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December 31, 2018 - Perhaps the best annual New Year’s Eve celebration of harness racing took place at Kincsem Park. The event featuring racing, entertainment, food and family fun was well-presented and well-attended in a nice evening for the fans. The Kincsem Park trotting features included the Tamas Pinter Memorial (purse 1,600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart, 14 starters) that saw 25/1 Tangelic (6f Incredible Cole-Malhana Serey-Malhana Sacha) score timed in 1.17.8kr with amateur driver Sandor Hegedus aboard for trainer Laszlo Kolozsi. 13.8/1 Betty Evo (5f Orlando Vici-Grant Me Glory-Yankee Glide) was second driven by trainer Laszlo Kolozsi, and third went to 3/1 Under World (5g Racino) with trainer Emil Csordas up. Tangelic Also for a 1.6Huf million purse was the Pancho DIJ (1900 meters autostart, 10 starters) and the 1.18.3kr timed victory went to 5.8/1 Zapato (3m Frullino Jet-Diatomea PL-Friendly Face) by a short nose, with trainer Tibor Hajnal driving. Napsugar owns the winner that was bred by Kabala Menes Kft. 2.9/1 Rocky HR (6m Roc de Montfort-Times-SJs Photo) was a just-missed second for  trainer Balazs Juhasz. Third went to 9.2/1 Disney HR (5f Light Up de Vonnas-Times-SJs Photo). Zapato (inside) The big evening feature was the 2.1Huf million purse Lovaregyleti DIJ (2560 meters distance handicap, nine starters). 18.9/1 outsider  Vital RG (4m SJs Photo-Vitesse OR-Indro Park) staged a furious stretch run that resulted in a 1.19.3kr victory for trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal. Aquadrom Kft bred and co-owns the winner that defeated 2.7/1 Henrik Ibsen AT (6m Worship-Her Own Child-Imposant Sund) that Hajnal trains and Csaba Lakatos drove. 3.7/1 Vortice Bi (4m Toss Out-Rhode Island Bi-Equinox Bi) was third for Imre Fazekas ahead of Unique Vil (5m Conway Hall) and the 20 meter handicapped Velvet Dancer. Vital RG A number of 2018 award winner were named including amateur driver Tamas Tanczer (nine wins in 30 starts), breeder Kabala Menes Kft (76 wins for over 48Huf million earned), owner Hico Verseny (36 wins for over 21Huf million) and horse of the year Veronica Fling (6,780,000Huf earned). The event was exceptionally promoted and may serve as a roadmap for the future in other markets. Thomas H. Hicks

December 26, 2018 - 10/1 Turaco Jet (6m Naglo-Fenice Jet-Park Avenue Joe) rallied in late lane for harness racing trainer/driver Tibor Hajnal to win the day’s featured Paulovitz Memorial (purse 800,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park. Race time was 1.18.2kr and Turaco recorded his first win in Hungary in eight appearances. 7/2 odds Sanger MS (8g Victory Scream-Samba MS-Armbro Goal) was a close second for driver Andor Angyal and trainer Goran Zolnaji. Third home was the 4/1 Titan Ville (6g Noir Desir-Izaville-Endless Sands) with Imre Fazekas driving. Fazekas was back with a victory in the undercard’s Istvan Vicen Memorial (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) driving the 3/2 favorite Iago d’Amore (4m Mayo d’Amore-Indyran-Uronometro) clocked in 1.18.5kr. The victory was his third in four 2018 starts in HU. 2/1 Disney HR (5f Light Up de Vonnas-Times-SJs Photo) was second with Gyorgy Farkas driving and third was 8.8/1 Betty Evo (5f Orlando Vici-Grant Me Glory-Yankee Glide) handled by Laszlo Kolozsi. Two-year olds were back in action in the Nyeretiem Ketevesek (purse 500,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.21.6kr timed winner was the fast finishing 20.8/1 outsider Sugar Babe AT (2f Amiral Sund-Silent Yankee-Yankee Glide) in her first career start for money. Csaba Lakatos teamed the Tibor Hajnal to the victory. 7.8/1 Anasztazia (2f Com Muscle-Keep Smiling-Valley Guardian) was second for Lajos Marton and third was 2.7/1 Atomanti M (2m Cigar Dan-Step By Step-Allison Hollow) with Branislav Mukity at the lines. The New Year’s Eve festival and racing, dance, music, food and beverage in late in the planning stage and expects to draw its usual full house. Be there for a great time and to applaud the 2018 racing stalwarts. Thomas H. Hicks

December 15, 2018 - Saturday’s snowy Kincsem Park trots featured the Ketevcsek Versenye for harness racing two year olds (800,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap). The 40 meter handicapped and even-money favorite did not disappoint as Ann Bella M (2f Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey-Malhana Sascha) scored for trainer/driver Branislav Mukity timed in 1.26.6kr. This filly now has four wins and two placings in six career starts. Stablemate Atomantic M (2m Cigar Dan-Step By Step-Allison Hollow) was second at 4.6/1 with Sandor Varga teaming for trainer Mukity. 16/1 Alom Szepe (2f Calypso Capar) took third for Andrea Nagyvary. The co-featured Mikulasgyar DIJ (800,000Huf purse, 1800 meters repulostart – no starting gate). The 1.19.8kr timed winner was 30.6/1 Rocky HR (6m Roc de Montfort-Times-SJs Photo) with Andrea Fazekas driving for trainer Balazs Juhasz. This consistent campaigner earned his seventh win in 17 starts this year, plus seven placings. 5.1/1 Villeneuve (4m Pilgrims Taj) and 7.6/1 Under World (5g Racino) trailed the winner. Thomas H. Hicks

Salome’ Bar (7f Ganymede-Acquavita Bar-Crowning Point) took Saturday’s Kincsem Park featured Feiser Memorial (purse 800,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) timed in 1.18.9kr. The 2.2/1 favorite was reined by Bernadett Balogh for trainer Jozsef Rutkai. The winner rallied from far back, journeyed three wide in the last bend and drew off to an easy victory, defeating 14.8/1 Dabano As (7m Abano As) with Csaba Lakatos up for trainer Tibor Hajnal. Third was the 2.6/1 second choice Sanger Ms (8g Victory Scream) handled by Goran Zolnaji. The undercard was highlighted by the Palmyra DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 1.2/1 favorite Iago d’Amore (4m Mago d’Amore-Indyran-Uronometro) scored easily for driver Imre Fazekas and trainer Zoltan Ozvar. Race time was 1.17kr. 14.1/1 Rocky HR (6m Roc de Montfort) was second driven by Balazs Juhasz and third went to 56.4/1 odds outsider Timoko RL (5m Doctor Sugar RL) for trainer/driver Robert Varhidi. The same day action was at Bergsaker SWE with their V5 Gold Hilda Zolnetts (200,000SEK to the winner, 2640 meters autostart) won by the 1.24/1 favorite Zenit Brick (7g Make It Happen-Exc Svard-Super Arnie) with Mika Forss driving. Timo Nurmos trains the now the 21 time winner in 69 starts for 4,507,396SEK earned. Race time was 1.16kr. Zenit Brick has won three of his last four outings. 9.4/1 veteran On Track Piraten (10g Kool du Caux) took second for driver Oskar J. Andersson and trainer Hans R. Stromberg, ahead of 91/1 West Wing (10g Steinlager) reined by Tomas Pettersson. Digital Ink and Mind Your Face completed the top five. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

December 1, 2018 - Saturday’s featured Baka Handicap (purse 1,200,000Huf, 4200 meters distance handicap) at Kincsem Park is an annual marathon harness racing classic. This year’s edition was highly competitive, with the blanket finish uncovering the 10.2/1 odds winner Wonderchild (4m Miguel Duhamel-Klarissza-Valley Guardian) reined by his trainer Goran Zolnaji. Race time was 1.24.3kr and second behind the 60 meter handicapped winner was another 60 meter penalized performer, 8.7/1 Volcano Boy (4m Tony Oaks-Oracle-Lindy Lane) with trainer Tibor Hajnal up. Third was the 40 meter penalized and 5.5/.1 odds Timiko (6m What A Man-Gesa-Rendfonok) handled by trainer Kalman Papp. Two year olds contested the Nyeretlen Ketevesek (purse 500,000Hufm 1900 meters autostart) with victory to 4.4/1 Sabath Black AT (2m Amiral Sund-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) timed in 1.20.8kr and reined by trainer Tibor Hajnal. The 61.8/1 outsider Atom Maki (2m PJ Punjab-Gese-Rendtonok) was second for Gabor Zalai and third was 2.9/1 Atomarti M (2m Cigar Dan-Step By Step-Allison Hollow) with  Branislav Mukity aboard. Fast class aged performers contested the Oroghaza Varos Nagydija (purse 800,000Huf, 1960 meters autostart) with victory to 6.5/1 Ubu Kiraly (5m Vioxx SR-Helikon-Awesome Goal) timed in 1.17.8kr and reined by trainer Lajos Marton for owner Amma I. 2.3/1 Henrik Ibsen AT (6m Worship-Her Own Child) took second for Tibor Hajnal and third was 4.4/1 Sanger MS (6g Victory Scream-Samba MS-Armbro Goal) with Goran Zolnaji driving. Thomas H. Hicks

November 24, 2018 - Today’s Kincsem Park harness racing program featured the Ketevesek Versenyre (two year olds, purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) with the impressive gate to wire score by 1.1/1 odds favorite Ann Bella M (2f Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey) reined by trainer Banislav Mukity. The fine filly now has three wins and two placings in five HU appearances. Race time was 1.21.6kr. 11.5/1 Atom Maki (2m PJ Punjab-Gesa-Rendtonok) took second money and third was 3.8/1 Always Yankee BD (2f Yankee Mustang-Vraja Zilelor-Komediant). On the undercard was the Harsa DIJ (purse 348,000Huf, 1980 meter voltstart) and the winner was 1.1/1 Wyoming River (4m Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey) with trainer Sandor Varga driving. Race time was 1.21.4kr for the full brother to Ann Bella M that won earlier on the program. Thomas H. Hicks  

Saturday’s featured Menesek Dija (purse 2,000,000Huf, 3200 meters distance handicap) at Kincsem Park went to the rallying 4.2/1 Villam Ville (4g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville-Endless Sands) that overcame a 40 meter handicap to score timed in 1.20.8kr for driver Andrea Nagyvary. Imre Fazekas trains this winner that now has three wins and six placings in nine starts this year.  1.6/1 favorite Veronica Fling (4f Racino-Cicciolina Fling-Supergill) was second for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity, also dealing with a 40 meter penalty. 11.7/1 and 60 meter handicapped Time To Say Goodbye (6m Maximus Lindy-Jungfrau-Valley Guardian) rallied for third. The undercard included the Dr. Tibor Papp Memorial (600,000Huf purse, 1900 meters autostart) with the 1.1.7kr timed victory earned by 1.9/1 favorite Ubu Kiraly (5m Vioxx SR-Helikon-Awesome Goal) reined by trainer Lajos Marton. The 7.6/1 Sziluas (7g Medic Hanover-Dios-Yankee Yankee) took second for Ferenc Nagy III and third was the 10.2/1 Samuel Becket AT (6m Diablo Va Bene-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) with Tibor Hajnal driving. Pre-race card qualifiers produced a victory for Always Quick BD (2f Up And Quick-Sunday Best-Angus Hall) for trainer/driver Laszlo Kolozsi. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The 3/2 favorite Timoteo (6m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way) rallied late to win the Szabadkai DIJ (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park with Veljko Mazsity aboard. This excellent trotter now has eight wins in nine 2018 starts and he has 23 career wins in 41 outings. Race time was 1.17.5kr. 13/1 Part Two (9f Offshore Dream-Bel Ditto-Wired Pine) was second with Jozsek Kolozsi driving for trainer Laszlo Kolozsi. Third went to 18/1 Solome’ Bar (7g Ganymede-Acquavite Bar-Crowning Point) that Jozsef Rutkai trains and Bernadett Balogh drove. The undercard included the Adai DIJ (purse 600,000, 1900 meters autostart) with the victory to fast-closing and 2.1/1 odds Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady-Endless Sands) timed in 1.15.4kr and reined by trainer Veljko Mazsity. She now has eight wins and two placings in only 10 starts this year, and she is 18 for 26 for her career. 10/1 White Lady (4f Toss Out-Elegant Lady-Mill H) was second handled by Branko Skenderovic for trainer Mihajlo Kuzmanov of Serbia. The 5.4/1 odds Nadir Three (11g Kick Tail-Uliva DTS-Pay Nibs) was third for Ivan Vukoz driving for SRB trainer Antun Horvatski. Two year old colts contested the Zombori DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the 1.21.4kr timed winner was 3.1/1 Spinal Tap AT (2m Amiral Sund-Stella Sisu-Make It Happen) with Branko Skenderovic at the lines for trainer Mihajlo Kuzmanov. SRB’s Animal Racing Team bred this winner. The 2.7/1 Lord Aprikot (2m Aprikot-Leneta-Falcon Crown) rallied for second with Branislav Mukity driving for trainer Zoran Tasic of SRB. Third was 4.1/1 Sabath Black AT (2m Amiral Sund-Simb Lorrikeet-Pearsall Hanover) with trainer Tibor Hajnal driving. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Saturday’s trotting action at Kincsem Park in Budapest, Hungary, featured the classic Oszi Kiserleti Verseny (purse 1,500,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap). The 9.9/1 odds and 20 meter handicapped Villam Ville (4g Beissinger Hanover-Izaville) scored in 1.17.4kr for Andrea Nagyvary, driving for trainer Imre Fazekas. The 13/1 Time To Say Goodbye, a son of Maximus Lindy, rallied for second, starting from a 40 meter handicap with Lajos Marton up. 2.3/1 Zseneroz was third for Mitja Slavic. The co-feature was the Illetmeny DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart), named after the legendary son of Valley Guardian. The 1.1/1 favorite Zeal Di Girifalco (3m Igor Font-Invicta d’italia) timed in 1.19.5kr and reined by Veljko Mazsity. The 15.6/1 Timoko RL and 23.4/1 Szilvas trained the impressive winner. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Trainer Imre Fazekas teamed 1.4/1 Aurom Ville (2m Calypso Capar-Izaville-Endless Sands) to victory in the 2,000,000Huf purse Ketevesek Nagydija at Kincsem Park (Budapest) contested over 1800 meters autostart. Race time was 1.20.7kr as the Silver & Black Racing owned colt recorded his second win in three starts. 1.9/1 Ann Bella M (2f Cigar Dan-Malhanna Serey-Malhanna Sascha) was a good second for SRB based trainer/driver Branislav Mukity. 8.8/1 odds Sabath Black AT (2m Amiral Sund-Simb Lorikeet-Pearsall Hanover) took third for Csaba Lakatos, driving for trainer Tibor Hajnal Aurom Ville and trainer-driver Imre Fazekas Also on the program was the Oszi Kanca DIJ (1,500,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap) and the 1.18.8kr timed victory went to 4.8/1 Zseneroz (3f SJs Photo-Hitelezo-Witsends Speedy) with driver Mitja Slavic at the lines. Goran Zolnaji trains the winner that bested Zseda (3f Frullino Jet-Filignan-Witsends Speedy) and her driver Csaba Lakatos. 1.4/1 favorite and 40 meter handicapped Veronika Fling (4f Racino-Cicciolina Fling-Supergill) was third for Veljko Mazsity. Aged performers contested the Koztaesasagi DIJ (2,000,000Huf purse, 2400 meters autostart) with the 1.20kr timed victory earned by 5/2 odds Timoteo (6m Abano As-Ghirlanda Aas-Diamond Way) with Veljko Mazsity up. The 5/1 Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane) was second handled by Csaba Lakatos and third was 7/1 Rozle (6g Mystical Crown-Rosa-Cowardly Lion) handled by Branko Sersen. Earlier in the card was the Omnia DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and 1.7/1 favorite Iago d’Amore (4m Mago d’Amore-Indyran-Uronometro) scored timed in 1.15.8kr. Branislav Mukity teamed and trains the winner. Violetta (4f Racino) and Disney HR (5f Light Up de Vonnas) took the next two checks. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

The Saturday featured trot at Kincsem Park (Budapest) was the Disco DIJ (600,000Huf purse, 1960 meters distance handicap). The 2.4/1 odds Henrik Ibsen AT (6m Worship-Her Own Child-Imposant Sund) led all the way to score for Csaba Lakatos and trainer Tibor Hajnal timed in 1.19.6kr, his third straight victory and now with a 3-7 slate in 12 starts this year. Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas lady-Endless Sands) was a surging second for Veljko Mazsity that now shows a 7-2 slate in nine seasonal starts/ Veteran Sanger MS (8g Victory Scream-Samba MS-Armbro Goal) was third for trainer/driver Goran Zolnaji. Two year olds contested the Nyeretlen (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) with even-money favorite Astalavista Baby (2f Vioxx SR-Astalavista-Gus Lobell) victorious for trainer/driver Laszlo Kolozsi and Amma Kft. Race time was 1.22.8kr as the winner defeated Aron K (2m Yankee Mustang-Klementine-LV Glory Bound) with Goran Zolnaji up. Third was Appaloosa (2g Medic Hanover-Indiana Rosa-Armbro Kissed) with trainer Ferenc Nagy III aboard. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

A special Saturday was at Kincsem Park with the Octoberfest, the annual Yearling Sale and top flight racing. The top action began with the Golden Lady DIJ (purse 400,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart). The 2.4/1 SLO invader Vanilla Mms (4f Daguet Rapide-Goldy LB) scored for Mitja Slavic timed in 1.17.4kr. He trains the Equine Ms SRL product that looks to be a good prospect. Rocky HR and Trencsen were next home. There were two divisions today of the fast class Sandor Hora Memorial (purse 600,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) and the first went to even-money favorite Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady), bred by Kabala Menes Kft and handled by Veljko Mazsity. This good mare bested Salhamidzic, Villam Ville and Titan Ville in that order. The second division of the Sandor Hora Memorial (same purse and distance as the first) was a great race with the victory going to 4.1/1 Milliondollar Lux (12m, Ganymede-Dadaumpa Jet) with trainer Emil Csordas up and timed in 1.18.3kr. 1.9/1 Underpaid Hanover was a game second after a first over journey and Time To Say Goodbye set the pace and held third. The weekend Trot “Ugeto” Sale saw 10 of 26 cataloged yearlings sold led by the Napoleon filly Bold Lady for US$10,761. This filly is from Elegant Lady by Mill H and this mare has been a reliable produced of HU stakes performers. The sale and weekend were effectively promoted:   Yearlings 1 Berill Lady pk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.550.000 -- 2 Borbíró M pm NMT Zrt, Mezőhegyes 800.000 -- 3 Bulibáró stpm Kulik Ferenc, Orosháza 1.100.000 -- 4 Bold Lady * pk Kabala Ménes Kft 2.000.000 3.000.000 5 Brilliance Lady * pk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.900.000 2.000.000 6 Blondina pk Kulik Ferenc, Orosháza 1.100.000 -- 7 Bendegúz M stpm NMT Zrt, Mezőhegyes 800.000 -- 8 Bróm Lady pk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.500.000 1.700.000 9 Bolygófény pm Kabala Ménes Kft 1.350.000 1.650.000 11 Bellini Fling stpk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.600.000 1.900.000 12 Bailando stpk Kulik Ferenc, Orosháza 1.100.000 -- 13 Bronz Boy pm Kabala Ménes Kft 1.500.000 1.500.000 14 Balerina R. pk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.350.000 1.600.000 17 Barka stpk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.250.000 1.250.000 18 Becses Fiú pm Kabala Ménes Kft 1.300.000 1.500.000 19 Berna Queen M stpk NMT Zrt, Mezőhegyes 900.000 -- 20 Bálvány Lady stpk Kulik Ferenc, Orosháza 950.000 -- 21 Bíztass! pk Kabala Ménes Kft 1.150.000 -- 22 Bessy K stpk Kulik Ferenc, Orosháza 950.000 -- 25 Borbála M stpk NMT Zrt, Mezőhegyes 1.100.000 -- 26 Beneditta stpk Kabala Ménes Kft 950.000 2.000.000 The sale leader pedigree: Bold Lady, 2017, HU, pk,   Kabala Ménes Kft, Rádiháza         Napoleon 2005, pm, US, 1.10,2, Credit Winner 1997, stpm, US, 1.10,9, American Winner 1990, pm, US, 1.10,0, Super Bowl   B J'S Pleasure   Lawn Tennis 1990, pk, US, , Armbro Goal   Grassbed   Growth Spurt 2001, pk, US, , Sugarcane Hanover 1983, pm, US, 1.11,2, Florida Pro   Sugar Hanover   Tshort AS 1993, pk, IT, 1.18,8, Baltic Speed   T-Ball     Elegant Lady 1998, pk, HU, 1.16,9, Mill H. 1969, pm, SE, 1.17,0, Florlis 1960, sm, US, 1.13,1, Florican   Mighty Phyllis   Scotch Dot 1958, stpk, US, , Dean Hanover   Scotch Virtue   Lady Flame 1983, pk, HU, 1.21,6, City 1974, pm, HU, 1.18,3, Spinning Song   Keep Blazing   Trotting Flame 1976, pk, US, 1.24,8, All Aflame   Star Flower   ivadékai: Bold Lady, 2017, pk, , Napoleon Acélos Fiú, 2016, sm, , S J's Photo Zalai Srác, 2015, pm, , S J's Photo White Lady, 2014, pk, 1.15,7, Toss Out Úrilány R., 2013, pk, 1.17,3, Maximus Lindy Topmodell, 2012, pk, 1.18,6, Ata Star L. Sármos fiú, 2011, pm, , Wall Street Banker Rocket Boy, 2010, sm, 1.16,0, Wall Street Banker Pazar Hölgy, 2009, stpk, 1.19,2, Wall Street Banker Opál Lady, 2008, sk, 1.20,6, Wall Street Banker Nemesúr, 2007, stpm, 1.15,3, Tony Oaks Modern Lady, 2006, pk, 1.21,9, Baltic Bet ivadékai: Kind Lady, 2004, pk, 1.19,1, Valley Guardian Joyful Lady, 2003, pk, , Grundy's Ebony Indian Lady, 2002, stpk, 1.18,8, Valley Guardian Hard Lady, 2001, pk, 1.19,8, Endless Sands Golden Lady, 2000, pk, 1.19,1, Endless Sands Famous Flame, 1999, stpm, 1.18,3, Kosar Elegant Lady, 1998, pk, 1.16,9, Mill H. Detroit, 1997, stpm, 1.15,8, Grundy's Ebony Brown Lady, 1995, pk, 1.17,3, Rugged Lobell Angol Lady, 1994, pk, 1.21,4, Witsend's Speedy Zest for Life, 1993, stpk, 1.18,9, Mill H. Vas Lady, 1992, pk, 1.17,0, Endless Sands Újmódi, 1991, pk, , Csínom Palkó ivadékai: Orient, 1986, sm, , Mill H. Nonstop, 1985, stpm, , Devil Hanover Mercury, 1984, pm, 1.27,2, Mill H. Lady Flame, 1983, pk, 1.21,6, City ivadékai: Intuició, 1980, pm, , Let Him Roll Trotting Flame, 1976, pk, 1.24,8, All Aflame     Sale promotional video: by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Today’s Trotting Derby and Oaks highlighted a superb day of harness racing at Napoli over its 1000 meter oval.  The prestigious featured 91st edition of the Derby del Trotto (purse 1,001,000€, 2100 meters autostart, 13 starters) saw fast closing Zlatan (3m Napoleon Bar-Nastassia Bi-Toss Out) score for Giampaolo Minnucci timed in 1.12.2kr. Ze’Maria (3m Muscle Hill-Light My Candle-Garland Lobell) held gamely for second handled by Rene’ Legati and third was Zabul FI (3m Ganymede-Sala del Rio). Early pacesetter Zidane Grif went on a break and was a dq. The co-featured Oaks del Trotto (purse 253,000€, 1600 meters autostart, 12 three year old females) showcased the front stepping Zabriskie OK (3f Conway Hall-Georgia Pines-Pine Chip-Dasooner Dabettor) timed in 1.12kr for trainer/driver Alessandro Gocciadoro. Zealand As (3f Donato Hanover-Fortune As-Tenor de Baune) took second for Rene’ Legati and third went to Zona OK (3f Varenne-Erreuno OK-Supergill) with Roberto Vecchione up. Before the major tests was the GP Freccia d’Europa (purse 88,000€, 1600 meters autostart) for aged performers.  Super Star Reaf (7f Varenne-Fantastica Star-Lemon Dra) scored by a nose timed in 1.11.3kr for Davide DiStefano. The victory increased her career earnings to over 207,000€. Veteran Arazi Boko (11g Varenne-Laura Kemp-Express Ride) was second for Alessandro Gocciadoro after making a first up sustained bid that just missed. Sonic (7m Eldgrado Bi-Fiss) took third for Rene’ Legati. At Kincsem Park (Budapest) on Saturday was the featured Uli DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) with the 91/1 Henrik Ibsen AT (6m Worship-Her Own Child-Imposant Sund) scoring in 1.20.1kr with Csaba Lakatos up. This Tibor Hajnal trainee overcame a 20 meter handicap to defeat Urjczz! (5m Maximus Lindy) and the 20 meter handicapped Oldtimer Diamant (8g Arc de Triomphe) handled by Emese Vezer. Two year olds contested the Nyereylen Ketevesek (purse 400,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart) with victory to the good gaited 1.2/1 favorite Ann Bella M (2f Cigar Dan-Malhana Serey-Malhana Sascha) with trainer Branislav Mukity aboard. Adolfina B (2f Vioxx SR-Ms Tova-Chip Chip Hooray) and Andika (2f Calypso Capar-Jolly Beauty) trained the winning filly. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

Today’s Kincsem Park card was a great one, with the final three FEGAT Men’s Championship races and three high-class events led by the Gr. III Jozsef Marschall Memorial (purse 9,000,000Huf, 1800 meters autostart). That race drew a fine field of the best in east-central Europe and the 2/1 favorite Azimut (5m Odessa Santana-Aida-Lets Go) of Germany prevailed easily with Josef Franzl driving. He also trains the winner, bred by Fritz Royer, that was timed in 1.13.1kr over the sprinter distance. Azimut came into this race off three wins in his last five outings. The 17.6/1 odds Paolendry Like (9g Enjoy Lavec) was second for Marko Slavic and the SLO trainer Boris Vukosavljavic. 41.5/1 Global Player (11g Ditka Hanover-Gravitat-Speedy Soma) took third with Erich Kubes at the lines for trainer Cornelia Ubleis of Austria. The 3.4/1 second choice Tosca Victory (8m Up de Poggio) claimed the fourth check for Peter Schwarzimuller, also from Austria. Below is the program header and performance lines of the race winner. The second feature today was the Hungaria DIJ (purse 4,000,000Huf, 2560 meters voltstart, starters aged three and four with the age four performers handicapped 40 meters). The even-money favorite Eros Josselyn (4g Sam Bourbon-Queda Josselyn-In Foot) scored powerfully, after a first up surge in the final turn, timed in 1.16kr with trainer Joze Sagaj aboard, he from SLO. The winner is a rugged sort and this victory was his sixth straight, the last three before today in France, with Sagaj teaming. The 3.7/1 odds Zeal de Girifalco (3m Igor Font-Inviatar d’italla-Varenne) was second for trainer/driver Veljko Mazsity. Desert King (4m Cantab Hall-German June-Daguet Rapide), off three straight recent wins, at 30/1 odds today, took third handled by trainer Josef Franzl, also facing 40 extra meters at the start. Fourth was 10.5/1 Zagabria Vani (3f Ruty Grif-Monia LB-Pine Chip) that SLO’s Mirko Gregorc handled and trains. This one last scored at Padova on July 18/. The final upper class race this day was the Istvan Szegedy Memorial (purse 1,200,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) and the 2.2/1 local star Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady-Endless Sands) scored in 1.17.5kr for Veljko Mazsity. Kabala Menes Kft bred this one that rallied relentlessly in the lane to get up in the final strides. 4/1 Conway Boko (9m Castleton Bass) held second for Tibor Hajnal and 7.6/1 Milliondollar Lux (12m Ganymede) was a game third for Emil Csordas. Veteran Underpaid Hanover (9m Revenue) was fourth with Csaba Lakatos up. A section of the program page and photos follow. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

Friday and Saturday Kincsem Park (Budapest) hosted the FEGAT Men’s Amateur Drivers Championship, raced over five events, two Friday and three Saturday. The final results revealed a close contest with Christian Nissen (Denmark) the winner with 47 points, Niclas Benzon (Sweden) next with 46 and third went to Thomas Royer (Austria) with 44. Italy’s Filippo Monti was fourth with 39 points. The photos below tell the story as Nissen sealed the deal with a second in the fifth event handling Szacharin. Thomas Royer won that race with Under World (5g Racino-Zaba) for trainer Emil Csordas to garner the third leading points total. That event was raced over 1900 meters autostart for a 600,000Huf purse, the same purse that applied to the earlier four events. The “Heat” winners were Tiko Time (6m Belami) for VM Kangasluoma at 56/1, Tengelic (6f Incredible Cole) for Filippo Monti at 11/1, Trendy Girl (6f What A Man) at 7/1 for Christian Nissen, 4.7/1 odds Beatrix Galindo AT (5f Tony Oaks) again for Filippo Monti and the 8.4/1 Under World (5g Racino) for Thomas Royer. by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink

August 25, 2018 - Uran Lady (5f Maximus Lindy-Vas Lady), off at 5/1 odds, won Saturday’s Diamond River DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1900 meters autostart) at Kincsem Park. Timed in 1.16.5kr, the Veljko Mazsity trainee is owned by Hico Versenyistallo, was bred by the country’s leading breeder Kabela Menes Kft. Henrik Ibsen AT and Unique Vil trailed the mare that scored comfortably. Thomas H. Hicks

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