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September 16, 2017 - Gyorgy Horvath piloted his (co-owner) Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) to another harness racing victory Saturday (her fourth straight win and seventh in ten 2017 outings) in the featured Uli DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 2400 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park. The winning team defeated Ordog Hegeduse (9g Medic Hanover-Dallar-Magnus) with Ferenc Nagi II up and third was Szacharin (6f Vanito-Inzulin-Valley Guardian) for trainer/driver Istvan Papp. Race time was 1.19.1kr over the extended distance and the winner (#6) is pictured. The undercard showed the Istis Jerez DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.17.6kr timed winner was Unika Vik (4f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) for Balazs Juhasz. Timoko RL (4m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) was second for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. Third was Beatrix Galindo AT (4f Tony Oaks-Boa Vista Vita-Just Has A Vision) for Tibor Hajnal. Thomas H. Hicks

September 2, 2017 - An excellent afternoon of trotting accompanied a three day Food Truck Festival an Kincsem Park and it drew a fine audience, also on the Friday night twilight harness racing program. Saturday was highlighted by the Josef Marschall Memorial (purse 6Huf million, or US$23,300, 1800 meters autostart) and victory went to 1.13.9kr timed Rapido OK (7g Ganymede-Movida OK-Indro Park) handled by trainer Josef Franzl. The German invaders bested Othellovictory (6g Diamond Way-Victory Blue-Malhana Sascha) handled by Christopher Fischer for trainer Gregor Krenmayer. Bronsvlinder (9m Castleton Bass-Jasmin Dear-Manza Buitenzorg) took third catch driven by Hugo Langeweg Jr. for trainer Tibor Hajnal. The co-featured Hungaria DIJ (purse 4Huf million, US$15,533, 2560 meters distance handicap based on age, three and four year olds) went to 1.17.8kr timed Baxter Hill (3m Muscle Hill-Bentane Hanover-Andover Hall) reined by trainer Josef Franzl. Great day in Hungary for Franzl. Urilany R was second for Veljko Mazsity and Villam Ville (3b Beissinger Hanover) took the third spot for driver/trainer Imre Fazekas. The Istvan Szegedy Memorial for open trotters was contested over 1900 meters autostart for the 1.2Huf million purse and the 1.15.4kr winner was Underpaid Hanover (8m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane) trained by Jozsef Rutkai and driven by Imre Fazekas. He rallied to lead and hold off Donato Luca (8m Donerail-High Weeds-Tagliabue) driven by Hugo Langeweg Jr. for trainer Csaba Lakatos. Local stalwart Milliondollar Lux (11m Ganymede-Dedaumpa Jet-Supergill) was third for driver/trainer Emil Csordas, the game pacesetter. Other noteworthy winners on the card were Henrik Ibsen AT (5m Worship) for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal timed in 1.16.6kr over 1800 meters autostart in the 600,000Huf purse Laszlo Fekete Memorial. Urania RG and Rocket Boy were next across the line. Earlier, two year olds contested the 1800 meter autostart Nyerfetlem Ketevesek and the 1.20.6kr timed winner was Zenit Charme (2m Offenbach Bigi-Jolly Beauty-Jolly Guardian) for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. Zseda (2f Frullino Jet) and Zseneroz (2f SJs Photo) were second and third. The program also included the second leg of the Budapest-NY Amateur Challenge. This day Sunny (6g Oncoming Hush-Vivian King-Crowning Point) scored timed in 1.19.4kr over the 1900 meter autostart course for Andrea Fazekas. Ms. Fazekas won an amateur event at Pompano Park last year. Ors (9m Pickaflick) was a rallying second for Andras Gaspar ahead of Primusz (8g Rajon Jet) driven by New York’s Paul Minore. Minore won the initial challenge leg Friday evening, driving Sholty Geri (6f Sholty Boko) to defeat Oklahoma Font, Andrea Nagyvary up, and Rozsakert (7f Wall Street Banker) with Joe Faraldo. Thomas H. Hicks

After a good day on Friday, Sept 1 the American harness racing amatuers faltered somewhat to the Hungarians on Saturday. The best Hungarian amateur driver, Ms. Andrea Fazekas (Sunny) spoiled the party. Bob Davis ( Nubia) found the front ahead of Paul Minore (Primusz) and then out popped the Hungarians riding shotgun. Andrea sat chilly and second over until she needed to blast around a tiring Bob Davis. Too late for Paul to treat us to a driving double and a solid win. Andrea was first, A Gaspar (Ors)was second and Paul Minore captured the third money with Peter Kleinhans (Red Stone) fourth. The ten American starters in the two races faced a total of fourteen Hungarians. The calculation had to have a curve applied to the European system we use, making the total 77 USA to 59 Hungary. But who cares who won or lost? A great time was had by all. The Hungarians have a great race track here and super barn area about 1000 meters long with clay roofs and cupolas atop each barn. The one thousand meters of barn area are in rows of two so count 2000 meters of barn area. There is a jogging track in the woods, four main tracks, two trotting tracks and two for t-breds; one grass, one dirt with the latter also used for the greyhounds. You can't hear these horses going over this piece of dirt and shows that only competitive races count, not speed and creature comforts, which are so important if just made available. In Italy it was a disco and free food that created the renaissance. Here there is a big crowd of young and old, children of all ages, picnic benches and food trucks to feed an army. Also some adult beverages. Giving people what makes them happy is important. The big race of the day(Saturday) was the Marshall Jozsef Emlekverseny for 6,000,000 Hungarian Fortins; nearly $ 24,000 US. That race was won by Rapido OK driven by Germany's Josef Franzl . The evening ended with presentations and the US extending an invite (for 2018 or 2019) to our Hungarian friends, through club Rep Tomas Keleman. The invite will be for four drivers, club reps and guests. All in all, we were treated like royalty and we look forward to return the amenities when we host our Hungarian friends in the near future. by Joe Faraldo with John Manzi  

After waiting on Greyhound and T- bred races the main harness racing event on the card at this 1200 meter sand track pitted Paul Minore (Sholty Geri ) against the Hungarian perennial champ Andrea Nagyvary steering the heavy favorite.(Oaklahoma Font). However, things turned out to favor Paul when Ferenc Leanyfalvi (Prodigy Gasti) decided to fight it out on the front end. And one couldn't take issue with Ferenc whose steed had not been worse than second on the card.   On this day we raced the wrong way, something not only the drivers had to compensate for but so did the horses. Perhaps racing the wrong way helped the US driving team as did the deepness along the rail.. After observing the dueling up front and steering around some traffic Paul tipped off the last turn and when he popped the ear plugs there was no doubt about what the outcome was sure to be. Joe Faraldo with Rozsakert, a Wall Street Banker gelding worked hard to catch the place but had to settle for third. Andrea's steed hung on the be second.   All and all a good day for team USA which started out at the famed Budapest baths where team American chilled out in over ten different pools containing assorted minerals, swam laps in an Olympic size pool and took in the steam and sauna rooms like civilized people do in Budapest.   The track has a three day food truck show and families with children and pets roamed to their hearts content while the adults feasted on various meats, fish, pastries and adult beverages. Kincsem Park has better demographics than most American track operators on non major stakes events days and the attendance proves it.   Tomorrow there will be harness races exclusively, and the competitors will race, what in North America, is the right way (counter-clockwise). It will be the final race in the two-country competition.Team American will once again will look to Paul and his mates to bring home the bacon. Fingers are crossed.   The video of the race at Kincsem Park in Budapest is included herein. by Joe Faraldo, with John Manzi

Five members of the North American Amateur Drivers Association are in Budapest, Hungary getting ready to clash with the harness racing Hungarian Amateurs in a race on Friday, (Sept. 1) and one on Saturday,(Sept. 2) The team consisting of Joe Faraldo, Alan Schwartz, Peter Kleinhans, Paul Minore and Bob Davis arrived in Budapest on Monday and are the guests of their counterparts and prior to the competition they have been treated to the wonders and history of Hungary. Below is from NAADA team leader, Joe Faraldo. "Buda, the earlier settled portion of this city established in 1245, was named after Attila the Hun's brother, and was joined with Pest a town on the other side of the beautiful Danube to become the capitol city of a Budapest. We are not in The Grand Budapest Hotel since it only exists in the movies. We landed in the Hotel Budapest safe and sound on Monday morning. Treated to a welcome dinner the first night by the Hungarian's team leader and an old friend Tamas Keleman. "Godollo castle was the first stop on Tuesday. A detailed tour was arranged and our guide whose knowledge of the castle and history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was exceptional in every detail, made the tour much more meaningful. After that we were off to The Lazar Equistrian Park which is 35 km from Budapest, in the heart of Domonyvolgy and is owned by the coach driving champions Vilmos and Zoltan Lazar. "The resort nestles among the picturesque lakes of the Godollo Hills and is home to the champion carriage horses in Europe. There are two trophy rooms and the Lazar brothers have won enough events to pack those rooms to the ceiling. The obstacle courses these men steer their four charges through against the clock demands very high talented driving skills . No wonder the horsemanship demonstrated there made us feel just a bit inferior as these pros, schooled, no doubt by the brothers, teamed four at high speeds while perched standing atop two in the second row. At other times riders performed fetes with horses that must have taken years to perfect. Just getting them used to the crack of bull whips above their heads, to sitting them down on their bottoms was amazing. "The Park also has an excellent restaurant and from there a trip to the "Las Vegas" casino, a stop at the Buda Palace and a nitecap at the Gresham Palace topped off the eve of the all important draw for the Friday and Saturday's races in the Hungarian American Friendship competition. "In Hungary there are only 500 trotters in the entire country but their industry is hard at work with features surrounding the races. Food trucks, entertainment for kids and adults and beer, plenty of beer. by Joe Faraldo with John Manzi

August 26, 2017 - Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) took today’s 600,000Huf purse Diamond River DIJ at Kincsem Park, raced over 1900 meters autostart, by the weekly open class trotters. Co-owner Gyorgy Horvath teamed the winner for co-owner Pimri and trainer Imre Fazekas. She returned after a two month layoff to record her sixth 2017 victory in nine starts, plus twice second. Race time was 1.17.8kr for the comfortable winning Sultana Jet. Samuel Becket AT (6m Diablo Va Bene-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) was second for Andor Angyal. Next weekend is the Food Truck Show Festival (September 1-3) and the USA-HU Amateur Drivers Challenge with raced Friday evening and Saturday. Earlier this week the Kincsem+ big ticket wagering superbet, available at 4500 locations, was won for a record 25.7Huf million. Thomas H. Hicks

For the second time in as many months members of the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA) will be traveling to Europe to again compete in an International Friendship Competition this time against their harness racing counterparts from Hungary. Races are slated at Kincsem Park in Budapest in early September. "It's been over 25 years since NAADA has competed in Hungary, which by the way, was the site of the World Cup of Amateur Racing last year," noted NAADA president, Joe Faraldo. "In those races Hannah Miller was the overall point leader until the final day of competition when the Italian amateur finished just one point better than her total. Still, a second place finish among the 12 participating countries was the best showing ever by an American in the prestigious World Cup of Amateur Racing." Although the upcoming races in Budapest can't be compared to the World Cup events still the participants are excited about the competition. Those competing for team USA will be Alan Schwartz (586 career wins), Peter Kleinhans ( 54 wins) Bob Davis (30 wins) and Paul Minore (89 wins) along with team leader, Joe Faraldo (143 wins), who won three races abroad-- including one at Vincennes in Paris-- when the Americans recently competed on European soil in both France and Italy. But the Hungarians will be no pushover. Among their drivers is Andrea Fazekas, one of the top amateurs in Hungary, and for that matter, in all of Europe. (she is pictured here driving her father's Ollyan Nincs winning a Free For All trot at Kincsem Park) Supplying support for Ms. Fazekas in the upcoming Friendship Competition will probably be Andrea Naqyvari, Tamas Bencze, Viktoria Kelemen, Sandor Hegedus, and Tamas Tanczer According to Budapest Trotting Association president Karog Kotun, they have a wonderful facility at Kincsem Park where there are three tracks; one at 1200 meters for the harness races, along with a dirt and turf course for the thoroughbreds. Karoj and his team also have a fine website as does their racetrack Kincsem Park: Action and/or further news can be followed on the following webites by John Manzi for NAADA

August 19, 2017 - Ubu Kiraly (4m Vioxx SR-Helikon-Awesome Goal) won the first heat of the Istvan Sent DIJ (total purse 2,000,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap for three and four year olds) for Lajos Martin, harness racing trainer/driver for Amma i. timed in 1.18.5kr, as he won on disqualification of Villam Ville for that one being rough gaited in the late going. The placed winner overcame a 40 meter penalty. Urania RG (3m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) was placed second for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal. Villeneuve (3m Pilgrims Taj-Brisco Emma-Brisco Roberto) was placed third for trainer/driver Laszlo Kolozsi. The top point winners of the two heats earned their purse checks. Heat number two saw Ubu Kiraly end fourth, behind winner Vital RG (3m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) timed in 1.19kr for Tibor Hajnal, the trainer/driver. Villeneuve and 40 meters handicapped Urania RG were second and third in this effort. Ubu Kiraly was the overall point winner and he earned the trophy and first purse money of one million Huf. Early in the program two year olds contested the Janos Szalay Memorial (purse 1,100,000 Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.20.6kr timed winner was Zeal di Cirifalco (2m Igor Font-Inviata d’Italia-Varenne) scoring his first win off a qualifier for Valjko Mazsity, the trainer/driver. Zenit Charme (2m Offenbach Bigi-Jolly Beauty-Valley Guardian) was second for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas ahead of Veritable Yankee (2m Yankee Mustang-Vega Zilelor-Komediart) for Csaba Lakatos. Among the weekly upper class event winners this Saturday afternoon were Unika Vik (4f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) in the Nardus DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) timed in 1.16.3kr for Andras Gaspar, driving for trainer Balazs Juhasz. The Laszlo Koszegi-Kovacs Memorial (purse 600,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to Salihamidzic (6m Wall Street Banker-Helikon-Awesome Goal), a half-brother to Ubu Kiraly, driven by Viktoria Nemeth for trainer Lajos Marton. Thomas H. Hicks  

July 29, 2017 - Veteran Oldtimer Diamant (7g Arc de Triomphe-Primadonnas Lady-Titan Way) took Saturday’s Kincsem Park harness racing featured Super Hanover DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart, 10 starters) timed in 1.16.8kr and driven by his trainer Emil Csordas. Bimbo de Chenu (6f Scipion du Goutier-Ovive de Chenu-Casino des Sports) took second for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal, ahead of Editor Rapida (6g Exploit Caf-Sierra Rapida-Express Ride) reined by trainer Sandor Varga. On the undercard was the Merengo DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart, 11 starters) with the red-hot Insa (4f Alesi OM-Ines-Surry Lobell) scoring again for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. Asterix Evo (5m Broadway Hall-Rompaway Quincy-Tabor Lobell) earned the place spot for Csaba Lakatos and trainer Laszlo Toth. Third went to Euklid AT (4m Even Better Odds-Echalote-Credit Winner) for trainer/driver Hajnal. Thomas H. Hicks

July 22, 2017 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park co-featured Gral-Lovag DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart, 13 starters) went to Insa (5f Alesi OM-Ines-Scurry Lobell) for harness racing trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. This one recorded her second victory in 17 starts. Saron (6g Huxtable Hornline-Malesana Jet-Bourbon) driven by Andr Angual for trainer Tibor Hajnal. Third was Henrik Ibsen AT (5m Worship-Her Own Child-Imposant Sund) reined by trainer Hajnal. Race time was 1.20.1kr.  The Nemecsek DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) was the co-headliner and Unreal Boss (4f Maximus Lindy-Light Lady-Baltic Bet) took the headlined timed in 1.17.2kr for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity. Urania RG (4f Racino-Sweet Pine-Pine Chip) was home second for Balazs Juhasz. Third was Une Dame (4f Vioxx SR-Ilonyos-Supergill). On the undercard were two 400,000Huf purse events, each raced over 1800 meters autostart. Uzsok (4f Maximus Lindy-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) won the first timed in 1.18.6kr for trainer/driver Balazs Juhasz. The other race went to 1.19.5kr timed Unique (4f Ata Star L-Bessie-Timberland) for trainer/driver Branislav Mukity. The dam Bessie was a top open class performer in her racing career. Thomas H. Hicks

July 15, 2017 - Today’s trotting action resumed after a brief post-Derby break and the featured Andaj DIJ (600,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart) went to 1.17.7kr timed Rocket Boy (7g Wall Street Banker-Elegant Lady-Mill H) for trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. This one scored for the first time in 2017 and now has 20 career wins in 74 outings. Trencsen (5m Ata Star L-Eperjes-Witsends Speedy) finished second for Vereb Zsolt, ahead of Orinoco (9f PS Dimo-Uxor-Witsends Speedy) reinmed by Arpad Lakatos. On the undercard was the Bizalmas DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart), with the 1.17.6kr score going to Traffic Lux (5g Self Possessed-Buena di Jesolo-Supergill) driven by Milan Kovacevic for trainer Goran Zolnaji. This winner recorded his fourth 2017 victory in only five starts. Unika Vik (4f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) was second driven by Balazs Juhasz, and third went to Timoko RL (4m Doctor Sugar RL-Triestina-Golden Goal) and trainer/driver Imre Fazekas. Thomas H. Hicks  

June 24, 2017 - Today’s Kincsem Park top harness racing event was the Imike DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) with that victory going to Szacharin (6f Vanito-Inzulin-Valley Guardian) in rein to trainer Istvan Papp and timed in 1.17.5kr. Orinoco (9f PS Dimo-Uxor-Witsends Speedy) took second with Arpad Lakatos up, and third was Ordog Hegeduse (9g Medic Hanover-Dallam-Magnas) driven by his trainer, Ferenc Magy II. The secondary feature race was the Kador DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart). That upper class trot went to the 1.16.3kr timed Asterix Evo (5m Broadway Hall-Rompaway Quincy-Tabor Lobell) with Csaba Lakatos driving for trainer Laszlo Toth. That team held gamely to the line for the victory, over an equally determined Traffic Lux (5g Self Possessed-Buena di Jesolo-Supergill) and driver Milan Jokacevic and trainer Goran Zolnaji. Third went to Ivan Pavlov AT (4m Tony Oaks-Impromptu Hall-Like A Prayer) handled by Andoir Angyal for trainer Tibor Hajnal. Thomas H. Hicks

June 10, 2017 - Saturday was a special trotting raceday at Kincsem Park with two classic events. The Nemzeti DIJ (purse 2Huf million, 1960 meters distance handicapped) went to 1.18.8kr timed Villam Ville (3g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) driven by trainer Imre Fazekas for owner Pimri i. Walking John M (3m Cigar Dan-Dream Broline-Ald Palema) was second for Istvan Papp, also trainer, and third was the 40 meter age penalized Urilany R (4f Maximus Lindy-Elegant Lady-Mill H) piloted by trainer Veljko Maszity. The co-feature was the Dr. Jozsef Versekloy Memorial (purse 2Huf million, 1800 meters autostart, seven starters, two heats and raceoff). The opening heat went to 1.16.9kr timed Time To Say Goodbye (5m Maximus Lindy-Jungfrau-Valley Guardian) driven by Lajos Marton. Speedy Boy (6g Wall Street Banker-Vas Lady-Endless Sands) was second for trainer/driver Veljko Masity. Third was Rocket Boy (7g Wall Street Banker-Ekegany Lady-Mill H) reined by trainer Imre Fazekas. The top two were reversed in the second heat as Speedy Boy scored in 1.17.8kr ahead of Time To Say Goodbye and Rocket Boy. In the raceoff it was a tactical affair as Time To Say Goodbye jogged on the lead for the first 1200 meters until Speedy Boy made a bold backstetch bid, a bit early perhaps. After a head-to-head battle around the final bend Time To Say Goodbye pulled away for a two length win and the trophy, pictured below. The undercard saw some good action too. The Kekszakall DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) went to 1.18.7kr timed Euklid AT (4m Even Better Odds-Echalote-Credit Winner) for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal. Rafael Bit and Urban Legend were the next two home. The Butterfly DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) resulted in victory for 1.17.8kr timed Spartakus Ans (6g Cantab Hall-Valganna OK-Lemon Dra) teamed by Csaba Lakatos for trainer Laszlo Toth. It was the winners’ fourth straight success. Timoteo and Donato Luis finished second and third. Driver Gyorgy Horvath scored another win, this time with the Imre Fazekas trained Sunny (6g Oncoming Hush-Vivian King-Crowning Point) in the Tokay Handicap over 2400 meters autostart. The sire Oncoming Hush, a winner of US$101,000, is a Sierra Kosmos half-brother to Hellava Hush, a former Nat Ray winner of over US$1.1 million. They are out of the mare Kindava Hush (Arndon-Quiet Elegance-Speedy Crown-Namarra), she a producer of 15 foals and winner of US$224,000 including the Lexington Filly and Johnston Memorial. One could say it’s a “Hellava” family. Thomas H. Hicks

May 13, 2017 - Today’s Kincsem Park feature was the Norina 189 (purse 600,000Huf, 2400 meters autostart, 12 starters) with rallying victory to Uzsorasno (4f Maximus Lindy-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy), shown below. Trainer Balazs Juhasz did the teaming for owner Radihazi i. (breeder Kabela Menes Kft.). Pacesetter Sultana Jet (6f Igor Font-Art Deco-Diamond Way) held gamely for second driven by Gyorgy Horvath for trainer Imre Fazekas. Third was Samuel Becket AT (5m Diablo Va Bene-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) for driver/trainer Tibor Hajnal. ' Race time was 1.18.3kr.  The undercard was led by the Tatai DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and Celsius Evo (3m Pilgrims Taj-Daniellsine-Donerail) was victorious, by open lengths, clocked in 1.17.1kr, Viktoria Nemeth was the pilot for trainer Lajos Marton of this promising colt (pictured below). Finishing second was Urania RG (4f Racino-Sweet Pine-Pine Chip) for Balazs Juhasz, also trainer. Unika Vik (4f Cantab Hall-Nashville OM-Uronometro) landed third for Andrea Fazekas and trainer Juhasz.  Thomas H. Hicks

April 22, 2017 - Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Bukfurdi Sorbaratok (purse 600,000HUf, 1800 meters autostart) went to 1.17.7kr timed Rafael Bit (7g Prime Prospect-Becky Ami-Keyser Lobell) with Vereb Zsolt aboard for harness racing trainer Laszlo Toth. Orinoco (9f PS Dimo-Uxor-Witsends Speedy) took second for Arpad Lakatos and trainer Zoltan Horvath, ahead of Oldtimer Diamant (7g Arc de Triomphe-Primadonnas Lady-Titan Way) reined by Emil Csordas. On the KP undercard was the Soldo DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 1.17.7kr clocked winner was Unreal Boss (4f Maximus Lindy-Light Lady-Baltix Bet) reined by trainer Veljko Mazsity for owner Hico Versenyistallo. Uptown Boy M (4m Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey-Malhana Sascha) took second for Csaba Lakatos and trainer Laszlo Toth, ahead of Topaz Lady (5f Ata Star L-Golden Lady-Endless Sands) with trainer Tibor Hajnal driving. Thomas H. Hicks

April 15, 2017 - Veteran Milliondollar Lux (11m Ganymede-Dadaumpa Jet-Supergill), pictured, won today’s harness racing featured Pulay Kornel Memorial (purse 1,500,000Huf (US300,000), 1900 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park timed in 1.16.2kr for trainer/driver Emil Csordas, the second 2017 win in three starts for the winner, that now has 37,589,860Huf earned. Milliondollar Lux emerged from heavy raffic in mid-stretch, escaping between horses to post the win. Spartakus Ans (6g Cantab Hall-Valganna OK-Lemon Dra) was second for Laszlo Kolozsi driving for trainer Laszlo Toth. Third was Austrian invader Breve des Baux (6f Querido des Baux-Milady des Baux-Classic Rodney) reined by Jose Sagaz for trainer Aron Denes. The undercard included the Platter Chatter DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) with that victory earned by the 1.16.5kr timed Piera del Bar (8f Abano As-Exile Bar-Muscles Yankee) driven, trained and owned by Zoltan Ozvar from Serbia. Sammi Ms (6g Chirone Dei-Sparkle N Shine-SJ’s Photo) took second for driver/trainer/owner Marko Slavic from Slovenia. Masterpiece (11m Tony Oaks-Fairplay-Witsends Speedy) took third for trainer/driver Lajos Marton, from Hungary. Early on the card was the Cenzor DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 190 meters distance handicap) with that victory to Urlany R (4f Maximus Lindy-Elegant Lady-Mill H) timed in 1.20.5kr for driver/trainer Veljko Mazsity. Second was Celsius Evo (3m Pilgrims Taj-Daniellesine-Donerail) trained by Lajos Marton and reined this afternoon by Viktoria Nemeth. Third went to the 20 meter handicapped Under World (4m Racinio-Zaba-Yankee Class) driven by trainer Emil Csordas. Thomas H. Hicks  

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