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Today’s Enghien at Laval harness racing program was good one, highlighted by the Prix de New York (purse 67,000€, 2050 meters autostart, 16 European starters). Here the 5.8/1 Ce Bello Romain (8g Jam Pridem-Miss Echo Bella) scored in 1.11.4kr with Anthony Barrier aboard for owner/trainer S.G. Dupont. This was the winners’ 16th career victory now for 452,480€ earned. 25/1 Jerry Mom (7m Ready Cash-Graziella), a full brother to Traders, was second with David Thomain up for trainer Jo Corbanie and JPB Building Bvba. 16/1 Estola (6f Nectar) took third for Francois Lecanu, trainer Emmanuel Ruault and owner Ecurie Comte P. de Montesson. 6.5/1 Alcoy (6m Ready Cash) and 21/1 Nancy America (9f Revenue) completed the top five in this Quinte+ contest. The exact order Q+ payoff was 19,742.20€. Ce Bello Romain  Watch the replay click here.  The three year olds were on stage in the Prix d’Hermonville (purse 44,000€, 2875 meters voltstart, nine European starters) and the 3/2 favorite Hede Darling (3m Password-Queen Darling) scored in 1.15.6kr. This one achieved his fourth career victory in eight starts now for 51,330€in the bank. He was given a learning path by owner/driver Jean Pierre Dubois and he is conditioned by Kevin Vanderschelden. Driver JPB won for the ninth time in 26 drives in 2020. This team also won the Prix de la Mayenne at Lyon Parilly today with Heroic Dark (3m Bird Parker-Quniromontica), clocked in 1.18.5kr with P.Y. Verva aboard. This was the third lifetime win for Heroic Dark. Hede Darling Watch the replay click here. Following Hede Darling to the line were 2.9/1 Barolo Roc (4m Filipp Roc) for trainer/driver Matthieu Abrivard and 8.6/1 Hiros de Fleur (3m Ludo de Castelle) for Alexandre Abrivard. This one is trained by Frederic Prat and owned by Flavien Prat. Thomas H. Hicks

June 6, 2020 - A super harness racing card today was raced at Laval (transferred there from Vincennes) that included three groupe level contests. The Gr. II Prix Chambon P (purse 85,000€, 2875 meters voltstart, International five year olds and up) produced a 1.12.4kr victory for 5.1/1 Enino du Pommereux (6m Coktail Jet - Noune du Pommereux) with Matthieu Abrivard up. Sylvain Roger trains this Noel Lolic campaigner. This was his 10th career score now for 821,030€ earned. Heavily favored 4/10 odds Cleangame (8g Ouragon de Celland-Red Bell) was second for trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire and owner J.M. Rancoule, although he was flat in the lane. 8.1/1 Delia du Pommereux (7f Niky-Noune de Pommereux) rallied for third with Franck Nivard up for the Roger/Lolic team. 81/1 Vipera Killer G (6f Varenne-Uakland) was fourth for J.G. Van Eechhoute and trainer Vitale Ciotola. Fifth was 11/1 Bahia Quesnot (9f Scipion du Goutier-Queen Ines) took fifth for trainer/driver Junior Guelpa. Enino du Pommereux Five-year olds battled in the Prix Louis Jariel (Gr. II, purse 85,000€, 2225 meters) and 4.3/1 Feliciano (5m Ready Cash-Ravenella) rallied to win in 1.12.3kr for pilot David Thomain. Philippe Allaire trains this now 11 time lifetime winner for Ecurie des Charmes. His career earnings reached 517,590€.  Second was the 2.5/1 favorite Fleche du Yucca (5f Prodigious-Vincenza) handled by Jean Philippe Dubois for his Ecurie Victoria Dreams and trainer Philippe Moulin. Third went to 3.4/1 Frisbee d’Am (5m The Best Madrik-Miska des Rondes) that Alexandre Abrivard teamed for trainer Richard Westerink. This race was the Q+ event of the day and the exact order payoff was 55,522.20€. Feliciano The Gr. III Prix d’Istres (three year old fillies, purse 60,000€, 2875 meters voltstart, European eligibles) saw the impressive Headline (3f Brillantissime-Mara Bourbon) rally from fifth to win in 1.15.9kr under no urging. This was third straight victory and fifth win in her last seven. Her life earnings reached 81,200€ for owner/driver Jean Pierre Dubois and trainer Kevin Vanderschelden. She was off at 3.3/1 odds and bested 53/1Hermine Girl (3f Atlas de Joudes-Salut Beaute) handled by Ch. Lebissonnais for Ecurie Danover with third to 2.7/1 Hirondelle Sibey (3f Gazouillis-Celina du Chatele) for Eric Raffin. The start was delayed when Hatha Josselyn unseated reinsman Jean Michel Bazire and ran off. Headline w JPD The winning Headline was bred by JPD’s Ecurie Dream With Me and is from one of his great mares, Mara Bourbon, a winner of 1,657,405€ from 18 career victories and a 1.10.7kr record. She won the Osloi GP, GP du Bourbonnais and the European Championship 5 Ans among others. For Dubois as driver, he now has seven 2020 wins from 23 starts and 1,394 career driving wins in 6,854 starts. As an owner he has 25 wins in 2020 from 121 starts. Quite a story orchestrated by a legendary horseman and he is only 79. Below is a list of his groupe I and II victories so far that illustrate his Franco-American trotting mastery. Groupe 1[   France Prix d'Amérique – 2 – High Echelon (1979), Hymour (1982) Prix de France – 2 – Hymour (1982) Grand Critérium de vitesse de la Côte d'Azur – 2 – High Echelon (1979), Hymour (1982) Prix de l'Atlantique – 2 – Défi d'Aunou (1998), Ganymède (1999) Critérium des Jeunes – 4 – Fortuna Fant (1996), Juliano Star (2000), Mahana (2003), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Critérium des 3 ans – 3 – Rainbow Runner (1986), Vasquez (1990), Buvetier d'Aunou (1992) Critérium des 4 ans – 2 – Buvetier d'Aunou (1993), Extreme Dream (1996) Critérium Continental – 5 – Rangone (1987), Bahama (1993), Extreme Dream (1996), Hermès du Buisson (1999), Love You (2003) Critérium des 5 ans – 1 – High Echelon (1978) Prix Albert Viel – 5 – Bahama (1992), Esotico Star (1995), Island Dream (1999), Juliano Star (2000), Mahana (2003) Prix de l'Étoile – 4 – Rainbow Runner (1988), Bahama (1993, 1994), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Prix de Sélection – 4 – High Echelon (1979), Buvetier d'Aunou (1993), Kaisy Dream (2002), Qualita Bourbon (2008) Prix des Élites -1- Mara Bourbon (2003) Prix d'Essai – 1 – Fly Mourotaise (1996)  Denmark  Copenhague Cup – 1 – Mara Bourbon (2006) Italy  Gran premio d'Europa – 3 – Rainbow Runner (1987), Bahama (1993), Kaisy Dream (2002) Grand Prix Continental – 3 – Esquirol (1974), Bahama (1993), Camino (1994) Palio des Communes – 1 – Bahama (1994) Grand Prix Freccia d'Europe – 1 – Bahama (1994) Norway  Grand Prix d'Oslo – 2 – Ganymède (1999), Mara Bourbon (2006) Netherlands  Prix des Géants – 1 – Promising Catch (1995)  Europe Championnat Européen des 3 ans – 1 – Mahana (2003) Championnat Européen des 5 ans – 2 – Camino (1995), Mara Bourbon (2005) Grand Prix de l'UET – 2 – Rangone (1987), Daguet Rapide (2004) Groupe 2[   France Prix Pierre Plazen – 7 – Bon Conseil (1992), Cézio Josselyn (1993), Ever Jet (1995), Juliano Star (2000), Love You (2002), Not Disturb (2004), Quatre Juillet (2007) Prix Kalmia – 7 – Radjah de Talonay (1986), Une de Rio (1989), Bon Conseil (1992), Esotico Star (1995), Juliano Star (2000), Kaisy Dream (2001), Love You (2002) Prix Jacques de Vaulogé – 6 – Une de Rio (1989), Vasquez (1990), Buvetier d'Aunou (1992), Cézio Josselyn (1993), In Love With You (1999), Love You (2002) Prix Masina – 6 – Bahama (1992), Island Dream (1999), Let's Go Darling (2002), Mahana (2003), Orelady (2005), Rapide Aventure (2008) Prix Guy Le Gonidec – 6 – Buvetier d'Aunou (1993), Ganymède (1998), Hermès du Buisson (1999), Love You (2003), Mara Bourbon (2004), Royal Crown (2009) Prix Ozo – 5 – Bahama (1992), Danse avec le Feu (1994), Island Dream (1999), Just Like That (2000), Mahana (2003) Prix Victor Régis – 5 – Ker Seddouk (1979), Fébrile (1996), Kaisy Dream (2001), Love You (2002), Not Disturb (2004) Prix Gélinotte – 5 – Une de Rio (1989), Bahama (1992), Island Dream (1999), Mahana (2003), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Prix Guy Deloison – 5 – Island Dream (1999), Let's Go Darling (2002), Mahana (2003), Nina Madrik (2004), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Prix Maurice de Gheest – 4 – Bon Conseil (1992), Cézio Josselyn (1993), Ever Jet (1995), Kaisy Dream (2001) Prix Phaeton – 4 – Camino (1994), Extreme Dream (1996), Goetmals Wood (1998), Daguet Rapide (2004) Prix Jockey – 4 – High Echelon (1978), Vizir de Retz (1992), Bahama (1994), Love You (2004) Prix Ovide Moulinet – 4 – Unnamed (1991), Camino (1995), Love You (2004), Mara Bourbon (2005) Prix des Ducs de Normandie – 4 – Bahama (1994), Goetmals Wood (1999), Love You (2004, 2005) Prix Paul Viel – 4 – Cézio Josselyn (1993), Fortuna Fant (1996), Juliano Star (2000), Quick Wood (2007) Prix Annick Dreux – 4 – Bahama (1992), Coda Josselyn (1993), Do Wind (1994), Mahana (2003), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Prix Charles Tiercelin – 4 – Rainbow Runner (1987), Extreme Dream (1996), Goetmals Wood (1998), Quatre Juillet (2008) Prix Gaston de Wazières – 4 – Rangone (1987), Vasquez (1992), Bon Vivant (1993), Qualita Bourbon (2008) Prix Jules Thibault – 4 – Vasquez (1991), Buvetier d'Aunou (1993), Repeat Love (2009), Sam Bourbon (2010) Prix Paul Karle – 3 – Une de Rio (1989), Cézio Josselyn (1993), Esotico Star (1995) Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve – 3 – Bon Vivant (1993), Extreme Dream (1996), Goetmals Wood (1998) Prix Abel Bassigny – 3 – Cézio Josselyn (1993), Daholic (1994), Kaisy Dream (2001) Prix Éphrem Houel – 3 – Bahama (1993), Goetmals Wood (1998), Kaisy Dream (2002) Prix Henri Levesque – 3 – Rainbow Runner (1988), Bahama (1994), Love You (2002) Prix Robert Auvray – 3 – Rainbow Runner (1988), Love You (2004), Mara Bourbon (2005) Prix Emmanuel Margouty – 3 – Quarisso (1984), Radiant du Val (1985), Quick Wood (2006) Prix Une de Mai – 3 – Orelady (2004), Pretence (2005), Qualita Bourbon (2006) Prix Roquépine – 3 – Bambina (1992), Island Dream (1999), Qualita Bourbon (2007) Prix Gaston de Wazières – 3 – Camino (1994), Hermès du Buisson (1999), Qualita Bourbon (2008) Prix de Washington – 2 – Ker Seddouk (1981), Bahama (1994) Prix de la Côte d'Azur – 2 – Hymour (1982), Promising Catch (1995) Prix de Croix – 2 – Vasquez (1992), Love You (2004) Prix Louis Jariel – 2 – Love You (2004), Mara Bourbon (2005) Prix du Bourbonnais – 2 – High Echelon (1979), Mara Bourbon (2005) Prix Gaston Brunet – 2 – Bon Vivant (1993), Repeat Love (2009) Prix Uranie – 2 – Qualita Bourbon (2006), Calita Wood (2015) Prix Reine du Corta – 2 – Bahama (1992), Douce Rebelle (2016) Prix Ariste Hémard – 1 – Rangone (1987) Prix de l'Union Européenne – 1 – Défi d'Aunou (1999) Prix Marcel Laurent – 1 – Love You (2004) Prix Albert Demarcq – 1 – Mara Bourbon (2005) Prix Doynel de Saint-Quentin – 1 – Mara Bourbon (2005) Critérium de Vitesse de Basse-Normandie – 1 – Love You (2005) Prix Octave Douesnel – 1 – Olitro (2006) Grand Prix du Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes – 1 – Mara Bourbon (2006) Jean Pierre Dubois Thomas H. Hicks  

June 3, 2020 - Calou Renardiere (8g Lets Go Along-Rosee Renardiere), off at 4.7/1 odds, took this sixth leg of the harness racing Gr. III Grand National du Trot Paris Turf (purse 75,000€, 2850 meters distance handicap, 16 starters) raced at Laval. Eric Raffin teamed this J.M. Baudouin trainee that was timed in 1.13.6kr. The 5.6/1 Dollar Soyer (7g Phlegyas-Quinoa Soyer) was second for pilot Anthony Barrier and trainer Gregory Thorel. Defi Pierji (7g Roc Meslois) was third for Leo Abrivard. Divine Mesloise (7f The Best Madrik) and 25 meter handicapped Drole de Jet (7m Coktail Jet) completed the top five. Calou Renardiere   Thomas H. Hicks  

May 23, 2020 - Saturday harness racing action in France was at Laval, the card moved from Enghien due to shutdown of the populated Red areas. Here, the Quinte+ Prix de l’Obelisque (purse 56,000€, 2050 meters, 16 starters) went to 6.9/1 Dostoievski (7g Ganymede) clocked in 1.11.6kr. Eric Raffin drove this Jean Michel Bazire trainee for Ecurie des Charmes. This was his ninth career victory in 46 starts now for 325,980€. 5.2/1 Dream de Lasserie (7g Orlando Vici) was second for trainer/driver Romain Derieux and third went to 9/1 Cyriel d’Atom (8g Otello Pierji) for Franck Nivard. 36/1 Cash du Rib and 1.2/1 Dayana Berry completed the top five leading to a Q+ exact order payoff of 35,537.40€ Dostoievski On the undercard was the Prix du Rhone (purse 50,000€, 2050 meters autostart, 15 starters) with the 1.12.1kr timed victory to 16/1 Equinoxe Jiel (6m Rancho Gede-Themis Jiel) for pilot Gabriele Gelormini. Ecurie Luck owns the winner that is conditioned by J.L. Dersoir. 57/1 Eliseo (6g Timoko) and 61/1 El Diablo d’Aut (6m Saxo de Vandel) completed the top three. Equinoxe Jiel Ahead on May 26 is the Prix Victory Cavey (Gr. II monte, 2950 meters, purse 85,000€, five-year olds) to be raced at Mans due to Red area shutdown. This great field includes Fleche Bourbon, Flicka de Blary and Fidele Royal. It should be a super event. Thomas H. Hicks  

March 11, 2020 - The 2.1/1 harness racing favorite Viking d’Hermes (11g Sancho Panca-Norina Way) scored at Laval in this day’s Grand Prix Consel Departemental Mayenne (purse 49,000€, 2850 meters distance handicapped, International) timed in 1.12.6kr. Eric Raffin teamed this 25-meter handicapped winner for trainer J.M. Roubaud as he scored for the 18th time in a career that has produced earnings of 501,800€. Fun Quick (5m Carpe Diem-Activity Quick) was second for Alexandre Abrivard, trainer Maik Esper and owner Ecurie Quick Star. Baron d’Aidou (9g Saxo de Vandel) took third for Cyril Chenu. Thomas H. Hicks

June 5, 2019 - The sixth leg of the harness racing Gr.I Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf (purse 85,000€, 2850 meters distance handicap, 18 starters) was held Wednesday at Laval. This race was also the Quinte+ race of the day.  The 1.9/1 odds second choice Calaska de Guez (7f Pomerol de Laumac-Miss de Guez) scored for trainer/driver Jean-Michel Bazire and owner Ecurie Vautors. This was the winner’s 17th career victory now for life earnings of 298,100€. The 1.8/1 favorite Dream de Lasserie (6g Orlando Vici) was second for owner Ecurie Daidou and reinsman Romain Derieux. 20/1 Candidat d’Ortige (7m Giant Cat) was third for Kevin Leblanc. The top five was completed by 7.81 Colorado Blue and 22/1 Azaro d’Eva and that set up an exact order payoff of 2,127.00€ to 326 winning ticket holders. The Q+ pool was 3,389,893€ and the total race handle (all wagers) exceeded 7,711,000€. The next GNT leg will be June 19 at Reims. Thomas H. Hicks  

Saturday’s Prix du Haras d’Haufor at Laval saw a good field battle over 2875 meters (distance handicap) for a purse of 33,000€.   Victory was earned by 1.14.3kr timed Boyokos Atout (8g Goetmals Wood-New York Jet) reined by trainer Franck Nivard to his 14 th career win now for life earnings of 207,700€. Fast closing second went to 25 meter handicapped Drole de Jet (6m Coktail Jet-Likely Jet) with Pierre Vercruysse the trainer/driver for Ecurie d’As. He was clocked in 1.13.7kr.   Third went to 25 meter penalized Elite du Ruel (5f Timoko-Romance du Ruel) with Franck Anne up for breeder/owner Annick Bezin. Delloro Vedaquais (6g Ready Cash-Spandelle), also 25 meter handicapped, was fourth the J.Ph. Monclin teaming for owner/trainer Philippe Allaire.   At Kincsem Park (Budapest) their Saturday featured Akkuratos DIJ (purse 600,000Huf, 1960 meters distance handicap) went to the 1.3/1 favorite Zeal di Girafalco (4m Igor Font-Inviata d’Italia-Varenne) with Veljko Mazsity the trainer/driver.   This was his first 2019 start and ninth career win in Hungary in 11 starts. The breeder was Russia based Elleca Society Agr. Finishing second was 27.9/1 and 20 meter handicapped Milady Amok (6f Scarlet Knight-Balett Amok-Defi d’Aunou with third to 13/1 Ujrazi! (6m Maximus Lindy-Gyarsukj!-Witsends Speedy.   Zeal di Girifalco                                 -Kincsem Park   Earlier on the program the 1.3/1 favorite Alfa Boy (3m Racino-Chippychip GT) won the Fenyves DIJ clocked in 1.18.9kr. Trainer Csaba Lakatos was the reinsman. Two interesting trotters race in a qualifying event before the main card with victory to 1.19.4kr timed Underpaid Hanover (10m Revenue-Up Front Lisa-Lindy Lane) and Csaba Lakatos over Arum Ville (3g Calypso Capar-Izaville-Endless Sands) with trainer Imre Fazekas aboard.   Arum Ville was a good two year old and is owned by NFL Oakland Raiders fans under the banner Silver and Black Racing.   Top quality racing also took place Saturday in the V75 card at Boden (SWE).   The headliner was the C.Th. Ericcsons Memorial (400,000SEK to the winner, 2140 meters autostart), a Gr. I event leading to the Olympiatravet.   This race went to 1.11.6kr timed and 3.5/1 odds Milligan’s School (6m Yankee Glide-Tori Ann-SJs Photo) reined by Ulf Eriksson for trainer/owner Stefan Melander. The winner was bred in the USA by Richard and Joyce McClelland of Ohio, and he recorded victory number 15 in 68 starts now for 8,676,994SEK earned. 6/1 Handsome Brad (6m Brad de Veleuve) was second for pilot Carl Johan Jepson, ahead of 25/1 Speedy Foxy Vicane (10f Chouchou des Dames) handed by Kim Eriksson.   The Solvalla undercard had five raced with 300,000SEK first money and another five for 250,000SEK first prize.   The winners of these included the following: V75 Silver 300,000SEK – Velvet Gio (5g Nad Al Sheba) 1.11.6kr over 2140 meters autostart Margaretas three year old males 300,000SEK – Fort Knox (3m Muscle Hill) 1.14.6kr over 2140m autostart Margaretas three year old fillies 300,000SEK – Zolly (3f Zola Boko) – 1.14.9kr over 2140m autostart Margaretas four year old females 300,000SEK – Racing Brooda (4f Prodigious) – 1.14.7kr over 2140m autostart Margaretas four year old males 300,000SEK – Night Brodde (4m Up And Quick) – 1.14kr over 2140m autostart Mares Elite 250,000SEK – Double Exposure (6f Donato Hanover) – 1.12.4kr over 1640m autostart Klass II Final 250,000SEK – Magic Cash (4g Ready Cash) – 1.12.4kr over 2140m autostart STL Bronze 250,000SEK – Perfect Dynamite (6g So Perfect) – 1.12.5kr over 2140m autostart Diamantstoet Final 250,000SEK – Odessa Celeber (5f Cantab Hall) – 1.13.8kr over 2140m voltstart (plus 20m handicap) Klass I Final 250,000SEK – Vlad Del Ronco (5m Iulius del Ronco) – 1.12.9kr over 2140m autostart   Thomas H. Hicks

The great veteran harness racing trotter, Akim du Cap Vert, won today’s Prix de Montigne le Brillant (purse 25,000€, 2875 meters voltstart, 11 starters) at Laval timed in 1.13.4kr and reined by his owner/trainer Franck Anne. Akim last won on November 21, 2015 when he was victorious in the Prix de Bretagne. Today’s victory was his 11th in the career that now sports earnings of 1,343,055€. He was off as the 2.8/1 favorite and bested 45/1 Clarck Sotho (6g Oiseau de Feux) with Antoine Weils aboard. The 14/1 Voltigeur de Myrt (9m Opus Viervil) took third for Lorenzo Donati to increase his career earnings to 1,402,317€. The 20/1 Bon Copain (7m Love You) and 13/1 Artiste de Joudes rounded out the top five. By Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

Today’s Laval featured Gr. III Grand Prix Anjou Maine (purse 100,000€, 2875 meters distance handicap, 17 starters) saw the great veteran and 25 meter penalized Aubrion du Gers (8g Memphis du Rib-J’Arrive du Gers) score in 1.12.2kr for owner/trainer/driver Jean Michel Bazire.  Off as the 3/10 favorite the winner recorded his 38th career win in 62 starts for 2,105,872€ earned. Aubrion du Gers traveled first up throughout before drawing clear in the stretch to defeat 41/1 Blues des Landiers (7g Phlegyas) with owner/trainer Dominique Charadame up. Third was 12/1 and 25 meter penalized Traders (6m Ready Cash) for Yoann Lebourgeois and owner/trainer Philippe Allaire. The 68/1 Barbue (7f Hermes du Buisson) and 8/1 Calin de Morge (6g Ozio Royal) completed the top five and the Q+ payoff was 2,761.60€ for a wager of 2€. Earlier at Hamburg Germany was held a qualifier in which Ringostarr Treb (8m Classic Photo) scored in 1.14.6kr over 2200 meters autostart. Wim Paal teamed the Jerry Riordan trainee that EVAM Racing owns. Now qualified, he will ship October 10th to New York for the Yonkers International three days later. In other new Dreammoko was an out and the Richard Westerink trainee was replaced by Canada’s Will Take Charge. By Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink    

On June 6 was the prestigious Quinte+ Grand National du Trot Paris-Turf held at Laval (Gr.III, purse €90,000, 2850 meters, 18 starters) and 2.4/1 Cleangame (6g Ouragon de Celland-Red Bell) scored in 1.12.5kr for trainer/driver J-M Bazire and owner J-M Rancoule.   This one now sports 15 career wins in 28 outings for €403,970 earned. 1.3/1 Caprice du Lupin (6g Chaillot) was second for Antoine Wiels and breeder/trainer/owner J-P Marmion. 26/1 Blues des Landiers (7g Phlegyas) was third for Dominique Cheradame, the breeder/owner/trainer/driver. 57/1 Unero Montaval and 41/1 Artiste de Joudes completed the top five.   The hot trotting Unstoppable (6g Zola Boko-Arnie’s Angel) took his seventh win in the last 11 starts at Gelsenkirchen in the Wettstar de Sportvetten for €4,000 and raced by six over 2000 meters autostart. Robbin Bot teamed the 4/5 odds winner that defeated 5.4/1 Ultra As (5g Civil Action) that had Rob T. De Vlieger aboard.   As the Oslo Grand Prix draws near, featuring Twister Bi and Be Mine de Houelle on the undercard), a June 6 event the GJENSIDIGE went to the legendary bred Forever Peace (5m Muscle Hill-Peaceful Way) in 1:55.5 over the 1609 meters autostart course.   Erlend Rennesvik is trainer driver of the Stall Sving bred and owned winner that earned 30,000NOk with the victory. The lightly raced campaigner now has a 5-2-4 slate in 20 career starts.   by Thomas H. Hicks, for Harnesslink  

Vignia la Revelle (7f Diamant Gede-Jirania La Revelle) took Wednesday’s €45,000 Grand Prix du Conseil Departmental de la Mayenne) at Laval, scoring over 2850 meters and clocked in Off at 4.3/1 odds the J-M Bazire piloted, E.G. Blot owned and trained winner defeated 17 international rivals ib the days Quinte+ race with a jackpot of €3.3 million. 9.6/1 Urgos du Cedre (8g Kiwi-Miss de Buisson) finished second ahead of 19.3/1 Ufana Nonantaise (8f Keridu du Donjon-Info Nonantaise) with Eric Raffin up. Also at Laval the Prix de la Societe du Cheval Francais (purse €30,000m monte, 2875 meters, 13 European starters) went to the 1.14.6kr winner Orione Spin (8g Viking Kronos-Karisma Zet) at 12.2/1 for Antoine Wiels. Lutfi Kolgjini owns and trains Orione Spin. 4.7/1 Vittorio de Carly (7g Quaro-Gamine des Sarts) was second for Guillaume Martin with third to 38/1 Va Vole dy Lys. Sunday March 20 kicks off the first Drivers Cup competition between the five driver teams from France and the USA. Pierre Vercruysse captains the FR team and Jason Bartlett leads Team USA. The FR team includes Matthieu Abrivard, Nicolas Ensch, Franck Ouvrie, Pierre Levesque and captain Vercruysse. The USA group includes captain Bartlett (a winner of over 6,000 races), Jordan Stratton, Tyler Buter, Pat Lachance and Daniel Dube. The second Drivers Cup round will take place in Paris on June 24 and June 26. Thomas H. Hicks

November 1, 2015 - Franck Nivard teamed 2/1 favorite Anna Mix (5f Ludo de Castelle-Ires) to victory in today’s €60,000 purse Grand Prix Andre de la Vaissiere, the 2875 meter distance handicap feature event at Laval contested by 18 European participants.  The winner, that overcame a 25 meter penalty, is owned and trained by Franck Leblanc and was timed in 1.13.4kr. 2.2/1 Falcon Haleryd (6g Varenne-Falnos Bellona) ended second for Gabriel Gelormini, trainer Johan Untersteiner and Stall Invexbo AB. 106/1 outsider Succes de Vaux (9g Edcon Tilly-Idole de Brenard) was third for Michael-Gerard Baron. The Prix Annick et Georges Dreux (purse €40,000, 2850 meters, 12 European monte starters) today at Laval went to the 1.13.7kr winner Bijou d’Auvillier (4g Kepler-Olive d’Auvillier) at 2.2/1 odds for Mlle. Caroline Cheradame up for trainer Joann Lebourgeois. 6.7/1 Talicia Bella (8f General du Pommeau-Illicia Bella) was second for Alexandre Abrivard and trainer J-M Marmion ahead of the 51/1 Valetta Strix (5g Going Kronos-Afrodite Sund) that is trained by Lutfi Kolgjini and ridden by Mlle Marie Bacsich. The Prix Albert et Raymond Poitevin (purse €30,000, 2875 meters, 16 starters) at Laval went to 6.9/1 Capone Face (3m Ready Cash-Kingly Pride) timed in 1.16.6kr and reined by Franck Nivard. Franck Leblanc trains the winner for Antonio De Sousa. 6.3/1 Coeur Baroque (3g Offshore Dream-Joie Baroque) ended second for Damien Bonne with third to 3.9/1 Canari Match (3m Extreme Aunou-Ruelle d’Ostel) for teamster Frederic Prat. Sunday at Berlin Mariendorf the PMU affected higher purses showcased the Champions-Serie (purse €10,000, 3100 meters autostart, 7 International starters) and the 1.15.9kr winner was 13/1 Wild Viking (7g Vikings Way-Walpurgis Crown) handled by trainer/driver Rudolf Haller for Stall Wieserhof. 1.7/1 second choiuce Indio Corner (6g Gigant Neo-Indira Corner) was second for Josef Franzl with 49/1 Charming Oreau (6f Eilean Donan-Oreau Hendrika) third for reinsman Benjamin Hagan and trainer Alle Lomar. The 9/10 favorite Oncoming Diamant (7g SJ’s Photo-Oruscha Diamant) was fourth with Detlef Fleischer doing the driving for trainer Gerhard Biendl. At Nimes the Prix des Haras d’Uzes (purse €25,000, 2750 meters, 15 starters) went to 84/1 Trust Speed (8g Ludo de Castelle-Kitty Speed-Tenor de Baune) for teamster A. Barre timed in 1.19kr in the defeat of 4.2/1 Ultimate Love (7g Gros Grain-Kelly Charm) driven by Junior Guelpa. Third went to 5.6/1 Vormensito (6g Quatre Juillet-Carmensita) driven by Kevin Vanderschelden, trainer Yves Boireau and owner Jean-Pierre Dubois. Thomas H. Hicks

September 30, 2015 - Gabriel Gelormini reined the Roberto Donati owned and trained Voltigeur de Myrt (6m Opus Viervil-Myrtille des Bois) to victory at 3.3/1 odds in the €100,000 purse International Grand Prix Anjou Maine over 2875 meters distance handicap. The winner, clocked in 1.13.2kr, took charge on a backstretch of the last lap and easily recorded his 10th career win in 55 starts for earnings now of €1,086,082. He overcame a 25 meter handicap as did second finishing Roxanne Griff (10f Tenor de Baune-Julia Mesloise) handled by Eric Raffin for Sebastien Guarato and Ecurie Griff, at 5.2/1 odds. The grand mare raced well and now has earnings in excess of €3.04 million in 120 starts. Third today was secured by 15/1 Nefertite del Rio (8f Varenne-Zendia) with Alexandre Abrivard up. Nahar was fourth for Robert Berg with late rally with Up The Green and Roi du Lupin next across the line. The latter two contested for the lead at various points during the race. The Gr. I Prix d’Avenches Championnat European for 3 year-olds (purse €100,000, 2050 meters autostart, 13 starters) was down to 11 at the gate with the scratch of Captain Sparrow and Chatearoux. Also, highly-regarded Traders, Germany’s Ferrari Kievitshof and Ultimate Photo were disqualified for miscues. That opened the door to victory for 4.4/1 odds Coquin Bebe (3m Rancho Gede-Noble Nenette) driven by J-M Bazire for trainer Franck Leblanc and owner Annie Bezir. Second was 2.2/1 favorite Cristal Money (3m Coktail Jet-Making Money) for reinsman Franck Nivard and trainer Thierry Duvaldestin. Cash Okay (3m Ready Cash-Tresokay) was third at 87/1 for G-V Gundersen and trainer A-L Wolden with fourth to 51/1 Photo Lavec (3m SJ’s Photo-Joyful Lavec) reined by Per Oleg Midtfjeld for trainer Bo Westergaard. Canari Match (3m Extreme Aunou-Ruelle) ended fifth at 32/1 for Franck Ouvrie and trainer Frederic Prat. Time for the winner was 1.13.1kr for a four-length score. Today’s Quinte+ (jackpot €4,050,000) was at Laval in the Prix Yann Despres (€32,000 purse, 18 starters, 2875 meters) and 9.1/1 Trinite du Mont scored in 1.15.1kr for Anthony Barrier for owner/trainer Philippe Deroyand. The winner is an eight year-old daughter of Hugo Barbes-Ozo du Mont. The exact order Q+ payoff (excluding jackpot) was €7,990) for a €2 wager.   Cl. N° Chevaux Drivers Propriétaires Entraîneurs 1er 18 Trinité du Mont A. Barrier P. Deroyand P. Deroyand 2ème 4 Uzzao de Blary F. Nivard Ecurie Christian Boisnard C. Boisnard 3ème 14 Thalie Ludoise E. Raffin S. Bourlier S. Bourlier 4ème 8 Tigre de Guez A. Morin M. Gilbert A. Morin 5ème 3 Unanime de Chenu P. Pellerot Ecurie Franck Pellerot F. Pellerot  Rapports (pour 2€)   Tirelire 4.050.000 € - Numéro plus : 0583     Ordre :       7.990,00€     Désordre :       159,80€     Bonus 4 :       17,60€     Bonus 4sur5 :       8,80€     Bonus 3 :       3,60€                     Thomas H. Hicks

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