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At Harnesslink we are constantly keeping our readers up to date with all the developments on the harness racing and breeding side of this industry. One part of this industry that tends to get overlooked most of the time is the part played by all the companies that supply this industry with the products we use. So we thought it was time we shone the light on some of those companies and the part they play. One company that has really come to the fore in recent years is Razerhorse. Razerhorse was established in Sweden in 2003 by Erik Lundquist. Erik was searching for a solution to lameness in one of his racehorses and decided to take a scientific and technology based approach to the problem. Convinced that shoeing played a major part in lameness and performance, Erik in partnership with Upsala University in Sweden spent years researching the action of the hoof with the help of gait analysis software and high speed video. Erik came to the conclusion that the design of the shoes should closely mimic every function of a bare footed horse. The innovative design that Erik came up with allows the horse to balance and move as if it was barefoot yet still protects the hoof from wear. The horse has a perfect design from nature so the shoes are made to perform with the horses natural characteristics which allows the horse to perform to the best of their ability. Razerhorse shoes are made from a unique borium tool steel which is tempered during its production to allow flexibility and shape memory. Specific features include a broad toe and a rounded rim for a smoother slide upon hoof landing and a thinner outer rim to enhance traction and reduce stress during motion. Naturally all horses are born with a hoof capsule that is split in the heel by the frog which allows the two sides of the hoof to flex in, out, up and down. A shoe had to be designed to co-exist with this basic function. Because the shoes are made from this unique flexible tool steel, they do not lock in the hoof capsule and instead allow the hoof capsule to move naturally and flex for optimal health and function. Jimmy Takter interview, Conny Svensson shoeing standardbred trotting horse Razerhorse has also designed a pad to work alongside their shoes with the same emphasis on science and technology in its development. The barefoot hoof of the horse has evolved over time so that the frog and the entire underside of the hoof has full contact with the ground when landing. Named Propad, the Razerhorse pad has been designed with a flexible frog support to fill the void between the hoof frog and the ground when the horse is shod. The flexible zone built into the pad allows the center part of the pad (frog support) to follow all the movements of the frog without causing pressure at rest. The flexible frog supports and extends the frog and works as a shock absorber. It unloads the hoof wall and improves circulation in the hoof. The pads are unique in that they give the horse a barefoot feeling when shod. Razerhorse - Propad It is no surprise Hall Of Famer Jimmy Takter is an enthusiastic supporter of Razerhorse shoes and pads as his farrier of over twenty years Conny Svensson has been heavily involved in the development of Razerhorse shoes and the Propad. In the 2013 edition of the Breeders Crown Finals, three divisional winners in Father Patrick, Shake It Cerry and Ufizzi Hanover all won from the Takter barn using Razerhorse products. Father Patrick 1:50.2 ($1,263,326) who has won six from six this year and is a hot favourite for the Hambeltonian this weekend has raced exclusively with Razerhorse shoes. With the ongoing success on the track backed up by the science and technology behind their products, Razerhorse can look to the future with a lot of confidence. Harnesslink media        

Advanced equipment and supplies recently donated by leading horsemen's organizations have given the New Bolton Center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine a powerful forensic research tool for the development of innovative racehorse drug testing protocols.

At many racetracks across the country harness racing trainers use synthetic EPO (erythropoietin 'pronounced, ah-rith-ro-poy-tin'), a hormone produced by the liver and kidneys.

TrackMaster today announced the release of additional features for its line of Past Performance Products.

Excuse the pun but Australia's main UFO harness racing man is over the moon. The chief executive for UFO Sulkies in Australia and New Zealand, Frank Ranaldi, is delighted with both the sales and the results since the official launch of his company in October last year.

Mark your harness racing calendars! On April 6th, 2013 Equine Guelph presents an exciting seminar at the University of Guelph, featuring Ontario Veterinary College researchers who have starred in the popular "Report on Research" video series.

It's a term that is not new to Scott Stewart heading into the Del-Re National Food Group A G Hunter Cup. Harness racing X-Factor. It may have been used on more than the odd occasion to describe his talented but injury-plagued pacer, Bitobliss, in the past.

The Structures and Materials Evaluation Group at the University of Dayton Research Institute has expertise in evaluating current and emerging materials and structures under a variety of conditions.

It's an unidentified flying object. No it's not, it may be a flying object, but it certainly is identified. It's identified as harness racing's best Sulky - the UFO Sulky, the best bike in the game. The UFO Sulky has already invaded Australia, and now they're about to take over New Zealand as well. They are approved for use in New Zealand from the 9th of January.

Harness Breeders New South Wales has recently purchased five foaling alarms that will be available for hire at very affordable rates to its harness racing members. Foaling alarms are simple to use, and provided you test them correctly prior to use, allow you the peace of mind to know that you will be right on the spot at foaling time.

They have improved a horse's performance by up to three seconds on a half mile track and they have set 21 world records. In fact as the name suggests - 'UFO Sulkies' are simply out of this world. Dubbed the fastest bike on earth, the amazing streamlined aerodynamic sulky is about to hit New Zealand and Australia by storm.

TrackMaster, in conjunction with their parent company, Equibase, has launched iPPs - a revolutionary new handicapping tool for the iPad that allows users to customize and 'mark-up' Harness Racing PPs, just as if they were handicapping with a traditional pen and paper. The App also works on all Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse files.

Heather Vitale-Moffett talks to horsemen, Jason Skinner, Ben Stafford Jr. and Paul Chambers about different bridles that horses use in harness racing.

Horsewoman Nancy Johansson has been appointed to the Walsh Harness & Saddlery sales team. Johansson, 30, of Allentown, N.J., will focus on expanding Walsh's products to both the Standardbred and Thoroughbred audiences, and will assist in boosting the company's international presence.

TrackMaster, provider of electronic harness racing handicapping product and services, announced a series of product upgrades to many of their past performance (program pages) products.

Pinjarra will become the first harness racing club in Western Australia to launch the Dual Sulky Promotion races on-course at the Community Building Supplies Race Meeting on December 19 at Pinjarra Paceway.

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