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Trois-Rivieres, QC - Harness racing horse people and fans will be able to have live harness racing at the Hippodrome 3R this season and a date will soon be announced according to the Quebec Jockey Club. Talks are nearly completed between the Government of Quebec, the RACJ (Liquor Control, Racing and Gaming) and H3R on approvals of all Covid-19 protocols to allow the racetrack to reopen with 'fanless" racing. "We can now say that our approaches with the Quebec government have been successful," Explained Claude Levesque, Chairman of the Board of the Quebec Jockey Club. "We now have the ear of the decision makers and they know our concerns in re-opening the racetrack is imminent," Levesque added. "We need everyone to please remain attentive. The good news is coming very soon." Murielle Thomassin, Director of Racing at H3R stated the following message, "Everyone should know that when we have the OK, it will take about two weeks before the start of the racing season. It is a requirement of the CMPA (Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency) that they have to make sure that their employees are safe, that the sanitary measures are well implemented, that everything is finally in place. For our part, there will obviously also be stages to be crossed such as making the racetrack available to horse people for training, then a calendar for qualifying races. Then the season can start. "When we get the green light," Thomassin added, "in addition to putting all the sanitary measures in place, we will have to review the calendar among other things and make sure that we will properly adapt our schedule for the race season." The Quebec Jockey Club wanted to remind everyone that its primary mission is the racing Standardbred horses. If other activities, as was always the case, can be held without disturbing the race calendar, without altering our image of the racetrack, without breaking our infrastructure, then these activities can be held, and only under these conditions. Track management has been working with outside professionals in finding other uses for the facility on non-race days. Levesque added: "Let people be reassured. The Quebec Jockey Club's mission is always to race at H3R and this objective remains clear to all members. It is our brand image and we want to keep it." From the Quebec Jockey Club    

Trois-Rivieres, QC - At the end of the day, it is a determined chairman of the board at the Quebec Jockey Club that we have been able to hear over the last few days. Indeed, Claude Levesque and the members of his staff are work tirelessly, trailing the authorities, to get approval to have harness racing at the Hippodrome 3R soon. According to Mr. Levesque, "It is very important to mobilize and reach out to as many contacts as possible with the government authorities. The Board meets every Wednesday morning at 9 am, and all members make a point of participating. There is a determination among all to get racing at H3R started as soon as possible this summer. There are no doors that we have not knocked on, no contacts that we have neglected. We even hired a public relations firm, a kind of lobbying company with the government. "Let people be reassured," Levesque added. "We want racing as soon as possible, and we'll be ready. Different scenarios were put together: for example, eight races cards, with eight horses, one groom/person per horse, drivers dressing in their cars before showing up at the paddock. The neighboring province of Ontario, which has received permission from its government, has put in place a number of measures of its own. "It is the Ministry of Health or if you prefer the Department of Public Health that will ultimately give its approval," Levesque added. "Without this authorization, it is impossible to proceed. We also count on the cooperation of our racing commission, which is essential for a return to the track. We are also in contact with other jurisdictions across Canada that could support us if necessary. Murielle Thomassin, our Director of Racing for the QJC is also doing an important job in all of these steps. The town hall of Trois-Rivières is also one of our contacts and supporters. "If we could get the Public Health OK tomorrow, we could quickly make qualifications and we'd be ready to race," Levesque explained. "Of course, the races would be done without spectators present at the racetrack, but we could rely on our television network to broadcast them and promote the sport. Incidentally, the inter-track betting works well on HPI, better than we could have anticipated and it will be even better when the harness races resume all over Canada and the United States. "We would like," Levesque explained. "for our horse people and our fans too, to be the first to return to the track; if not, it certainly won't be for lack of trying. But I am hopeful that we will be able to do so in a few weeks. We must not let down on our persistence and continue to follow up with the decision-making bodies." As it can be seen, the leaders of the Quebec Jockey Club, led by Claude Levesque, are at work for the return of harness racing in Quebec. Rest assure they shall continue to be persistence and everyone should try to stay positive and be ready when the word "GO" is given. From the Quebec Jockey Club

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Since the arrival of COVID-19, we, the Board of Directors of the Quebec Jockey Club, have made every effort to ensure the health of everyone by complying with the confinement and gathering prohibition issued by the government. We are working on acceptable solutions to meet the needs of the industry. A request to hold closed-door races at the Hippodrome 3R was made today to the Ministry of Public Security. We are therefore awaiting their response. However, we are announcing today our decision to cancel the 2020 Prix d'été race. The travel of horses coming mainly from the United States and the fact that the event attracts a large number of spectators makes it a crowd gathering event which is prohibited. All horses nominated in the Prix d'été will be reimbursed shortly. As for Quebec stakes payments, we will keep the schedule intact as we are hopeful that these events will take place in 2020. The race dates will be revised as needed. Thank you for your understanding, Quebec Jockey Club, Board of Directors      

Trois-Rivieres, QC - The second nomination payment of $1,000 is due for the 2020 $200,000 Prix d'Ete for four-year-old pacers at the Hippodrome 3R. The race takes place on Sunday, August 23, 2020. The second payment must be post marked by Wednesday, April 15. There were 30 horses nominated to the first payment. All nominations payments must be made in order to remain eligible. There are no supplemental payments allowed for the Prix D'Ete. For the first time there will also be a $50,000 consolation race on the same day for those horses that do not make it to the final. The final will feature the eight-top money-winning nominees during the 2020 season. Horses that finish sixth thru eighth place in the final will each receive $1,000. To make the second sustaining nomination payment, owners/trainers can click here or go on to get the necessary payment/nomination forms. From the Quebec Jockey Club Listing of the 30 horses that made the first payment. AIR FORCE HANOVER AMERICAN MERCURY ANGERS BAYAMA BEST IN SHOW BLLACK HOLE BLOOD MONEY BRANQUINHO BRONX SEELSTER CAPTAIN MALICIOUS CAPTAIN TREVOR CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS CAVIART ROCKLAND CAVIART STETSON CENTURY FARROH COVERED BRIDGE DANCIN LOU FLAMEPROOF HANOVER HICKFROMFRENCHLICK HIGHLANDBEACHLOVER LEGION SEELSTER MILITARY SECRET OLLIES ZTAM PROOF RESPECT OUR FLAG ROCKIE GOT FRAMED ROLLWITHPAPAJOE SEMI TOUGH TYGA HANOVER U S CAPTAIN WILD WILD WESTERN    

Trois-Rivieres, QC - A total of 30 four-year-old pacers have nominated to the $200,000 Prix d'Ete at the Hippodrome 3R on Sunday, August 23. The Prix d'Ete, once the premier pacing event in all of Canada, will feature the top eight seasonal money winning entrants in the final and for the first time the race will also feature a $50,000 consolation race on the same day for entrants that do not make it in the final. Of the 30 horses nominated, five horses are in the top nine money winning three-year-olds in North America during 2019. Headlining the list with money earned is Dana Parham's recenty purchased American Mercury. The son of American Ideal has won $708,000 and his major victory last season was in the $500,000 Messenger Stake where he defeated the 2019 Dan Patch 3YO Pacing Colt of the Year, Bettor's Wish. Also nominated is $660,000 winner Dancin Lou. This exceptional son of Sweet Lou captured last year's $600,000 Breeders Crown, also defeating Bettor's Wish in the final. Other standout horses nominated include $624,000 winner and the 2019 O'Brien Award winner Century Farroh, winner of the Jenna's Beach Boy, Simcoe and numerous Ontario Sire Stakes in 2019 and the $682,000 Meadowlands Pace winner, Best In Show, who has life earnings of $572,000. Best In Show is by Bettor's Delight from the world champion mare, Put On A Show, and holds the fastest mark in the group at 1:48. Another $500,000 winner from last season is Hickfromfrenchlick. This son of So Surreal was the New York Sire Stakes Champion in 2019, winning 11 of his 15 starts in 2019 and is named after basketball star Larry Bird of French Link, Indiana. Rounding out the top money winners are Proof, who has earned $476,000 for Adam Bowden's Diamond Creek Racing and $404,000 winner, Blood Money, for trainer Nancy Takter. Quebec owned and trained nominees include Captain Malicious and Legion Seelster. Owners and trainers of a horse nominated to the Prix d'Ete must remember that they must also make the April 15 second payment of $1,000 in order to remain eligible to the race. For more information, visit Below is the list of the 30 horses that were nominated to the Prix d'Ete. AIR FORCE HANOVER AMERICAN MERCURY ANGERS BAYAMA BEST IN SHOW BLLACK HOLE BLOOD MONEY BRANQUINHO BROX SEELSTER CAPTAIN MALICIOUS CAPTAIN TREVOR CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS CAVIART ROCKLAND CAVIART STETSON CENTURY FARROH COVERED BRIDGE DANCIN LOU FLAMEPROOF HANOVER HICKFROMFRENCHLICK HIGHLANDBEACHLOVER LEGION SEELSTER MILITARY SECRET OLLIES ZTAM PROOF RESPECT OUR FLAG ROCKIE GOT FRAMED ROLLWITHPAPAJOE SEMI TOUGH TYGA HANOVER U S CAPTAIN WILD WILD WESTERN From the Quebec Jockey Club      

Trois-Rivieres, QC - The Quebec Jockey Club has announced that the 2020 harness racing season at the Hippodrome 3R, scheduled to start on May 2, has been postponed until further notice. "The racetrack and all of the Off-Track-Betting sites (OTB) in Quebec have been closed," Said Murielle Thomasson, General Manager at the Hippodrome 3R. "Because of the pandemic over the coronavirus-19, we will not hold qualifying races or training at the facility. As soon as we are able to open the facilities again, we will set a new date to start racing. All stakes races will be rescheduled for later in the season." Horse people are reminded that all stakes payments, Prix d'Ete and Quebec-bred series, must be maintained in order to be eligible for the stakes. To make nomination payments, owner/trainers can go to or H3R's new website,, and get the necessary nomination forms. From the Quebec Jockey Club      

On the evening of January 18, Denitza Petrova had a great time in her relatively new harness racing training and breeding career. That evening, which was the Hippodrome 3R Championship Gala Banquet, Denitza saw her efforts recognized and celebrated by the people of her adopted land. "It was an extraordinary moment," she will say, "since it is I as the person we celebrated and not the prowess of one of my horses. It was very moving and very rewarding." From distant Bulgaria, Denitza brought to Quebec something she still has and always has: her passion for horses. "At the time, in the mid-2000s and 2010s, my passion was for horses in general, but when I discovered Standardbred horses, it was mainly towards them that my interest and my passion fell. By chance, I had the opportunity to get to know Mr. André Dagenais, a Standardbred breeder, a trainer and a driver. We are in the Mirabel region and the gentleman really piqued my curiosity. "It was with him that I took my very first lessons on the art of caring for a racehorse and making it perform well," Detnitza explained. "I will never forget the first time when he allowed me to jog my very first horse. An electrifying moment that I will never forget and I must emphasize today that I owe a lot to this gentleman, a trotter expert, in addition. " Fans who have been following the harness races in Quebec for more than ten years probably remember André Dagenais and his "NO", a name which he grafted on all the horses he bred. We remember Gogetno, Martialno, Mcno, Promissingno, etc ... Now, what's 2020 have in store for Denitza Petrova. "For the past few months," Denitza said, "I have been busy preparing, like all my colleagues, for the future season. If my plans hold, I plan to start my 3-year-olds in Ontario this spring, a filly like Kinnder High Class and a foal like Kinnder Big Boss, plus another who didn't really race in 2019 at 2 years old. "This is the plan at the moment but obviously it could change, Denitza added. "I will continue to prepare my 2-olds here on the farm in Melbourne. I have Kinnder Dangerous's full brother by Northern Escort by the name of Kinnder Dangerzone as well as a brother from the Kinnder Jackson family." "I also brought back in the last days of Ontario, Kinnder Unbelievable," Denitza said, "who raced there in a few series for the team of Chantal Mitchell. The mare did well in 2019 with nearly $44,000 in gains and a great victory in the 3-year-old final in September. "In addition," Denitza added. "I have sold Kinnder Jackson to the Ron Burke stable over the past few weeks. He's a good horse, he's been good to me but I'm sure that in this advanced stable, the horse will perform even better. The latest news is that Kinnder Jackson had a first and second in two starts for Burke at Yonkers, the victory in a lifetime mark of 1.52.3. As for the other pillar of the Kinnder team, Kinnder Dangerous, Denitza remained evasive about his future. From this memorable gala evening of January 18, fans will also remember the great generosity of Denitza, who was the winner for the Personality of the Year award, who during her award presentation brought her good friend Cassandra Lecourt, also a finalist, on stage. The two young women attracted praise from everyone. Cassandra and Denitza, both breeders and coaches, represent a very positive outlook for the future of racing in Quebec and their brilliance as much as their endearing personality has not gone unnoticed. In 2019, horses trained by Denitza won just over $90,000 in purses in just 45 starts, for an average of $2,000 per start. This statistic alone speaks volumes for the success of this determined young woman. 2020 looks just as promising. By Daniel Delisle, for the Quebec Jockey Club  

Trois-Rivieres, QC - The Quebec Jockey Club has announced that the 2020 edition, the seventh revival of the $200,000 Prix d'Ete Pace, will now feature a $50,000 consolation race the same day for those horses entered that did not make it into the final. Anyone with a promising four-year-old pacer, nominations for the 2020 $200,000 Prix D'Ete at the Hippodrome 3R must be postmarked by Sunday, March 15. One of only a handful of opportunities restricted to just four-year-old pacers, the Prix D'Ete is the showcase stakes event of the season at the Hippodrome 3R and will take place on Sunday, August 23 in 2020. "Management at the Quebec Jockey Club added the $50,000 consolation race after we had so many entries for the final last year," Said Murielle Thomassin, General Manager at H3R. "We had 16 horses entered and only eight get into the final. Now, provided we have that many entries again this year, there will be the $50,000 consolation race. And the consolation race can feature up to nine starters." Continued from 2018 in the conditions for the race is that horses that finish 6th through 8th, will each get $1,000. Only the top eight money winners this season, up until time of entry, will be allowed in the Prix d'Ete final. To make nomination payments, owner/trainers can go to or to and get the necessary nomination forms. Please note there are no supplemental payments allowed for the Prix d'Ete. This first nomination payment must be made to be eligible. The Prix D'Ete, once the richest and most prestigious race in Canada, was revived by the Quebec Jockey Club back in 2013. The inaugural revival saw Jimmy Takter's Sunfire Blue Chip set the all-age Canadian and track record at 3R in 1:50.3. That record was tied the following year with All Bet's Off scoring for the Ron Burke Stable. Then Harness Horse of the Year, Wiggle It Jiggleit, came to 3R for Team Teague in 2016, only to come up second best to the Burke's Stable's Rockin Ron in a classic battle over a sloppy track in 1:52. In 2017 it was the Jimmy Takter Stable winning the Prix d'Ete for the second time as Western Fame and driver Trevor Henry wired the field in 1:53.2. Then in 2018, Ricky and Jamie Macomber stole the show in an upset with their pacer Beckhams Z Tam in 1:52.1. Records were made to be broken and in 2019 that happened in the Prix d'Ete. Ron Burke's This Is The Plan with Daniel Dube driving, led from start to finish and rewrote the all-age half mile Canadian, Prix d'Ete and track record at H3R with an amazing 1:49.1 triumph. The 2020 40-day race season gets underway at the Hippodrome 3R on Sunday, May 2 with first race post time at 1:00 pm. From the Quebec Jockey Club  

Standardbred Canada is pleased to announce the host tracks and dates for the 2020 Regional Driving Championships and National Driving Championship which will ultimately determine Canada’s representative to the 2021 World Driving Championship for harness racing. The 2020 National Driving Championship will take place at Century Mile in Edmonton, Alta., on Friday, September 11. “As the newest racetrack in Canada, it is not only a privilege but also very exciting to host the National Driving Championship at Century Mile Racetrack and Casino,” commented Paul Ryneveld, Managing Director, Racing, at Century Mile. “In the inaugural meet, drivers and horsemen alike found the one-mile track to their liking and we believe the wide turns and long homestretch will make for a fun event from both a spectator and a betting angle. This will also be a fantastic event to showcase Century Mile to racing fans across Canada and North America, and to the drivers competing to represent Canada in the next World Driving Championship.” This marks the first time that the National Driving Championship has been hosted in Alberta. Drivers must earn their way into the National Driving Championship by finishing first or second in their respective Regional Driving Championship. In addition, Hippodrome 3R is a first-time host for a Regional event as they will host the Eastern Ontario / Quebec Regional Driving Championship. The Ontario Regional will be hosted at The Raceway at the Western Fair District, Century Downs will host the Western Regional and Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park will be the site of the Atlantic Regional. “We are very pleased to see the interest that tracks across the country have in hosting the Regional and National Driving Championships, and we're happy to have two first-time host venues this year in Century Mile and Hippodrome 3R,” said Dan Gall, President & CEO of Standardbred Canada. “We are looking forward to working with Paul Ryneveld and the team at Century Mile, Canada’s newest horse racing venue, to showcase the National Driving Championship. The one-mile oval promises an exciting competition and this state of the art facility will provide an exceptional experience for both the drivers and the fans.” Here are the locations and dates for the four regional events (in chronological order): REGIONAL DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS Tuesday, May 12 Ontario Regional Driving Championship - The Raceway at Western Fair District; London, Ont. Saturday, May 30 Western Regional Driving Championship - Century Downs; Calgary, Alta. Sunday, June 7 Eastern Ontario / Quebec Regional Driving Championship - Hippodrome 3R; Trois Rivieres, Que. Saturday, June 13 Atlantic Regional Driving Championship - Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at Charlottetown Driving Park; Charlottetown, P.E.I. NATIONAL DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIP Friday, September 11 - Century Mile; Edmonton, Alta. Regional events will feature either eight or nine drivers who will compete in a minimum of eight races. Drivers will receive points based on their finishing position and the top two point earners will advance to the National. Past winners of the NDC title include Doug McNair (2018), Brandon Campbell (2016), Jody Jamieson (2014 & 2011), Brad Forward (2009), and Gilles Barrieau (2007). The winner of the 2020 National Driving Championship will have the opportunity to represent Canada in the 2021 World Driving Championship. From Standardbred Canada

Trois-Rivieres, QC - The curtain closed on the 2019 harness racing season at the Hippodrome 3R Sunday. The leading driver of the meet was Stephane Gendron, who led from early on in the season and was never really challenged. Gendron scored one win Sunday to end the season with 63 wins and a batting average, UDR of .355. "I am very proud of being the leading driver," Gendron said. "It's always an honor to win this title, and I work very hard for that." Will Gendron be driving anywhere this winter? "No," Gendron said. "I will not drive anywhere this winter. I'm taking time for myself, and will be coming back next year for the H3R race meet." Second to Stephane Gendron in the driver standings was Pascal Berube with 54 wins. The leading trainer, for the third straight season, is none other than Francis Richard. He held a strong lead halfway through the race season and ended the race meet with 32 wins. His closest competition was trainers Yves Tessier with 24 and Maxime Velaye with 23 wins. After the sixth race trot there was a very moving ceremony for the 14-year-old Chinnys Wings as this was his last pari-mutuel race. All Standardbred racehorses must retire from racing when they turn age 15 on January 1. Although Chinnys Wings finished 8th in his last race, he was brought to the winner's circle where the race bike and harness were removed and a beautiful winter monogramed blanket was placed on the son of Armbro Ricochet. For the record, Chinnys Wings started 235 times with 45 wins and earnings of $382,333. His record was 1:56.2. He was trained and driven by Jean Lord and owned by his wife, Nancy, of Trois-Rivieres. The Lord's have said that Chinnys Wings will have a good home and maybe even race in the Quebec Regional Fair Circuit next year. In the third race Preferred Trot, Preciecuse CC, one of only two mares in the field, took full advantage of starting from the trail for trainer/driver Claude Beausoleil and wired the field. Despite a first-over effort by Seeyou Men (Francis Picard), Preciecuse CC was not to be caught, winning by one length in 2:00.3 over Seeyou Men with the other mare in the field, Missionoftheheart (Jocelyn Gendron) third. It was the second straight win and eighth victory of the season for Preciecuse CC, a four-year-old mare by Angus Hall, owned by Marie Andree Courney of Chicoutimi. She paid $10.10 to win. The fastest mile on closing day was in the ninth race Preferred Pace where Maracasso and trainer/driver Carol Voyer would not let anyone pass them by. They wired the field in 1:56, barely holding off a late charging Appleby Hanover (Jocelyn Gendron) to win by a diminishing neck. Hooter Shooter (Pascal Berube) was third. It was the eleventh win on the year for Maracasso. The seven-year-old gelded son of Lis Mara is owned by The Alpha Stable of Metobetchouan and paid just $3.10 to win. The biggest highlight of the 2019 season was in the $200,000 Prix d'Ete Pace when driver Daniel Dube led from start to finish with This Is The Plan, who stopped the teletimer in 1:49.1. The mile was the fastest ever in Canada on a half mile track and shattered the prior track record of 1:50.3. This Is The Plan is trained and co-owned by Ron Burke and it was Burke's third triumph in the Prix d'Ete. Track Notes: Pierre Luc Roy scored a driving triple on closing day. The Hippodrome 3R and its Off-Track-Betting sites throughout Quebec, will be open seven days a week all winter long for simulcasting. The 2020 live harness racing season at H3R will begin next April. For more information, past race results, news stories and more, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Sunday (Nov. 10) is closing day for the 2019 harness racing season at the Hippodrome 3R. Honored during the 11-race program will be the race meets leading driver, Stephane Gendron and leading trainer Francis Richard. Both Gendron and Richard have enough of a lead in their respective categories that no one can catch them on closing day. For Gendron, 50, from Quebec City, it Is his first driving title at H3R. He kept his lead up from early in the season and goes into Sunday's program with 62 wins, nine more than rival Pascal Berube (53). Gendron also has a great Universal Driving Rating (Baseball average) of .355. He is scheduled to compete in seven of the eleven races on the program. Mathematically, Breube has a very minimal chance to tie Gendron for the driving title on closing day. As for trainer Francis Richard, he will be winning his third straight training title at H3R and the resident of Cambridge, Ontario is just 29 years old. Richard holds a nine-win lead (32 wins) over his nearest rivals, Yves Tessier and Maxime Velaye, each at 23 wins. "I might have seemed quiet this season," Richard explained. "but we were just out of luck on the day of the rich finals. We won multiples legs of the different Quebec sires stakes in the summer but when the draw came out for the finals, we drew a horrible bunch of 8 posts, and still got 6/7 cheques, it's racing. "You need luck and it just wasn't there for us that day," Richard added. "We did win the Quebec Final with Lucky Promesses for the older trotting mares." Richard also added about the people he works with. "I'm really proud of our team winning the training title," Richard said. "Three times in a row is something special, and we work hard and it's paying off in the end! I can't thank my crew enough; they are dedicated to their work and we are all having fun doing it!" This season there were two horses that Richard had from his stable that kept a smile on his face all season long. "My two best horses this season has to be Major Bay," Richard said. "He had not been worse than 2nd in all of his starts before drawing post 8 in the final and unfortunately hit a wheel, but he went on to Toronto to continue his season where he did very good. "My friend Ben Baillargeon and his team took the training duties for my partners and I," Richard explained. "And he made over $80,000 his season. I am very proud of him. "My second favorite horse would be HP Napoleon," Richard said. "If you remember this spring in an interview, I said he could be a nice horse if he puts it all together, which he did. So far, he has bankrolled over $85,000. Francis Richard says he is somewhat set for this winter. "We plan on having around 5 babies this fall to break," Richard said. "And we got some homebreds and got a few from sales. We will be very busy all winter." The third race co-feature Preferred Trot features the return battle between Seeyou Men (post 5) and Capteur De Reve (post 4). Seeyou Men won the battle last week. He will again be driven by Francis Picard. Capteur De Reve will be handled by Stephane Gendron. These two top contenders have been facing each other all season long in some great trotting matchups. Also entered are Missionoftheheart (post 3), Sir Chopin (post 2) and Precieuse CC (post 1). Then after the sixth race trot, win, lose or draw, the 14-year-old Chinnys Wings will receive a retirement blanket in the winner's circle. He will bow out for owner Nancy Lord and her husband, trainer/driver Jean Lord of Trois-Rivieres. All horses must retire from pari-mutuel racing at age 15. But don't count Chinnys Wings out as he will still be able to compete next season in the Quebec Regional Fair Circuit. The final feature race of the season takes place in the ninth with the Preferred Pace. The field features the mainstay of the top pacers who raced at H3R all season long. Surf Report (post 1), Mister Big Top (post 2), Appleby Hanover (post 3), Maracasso (post 4) and Hooter Shooter (post 5). Maracaso leads the way for trainer/driver Carol Voyer with ten wins this year. Both Hooter Shooter and Appleby Hanover have nine wins each. It will again be a classic matchup as it has been all season long. First race post time is 1:00 pm. For a free race program or to view the races live via the internet, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club  

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Last week Seeyou Men was unable to collar race winner Capteur De Reve, but this Sunday Seeyou Men was able to grind it out again, this time for an impressive harness racing victory over Capteur De Reve in the Preferred Trot at the Hippodrome 3R. Volare (Jocelyn Gendron) went off-stride right at the start of the race and that enabled race favorite Capteur De Reve (Stephane Gendron) to take control of the third race feature right from the start. Talbotcreek Suzie (Pascal Berube) grabbed the pocket-trip as they went to the opening quarter mile in :29.1. Then Stephane Gendron backed Capteur De Reve to an easy half mile clocking in 1:00.4. That was when driver Francis Picard came first-over with Seeyou Men with Missionoftheheart (Tyler Jones) following their outside cover. Picard rated Seeyou Men perfectly on the outside, collaring Capteur De Reve by the three-quarters in 1:30 and then by the top of the stretch, grabbed the lead and held off Capteur De Reve to win by one length in 2:00. Missionoftheheart was third. It was the fourth win this year for Seeyou Men. The seven-year-old gelding by Muscle Mass is a former Quebec-bred champion and former track record holder at H3R. He is trained by Daniel Martin, bred by Chantal Gravel of St-Cyrille-De-Wendover who co-owns Seeyou Men with Catheline Pelletier of Mirabel. He paid $8.00 to win. National Debt scored the fastest mile on the day as he overpowered a field of five rivals in the seventh race Preferred Pace. Driven by Pascal Berube, National Debt had to grind it out early in the mile as a stubborn Histoire Enchantee (Stephane Gendron) parked them out to the opening quarter mile in :27.1, then to the half in :56. It was then that National Debut finally cleared to the lead. They started to pull away by the three-quarters in 1:25 as National Debt kept his motoring running, stopping the teletimer in 1:54.2. He won by eight lengths over Maracasso (Carol Voyer) with Hooter Shooter (Francis Picard) third. It was the 14th win this season for National Debt. The eight-year-old stallion by Allamerican Native is trained by Yves Tessier for owner Francois Morin of Beauceville. He paid $2.60 to win. Steven Gagnon, 26, of Sorel Tracy, won his first professional pari-mutuel race Sunday, scoring a three and one-quarter length romp in the second race pace with Kiss Me Bad ($25.00). Gagnon owns and trains Kiss Me Bad, who scored a lifetime mark of 2:02.2. Gagnon had been competing in the Quebec Regional Fair Circuit the past four years. The tote board nearly exploded in the 11th race when Free Proof and owner, trainer, driver Sylvain Fontaine swept five-wide on the final turn and came on to win at odds of 50-1, paying $102.60 to win. Track Notes: Pascal Berube led all drivers on the afternoon with three wins. Trainer Yves Tessier had the hottest stable at H3R sending out three winners on the day. Next Sunday, November 10, will be closing day for the 2019 live harness racing season at the Hippodrome 3R. Presentations will be made to the race meets leading driver and trainer and a special blanket presentation will be made to the 14-year-old trotter, Chinnys Wings, who must retire from racing at the end of the year. For full race results, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Harness racing trainer Maxime Velaye will try and achieve a training feat not done at all this season at the Hippodrome 3R. That is to send out the winner in both the Preferred Trot and Pace features on Sunday afternoon. Velaye's first opportunity is his best one as he sends out the race favorite, Capteur De Reve, in the third race Preferred Trot. The only trotter ever to win four Quebec-Bred Championship starts again from the rail. It was last week that Capteur De Reve was able to lead from start to finish over a sloppy H3R track to win in 2:03.1. "He (Capteur De Reve) only knows H3R as the only half mile he has ever raced on," Velaye said. "He is versatile and can handle any size track, but he likes H3R the best." It was the sixth win this year for the five-year-old gelded son of Muscle Mass and a far cry from his record of 1:55.1 this season for the Provoquante Stable of Mirabel, who bred and owns the top trotter. Former track record holder and Quebec Champion, Seeyou Men (post four) will try again to defeat Capteur De Reve. Last week with driver Francis Picard, Seeyou Men was a game second after coming first-over again Capteur De Reve. Also entered is Volare (post 2), who nearly took the lead away from Capteur De Reve last week, but made a costly break at the opening quarter mile. Completing the field are two top mares, Missionoftheheart (post 5) and Talbotcreek Suzie (post 3), who is moving up in class after winning the Preferred III class last week. Velaye then sends out the former stake's winner Histoire Enchantee, also from the rail, in the seventh race Preferred Pace. This five-year-old gelding by Shanghai Phil won nearly $100,000 at age 3 before injuring himself and now two years later has come back for Velaye in winning form with three wins, the fastest in 1:56.4. "I am so happy with how he has come back to the races," Veyale said. "I think we will race both of them a few more times after the end of the season here and then give them a nice rest for the winter." It will be a challenge for Histoire Enchantee has he takes on last week's winner, Surf Report (post 2), who led from start to finish on the sloppy track last week in 2:00.1 (four second allowance). He will have Tyler Jones back in the sulky again. The morning line favorite is National Debt (post six), who has done most of his racing this season at Rideau Carleton Raceway for trainer Yves Tessier and driver Pascal Berube. National Debt has done very well again in 2019 with an impressive 13 wins and has won three of his last four starts and has a record of 1:51.4. Return winners in the field include Hooter Shooter (post 5) for driver Francis Picard and Maracasso (post 4) for trainer/driver Carol Voyer and rounding out the field is Abbleby Hanover (post 3). The 11-race program on Sunday starts at 1:00 pm. This is the second to last live race program at H3R before the end of the 2019 race season. Next week on closing day the track will honor the leading Driver and Trainer of the race meet along with a special blanket presentation to Chinnys Wings, who is 14-year-olds and will be retiring from racing come January 1, 2020 when he turns age 15. For more information, a free race program and to watch the H3R races live via the internet, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club    

Trois-Rivieres, QC - A sloppy, rain-soaked track did not discourage Capteur De Reve from leading start to finish in the Preferred Trot at the Hippodrome 3R Sunday. Despite a four second allowance due to poor track conditions, Capteur De Reve and driver Stephane Gendron left from post one in the third race feature and was able to parked out Volare (Tyler Jones) to the opening quarter. Tried as he did to get to the lead, Volare broke stride and had to be taken back to last place. As the field came to the half mile marker, Capteur De Reve was comfortably on the lead with Missionoftheheart (Jocelyn Gendron) sitting on their back in second place. It was then that driver Francis Picard moved Seeyou Men first-over and began to gain ground on Capteur De Reve as they approached the three-quarters. Tried as he did, Seeyou Men could not collar Capteur De Reve as those two fought down the stretch with Capteur De Reve winning by three-quarters of a length in 2:03.1. Missionoftheheart was third. It was the sixth win this season for Capteur De Reve. The five-year-old gelding by Muscle Mass is the only trotter ever to win four Quebec-Bred Championships. He is trained by Maxime Velaye for the Provoquante Stable of Mirabel, who also bred the horse. He paid $2.70 to win. Talbotcreek Suzie ($5.10) was able to win the ninth race Preferred 3 Trot for driver Pascal Berube, who ended the day with two wins as did driver Tyler Jones. TRACK NOTES: Live racing resumes at H3R next Sunday, October 3 starting at 1:00 pm. This will be the second to last race day at H3R this season. For more information, race results, free programs and more, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club      

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Former track record holder and two-time Quebec-Bred Champion Seeyou Men makes a return to the races at the Hippodrome 3R Sunday after a few months in the field. Seeyou Men starts from post four for driver Francis Picard in the third race, which is the featured Preferred Trot. Sired by Muscle Mass, the seven-year-old gelding is trained by Daniel Martin for breeder Chantal Gravel of St-Cyrille-De-Wendover, who co-owns the horse with Catheline Pelletier of Mirabel. He currently has $268,000 earned in his career. The last start Seeyou Men made was in the $30,000 Quebec-Bred Series Final at H3R back on July 14 when he finished a game second to rival Capteur De Reve. Then it was rest time according to Daniel Martin. "He has had no injuries," said Martin, "We just wanted to give him a nice break after making 20 starts." Seeyou Men scored his lifetime mark of 1:55.4 this season and last week won his qualifying race at H3R in 2:02.4 by three open lengths. He is listed in the morning line at odds of 7/2. "For this Sunday there is no pressure on Seeyou Men," Martin said. "He always gives everything he has. He is a very good horse." Capteur De Reve is also in the field and starts from the rail for driver Stephane Gendron. He is the only trotter who is a four-time Quebec Series Champion. The five-year-old gelding, also by Muscle Mass, is trained by Maxime Velaye for the Provoquante Stable of Mirabel, who bred and owns Capteur De Reve. Although winless since August 25 at Rideau Carleton Raceway, Capteur De Reve was second in his last start by a neck in 1:56.4 at Rideau Carleton. The race favorite is none other than Volare from post five for driver Tyler Jones. This five-year-old gelding by Conway Hall won his last start at H3R in the Preferred Trot with a 2:00.2 triumph. He has a record of 1:52.4 and earlier this season won at Yonkers Raceway in 1:57.1. He is trained by Michel Allard for his son, Rene Allard, of Matamoras, PA. Rounding out the field is the lone mare in the contest, Missionoftheheart (post 2) and former Quebec-Bred Champion Holiday Party (post 3). Post time Sunday is 1:00 pm. For a free race program and to view the races live via the internet, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club

Trois-Rivieres, QC - Harness racing trotter Sultan D'Or and driver Sylvain Lacaille rocked the tote board at the Hippodrome 3R on Sunday, winning the sixth race trot at odds of 135-1. It was the highest win payoff, $272.10 to win, $79.40 to place and $15.10 to show across the board, in the eight-year history of H3R since its revival from bankruptcy by the Quebec Jockey Club. The prior record win payoff was $204.50 by Classic Mondiale (Pierre Luc Roy) in 2016. The sixth race saw Sultan D'Or and Lacaille get away in sixth place from post eight until the field reached the backstretch when Lacaille moved Sultan D'Or to the outside, found live cover and then tipped three-wide, looping the field. Then on the final turn, Sultan D'Or was first-over against race leader Mr Logan Mirox (Michel Audet), and they worn him down by the finish wire with Sultan D'Or winning by three-quarters of a length in 2:02. Mr Logan Mirox was second with SOS Turbo (Tyler Jones) third. It was the fifth win this year for Sultan D'Or. The ten-year-old gelded son of Newtown is owned and trained by Pierre Turcotte of Trois-Rivieres. Sultan D'Or never started in a harness race until he was eight years old. It took until the fifth race on Sunday before harness racing driver Pascal Berube did not win a race. Why? Because Berube did not have a drive in the fifth race. The Portneuf-Station resident was at his best in winning the first four races on the program, especially the third race featured Preferred Pace with Hooter Shooter. The short field of just five starters in the third race Preferred Pace saw Surf Report (Tyler Jones) go right to the lead with race favorite Maracasso (Carol Voyer) leaving but then taking a tuck behind Surf Report to the opening quarter mile in :27.2. Voyer then pulled the pocket and came first-over against Surf Report by the half mile marker in :56. The action heated up as Maracasso could not pass by Surf Report as Berube moved second-over with Hooter Shooter. By the three-quarters in 1:25.1, Voyer cleared to the lead with Maracasso but now had to contend with Hooter Shooter and Berube on the final turn. Hooter Shooter had a full head of steam and collared Maracasso as they came down the stretch and hung game to win by a half length in 1:55. Maracasso was second with Histoire Enchantee (Stephane Gendron) third. It was the ninth win this year for Hooter Shooter. Sire by Badlands Hanover, the six-year-old gelding is owned and trained by Marc Andre Simoneau of Trois-Rivieres and paid $6.00 to win. Berube was not done yet on the afternoon card as he won the ninth race with Bemmo Image ($5.10), making it five wins on the program. Track Notes: Trainer Marc Andre Simoneau sent out two winners from his stable to lead all trainers. Live racing resumes next Sunday, October 27 with first race post time at 1:00 pm. For more information, free race program and to view the H3R live via the internet, visit From the Quebec Jockey Club    

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