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Harrisburg, PA --- Through the close of sales on Wednesday, the cumulative yearling average at the Standardbred Horse Sale made up some ground from losses against 2013 as the average of all horses sold is down about 5.1 percent. However, comparing Wednesday against Wednesday from last year to this, the day was up about 5.1 percent, which helped make up ground from the previous two days. Paul F. “Pete” Spears, CEO of the Sales company, has no clear indication of the soft spots in the market. “We picked up a little bit of ground today, not enough to make up for the first two days, but it was stronger today. We do have certain consigners that like to backload their consignments and obviously it’s not a usual thing to have a $200,000 filly sell on Wednesday (hip No. 751, High Fashion Model, Western Terror–Makes You Wonder, bought by John Como Jr. from the All American Harnessbred consignment) so it’s an example of that. “I’ve been walking around and asking people what they think of the sale and many people have said to me that they’re scratching their heads, too. Certain horses that were going to bring too much money for them -- so they didn’t bother to look at -- suddenly they’re bargains, but because they didn’t look at them, they didn’t bid. Other horses that they wanted to go after they suddenly found they couldn’t touch, so it’s been a very schizophrenic sale. “I think we kind of obsess a little too much about average some times and I think that’s part of the reason we are so focused on the average of each and every single day. When I talk to people, they’re still looking for horses and as I say some are still puzzled. Some of them have told me they’re going to intensely re-review tomorrow in more detail because of what has happened to them, so they don’t overlook a good horse tomorrow.” Wednesday’s yearlings averaged $20,156 overall against $19,170 last year. Trotting fillies dropped a bit from last year, averaging $17,220 against $19,663 in 2013, while the trotting colts moved a bit ahead with an average of $22,946 against $21,527 in ’13. On the pacing side, colts this year averaged $20,584 but last year were $21,336. Buoyed by the $200,000 High Fashion Model sale, the average for pacing fillies was $17,320 this year and $15,250 last year. Comparative Sales Stats–Day Three Year-Gait/Sex-No. Sold-Gross-Average 2014-Pacing Colts-59-$1,214,500-$20,584 2013-Pacing Colts-70-$1,493,500-$21,336 2014-Pacing Fillies-81-$1,403,000-$17,320 2013-Pacing Fillies-80-$1,220,000-$15,250 2014-Trotting Colts-75-$1,721,000-$22,946 2013-Trotting Colts-56-$1,205,500-$21,527 2014-Trotting Fillies-59-$1,1016,00-$17,220 2013-Trotting Fillies-62-$1,218,500-$19,663 2014 Totals-275-$5,541,500-$20,150 2013 Totals-268-$5,137,500-$19,170 Cumulative Totals Year-Gait/Sex-No. Sold-Gross-Average 2014-Pacing Colts-210-$9,045,000-$43,071 2013-Pacing Colts-222-$10,273,500-$46,277 2014-Pacing Fillies-217-$6,460,000-$29,770 2013-Pacing Fillies-215-$6,307,000-$29,335 2014-Trotting Colts-205-$8,933,000-$43,576 2013-Trotting Colts-187-$8,335,500-$44,575 2014-Trotting Fillies-177-$6,089,500-$34,404 2013-Trotting Fillies-161-$6,292,000-$39,081 2014 Totals-810-$30,551,500-$37,718 2013 Totals-785-$31,208,000-$39,753 DAY 3 – TOP 20 Hip-Sex-Gait-Name-Sire-Dam-Buyer-Price 751-F-P-High Fashion Model-Western Terror-Makes You Wonder-John Como Jr.-$200,000 739-C-T-All Time Lindy-Cantab Hall-Love To Lindy-Brixton Medical-$130,000 568-F-T-Pizza Queen-Credit Winner-Armbro Domino-Noel Daley-$100,000 832-C-P-McPhil-McArdle-Philadelphia-Ed James-$90,000 775-F-T-Alamos-Conway Hall-Misty Ridge-Steven Pratt-$75,000 622-F-T-Kindly Reminder-Kadabra-Friendly Persuader-Yves Filion-$67,000 724-C-T-Don Lindy-Crazed-Lindy’s Madonna-Marco Folli-$65,000 736-C-P-Love Tap Hanover-Big Bad John-Love Lace Mindale-Mark Harder-$60,000 651-C-T-Conway Cloud-Conway Hall-Headintheclouds-Chris Oakes-$57,000 657-F-T-Sylvia Express-Conway Hall-Hernameissylvia-David Spagnola, agent-$55,000 759-F-P-Megaball Hanover-Western Terror-Mary Mattgalane-Jerry Silva-$55,000 687-C-T-I Mean Business-Swan For All-Kalibrated-Denise Dennis-$50,000 731-C-T-Lean Hanover-Donato Hanover-Lives Like A Queen-PC Wellwood Ent.-$50,000 839-C-T-Password Hanover-Cantab Hall-Playwood-William Zendt-$50,000 794-C-P-Costume Cruiser-Yankee Cruiser-Native Costume-Ron Desyllas-$46,000 822-C-P-Orly Hanover-Somebeachsomewhere-Ozmopolitan-Geoff Lyons-$45,000 660-C-P-Numerouno Bluechip-Art Major-Ichiban Blue Chip-Linda Toscano, agent-$42,000 758-C-T-Millbrook Hanover-Muscle  Massive-Mary Ana Hanover-Ake Svanstedt-$42,000 786-F-T-Nookie Blue Chip-Explosive Matter-Up Front Hotsey-Reijo Liljendahl-$42,000 629-F-T-Night Watch-Credit Winner-Giulie Bi-Andy Miller, agent-$40,000 649-C-P-Nvestment Bluechip-Shadow Play-Haze’s Zure Bet-Dave Menary-$40,000 680-F-T-Jinx-Muscles Yankee-Jodi’s Jayme-Doug Hurhins-$40,000 761-C-T-Nahuel Blue Chip-Credit Winner-Mathers Ginger-Linda Schaefer-$40,000 783-C-T-Craziville-Crazed-Musclelini-Ted Gewertz-$40,000 811-C-T-Marty De Vie-Explosive Matter-On Broadway De Vie-Todd Buter-$40,000 Pizza Queen sells for $100,000 The pizza was timed just right, according to Carter Duer, proprietor of Peninsula Farm, whose consignment includes the  $100,000 Credit Winner–Armbro Domino filly, Pizza Queen, hip No. 568. The six figure sales price is an outlier for Wednesday, when yearlings are generally more modestly priced than Monday and Tuesday. Noel Daley signed the sales slip on the February 22 foal. Her mother hadn’t really done anything and she had one go to Russia (multiple European stakes winner Betterthancheckers). I guess that’s the reason she was there (Wednesday),” said Duer. “I’d just as soon have her there than somewhere else. She was better (priced) today than she would have been Monday. She had a great video and she’s very correct -- and just a great video -- that was it.” For Duer, age 75, the return to routine farm tasks like videotaping yearlings was not a foregone conclusion after a car accident in June. “We didn’t video until the Lexington sale and I was there then, but I was in the hospital for seven weeks in Virginia. I had surgery in Norfolk, Va., and I was there about 10 or 12 days then to rehab. I’m still doing rehab, but I got a week off this week. “I broke this (his right, still splinted) arm, I’ve got a plate from my elbow to my wrist. I broke this (right) hip and this (right) femur and I’ve got a rod going down my leg and I broke some ribs on this (left) side, but I’m doing OK. The ribs were OK after about two and a half weeks.” Shopping with Dave Menary -- what he doesn’t want watching him Two years ago, Dave Menary got the bargain of a lifetime at Harrisburg when he bought the eventual $1.1 million winner He’s Watching for a mere $3,000. He’s shopping again this year, but without the illusion that there’s another $3,000 millionaire to be found. “I just take it by the right situation,” he said. “I wouldn’t try to make a living buying $3,000 horses. You’re going to go broke pretty quick, but that one (He’s Watching) worked out.” Compromises have to be made when shopping in that price range and Menary said he made concessions for He’s Watching. “Size. He had a great foot and back end on him. He had a great pedigree. I didn’t think he was a $3,000 colt, he wasn’t on my short list, I pegged him at $25,000-$30,000. I wasn’t looking for a June (birthday), New York sired colt, but when I saw him in the ring, I thought they’d brought out the wrong horse. I actually had to make two bids, but I owned him at $3,000. “The only two things I won’t take are a horse that’s back at the knees and I don’t want to train any walleyed horses,” he added, referring to horses with white around their eye. “It doesn’t affect them, but it gives me a bad feeling every day. They don’t get a fair start from the beginning, so I try to just stay away. I think they’re always looking at me the wrong way.” by Ellen Harvey, for Harness Racing Communications

Muscle Hill is the star of the Standardbred Horse Sale in Harrisburg; 26 sold for an average of better than $73,000 through the first two days.   This represents more than 80% of the offering; there are six more for sale. A colt out of Brooklyn passed to Swedish interests via Jonas Czernyson for $390,000, and three others cracked the $100,000 threshold. Almost 58% of those sold have brought at least $50,000. SBSW tops the pacing stallions as 50 have averaged a shade over $64,000. Last year he averaged $82,000 for the entire sale. Only five, two colts and three fillies, by SBSW remain to be sold. A colt brought $300,000 and another $240,000. In 2013 a filly sold for $355,000 and a pair of colts cracked $200,000. Ten of those sold yesterday and today topped $100,000 while 26—more than half—sold for at least $50,000. RC Royalty only has 11 for sale in Harrisburg, but the six that have sold thus far are averaging a sweet $65,333. All but one brought at least $50,000 and that filly sold for 45. The top colt brought $100,000, a first for that stallion. American Ideal is getting clobbered. Nineteen have sold for an average under $30,000. Ken Jacobs bought a colt for $100,000, and only one other brought at least $50,000. More than half brought $25,000 or less. He didn’t do well here last year either, although his stud fee jumped to $10,000 in 2014. The sire of the speedy but challenging colt, In The Arsenal, averaged almost $42,000 for 20 sold in Lexington. However, as is the case here, only one topped $100,000. There are four colts and nine fillies by American Ideal still to sell. Maybe he can right the ship. Regardless, something is off here. Bettor’s Delight is selling a crop for the Ontario Sire Stakes this year. Twenty-three averaged better than $41,000 in Lexington with none over $100,000 and nine above $50,000. He’s averaging about $52,000 for 26 sold during the first two days in Harrisburg. One colt topped $100,000, while 13, or half, have brought at least $50,000. The sire of the top tier sophomore All Bets Off is amazingly consistent from year to year. He heads back to Ontario for a $12,000 fee in 2015. Donato Hanover has already sold 39 for an average of better than $49,000. This represents 87% of the offering. A colt out of a sister to Hot Shot Blue Chip sold for $200,000 and two other colts and two fillies bettered $100,000. Thirteen, or 33%, brought at least $50,000. Fifteen of the Donatos failed to top $25,000—that’s 39%, which is high. Credit Winner is very strong again this year. At this sale in 2013 twenty-four averaged $77,000. Thirty-three  sold in Lexington for an average a shade over $70,000, thanks to a $355,000 colt and a $320,000 filly. There haven’t been any high ticket purchases to match those numbers during the first two days in Harrisburg, but a colt brought $225,000 and a filly $190,000. Another colt sold for $100,000. Almost 60% of the offering topped $50,000. There are two more colts and three fillies left to sell. Last year 26 Cantab Halls averaged $50,000 in Harrisburg. He played second fiddle to Muscle Hill at this year’s sale in Lexington as his average dropped from $85,905 to $64,394. Myron Bell spent $400,000 for a colt out of Dream Angel in Lexington, but there have been no lavish purchases like that for Cantab in Harrisburg. Three colts and a filly topped $100,000 while 10, or 39%, brought at least $50,000. This is weak for one of the two best trotting sires in NA. There are nine colts and five fillies left to sell. Plenty of room for the numbers to improve. Seventeen by Roll With Joe are averaging $45,471. Two colts sold for more than $100,000 and six of the 17 brought at least $50,000. There are seven colts and 13 fillies left to sell. Is that going to improve his average? We’ll see. Well Said, who stands for $15,000, is averaging $42,594 for 32 sold. One colt and one filly have topped $100,000. Hanover seems to be putting up disappointing results across the board. Fifteen of the 32 brought at least $50,000. A dozen, or more than 32%, failed to sell for more than $25,000. Western Ideal, sire of this year’s top freshman pacer Artspeak, averaged only $11,000 a couple of years ago. Last year that jumped to $27,000, and he’s averaging better than $48,000 for 24 sold thus far in Harrisburg. Lucky Chucky, who sold only a dozen in Lexington, has only sold eight so far in Harrisburg. He’s averaging a pedestrian $37,250, with only one bringing more than $50,000. There are seven more to sell. Last year 32 averaged $32,000 in Harrisburg. Kadabra is flying high—the fillies anyway—as 23 overall have averaged better than $56,000. None of the colts have topped $100,000, but four of the fillies have. Quite a discrepancy here as the top colt brought $50,000 and the other five sold for $30,000 or less. There are ten colts and five fillies left to sell. Sixteen by Explosive Matter are averaging $35,125, with one topping $100,000 and two, or 12%, bringing at least $50,000. This is awful. There are 21 left to sell. Let’s hope they saved the best for last. Twenty-two by Art Major are averaging $45,000. Two sold for $100,000 and seven brought $50,000 or more. The colts are doing a lot better than the fillies. by Joe FitzGerald for

Harrisburg, PA --- Trond Smedshammer bought only two horses during Monday's opening round of the Standardbred Horse Sale, but came away with more than a handful in the second session. Smedshammer on Tuesday purchased eight yearlings at the sale, with one being tied for eighth highest in price. "The ones that I really wanted yesterday just went too high," Smedshammer said. "There were more horses today, and more opportunities. I'm not a big fan of buying those $200,000 ones. There were a couple yesterday that I wish I would have gotten that went for that kind of money, but you've got to try to keep it down a little bit." Smedshammer was not alone in increasing his productivity Tuesday. Trainer Ake Svanstedt signed for seven horses in the second session, including the day's sales topper, colt trotter Gotalottacredit, who sold for $225,000. He had three in the top 20 after not having any of the top sellers Monday. "We were active yesterday, but we didn't get the horses," said Bjorn "Bernie" Noren, who is Svanstedt's assistant. "We put a price on them and they went a little higher than we wanted. We got outbid on the expensive one (Brooklyn Hill at $390,000) and a couple other ones." A total of 314 horses sold Tuesday for an average of $36,748, a 7.5 percent decrease from the $39,710 average for 298 yearlings sold in the second session of 2013. The 2014 average is nearly identical to 2012, when 307 horses sold for an average of $36,821. Through two days, a total of 535 horses were sold at an average of $46,748, a drop of 7.3 percent from the average of $50,426 for 516 yearlings in 2013. Compared to 2012, this year's sale is up 5.8 percent. But this year's averages in Harrisburg have been perplexing when put against the recently completed Lexington Selected Sale, which enjoyed a 10.6 percent increase compared to 2013. "(Today) was consistent with yesterday," Standardbred Horse Sale President Pete Spears said. "You'd have to ask the (buyers). There are some folks that normally buy a little heavier that haven't bought as heavily and I can't really explain that. "Trying to explain the difference between here and Lexington, I think we would have to dig down a lot deeper than I'm able to do right now." Two sessions remain for the yearlings, Wednesday and Thursday, at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Complex. "I just don't have a read on this. I really don't," Spears said. "It looked like people had done an extraordinary amount of homework and it really seemed like there were a lot of people who just simply needed animals. If that analysis still holds true, there are only two more days to do it. That's a very simplistic argument, I think, but we can all hope that's the case." Smedshammer, for one, was surprised by the numbers. "I think (the sale) is strong," he said. "I know it was down a little bit (Monday) but it certainly didn't feel that way because it was difficult to buy." Gotalottacredit was the only horse to sell for at least $200,000 during the second session this year, compared to three horses to reach that level in 2013. But a total of 15 horses sold for at least $100,000, an increase of one compared to last year. A son of Credit Winner out of the mare Valotta, Gotalottacredit's family includes 1999 O'Brien Award winner for best 2-year-old male trotter Uhadadream. "He was a very good looking colt," said Noren, indicating the horse was purchased for Mellby Gard. "The conformation was perfect. He looked like a real colt." Filly trotter Explosive Lynn was the day's second-highest seller, at $140,000, and went to trainer Jimmy Takter. Explosive Lynn, a daughter of Explosive Matter-U Wanna Lindy, is a three-quarter-sister to Takter-trained Wild Honey, who has won eight of nine races this season at age 2. Wild Honey is the fastest 2-year-old trotter on a half-mile track in history, with a time of 1:55.2. "I was happy to get her," Takter said. "Wild Honey is a very, very good horse. The only drawback is she could have been a little bigger and this filly is a good sized filly. Does she have the same determination as her sister? We'll find out." Autotune Hanover, a colt whose family includes millionaire Aracache Hanover, was the top-priced pacer, selling for $120,000. A son of Art Major out of the mare Anderosa Hanover, he was purchased by Mark Harder. DAY 2 - TOP 20 Hip-Sex-Gait-Name-Sire-Dam-Buyer-Price 455-C-T-Gotalottacredit-Credit Winner-Valotta-Ake Svanstedt-$225,000 454-F-T-Explosive Lynn-Explosive Matter-U Wanna Lindy-Jimmy Takter-$140,000 268-C-T-Cantabs Cash-Cantab Hall-Four Starz Dlh-Courant AB/Knutsson Trotting-$135,000 348-C-T-Colonel Cantab-Cantab Hall-Missys Mission-Staffan Lind-$130,000 484-C-P-Autotune Hanover-Art Major-Anderosa Hanover-Mark Harder-$120,000 353-F-T-Mind Meld-Donato Hanover-Myth-Jack De Jong, agent-$112,000 537-C-P-Twin B George-Roll With Joe-Chatelaine-Jeff Snyder-$110,000 248-C-P-Easy Lover Hanover-Somebeachsomewhere-Easy Go Go-Myron Bell, agent-$100,000 269-C-T-Free Willy Hanover-Credit Winner-Free Spirit-Trond Smedshammer-$100,000 271-C-T-Can We Have Fun-Cantab Hall-Fun For Us-Ake Svanstedt, agent-$100,000 281-C-P-Dash Of Danger-Western Terror-Grand Lady-Marvin Rounick-$100,000 461-C-P-Newsmaker Bluechip-American Ideal-Cantor's Daughter-Ken Jacobs-$100,000 465-C-T-The Royal Harry-RC Royalty-Wilsonator-Harry Pozetsky, agent-$100,000 479-F-T-Candy Lane-Cantab Hall-Almond Joy-Ake Svanstedt/Mellby Gard-$100,000 518-C-P-Western Dynasty-Western Ideal-Caitlin Q-Robert Mondillo-$100,000 340-C-P-Nocturnal Bluechip-Bettor's Delight-Mcarts N Crafts-Mark Steacy-$97,000 505-F-T-Noblesse Blue Chip-Credit Winner-Reven Crown-Eugene Kurzrok-$92,000 277-F-T-Athena's Mission-Manofmanymissions-Goddess Of War-Marvin Chantler-$90,000 311-C-P-Try That Beach-Somebeachsomewhere-Katie My Girl-Jimmy Takter-$90,000 517-F-P-Bluecollar Hanover-Bettor's Delight-But I Like It-Myron Bell, agent-$90,000 by Ken Weingartner, for Harness Racing Communications  

Harrisburg, PA --- Buying a yearling is just one step in the process of getting a racehorse, or perhaps more accurately getting a horse to the races, as trainer Jonas Czernyson is well aware. Czernyson, acting on behalf of Swedish interests, bought colt trotter Brooklyn Hill for a sales-topping $390,000 at the opening day of the Standardbred Horse Sale on Monday. Brooklyn Hill, by 2009 Horse of the Year Muscle Hill, is the first foal out of the stakes-winning mare Brooklyn, and his family includes past standouts Pizza Dolce and Creamy Mimi. "Now I just have to make sure he can perform," Czernyson said with a laugh. "Now I've got my hands full. We've just got to hope for the best now. But he's a very nice looking colt. I think we should be OK." Brooklyn Hill was one of two yearlings to sell for at least $300,000 and among five horses to sell for at least $200,000. Colt pacer Stepenwolf Hanover, a son of 2008 Horse of the Year Somebeachsomewhere out of the stakes-winning mare So Perfect, sold for $300,000 to a group led by Myron Bell. Last year's first day sales-topper sold for $355,000. A total of 221 yearlings were sold Monday, with 41 horses - 18.5 percent - reaching at least $100,000, a slight increase compared to last year when 39 of 218 horses - 17.8 percent - hit that level. Overall numbers, though, dropped slightly. This year's first day averaged $60,955, a decrease of 6.5 percent compared to the $65,239 average in 2013. This year's numbers, however, were 13.5 percent better than the $53,684 opening-day average in 2012. In September, the first night of the Lexington Selected Sale saw 97 yearlings sell for an average of a single-session record $104,959, a 21.6 percent increase over 2013. "We were down a little bit over last year," Standardbred Horse Sales Company President Pete Spears said. "Unlike Lexington, we don't necessarily stack our Monday as heavily. Whether this represents a real shortfall, or whether this means people are going to pay more (Tuesday), I can't really tell. "We do have consignors who would rather sell on Tuesday, or even on Wednesday and Thursday, and we usually go along with their wishes. Overall, I think the figures look a little light, but I think we'll have a better idea where we are later in the week." Spears said the first day's outcome didn't mirror traffic for the sale. "When I talked to the consignors they said the traffic at their farms was as heavy as it's been in many years," Spears said. "Traffic at the sale has been huge. Yesterday morning at 8 a.m. people were inspecting horses. They were here at 6 o'clock last night and even later inspecting horses. This morning I was here at 8 a.m. and the place had more people inspecting horses than I've seen in years at that time. "I think people looked, they just didn't necessarily spend. We'll see whether they have money in their pockets tomorrow." Trotting colts led the way Monday in Harrisburg, with 58 selling for an average of $70,440, good for an increase of 9.8 percent. Last year, that group sold for an average of $64,119. Filly trotters - who led the way on Monday in 2013 - saw a dip of 28.3 percent, from $74,129 to $53,128. Pacing fillies saw a slight increase, 2.4 percent, up to $51,542. Last year the same group enjoyed a 42 percent increase in average sales price. Colt pacers averaged $64,919 this year, a decrease of 11.5 percent from the mark of $73,375 in 2013. Czernyson didn't expect Brooklyn Hill to sell for as much as $390,000. "I guess somebody wanted him as much as we wanted him," Czernyson said. "You always like to buy what you want, if you have the opportunity to do that. That's nice. "I really like the horse, and (the owner) really liked him. That's why we went for him, and we got him. To us, he had everything we wanted." Bell, who will share ownership of Stepenwolf Hanover with Brittany Farms, John Cancelliere, and Marvin Katz, expected to bid in the range of $300,000 for the colt. He opened the bidding at $200,000 for Stepenwolf Hanover, whose family includes stakes-winners Perfectionist, Lifetime Member and Copywriter as well as millionaires Tell All and Image Of Dawn. Tony Alagna will train the colt. "You've got to show people you mean business," Bell said. "I was there to buy the horse, not be an underbidder. "He was one of the best looking horses in the sale. Great pedigree, great maternal family." Jeff Snyder bought colt pacer Twice On The Pipes for $240,000. The colt is by Somebeachsomewhere, out of the stakes-winning mare Knock Three Times. His family includes Doo Wop Hanover. "He's a perfect, great-looking colt," Snyder said, adding he was uncertain who would train the horse. "I saw him turned out in the field, and he was great there, a great-moving colt. There was nothing not to like about him. He had a brother (Maxi Bon) that had some speed, won in (1):49 and a piece, and he's out of a champion mare. "Look, it's a crapshoot. We thought he was the best Somebeach in the sale. The mare is 2-for-2; she's a young mare. He's a beautiful colt. I expected him to go for more than $240,000; I thought he'd go for ($300,000) something." Celebrity Farms' Sam Stathis bought colt trotter D Man Hanover, a full brother to 2007 Horse of the Year and Hambletonian winner Donato Hanover, for $200,000. The colt is by Andover Hall, out of D Train. Stathis hopes for his own trip to the Hambletonian winner's circle with Donato Hanover's brother. "A couple years ago I said I guarantee Maserati to win the Hambletonian, now we have to work on the next one," Stathis said, referring to Celebrity Maserati, who finished sixth in his Hambletonian elimination in 2013 and failed to advance to the final. "If lightning doesn't strike, we want to go all the way. That's why we spend that kind of money. We've got big dreams. I figured if we're going to take a chance, let's go all the way." DAY 1 - TOP 15 Hip-Sex-Gait-Name-Sire-Dam-Buyer-Price 139-C-T-Brooklyn Hill-Muscle Hill-Brooklyn-Jonas Czernyson, agent-$390,000 135-C-P-Stepenwolf Hanover-Somebeachsomewhere-So Perfect-Myron Bell, agent-$300,000 51-C-P-Twice On The Pipes-Somebeachsomewhere-Knock Three Times-Jeff Snyder-$240,000 89-C-T-Mr Montgomery-Donato Hanover-Munis Blue Chip-Determination-$200,000 109-C-T-D Man Hanover-Andover Hall-D Train-Celebrity Farms-$200,000 4-F-T-Open Access-Credit Winner-Armbro Déjà Vu-Alan Ritchie-$190,000 226-C-T-Revenger-Muscle Hill-Cocktail Hour-Jimmy Takter-$190,000 141-F-T-Selfie Hanover-Kadabra-Star Hanover-Jimmy Takter-$180,000 124-C-T-Warlocks Den-Muscle Hiill-Sabrina Hall-Courant AB-$170,000 90-C-T-Mosconi Hanover-Donato Hanover-Muscaloosa-Jimmy Takter-$165,000 144-F-T-Emoticon Hanover-Kadabra-Emmylou Who-Determination-$165,000 87-F-P-Malwhere-Somebeachsomewhere-Ms Malicious-Three Brothers Stable-$160,000 130-F-P-Nachomama Bluechip-Rock N Roll Heaven-Shot Togo Bluechip-Tony O'Sullivan, agent-$160,000 200-C-P-Must Be Heaven-Rock N Roll Heaven-Must See-Ken Jacobs-$155,000 96-F-P-A List Hanover-Somebeachsomewhere-Allamerican Nadia-Andy Miller Stable, agent-$145,000 by Ken Weingartner, for Harness Racing Communications  

The 2014 Standardbred Horse Sales Company Annual Sale will offer 1,896 harness racing horses for public auction at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA starting today, Monday, November 3 through Saturday, November 8. You can view the sale live online or follow by their website. The Select Yearling Sale in Harrisburg will be held Monday through Thursday, followed by the Mixed Sale on Friday and Saturday. Pedigrees and yearling videos are available online on  At the 2013 sale, 1,048 Selected yearlings were sold for $35,965,500, for an average of $34,318,835. Mixed horses were sold for $19,980,500, an average of $23,929. PA sires led the way with 450 Select yearlings selling for $15,840,000, an average of $35,200. Overall, 1,883 horses sold for $55,946,000, an average of $29,711. Standardbred Horse Sale Company President Dr. Paul Spears said that "the improving economy and newly-revitalized racing programs in Ohio and Ontario make us very optimistic for a successful sale. Our customers will be purchasing the champions of the future at Harrisburg." International horse owners, trainers, and enthusiasts attend the sale on a yearly basis. Buyers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Italy can always be found in the sale area. In recent years, new customers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Brazil, and the central Asian republics of Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan and Altai have purchased horses at Harrisburg. ‘The Black Book’ catalogues, a live webcast of the sale, video interviews and photos of prominent horsemen, sale results, and general background information are available on the Standardbred Horse Sales Company website, Monday's session kicks off at 11:00 a.m. with Hips 1-230 entering the sales ring. From the Standardbred Horse Sale Company

The Harness Racing Museum's Winner's Circle Gift Shop will be at the Standardbred Horse Sale in Harrisburg, PA, Monday, November 3 through Saturday, November 8, 2014. Our shop will be located in the "Tan Hallway" behind the Sales Arena again this year. Start your holiday shopping when taking a break during the horse sales. We are eager to show off many new items that will make shopping for the horse lovers on your list an easy task. A new selection of books, clothing items, house wares and toys will be in stock and ready to head home with you! We will hold your purchases until you are ready to leave the sales, giving you complete freedom to raise you hand and bid on the hip numbers of your choice. Purchase a brick or paver in memory of someone special; forms will be available for you to personalize your selection. If you have specific requests for merchandise, please let us know as soon as possible and we will gladly bring it to the sale. Also, we are always in need of clean packing materials for shipping catalog orders. Empty that closet full of bubble wrap and bring to the sale and drop it off with us. Your donation of packing materials is a large savings for the Museum. The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame is located at 240 Main Street in Goshen, NY and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thanks to USTA support the Museum is currently offering free admission for walk-in visitors and $4 per person for group docent-guided tours. For information on the Museum, membership, special events, gift shop services and educational programs the Museum offers, please call (845) 294-6330 or visit by Janet Terhune, for the Harness Racing Museum

Hanover/Harrisburg, PA – Looking for a fun-filled way to take part in the upcoming Harrisburg sale?  Standardbred Horse Sales Company invites you to enter its new, “Stable Stars” contest.  You will have a chance at winning prizes and eternal bragging rights of being the first-ever winner! From now through 12 Noon on Sunday, November 2, 2014, you can enter your guess on the final hammer price of 10 designated yearlings being sold on November 3. Entries can be made by following the link on the company’s web site at or by sending your guesses via email to Grand prize winner will be the person submitting guesses closest to the total actual prices of all yearlings in the contest.  The winner will receive a Standardbred Fleece Jacket, Polo Shirt and Hat, as well as a copy of Ellen Harvey’s “Standardbred Old Friends”.  Prizes will also be awarded for second place and the closest guesses on the individual horses. For full contest rules and details, go to the link at then follow along on the LIVE Webcast to Monday, November 3, as well as on our Facebook page and on Twitter, using the hashtags: #harrisburgsale #stablestars. From the Standardbred Horse Sales Company

The Hanover Shoe Farms videos of the yearlings consigned to this year's Harrisburg sale are now being taken at the Hanover Fairgrounds. Videos of these yearlings will be posted on a daily basis as they are done. They may be accessed at the Hanover Shoe Farms website It is anticipated that all of the 220 yearlings will have their videos on the website by Saturday, October 11, this of course to some degree is weather dependent. The yearlings will be available for inspection at the Fairgrounds beginning Monday, October 13. Appointments are not necessary, but they will be greatly appreciated. To arrange for the yearlings that prospective buyers would like to see please call Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky at 717-637-8931 or Murray Brown at 717-487-1812. By doing so your particular yearlings will be ready for you at your arrival. The yearlings will be available for inspection daily, except Sunday through Friday, October 31 beginning at 11.00 AM. They will ship to Harrisburg on Saturday, November 1 and be ready for evaluation there beginning at 8.00 AM on Sunday, November 2. by Murray Brown, for Hanover Shoe Farms  

The 2014 edition of The Black Book 2 can now be found on Standardbred Horse Sales Company's website Printed catalogs are expected to be available for shipping on October 10. The Mixed Sale begins on Friday, November 7 and ends on Saturday, November 8 at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA, following the Select Yearling Sale which takes place from Monday, November 3 through Thursday, November 6. Standardbred's popular "Black Book for the iPad" from is available for download from a link on our website. Past Performances Book 1 for race lines is also available for download on the website, and will not be mailed with printed catalogs again this year. However, Past Performances Book 2 with most current race lines will be available for download on October 27, and will be distributed in printed form at the Sale. The Mixed Sale has a total of 771 entries, including 196 broodmares and broodmare prospects, 28 weanlings, 36 yearlings, 45 stallion shares, and 466 race horses. The Mixed Sale features a dispersal of 15 top quality trotting mares owned by Herb Liverman, 11 mares in the Fashion Farms Annual Mare Reduction sale and the complete breeding dispersal of William G. Mulligan/Marion Farms after 50 years of operation which includes 8 mares, 5 shares and 4 weanlings and a trio of headliner race mares MAVEN 3, 1:52.3; 4, 1:51.4 ($1,498,376); SHEBESTINGIN p,3, 1:47 ($750,522); and MA CHERE HALL 3, 1:52.3 ($684,641). For further information, please visit the website or call 717-637-8931. From the Standardbred Horse Sales Company  

Two-year-old trotting colt Caulfield recorded his third straight harness racing victory in the third and final $70,000 Ontario Sires Stakes Gold division tonight at Flamboro Downs. In that division Wilbur Eden was very quick at the start, hitting the opening marker in :29.3 for Trevor Henry. As they reached the half in 1:00.3 he had company from Holiday My Way and three wide came Alacrity as they reached the third panel in 1:30.1. Holiday My Way broke stride in the final turn and down the stretch Caulfield and Chris Christoforou closed a ton to win in 1:59.3. Wilbur Eden held for second while Winning Wizard was third. A son of Kadabra owned by Synereco Ventures Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, and trained by Chris Beaver, Caulfield was notching his fourth win in six career starts and third in a row. Bred by Jeff Ruch of Innisfil and Ted MacDonnell of Allenford, Ontario, Caulfield sold for $20,000 at last year’s Harrisburg sale. Christoforou was also victorious in the first division where the two outside horses left quickest. Boli (post six) and Infiniti AS (post seven) got away first and second as the gate left with Boli leading the group by the first quarter in :30.3 and the half in 1:02.1. Luck O The Irish took over well before the 1:31.2 third panel as Boli went offstride. He soon had company in the form of Dont Rush and that pair battled down the lane with Dont Rush narrowly winning in 2:00.3. Luck O The Irish had to be content with the bridesmaid spot while Amityville Lindy survived an inquiry to take third. Christoforou was up behind the winner, a son of Infinitif owned and trained by breeder Dustin Jones of Waterdown, Ontario who recently sold a share in the talented colt to Greg Judson of Athens, Ontario. This was the second lifetime win for Dont Rush who improved his summary to 2-3-1 in nine lifetime starts for $136,000 in earnings. Three colts broke early in the second split which saw Namesmuscle by the first panel in :28.1. Just past the :59.2 half A Little More Love was neck and neck with the leader and managed to get a head in front by the 1:29.1 three-quarters. Three wide came Platoon Seelster and those three were close at the finish with Platoon Seelster prevailing, despite an early break in stride, in 1:59.4 for Ryan Holliday. A Little More Love, the leading point earner in this division coming into tonight’s contest, was a close second with Namesmuscle third. A lightly raced son of Holiday Road, Platoon Seelster was making just his fourth career start for trainer David Holliday and owners Caroline Holliday of Mount Forest and Dennis Hannath of Harriston, Ontario. Bred by Seelster Farms of Lucan, Ontario, the colt has yet to finish worse than second with two wins and two seconds in his young career. This group has one more Gold event to contest before the October 11 Super Final. That will take place one week from tonight, September 30, at Mohawk Racetrack. To view the complete results from tonight’s program, please click Flamboro Results - September 23. OSS News

LATHAM, NY - Even though the New York Sire Stakes finals have just been completed, yearling buyers are already looking ahead to the fall yearling sales to select the next champion. With a smaller class of pacing yearlings nominated to the New York Sire Stakes this year than in the recent past, buyers of these sidewheelers will have an even greater opportunity for their piece of the rich Sire Stakes purses the next two years. A recent shuffle of pacing stallions in New York State has resulted in a smaller crop of yearlings this year with approximately 125 (27%) fewer pacing-bred youngsters nominated in 2014 than were in 2013. Purses, however, are still estimated to top $16 million next year for the entire program, with an equal amount of state funds split between both gaits. Nominations of trotting yearlings have remained relatively steady. The first major offering of New York-bred yearlings will occur at the Morrisville College Yearling Sale Sunday, Sept. 21st followed by Lexington Selected Sale on Sept. 30 - Oct. 4th and then Harrisburg Sale beginning November 3rd. Yearling buyers interested in learning more about the multi-tiered New York Sire Stakes program can contact Harness Horse Breeders of New York State at 518-785-5858, email or visit the New York Sire Stakes website at From the Harness Horse Breeders of New York State  

WASHINGTON, PA, Aug. 25, 2014 -- Winless since late May, Frost Free Hanover broke loose Monday at The Meadows, drawing off to demolish the field by 8 lengths in 1:54.4 -- a tick off the stake record -- in a $60,000 Pennsylvania Stallion Series stake. The event for 3-year-old colt and gelding trotters was contested over three divisions, with Another Transcript and Revrac Harbour taking the other splits -- each for Dave Palone. After only one start at 2, Frost Free Hanover began his sophomore campaign with five victories before tapering off, a drought trainer Leslie Zendt attributes to a step up in competition. "He was racing against older horses in overnights here, which is really hard for a 3-year-old," she said. "Then he was in against some tough 3-year-olds. But he's been an overachiever all year long and, really, a pleasant surprise." In Monday's stake, Frost Free Hanover accelerated around the final turn for Brian Zendt, leaving the pocket-sitting Kapow Hanover a distant second. Sneakin Caviar rallied from well back for show. Leslie Zendt, who owns Frost Free Hanover with Bill Zendt, Sig Wolkomir and Fred Kayne, said the Cantab Hall-Free Spirit gelding is ticketed for the Harrisburg sale following appearances in the stallion series championship, the Keystone Classic and the Circle City. Another Transcript, who lost all nine of his previous outings this year in some tough spots, also relished the stallion series competition, quarter-poling to the front and scoring in a career-best 1:55.3, 6-1/4 lengths better than Donato's Wish. Uriel earned show. "He's not a bad colt, but he's been running up against some tough horses," said Allan Johnson, who conditions the son of Donato Hanover-Lady Lifter for Carl Sackheim, who often names his horses for aspects of the legal profession. "He's a useful horse. He'll make us a few dollars." Hammered down to 1-2 in the wagering, Revrac Harbour performed like the prohibitive choice, quarter-poling to the front and scoring geared down in 1:55.1. Another Deposition (another Sackheim horse) was second, 2-1/2 lengths back, while It Really Matters completed the ticket. "He does everything right," Palone said. "I thought I'd let things settle and keep him out of trouble. He was well within himself. He can be a little funny with his mouth behind the gate -- he can get pacey. So I let him get out of there on his own, and he was perfect." Tony Alagna trains the homebred son of Donato Hanover-Harbour Belle, who has won seven of 11 starts this year, for Howard Taylor, John Carver and Dandy Farms. Palone drove six winners and Tony Hall five on the 16-race card. Stake racing at The Meadows resumes Tuesday, when the card features the Hickory Smoke, a $199,980 PA Sires Stake for 3-year-old colt and gelding trotters. First post is 12:55 PM. By Evan Pattak,for the Meadows                    

Hanover, PA --- The Standardbred Horse Sales Company is proud to announce that our 76th annual Harrisburg Yearling Sale Preview is now posted on our website, Individual yearling pedigrees will soon follow, with yearling video links posted closer to the Sale. Yearling Sale dates are Monday (Nov. 3) through Thursday (Nov. 6), featuring 1,123 yearlings, 531 by Pennsylvania sires, 275 by Ontario sires, 230 by New York sires, 78 by New Jersey sires, five by Indiana sires, two by Ohio sires, and two by Delaware sires. First year sires Roll With Joe (37), Manofmanymissions (21), Big Jim (17), Broad Bahn (9), Up The Credit (5), Vintage Master (3), and Big Bad John (2) are well represented. Printed catalogs will be mailed Sept. 12. Standardbred will again offer catalogs formatted for the iPad through the Sales Catalog app. As always, Standardbred provides multiple “Search” functions and downloadable PDF packets on our website to help you find your champion. Our convenient “My Black Book” feature allows customers to store lists of yearling prospects with pedigrees, video links, and personal notes in a confidential format that is accessible from any Internet-capable device. From the Standardbred Horse Sales Company 

CAMPBELLVILLE, August 21 - Homen Dry had the Define The World series title fall into his lap Thursday night at Mohawk Racetrack. A field of nine lined up Thursday night to contest the $46,600 series finale for two-year-old trotters. Jetpedia, the leg one winner, sprinted off the gate to grab the lead, while Homen Dry, the leg two winner, got away in third. Jetpedia and driver Mike Saftic trotted by the quarter pole in :29.2 and then slowed the tempo down considerably to reach the half way point in 1:00.4. In the third quarter, Homen Dry and driver Chris Christoforou advanced from third into second, while Saftic picked up the speed with Jetpedia to reach the three-quarter pole in 1:29.4. As the field entered the stretch, it appeared Homen Dry was in for a sprint to get by Jetpedia, but Jetpedia made a costly break a few strides into the stretch allowing Homen Dry to inherit the lead and cruise to a 1:58.2 victory. Trained by Brad Maxwell, Homen Dry won by three quarters of a length over stablemate Southwind Stryker, while Lookslikeachpndale took the show spot. Following the race, Christoforou said the trip didn't exactly work out as planned. "It really wasn't where I wanted to be, but because of his habits he will tend to pull up on the front and I didn't really want to be there even though the fractions were slow" said Christoforou. "I had to sit back, but I didn't want to be too far back because the fractions were slow, so I was close as I could be without being on the front." The series finale victory for the son of Credit Winner - Beyond Blue Chip was the second win in a row after finishing second in his first two career starts. "He (Homen Dry) has done quite well," said Christoforou. "He's a bit of tricky little guy to drive at times, but he's got lots of speed." Owned by Paul Van Camp, Ben Mudry and Tim Murray, Homen Dry was a $19,000 yearling purchase at last November's Harrisburg Sale. The winner's share of the purse increases Homen Dry's career earnings to over $35,000. He paid $4.40 to win. Stakes action continues tomorrow night at Mohawk as the three-year-old trotting fillies will be on display in two $101,296 Casual Breeze Stakes divisions. Headlining the second division is Lifetime Pursuit, the winner of this year's Hambletonian Oaks. She will start from post seven with regular driver Yannick Gingras. Post time is 7:25 p.m. by Mark McKelvie, for WEG  

CAMPBELLVILLE, August 14 - Homen Dry converted off a second over trip to win the second leg of the Define The World Series on a cool Thursday summer night at Mohawk. A field of eleven contested the second leg of the trotting series for two-year-old trotters. Jetpedia, the leg one winner, took the most support at the windows going off as the 4/5 favourite and got away third after leaving from post seven. On the way to the half, Jetpedia was sent to the lead by driver Mike Saftic and cleared to the front before the mid-way point. Around the final turn, Boli made a first up bid allowing driver Chris Christoforou and Homen Dry to pick up cover and sit in a striking second over position coming off the final turn. In the stretch, Jetpedia continued to trot strong, but in the final sixteenth of the mile, Homen Dry grinded down the favourite and overtook the lead to break his maiden in 1:57. Boli was also able to get by Jetpedia to finish second, a half length behind the winner. Homen Dry, who is trained by Brad Maxwell, had finished second in his first two starts, including a runner-up finish in the opening leg of the Define The World. A son of Credit Winner - Beyond Blue Chip, Homen Dry is owned by Maxwell, Doug Millard, Paul Van Camp and Howard Taylor. Homen Dry sold for $19,000 at last fall's Harrisburg Sale. He paid $18.70 to win. The final of the Define World Series will take place next Thursday night (August 21) at Mohawk. by Mark McKelvie, for WEG

CAMPBELLVILLE, August 14 - Sporting The Look is one​ of the top local two-year-old pacers and this Saturday at Mohawk he will meet the sport's top freshman pacer, Artspeak, in a division of the Nassagaweya Stakes. Sporting The Look has won three of six starts and made over $133,000 in his young career, but had a couple races gone a little different, he may have been the richest freshman pacer in the sport heading into this Saturday's $91,425 Nassagaweya Stakes. "He should probably have another $100,000 on his card," admits driver Jody Jamieson. "He made a break there in the second (Ontario Sires Stakes) Gold and was going to win for fun and probably with a different trip would've won the ($217,140) Battle of Waterloo." A son of Sportswriter - Lyons Mandi, Sporting The Look didn't wait long to rebound from the second place finish in the Battle of Waterloo and won a Sires Stakes event last Sunday at Georgian in 1:54.2. "Those races were over with and we pressed forward to Sunday at Georgian and he was the easiest of winners," said Jamieson. Now Sporting The Look, who is trained and co-owned by Jody's father Carl Jamieson, will face his toughest task to date as he jumps into a Grand Circuit event. The competition will be stiff as Sporting The Look will meet the undefeated Artspeak, who won his most recent start in a season's best 1:50.4, but Jody is excited to see what his colt is made of. "I'm really looking forward to racing Artspeak just to see how he shapes up with the best of the best, he's a Sportswriter, so obviously sky is the limit, they have been awesome so far." Sporting The Look was a $70,000 yearling purchase at last November's Harrisburg Sale and is owned by Carl Jamieson, 30 Plus Stable and Thomas Kyron. "He was the only Canadian sired pacer that my dad paid into the Grand Circuit and American races," noted Jody. "So it's obviously fun to be in them, especially right here at home, he's a nice horse, We Will See how nice he is coming up on Saturday." The Jamieson's will also team up in a $76,245 division of the Eternal Camnation Stakes for two-year-old pacing fillies with Shakai Hanover. A daughter of Well Said - Shes A Fan, Shakai Hanover has made her last two starts on the Pennsylvania Sires Stakes circuit and found some success. "She won her second lifetime start in :53 and then got interfered with last week at Pocono and probably would've been closer, although she only got beat a length in 1:51.4," said Jody. "I expect big things from her, she has been a nice filly so far." Along with driving another freshman filly, Yes You Can, for his father in the second of three Eternal Camnation divisions, Jody will also have the chance to drive a pair of freshman pacers for trainer Ake Svandstedt. "I'm driving a couple for Ake Svandstedt that I'm excited about getting to race for him and to see how good those horses are." Jody hopes Saturday will be a successful night to kick off a long stretch of major stakes action at Mohawk. "I'm excited about the weekend, that's one more step towards the Metro and the She's A Great Lady, so it's an exciting time." by Mark McKelvie, for WEG

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