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August 25, 2018 - Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady), off at 5/1 odds, won Saturday’s Diamond River DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park. Timed in 1.16.5kr, the Veljko Mazsity trainee is owned by Hico Versenyistallo, was bred by the country’s leading breeder Kabela Menes Kft. Henrik Ibsen AT and Unique Vil trailed the mare that scored comfortably. Thomas H. Hicks

May 19, 2018 - Longines (4f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) won her seventh straight on Saturday afternoon over Kincsem Park’s rain soaked surface in the Z Sigmond DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart). The undefeated mare is owned by Pimri i., trained by Imre Fazekas and driven this day by Andrea Fazekas. This pair left from post five, went to the front and continuously widened the margin that was about 60 meters at the line. The 1.7/1 favorite, bred in Germany, was timed in a sharp 1.16.6kr. The Kali DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters repulostart – no gate due to weather) went to 7.7/1 Kings Call (5g SJs Photo-Marina Eme-Adams Hall) clocked in 1.19.4kr and driven by Emese Vezer for trainer Emil Csordas. The winning team posted a second win in 2018 in 10 starts with six other placings. Veronica Fling, Trencsen and Villam Ville were next to the line in this good field. The featured Williams DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters  repulostart – no gate due to weather) went to 1.6/1 Speedy Boy (7g Wall Street Banker-Vas Lady-Endless Sands) with Veljko Mazsity up, timed in 1.19.1kr. This one has two wins in three 2018 outings. 5/1 Time To Say Goodbye (6m Maximus Lindy-Jungfrau-Valley Guardian) was second in his first start of the year, with Lajos Marton aboard. Landlord was third Thomas H. Hicks

Hightstown, NJ --- After a journey of more than 5,000 miles, the harness racing starting gate used for the prestigious Little Brown Jug in Delaware, Ohio, is now safely in the least likely of racing locations, Budapest, Hungary. The starting gate is used to start the harness races. It has a special attachment with long wings that open up and close. The horses get behind the gate at their assigned post position numbers and follow the gate to the starting point of the race and then the vehicle accelerates away from the field of horses and then follows them on the outside of the track throughout the race. The extensive journey for the unique Ford F-150 pickup truck with its starting gate attachment began in early July of 2017 when Petronella Kovács, an equine photographer and assistant manager at Kincsem Park in Budapest, contacted harness racing publicity consultant and Hall of Famer, Steve Wolf, in Coral Springs, Fla. Kincsem Park is a major events facility in Budapest that features not only harness racing, but also Thoroughbred and greyhound racing, concerts and festivals. “I received an email from Petronella,” Wolf said, “asking if I could assist them in purchasing a good used starting gate and having it shipped to Budapest. Little did I know the kind of journey this would take us on. “Thank goodness for Google translate, as I do not speak Hungarian, and Petronella speaks some English. We had some minor situations where we did not understand each other, but always were able to work it out.” “I speak English somewhat,” Kovács said. “Our communication was the best I think, easy, fluent and simple. “I was searching for a company or a person who could arrange these kinds of things like this. I wrote to some companies, and only Steve said he can and wanted to help me.” So Wolf began searching for a good used starting gate, which was no easy task. “I contacted the two major companies that build starting gates in the USA,” Wolf said. “And either they did not have any used vehicles for sale or they were too old for what they wanted at Kincsem Park. I contacted race tracks and found a couple of used starting gates, but again, too old for what they wanted.” Then Wolf went to Mike Woebkenberg of Superior Sulky in Farmerville, Ohio. Mike and Steve had never met before, but through talking on the phone, had become friends. “I realized that Steve really wanted to help find a starting gate for the people at Kincsem Park,” Woebkenberg said. “And I wanted to help him, so we looked into building a new one, but that became too costly with shipping and import taxes. We tried all sorts of scenarios and then I said to myself, why not sell them the main starting gate I use at the Little Brown Jug and other tracks and just build a new one for myself.” After working out a price, a deal was reached between Woebkenberg, Wolf and Kovács that was acceptable to Kincsem Park management. But then came the paperwork for the Ford F-150 starting gate. “I thought at first that this would be an easy purchase agreement,” Wolf said. “Then came an 18-page bidding form in Hungarian! It took some time as Google translate was not as helpful, but Petronella worked with me and soon enough I had it done. I nicknamed her my “Job Angel” and Mike also was a major help as we had to include all dimensions of the truck and the starting gate mechanisms in kilometers, etc.” Because Kincsem Park is owned and run by the Department of Agriculture in Hungary, bids must be done for all major machinery purchases. So next came the waiting game for Wolf to see how the bidding would go. It was early July when the adventure first started and then on Oct. 13, Wolf received via email a document from the Hungarian government with an official seal on it. “I thought at first it was the official notice that my bid was successfully submitted,” Wolf said. “So, I forwarded it to Petronella and she got back to me and said ‘Congratulations Steve, your bid is the winning one,’ and I was ecstatic about it.” Of course, more work remained. Arrangements were made to have the starting gate shipped from Ohio to an East Coast port, then across the Atlantic to a port in Europe, and then to have the vehicle transported to Budapest, which is totally landlocked from any major shipping port by hundreds of miles. “I had done pricing on all facets needed to get the starting gate to Budapest for the bidding contract,” Wolf said. “And now I was able to negotiate final deals with the different transport companies.” So, Woebkenberg began preparing the truck for a long trip to Europe. “I had the truck totally detailed,” Woebkenberg said. “New tires and an extra new spare, new brakes, extra spare parts and prepared the truck for being in a container for a while and how the salt air could affect it. I also wrote out instructions for basic repairs and maintenance for the truck and starting gate and made sure that the company folded in the big side-view mirrors in order for it to fit inside the container.” The starting gate was then transported from Farmerville, Ohio to the port in Jersey City, N.J., then shipped to the port at Bremerhaven, Germany and transported 740 miles to Budapest, Hungary. “I had all the information,” Wolf said. “The name of the ship, the route it was going to take, when it might arrive, but still I was nervous waiting for it to finally arrive in Germany. I even learned how to track a vessel at sea provided it passed near some of the tracking stations across the Atlantic. “And then I got an email on Monday, Jan. 22, from my customs agent that the ship had docked the night before,” Wolf added, laughing. “So, my worries about the starting gate sinking were over with!” “I did not think it would take so long,” Kovács said. “With the truck coming from America, it is not the closest or the easiest way to Hungary. A good job takes time. “My colleagues and I were so excited when I got the message on my phone that the truck had arrived. I finally felt calm and secure. Everyone was so excited and could not wait to see the truck at work.” Both Steve Wolf and Mike Woebkenberg are hopeful that this experience will be repeated with other tracks around the world that are interested in getting either a new or used starting gate. They can be reached via email at or “I’m ready to do it all over again,” Wolf said. “It was most certainly a life experience that I really enjoyed doing, made new friends around the world and now I can add international exporter to my resume.” by Ken Weingartner, USTA Media Relations Manager 

May 5, 2018 - Superb harness racing, weather and Food Truck Festival Weekend made for an excellent Saturday afternoon at Kincsem Park. Timoteo (6m Abano As) and driver Veljko Mazsity took the two heat Dr. Tamas Borostyankoy Memorial with decisive wins in both heats. Three year olds battled in the Laszlo Ferge Memorial with an easy victory earned by Zapato (3m Frullino Jet) driven by Tibor Hajnal. Finally, the fast class campaigners contested the Lajos Matucza Memorial with quick closing Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue) the winner for driver Imre Fazekas and trainer Jozsef Rutkai. Summaries of the major races. Race 3 Heat #1 Dr. Tamas Borostyankoy Memorial (total purse 1,800,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap, heat placing determine race results) Vortice Bi (4m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi-Equinox Bi), Imre Fazekas driver for trainer Jozsef Rutkai, 20 meter handicapped Kings Call (5g SJs Photo-Marina Eme-Adams Hall), Emese Vezer up for trainer Emil Csordas Race 6  Lajos Matucza Memorial (purse 1,000,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane), Imre Fazekas driver for owner Prolongo and trainer Jozsef Rutkai, 3.8/1 odds, race time 1.15.8kr Part Two (9f Offshore Dream-Bel Ditto-Wired Pine), Csaba Lakatos Milliondollar Lux (12m Ganymede-Dadaumpa Jet-Supergill), Emese Vezer up for trainer Emil Csordas Race 8  Dr. Tamas Borostyankoy Memorial Heat #2 (total purse 1,800,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap, heat placing determine race results) Timoteo (6m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way), Veljko Mazsity at 1.3/1, time 1.17.9kr Henrik Ibsen AT (5m Worship-Her Own Child-Imposant Sund), Tibor Hajnal Vortice Bi (4m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi-Equinox Bi), Imre Fazekas, 20 meter handicapped   Final Dr. Tamas Borostyankoy Memorial Placings Timoteo. Vellko Mazsity Vortice Bi, Imre Fazekas Henrik Ibsen AT, Tibor Hajnal   Race 10 Laszlo Ferge Memorial (purse 1,800,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) Zapato (3m Frullino Jet-Oklahoma PT-Friendly Face), Tibor Hajnal, owner Napsugar at 1.6/1, time 1.18.8kr Zsozsoka (3f Yankee Mustang-Intelligent Star-Oaklea Bluejay), Laszlo Kolozsi Zanebono(3m Frullino Jet-Corolla Jet-Park Avenue Joe), Branislav Mukity, from 20 meter handicap In pre-program action, veteran Time To Say Goodbye (6m Maximus Lindy-Jungfrau) won a qualifier timed in 1.18.8kr for Lajos Marton. The two year old ArunChupa (2m Calypso Capar-Norah Jones) won his first qualifying effort for Imre Fazekas clocked in 1.26.3kr. Thomas H. Hicks  

April 21, 2018 - 5.2/1 Villam Ville (4g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) rallied to score an easy 1.17.5kr timed harness racing victory in Saturday’s 600,000Huf Soldo DIJ, raced over 1900 meters autostart. Imre Fazekas trains and drive the winner that Pimri owns. Uzsorasno (5f Maximus Lindy) got up for second driven by Balazs Juhasz and third was Vital RG (4m SJs Photo) with Tibor Hajnal aboard. Trencsen (6m Ata Star L) took the fourth check for Laszlo Kolozsi. The undercard included several interesting victories, first in the Evi Amator Kupa Handicap (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) where Beatrix Galindo AT (5f Tony Oaks-Boa Vista Vita-Just Had A Vision) scored for Zoltan Gyolai and trainer Istvan Papp. Animal Trade Racing of Szerbia owns this 1.18.5kr timed winner. Earlier the Cicero DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) went to Urzulina (5f Maximus Lindy-Ciccolina Fling-Supergill) clocked in 1.18.2kr for driver/trainer Tibor Hajnal. Napsugar owns this one that Kabala Menes Kft bred. Another Kabala Menes Kft product won the Dalias DIV (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) as White Lady (4f Toss Out-Elegant Lady-Mill H) scored in 1.17.5kr with Dejan Katanic driving for SRB trainer Mihajlo Kuzmanov. White Lady has three wins and a placing in only four HU career starts. Thomas H. Hicks

For the second consecutive day the Hungarians and the NAADA members competed in inclement weather in round two of their international amateur driving competition which was presented at Yonkers Raceway on Tuesday, April 16. And like in the contest yesterday at Monticello Raceway, each country emerged victorious in the two event races. In the first contest -race 2 on the betting card -the Hungarian's Ferenc Leanyfalvi rallied Multitaskr Hanover to a come-from behind neck triumph in 1:59.2 while in the other division--race 4- Dr. John Kokinos used the overland route from the half with Lucky Colby and held on for a nose victory in a 1:58.3 clocking. In his contest, Leanyfalvi ducked to the pylons as the wings of the mobile gate folded and was content to follow the leaders until they approached the back stretch the second time around where he moved Multitaskr Hanover to the outside and they began to move up. Fifth, as they passed the third stanza Leanyfalvi and his trotter were in third place as the field headed for paydirt. Then in the lane, under mild urging, Multitaskr Hanover passed the race leader I'm Fabulous (USA-Joe Lee) and at the wire they collared Powerful Yield driven by Hungary's Krisztian Takas for a neck triumph. I'm Fabulous faded and finished third. The winner, a 5-year Explosive Matter gelding, is owned and trained by Jennifer Lappe. He paid $11.80 for win. It was Multitaskr Hanover's 6th win in just 11 seasonal starts. For Doctor John the Medicine Man his journey was similar to Leanyfalvi's in that he had to also come from behind. After starting from the seven-hole Kokinos angled Lucky Colby to the pylons and was in fourth position as the USA's Joe Lee showed the way with Springback Sam N. As the field approached the half Kokinos moved his charge first-up and they ground their way forward picking up horses until they had command as the fielded home. In the deep stretch Dr. John was after his tiring trotter and looking for the wire. It came just in time because Hungary's Ferenc Leanyfalvi was charging with Madhatter Blue Chip only to fall short of victory by a nose. "I wasn't much more than a passenger behind Lucky Colby tonight," Kokinos said. "Actually, he knows how to win more than I do!" Andrea Fazekas, a division winner yesterday at Monticello, finished third with Cresurrey. Lucky Colby, an 8-year-old Jailhouse Jessie gelding, is owned and trained by Gilbert Garcia-Herrara. He returned a $13.60 win mutuel. The final event in the Hungary v NAADA competition will be at Saratoga Raceway on Thursday afternoon. by John Manzi        

April 7, 2018 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Mount DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 2560 meters distance handicap, six starters) went to the 40 meter handicapped and even money favorite Vortice Bi (4m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi) reined by Sandor Varga for owner Prolongo and trainer Jozsef Rutkai timed in 1.19.7kr. This one recorded his second 2018 victory in as many starts. The dam Rhode Island Bi is a 2010 foal of Equinox Bi-No Nonsense Woman, the latter at €225,497 career winner of 10 races from 34 outings. 7.2/1 Insa (6f Alesi OM-Ines-Scurry Lobell) set the pace and was just caught on the line. Andrea Fazekas drove Insa for trainer Imre Fazekas. King’s Call (5g SJs Photo-Marina Eme-Adams Hall) was third driven by Emese Vezer. Earlier in the day Violetta (4f Racino-Franciska) was a 1.18.1kr winner in the 400,000Huf Delores DIJ and many good trotters faced the gate in a qualifier with Zapato (3m Frullino Jet-Diatomea PL) winning in 1.18.2kr for driver Tibor Hajnal over Veronica Fling and Villam Ville. Thomas H. Hicks  

March 24, 2018 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park trotting program included the Pityke DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.17.1kr timed winner, her sixth straight at Kincsem Park, was Longines (4f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) driven by Gyorgy Horvath. Imre Fazekas trains the impressive Longines along with second finishing Ultimate Force (5m Connecting People-Kamilla-Valley Guardian) that he drove this day. Third was Show Kronos (7m Varenne-Malibu Princess-Malabar Man) handled by Andor Angyal for trainer Goran Zolnaji. The afternoon feature race was the Cyrano DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 2400 meters autostart) with that 1.19.3kr victory earned by Timoteo (6m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way) with trainer Veljko Mazsity aboard. Unique Vil (5m Conway Hall-Deborah Bi-Park Avenue Joe) was second driven by Sandor Varga for trainer Jozsef Rutkai. Third went to Trencsen (6m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) with Sandor Kolozsi driving. Thomas H. Hicks  

March 17, 2018 - Saturday’s harness racing featured trotting event at Kincsem Park was the annual Brody Janos Memorial (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) with victory over the rain soaked raceway to Vortice Bi (4m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi-Equinox Bi) driven by Imre Fazekas for trainer Jozsef Rutkai and owner Prolongo. Race time was 1.20kr and second in the close finish was 20 meter penalized Wiss Shadow (11g Goetmals Wood-Wiss Favorite-Mack Lobell) with Viktoria Nemeth aboard for trainer Lajos Marton and owner AMMA. Unique Vil (5m Conway Hall-Deborah Bi-Park Avenue Joe) took third. On the undercard was the Koppany DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) with that 1.19.8kr timed verdict going to Speedy Boy (7g Wall Street Banker-Vas Lady-Endless Sands). Veljko Mazsity teamed his trainee to victory over Trencsen (6m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsend’s Speedy) and driver Sandor Kolozsi. Third home was Szacharin (7f Vanito-Inzulin-Valley Guardian) for trainer/driver Istvan Papp.   Thomas H. Hicks

February 17, 2018 - Emil Csordas teamed his trainee Victory Knick (6g Cantab Hall-Lappenta Knick-Lindy’s Crown) to his fourth straight Kincsem Park victory in Saturday’s Geza Sennyey Memorial (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) timed in 1.17.1kr. The 2017 import from Sweden, shown, defeated Conway Boko (9m Castleton Bass-Wascon Boko-Conway Hall) with Sandor Varadi aboard, he also the trainer. Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane) captured third for driver Imre Fazekas and trainer Jozsef Rutkai. On the undercard was the Erika DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.20.4kr timed victory went to Samuel Becket AT (6m Diablo Va Bene-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) handled by Andor Angyal for trainer Sandor Varadi. Second was the consistent Timoko RL (5m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) and third went to Zabrina (5f Owen Kemp-Merci Beaucoup-Gidde Palema). Thomas H. Hicks

February 3, 2018 - Unique Vil (5m Conway Hall-Deborah Bi-Park Avenue Joe) took Saturday’s featured Imike DIJ (purse 600000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) with harness racing owner/trainer Jozsef Rutkai aboard clocked in 1.21.1kr over a sloppy racetrack at Kincsem Park. 20 meter handicapped Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane) rallied for second with Imre Fazekas up for the same owner/trainer Rutkai and another 20 meter penalized performer Milliondollar Lux (12m Ganymede-Dadaumpa Jet-Supergill)  was third for Emese Vezer and trainer Emil Csordas. The race honored the well-regarded  and well-bred open class trotter Imike (Valley Guardian-Astalavista-Gus Lobell-Speedy Crown-Asta-Naturally Nevele), now retired, that was successfully campaigned by Dora Kovacs. The undercard included the Bettolakodo DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) with that victory earned by Timoko RL (5m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) with Andrea Nagyvary up. Imre Fazekas trains the repeat winner, also last week. Race time was 1.22.9kr over the off going. Kelvin AT (5m Even Better Odds-Keystone Bluejay-Sierra Kosmos) took second for Csaba Laskatos and third was Unigena Sun (5f Sholty Boko-Jeanne Sun-Grundy’s Ebony) for Tamas Tanczer. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 16, 2017 - The Saturday Kincsem Park featured Mikulasgya DIJ (600,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to 1.19.1kr timed Passion Grif (8g Varenne-Sex Appeal OK-Lanson) with trainer Laszlo Kolozsi up. The winner now has a 7-2 slate in nine 2017 starts. The 20 meter handicapped Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) was second for Gyorgy Horvath and trainer Imre Fazekas. This mare has a 7-4 slate in 13 seasonal starts. Timoko RL (4m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) was third for Andrea Nagyvary and trainer Imre Fazekas. Earlier in the program Longines (3f Conway Hall-Kentucky Love Song-Valley Victor) scored in the Nabob DIJ (360,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart) timed in 1.17.3kr. The undefeated filly (three starts in 2017 at Kincsem Park) was reined by Andrea Fazekas and is trained by Imre Fazekas.  White Lady (3f Toss Out-Elegant Lady-Mill H) was second for Dejan Katanic and third went to Valentino (3m Frullino Jet-Chemise Cobra-Atlas Fighter L). Two year olds contested the Nyeretien for a purse of 500,000HUF over 1800 meters autostart. Zucker (2f Vioxx SR-Helicon-Awesome Goal) was victorious for trainer/driver Lajos Marton. Zsivanyka (2m Yankee Mustang) and inneno (2f Frullino Jet) trailed the winner. On Saturday, at Madinina Martinique, the Prix de Grosbois (purse €7,000, 2600 meters, turf) went to 1.20.6kr timed Boycott (6g Goetmals Wood-Mine d’Or)  reined by owner/trainer/driver  Christine Lebreton. The 25 meter handicapped stablemate Ussein Royal (9g Lilium Madrik) was second for J.F. Gate driving for owner/trainer Christine Lebreton. The Prix de Cabourg (purse €8,000, 2600 meters, turf) went to 1.19.6kr timed and 25 meter handicapped Unoki (9g Meaulnes du Corta-Madrine) driven by J.F. Gate, the second straight win by Unoki. 50 meter handicapped Usly des Visais (9g Defi d’Aunou-Pristine Jet) was second for owner/trainer/driver J.L. Langeron.  Stablemate Vlatou des Salines (8g Magnificent Rodney) was third for Alexandre Favre overcoming a 50 meter penalty. Saturday the 30 program winter meet began at Cagnes sur Mer and the feature was the Prix Varenne (purse €42,000, 2925 meters distance handicap, 17 starters) and 25 meter penalized Uniflosa Bella (9f Jag de Bellouet-Koctfiflosa Bella) scored with a powerful late rush timed in 1.14kr. J.Ch. Feron teamed the J-P Marmion trainee that Marmion also owns. Ursis des Caillons was second for Nicolas Ensch and Bering was third for Christophe Martens. Saturday’s SWE V75 action was at Gavle. The featured V75 Gold Gavle Store Prix (150,000SWEK to the winner, 2640 meters autostart) went to 2/1 Zenit Brick (6g Make It Happen-Exi Svard-Super Arnie) with Bjorn Goop up for trainer Timo Nurmos. 5.5/1 Digital Ink (8g Super Photo Kosmos-Leverda des Pres-Filou du Boscel) took second for driver Nicklas Westerholm and trainer Robert Bergh for Stall TZ. 20.6/1 Mind Your Face (8g Offshore Dream-Mind Your Manners-Dahir de Prelong) was home third for Erik Adielsson and trainer Lars Friberg. Thomas H. Hicks  

December 10, 2017 - Trencsen (5m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) driven by Sandor Kolozsi took Saturday’s Kincsem Park harness racing featured Palmyra DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart, nine starters) clocked in 1.19.9kr. Istvan Papp trains the winner that defeated Urban Legend (4m Gustav Diamant-Jasmin Diamant-Sugarcane Hanover) handled this day by Emese Vezer for trainer Emil Csordas. Third was Urania RG (4f Racino-Sweet Pine-Pine Chip) for Sandor Varga driving for trainer Balazs Juhasz. The undercard included the Idomero DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart, 12 starters) and Disney HR (4f Light Up de Vonnas-Times-SJs Photo) scored in 1.20.1kr for Gyorgy Farkas driving for trainer Balazs Juhasz. Unigena Sun (4f Sholty Boko-Jeanne Sun-Grundy’s Ebony) was second for driver Tamas Tanczer and third was Rocky HR (5m Roc de Montfort-Times-SJs Photo) reined by Andrea Fazekas. On Saturday in Sweden (Aby) the V75 Legolas Minne Gold (150,000SEK to winner, 2140 meters autostart) went to 1.13kr timed and 3/2 odds Vasterboonthenews (9g Credit Winner-Sandra Dime-Alf Palema) driven by Orjan Kihlstrom for trainer Lars Brindeborg and owner Parkkoken. The winner now has 29 wins in 82 career starts for 4,494,295SEK earned. Geisha Sund (7f Love You-Kanadia-Canada) was second for trainer/driver Robert Bergh, ahead of Nadal Broline (7g Yankee Glide-Aimee’s Promise) and driver Ulf Ohlsson. Veteran BBS Sugarlight was fourth for Vidar Hop. Other interesting winners on the Aby program were Kash Brodda (5f Ready Cash-Kismetta Marc-Viking Kronos) for Peter Untersteiner in 1.12.9kr of 2140 meters autostart; Ulriika Highness (6f Love You-Camilla Highness-Super Arnie) for Stefan Soderkvist in 1.14.2kr over 2140 meters distance handicap – the winner traveled an added 20 meters; and Global Trust (4m Yankee Glide-Refuse to Lose-Conway Hall with Jorma Kontio up timed in 1.12.1kr over 1640 meters autostart. Sunday I viewed the evening program at Krieau (Austria), a racetrack that began in 1878 and is the second oldest in Europe after Central Moscow Hippodrome. The featured Prix Nastasia Noens (purse €5,000, 2100 meters autostart, 12 starters) went to Palema Photo (9g Gidde Palema-Novels Photo) with Erich Kubes up for owner/trainer Marion Hope. Meilo Mo (7m SJs Photo-Miss Starchip Mo) was second for Mario Zanderigo and third was Lord Brodde (6g Mr. Pine Chip-Leonas Yessi) for Christoph Fischer for trainer Gregor Krenmmayr. Thomas H. Hicks      

November 18, 2017 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park harness racing featured Menesek DIJ (purse 2,000,000Huf, 3160 meters distance handicap) went to 10.3/1 Villam Ville (3g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. Zsalek  Zsolt owns the winner. Vital RG (3m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) was second for Tibor Hajnal, ahead of 40 meter handicapped Urilany R (4f Maximus Lindy-Elegant Lady-Mill H) with Veljko Mazsity driving. Race time over the extended distance was 4:32.7, or 1.26.3kr. The solid card also included the Laszlo Torok Memorial (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) with victory to the 1.3/1 favorite Victory Knick (5g Cantab Hall-Lapponia Knick-Lindy’s Crown. The recent import from Sweden is now trained and was reined by Emil Csordas. Race time was 1.20.1kr. Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) was second for Gyorgy Horvath and trainer Imre Fazekas. Oldtimer Diamant (7g Arc de Triomphe-Primadonnas Lady-Titan Way) was third for Emese Vezer. Other winners were 4.3/1 Unika Vik (4f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) in the Jozsef Radoki Memorial (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart). Andras Gasper teamed the Balasz Juhasz trainee to a 1.19.7kr timed score over Unreal Boss (4f Maximus Lindy) and Livi Kickoff (5f Sand Vic). T wo year olds contested the Ketevesek Versenye (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and 3.4/1 Zseneroz (2f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) scored for Gyorgy Horvath, driving for trainer Balazs Juhasz, timed in 1.26.1kr. This Kabala Menes Kft. bred filly bested Veritable Yankee (2m Yankee Mustang) and Zeffiri (2f Naglo). Plans continue for the exceptional annual Kincsem Park December 31 affair that featured a great racing, music, food and entertainment, before a gathering that usually numbers 10,000 irrespective of the winter weather. Thomas H. Hicks  

November 11, 2017 - Today’s Kincsem Park harness racing action was highlighted by the Szabadkai DIJ (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the impressive 1.15.8kr timed winner was Early Stardust (6f Orlando Vici-Timely Stardust-Super Arnie). The first time KP starter, after import from Netherlands, was driven by Andrea Fazekas for SRB bases trainer Damir Karin. Veteran Bronsvlinder (9m Castleton Bass-Jasmee Dene-Maza Buitenzorg) was second and Donato Luca (8m Donerail-High Weeds-Tagliabue) was third for Miodrag Pantic and SRB trainer Petrov Srbivoj. The undercard included the Adai DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 1.17.8kr timed winner was Timoteo (5m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way) for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity, a two time winner in six 2017 outings. Rafael Bit (7g Prime Prospect-Becky Ami-Keyser Lobell) took second for Vereb Zsolt and third was Samuel Becket AT (5m Diablo Va Bene-Simb Lorikeet-Pearsall Hanover). Earlier was the Csantaveri DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and Traffic Lux (5g Self Possessed-Buena di Jesolo-Supergill) scored timed in 1.18.1kr. Milan Kovacevic was the pilot for trainer Goran Zolneji. The winner posted his sixth win in eight 2017 starts plus two placings. Iago d’Amore (3m Mago d’Amore-Indyran-Uronometro) was second for Branislav Mukity and third was Syria AT (3f Tony Oaks-Silent Yankee-Yankee Glide) for Josup Gadric for SRB trainer Laszlo Berenyl. Last Saturday’s featured winner of the Oszi Kiserleti Verseny (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters voltstart) resulted in a good 1.18.3kr timed victory for Veronica Fling (3f Racino-Cicciolina Fling) reined by trainer Veljko Mazsity. Vital RG and 40 meter handicapped Time To Say Goodbye (by Maximus Lindy) were the next two on the line. Kabala Menes bred and owns the winner.   The breeder Kabala Menes had a good day as Zanebono (2m Frullino Jet-Corolla Jet) scored for Branislav Mukity in the 500,000Huf purse Nyaetlen. Their Utodlo (4f Maximus Lindy-Juss) took the Forest Sun for 400,000Huf. Veteran Conway Boko (8m Castleton Bass) later won the 1900 meter autostart Illetmeny DIJ timed in 1.18.2kr to earn the winners’ share of the 522,000Huf purse. Tibor Hajnal was his driver. Thomas H. Hicks

October 28, 2017 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park harness racing feature was the Fol-le DIJ raced over 1800 meters autostart for a 600,000Huf purse. The 1.19.3kr winner was Unreal Boss (4f Maximus Lindy-Light Lady-Baltic Bet) with Veljko Mazsity up for owner Hico i. The winner now has five wins in nine 2017 starts. Villam Ville (3g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) was second for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas and his trainee, Tiara Boss (5f Wall Street Banker-Kosar), was third, driven by leading amateur teamster Andrea Fazekas. Thomas H. Hicks  

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