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Columbus, OH --- As Hoosier Park commences what very well may be its most scintillating harness racing season on Saturday (April 1), there will be one individual, who was not only a stalwart presence at the facility but a cornerstone of the Indiana racing community, that will not be physically present to witness the track’s hosting of the Breeders Crown or the horse that meant more than any words can adequately portray compete in that event. It is certain, however, that Larry Rheinheimer will be in attendance, not only for that contest, but for every other occasion Freaky Feet Pete places a hoof over any racing surface, for the bond that remains between the 5-year-old stallion and his late breeder/trainer is real. Therefore, it transcends circumstances such as mere mortality or the fact Freaky Feet Pete has his own challenge to overcome in a significant injury, which prematurely ended his 2016 campaign, shortly after Rheinheimer’s still surreal and sudden death on Sept. 24. It appears as if the world champion is up to the task, as Freaky Feet Pete has goals Rheinheimer clearly established for him to fulfill and is currently working towards accomplishing exactly that. “He broke a splint bone in his right front leg and pieces entered his suspensory,” said Rheinheimer’s son, Marty, who is now responsible for conditioning the Breeders Crown and Indiana champion he co-owns with his mother, Mary Jo. “He essentially finished his last race (the Dayton Pacing Derby on Sept. 30) and still was third behind those two horses (Wiggle It Jiggleit and Always B Miki). We think the injury actually began the night of the Dan Patch (Aug. 12) when he raced so poorly for him (finishing sixth). “All the vets told us to not perform surgery and to allow the bone to heal, then the suspensory. We just ultra-sounded him last week and the bone has healed up great, the suspensory looks great as well. He’s been jogging every day and he is staked to everything. The plan is to qualify him at Hoosier in the coming weeks and if he’s ready, the Ben Franklin (eliminations June 24 at The Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono). “That is not necessarily the spot where he will go though. We are not rushing him, because there are some other races we are focusing on later in the year.” The younger Rheinheimer is referring to the Dan Patch on Aug. 11, an appearance during the fall at the Red Mile and of course, an attempt for a second Breeders Crown title on Oct. 28. “Obviously the Breeders Crown being here at Hoosier Park makes it mean even more to us,” Rheinheimer said. “But dad always wanted to win the Dan Patch and he really wanted Pete to race at Lexington, so those three races are what we are primarily pointing for.” After the injury was diagnosed, the son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori not only had to adjust to the absence of the person he spent nearly all his time with, but to an extended period of stall rest, which he did not appreciate. “He did not like spending all that time in his stall one bit,” Rheinheimer said. “Pete really enjoys his work and likes to be out and active. It was tough on him having to stay still for so long and when it was time for him to start moving again, he was more than ready. He just is such an intelligent horse with good manners that he is never a problem. Not even when we have mares around him. He is professional and just wants to go out there to do his work.” Before returning to the jog cart, Freaky Feet Pete, who has banked more than $1.5 million, compiled an outstanding resume of 42-30-5-2 and amassed a throng of devoted fans rivaling his colleague Wiggle It Jiggleit, was exercised on the underwater treadmill and is continuously scrutinized for even the tiniest sign of discomfort or swelling. “With Pete it’s just so hard to tell when something is bothering him because he is such a relaxed horse,” Rheinheimer said. “He doesn’t let you know and with him being that way, it makes it more difficult to know when something is bothering him or when he is hurt. “In his last race, he still paced like that with that kind of injury. He just has so much heart and will give it more than 100 percent in any situation.” While Rheinheimer and his mother are eagerly anticipating Freaky Feet Pete’s upcoming year, he also acknowledges the emotional struggles he is enduring with the loss of his father, who left this earth just hours before the stallion finished second to Always B Miki in the Hoosier Park Pacing Derby. “It was a night that I will never, ever forget and is burned into my memory,” he said. “But I know if he had to pick a way to go out, that would be what he would have wanted. Pete was his pride and joy, his horse of a lifetime and when he went, it was with Pete. “He is the product of all those decades of dad’s hard work in the business and he never dreamed he would have a horse like this. Everyone would ask him about Pete wherever he went and he would just love talking about him. He did everything himself with the horse and for all we know, there were many hours we wouldn’t see him and he could have very well been sleeping in there with Pete. He was with him all the time. “The plan was always for me to take over the stable from dad, but I never expected it to happen like this and then with Pete being hurt, it’s been a real big transition for me. “Also, I have a lot of pressure on me because I do have a horse like Pete and I know exactly how dad felt about him. There are a lot of expectations when you have any horse like this; it’s a lot different than a stable of five or six racehorses. We know what dad wanted for him, like taking him to Lexington, for him to win the Dan Patch and to win the Breeders Crown again here at home. I have to live up to that and the simple fact that he’s not here, but we plan on carrying out all his wishes for this horse. It’s up to me now.” by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

Columbus, OH --- When she most recently was engaged in conversation with harness racing trainer Larry Rheinheimer regarding his beloved world champion Freaky Feet Pete, Jamie Macomber certainly never imagined and would have immediately banished the thought this would be the final occasion she would ever chat with the man she had grown to esteem and adore. Yet within 48 hours of his sudden and tragic passing on Saturday (Sept. 24), Macomber, although understandably engulfed in grief, may just very well have had a glimmer of a smile cross her face when Hollywood Gaming at Dayton Raceway released the entrants for this Friday evening's (Sept. 30) card. “The very last time I talked to Larry about Pete, he told me, `Pete just needs to draw the rail and Wiggle It (Jiggleit) the outside at Dayton,’” said Macomber. “And sure enough, doesn’t the draw come out on Monday and Pete is on the rail with Wiggle It Jiggleit in post five. Now isn’t that something?” What Macomber was referring to was Freaky Feet Pete’s upcoming appearance this Friday evening in the $150,000 Dayton Pacing Derby. The 4-year-old stallion will retain the services of regular pilot Trace Tetrick and will once again compete against his fellow world champion rivals Always B Miki (post position two, David Miller) and Wiggle It Jiggleit (Montrell Teague). Joining that trio in this event will be Always At My Place, (post three, Chris Page), Luck Be Withyou (post four, Eric Goodell), All Bets Off (post six, Matt Kakaley) and Shamballa (post seven, Scott Zeron). Always B Miki, installed as the morning line favorite at 6-5, enters this race after defeating Freaky Fete Pete within hours of Rheinheimer’s passing at Hoosier Park and after tying the world record at Eldorado Scioto Downs in the Jim Ewart Memorial after one of the most scintillating miles in recent memory while keeping Wiggle It Jiggleit at bay. Wiggle It Jiggleit is the second choice at 8-5, while Freaky Feet Pete is the third selection on the morning line at 4-1. Macomber is listed as the trainer of record. “This is a one-time thing,” she said. “I don’t want the family to have to worry about a thing this week and they are just trying to follow Larry’s wishes. He wanted Pete to race at Dayton and that is what we will do to honor what he would like. “The Rheinheimer family knows how much this horse has captured so many hearts and Larry knew it too. Not only was Larry so proud of Pete, he absolutely loved him and Larry captured people’s hearts as well with his own infectious smile. I will do whatever they need me to do during this time, but this is not a permanent situation. I assume Marty (Rheinheimer) will take over training him when he is ready to do so.” While Macomber, who as an assistant trainer for Ron Burke was responsible for bringing female trotting phenomenon Hannelore Hanover along last year, is in the midst of a career year with $252,766 in purse money and a Universal Trainer Rating of .439, this is a unique situation for her or anyone to be placed in, but she is simply grateful for the opportunity to aid the family in their time of need. “When they decided they were going to race him (last Saturday in the Hoosier Park Pacing Derby), of course I offered to help as it only makes sense since I have Wanda (Wild Wanda, who is also owned by the Rheinheimer family),” Macomber said. “But there were so many people that stepped up to help get Pete ready that night and there was not much to do. Trace (Tetrick) warmed him and he went out there and raced. He is amazing horse and he raced very, very well (in finishing second to Always B Miki). “This week it is not about being a trainer with making adjustments or improving him. Larry already prepared Pete and he has already beaten these horses. There is nothing to do except ship him to Dayton, race him and bring him home. We just want to put Mary Jo’s and Marty’s (Freaky Feet Pete’s co-owners and Rheinheimer’s wife and son) minds at ease. They should not have to worry about a thing right now. “Not only did I think the world of Larry, but I think the world of the entire family and all I want to do is help. Even after this race, if they need help with shipping, anything, you name it, we will be more than happy to do whatever they need.” Although Freaky Feet Pete has amassed $404,057 from a 2016 slate of 14-6-3-1, established his own world record of 1:47.1 on June 25 at The Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono and defeated Wiggle It Jiggleit in 2015, the son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori has yet to best the mighty Always B Miki, who has been simply superb in his most recent trips to the post. The stallion, however, has not been blessed with an abundance of racing luck or quality posts when tackling his formidable opposition this year, which is the primary reason his trainer’s final wishes were fatefully granted. The entire Hoosier Park contingent and Freaky Feet Pete’s tremendously large fan base will certainly be rooting for the stallion to defeat not only Always B Miki, but the five other members of the field. Not only would it be the most exceptional tribute to one of the most beloved horsemen in Indiana, who enjoyed every second and appreciated every moment with the horse of a lifetime, it would be a soothing balm to all the grieving souls that remain stunned, astounded and deeply saddened by Rheinheimer’s death. “Pete has a huge heart,” Macomber said. “One of the hugest hearts I have ever seen in a horse. The only people he really knows are Larry, Mary Jo and Marty because they spent all their time with him. Naturally I have been experiencing a variety of emotions. There are times I get excited for about 30 seconds until I remind myself there is no reason at all for me to be excited. There are other times I just want to cry at any given moment and I think that will not be going away anytime soon. “Friday night will definitely be very emotional for me, but I think Pete has a very good shot to win this race and of course that is exactly what I want. Not only for Larry, but the entire Rheinheimer family and for Pete.” Race 11 - $150,000 Dayton Pacing Derby PP-Horse-Driver-Trainer-Line 1. Freaky Feet Pete-Trace Tetrick-Jamie Macomber-4/1 2. Always B Miki-David Miller-Jimmy Takter-6/5 3. Always At My Place-Chris Page-Ron Burke-12/1 4. Luck Be Withyou-Eric Goodell-Chris Oakes-6/1 5. Wiggle It Jiggleit-Montrell Teague-Clyde Francis-8/5 6. All Bets Off-Matt Kakaley-Ron Burke-10/1 7. Shamballa-Scott Zeron-Rick Zeron-8/1   by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

ANDERSON, Ind.-Sept. 26, 2016 -  "On behalf of Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and Centaur Gaming, we are deeply saddened by the passing of Larry Rheinheimer. Along with the entire Standardbred harness racing industry, we've lost a great horsemen and friend. We honor Larry's many contributions to and accomplishments in Indiana horse racing over the course of his lengthy career," said Rick Moore, Hoosier Park Racing & Casino's vice president and general manager of racing. "Our hearts go out to Mary Jo Rheinheimer and the entire Rheinheimer family during this difficult time." Hoosier Park, along with Indiana horsemen, will hold a remembrance for Larry Rheinheimer in the upcoming week. Please visit for more information. Emily Gaskin Race Marketing Manager, Commentator & Publicist

Columbus, OH --- Larry Rheinheimer, 72, a beloved bastion of Indiana harness racing and the breeder/trainer of Breeders Crown champion Freaky Feet Pete, died on Saturday (Sept. 24). In deference to the family, further details will be forthcoming when available.   USTA Communications Department 

Post Time with Mike and Mike presented by Bet America has a power packed program lined up for Thursday (June 28) at 7:00 PM Eastern. In what has the potential to be one of the greatest races in harness racing history (the Ben Franklin Final at Pocono), the four top contenders will have the opportunity to make their case as to why their charge will get the job done. Trainers George Teague, Jimmy Takter, Larry Rheinheimer, and owner Robert Cooper will discuss their charge's prospects in the $500,000 final this Saturday for aged pacers. Pocono Racing Marketing Director Jennifer Starr will also join the program to talk about what racing fans can expect attending the races live this Saturday. Not only will all eyes be focused on the Pocono Mountains Saturday, but some of the finest aged trotters on the planet will square off in Ohio this weekend. Northfield Park Track Announcer Ayers Ratliff will join the program to preview The Cleveland Classic at Northfield Park. Our ongoing series with Running Aces Casino and Racetrack continues, as Track Announcer Darin Gagne sits down with talented Trainer/Driver Rick Magee to talk about his career in harness racing. Post Time with Mike and Mike presented by Bet America can be heard each Thursday at 7:00 PM Eastern live on their website at, or on-demand at From the Mike & Mike Show

Freaky Feet Pete won over Indiana --- and then much of North America --- with his winning ways over the past two years. Now the harness racing 4-year-old male pacer is getting ready for his first stakes race of 2016, facing seven foes in Saturday's $200,000 Battle of Lake Erie at Northfield Park. The Battle of Lake Erie features not only Freaky Feet Pete, who won 15 of 17 races last year including the Breeders Crown for 3-year-old male pacers, but harness racing's all-time richest horse, 12-year-old Foiled Again, and the 2015 Horse of the Year, Wiggle It Jiggleit. Freaky Feet Pete has won 27 of 30 career races and earned $1.14 million for owners Mary Jo Rheinheimer and Marty Rheinheimer. In addition to the Breeders Crown, Freaky Feet Pete won last year's American-National Stakes at Balmoral Park. Except for the Breeders Crown and American-National, the horse has raced exclusively at Hoosier Park, where he captured two Indiana Sire Stakes championships. The stallion was bred by Mary Jo's husband Larry, who also trains Freaky Feet Pete. The Rheinheimers live near LaGrange, Ind., in the northeast corner of the Hoosier State. Freaky Feet Pete and regular driver Trace Tetrick will start the Battle of Lake Erie from post five. Freaky Feet Pete, who is 3-for-3 this year with all his victories coming in invitational handicaps at Hoosier Park, is 2-1 on the morning line. He is the second choice behind even-money favorite Wiggle It Jiggleit, who drew post one. Freaky Feet Pete won two of three meetings with Wiggle It Jiggleit last season. Larry Rheinheimer recently took time to talk with Ken Weingartner of the USTA's Harness Racing Communications division about the Battle of Lake Erie and the fun of living with Freaky Feet Pete. KW: Let's start by going back to last year when you won the Breeders Crown. What was the reaction like back home? LR: Crazy. I mean he's a hometown hero. If people could watch (the Breeders Crown) on television, they did. If they couldn't, they found it on the computer. Everyone was excited. KW: Do people come up to you a lot to talk about him? LR: Oh yeah. When I go to town or go somewhere, people are always asking when is Pete racing again, or how did Pete do last week. Most of them know how he's done, but they want to know when he's racing again. KW: Are you the most famous duo up in that part of the state? LR: I don't know if I am, but he is. (Laughs.) Everyone knows him. KW: Do you feel any more comfortable now being the center of attention? LR: Not really. (Laughs.) I like to sneak up on them. KW: Well, I don't think that's going to happen anymore. LR: No, we blew that. (Laughs.) KW: But the way it's worked out has been pretty good. LR: It has. It's been a great ride. My wife and I and the kids, we've enjoyed it. And I've got one sister that follows me everywhere we go. KW: What's been the most enjoyable part of it all? LR: Just the fanfare, I think. We've met a lot of very nice people. A super lot. I hear from all over that people watch when Pete races. Now I think the biggest pressure on me is hoping that nothing goes wrong. I've raced enough horses in my life to know they're all going to get beat. That's why we race them. But I'm hoping we go a good race and everything works good. KW: Was it difficult waiting through the winter? Were you anxious to get going again? LR: I was anxious to see how he would come back this year. That was the biggest thing. You go from year to year when you shut them down and you don't know how they're going to come back. You hope for the best, but sometimes it doesn't happen. KW: How long was he off and when did you bring him back? LR: He was off for about six weeks. We didn't let him completely down. One of the reasons we just started back jogging with him was he was so fired up in the paddock. KW: When you started to bring him back did you sense right away that he was good? LR: He did everything handily and never took a bad step or anything. He was feeling good all the time, so we felt pretty good about him coming back. KW: Did you see him change much over the winter? LR: I think he filled out a little more in his chest and a little more in the rump. I think he filled out more this year than he did last year. He feels good. He likes it here at home. He's throwing his head and playing and feeling good. He's enjoying himself and trains nicely. I feel real comfortable with him. KW: What did you think about his performances in his first three races this year? LR: I thought he was good in all three of them. In the last one, Trace came off a helmet with him, which I like, and he was good. To me, that was his best race so far. The qualifiers weren't anything, just qualifiers. The last one, when he raced him from off the pace, that made me feel better. KW: When you saw the draw come out, aside from Wiggle It Jiggleit getting post one, you had to feel better that you didn't get the eight or the seven. LR: (Laughs.) Yeah, I did. I'm not unhappy with the five. You're in the middle of the swing there. But I was happy I didn't have the eight. I was looking for the eight when Wiggle It Jiggleit was the one. (Laughs.) KW: Are you looking forward to your first stakes races of the year? LR: Yes, I am. He's doing good and everything is together and we're ready to go, I think. KW: He trains on a half-mile track, so you're not too concerned about that? LR: Not really. We train him on a half all the time and I think he can handle it. You never know for sure, but I think it will be OK. And with the five hole out there with the banked turn I feel a little more comfortable. KW: What do you think about the race? LR: I'm hoping there are some front-runners out there, but I don't know for sure. And that's Trace's decision. I know when the gate folds, that's when the decision will be made. KW: What's Pete's schedule like this season? LR: I think we're going to go to the Graduate Series at Mohawk next after this race. After that, there are a couple of races out East. KW: It's going to be a fun year watching that (older pacer) division. And a lot of them are Indiana-bred. LR: Indiana has come a long way. These Indiana horses can go anyplace and race. That's what I feel. All of these people brought their broodmares up and everything else and it's paying off for them. Ken Weingartner

The undefeated Freaky Feet Pete continued his winning ways in the featured event, a $21,000 Invitational Pace, at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino on Saturday, May 14. Harness racing fans turned out on a chilly night in Indiana and the hometown hero did not disappoint, scoring in 1:50 by five lengths. Starting from post six, Freaky Feet Pete was unhurried from the gate this week by regular pilot Trace Tetrick and settled along the rail in fourth. Fearless Diablo and LeWayne Miller got the first call through an opening quarter in :26.4 but their lead would be short lived. Tetrick gave Freaky Feet Pete the green light and the duo surged up to take command at the second station in :55.1. Reaching the three-quarters in 1:23, Freaky Feet Pete was on top by three and never seriously challenged en route to his third straight victory. Using a :27 final quarter and under no urging from Tetrick, Freaky Feet Pete finished five lengths in front of Nitro and John Delong. Shooter's Dream and Jason Dillander rallied for third place honors. As the heavy betting favorite, Freaky Feet Pete returned $2.10 to his backers at the windows. "He (Freaky Feet Pete) was very good tonight," Tetrick noted after the win. "I raced him off the gate tonight, it wasn't necessarily the plan but that's just how it looked when the wings folded. You can do anything you want with him. He's very sharp right now." With the win, Freaky Feet Pete notched the third win of his four-year-old campaign and 27th career victory from 30 lifetime outings for trainer Larry Rheinheimer. The homebred son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori has now earned $1,147,224 lifetime for his owners Mary Jo Rheinheimer and Marty Rheinheimer. Rheinheimer's star pupil will head to Northfield Park for his first major stakes engagement of the season, the $200,000 Battle of Lake Erie at Northfield Park on May 21. When Freaky Feet Pete lines up behind the gate it will be the first time he has raced over a half-mile track. "He trains on a half-mile track at home," Rheinheimer noted after the win. "I'm really not worried at all about him getting around the track; I think he will take to it just fine. I think the post position will matter but I'm not worried about how he will get around the smaller track." "He's definitely matured some this year," Rheinheimer continued. "It's hard to tell if he's the best he's ever been, but he's happy and seems good. We will know more next after his race but this was a good race for him tonight, I think he's ready to go." Live racing at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino will follow a Tuesday through Saturday schedule with a daily post time of 5:45 p.m. The 160-day harness racing season will be conducted through November 12. For more information on the upcoming entertainment and live racing schedule, please visit . Emily Gaskin

There is no place like home, especially when it can lead to so many places elsewhere. Trace Tetrick has enjoyed success racing at Indiana's Hoosier Park --- he recently became the track's all-time winningest harness racing driver --- which has led to opportunities to race across North America in Grand Circuit stakes. Last year, for example, Tetrick captured a Breeders Crown at Toronto's Woodbine Racetrack and an American-National Stakes at Chicago's Balmoral Park with Indiana Sire Stakes champion male pacer Freaky Feet Pete. In addition, he visited Canada last year with female pacer Color's A Virgin, who in 2014 was an Indiana Sire Stakes champ and also won the Jugette in Ohio and competed in the Breeders Crown in New Jersey. "I've been fortunate to make a good living here and have the opportunity to drive some really good Grand Circuit horses," said the 29-year-old Tetrick, who is a four-time Hoosier Park driving champion. "A lot of guys don't get that opportunity because they're not in the right place to get that ride. "Usually you need to be on the East Coast to get those types of mounts. I consider myself very lucky to have those opportunities here in the Midwest. The success of the Indiana breeding program gives you a great opportunity. The last few years they've put out some really good racehorses. They can go anywhere you want to take them and compete at almost any level. The horses give you the chance to be there and be a real contender." Tetrick will be at home this weekend --- and Color's A Virgin and Freaky Feet Pete will be right there with him. Five-year-old Color's A Virgin, who won last year's Breeders Crown Mare Pace, makes her seasonal debut as the 2-1 morning line favorite in Friday's Invitational for fillies and mares at Hoosier Park. The next day, 4-year-old Freaky Feet Pete looks to go 2-for-2 this season as the 1-5 morning line choice in the track's Invitational Handicap for pacers. Last week, Freaky Feet Pete won the Invitational Handicap by 2-1/2 lengths over Nitro in 1:49.4. He paced his final quarter-mile in :26.4 despite getting a little rough gaited in the final turn. "He was nice and relaxed and I kind of smooched to him there and I think he got out of gear too fast," Tetrick said. "He wanted to go a thousand miles-per-hour. They let his hobbles out some, so they'll tighten them up a little bit more. But he was very good; well in hand. I was very happy with him; he did it pretty easily." Freaky Feet Pete, a homebred son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori owned by Mary Jo Rheinheimer and Marty Rheinheimer, has won 25 of 28 career races and earned $1.12 million. The two-time Indiana Sire Stakes champion, trained by Larry Rheinheimer, has been driven by Tetrick in all of his career starts. Freaky Feet Pete's 2015 campaign included winning two of three starts against Indiana-sired Wiggle It Jiggleit, who was named Horse of the Year by the U.S. Harness Writers Association. "I think he's poised for a good year," said Tetrick, who entered Thursday with 3,407 career wins. "He matured a lot over the winter. He tries hard and he's very versatile. You can do whatever you need with him. "The 4-year-old year is always the toughest. There are a lot of good horses out there, but I think he'll be able to hold his own. So far he's done everything we've asked him to do. It should be a lot of fun." Tetrick got his first win as a driver in 2003. Last May, he became the fifth-youngest driver to reach 3,000 victories, a feat he accomplished at Hoosier Park. Incidentally, Tetrick's brother, Tim, was the fastest driver to reach 3,000, at the age of 25 in 2007. On April 8, Trace picked up Hoosier Park win No. 1,481 to become the track's winningest driver. "It's pretty nice," Tetrick said. "I didn't realize how close I was. It's a great feat. I'm very happy to do it; very honored." Ken Weingartner

Freaky Feet Pete, the 2015 Breeders Crown Champion for three-year-old pacing colts, was a dominant winner in his 2016 harness racing debut on Saturday, April 23 at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in the featured event on the card, a $21,000 Invitational Pace. Driven by regular pilot Trace Tetrick, Freaky Feet Pete finished two lengths in front of his next closest competitor, stopping the timer in 1:49.4. The Larry Rheinheimer trainee wasted no time as he came away from the gate firing to reach the front in an uncontested opening panel of :27. Nitro and John DeLong benefitted from a pocket trip while Bluehourpower and Ricky Macomber Jr. were next in line, third. Freaky Feet Pete leisurely strolled down the backside to reach the second panel in :55.2 while the rest of the field remained in single file line approaching the final turn. With a three-quarter clocking a 1:23, Freaky Feet Pete once again showed the flashes of speed that has made the pacer so popular. Under no urging from Tetrick, Freaky Feet Pete found another gear and utilized a :26.4 closing quarter to pace away from the field. Nitro maintained his position to finish second while Bluehourpower rounded out the trifecta. As the overwhelming favorite, Freaky Feet Pete returned $2.10 to his backers at the betting window. "We are glad to have that one out of the way," Rheinheimer noted in the winner's circle with a smile. "There's a lot of pressure, especially with his first start, but he qualified well and he seems to be as good as ever and that's all we can ask for." "I told Trace (Tetrick) good luck and be safe, that's it, that's all I ever tell him," he continued. "I felt good about things tonight, he (Freaky Feet Pete) felt really good warming up. He was a little aggressive but he was ready to get back to work." With the win, Freaky Feet Pete notched the first win of his four-year-old campaign and 25th career victory from 28 lifetime outings. The homebred son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori has now earned $1,126,224 lifetime for his owners Mary Jo Rheinheimer and Marty Rheinheimer. Rheinheimer's star pupil will look to make another start at his home track before being pointed to Northfield Park for his first major stakes engagement of the season, the $200,000 Battle of Lake Erie at Northfield Park on May 21. "As far as the rest of the season, we will see how it goes," Rheinheimer continued. "He will be in all the stakes races around here and we will take him to a few other places, Toronto and the Meadowlands, if all goes well. We are going to take it week by week with him." Live racing at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino will continue on Tuesday, April 26 with a 14-race card that is set to begin at 5:45 p.m. The 160-day racing season will follow a Tuesday through Saturday schedule and be conducted through November 12. For more information on the upcoming entertainment and live racing schedule at Hoosier Park, please visit Emily Gaskin

ANDERSON, Ind. - April 20, 2016- Freaky Feet Pete, the winner of the 2015 Breeders Crown final for three-year-old pacing colts, will make his much anticipated seasonal debut at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino on Saturday, April 23. The four-year-old son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori will look to tackle five other rivals in the featured event of the evening, a $21,000 Invitational Pace, and has been installed as the 2-5 morning line favorite in the evening's 11th race. Trained by Larry Rheinheimer, Freaky Feet Pete will be driven by his regular pilot, Trace Tetrick. A winner of over $1.1 million in lifetime earnings and a story book three-year-old campaign, Freaky Feet Pete has had two qualifying outings at Hoosier Park in 2016. In his first qualifier, Freaky Feet Pete cruised through fractions of :27.2, :56.1 and 1:24.3 before kicking home in :27.4 to win by nine and a quarter lengths in 1:52.2 in less than favorable weather conditions. His second qualifier came last weekend at Hoosier Park where he finished 13 lengths in front of his next closest competitor and stopped the timer in 1:51.4. "He was very strong," Tetrick noted after his qualifier. "I think he's grown up some, he is definitely ready to get back to work; he loves his job and seems as strong as ever." On Saturday, Freaky Feet Pete will start from post six and look to put an end to the two race win streak put together by the Dylan Davis trainee, Fearless Diablo. Fearless Diablo has captured back to back wins in Hoosier Park's featured pace, most recently scoring in 1:51.3. Freaky Feet Pete has amassed $1,115,724 from 24 wins and two seconds in 27 trips lifetime. In fact, he's only finished off the board once in his career and that was in his third career start as a freshman, when he finished fourth. Indiana's three-year-old pacing colt of the year will likely make another start at his home track before shipping to Northfield Park for his first major stakes race of the year, the $200,000 Battle of Lake Erie on May 21. Saturday's 14-race card at Hoosier Park is set to get underway at 5:45 p.m. Hoosier Park's 'Family Fun Days' return this Saturday and will continue each weekend throughout the entirety of the harness racing season. Activities will include face painting, live entertainment, games and winner's circle giveaways. Saturday's live racing card will be followed by a free performance by Ripple Effect in Hoosier Park's Terrace Showroom. For more information on the upcoming entertainment or live racing schedule, please visit by Emily Gaskin, for Hoosier Park

After having reached harness racing's highest level in 2015 with his champion three-year-old pacer, Freaky Feet Pete, trainer, owner Larry Rheinheimer is anxiously anticipating the 2016 racing season. A winner of over $1.1 million in lifetime earnings and a story book three-year-old campaign, Freaky Feet Pete spent his winter months at the family farm in LaGrange, Indiana in preparation for his four-year-old season. "He's wintered real well," Rheinheimer noted with a smile. "Of course, I am in Florida right now but my son (and co-owner) Marty is at home with him and he said he's training very good. That's all we can ask. I am anxious to get back and get racing again, that's for sure." "We really thought he filled out between his two and three year old season but I think he has filled out even more this year and seems to have matured some too," Rheinheimer noted. "He is happy, healthy and still loves his job so we are happy." Rheinheimer expects Freaky Feet Pete to make his four-year-old debut in mid-April for a qualifier at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino. If all goes well, the son of Rockin Image-Skyway Lori will likely make his first pari-mutuel start at his home track before shipping to Northfield Park for his first major stakes race of the year, the $200,000 Battle of Lake Erie on May 21. "We staked him a little heavier this year," Rheinheimer noted. "Obviously, we staked him to everything close to home, The Dan Patch, The Hoosier Park Pacing Derby but we also included a few of the bigger races at The Meadowlands and in Canada." Freaky Feet Pete has amassed $1,115,724 from 24 wins and two seconds in 27 trips lifetime. In fact, he's only finished off the board once in his career and that was in his third career start as a freshman, when he finished fourth. Most notably, Freaky Feet Pete captured the coveted $531,250 Breeders Crown final for three-year-old male pacers at Woodbine Racetrack with regular pilot Trace Tetrick in the bike. Freaky Feet Pete is the eighth foal of the ultra-prolific broodmare, Skyway Lori. While she was a decent racehorse in her own regard, Skyway Lori's biggest accolades came as a broodmare. With nine foals of racing age, she has produced eight winners and responsible for five $100,000+ winners and two $200,000+ winners. Freaky Feet Pete remains her fastest son with his 1:48.2 mark taken in Indiana Sires Stakes action at Hoosier Park last year. The Rheinheimer's are training a two-year-old full brother to Freaky Feet Pete this year named Lori's Rockstar, who is named after his dam as she unexpectedly passed away last year. "We're excited to get started racing again," Rheinheimer said. "He's been a dream come true and more than we ever hoped for. It sure is fun to be a part of a horse like him." Emily Gaskin

Freaky Feet Pete will be in search of his 24th win in 27 career starts when he teams up with Trace Tetrick to take on six other 3yo pacing colts in Saturday's $150,000 American National Stake at Balmoral Park. There’s no other sophomore pacer currently racing in North America who has garnered so much attention as Freaky Feet Pete.  And it’s not just because of his name, either. The reason?  This 3-year-old son of Rockin Image has been a terror on the Midwest scene all year and most recently captured harness racing’ s biggest event—the $531,250 Breeders Crown for sophomore pacers. Saturday night he’ll venture postward against six rivals in the $150,000 American National for 3-year-old colt and gelding pacers.   Trained by breeder Larry Rheinheimer for owners Mary Jo and Marty R Rheinheimer, Freaky Feet Pete will be trying for his sixth consecutive victory from post two. Regular pilot Trace Tetrick will be behind the swift-footed, Indiana-bred side-wheeler. Freaky Feet Pete is a total family horse as the homebred often has Mary Jo at his side as his caretaker whenever he races.  A winner of 14 of 16 starts this season, the bay colt’s connections forked out $62,500 to supplement him to the Breeders Crown on Oct. 24 at Woodbine, a costly investment that more than paid off when the “Pride of Indiana” bested some of the sport’s top male sophomores in 1:50.   That triumph also gave driver Trace Tetrick his first Breeders Crown trophy. “It was exciting,” Trace revealed. “It was something I’ll never forget.” Born May 31, 2012 in LaGrange, Indiana, Freaky Feet Pete is the eighth foal out of the Pilgrim’s Punch mare Skyway Lori p, 3, 1:54.1S ($56,663) and has half siblings in: Dongetinskyway (by Dontgetinmyway) p,6,1:51.2 ($288,458); Virgil (by Always A Virgin) p, 5, 1:51f ($217,803); Dontlookatthesky (by Dontgetinmyway) p,4,1:51.3 ($170,396); Just Fred (by Dontgetinmyway) p,4,1:51.3 ($166,750); Loretta (by Dontgetinmyway) p,5,1:52s ($145,112); Lightninginthesky (by Electric Yankee) p,5,1:52.1s ($129,032); and Good Gum Gertie (by Palone Ranger) p,3,1:53.1 ($43,993), etc.  “Pete,” as he’s known around the Rheinheimer’s barn at the family’s home in LaGrange, IN showed signs of greatness as a freshman, capturing nine of his ten starts in 2014 and earning $261,950.  He won his first career start on July 3, 2014 at Hoosier, pacing in 1:55.1 with Trace at the lines.  One week later he won an Indiana Sires Stake in a blistering 1:51.4 at Hoosier.  As a 2-year-old he went on to win multiple sire stake tests in the Hoosier state before capturing the $220,000 ISS Final on Oct. 18 at Hoosier Park, stopping the timer in 1:50.4 and drawing off from his rivals by 11½ lengths. “He surprises me every time he’s on the track,” Larry stressed. “We don’t give Trace any instructions but he always takes care of him and does what he needs to do.” Freaky Feet Pete has now amassed $1,037,724 from 23 wins and two seconds in 26 trips postward. In fact, he’s only finished off the board once in his career and that was in his third career start as a freshman, when he finished fourth.  The hardy colt thus has never missed a purse check—EVER! The colt really didn’t start to show was he was going to become a superstar though until he made that first career start, Larry recalled. “He won his first race, then his second, and we started to think he might be something special,” Larry said.  “The key to Pete’s success seems to be his attitude. He’s got a playful, goofy demeanor and once he steps out of the trailer at the racetrack, he’s all business. He knows when it’s time to get to work, and he loves his work, yes he does.” Now that’s a point everyone is getting the chance to evidence by the eye popping numbers that he continues to put up! Tom Kelley

ANDERSON, Ind.-October 30, 2015 - Freaky Feet Pete returned to his home state of Indiana and turned in another dominating performance to score his fourth consecutive victory, this time thrilling his hometown crowd in 1:49.3 in the $285,500 Monument Circle Pace at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino on Friday, October 30. Driven by regular pilot Trace Tetrick, Freaky Feet Pete used a pocket trip to his advantage to best harness racing's top-rated horse, Wiggle It Jiggleit, late in the lane to win by a length and a quarter. With the win, Freaky Feet Pete became the sport's newest millionaire as he pushed his lifetime earnings passed the $1 million mark and notch his 23rd lifetime victory from 26 starts. Freaky Feet Pete returned to Hoosier Park fresh off a stretch rallying victory as the post time favorite to become the first-ever Indiana sired horse to capture the $531,250 Breeders Crown three-year-old male pacing event at Woodbine on October 24. As the wings of the gate folded, Montrell Teague had the post-time favorite Wiggle It Jiggleit pointed to the front from the rail and Freaky Feet Pete left just enough from post three to grab a pocket seat. With Wiggle It Jiggleit dictating the fractions the race was shaping up to be a repeat of the last time these two superstars met in Indiana Sires Stakes action earlier in the season with Freaky Feet Pete earning the victory. Wiggle It Jiggleit dictated fractions of :26.3, :55.1 and 1:23.2 and as the field turned for home the stage was set once again for an epic battle to the wire. Tetrick tipped Freaky Feet Pete to the outside but Wiggle It Jiggleit wasn't giving it up easily. Using a :26 final quarter, Freaky Feet Pete saved his best for last to find the wire first. "I got the trip I wanted or probably the trip I needed," Tetrick noted in the winner's circle. "It's hard to come from off the pace especially against a horse like that (Wiggle It Jiggleit). Those are two great horses out there." "I knew Montrell's horse was sharp tonight," he continued. "It took mine a little while to get in full-tilt, a little while to get by him but he paced that last eighth of the mile hard, all the way to the wire. He loves his job and loves to go fast." The son of Rockin Image and Pilgrim's Punch mare Skyway Lori is trained by Larry Rheinheimer and owned by Mary Jo and Marty Rheinheimer. Freaky Feet Pete paid $4.00 to win as the public's second choice. Wiggle It Jiggleit paid $2.20 to show and My Hero Ron provided $3.80 to his supporters for his third place finish. "We are on top of the world," Larry Rheinheimer noted in the winner's circle. "We were a little concerned bringing him back 6 days later but we wanted to bring him back here to Hoosier Park. This whole experience with him has been a lot of fun, something I never imagined." The match-up between Wiggle It Jiggleit and Freaky Feet Pete was the pinnacle of a stakes-filled 14-race card at Hoosier Park with purses distributed throughout the evening over the $1 million mark. Just one race earlier, harness racing's richest Standardbred ever, Foiled Again turned in a gritty performance to take the $165,000 Hoosier Park Pacing Derby. With regular pilot Yannick Gingras at the controls, Foiled Again dictated fractions of :27.3, :56.1 and 1:24 before he began to feel pressure from the rest of the field. Using a :26.3 fought off JK Endofanera and Brett Miller along with stablemate All Bets Off and Matt Kakaley to find the wire first. "I love the rail, I wanted to control the race," Gingras noted in the winner's circle. "He's as tough as they come and he usually tells you about the 5/8 how he feels and tonight, he felt good. He swelled up and when he does that, he's usually tough to pass." Trained by Ron Burke, Foiled Again notched his third victory from 20 seasonal outings and 86th lifetime win from 244 starts. Owned by Burke Racing Stable, Weaver Bruscemi, and the JJK Stables, the 11-year-old gelding has now earned $379,132 for the season and over $7.2 million lifetime. Devil Child and Tim Tetrick kicked-off the stakes action for the evening in a big kind of way in the $101,000 USS Indianapolis Memorial Pace for three-year-old pacing fillies. With a final time of 1:50.3, Devil Child scored her second consecutive victory and re-established a seventeen year-old track record at Hoosier Park with the win. The previous mark of 1:50.4 was established by Galleria and George Brennan in 1998. Trained by Chris Oakes, Devil Child sat patiently along the rail in third through fractions of :26.4, :55.2, and 1:23 before angling out for racing room turning for home. Recording a :27 final quarter, the daughter of American Ideal-Kattimon coasted to the wire three-lengths in front of the pace-setting Sassa Hanover and Matt Kakaley. Devil Child recorded her sixth seasonal win from 20 outings for owners Susan Oakes and Crawford Farms, LLC. On the trotting side of the stakes action, Muscle Baby Doll turned in another impressive performance to score her second consecutive victory at Hoosier Park, tonight in the $140,000 Crossroads of America Stakes for three-year-old trotting fillies. After scoring in a track-record setting time of 1:53.1 in stakes action last week, Muscle Baby Doll dug in gamely late in the lane to hold off Bright Baby Blues to get the win for driver David Miller in 1:54.2. Owned by F. Bellino & Sons, LLC, the daughter of Muscle Mass-Have You Ever notched her 10th victory of the season from 14 starts. Muscle Baby Doll has now amassed $457,720 lifetime. In the very next division, Crazy Wow and Tim Tetrick pulled the slight 6-1 upset in the $270,000 Carl Erksine Trot for three-year-old colt and gelding trotters scoring in 1:54. The 2015 Hambletonian winning Pinkman was heavily favored at the betting windows and dictated early fractions of :27.2, :57, and 1:25.3 before succumbing to the long Hoosier Park stretch. Tetrick had Crazy Wow well placed turning for home and the three-year-old colt did the rest. It was the eighth win of the season for the son of Crazed-No Pan No Gan who is trained by Ron Burke and also the fourth win of the night for Tetrick. Owned by Our Horse Cents Stable, JT45, J&T Silva Stable and Deo Volente Farms, Crazy Wow has now earned $905,837 this season. For more information on the upcoming live racing and entertainment at Hoosier Park, please visit The live racing schedule at Hoosier Park will follow a Tuesday through Saturday schedule and be conducted through November 14. Emily Gaskin

TORONTO -- Freaky Feet Pete, a $62,500 supplemental entry rallied from well back as the harness racing favorite to capture the $531,250 U.S. ($689,244 Cdn) Breeders Crown three-year-old male pacing event at Woodbine on Saturday night. The Indiana-bred son of Rockin Image looked to be far out of contention on the final turn, but driver Trace Tetrick gave him his marching orders in the stretch and the colt sprinted to a 1:50 victory at the expense of Artspeak and Lost For Words. Early speed was expected from the favorites in this event, but that was not the case as Lost For Words and Reverend Hanover from the outer tier of the starting gate engaged in an early battle as the favorites held their composure. Reverend Hanover had the lead in the :26 opening quarter, but Lost For Words and David Miller regained moving down the backstretch and controlled the issue through a :55 opening half. Approaching the half In The Arsenal and Brian Sears moved for the second time and they were followed in order by Wakizashi Hanover, Freaky Feet Pete and Artspeak. "I thought I was in a good spot following Tim and having Artspeak on my back," said driver Trace Tetrick. But the cover was not moving all that quickly on the turn as Miller and Lost For Words tried to put some separation on the field with a blistering :27.1 third quarter in the middle of a steady downpour. In the stretch, Lost For Words opened up a few lengths, but Freaky Feet Pete had already been sent wide and he was closing with wild abandon. Trained by Larry Rheinheimer for owners Mary Jo Rheinheimer and Marty Rheinheimer, Freaky Feet Pete kicked home the winner, with Artspeak coming solidly late for second and Lost For Words finishing third. It was the first Breeders Crown win for Trace Tetrick. "It's very exciting," he said. "I'll remember this forever." Freaky Feet Pete won for the 13th time in 15 starts this year, making good on a rather large bet put down by his owners. Tetrick was looking forward to another year for Freaky Feet Pete. "I think they are going to stake him a little better next year," said Tetrick referring to the four-year-old season of Freaky Feet Pete. Wakizashi Hanover finished fourth and Dealt A Winner completed the final check getters. Quotes; Larry Rheinheimer As you watched the stretch, did you think he was going to get there? "I didn't know if he would or not. I knew there was lots of speed up front, which is what I was hoping for because I know he can get home pretty good." But it wasn't a night for coming from behind... "(laughs) No, not at all. He was a long way back. I was thinking about the other races earlier and he was far back. I thought maybe he'd get second or third at that point." Tell me about this fantastic year that has led you to the Breeders Crown winner's circle... "It's been amazing. Every race he goes, it's just been a different thing. He just amazes me every time he goes. He just wants to win." This is the story everyone has been excited about... classic harness racing story where there are a lot of powerful stables/trainers, but there's always a chance a horse of the lifetime can come around. Is that how you feel about it too? "Exactly. I feel that way, too. I'm sharing it with my wife and my boy. It's just a super night. Everywhere you look there someone to watch or a horse you want to watch. It's just a really, really big night. It's wonderful." "He's out of a mare that had eight colts and they all made the racetrack. He's a good horse." Were you worried about the weather conditions? "No, not really. He's raced in it before and I knew it wouldn't bother him." Tim Tetrick (on brother Trace's first Crown victory) "It's great. If anyone was going to win, I'm glad it was him. It's cool" By Jay Bergman

TORONTO, ON - Freaky Feet Pete proved he didn't need to take his harness racing racetrack with him to prove his talent.   Racing for the first time outside of Hoosier Park, the Indiana-bred won convincingly Saturday night by 1¼ lengths at Woodbine Racetrack in the first Breeders Crown elimination for three-year-old male pacers.   Not there was much doubt. He was bet down to 4-5, the heavy favorite in the field of seven.   Fresh off his impressive victory against the mighty Wiggle It Jiggleit in a $220,000 Indiana Sires Stakes race exactly a week before at Hoosier Downs, Freaky Feet Pete had proven himself at home. Breeder/trainer Larry Rheinheimer, whose wife, Mary Jo and son, Marty, own the colt by Rockin Image, supplemented the superstar for $62,500, feeling his horse deserved the chance to compete in the Crown. His victory in the US$20,000 race stamps him as a serious contender going into the final next Saturday.   Driver Trace Tetrick settled the colt into third, behind pacesetter Reverend Hanover, who set fractions of 27 1/5, 56 and 1:23. It was after the half-mile point that Tetrick began a first-over move and claimed control at the top of the stretch and then it was just a matter of how much he would win by and how fast. He paced the mile into a steady wind in 1:49 1/5 with breathtaking ease.   It was not only the first victory for Freaky Feet Pete outside his home track and country, it was the first win in Canada for the 71-year-old Larry Rheinheimer.   "We're pretty proud of him," Rheinheimer stated. "We've always liked him real good and we've always been high on him. We're giving him a chance."   Anyone who has watched the development of this colt had to feel good that Rheinheimer opted to pay the supplement and showcase him to the racing world.   "We talked about it earlier, then it got a little bit harder, but then he raced good," Rheinheimer said.   It was the convincing win over Wiggle It Jiggleit, who had beaten him earlier in the season at Hoosier Park, that convinced Rheinheimer to take the shot and literally buck up.   "I was hoping to get a trip with him," Rheinheimer said.   It was actually a dream trip.   Freaky Feet Pete paid $3.60, $2.30, $2.10. Artistic Major, who rallied late to overtake Reverend Hanover for second, paid $11.50, $3.90. Reverend Hanover, who has battled bucked shins in his rookie and sophomore season, paid $2.30 to show.   With his 12th win in 14 starts this season and his 21st overall in 24 career starts, Freaky Feet Pete eclipsed $600,000 in lifetime earnings.   Freaky Feet Pete     Perry Lefko for the Breeders Crown  

Cranbury, NJ --- The pride of Indiana, harness racing 3-year-old colt pacer Freaky Feet Pete, as well as 5-year-old trotter Creatine, back home in the U.S. after an international campaign this year, were supplemented to their respective Breeders Crown divisions by the noon deadline on Monday, Oct. 12. The U.S.$5.8 million Breeders Crown events will be contested on Saturday, Oct. 24, at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Canada. Indiana-bred Wiggle It Jiggleit has dominated both the 3-year-old pacing colt division and the sport's headlines since February, but like Freaky Feet Pete was not eligible to the Breeders Crown program. The owners of "Pete," Mary Jo and Marty Rheinheimer, pulled the trigger on the $62,500 supplemental fee after their homebred defeated Wiggle It Jiggleit at Hoosier Park in the $220,000 Indiana state-bred final on Saturday, Oct. 10. With a record of 11 wins in 13 starts this year, Freaky Feet Pete has not left his home turf of Hoosier Park but has only been beaten twice there, once by Wiggle It Jiggleit in May, and by Wakizashi Hanover in September. The son of Rockin Image has combined win margins of more than 67 lengths and his two losses measure less than four lengths. "Yes, we are going to Breeders Crown," trainer Larry Rheinheimer told reporter Kim French, after his last victory. "We let the horse tell us what to do and tonight he told us." Creatine, owned by Big C Racing [Adam Bowden of Diamond Creek Farm, Creatine's former trainer Bob Stewart and his wife Lynda, and Diamond Creek Racing], has racked up an impressive $1.83 million in his four-year career. The son of Andover Hall was campaigned overseas in 2015, but returned home to represent the U.S. in last Saturday's $1 million Yonkers International Trot, finishing third behind Papagayo E and Timoko. Now trained by Jimmy Takter and driven by his brother Johnny, Creatine will make his third start in Breeders Crown competition after finishing second as a 3-year-old and third in the 2014 Open Trot. The supplemental fee of $62,500 was necessary because the eligibility fees for 2015 had not been made. Regular entries for eligible trotters and pacers are due by 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 13, at the Mohawk race office. There are no supplemental provisions for 2-year-old races. The contestants for the 12 Breeders Crown Finals will be determined through elimination races this Friday and Saturday night at Woodbine. Eliminations for all 2-year-olds will be raced on Friday [post time 7:25 p.m.] and eliminations for all 3-year-olds and up will be Saturday [post time 7:25 p.m.]. Elimination winners draw for inside post positions 1-5 for the finals. The U.S.$5.8 million divisional championships finals are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 24, at Woodbine Racetrack. Special post time is 6:30 p.m. [EDT]. There will be a live broadcast from 9-10:00 p.m. on TSN2 in Canada. Follow Breeders Crown news and updates on Twitter @Breeders_Crown, using #BreedersCrown15 and on Facebook at Fans can also go to, the Place for Harness Racing Fans to See, Share, Connect and Play.  

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