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The Ohio Standardbred Development Fund would like to remind all horsemen that the deadline to nominate 2- and 3-year-olds to the 2020 Ohio Sires Stakes is March 16, 2020. Horsemen wishing to nominate their youngsters to Ohio's richest program for state-breds must fill out a nomination form and include a payment of $500 per horse. It is advisable to witness the post office employee hand stamp your envelope to ensure it is postmarked by March 16, 2020 at the latest. For a foal to be eligible to the rich Ohio Sires Stakes, it must be sired by a stallion registered with the Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC) and standing in the state of Ohio during the year of conception. The Ohio Sires Stakes for 2- and 3-year-olds includes four series legs with purses of $40,000 to $60,000 each and eight $300,000 divisional Championships, to be raced on September 5, 2020 at Scioto Downs. As well, eight $75,000 Consolations for 2- and 3-year-olds will be contested on Oct. 17 at Northfield Park. For a list of Ohio eligible stallions, nomination forms and the 2020 Ohio Sires Stakes schedule, go to or contact OSDF Administrator Kimberly Rinker at 614-779-0269 or at for further information. by Kimberly Rinker, OSDF Administrator

The Ohio Standardbred Development Fund (OSDF) will hold a meeting in the north end of the Scioto Downs Clubhouse on January 16, 2020 at 10:00 am to discuss the OSDF administrator’s 2020 budget. If you have any questions, please direct them to William Crawford, Ohio State Racing Commission Executive Director at 614-466-2758 or a ***************************************** The Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC) will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 10:30 am in Room 1948 of the Riffe Center, 77 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. The OSRC monthly meeting was originally scheduled for January 22, 2020 at 10 am. The meeting is open to the public and all horsemen are encouraged to attend. For any questions or concerns, please contact OSRC Executive Director William Crawford at 614-466-2758 or at by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Sires Stakes OSDF Administrator  

Progeny of Ohio-based stallions who participated in the 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes earned a total of $7,100,000 in purses. Stallions must be registered with the Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC) during the year of conception for their foals to be eligible to Ohio Standardbred Development Fund (OSDF) events such as the Ohio Sires Stakes (OSS), Ohio Breeders Championship (OBC) and Ohio Fair Stakes (OFS), among others. Twenty-eight pacing stallions were represented by youngsters and older horses in this past season's OSS contests who earned a total of $3,450,000, with ten of those laterally gaited studs siring the winners of $103,000 or more. Pet Rock was the leading sire among those 28, with his OSS performers earning $612,800. Yankee Cruiser was the next most prolific stallion, with $542,850 in foal earnings, while Mcardle sired the winners of $457,650 in 2019 OSS races. The ill-fated Dragon Again saw his foals earn $391,400, while Nob Hill High had foal earnings of $252,800; Big Bad John $244,150; and Mr. Apples, $200,000. Eight pacing stallions standing in Ohio sired foals who earned between $15,500 and $79,500 in 2019 OSS events, while four had starters who earned between $3,750 and $6,000. Pet Rock, who stands at Midland Acres in Bloomingburg, OH, had 19 foals represented among the 2- and 3-year-olds in OSS contests, with 12 freshmen and seven sophomores. Dragon Again had 17 (eight freshmen & nine sophomores); Big Bad John had 16 (13 freshmen & three sophomores); and McArdle had 11 foals (five freshmen & six sophomores). Yankee Glide had nine (five freshmen & four sophomores) and Western Vintage had nine (three freshmen & six sophomores). A total of 29 trotting sires were represented by foals who participated in the 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes, with 22 of those stallions producing foals who garnered $3,650,000 in OSS earnings. Uncle Peter's foals grabbed the top spot among all trotting stallions, earning $1,014,550. Just half a million dollars behind in second was Triumphant Caviar, whose foals earned $554,800 in OSS races, while Manofmanymissions' foals earned $451,000. Cash Hall-who sadly passed away in 2019-produced the winners of $388,400 in OSS events, with the exported Wishing Stone's foals earning $298,700, while Dejamrbro sired the winners of $241,200 in OSS races in 2019. Break The Bank K's foals earned $179,950; Broadway Hall's foals earned $153,900; and Dontyouforgetit's foals earned $140,950 in 2019 OSS contests. Six stallions had progeny that earned between $10,000 and $69,200, while seven stallions had foals who earned between $2,000 and $9,600. A total of seven stallions had OSS starters who did not earn a purse check. The stallion Uncle Peter, who stands at Hickory Lane Farm in Findlay, OH, had 40 foals participating in this season's Ohio Sires Stakes: 13 freshman colts and 13 freshman fillies, with seven 3-year-old colts and seven 3-year-old fillies. Triumphant Caviar, who stands at Abby Stables in Sugarcreek, OH, had 16 OSS contestants including six freshmen colts and six freshmen fillies, and four 3-year-old fillies. The exported Manofmanymissions was represented by 15 foals in OSS competition: four 2-year-old colts; three 2-year-old fillies; six 3-year-old trotting colts and two 3-year-old trotting fillies. Wishing Stone and Dejarmbro-both of whom have been exported either to Europe (Wishing Stone) or to Illinois (Dejarmbro) were represented by 11 foals each in 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes competition. As well, Break The Bank K, who stands at Hagemeyer Farms in Clarksville, OH, produced 10 foals who participated in the 2019 OSS season. Overall, 16 horses earned $100,000 or more in OSS competition in 2019: eight pacers and eight trotters. Yankee Cruiser, who stands at Midland Acres in Bloomingburg, OH, produced two top pacing geldings that earned $361,000 in OSS this year. Elver Hanover, who captured the $300,000 OSS 2-Year-Old Championship at Northfield Park earned $230,000, while the 3-year-old Yankee Boots banked $131,000 in OSS earnings. Uncle Peter produced a pair of 2-year-old trotters who earned a combined $297,800: the colt Action Uncle ($174,800) and the gelding Big Box Hanover ($123,000). Triumphant Caviar had a pair of 2-year-old trotting foals whose earnings totaled $296,000: the filly Kikimora ($190,000) and the gelding Exhibit Class ($106,000). As well, the aforementioned trotting sire Manofmanymissions produced two youngsters who combined earned $236,700 in OSS competition: the 2-year-old filly Globetrotting ($128,200) and the 3-year-old filly Weslynn Quest ($108,500). by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Sires Stakes  

The Ohio State Racing Commission approved both the Standardbred and Thoroughbred 2020 stakes schedules at its Dec. 18, 2019 meeting at the Riffe Center, 77 S. High St., Columbus, OH. The 2020 approved Standardbred (Ohio Sires Stakes) schedule is below: Date Day Track Age/Gender/Gait/Leg May 1 Friday Miami Valley 3-Year-Old Filly Trot & 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 1 May 3 Sunday Miami Valley 3-Year-Old Colt Trot & 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, Leg 1 June 6 Saturday Northfield Park 3-Year-Old Colt Pace & 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 2 June 13 Saturday Scioto Downs 3-Year-Old Colt Trot, Leg 2 June 19 Friday Scioto Downs 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 2 July 3 Friday Northfield Park 2-Year-Old Colt Trot & 2-year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 1 July 4 Saturday Scioto Downs 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 3 July 10 Friday Northfield Park 3-Year-Old Colt Trot & 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 3 July 11 Saturday Scioto Downs 2-Year-Old Colt Pace & 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 1 July 17 Friday Scioto Downs 2-Year-Old Colt Trot & 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 2 July 18 Saturday Scioto Downs 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, Leg 3 July 24 Friday Scioto Downs 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 2 July 25 Saturday Northfield Park 2-Year-Old Colt Pace, Leg 2 Aug 7 Friday Northfield Park 2-Year-Old Filly Trot & 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 3 Aug 8 Saturday Scioto Downs 2-year-Old Colt Pace, Leg 3 Aug 10 Monday Northfield Park 2-Year-Old Colt Trot, Leg 3 Aug 14 Friday Scioto Downs 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 4 Aug 15 Saturday Northfield Park 3-Year-Old Colt Trot & 3-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 4 Aug 17 Monday Northfield Park 2-Year-Old Colt Pace & 2-Year-Old Filly Pace, Leg 4 Aug 21 Friday Scioto Downs 2-Year-Old Colt Trot & 2-Year-Old Filly Trot, Leg 4 Aug 22 Saturday Northfield Park 3-Year-Old Colt Pace, Leg 4 Sept 5 Saturday Scioto Downs 2- & 3-Year-Olds Super Night $300,000 Championships Oct 16 Friday Dayton Raceway 4-Year-Olds & Up $85,000 Championships Oct 17 Saturday Northfield Park 2- & 3-Year-Olds $75,000 Consolations These 2020 schedules can be found at the OSRC website at For information on the Standardbred (Ohio Sires Stakes) schedule, contact Kimberly Rinker at 614-779-0269 or at For information on the Thoroughbred (Best of Ohio Series) schedule, contact Greg Veit at 614-779-0268 or at By Kimberly Rinker, OSDF Administrator  

The Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC) reminds Ohio harness racing horsemen that the new therapeutic medication resolution for regulatory thresholds takes effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The resolution and OSRC regulatory thresholds list can be found at the OSRC website ( under Licenses, Laws & Rules. OSRC Commissioner Beth Hansen, chair of the OSRC Medication Committee (OSRC-MC), presented the resolution at the Sept. 23, 2019 OSCR Meeting where it was unanimously approved. For questions, please contact William Crawford, OSRC Executive Director at 614-466-2758 or at OHIO STATE RACING COMMISSION RESOLUTION 2019-07 WHEREAS, The Ohio State Racing Commission ("Commission") has the authority under Ohio Revised Code 3769.03 to prescribe rules and conditions under which horse racing may be conducted; WHEREAS, Ohio Administrative Code sections 3769-8-01 (A)(2) and 3769-18- 01 (A)(2) state the Commission may, by order, establish a system of classification of prohibited foreign substances, to include methods of detection and/or regulatory thresholds recommended penalties and disciplinary measures for the presence of said substances in test samples; WHEREAS, Ohio Administrative Code sections 3769-8-01 (A)(2) and 3769-18- 01 (A)(2) further state in determining the substances to be classified the Commission shall give due consideration to the uniform classification guidelines of foreign substances and recommended penalties and model rules revised by the association of racing commissioners international; WHEREAS, The Commission has established a medication committee which has reviewed industry therapeutic medication thresholds and the Commission's current list of Regulatory Thresholds for Prohibited Substances; WHEREAS, The medication committee received industry input regarding the misuse and/or abuse of these therapeutic medications and the detrimental effect on the equine athlete and to all of horse racing; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDERED, by the Commission that the following substances are approved as the Commission's Regulatory Thresholds for Prohibited Substances: Substance Threshold Matrix Acepromazine HEPS 10 ng/ml urine Albuterol 1 ng/ml urine Betamethasone 10 pg/ml blood Butorphanol 10 ng/ml urine   .   Cetirizine 6 ng/ml blood Cimetidine 400 ng/ml Blood     Clenbuterol   Dantrolene 25 pg/ml   5-OH dantrolene blood   blood   0.1 ng/ml   Detomidine 1 ng/ml blood Dexamethasone 5 pg/ml blood Diclofenac 5 ng/ml blood DMSO 10 ug/ml blood Firocoxib 20 ng/ml blood Flunixin 20 ng/ml blood Furosemide 100 ng/ml blood Glycopyrrolate 3 pg/ml blood Guaifenesin 12 ng/ml blood Isoflupredone 100 pg/ml blood Isoxuprine 1 ug/ml urine Ketoprofen 2 ng/ml blood Lidocaine 20 pg/ml of total 3-OH Lidocaine blood Mepivacaine 10 ng/ml of 3-OH Mepivacaine    urine Limit of Detection urine   blood Methocarbamol 1 ug/ml urine Methylprednisolone 100 pg/ml blood Omeprazole 10 ng/ml blood Omeprazole Sulfide   Phenylbutazone 2 ug/ml blood Prednisolone 1 ng/ml blood Procaine Penicillin 25 ng/ml blood Ranitidine 40 ng/ml blood Triamcinolone Acetonide 100 pg/ml blood Xylazine 200 pg/ml blood     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDERED, by the Commission that the following substances are removed from the Commission's Regulatory Thresholds for Prohibited Substances and are now prohibited substances: Substance Threshold Matrix Pentazocine 50 ng/ml urine Promazine 50 ng/ml urine 3-OH promazine Pyrilamine 100 pg/ml blood O-desmethylpyrilamine Stanozolol 1 ng/ml urine 16 B-hydroxystanozolol   NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDERED, by the Commission that the effective implementation date of the above Orders is January 1, 2020. Adopted: September 23, 2019 by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Sires Stakes  

Columbus, OH — The powerful one-two punch of trainer Ron Burke and driver Chris Page captured both Kaltenbach titles in 2019. The Jerry Kaltenbach Memorial trophies were established in 1988 and are awarded annually to the driver and trainer who have earned the most dollars competing in Ohio Sires Stakes events that season. Trainer Ron Burke captured his second Kaltenbach title in 2019, sending 98 youngsters postward in the 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes legs, championships and consolations. Burke’s impressive assortment of 2- and 3-year-old pacers and trotters earned $1,121,850 from 22 wins, 10 seconds and 12 third-place finishes. Burke had captured the 2014 Kaltenbach crown with $428,750 in OSS earnings and last year was runner-up to winning trainer Brian Brown with $953,150 earned from 78 starters with 11 wins, 13 seconds and 12 thirds in OSS competition. Chris Beaver, who was third in the OSS training standings in 2018 and captured the 2017 Kaltenbach title, finished second to Burke this season, with 79 starters who earned $899,550 from 15 wins, 12 seconds and 12 thirds. Steve Carter was third with a 6-9-5 record from 24 starters who earned $422,250, while Virgil Morgan Jr. and Jason McGinnis were tied in fourth with five winners each. Morgan’s charges earned $417,700 while McGinnis’ trainees earned $310,050. Of the 117 trainers who participated in OSS events in 2019, a full 18 scored earnings of $100,000 or higher, with 11 earning $200,000 or better and five who accumulated $300,000 or more in the series. Driver Chris Page (Conrad photo) Driver Chris Page captured the Kaltenbach title for the fourth time in six years. Page piloted 23 winners, nine second-place finishers and 11 third-place finishers to $1,085,100 in OSS earnings from 94 starters. North America’s leading reinsman, Aaron Merriman and Brett Miller, who returned to Ohio in 2019 after plying his wares on the East Coast for the past decade, tied for the bridesmaid role with 14 winners each among them. Merriman edged out Miller in earnings, with the 94 horses he drove amassing $1,019,050 while Miller’s 82 steeds earned $850,750. Last year’s Kaltenbach king, Ronnie Wrenn Jr., garnered 11 triumphs and $669,800 in earnings from 89 starters, while Danny Noble ($587,050) and Tyler Smith ($481,650) notched seven winners each. Of the 54 drivers who participated in the 2019 OSS events, 47 garnered at least one purse check; 15 notched earnings of $100,000 or more; nine earned $200,000 or more; and six earned $400,000 or better. There were 19 drivers whose OSS purse checks totaled between $10,000 and $100,000, while 13 amassed $10,000 or less. In the 30 years the Kaltenbachs have been awarded, David Miller leads all drivers with seven trophies. In the training ranks, Virgil Morgan Jr., has captured the title six times. Only two horsemen have won the Kaltenbachs in both the training and driving categories — Sam “Chip” Noble III and Dave Rankin. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator

Columbus, OH - Driver Brett Miller had a spectacular Saturday night (Sept. 7) at Scioto Downs, capturing one $75,000 Ohio Sires Stakes Championship for veteran harness racing pacing mares and three $75,000 Ohio Sires Stakes Consolations. Miller, 46, a resident of Blacklick, Ohio began his four-race win streak by steering 5-1 Homer Hall to victory in the $75,000 OSS 3-Year-Old Colt Consolation. Trained and co-owned by Steve Carter along with Jay Mossbarger & Cass Gallagher, the son of Broadway Hall was clocked in 1:54.3 for Miller. Bred by Midland Acres, Homer Hall bested 3-5 rival Morally Flexible (Danny Noble) by a length with 21-1 Workinitonbroadway (Ronnie Wrenn, Jr.) nailing down third-place honors. The victory, Homer Hall's tenth of the year and 17th lifetime in 26 starts, upped his lifetime bankroll to $193,742. Next, Miller guided Patti Roth and Alan Keith's Bad Sammie to a 1:53.1 clocking in the $75,000 OSS 3-Year-Old Filly Pace Consolation. The Big Bad John lass left the gate as the 3-5 favorite, besting 3-1 Twinsburg (Danny Noble) by half a length with 16-1 Lofty Beach (Yannick Gingras) third. Mike Roth trains Bad Sammie, who was bred by Midland Acres and now has $132,740 in career earnings from just four wins in 21 starts. Miller then reined 5-2 B Like Cruiser to a 1:51.4 triumph for trainer Virgil Morgan, Jr. and owners Michael Cimaglio and William Richardson in the $75,000 OSS 3-Year-Old Colt & Gelding Pace Consolation. The homebred gelded son of Yankee Cruiser finished a neck ahead of 18-1 Rose Run Ulysses (Tim Tetrick) at the wire, with 16-1 Ohio Vintage (Aaron Merriman) another short neck back. Unraced as a freshman, B Like Cruiser now has seven wins, two seconds and one third in 13 trips postward with $110,301 in his coffers. Finally, Miller used a three-wide move in the last turn to bring 7-1 Up Front Flor Ida home first in the $75,000 Veteran Mares Pacing Championship in 1:51.3. The 4-year-old daughter of Woodstock is owned by Kevin McKinney and Virginian McKoy, and is trained by Tim McKoy. She now has career earnings of $269,890 from 15 wins, eight seconds and ten thirds in 52 lifetime starts. Using a :28.4 final brush, she easily paced to the win ahead of 50-1 Berazzled (Aaron Merriman), with 60-1 McDazzle (Ronnie Wrenn, Jr.) getting up for third. Harold Bauder's Sectionline Bigry captured the $75,000 OSS Veteran Pacing Championship for horses and geldings impressively in 1:49.2 as the 1-5 favorite. Driven by Tyler Smith for trainer Steve Bauder, this 4-year-old homebred son of Pet Rock has been a strong contender in the Ohio open and invitational ranks all season. This latest victory--his 11th of the season and 18th lifetime--upped his career earnings to $365,027. Whataboy was second at 8-1 for Danny Noble, while 90-1 Barley Up was third for Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. Driver Aaron Merriman got the evening started by piloting 6-5 Chris Beaver-trainee Delovely Hall to a 1:58.1 triumph in the $75,000 OSS 2-Year-Old Filly Trot Consolation. Renee Bercury owns the Cash Hall lass who picked up a perfect time to score her second career victory. Danny Noble had no trouble bringing 1-5 Buxton home first in 1:57.2 for owner Carter Duer and trainer Bob Stewart in the $75,000 OSS 2-Year-Old Colt Trot Consolation. The homebred Dejarmbro colt picked up his second career win in six starts and now has $60,460 in his bankroll. Trainer Brian Brown then sent out the next two OSS winners--the first being PJ's Legacy, a 1-2 daughter of Big Bad John who stopped the clock in 1:53 in the $75,000 2-Year-Old Filly Pace Consolation for driver Ryan Stahl. Brown then harnessed 6-5 Stanford Court, with Ronnie Wrenn, Jr., taking the youngster to a 1:52.4 victory in the $75,000 OSS 2-Year-Old Colt Pace Consolation. Chris Page brought Burke Racing Stable, J&T Silva-Purnell&Libby and Weaver Bruscemi's 3-1 Buckeye Starlet into the Scioto winner's circle after the Uncle Peter filly took the $75,000 OSS 3-Year-Old Filly Trot Consolation in 1:56. The win was the fourth of the year and fifth lifetime for Buckeye Starlet, who now has $95,681 in career earnings. Hambletonian winner Atlanta had to work a bit to prove her dominance as she took the $220,000 Charlie Hill Memorial Trot in front-stepping fashion for driver Yannick Gingras and trainer Ronnie Burke in 1:51.4, holding off Plunge Blue Chip (Ake Svanstedt) by a head in the final yards. The daughter of Chapter Seven recorded her 19th career victory for Crawford Farms Racing, Brad Grant and Howard Taylor. In the $440,000 Jim Ewart Memorial, McWicked, with Brian Sears in the sulky, scored a nose victory over Donttellmeagain (Tim Tetrick) in 1:49. Casie Coleman conditions the 8-year-old son of McArdle for the New York-based SSG Stables. The win was McWicked's 28th of his career and his lifetime earnings now stand at well over $4.4 million. The Ohio Sires Stakes Championships for Veteran Trotters, 4-year-olds and up, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 12 at Northfield Park, with two $75,000 divisions scheduled for both genders. Those events will wrap up the 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes season. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator

Veteran Ohio-bred harness racing pacers of both genders will line up behind the Scioto Downs starting gate on Saturday night, September 7, vying in a pair of $75,000 Ohio Sires Stakes Championship. The two Ohio Sires Stakes contests for pacers, 4-year-olds and older, complement a 16-race card featuring eight $75,000 Ohio Sires Stakes Consolations, along with the $440,000 Jim Ewart Memorial Pace and the $220,000 Charlie Hill Memorial Trot. First race post time is 6:30 pm, ET. Total purses for the night are $1,850,000, which includes three $50,000 Open events. The $75,000 OSS Veteran Championship for pacing mares is headlined by $535,519-winning Feelin Red Hot, a 2013 daughter by Feelin Friskie, out of the Red River Hanover mare Red Rapid Girl. This determined campaigner has amassed $315,04 just this season and recorded a mark of 1:50.1h as a 5-year-old at Northfield Park on May 5, 2018 in a $16,000 Filly & Mare Open. Trained by Ronnie Burke for Burke Racing and Weaver Bruscemi, Feelin Red Hot has been competing primarily at Yonkers this season and has five wins in her last six starts in the distaff open ranks at that New York venue. Bred by Mary Stonack, Michael & John Palmeri of New Jersey, Feelin Red Hot is the third foal of her dam and is a half-sister to the 4-year-old gelding Rapid It Up Art (by Art Official) p, 1:54f ($45,966). Feelin Red Hot battles eight challenging rivals, leaving from post three with Yannick Gingras at the lines in Race 11. The Buckeye State's perennial iron horse, Dancin Yankee, will be looking to keep his OSS crown intact, having captured the OSS Veteran Championship in 2018 in 1:49.3 for driver Chris Page and trainer Ronnie Burke. That same driver-trainer combo starts in this year's championship, leaving from the rail in Race 12; facing off against seven tough rivals. The son of Yankee Cruiser and the first foal out of the Cambest mare Dancewiththebest, p, 4, 1:54.4f ($40,922), also captured the OSS Veteran Championship on Oct. 24, 2015 at Dayton Raceway in 1:51.3 for driver Danny Noble. This season Dancin Yankee has plied his wares between Northfield, The Meadows and Scioto Downs, racking up a respectable nine wins in 24 starts and $139,030 in seasonal earnings. Lifetime he's amassed 78 wins, 50 seconds and 34 thirds from 241 trips postward and is only a few thousand dollars shy of having $2 million in his bank account. Bred by Kentucky horsewoman Elizabeth C. Yontz, Dancin Yankee is owned by Burke Racing, Weaver Bruscemi, Melissa Patterson & Larry Karr. He is the first foal out of his dam and is a full brother to Cruzin To the Dance p, 4, 1:53.1f ($107,572) and has half-siblings in: Dancin Rebel (by Big Bad John p, 5, 1:52.2f ($124,607); Dancin Lou (by Sweet Lou) p, 3, 1:48.3 ($105,203); Dancin Doug (by Sportswriter) p, 2, 1:52.2s ($97,524); Dancin Caroll (by Sportswriter) p, 2, Q1:55.1f ($81,646); and Dancin In the Nude (by Sportswriter) p, 3, 1:52.4s ($36,942). by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Standardbred Development Fund  

Northfield, OH — Sporadic rainfall throughout the evening didn’t put a damper on $2.4 million worth of Ohio Sires Stakes contests at Northfield Park on Sunday (Sept. 1). The highlight of the eight $300,000 finals for 2- and 3-year-old trotting and pacing colts and fillies came in the final OSS event, the 3-year-old colt pace, as 6-5 favorite Bllack Hole endured an excruciating first-over journey to triumph in 1:49.4. Owned by L&L Stables and trained by Clarence Foulk, the son of Mr Apples-Feel The Thunder was steered by Tyler Smith to his sixth straight victory this season in as many tries. Yankee Boots (Dan Noble) was second at 8-5, three-quarters of a length behind the winner, while 14-1 Cross Country (Luke Ebersole) nabbed third place honors. Bllack Hole now has $213,298 in seasonal earnings and $228,099 in his career bankroll. Trainer Ron Burke teamed up with driver Chris Page to capture two OSS finals, beginning with Looksgoodinaromper in the 2-year-old filly pace. Owned by Burke Racing Stable and Weaver Bruscemi, Looksgoodinaromper used wire-to-wire tactics to score a 1:52.4 clocking as the 1-2 favorite. Beautiful Beach was second for Aaron Merriman at 8-1 while Artful Dancer was third for Trace Tetrick at 11-1 odds. The Pet Rock lass had established a world record of 1:52.3 for 2-year-old pacing fillies on a half-mile track via her victory in a $50,000 OSS leg at Northfield on Aug. 9. Bred by Robert and Barbara Bongiorno, Looksgoodinaromper is the first foal out of the Village Connection mare Don’t Blame Her p,1:51.2s ($830,555). Her freshman earnings now stand at $241,300 from four wins, one second and a third in six starts. Burke and Page returned to the winner’s circle a few races later with 3-5 favorite Elver Hanover, a son of Yankee Cruiser-Edra Hanover who stormed to a four length 1:51.2 effort in the 2-year-old colt pace final. Owned by Burke Racing, Bridgette Jablonsky, Jason Melillo, and J&T Silva- Purnel & Libby, Elver Hanover got the best of 9-5 Ocean Rock (Dan Noble) who had led the field of eight until the head of the stretch. Mr D’s Rock (Aaron Merriman) was third at 39-1 odds. Elver Hanover is now six for six lifetime, with a career bankroll of $256,500. Driver Aaron Merriman scored the first of his two OSS final victories by piloting 3-1 Kikimora to a 1:57 triumph for trainer Chris Beaver in the 2-year-old filly trot final. The daughter of Triumphant Caviar-Nessa Rose posted her third win in seven tries for owner/breeder Sandra S. Burnett who owns the filly in partnership with her trainer. She now has $203,556 in career earnings. Even-money favorite Globetrotting was second for Anthony MacDonald with 7-2 Guinevere Hall (Peter Wrenn) third. Merriman next took the 3-year-old filly trot final with 1-9 Only Take Cash, last year’s 2-year-old winner, in 1:54.1. Owned by Robert McIntosh Stables, Dave Boyle and Mardon Stables, the daughter of Cash Hall-Armbro Affair was a front-stepping winner by three-quarters of a length over 13-1 Weslynn Quest (Tyler Smith) and 9-1 Aunt Rose (Ronnie Wrenn Jr.). Only Take Cash upped her career earnings to $570,561 with her 14th win in 17 starts. Action Uncle was a front end winner for driver Brett Miller and trainer Virgil Morgan Jr. in 1:55.1 in the 2-year-old colt trot final. The homebred Uncle Peter-Action-broadway youngster is owned by Kenneth Sommer Trust and notched his second career victory at 5-2 odds. The winner finished just under two lengths in front of 8-1 Big Box Hanover (Simon Allard) with 8-1 Exhibit Class (Ronnie Wrenn Jr.) third. Action Uncle now has $196,300 in earnings. Driver Tony Hall brought the tough Queen Of The Pride into the Northfield Park winner’s circle for owner Frank Chick in 1:51.3 in the 3-year-old filly pace final. The rangy McArdle-Lionness Hanover filly, who left the gate at 2-1 odds, was bred by Brad Wallace and bested 6-5 Giggles In Dreams (Shawn Barker II), with 82-1 Norman’s Madeline (Lewayne Miller) getting up for third. Queen Of The Pride pushed her lifetime bankroll to $660,479 with her 13th career win. Finally, 4-5 Lane Of Stone and Jeff Nisonger captured the 3-year-old colt trot final for trainer Mark Winters Sr. and owner/co-breeder Harry Horowitz. The son of Wishing Stone-Wisteria Lane was never headed throughout the one mile test, stopping the clock in 1:54.1 as he recorded career victory number 15 and added the $150,000 winner’s share to his lifetime bank account of $431,213. Voyage To Paris was second for Dan Noble at 6-1 with 37-1 longshot Yes third for Anthony MacDonald. Eight $75,000 OSS consolation races will be held Saturday (Sept. 7) at Scioto Downs, along with a pair of $75,000 veteran championships for pacers, ages 4 and up. by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Standardbred Development Fund

When Ocean Rock paced to a new world record clocking of 1:51.1 on Aug. 24 at Northfield Park in his $40,000 Ohio Sires Stake harness racing division, Lyndsay Hagemeyer had tears in her eyes. The son of Rockin Amadeus, who established a new mark for 2-year-old gelding pacers on a half-mile track, heads up a field of eight in the $300,000 Championship (Race 10) on Sept. 1 at Northfield Park.   Danny Noble trains and drives the youngster for long-time Standardbred owner Sandra Burnett of Wilmington, Ohio, from post six.  Hagemeyer, a third-year veterinarian student at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, was on the scene when Ocean Rock first entered this world at the Hagemeyer family farm in Clarksville, Ohio. This speedy youngster, the first foal out of the On The Attack mare Ocean Pearl, p, 5, 1:53.2f ($143,637) has $78,167 in career earnings coming into the Championship. “He was a ‘dummy’ foal,” Lyndsay recalled.  “He didn’t want to get up on his own and he didn’t appear responsive to his mother.  It was a normal delivery, and while we’re always on hand if a mare needs assistance, we didn’t have to intervene with his delivery.  But after he was out and getting cleaned off, we realized his situation quickly.” The term ‘dummy foal’ is a common moniker in the breeding business. The official term is “neonatal maladjustment syndrome.”  Dummy foals often appear confused, detached and unresponsive to their dams and many require 24/7 care and feeding by breeders. “The theories on what causes this condition varies,” Lyndsay stressed. “Some veterinarians think it could be a result of an overabundance of neuro-steroids in a foal’s bloodstream, which help to keep them quiet during the birthing process, or a slight lack of oxygen during delivery—nobody is really sure.  The average is about three out of every 30 foals will be dummy foals.” To assist the newborn Ocean Rock, Lyndsay, working in tandem with her parents, Scott and Cindy Hagemeyer, performed what is known as the “Madigan Foal Squeeze” procedure on the newborn. The foal is wrapped gently with soft ropes, in a kind of mini-harness, and light pressure is applied for a short period to mimic the time the foal is in the birthing canal.  “The purpose of squeezing is to pursue the foal’s brain to go from neuro-inhibition to neuro-activation,” Lyndsay explained.  “In other words, to make them wake-up from the womb.” After about 20 minutes, the ropes are removed and the foal gets up, suddenly alert and responsive and interesting in nursing. The technique is named for the University of California-Davis Veterinary Professor John Madigan, an expert in equine neonatal health. “We got him up every hour and then less frequently as he became more able to get around on his own,” Lyndsay related. “We also supplemented him with colostrum and a plasma infusion.  The main issue was making sure he got his colostrum as the mare had low levels of it.” Colostrum is fluid produced by a mare prior to her milk production and is loaded with antibodies necessary to boost a newborn foal’s immune system.  The mare produces colostrum no more than 24 hours prior to birth and is vital to a foal’s survival. It is imperative that a foal get colostrum from the mare within the first two hours of its birth to fight off infection—the main cause of death in newborn foals.  Often, breeders will supplement a foal when the mare’s colostrum levels are low, and many keep supplies of colostrum from donor mares on hand throughout the foaling season. “Sandra (owner Burnett) is a close family friend and brings her mares to us to foal out and we also wean them and breed them back for her,” Lyndsay said. “She’s the type of owner who does right by her horses.  She never sells a filly and has a ton of horses at her home. “There are days in the breeding business when you really question what you’re doing and think ‘why am I here?’” Lyndsay offered. “But then, when you see a horse like Ocean Rock go out and set a world record, you know all the hard work that it took to get him here was worth it.  It’s just so exciting to know where he came from and see where he is today.” by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Standardbred Development Fund  

Northfield, OH — Ocean Rock paced to a new harness racing world record clocking of 1:51.1 in the first of three $40,000 Ohio Sires Stakes (OSS) contests at Northfield Park Friday. The son of Rockin Amadeus established the new mark for 2-year-old gelding pacers on a half-mile track. Driven smartly by trainer Dan Noble, Ocean Rock grabbed the lead at the start of the mile test and never looked back, pacing easily through panels of :26.1, :54.1 and 1:22.2 before posting a :28.4 final panel to prevail by 5-1/2 lengths over 8-1 Rockntheafterparty (Kyle Ater) with 7-1 Isowantapetrock (Ronnie Wrenn Jr.) nabbing third place honors. The win was the fifth in six tries for Ocean Rock who was bred and is owned by Sandra Burnett. This speedy youngster now has $78,167 in career earnings. He is the first foal out of the On The Attack mare Ocean Pearl, p, 5, 1:53.2f ($143,637). The second OSS division went to divisional leader Elver Hanover, the 8-5 choice and driver Chris Page, who was steering the youngster for trainer Ron Burke and partners B. Jacblonsky, J. Melillo and J&T Silva-Purnel-Libby. Elver Hanoer was timed in 1:53.2, completing his sweep of all four OSS legs, and placing him in the top spot in the OSS standings. The son of Yankee Cruiser-Edra Hanover and the 8-5 favorite, was slow getting into the mix initially but then pulled first over at the three-quarters before pacing home in a brisk :26.2, finishing half a length in front of 6-1 Standford Court (Wrenn Jr.). Can B Perfect (Tyler Smith) was third at 3-5 odds. Elver Hanover is now five for five lifetime and has $106,500 in his career bankroll for his connections. Finally, it was the 3-5 homebred Gray Dragon taking the third OSS division handily in 1:54 for driver Brett Miller and trainer Virgil Morgan Jr. This gray colt, by Dragon Again-Rock For Glory-Rocknroll Hanover is owned and was bred by Emerald Highlands Farm. He raced for most of the mile parked on the outside of the leading 5-2 Opportune Hanover (Chris Page) and nudged by his rival in the late going to win by three-quarters of a length. Third place went to 9-1 One Rock (Greg Grismore). This was the second career victory for Gray Dragon, who now has $66,460 in career earnings from two wins and two seconds in five starts. The following eight 2-year-old pacing colts are now eligible to participate in the $300,000 finals set for Ohio Super Night, Sept. 1, at Northfield Park. They are: Elver Hanover (204 points); Gray Dragon (137 points); Rockntheafterparty (116 points); Opportune Hanover (109 points); Ocean Rock (103 points); Can Be Perfect (90 points); Rock Smart (84 points); and Mr Ds Rock (74 points). by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Administrator

Three $40,000 divisions of Ohio Sires Stakes went postward on a steamy Tuesday at Scioto Downs, with temperatures dropping from the low 90s to the low 70s after a harsh, mid-afternoon torrential downpour. That, coupled with a gait-breaking-ridden third division contested after the rainfall, didn't stop even-money favorite It's Academic and driver Chris Page from tying the track record for 2-year-old trotting colts in 1:56.3. The Uncle Peter colt, who is the first foal out of the Muscle Hill mare Annapolis 3, 1:55 ($49,549), trotted decisively to a 1¼ length triumph after sitting chilly on the heels of eventual second-place finisher Action Uncle (Brett Miller) throughout the mile. Doubleyellowline (Dan Noble) was third. The victory was the fifth in six starts for It's Academic--who has swept all four OSS legs for trainer Ronnie Burke--sitting the colt atop the OSS standings with 204 points and $80,000 in OSS earnings, and firmly securing him a starting berth in the $300,000 Championship slated for Sept. 1 at Northfield Park. A $50,000 purchase at the 2018 Ohio Select Sale, It's Academic's career earnings stand at $83,400 for Burke Racing Stable, Bill Donovan, Joe Sbrocco and the Hatfield Stables. He was bred by Gbw Breeding Farms Inc., of Ohio. Prior to the downpour, a pair of appropriately-named trotting youngsters battled through the stretch in the second OSS contest, with Carter Duer's Buxton (5-1) and driver Danny Noble holding off 9-1 Holton (Brett Miller) by a 1¼ lengths in 1:57.1. It was the first start in OSS competition for the Bob Stewart trainee and his first lifetime victory in four starts. Herecomescharlie B, the 1-5 choice, was third for Ryan Stahl. Bred by Peninsula Farm, Buxton brought a $15,000 tag at the 2018 Ohio Select Sale, and this maiden win in his first start over an Ohio oval upped his career earnings to $22,085. He is the fourth foal out of the Andover Hall mare Love U Overandover 4, 1:55.2s ($152,960) and is a half-brother to Love Crazy Love (by Crazed) 2, Q1:57.1s ($90,808). Finally, the first OSS division saw the diminutive but mighty Exhibit Class and driver Ronnie Wrenn, Jr., take a new lifetime mark of 1:57 en route to their third OSS triumph. The son of Triumphant Caviar has won three OSS legs and was second in another, sitting him second in the standings with 179 points and $70,000 in OSS earnings, securing his eligibility for the $300,000 Championship. Exhibit Class left the gate at 3-1, besting 3-1 Jarmbalou (Brett Miller) by half a length in a near wire-to-wire effort, with 6-1 Expect The Sweep (Aaron Merriman) holding on for third. Exhibit Class now has $73,458 in career earnings from four wins and two seconds in six starts for trainer Sean Smithpeters and owner Marion Beachy. This homebred is the third and most prolific foal out of the Classic Photo mare Classic Blaze 5, 1:55.3 ($27, 185). The top eight point earners eligible the $300,000 Championship are as follows: It's Academic (204 points); Exhibit Class (179); Big Box Hanover (124); Attache' (109); Expect The Sweep (86); Doubleyellowline (80); Jarmbalou (79); and Action Uncle (65). Ohio Sires Stakes continue on Wednesday, August 21 with three $40,000 divisions for 2-year-old trotting fillies. by Kimberly Rinker, for the Ohio Standardbred Development Fund    

Can B Perfect was just that--cruising to a new Scioto Downs harness racing track record clocking of 1:51.2 in the first of three $40,000 Ohio Sires Stakes for 2-year-old pacing colts on a balmy Aug. 17 evening. The son of Big Bad John stormed home free and clear of his rivals, finishing nearly six lengths ahead of 7-2 Opportune Hanover (Chris Page) while 6-5 Stanford Court (Ronnie Wrenn, Jr.) grabbed third-place money. "Tim (trainer Lane) changed his big around and it helped," winning driver Tyler Smith admitted. "There doesn't seem to be much end to this horse and I think he has a good shot in the Championship." Can Be Perfect, a homebred owned by James Stambaugh and trainer Tim Lane, was sent off at odds of 4-5 and now has $65,525 in career earnings from three wins and two seconds in five starts. He is the 14th foal out of the Beach Towel mare Perfect Gesture p, 5, 1:52.4f ($264,434) and is a half-brother to: Dave Panlone (by The Panderosa) p, 3, 1:49.2 ($831,874); Long Live Rock (by Rocknroll Hanover) p, 8, 1:50f ($617,085); Perfect Panderosa (by The Panderosa) p, 5, 1:49.4 ($243,827); Urban Renewal (by Cam's Card Shark) p, 5, 1:51.1 ($225,206); and Sweater Vest p, 5, 1:54f ($114, 218), among others. The second OSS division went to 6-5 Ocean Rock and driver/trainer Danny Noble, who steered the son of Rockin Amadeus to a 1:52.1 clocking for owner/breeder Sandra Burnett. This homebred youngster--the first foal out of the On The Attack mare Ocean Pearl p, 5, 1:53.2f ($143,637)-- was sixth in OSS Leg Two before scoring victories in his last two outings. "I took him to a fair and made some changes on him, and that day (at Washington Court House on July 21) was the first time he felt comfortable on the track," Noble offered. "This is the first colt that has hurt me in the barn; he's a handful but I think he's one of the top three horses in this division." Ocean Rock used front-stepping tactics to finish 1½ lengths in front of 5-2 Rockntheafterparty (Kyle Ater) with 11-1 One Rock notching third-place honors for driver Brett Miller. He now has $58,167 in career earnings from four wins and one second in six starts. Last but not least, trainer Ronnie Burke harnessed Elver Hanover to a 1:53.2 triumph for Burke Racing, B. Jablonsky, J. Melillo, J&T Silva-Purnel&Libby. Steered by Chris Page, the son of Yankee Cruiser was on the front end throughout most of the mile, finishing 1½ lengths in front of 3-1 Gray Dragon (Brett Miller) with 6-1 Mr Ds Rock (Aaron Merriman) getting up for third. The win marked the bay gelding's fourth in as many lifetime starts and upped his bankroll to an impressive $86,500. Another product of the mighty Hanover Shoe Farms empire, Elver Hanover is the seventh foal out of The Panderosa mare Edra Hanover p, 2, 1:51 ($171,753). A $50,000 yearling purchase at the Ohio Select Sale, he is a half-brother to Eddard Hanover (by Dragon Again) p, 5, 1:49.3 ($508,397) and East Side Hanover (by Somebeachsomewhere) p, 3, 1:51 ($63,801), among others. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator  

Heather Vansickle's Weslynn Quest set a new harness racing track standard of 1:53.3 in her $50,000 Ohio Sires Stakes division on Friday night, August 16 at Scioto Downs. Reined by Tyler Smith for trainer Chris Beaver, the 16-1 longshot bested seven rivals in the second of two OSS events for 3-year-old trotting fillies. The daughter of Manofmanymissions had finished third, sixth and fifth in her previous OSS contests. Weslynn Quest, who was unraced as a freshman, picked up her fifth career victory in 12 starts and upped her lifetimei bankroll to $61,250 for her connections. "She's had some issues in the past and has been a little tough to manage at times," noted trainer Chris Beaver. "We switched her to an open bridle tonight and that seemed to help." Aunt Percilla, who had held off her rival until the final strides after taking command of the race just past the half, put in a game performance to be second by a neck at 4-1 for driver Danny Noble, while 7-2 Aunt Rose was third, another length back, for Ronnie Wrenn, Jr. Weslynn Quest is the second foal out of the Windsong's Legacy mare Weslynn Legacy 4, 1:56.4s ($105,006) and is a half-sister to Weslynn Dancer (by Deweycheatumnhowe 5, Q1:53.2 ($398,898). In the first OSS division Only Take Cash, the 1-5 public's choice, was an easy winner for Aaron Merriman in 1:54.2, using wire-to-wire tactics to notch her fourth win of the season and 12th lifetime victory. The daughter of Cash Hall, who is trained by Bob McIntosh for Robert McINtosh Stables, Dave Boyle and Mardon Stables of Ontario, was last season's 2-year-old champion and now has $117,250 in seasonal earnings and $389,390 in her career coffers. "She's awesome," said an impressed Merriman after the win. "She's simply push-button and there's no end to her. Last year we raced her from behind a lot and I really didn't want to give her that much air tonight and would rather have had an easier trip but that was the way things worked out. She's solid and seemed to handle it well." Only Take Cash held off second-place finisher, 5-1 Refined (Brett Miller) by 1¼ lengths, with 45-1 longshot Buckeye Starlet notching show honors for Chris Page. The bay filly by Cash Hall is the fifth foal out of the Garland Lobell mare Armbro Affair 4, 1:53.4s ($430,997) and is a half-sister to Tough Affair (by Muscle Mass) 4, 1:59.2f ($69,968); A Fair Conchnito (by In Conchnito) 4, 1:58.2f ($33,866) and Fit Bit (by Muscle Mass) 2, 2:00.3f ($22,173). With the four legs of this series now complete, the top eight point and money earners of the 3-year-old trotting fillies are: Only Take Cash (141 points, $68,500); Pure Chance (109 points, $52,500); Aunt Rose (103 points, $49,500); Refined (78 points, $37,500); Weslynn Quest (71 points, $33,500); Back Splash (65 points, $31,000); Bella's Rose Power (54 points, $25,000); and Stone In Love (50 points, $25,000). Ohio Sires Stakes continue Saturday night, August 17 at Scioto Downs with three $40,000 divisions for 2-year-old pacing colts in races two, four and six. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio State Development Fund Administrator              

Five Ohio Sires Stakes featured several harness racing track records set and tied on a cool Saturday evening, August 10 at Northfield Park. In the first of a trio of $40,000 OSS events, 1-9 favorite Lane Of Stone cruised easily to a 1:54 new track record triumph in front-stepping fashion for driver Jeff Nisonger and trainer Mark Winters, Sr., who conditions the son of Wishing Stone for owner Harry Horowitz of Brooklyn, NY. "This is the kind of trotter everyone dreams about," Nisonger told interviewer and Northfield Racing Secretary Dave Bianconi. Lane Of Stone now has $279,393 in earnings from this latest victory, having previously won OSS legs one and three. In the second OSS test, a $50,000 race for 3-year-old pacing fillies, Queen Of the Pride sped to a front-end 1:51.4 clocking for driver Tony Hall, tying the Northfield Park track record for age and gait. Kevin Lare trains the McArdle lass for Frank Chick of Harrington, DE. "Kevin (trainer Lare) had to make some equipment changes and they were just enough to smooth her out," driver Hall related. "She was strong and solid tonight--just what we want to see going into the final." Queen Of The Pride pushed her career earnings to $510,579 with this latest win, the 12th of her career. Giggles And Dreams, the 6-5 choice, captured the second $50,000 OSS contest for 3-year-old pacing fillies for driver Shawn Barker II and trainers/owners Don and Mike Yeazel. "I named this filly after my son," Mike stated. "He used to dream and would giggle in his sleep." "I've waiting for 45 years to have a horse like this," Don added. Giggles And Dream grabbed the lead from the start and never looked back, pacing to a 1:51.2 triumph. The daughter of Nob Hill High upped her lifetime earnings to $168,695 with this, her seventh lifetime victory in 24 starts. Dylan The Great, with Chris Page at the lines, captured the second $40,000 OSS for 3-year-old trotting colts, coming from off the pace to nail the victory for trainer Ronnie Burke and owners Burke Racing, L. Karr, J&TSilva-Purnel&Libby and Weaver Bruscemi. This gelded son by Break The Bank K stayed off the pace until the late going before drawing off by six lengths in 1:53.2. Serenity Cruise picked up the victory in the third OSS contest for 3-year-old trotting colts, stopping the timer in 1:54.2 with Tyler Smith in the sulky. The Uncle Peter gelding is trained and co-owned by Brent Davis along with the Hatfield Stables and Roy Davis, and sat behind the pace-setting Yes until late stretch before pulling and besting his rival by 2¼ lengths. Unraced at two, Serenity Cruise now has $68,000 earned this season from five wins in 11 starts. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator  

Burke Racing Stable and Weaver Bruscemi's Looksgoodinaromper established a new harness racing world record of 1:52.3 for 2-year-old pacing fillies on a half-mile track via her victory in one of two $50,000 Ohio Sires Stakes at Northfield Park on Friday night, Aug. 9. Piloted by Chris Page for trainer Ronnie Burke, the freshman daughter of Pet Rock simply cruised in wire-to-wire fashion through panels of :27.1, :56.3 and 1:24.2 en route to her second career victory in four lifetime starts, upping her earnings to $66,300. Sent off at odds of 1-2, Lookslgoodinaromper was 8¼ lengths in front of 35-1 longshot Sara Jane (Ronnie Wrenn, Jr.) at the wire, while 14-1 PJ's Legacy (Kayne Kauffman) got up for third. Bred by Robert and Barbara Bongiorno, Looksgoodinaromper's record eclipsed the old mark set by Riley Roo of 1:53.2 in a 2018 Ohio Sires Stakes event. This speedy bay filly had finished third in OSS Leg One on July 3 at Northfield and second by a nose to Artful Dancer on July 19 at Scioto Downs, clocked in 1:52.2. Looksgoodinaromper is the first foal out of the Village Connection mare Don't Blame Her p, 10, 1:51.2s ($830,555). McMarkle Sparkle did not disappoint her connections, capturing the other OSS contested for 2-year-old pacing fillies handily in 1:53.3 for driver Brett Miller and trainer Jim Arledge, Jr. The McArdle lass, who now has $68,050 for owners Laura and Paul Baker of Galloway, Ohio, also used gate-to-wire tactics to nab her second OSS contest. This sturdy-build homebred had captured Leg One on July 5 at Northfield in 1:54.3 before finishing second in Leg Two on July 19 at Scioto Downs, timed in 1:53. McMarkle Sparkle, the even-money favorite, finished a full 7½ lengths ahead of 4-1 Rockmatic (Tony Hall) with 15-1 Shesrockingwichita (Ronnie Wrenn, Jr.) nabbing third-place honors. McMarkle Sparkle is the seventh foal out of the Towner's Big Guy broodmare T's Ladies Nite p, 3, 1:51s ($56,535) and is a half-sister to Alwaysagoodthing p, 4, 1:52.3f ($98,525) and It's a Deal p, 4, 1:57.2h ($21,429)--both by Metropolitan. Trainer Ronnie Burke also harnessed It's Academic to win the first of three $40,000 divisions for freshman trotting colts and geldings. The son of Uncle Peter trotted to a commanding 1:58 effort with Chris Page at the lines, finishing three-quarters of a length in front of favorite Action Uncle (Brett Miller) with 11-1 Dream Creation (Kurt Sugg) finishing third. It's Academic won Leg One in 1:58.4 and Leg Two in 1:57.3 for owners Burke Racing, Bill Donovan, Joe Sbrocco and Hatfield Stables. He has $68,400 in lifetime earnings from four wins in five lifetime starts is the first foal out of the Muscle Hill mare Annapolis 3, 1:55 ($49,594). Exhibit Class had taken the first OSS trotting division in a front-stepping 1:57.2 with Ronnie Wrenn, Jr., at the lines for trainer Sean Smithpeters and owner Marion Beachy. The son of Triumphant Caviar had won Leg One in 1:58.1 and now has $58,458 in career earnings. He finished six lengths in front of Breakout The Gold (Tyler Smith) with Doubleyellowline (Danny Noble) third. Exhibit Class is the third and most prolific foal out of the Classic Photo mare Classic Blaze 5, 1:55.3 ($27,185). Ronnie Wrenn, Jr., was back in the winner's circle for the final OSS contest for freshman trotting colts with 6-1 Attache', using a well-timed, inside move up the rail to prevail by a nose at the wire over 3-1 Hearcomescharlie B (Ryan Stahl) in 1:57.3. Big Box Hanover was third for driver Danny Noble. The son of Broadway Hall is owned by trainer Chris Beaver, Mary McLoughlin, Steve Carter and Steven Zeehandelar and is out of the American Winner mare Patti Page. Attache now has $41,250 in career earnings and is a half-brother to 2019 Ohio Sires Stakes winner Patti's Main Man (by Manofmanymission) 3, 1:55.1f ($119,511) and also to Get Chipped (by Chip Chip Hooray) 6, 1:54.3 ($415,424) and to Express Justice (by Justice Hall) 5, 1:54.3f ($282,311), etc. by Kimberly Rinker, Ohio Standardbred Development Fund Administrator  

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