (b) intending to obtain a financial advantage, or to cause a financial disadvantage, in connection with any betting on the event or the event contingency. Both Shayne and Greg Cramp were convicted and sentenced to a Community Corrections Order (CCO) for a period of 12 months, with Shayne Cramp required to perform 300 hours of community work and Greg Cramp required to perform 200 hours of community work. The sentence imposed for both parties related to their conduct with respect to the lead up to and running of Race 5 at Mildura on 12 November 2014. The sentence for Shayne Cramp also related to his conduct with respect to the lead up to and running of Race 6 at Mildura on 29 November 2014.  On 23 October 2015, Shayne and Greg Cramp attended before a sub-committee formed by the HRV Board whose role it was to consider the application or otherwise of Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 267(1) which provides: 267. (1) Subject to sub-rule (2) the Controlling Body may for such period and on such conditions as it thinks fit, disqualify a person who is found guilty of or convicted of a crime or an offence in any State or Territory of Australia or in any country.  On 30 October 2015, the HRV Board considered the above provisions and the recommendations of the sub-committee. The HRV Board endorsed the sub-committee’s recommendation that the provisions of AHRR267 (1) be invoked and that Shayne and Greg Cramp be disqualified for a period of 12 years. The HRV Board subsequently ordered that Shayne and Greg Cramp be disqualified for a period of 12 years and that such penalty be backdated to commence 2 February 2015 when their licences were originally suspended by HRV Stewards. Shayne and Greg Cramp are therefore disqualified from having any involvement in the harness racing industry and this disqualification will remain in place until 2 February 2027.  The HRV Board also noted and endorsed the sub-committee’s indication that but for the co-operation and admissions to the offending by Shayne and Greg Cramp, the sub-committee would have recommended a disqualification period of 16 years be imposed. Throughout the criminal and harness racing proceedings, both parties expressed remorse for their conduct with Shayne Cramp describing his actions as unforgiveable and a “brain fade” and Greg Cramp describing an “on the spot” decision which turned out to be diabolical. The board also endorsed the sub-committee’s belief that the corrupt act of race fixing is one of the most serious offences that can be committed by participants involved in the harness racing industry and that any person found guilty of committing such offences should be disqualified for an extended period. HRV would like to acknowledge the co-operation between Victoria Police’s Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit, the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner and Harness Racing Victoria in bringing these serious matters before a criminal Court proceeding. HRV particularly wish to acknowledge the significant efforts and dedication of the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit in investigating this complex matter. HRV also wish to thank Mildura police for their extensive assistance and the Victoria Police Prosecutions Division, noting it to be the first successful prosecution in any form of racing under such legislation. If anyone has any information relating to race-fixing allegations they can contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or or the information can be reported to HRV Stewards on 03 8378 0222 or the Racing Integrity Hotline on 1300 227 225. Whilst the damage to the sport of harness racing for conduct such as that engaged in by Shayne and Greg Cramp is immeasurable, it is important to reflect upon the fact that such conduct has been detected and also that the conduct has been detected by the sport itself and that the parties involved have appeared before both criminal and harness racing proceedings. The harness racing industry is united in condemning such behaviour and will continue to support HRV Stewards in their endeavours to actively hunt any such wrongdoing and prosecute accordingly. HRV Stewards look forward to continuing their strong working relationship with the Victorian Police Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit who lead the law enforcement response to matters of race fixing in sport. Harness Racing Victoria

The Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board today considered a charge issued by HRV Stewards against licensed person Mr Joe Pace. Mr Pace was charged under Australian Rule of Harness Racing (ARHR) 247 which states: A person attending before the Controlling Body its members or employees, the Stewards, officials, or at any proceeding under these rules, shall not speak or behave in a malicious,intimidatory or otherwise improper manner. The charge related to the conduct of Mr Pace towards Stewards when he attended before them at Tabcorp Park Melton on 25 September 2015. In determining the appropriate penalty the HRV RAD Board were mindful of Mr Pace’s guilty plea, that he had apologised to the HRV Stewards at an early stage and his personal circumstances which were outlined. The HRV RAD Board also noted the principles of both specific and general deterrence and that the Stewards have a difficult job to fulfil which must be able to be performed without being subjected to improper behaviour. The HRV RAD Board were also mindful of Mr Pace’s offence record which resulted in a previously suspended fine of $250 for a breach of ARHR 231(2) on 30 July 2015 being imposed under the provisions of ARHR 256(5)(c). In light of the aforementioned factors the HRV RAD Board imposed a fine of $500 for this breach of ARHR 247. In total Mr Pace was fined $750.  Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board 

Next year's Australasian Premier Trotting Sale has attracted a record number of nominations with 52 in total. The sale, to be held on Sunday, March 13, at Tabcorp Park Melton, has attracted 31 colts and 21 fillies. The sires represented at the sale include Angus Hall, Armbro Invasion, Bacardi Lindy, Bad Boy Truscott, Brylin Boyz, Cr Commando, Down Under Muscles, Fling It, Framework, Imperial Count, Kyvalley Blur, Lucky Chucky, Majestic Son, Muscle Hill, Pegasus Spur, Skyvalley, Tennotrump, The Pres, Yankee Spider and Yield Boko. Harness Racing Victoria thanks all of the vendors for their support of the APTS and Pryde’s Easifeed for their continued sponsorship of the sale. From only two crops to race APTS graduates have already won over $580,000. >> Click here to view the 2016 Sale Entries >> Click here to view the APTS website >> Click here to visit HRV's Breeding Resources Page by Harness Racing Victoria Media

When Dan Mielicki exclaimed, “This is one of the greatest wins you will ever, ever see” the curtain came down on the induction of six new members into the Victorian Harness Racing Hall of Fame. Dan was referring to the champion trotter Knight Pistol’s amazing Moonee Valley track record win off 70 metres when he gave Noopy Kiosk 40 metres start and a beating. Knight Pistol remains the only “Down Under” bred trotter to win a leg of The European Grand Circuit and was not the only Knight inducted. The late Vin Knight, six-time Melbourne premiership reinsman and a one-time all-time Melbourne wins record holder, is also now in the Hall of Fame. The 200 plus diners were treated to a photographic slide show of the life and times of Vin that was backed by Don McLean’s haunting classic ballad “Vincent”. It was a starry, starry night indeed. The first Hall of Fame inductee of the evening was the Ballarat-based champion pacer Happy Voyage, winner of the 1917 Richmond Thousand and a horse that set five mile records in Australia and New Zealand and also claimed a world mile record on grass. Happy Voyage was sold to stand at stud in NZ where he sired the dam of Haughty, the first 2:00 mare in Australasia and six millionaires trace back to his daughters. Happy Voyage’s trophy is planned to be a centerpiece of a future Hall of Fame that has been mooted for Bray Raceway. Keith Raw who was one of few horsemen that was able to challenge the Gordon Rothacker juggernaut was also inducted. Keith won four premierships and was a genius with young horses such as Opal Chief, Alipes, San Marco, Hank Scott and Stepping Chief. In the period from 1960 to 1970 Keith trained more Melbourne 2YO winners than any other trainer. On an evening that Vin Knight was inducted into the Hall of Fame it was fitting that his great friend and archrival on the track Andrew Peace also joined. Andrew won four Melbourne driving premierships and three Melbourne training premierships but the one towering achievement of his in winning both the driving and training premierships in Melbourne and Sydney in the same season stamped his entry papers. It is an achievement that will never be equaled. Last year the Abrahams Family was inducted into the Hall of Fame and in 2015 it was the turn of the Shinn Family who have had a century long history of excellence with seven members that have achieved Group One success. The patriarch of the family was Hubert, son of Wantabadgery farmer William and Sarah, daughter of Chinese miner Henry Kong Pow. Hubert won races in four States, captured a Melbourne Driving Premiership in 1933/34 and was never suspended in 45 years of competing. His sons were Bill (a SA icon who trained and drove 1958 Melbourne Inter Dominion champion Free Hall), Frank (Group success in Tasmania, S.A. and Victoria) and Reg (Group success in SA and Victoria). Frank’s son Gerald and Steven were successful in Melbourne with Steven winning the Kilmore Cup on Pure Steel before carving out a successful career in North America. Reg’s son Noel has achieved the most Melbourne driving (158) and training (198) successes of any of the family and will forever be remembered for the first triple Victorian Sire Stakes champion Colbruce. Noel’s wife Ruth (nee Evans) has trained 77 Melbourne winners including a Group One with Steam Washed that was driven by Noel and Ruth’s son Christopher. Their daughter Jessie has also been successful as a driver. The eagerly awaited announcement of the fourth Legend followed Ken Murdoch and Marty Fields’ Pianomania, a highly entertaining show featuring dueling Grand Pianos. The fourth legend to join Gordon Rothacker, Maori’s Idol and George Gath was Globe Derby, the greatest Standardbred stallion ever born in the Southern Hemisphere, and the stallion chosen in 1976 to be associated with the Australian National Sire Awards. Globe Derby was a champion on the track but even better in the stud barn. He sired any number of great sons and daughters such as Evicus (1936 ID), Springfield Globe (1939 ID), Logan Derby (1940 ID), Walla Walla (Australia’s greatest pacer of his era), Auburn Lad (NZ mile record holder), Van Derby (NZ mile race record) and New Derby. The Globe Derby sireline dominated Australasian racing for more than fifty years and provided the first 2:00 mile in NZ (Lawn Derby), the first 2:00 mile in Australia (Avian Derby), the first sub 2:00 mile in Australia (Ribands) and the fastest ever mile at the Melbourne Showgrounds (Reichman). An indicator of its influence in Victoria is that 13 of the first 18 Hunter Cup winners and two of the first three Melbourne Inter Dominion winners were by Globe Derby line stallions. The Victoria Harness Racing Media Association in partnership with Rob Merola (SEW Eurodrive) created and successfully promoted the Night of Nostalgia in 2008, an event that led to the Hall of Fame being established. One of the features of that Night of Nostalgia and every subsequent Hall of Fame has been the presentation of Certificates of Merit to people within the sport that have worked and performed with credit for an extended period of time. At the seventh annual Hall of Fame on Thursday night, 15th October, the total of Certificates awarded reached 117, the latest six going to Dennis Foley (Ballarat), Carmel Dix (Maryborough), Rita Burnett (trainer/driver), Bernie Blackshaw (Wangaratta), Lance Justice (trainer/driver) and John Hawke (Renown Silverware). The Victorian Harness Racing Trainers and Drivers Association who are now partners in the Hall of Fame once again presented a meritorious award with Steve Warren taking it home.  The other partner, Harness Racing Victoria, announced the most extensive list of Media Awards in Victorian Trots history with the major award for Media Personality of the Year going to Gareth Hall (Sky Racing), who received $1,500 and a trophy. All the other award winners listed below received $500 and a trophy. Meritorious Award – Tony Logan (Wimmera Mail Times and The Weekly Advertiser) Rising Star Award – Bridget Cook (Cranbourne Racing Media) Best Coverage (Television) – In The Gig (Sky Racing) Best Coverage (Radio/Podcast) – Onefortysevenseven Podcast (Brett Coffey/Shannon Nixon) Best Coverage (Print) – Paul Courts (Harness Racing Weekly, The Harness Racer, and Harness Link) Best Coverage (Social Media) – Desiree Pettit (Harness Breeders Victoria) Best News Story (Radio, Print, Television or Digital) – Tomren Chases Dream in Hunter Cup (Bridget Cook, Cranbourne Racing Media) Best Feature Story (Radio, Print Television or Digital) – Farewell Smoken Up (Gareth Hall, Sky Racing, In The Gig) Best Photograph – Chris Alford and Larry Eastman celebrate Derby win (Stuart McCormick). by John Peck Harness Racing Victoria

Strong growth in revenue, increased stakemoney and a profit of $4.054m are the highlights of the Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) 2014/15 Annual Report tabled in State Parliament today The HRV Annual Report highlighted some significant achievements during 2014/15 including: - A Net Profit of $4.054m - Revenue growth of 6.3% to $84.97m - Wagering revenue growth of 7% to 61.9m - Wagering turnover on Victorian product growth of 7% to $857.8m - Stakemoney growth of 7% to $38.3m - HRV Net Assets increasing from $22.2m to $26.3m, on the back of a $7.7m reduction in debt during the year. HRV CEO John Anderson said the recently announced $2.3m stakes increase was a result of the strong financial position displayed in the annual report. "The 2014/15 year continued the consolidation of the industry's financial position. The Board is focussed on the long-term sustainability of the sport and it is important that revenue growth is achieved in order to invest in the future of the business. "It is particularly pleasing that the international interest in Victorian product is growing and that the Vicbred program continues to be enhanced, particularly through the Vicbred Platinum initiative, jointly funded by the Andrews State Government. "HRV has recently engaged in an extensive consultation process with the industry, which will lead to a new Strategic Plan in 2015/16, designed to further consolidate the growth of harness racing in Victoria." Harness racing is very important to the Victorian economy, providing an economic benefit of $422m to the State with 18,600 participants and employees involved in the industry. View the 2015 HRV Annual Report by clicking here.  

Victorian Harness Racing participants are reminded of the provisions of the Australian Harness Racing Rule (AHRR) 194 which provides: A person who procures or attempts to procure or who has in his possession or on his premises or under his control any substance or preparation that has not been registered, labelled, prescribed, dispensed or obtained in compliance with relevant State and Commonwealth legislation is guilty of an offence. Participants are encouraged to exercise extreme caution with respect to the possession and use of supplementary products upon their horses. No product should be purchased or used without seeking appropriate veterinary guidance to ensure that the product is necessary, registered, labelled, prescribed, dispensed or obtained in compliance with the law. Participants are warned against purchasing or using any product that does not have a label listing all active constituents. Participants are also warned about purchasing or using any product from sources of unknown repute. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is the Australian government authority responsible for the assessment and registration of pesticides and veterinary medicines. The APVMA have a publicly available database which can be used to check whether products that claim to be veterinary products are registered. It can be found here: In addition to checking with their veterinarian, participants may also contact the APVMA directly or the HRV Integrity Department regarding any queries they have regarding a particular product or substance. Harness Racing Victoria

On 17 September 2015, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) heard the application for review of Mr John McDermott in regard to the decision of the HRV Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board on 17 June 2015 to impose a number of fines upon Mr McDermott regarding various breaches of the Australian Harness Racing Rules (AHRR).  The details of the HRV RAD Board hearing of 17 June 2015 can be viewed here. The fines imposed by the HRV RAD Board on 17 June 2015 were as follows: Breach 1 - AHRR 192(1) - $5,000 ($3,000 suspended) Breach 2-5  -  ARHR 193(1)  - $2,000 for each offence Breach 6 – ARHR 190B(1)(b) - $200 At the commencement of the hearing, the representative for Mr McDermott advised that the application for review would only proceed with respect to the penalties imposed for breaches 2-5, the offences committed against AHRR193(1) which provides: AHRR 193(1) A person shall not attempt to stomach tube or stomach tube a horse nominated for a race or event within 48 hours of the commencement of the race or event. The review application was not continued with respect to the fines imposed for the other breaches against AHRR 192(1) and 190B(1)(b). On 29 September 2015, the VCAT released its decision regarding the review application of Mr McDermott. The VCAT varied the penalties imposed by the HRV RAD Board for breaches 2-5 under 193(1) to a $1,000 fine for each of the four offences. The VCAT also ordered $2,000 of this total $4,000 fine imposed for breaches 2-5 be suspended for a period of 12 months. Mr McDermott was therefore fined a total of $9,200 (with $5,000 suspended) for the 6 admitted breaches. The full decision of the VCAT can be viewed here. Harness Racing Victoria

Harness racing reinswoman Cheyenne King-Davies broke through for her first Victorian winner after having previously chalked up 10 wins in Western Australia on Monday at Yarra Valley. King-Davies guided Long Forest trainer Andy Gath’s Grinfromeartoear/Ballroom Belle gelding Vae Victus to victory in the De Bortoli 3YO Pace over 2150 metres. Starting from gate five, Vae Victus slotted on the back of the pole-line leader Rocknroll Gold enjoying a sweet trip most of the way. Easing to the outside on the final bend, Vae Victus finished best to score from Rocknroll Gold in a mile rate of 2-00.7.  Cheyenne works with the Andy Gath stable. Len Baker Harness Racing Victoria

Punters betting on the Ararat trots on Tuesday were subjected to a number of rough results, resulting in the TAB Quaddie paying a massive dividend of $31,107.80 for a one dollar outlay. Leg one – the Chally’s Bar & Bistro Concessional Driver Of The Year for C2 & C3 class over 1790 metres going the way of $46.50 chance LongTan Bliss guaranteeing a healthy payout regardless of what the other legs presented. Trained at Concongella (Stawell) by Owen Martin, Longtan Bliss (Blissful Hall/Longtan Ebony) taking a concession for son-in-law Michael Sullivan settled mid-field in the moving line from gate two on the second line, with the speedy Our Bedrock taking over from gate four. Sent forward three-wide solo in the final circuit, Longtan Bliss outstayed his rivals to score by a half-head in a thrilling finish over Lynden Abbey which gained a late split after spending most of the race along the markers, with Gnotuk a gutsy third after facing the breeze 1.2 metres away. The mile rate 2-00.5. The second leg – The Jason Bond Memorial Pace for C1 class over 1790 metres saw $2.70 favourite Im Intense (Four Starzzz Shark/Oh Ren Ishi) successful for Melton’s Beau Tindale with Jason Lee in the sulky taking a concession. Trapped in the open from gate three, Im Intense gained cover at the expense of Pelling at the bell and when eased wide on straightening, put the race beyond doubt in a couple of bounds to register a 6.4-metre victory from Doyouseewhatisee which followed the winner throughout. Mac Department finished third after using the sprint lane off the back of the weakening leader Frosty Orielly. The mile rate 2-00.8.  The Peter Manning trained and Jason Lee driven Union Guy/Miss Incline 7-Y-0 gelding Garabaldi Union returned to form in the third leg – the Ararat HRC Horse Of The Year Pace for C4 to C6 class over 2195 metres, paying $34.90. Bred and raced by former HRV Board member Peter Bourke, Garabaldi Union led virtually throughout from gate two, rallying after appearing to be a spent force approaching the home turn when the runner-up Farmersandtradies seemed to have his measure. Showing terrific fighting qualities, Garabaldi Union prevailed by a half-neck, with Our Supreme Guy a neck away in third place after easing three wide in the straight. The mile rate 2-00.1. Eight-year-old Washington VC/Relentless Lady gelding Electric Ollie gave Beau Tindale a double and Jason Lee a treble when a huge victor of leg four – the Victorian Police Service Blue Ribbon Foundation Claiming Pace over 2195 metres in a rate of 1-58.1. Trapped wide from gate six, Lee pressed forward to assume control and Electric Ollie careered away in the last lap to blitz his rivals by 36.9 metres in advance of Our Mels Dream from last to give the stable the quinella. Accountability was a further 13.5 metres away in third place after a mid-field passage. The opening event on the program went to local owner/trainer/driver Emma Hamblin’s 8-Y-0 Village Lasper/Ive Got Rhythm gelding Broadway Classic. Moving the wide from mid-field at the bell after starting from gate three on the second line, Broadway Classic joined the pacemaker Babalaas Jack on the home turn and proved far too strong over the concluding stages, scoring by 2.6 metres in 2-00.5 over Babalaas Jack and Sassy Man which ran on late fron mid-field along the markers. Armstrong dup Brooke Hansen (trainer) and Leroy O’Brien (driver) combined to land the R & L Emerson Trainer Of The Year Pace for C0 class over 1790 metres with ex-trotter Illawong Dreamtime, a 5-Y-0 gelded son of Grinfromeartoear and Illawong Dream. Raced by Tim O’Brien, Illawong Dreamtime led throughout from gate two and after being rated to perfection by the local plumber, ran out a 5.7-metre victor over Showem Shifty which trailed and Shadow Of Fortune which faced the open for the last lap. The mile rate 2-03.3. Hamilton trainer David Lewis snared the Sgt John McNally Memorial Pace for C0 class over 1790 metres with 4-Y-0 Jeremes Jet/Frosty Mattina mare Ennaellie in a rate of 2-04.8. With stable reinsman John Caldow in the sulky, Ennaellie starting from gate six was trapped three wide before set alight shortly after the start to take over and from there on, the issue was never in doubt, scoring by 6.5 metres from a death-seating Audaz Bonita and Vision And Courage which trailed the winner after leading out from gate four. Octogenarian Daylesford trainer Bob Conroy combined with son Glenn to land the Dr John Brennan Trotter Of The Year Trotters Handicap for T0 or better class over 2165 metres with 30 metre backmarker Button Brigade in a mile rate of 2-05. Driven patiently, Button Brigade moved to possie three back along the markers after a number of runners went off stride, with Bee Are Dee running along at the head of affairs. Extricated to be three wide running into the final bend, Button Brigade (Band Of Chips/Red Buttons) was too strong over the concluding stages to register a 14.6 metre margin over the Glenn Sharp (Longlea) stablemates Tella Tall Tale from a mile back and Spud which faced the breeze. It was Button Brigade’s 12th success in 154 outings. by Len Baker Harness Racing Victoria

Harness Racing Victoria is set to welcome a new alumni of champions to the annuals of history with the 7th Annual Victorian Harness Racing Media Association Hall of Fame Gala Dinner fast approaching. Last year, George Gath was inducted as a Hall of Fame Legend. Maori Miss, Chris Alford, Max Agnew, True Roman, Pearl Kelly and the Abrahams Family also joined harness racing's most esteemed club as Hall of Fame inductees. Debate rages as to who will join them this year. All arguments will be settled on Thursday 15th October at Tabcorp Park Melton as the winners are announced over a sumptuous three course dinner. Adding to the excitement will be the revamped HRV Media Awards, this year featuring for the very first time a $1,500 prize for the industry's leading media personality, in addition to a raft of other media awards. Entertainment will be provided by the spectacular Pianomania, featuring the legendary Marty Fields. For booking enquiries, please contact HRV's Event Manager, Jacinta Payne on 8378 0212. Book now to avoid disappointment! Harness Racing Victoria P O Box 184 Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039 Australia  

The Harness Racing Victoria​ (HRV) Integrity Unit has been proactive in recent weeks taking out-of-competition samples from various stables. HRV Integrity Unit has attended a number of stables over the last fortnight and taken samples from horses that are going to compete that day/evening or later in that week. HRV Integrity Unit devotes resources and funding on out-of-competition testing and a strong emphasis on this type of testing will continue. This strategy is consistent with recent sampling of (15) horses at Melton trials on September 1, and these initiatives help to give harness racing participants, the wagering public and the community confidence that integrity in the industry is paramount. “Out-of-competition testing is a key element of our overall integrity strategy to ensure harness racing participants a level playing field in Victoria,” said HRV Investigations Manager Brent Fisher. Harness Racing Victoria  

Congratulations to all the winners of premierships for season 2014/15, including:   Greg Sugars (State Driver)   Emma Stewart (State Trainer).   Chris Alford and Gavin Lang fought out an enthralling tie for Metropolitan Driver honours.   Consultation Forums Tonight at Bendigo marks the first of three public Consultation Forums at which HRV will present a summary of the Consultation Paper, which will eventually lead to the 2020 Strategic Plan. The Consultation Paper is currently on the website at There is also a feedback form which can be submitted direct to HRV. HRV commenced the consultation process by presenting to representatives of the following bodies on 2 September: Association of Victorian Harness Racing Country Clubs Harness Breeders Victoria Victorian Harness Racing Sports Club (representing owners) Victorian Harness Racing Trainers & Drivers Association, and Victorian Square Trotters Association We are hoping for large attendances at the forums in order to receive constructive feedback on the Paper. The remaining two public forums (commencing at 7pm) are to be held at: Shepparton Harness Racing Club - Tuesday 22 September Tabcorp Park Melton - Wednesday 23 September Breeders Crown HRV has conducted a full review of the 2015 Breeders Crown. Once again the event was a highlight on the Victorian calendar, however we have taken on board feedback from the industry following the event. There will be changes for 2016, which are currently being discussed. I am certain the heats/repechage system will be overhauled for example. The location of heats is also under review. The time of year that the Crown is held is also a topic for discussion. HRV surveyed 20 of the top trainers and drivers and not surprisingly the result was evenly divided on whether there should be a change of date. Clearly the placement of Derby's, APG, Vicbred and Breeders Crown is difficult to co-ordinate, as well as other factors such as the NZ Jewels. From a wagering perspective, across the semi-final night and finals Sunday, total turnover was $7.80m slightly down on last year's comparative $7.85m. Vicbred Since the last newsletter, we have received the full wagering details for the Vicbred Finals weekend. The breakdown is below. Pleasingly a 15% growth over the two nights, including a very strong result for the trotters on the Friday night. 2015 2014 Variance Friday night $3,451,000 $2,760,000 up 25% Saturday night $3,844,000 $3,558,000 up 8% Total Both Nights $7,295,000 $6,318,000 up 15% The numbers show that Vicbred and Breeders Crown are two very important brands for the Victorian industry. Driver Testing The HRV Integrity Department has collected a number of swab samples from competing drivers/trainers over the last week in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the sport and to ensure drivers are not affected by any illicit substances. The testing of participants ensures less risk to the safety of all competing drivers and horses. The Integrity Department has taken random samples of drivers/trainers engaged at Bendigo and Kilmore over the last week and will continue to take samples on an on-going basis. The other significant benefit in taking samples from drivers/trainers is the early detection of any issues, so that anyone detected with banned substances in their system can also be referred to welfare and support agencies in order to receive appropriate treatment to deal with their issue or illness. While on the subject of integrity, HRV has been performing increased stable inspections and swabbing at trials. Click here for article. November Trial - Preferential Barrier Draws HRV recently announced that for a trial period of one month (November), all races (other than five feature races) will have a preferential barrier draw condition placed on them. The trial is designed to encourage more competitive racing, reduce long odds on favourites, which we hope will have a positive impact on the perception of our sport and create a more attractive wagering product. HRV appreciates each Club's support of the trial. The success of the trial will be assessed and we will gladly share the result of the trial with the industry. Vale Nell Quinlan Nell, or Nan as she was affectionately known, sadly passed away at Tabcorp Park on 24 August. Nell was a great supporter of the industry and her interest flowed on to the next generations of family members. Our condolences go to Nell's children Gary, Lee and Cheryl as well as the extended Quinlan/Walker families. Pat Brooks Also sad to hear of the passing of Pat Brooks, who would have been well known to many in the Murray River region. Pat received a Distinguished Service Medal, in recognition of his efforts for the Cobram Club. Pat joined the Cobram Committee in 1963 and served as President from 1971 to 1994. He became a Life Member in 1991. First Win Congratulations to Lisa Bartley on her first win as a driver at Shepparton on 2 September behind Als Courage, beating her two sisters Rebecca and Ellen who also drove in the race. Did You Know? Hard to believe that Ellas Puppeteer won a C0 at Charlton on 14 September in a mile rate of 1.52.8, breaking the track record by over two seconds.                                                                                                         John Anderson       Harness Racing Victoria

HRV has today released the "Harness Racing Victoria Strategic Plan 2020 Consultation Paper" which will be the blueprint to take Victorian harness racing into the future. The plan is designed to revitalise harness racing in Victoria and create a dynamic and world class industry that will serve as a national and global leader. The plan will cover such key issues as integrity and animal welfare, horse population, innovation of the racing product, wagering, industry participation and growth, marketing and communications to name a few. HRV Chairman Ken Latta PSM said: "For the Plan to achieve its objectives the input, ideas and support of the industry is critical." Mr Latta invites all participants passionate about harness racing to become involved. HRV proposes to engage widely and embark on a rigorous consultation process to discuss the plan. In the coming month HRV will: * Hold sessions with formal industry consultation groups * Conduct forums with participants across Victoria * Receive feedback via written submissions Harness racing makes a significant contribution to the social fabric of Victoria and currently contributes $422 million to the Victorian economy, $226 million in household wages and is responsible for the employment of 4000 FTE jobs. With fresh ideas and industry input the 2020 Plan will ensure that harness racing continues to make its mark in Victoria well into the future. The timetable for the consultation process is: * Release of Consultation Paper - August 27 * Stakeholders consultation and forums to take place during September 2015 * Written submissions close September 30, 2015 * Strategic Plan 2020 released late 2015 The consultation forums will be conducted at the following locations, commencing at 7pm: * Bendigo Harness Racing Club September 15 * Shepparton Harness Racing Club September 22 * Tabcorp Park Melton September 23 To access the Harness Racing Victoria Strategic Plan 2020 Consultation Paper and written submissions form click here CODY WINNELL, COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA MANAGER

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