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I have been involved with harness racing since the late 1980’s, and  I have to admit it’s a love/hate relationship. My love of horses came early as a child. I would do anything to ride a horse. My neighbor friend was lucky enough to have a horse, but she detested cleaning the stalls, which was a requirement her parents had for her.  I, of course, volunteered with the condition that I could ride Patches whenever I wanted. It was a while before her parents found out and stopped my job. They allowed me to continue riding but eventually Ruthie got tired of cleaning the stalls and her parents found a new home for Patches. Even though I was bitten by a horse, which required 150 stitches, fell off my fair share of them, and had a few visits to hospitals, my love of horses never weaned. Most of my adult life I showed/rode Arabian horses.  I also love the competition of racing, but find myself questioning some people’s motives in the business. A few years ago, my ex-husband Richard Young and I purchased a horse at the Harrisburg Yearling Sale. Her name was Elequent Diva. She was a beautiful animal and an extremely sweet horse to be around.  She was purchased with the full intent to race her one day.  I fell in love with her the day she arrived at our farm in Pennsylvania after we found out that racing was not to be in her future. Diva didn’t know how very sick she was, which looking back brings some comfort.  She was born with a rare congenital heart defect, one that would preclude her from racing or breeding. When we learned from the specialist’s at New Bolton that her life was considered guarded, we contacted the breeders/sellers, David and Brian Legge in Canada. We also contacted Standardbred Horse Sales Company. We told them that we would not be paying for the horse as she would never be able to race.   SHSC agreed that we should not pay for the horse. We never received an invoice. The breeders however, along with their consignment company, Preferred Equine, thought we should pay because we signed a contract that said the horse was being sold “as is”. I won’t get into the specifics of the contract as it is very complicated. Suffice to say they (SHSC) should one day reword their contract to include the “Diva Clause” which would protect all buyers of horses that have a congenital defect which effects their racing/breeding capabilities. We did offer to pay the Legges a very generous sum of money as to avoid possible litigation. That proved fruitless. The Legge’s did sue us first in Canada first but the judge said it was the wrong jurisdiction. They then got SHSC to assigns their rights, (SHSC didn’t want to be sued by them, but that is another story) which made it possible for the Legges’s to file a complaint against us in the US. This all could have been avoided if the Legges’s and David Reed would have just listened to reason and taken our generous offer. Realistically we didn’t have to offer them anything and could have shipped the horse either back to Harrisburg or to the Legges farm in Canada. In this conundrum we decided to keep Diva and try and make her life as comfortable as possible. Everything is not always about money. Sometimes we all need to just do the right thing. In this case what was important was a very sick beautiful horse deserving as good a life here on earth as we could provide. Looking back on the case it was so easy for everyone if they only had the best interest of Diva in mind. I have sold many show horses in my life and each time I would tell the buyer to take the horse home, ride him/her, get to know him/her and if you decide they will make a great horse for you then send me the check. If not, please bring them home to me.   The reason I do this is because it is the best thing to do for the horse and I also want the purchasers to be happy.  I am very thorough about the purchaser also. They need to pass the Joanne test.  I want to be sure my horse is going to the best possible home. If only more people cared about the animal and less about the dollars the horse industry would not have some of the problems they have today. I understand Diva was purchased at auction which is very different than a private purchase. That is why there should be protection for the buyers, sellers and most importantly for the horse. The trial lasted 4 days and after deliberating for less than 20 minutes the jury wanted to know how much they could award us. Needless to say, the Legges were less than thrilled with this question. The jury came back 10 minutes later and found we were not in breach of contract, meaning the “as is” clause in their contract did not mean that a horse with a congenital defect had to be paid for. We won, or did we. Certainly we felt vindicated, but no one really won. Much money, time, and stress won. Oh, and the attorney’s won too. But we did win one thing and that is we had Diva for a short time. As Diva exited Chris Ryder’s horse trailer that sunny June day in 2014, she quickly had a look around and decided this was going to be okay for a new home. We put her in the pasture with my elderly Arabian mare, Makkessa. That turned out to not be a great idea as Makkessa was almost completely blind and Diva was young and full of herself. Diva wanted to play, Makkessa wanted to barely move. We then decided to put her out with “the boys” which are a half Arabian gelding and a Dutch warmblood. Chase and Shane quickly fell in love with Diva and they all spent many great days running, eating and just being horses.  I actually had her at our farm for about a year and then my friend Katie took care of Diva. Katie didn’t own Diva but she treated her as if she did. Diva lived in Northern Florida with Katie because we thought it was better to not ship her up and down the east coast; as I lived in Pennsylvania during the summer and back in Florida in the winter. We thought it best to keep her in a mild climate. Diva lived with Katie for almost 2 years. Katie quickly got use to Diva’s voice when she wanted a treat or attention. She had to be fed first, after all she was the Diva! Katie rode Diva a bit, walking her down winding trails behind her home in the warm Florida sunshine until it proved too much for her ailing heart. Diva munched grass in lush pastures with her horse friends. People that came to the barn always heard Diva’s call for treats which they were kind enough to oblige her.  As time went on Diva’s heart was showing the signs we all feared. I remember one day Katie calling and we talked about what to do. The vet had her comfortable on medication. I told Katie to put her out with her friends in the pasture if she wanted to be with them. So on June 3, 2017  Katie put Diva out for the evening in the pasture she had frolicked in, where she ate the warm strands of Florida grasses, and enjoyed being with her buddies for the last time. In the morning Katie found Diva laying under the oak tree. She had passed away during the evening to the  sound of crickets. There was no sign of distress or movement, she just as the good girl she always was,  just laid down and went to sleep. I can’t help but cry as I write these words. Diva was a very special horse and I would not change a thing about the way she came into our lives. She taught us that all living creatures are valuable to the soul. She reminded us of what we should all strive to be, better people. Diva showed us that there is more to a life than the numbers in a bank account.   by Joanne Roy-Young   

In conjunction with its Annual Yearling Sale in Harrisburg, Standardbred Horse Sales Company is pleased to announce the 2018 edition of its popular “Stable Stars” Contest. Contestants will predict the knockdown sales prices of sixteen Harrisburg yearlings to be sold on Monday, November 5th. An online entry form can be completed from a link on the Home Page of The Black Book website (; by submitting a printed and scanned form by email to; or by FAX to 717 – 637 – 6766 until Thursday November 1st and thereafter to 717 – 233 – 3625. The deadline for submission of entries is Sunday November 4th at noon. Prizes will be given to contestants whose predictions are closest to the actual knockdown prices for individual yearlings, and whose total price predictions are closest to the total knockdown prices for all sixteen yearlings in the contest. Prizes are as follows: 1st Place – contestant whose grand total of all sixteen yearling prices is closest to actual total knockdown prices. The winner will receive a Standardbred hat and jacket, a $100 gift certificate to the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame store, and a $100 Amazon gift certificate. 2nd Place – contestant whose grand total of all sixteen yearling prices is second closest to actual total knockdown prices. The second place prize will be a Standardbred hat and jacket, a $50 gift certificate to the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame store, and a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Individual hip number winners – each contestant whose prediction is closest to the actual knockdown price of each of the sixteen yearlings will receive a Standardbred hat, a $25 gift certificate to the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame store, and a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Prizes will be mailed to the winners after the sale. The most astute contestants may win multiple prizes. Winners will be posted during the sale on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed (@standardbred). All fans of harness racing are encouraged to test their knowledge of yearling sales in the contest, and to follow the Harrisburg Sale by live video stream from a link on The Black Book website (  From the Standardbred Sales Co.

The videos of the 233 yearlings that Hanover Shoe Farms will be selling at Harrisburg are now available online and can be found at the Farms' website The yearlings are available for evaluation at the Hanover Fairgrounds daily, except Sunday, beginning at 11.00 AM through Friday, November 2. They will ship Harrisburg on Saturday, November 3 and will be available for inspection there beginning at 8.00 AM on Sunday, November 4. Visitor are welcome daily. Although appointments are not absolutely necessary, they would be greatly appreciated, together with a list of the yearlings that you would like to see. We will then be able to have those yearlings ready for you when you arrive. Lunch will be served daily. For further information, please contact Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky at 717-637-8931 or at by Vivian Jewitt, for Hanover Shoe Farm  

To enhance the end-of-season options for racehorse owners and breeders, the Standardbred Horse Sales Company will continue to accept entries to its annual Mixed Sale in Harrisburg until October 22, 2018 for inclusion in a supplement catalog. The supplement will be printed and distributed at the sale, made available for download online from our Black Book website (, and become an update for our iPad catalog from The Standardbred Horse Sales Company staff and management appreciates the support of our consignors and customers in this effort, and looks forward to a successful sale. From Paul F. Spears, Standardbred Horse Sales Company  

Standardbred Horse Sales Company has posted the 80th Annual Yearling Sale Black Book 1 catalog on its website at Download the catalog and other handy PDF packets, or create and track your own yearling lists with our "My Black Book" program. QR codes on individual yearling pages will link your Smart Phone or iPad to yearling videos when available. Download a "QR Reader" application from your Smart Phone's "App Store", and scan the QR code on the printed catalog page with your Smart Phone. The yearling video will soon appear. We hope you enjoy this handy innovation closer to the Sale. In response to recommendations by our European customers, Standardbred has included the USTA's new "Best Beaten Times" information in both Black Book 1 and 2. These times are indicated by the abbreviation "BT" in the pedigrees. Our iPad formatted catalog can now be downloaded using the Sales Catalog App by following the link on our DOWNLOADS page. Harrisburg offers great yearlings to meet every horseman's needs, from Grand Circuit to Fair racing. Find your champion today! by Paul F. Spears, for the Standardbred Horse Sales Company  

Standardbred Horse Sales Company is proud to announce that our 80th Annual Harrisburg Yearling Sale Preview is now posted on our website, Individual yearling pedigrees will soon follow, with yearling video links posted closer to the Sale. Yearling Sale dates are Monday, November 5 through Wednesday, November 7, featuring 852 fabulous yearlings (372 trotters, 480 pacers). 433 yearlings are by Pennsylvania sires, 185 by New York sires, 177 by Ontario sires, 27 by New Jersey sires, 13 by Ohio sires, 13 by Indiana sires, and 4 by overseas sires. First crop yearling sires include Artspeak (41), Sebastian K (24), He's Watching (9), Bolt The Duer (7), and Wheeling N Dealin (4). Printed catalogs will be mailed September 14. Standardbred will again offer catalogs formatted for the iPad through the Sales Catalog app. As always, Standardbred provides multiple "Search" functions and downloadable PDF packets on our website to help you find your champion. Our convenient "My Black Book" feature allows customers to store lists of yearling prospects with pedigrees, video links, and personal notes in a confidential format that is accessible from any Internet-capable device. by Jennifer Thompson, for Standardbred Horse Sales, Co.  

The Black Book Yearling and Mixed sale was held last week in Harrisburg, Pa., with more than 1,600 standardbreds going through the ring and Island buyers in the middle of the harness racing action. Windemere Farms of Hampshire purchased the Sportswriter yearling colt Cal Hanover for $27,000 at the U.S. sale. Blaine MacPherson, master of Howmac Farms in North Wiltshire, bought Clare Hall Hanover for $17,000. The daughter of Well Said is also a yearling. Allan MacDonald of Souris, of State Treasurer fame, bought the yearling filly Jolie Pearl, by Bettor’s Delight, for $15,000. Jolie Pearl is out of a sister to 2013 Sobeys Gold Cup and Saucer winner Escape The News. In other yearling sale action, Natasha Campbell of Winsloe signed for Navy Pilot Hanover with a $13,000 price tag. The yearling colt is a son of Western Ideal out of a half-sister to 2017 Gold Cup and Saucer finalist Sapphire City. Robert Phillips of Caledonia shelled out $7,000 for the Big Jim gelded yearling Rockyroad Slimjim. Jim Gorman of South Melville also purchased Rave Review, paying $22,000 for the yearling daughter of Bettors Delight. Rave Review is out of a sister to $2.9 million earner All Bets Off. In the mixed portion of the Harrisburg sale, Ryan Neill of Winsloe bought the broodmare Brown Velvet for $4,000. The 12-year-old daughter of Andover Hall is in foal to Pennsylvania stallion Muscle Massive. Jamie Whalen of Avondale purchased the 13-year-old broodmare Goddess’s Angel, in foal to Pennsylvania stud Ponder, for $2,000. Ian Smith of Stratford signed for 13-year-old broodmare Lady Sometimes for a $28,000 price tag. The daughter of Armbro Mackintosh has all ready produced $500,000 winner Sometimes Said and is in foal to world champion Somebeachsomewhere. Danny Birt of Stratford has had an impressive first year as a harness racing owner and chose to invest once again with the purchase of five-year-old racehorse Winter Blast. The son of Sand Shooter sold for $20,000 at the Pennsylvania sale with Birt signing the papers for the $100,000 winner who all ready won in 1:53.3 this year over the half-mile oval at Flamboro Downs. Buntainwood Farms of Brackley Beach sold five horses at the Black Book Sale, including Maritime champion Malabrigo. The eight-year-old daughter of Western Paradise sold as a broodmare not in foal for $2,500 with her former trainer Marc Campbell teaming up with fellow Winsloe resident Darryl MacLean to buy the pacing mare. Malabrigo went to Kentucky at the completion of her undefeated 2012 season, and all four of her offspring were also sold by Buntainwood Farms at the sale. Mirasol, a yearling filly by Somebeachsomewhere out of Malabrigo, was purchased by Delaware interests for $17,000, while a weanling gelding out of Malabrigo by Bettor’s Delight was bought by a New York owner for $10,000. Malnificent, a two-year-old Somebeachsomewhere filly out of Malabrigo, was bought by an Ontario owner for $11,000, with the three-year-old filly out of Malabrigo, Millamia by Bettors Delight, was bought by a Michigan owner for $4,000. P.E.I. Scene Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway held their final card of the season Sunday afternoon. Action now shifts to Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park with programs scheduled for Saturday and Sunday this week, both with 12:30 p.m. post times. The capital oval currently has three weekends with Saturday-Sunday racing scheduled up until Dec. 3 before the track goes to once a week racing until early February. Nicholas Oakes' column appears in The Guardian each Friday. He can be reached at Nick’s Picks Saturday at 12:30 P.M. at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park: Race 1 – Regal Party Girl Race 2 – Brief Interlude Race 3 – Freddie Race 4 – West River Ambyr Race 5 – Hop Up Race 6 – Zarkana Race 7 – Nikes Cowgirl Race 8 – Sir Native Race 9 – Ramblinglily Race 10 – Windsun Kenda Race 11 – Avid Yankee Race 12 – Forever Paradise Nicholas Oakes Reprinted with permission of The Guardian

The 2017 edition of The Black Book 2 can now be found on Standardbred Horse Sales Company's website here. Printed catalogs are expected to be available for shipping on October 16. The harness racing Mixed Sale begins on Thursday, November 9 and ends on Friday, November 10 at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA, following the Select Yearling Sale which takes place from Monday, November 6 through Wednesday, November 8. Standardbred's popular "Black Book for the iPad" from is available for download from a link on our website. Past Performances First Edition for race lines is also available for download on the website. Past Performances Second Edition with most current race lines will be available for download on November 1, and will be distributed in printed form at the Sale. The Mixed Sale has a total of 768 entries, including 177 broodmares and broodmare prospects, 30 weanlings, 59 yearlings, 30 stallion shares, and 472 race horses. Paul Spears Standardbred Horse Sales Company

Beginning on Thursday, October 5, the Hanover Shoe Farms videos for the harness racing yearlings selling at the Harrisburg sale on November 6, 7 and 8 will be posted on a daily basis. The videos of the majority of the trotting colts selling at Harrisburg are already up and are accessible on the Hanover website The videos will be put up on a daily basis. The trotting colts will be followed by the trotting fillies on October 6, the pacing colts on October 7 and the pacing fillies on October 9. The remainder of the consignment, weather permitting, will be posted on October 10 and 11. Once the videos have all been assembled, the yearlings will be available for evaluation at the Hanover Fairgrounds, daily, except Sunday beginning at 11.00 AM, until they ship to Harrisburg on Saturday, November 4. For further information or to arrange an appointment please contact Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky or Murray Brown at 717-637-8931 or email at or Murray Brown

WALLKILL, NY – September 26, 2017 Blue Chip Farms has announced that its 2017 Yearling Videos for the harness racing Harrisburg Yearling Sale are now available online here.   Forty one yearlings from sires including American Ideal, Bettor’s Delight, Chapter Seven, Somebeachsomewhere, Sunshine Beach and Sweet Lou are offered for inspection and available for x-ray by appointment at the farm.   Please contact Operations Manager, Eddie Amezcua, for more information.  

Standardbred Horse Sales Company has posted the 2017 Black Book 1, 79th Annual Yearling Sale catalog on its website here. Download the harness racing catalog and other handy PDF packets, or create and track your own yearling lists with our "My Black Book" program. QR codes on individual yearling pages will link your Smart Phone or iPad to yearling videos when available. Download a "QR reader" application from your Smart Phone's "App Store", and scan the QR code on the printed catalog page with your Smart Phone. The yearling video will soon appear! We hope you enjoy this handy innovation closer to the Sale. Standardbred will also provide the USTA's new "Best Beaten Times" report, downloadable as individual PDFs for trotting colts, trotting fillies, pacing colts, and pacing fillies. If a yearling's sibling or half sibling has a "best beaten time" faster than its official race record, or has raced but has no official race record, that horse's "best beaten time" will be listed on this report. European customers will especially appreciate this new information, which is often very important to their purchase decisions. Standardbred's goal is to incorporate this information into the catalog itself in 2018. Our iPad formatted catalog can now be downloaded using the Sales Catalog app - follow the link from the Black Book website DOWNLOADS page. The Black Book offers great yearlings for everyone's needs, from Grand Circuit to Fair racing. Find your champion today! Paul F. Spears Standardbred Horse Sales Company 2310 Hanover Pike Post Office Box 339 Hanover, PA  17331 Phone:  717-637-8931 Ext. 212 Fax:  717-637-6766 Email:

Standardbred Horse Sales Company is proud to announce that our 79th Annual Harrisburg Yearling Sale Preview is now posted on our harness racing website, Individual yearling pedigrees will soon follow, with yearling video links posted closer to the Sale. Yearling Sale dates are Monday, November 6 through Wednesday, November 8, featuring 876 fabulous yearlings - 425 by Pennsylvania sires, 213 by New York sires, 178 by Ontario sires, 28 by New Jersey sires, 21 by Ohio sires, and 11 by Indiana sires. Yearlings by first year sires including Captaintreacherous (45), Sweet Lou (33), Trixton (20), Sunshine Beach (15), Royalty For Life (12), Father Patrick (8), Uncle Peter (3), Western Vintage (3), Heston Blue Chip (2), E L Titan (2), and Detour Hanover (2). Printed catalogs will be mailed September 15. Standardbred will again offer catalogs formatted for the iPad through the Sales Catalog app. As always, Standardbred provides multiple "Search" functions and downloadable PDF packets on our website to help you find your champion. Our convenient "My Black Book" feature allows customers to store lists of yearling prospects with pedigrees, video links, and personal notes in a confidential format that is accessible from any Internet-capable device. Paul Spears Standardbred Horse Sales Company

Harrisburg, PA --- The final day of the harness racing sale at Harrisburg, the Mixed Sale took place on Friday (Nov. 11) at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. Among the horses that were sold on Friday was the 4-year-old trotting stallion Crescent Fashion, purchased by Ross Croghan for $250,000. The son of Muscle HIll-Fashion Feline is a career winner of $440,196 and competed in the Breeders Crown in his most recent start for trainer Ake Svanstedt. The 4-year-old pacing mare Bettor Be Steppin brought a $200,000 bid from Hanover Shoe Farms. The daughter of Bettors Delight-Two Steppin' Sally earned $787,466 in her three years on the racetrack with nine wins in 47 starts. Trained by Joe Holloway, Bettor Be Steppin was a multiple stakes winner and set her mark of 1:50 in winning the Valley Forge as a sophomore at The Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono. Sophomore pacing colt Another Daily Copy, with 2016 earnings of $194,050, went for $155,000 to Richard Banca. The son of Somebeachsomewhere-Court Stenographer paced to a 1:50 mark in a Pennsylvania Sires Stakes race this summer at The Meadows. He raced in such classics as the Meadowlands Pace, the Messenger and the Adios. Banca also bid $150,000 for 3-year-old trotting gelding Bee In Charge, a Simcoe Stakes winner who was also a regular on the Ontario Sires Stakes circuit in 2016. The Manofmanymissions-Beehive trotter raced in the Per Henriksen stable this year. Millionaire Charmed Life, a 6-year-old trotting mare, was purchased for $150,000 by Rene Allard. The daughter of Majestic Son-Christina M has earned at least $150,000 in each of her five seasons of racing. The Dave Menary trainee set her lifetime mark of 1:52.2 as a 4-year-old in a leg of the Miss Versatility Series at Tioga Downs. One of the more prominent horses to sell was Venus Delight, the Dan Patch Older Pacing Mare of the Year in 2015, who brought a winning bid of $95,000 from Brad Grant. The 6-year-old daughter of Bettors Delight-Venus Killean has won 27 times in her career with earnings of $1,049,156. She banked $205,123 this year while in the Jeff Bamond Jr. stable. More information on the sale may be found at   USTA Communications Department 

Harrisburg, PA --- Thursday (Nov. 10) was Ladies Day at the Standardbred Horse Sale, with some distinguished harness racing matrons commanding the largest bids. “On a day like today, we saw the people who brought yearlings to sell, especially if they had a good sale, reinvesting,” said Russell Williams, chairman of the event. “They went from consigner to customer; they were buying. A couple hundred thousand is a good price for a broodmare. I would never sell a broodmare anywhere else but Harrisburg.” Satin Pillows, Hip No. 1059, brought a bid of $250,000 for Peninsula Farms. Steve Stewart of Hunterton Farm signed the check. The 11-year-old daughter of Conway Hall is a half-sister to Pampered Princess, two-time divisional champion, and the dam of Breeders Crown and divisional champion To Dream On (1:52.1, $975,395). She is in foal to Cantab Hall. “Where we have made our most money, Pizza Dolce, Southwind Serena, Graceful Touch, Emilie Cas El – (broodmares) have been the best,” Stewart said. “That’s what we are trying to do, playing at the top level with one of the best. We were very surprised that we bought her for that price, we were ready to go quite a few more (bids). If you can play at that level, that is where you need to try to play. It’s worked out for us and she will be a great addition to the other girls at the farm.” Satin Pillows had a 2016 colt by Muscle Hill who died, but Stewart is inclined to try again in 2017 with that leading stallion. “Probably Muscle Hill (who she will be bred back to); I was told by Carter (Duer, of Peninsula Farms) that the foal was spectacular," he said. "She’s had some bad luck, but hopefully now that will work out better for us. She will be very happy.” Another trotting mare, Cedar Dove, found a new home not far from the sale at Hanover Shoe Farm, changing hands for $160,000. Her race history, divisional champ in 2011 and nearly $1.2 million in earnings along with a 1.52.3 record, was part of the attraction. “She was a great mare, a lot of name recognition and a great-looking mare,” said Dr. Bridgette Jablonsky, the farm manager at Hanover Shoe. “I like the fact that she’s in foal to Explosive Matter because he never had a mare bred like that to him, so I’m excited to sell the best-bred Explosive Matter (progeny) ever. We will wait (to see the 2017 foal before deciding who to breed her back to), but he would be logical. I don’t know, we sit down in January and figure that out. She has a Muscle Hill weanling and it probably would be nice to breed her back to Muscle Hill, but we’ll see in then.” Sugar Wheeler will go right back where she started from, selling for $150,000 from the Concord Stud Farm consignment as agent for the estate of Bill Weaver and partners Wellwood, Hainsworth and Kelley. She was bought back for the farm, with the sales ticket signed by Julie Meirs. Her 2016 yearling colt by Muscle Hill sold on Monday for $400,000 and the current weanling colt by Kadabra sold for $60,000 to Thomas Dillon just minutes before the mare sold. “We did not have the intention (to try to buy her) at all," Meirs said. "We sold her $400,000 Muscle Hill colt earlier in the week, so you have to do a double-take on looking at her that way. We had a good sale and needed to make sure we put something back in to the broodmare band every year that will continue to produce those yearlings that everyone’s looking for, so we thought that she would be one to get. She had a nice-looking Kadabra weanling here so we will see what happens. “It will be nice to have one of the mares that we’ve had on the farm for Mr. Weaver and his partners," added her father, David. “They were family for us and we have one of the better ones now.” At the other end of the price spectrum, the 21-year-old Neverhaveneverwill, Hip No. 1249, sold for $2,000 as the third from last sale of the day, to Mitchel Skolnick of Bluestone Farm. The grey mare is the dam of Always A Virgin (1:48.4, $1,135,559) and thus granddam of the fastest Standardbred in history, Always B Miki (1:46, $2,519,368). Skolnick is a partner on both Always A Virgin and Always B Miki. “She will go out in the field and she’ll live out the rest of her life," he said. "She won't be bred. I was told she did a great job for us; she gave us Always A Virgin. I didn’t come here thinking I was going to buy her. I was told I was going to buy her by a lot of bleeding heart employees (Emily Homan and Kelly Deitweiller). by Ellen Harvey, Harness Racing Communications 

Harrisburg, PA --- The decision was not a hard one for harness racing trainer Benoit Baillargeon when he saw Alarm Detector.  “I like the whole package,” he said of the Chapter Seven – Final Countdown – Yankee Glide colt whose sales ticket he signed for $110,000, the day’s sales topper,  at the Standardbred Horse Sale on Wednesday.  “There’s a guy (Bryan Montgomery) who put me on to him,” said Baillargeon.  He said, ‘Ben, this is a very nice looking colt, you should go take a look at him.  He knows I’m a trotting man.  I buy mostly trotters all the time.  He said you should go take a look at this horse.  “Bryan saw him raised, really, because he lives locally, near the farm (Concord Stud Farm, consignor for Order By Stable).  He said he’d seen the horse grow up and he was a nice horse.  So I looked at the horse, I looked at the video and he had a beautiful way of going and I said, ‘Well, let’s try to buy him.’ “I know all these horses (in his pedigree), it’s a good family.  Trotters have been good to me; they’ve been bread and butter to me. I buy and race a lot of trotters, it’s good fit for me.  “He will head north, in Canada, no Florida for me.  I’m at Ideal Training Center, about half an hour north of Mohawk.   He will have the harness on him Monday.” Russell Williams, Chairman of the Standardbred Horse Sale, was pleased with the virtual wrap up of the yearling portion of the sale.  “It was the second best average we ever had,” he said.  The top average came in 2007, when 1,048 yearlings sold for an average of $40,824. This year’s average was $38,662 for 866 yearlings. “Very satisfying, particularly when you think of all the work that goes in to raising these horses.  It’s really great that our consignors can have a pay day.” Top ticket horses for the day included: Hip #515 Photobomb Hanover (Explosive Matter – Phaeton) $65,000 filly to Purple Haze Stables - Hanover Shoe Farm Hip # 590 Sweet Toujours (Mach Three – Sweet Hedge) $60,000 filly to Determination – Preferred Equine Marketing Hip # 685 Muscle Miley (Muscle Mass – Bar Ballad) $60,000 filly to Bjorn Noren, Agent – Fair Winds Farm Hip # 704 Brandon Hanover (Big Jim – Brissonte Hanover ) $60,000 colt to David Menary – Hanover She Farms Hip # 723 Shadow Moon (Shadow Play – Lofty Yankee) $60,000 colt to Dr. Ian Moore – Spring Haven Farm Hip # 759 Everyone Hanover (Sportswriter – Edra Hanover) $65,000 colt to Mark Steacy – Hanover Shoe Farms Hip # 765 Western Passage (Sportswriter – Ever Western) $80,000 colt to Casie Coleman – Winbak Farm The day’s offering of  brought the three day total to 866 yearlings sold for an average $38,662 against  $30,818 after three days in 2015 for 1,010 yearlings, and $32,903 in 2014 for 1,089 yearlings. Trotters led the overall totals, bringing an average of $40,438 against $37,207 for pacers.  The sale resumes Thursday morning at 10 a.m., with a limited number of yearlings and weanlings selling first, then bloodstock.  Friday’s sale features racehorses.  For more detailed results and a look at the catalog for the next two days, go to  by Ellen Harvey, Harness Racing Communications 

On Tuesday November 8th, Pacing For The Cure will be hosting its 1st Annual Fundraising Dinner Party at the Best Western Premier Hotel and Conference Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with proceeds from the event benefitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Survivors. Pacing For The Cure is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization with a mission to INSPIRE others to join our cause, create HOPE for MS survivors, and BELIEVE that a cure will be found. Pacing For The Cure raises funds to support MS survivor’s medical equipment needs and the necessary research to find a cure. The scheduled event will begin at 6:30pm with a Cocktail Reception and Hors D’Oeuvres until 7:30 pm. Janine Gesek, Pacing For The Cure President, will kick off the dinner beginning at 7:30pm with a brief video documentary and introduction to one family’s MS struggle followed by a MS research update from world renowned MS researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Greenstein. Dr. Greenstein’s life work has been dedicated to curing MS and he founded the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (MSRI) to FIND the cause, STOP the progression and CURE this disease. The dinner buffet begins at 8:00pm and features a great selection of entrees, a beef carving station, beverages and premier dessert bar. There will also be live entertainment provided by a local DJ, Sam with Klock Entertainment, and dancing until 11:30pm. The event will also feature a silent auction from 8pm-10pm with great items for purchase and a Pacing For The Cure merchandise display. The Pacing For The Cure dinner is a perfect event for all the harness racing fans, owners, trainers, drivers, and breeding farm personnel to come relax and have fun after a long day at the Harrisburg sale. Attendees will enjoy great food, entertainment and meet new friends while raising money for a good cause. The Co-founders of Pacing For The Cure greatly appreciate our sponsors and individual donors and continue to seek additional supporters of any kind. If you wish to support Pacing For The Cure, or obtain more information, please contact Jeff Gesek at 609-354-8992 or by email at We hope to see you at the event! 

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