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Charlottetown, PE - Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park and the PEI Harness Racing Industry Association is pleased to offer a special breakfast for the standardbred industry on Saturday April 24th in the Top of the Park restaurant from 9am-11am. The price is $10 plus tax per person. The morning will offer an opportunity to view the future stars of racing as they go in training sets to condition for the upcoming season. The Race Day broadcast team of Lee Drake, Peter MacPhee and Kurt Hughes will cover the action and provide background. The 2-hour presentation will also feature some recorded segments and guests will also have a chance to win some exciting prize packages. Trainers are invited to call the race office to register their horses at 902.629.6636. The deadline is Wednesday April 21st at 12pm. Owners and their guests must book the Top of the Park restaurant at 902.620.4264. Seating is limited. By Lee Drake, for Red Shores  

Charlottetown, PE - Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park is pleased to announce the opening date for the Spring meet is Saturday, May 8th 2021, one week later than initially planned. Post time is 6:00pm. The decision was made after consulting with horse people and harness racing industry groups. This will officially launch the countdown to the 62nd running of the Guardian Gold Cup & Saucer. Red Shores will be announcing an exciting line-up of promotions and events in the coming weeks. Saturday May 1st, and Thursday, May 13th race dates will be moved to later in the season. All originally planned 79 race dates will be held at Charlottetown . The May racing schedule at Charlottetown will now be Saturdays May 8th and May 15th, Thursday May 20th, Saturday May 22nd, Thursday May 27th and Saturday May 29th. Red Shores Summerside will open for the season on Monday May 24th at 1pm. The Prince County oval will also hold a card on Sunday May 30th at 1pm kicking off stakes season with the PEI Colt Stakes featuring the three-year old pacing fillies and colts. Summerside will race the planned 27 race dates during the 2021 season. The 53rd running of the Governor's Plate, presented by Summerside Chrysler Dodge, is Saturday July 10th. Qualifiers will be held on Saturday May 1st at 12:30pm and Tuesday May 4th 6:30pm at Charlottetown, and Sunday May 2nd at Summerside beginning at 12pm. For entries contact the race office at 902.629.6636. The complete 2021 racing schedule will be available at Red Shores and the Prince Edward Island Harness Racing Industry Association are pleased to update the Industry on the Return To Racing Plan for the 2021 harness racing season. Through adherence to the Bio Security protocols outlined for everyone stabled at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park, together we have been able to address the threat of strangles onsite. At press time, only one horse is waiting for their second negative test which is expected back early next week out 0f 199 horses tested on site. Owners and guests are welcome onsite by signing in with the Security officer at the stable area entrance. Numerous horses have returned to their assigned stalls at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park, with two negative culture tests. Horses are coming in to train and jog currently, once they have received a negative culture test and have a second test scheduled. Trainers must provide the race office with their trainer equine heath verification before receiving ship-in allotted times. Horses off site are being culture tested, through the support of the Provincial Government. Horse Health Requirements for 2021: To ensure the continued good health of our racing population, two negative culture tests are required for all horses stabled off track on Prince Edward Island before you will be allowed to enter to race. There will be no time limit on your negative cultures, i.e. if your horse has received two negative culture tests in order to come train at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park, you will not need another negative test to enter in May, pending a Trainer's Equine Health Verification Form on your horses health. The protocol for off Island horse people shipping to race on Prince Edward Island for 2021 is being finalized, and will be released next week. For the 2021 racing season, trainers will have to sign a Trainer's Equine Health Verification form which will detail that they have closely monitored their horse health and confirm that all horses entering the grounds and entering to race are healthy. by Lee Drake, for Red Shores  

Charlottetown, PE - The Saturday afternoon harness racing program at Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park has been postponed until Sunday. Post time is 2pm. Racing officials and the track crew made the decision due to the very mild weather forecast on Saturday and to ensure the best possible track conditions for the final card of the winter meet. The Top of the Park restaurant will open at 1:45pm with a revised menu. by Lee Drake, for Red Shores  

The 2021 Maritime Stakes schedule was released today, with several new features added. Firstly, Canada's oldest harness racing stakes program, the PEI Colt Stakes will have an additional profile, in recognition of its 87th year of competition. Each division of 2- and 3-year-old Pacing Colts and Fillies, and 2- and 3-Year-Old trotters (split by sex if necessary) will compete in two legs (PEI Colt Stakes Leg 1 and 2), with a Gold and Grassroots component based upon money earnings at time of the event. For 2021 and subsequent years there is no Final in any division, with the purse allotment usually paid out in the Finals added to the purses for each Leg. Secondly, the contribution of several legendary individuals to PEI Harness racing will be acknowledged in new ways, and in high profile events. The late Bob Dewar was an invaluable volunteer and leader at Summerside Raceway, and in recognition of his contribution to the SRW the Governors Plate Consolation for 2021 and on will be renamed the Bob Dewar Memorial. Summerside Chrysler Dodge returns as the 2021 Governors Plate Eliminations and Final sponsor. The Chappell family have been part of the success of Summerside Raceway since the early 1950's, and in recognition the Mares Series during Governors Plate week will be renamed the Chappell Memorial. "We felt it important to have the two highest profile events held each year at Summerside for our Aged horses recognize the Dewar and Chappell names, and in events which will always be associated with Summerside Raceway, " stated Blaine MacPherson, PEI Harness Racing Industry Association Chair. "We will also be acknowledging the contributions of inaugural PEI Colt Stakes President George Callbeck and Tyndall Semple with a special announcement that will be forthcoming shortly." Horse Racing New Brunswick have added a new Stake event for 2- and 3-year-old Pacers called the New Brunswick Breeders Stake and will also be holding a leg of the Standardbred Canada Mares Series, and a new Invitational level event in an Elimination and Final format for 2021. The Maritime Breeders will also see some changes to its stake in 2021. The Stake will move to all division formats for each age group. The trotters will be split by sex if the numbers permit. This year will see the stake have three different events held at three different tracks. The two-year-old pacing fillies and colts will contest their divisions on October 17th at Truro Raceway, the three-year-old pacing fillies and colts will compete on June 18th at Summerside Raceway, and the two- and three-year-old trotters will compete on September 9th at the CDP. MARITIME STAKE DATES 2021                 2yr old Pacing Filly     2yr Old Pacing Colt   Date Track Event   Date Track Event   7-Jul-21 SRW ASS   8-Jul-21 SRW ASS   13-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   16-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   25-Jul-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   25-Jul-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   31-Jul-21 EPR NB BREEDERS LEGS   31-Jul-21 EPR NB BREEDERS LEGS   6-Aug-21 TRURO NS STAKE   7-Aug-21 NORTHSIDE ASS   19-Aug-21 CDP ASS   18-Aug-21 CDP ASS   29-Aug-21 INVERNESS ASS   28-Aug-21 NORTHSIDE NS STAKE   5-Sep-21 SRW LADY SLIPPER   5-Sep-21 SRW O'BRIEN   11-Sep-21 EPR NB BREEDERS FINAL   11-Sep-21 EPR NB BREEDERS FINALS   18-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   18-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   25-Sep-21 NORTHSIDE ASS   26-Sep-21 INVERNESS ASS   2-Oct-21 CDP LADY SLIPPER   2-Oct-21 CDP O'BRIEN   9-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN CONS   9-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN CONS.   10-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN FINAL   10-Oct-21 CDP AT. BR. CROWN FINAL   17-Oct-21 TRURO MARITIME BREEDERS   17-Oct-21 TRURO MARITIME BREEDERS   23-Oct-21 EPR DOWNEY MEMORIAL   23-Oct-21 EPR DOWNEY MEMORIAL                   3yr Old Pacing Filly   3yr Old Pacing Colt   Date Track Event   Date Track Event   22-May-21 EPR BREMNER MEMORIAL   22-May-21 EPR BREMNER MEMORIAL   30-May-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   30-May-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   6-Jun-21 INVERNESS ASS   12-Jun-21 NORTHSIDE ASS   18-Jun-21 SRW MARITIME BREEDERS   18-Jun-21 SRW MARITIME BREEDERS   25-Jun-21 TRURO TURNER   25-Jun-21 TRURO TURNER   2-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   10-Jul-21 SRW ASS   9-Jul-21 SRW ASS   17-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   16-Jul-21 TRURO STANFIELD   23-Jul-21 TRURO NS STAKE   21-Jul-21 INVERNESS NS STAKE   31-Jul-21 EPR BARRIEAU MCISAAC   31-Jul-21 EPR BARRIEAU MCISAAC   8-Aug-21 INVERNESS ASS   14-Aug-21 CDP ASS   16-Aug-21 CDP ASS   20-Aug-21 CDP LADY SLIPPER   21-Aug-21 CDP O'BRIEN   28-Aug-21 NORTHSIDE ASS   5-Sep-21 SRW O'BRIEN   4-Sep-21 EPR MARITIMER   11-Sep-21 EPR NB BREEDERS ELIMS   11-Sep-21 EPR NB BREEDERS ELIMS   18-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   18-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   9-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN CONS   3-Oct-21 SRW LADY SLIPPER   10-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN FINAL   9-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN CONS   16-Oct-21 EPR NB BREEDERS FINAL   10-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN FINAL   24-Oct-21 TRURO MACKENZIE   16-Oct-21 EPR NB BREEDERS FINAL           24-Oct-21 TRURO MACKENZIE                           MARITIME STAKE DATES 2021                   2yr Old Trotter 3yr Old Trotter   Date Track Event   Date Track Event   6-Jul-21 SRW ASS   6-Jul-21 SRW ASS   13-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   13-Jul-21 TRURO ASS   25-Jul-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   25-Jul-21 SRW PEI COLT STAKES LEG 1   4-Aug-21 INVERNESS ASS   4-Aug-21 INVERNESS ASS   17-Aug-21 CDP ASS   17-Aug-21 CDP ASS   26-Aug-21 CDP BRIAN ANDREW   2-Sep-21 CDP LADY SLIPPER   2-Sep-21 CDP LADY SLIPPER   9-Sep-21 CDP MARITIME BREEDERS   9-Sep-21 CDP MARITIME BREEDERS   16-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   16-Sep-21 CDP PEI COLT STAKES LEG 2   25-Sep-21 NORTHSIDE NS STAKE   25-Sep-21 NORTHSIDE NS STAKE   3-Oct-21 SRW LADY SLIPPER   3-Oct-21 SRW LADY SLIPPER   10-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN FINAL   10-Oct-21 CDP ATL. BR. CROWN FINAL                           Invitational   Aged Pacing Mares   Date Track Event   Date Track Event   19-Jun-21 CDP LADNER   18-Jun-21 SRW ATL. AGED PACING MARES   21-Jun-21 EPR WALTER DALE   4-Jul-21 SRW CHAPPELL MEM MARES ELIMS   4-Jul-21 SRW GOV PLATE ELIMS   10-Jul-21 SRW CHAPPELL MEM MARES FINAL   10-Jul-21 SRW GOV PLATE FINAL   17-Jul-21 TRURO ATL. AGED PACING MARES   10-Jul-21 SRW BOB DEWAR GPLATE CONS   5-Aug-21 CDP OPEN MARES LEG 1   21-Jul-21 TRURO EXHIBITION CUP   14-Aug-21 CDP OPEN MARES LEG 2   25-Jul-21 SRW PREMIERS PACE LEG 1   21-Aug-21 CDP OPEN MARES FINAL   5-Aug-21 CDP PREMIERS PACE LEG 2   11-Sep-21 EPR SC AGED PACING MARES   14-Aug-21 CDP CGS TRIAL   18-Sep-21 CDP ATL. AGED PACING MARES   16-Aug-21 CDP GCS TRIAL   3-Oct-21 SRW ATL. AGED PACING MARES   20-Aug-21 CDP MACGREGOR MEMORIAL   10-Oct-21 CDP ABC INVITATIONAL   21-Aug-21 CDP PREMIERS PACE           21-Aug-21 CDP GCS FINAL           4-Sep-21 EPR INVITATIONAL ELIMS           11-Sep-21 EPR INVITATIONAL FINALS           18-Sep-21 CDP INVITATIONAL           3-Oct-21 SRW INVITATIONAL           10-Oct-21 CDP ABC INVITATIONAL           24-Oct-21 TRURO CONROY                             **Please Note the Island Breeders Series has been renamed the PEI Colt Stakes**               by Lee Drake, for the Maritime Sire Stakes        

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE – The last time Screen Test saw the starting gate he made quick work of his harness racing foes and will try to mark up more of the same in Thursday’s preferred quiz on a special New Year’s Eve presentation at Red Shores Racetrack and Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park.  The 14-dash card has a 6:30 P.M. opening post time at the capital oval with the $2,900 preferred pace lining up in race 13 of the night. Screen Test has the outside starting spot in the competitive field of six with Corey MacPherson at the lines of the Ron Gass trainee for owners William Andrew of Calgary and Kickin Horse Stable of York. A finalist in both the Governor’s Plate and Gold Cup and Saucer, Screen Test was a going away winner his last start but will have to contend with the return of a pair of talented pacers from the Ontario circuit. Burn Out Hanover (To be driven by Gilles Barrieau) has post 4 with Jeff Holmes of Orwell resuming the training duties of the 20-time victor. Holmes also conditions fresh Ontario returnee Hunger Pangs (David Dowling) from post 5. Both pacers won their last outings on the Ontario circuit. Smart Official (Jason Hughes) has proven himself stubborn off the front end and with rail control will be looking for that spot again Thursday. Winter Blast (Ken Murphy) has post 2 while Sports Royalty (Kenny Arsenault) leaves from post 3 on New Year’s Eve.  The Fillies and Mares Open pace hits the track in race 9 of the night with Larjon Legacy making her East Coast debut for the new ownership group of Arnold Myers, Sterling Maclure and Luke Beck of Charlottetown. Bo Ford handles the training duties of the post 2 starter in the $2,850 event with Brodie MacPhee returning to action to handle the 19-time winner. Other top entries are Atlantic Champion Woodmere Skyroller (Dowling) from post 1 and Atlantic Triple Crown winner Filly Forty Seven (Hughes) from post 4.  Agood Time To Rock has an ideal starting post to keep his recent perfection intact in race 6 of the evening from the red hot Joe MacDonald stable. The 10-year-old Rocknroll Hanover pacer has won his last three outings in the claiming ranks and has post 1 with Murphy aboard on Thursday. The four-horse MacDonald stable has been rock solid the past two months, boasting a .486 training average from 27 starts since the beginning of November. Top Of Her Trade is the morning line favorite in the Julep Hanover Retirement pace in race 7. Brodie MacPhee will handle the three-year-old filly for the Crazy 8 Stable of Charlottetown, PE and trainer Taylor Doyle. Julep Hanover will make her final career start in race 12 for owner, trainer and driver Wade Myers. The mare goes into her last performance with 296 lifetime starts, 43 victories, 42 seconds, 40 thirds and $85,826 in earnings. On track customers will be treated to a tag your ticket promotion called the Wild Horses. Players can tag their tickets for a chance to win $50 jackpots on every race along with a special on-track Pick 5 for a chance to win $500. The Horse Player Interactive (HPI) PEI players promotion also continues on New Year’s Eve. Island players qualify to win a $500 PEI Gift card and cash back until the end of the winter meet. Complete details when you play through HPIBET.COM. The Race Day broadcast team will feature favorite moments of 2020 along with some special trackside presentations. For race programs and live broadcast go to  By Nicholas Oakes and Lee Drake

Charlottetown, PE - Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park would like to congratulate their Executive Chef Andrew Smith on being awarded Chef of the year 2019 by the PEI Association of Chefs and Cooks. The award was presented at the Delta Prince Edward recently. Andrew has been an active member of the association since 2012. In 2019, he participated in various culinary events, outreach, competitions and travel representing PEI and Red Shores proudly. Smith also played a leading role in the successful Fall Flavours events at the Top of the Park with Chef Antonio Park, Chef Dustin Gallagher and Chef Ned Bell. Chef of the Year is awarded annually to an individual that contributes to the success of the association and demonstrates dedication through their commitment to actively training within the profession. The recipient is chosen through a voting process within the association amongst its membership. "I want to congratulate Chef Andrew on being presented Chef of the Year on behalf of our team, customers and suppliers," said Sean Furlong, Food and Beverage Manager at Red Shores. "Andrew continues to create exceptional culinary experiences for our guests. This award was voted by his peers so it's a big deal and very deserving." By Lee Drake

Charlottetown, PE – The live harness racing program scheduled for Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park Saturday December 12th  has been postponed as part of the Chief Public Health Office’s circuit breaker initiative. A makeup date will be announced once determined. Access to barn and ship in areas will return to essential people only with limits being imposed by security. Please be advised the race office is closed until further notice.   Lee Drake

Red Shores Racetracks & Casinos of Prince Edward Island is partnering with Canada's harness racing publisher, Retromedia Publishing, to offer harness racing fans a special promotion. Race fans can now pre-order the book Wally Driven to Win, written by award-winning author Gary McDougall, by going to and purchasing the book. By adding the promo code redshores1 they will automatically be entered into a draw for a $1,000 Red Shores wagering voucher, to be held live on the Red Shores Race Day Broadcast December 19, 2020 (which can be seen at ) The book is about Wally Hennessey, who now has well over 10,000 driving wins to his credit. It will be released by the summer of 2021. Through the generosity of Wally Hennessey, a growing group of charities, chosen by the book development team, will benefit from this promotion by receiving a complimentary book and eligibility to the $1,000 draw. Lee Drake, manager of racing, brands and broadcast at Red Shores, came on board early for this joint venture. "We could see the benefits of drawing new harness racing fans to our live racing broadcasts, engaging regular fans to the excitement around this, the benefits to a local publisher who supports the harness racing industry, as well a host of charities. We're excited to be involved in this project." For more information, go to From Red Shores Racetracks & Casinos

SUMMERSIDE, PE - The ‘Maritime Magic Man’ was not messing around Sunday afternoon as he made five trips to the harness racing winner’s circle at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway. Gilles Barrieau was on top of his game on the Sunday card as he hit the wire first five times including a 1:54.3 score in the preferred pace with Rose Run Quest from his own stable. The veteran son of If I Can Dream got away last in the $3,050 preferred pace but made a hard move first over heading to the half and was released to the front by stablemate The Rev (Driven by Adam Merner). Owned by Blair Hansen of Charlottetown, Rose Run Quest battled through the final half to win by one-and-a-half lengths over a hard closing Heart And Soul (Jason Hughes) while The Rev was third. Three of Barrieau’s other wins came In front end scores with A Fiesty X Ample (2:02.2) for trainer James Barlow, Melanies Magic (1:57.1) for trainer Greg MacInnis and and Paris Beau (1:58.1) from the Doug Beckwith barn. Woodmere Chella was another Barrieau winner in the preferred 2 pace as the mare scored in 1:58.2 for conditioner Marvyn Webster off a two-hole ride. JJ Breanne, with John Davidson in the bike, captured the Isabelle & Ivan Cameron memorial in 1:58 flat. Corey MacPherson had one win on the day while Merner had two victories to have the pair tied at 31 wins each in the driving standings with one program left to go on the season. For replays and more go to Lee A Drake

Crapaud, PE - It was an unprecedented day at the 2020 Atlantic Classic Yearling Sale. Due to the closure of the bridge the sale was only able to offer 59 of its 72 entries on Friday, however, harness racing buyers turned out in full force, setting Maritime records in several categories. Hollis Newson of Kingston, PEI purchased an attractive son of Malicious called Soul Assassin from breeder Greg MacKenzie for a Maritime record price of $35,000. Donnie MacRae of Vernon PEI purchased the top filly from the Robin Burke consignment for $30,000 and Clare MacDonald and Wayne Burley were the winning bidder on Cadillac, from breeder Eldred Nicholson of North Wiltshire, PEI for a Maritime record of $25,000 for a regionally sired trotter. Buyers are anxiously awaiting Part 2 of the Sale which will be held Saturday morning beginning at 9:30 am at the Crapaud Exhibition Grounds. by Lee Drake, for Red Shoes

The 2020 edition of the harness racing Atlantic Classic Sale will be held today, Friday October 9th at Crapaud Exhibition grounds, starting at 2pm. Reminder that only those individuals who had previously registered and had been approved to attend the sale will be allowed on the sale grounds. The sale will follow applicable Provincial Covid 19 guidelines including sanitation and distancing protocols. The sale will this year feature on line bidding through, and will also be live streamed via Universum Media. Link is available at Lee A Drake  Manager Racing, Brands & Broadcast

Charlottetown, PE - The Atlantic Classic Sale will again kick off the Weekend of Champions, the fall feature event of Atlantic Canadian harness racing. The sale will start at 2 p.m. on Friday at the Crapaud Exhibition grounds, and will offer numerous siblings to 2020 stakes stars. A number of consigners arrived Thursday to allow prospective buyers an early opportunity to view the yearlings. On Saturday, the Atlantic Breeders Crown consolation races will start at 12:30 p.m. at Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park. There will also be a banquet presented by the PEI Standardbred Horse Owners Association starting at 7:00 p.m. that evening in the Top of the Park and Turf's Bar & Grill. Booking was reserved for finalists. Limited seating remains available in Turf's Bar & Grill. Call 902.620.4264. Myles Heffernan Sr and Kevin Dorey will be special guests on the industry panel at the banquet. The event celebrates the achievements of several stars of the Atlantic Canadian breeding industry. Sunday will kick off with a complimentary pancake breakfast at 9:00 a.m. at Turfs Bar & Grill. The 2020 Atlantic Breeders Crown champions will be crowned Sunday afternoon starting at 12:30 p.m. at Red Shores. For more information on the Atlantic Breeders Crown weekend, race programs or live broadcasts go to by Lee Drake, for Red Shores  

Charlottetown, PE - The PEI Harness Racing Industry Association and Red Shores released details of a Welcome Package being offered to all starters in the Guardian Gold Cup and Saucer Trials. The NOMINATION Deadline is Monday August 10th . 2020 marks the 61st running of one of the Greatest Shows in Harness Racing, the Guardian Gold Cup and Saucer, with Trials held on Saturday, August 15th and Monday, August 17th leading up to the Final Saturday, August 22nd. Many restrictions and guidelines will be in place due to COVID 19 but the horses will be ready to compete. Through the generous support of several Prince Edward Island businesses, all horses participating in the Guardian Gold Cup and Saucer Trails will be offered the following to their ownership teams. - The Nomination and Starting Fees ($800 total) have been waived - Complimentary Table of 4 in the acclaimed Top of The Park at Red Shores for either the Gold Cup and Saucer Final or James Roach MacGregor Gold Cup and Saucer Consolation (whichever applicable). - A complimentary Confederation Bridge Pass - $50 Gas Card - Complimentary Golf Passes for 2 - Complimentary Gift Card from Old Dublin Pub In addition, all Guardian Gold Cup and Saucer Final starters receive an invitation to the Gold Cup and Saucer Reception Friday August 21st as well as a specialized Gold Cup and Saucer jacket for all Drivers in the Final and other gifts. For Gold Cup Week, owners who wish to watch their horses race live can register to attend in a designated owners area for that night under the guidelines and limited capacity rules. Owners who travel and work with their horses in the ship in area should ensure their names are submitted by their trainers on the applicable Race Day list. More details will be announced Tuesday at the Press Conference which will be broadcast live. A Lasix program is in place for horses that require the program, and a reminder that the Standardbred Canada MVP Program has a link for discounted offers For more information please visit or contact the Red Shores at Charlottetown Driving Park Race Office at 902- 629-6636. by Lee Drake, for Red Shores  

David MacKenzie, General Manager of Red Shores, today announced the appointment of Lee Drake as Manager of Racing, Brands, and Broadcast, effective immediately. In this position Mr. Drake will be responsible for the entire Red Shores racing operations at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park and Red Shores Summerside, as well as the facilities highly regarded Race Day Broadcast and Brand Management. Lee Drake has a life- long involvement and interest in harness racing, and was recently elected to the Board of Standardbred Canada as the Atlantic Racetrack Director.   Red Shores

Friday June 19, 2020 - Representatives from the Maritime Harness Racing Industry Associations, along with the Atlantic Sires Stakes program, have jointly announced that the 2020 Maritime Stakes schedule has been revised in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. All originally scheduled stakes races planned for May and June will be held, but will be rescheduled throughout the race season. The stakes season is now planned to start in July. "We have decided to release the 2020 stake dates to horse people across Atlantic Canada with the understanding this all depends on interprovincial travel within the Maritimes" said Atlantic Standardbred Breeders Association President Wayne MacRae. "We are still working with each Province on how interprovincial travel will operate with the hope that it is feasible come July 1st." Horse owners should also note that that for 2020, 2 Year Old Maritime Breeders event go as divisions while 3 Year Old Maritime Breeder events go with eliminations and a final. Officials plan to provide another update the week of June 22nd or before if information becomes available. Red Shores Presents Future Stars of Racing Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park will feature the Future Stars of Racing on Monday June 29th at 6pm. The two-year-old horses will strut their stuff on the racetrack while customers can view all the action at  Trainers can enter their horses until Thursday June 25 at 12pm (noon) at the race office or by calling 902.629.6634. The Future Stars of Racing Monday June 29th at 6pm at Red Shores at the CDP. Broadcast viewing only at   Lee Drake

Summerside (P.E.I.) – Red Shores, The Prince County Horsemen’s Club, along with the City of Summerside, is pleased to announce the return of harness racing with limited spectators to Red Shores Summerside on Friday June 26th. Post time is 6pm. Reservations will be required at  West End Bar & Grill in the lower level of Red Shores. Fans will be limited. Complete details at  Customers that wish to join us at Red Shores Summerside for June 26th are required to make a restaurant reservation and can call 902-620-4264. For reservations for future dates customers can call 902-888-5666 and select option 1. Reservations will be required at  The Oval in the upper level of Red Shores. Customers can call 902-436-5551.       The safety and well-being of Islanders is our top priority. In consultation with the PCHC,  PEI Harness Racing Industry Association, public health officials and other stakeholders, Red Shores has developed a detailed plan to support the return of live standardbred horse racing on Prince Edward Island. This plan incorporates government and public health guidelines in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Fans from across North America will be able to watch and wager from the safety of their homes through the Red Shores Race Day broadcast and online betting platforms such as Post time on June 26th is 6pm. Qualifiers will be held Monday June 22nd at 6pm. Please contact the race office 902.629.6634. Red Shores and the PEI Harness Racing Industry will be enforcing COVID-19 restrictions for all race participants, including physical distancing and the use of personal protective equipment. The full list of policies and procedures, including protocols for the industry to follow while preparing for and conducting live racing are posted at The historic Prince County oval was also hold the annual Canada Day card of harness racing on Wednesday July 1st Post time is 1pm.     Lee A. Drake Manager Marketing & Brands Red Shores Racetrack & Casino Charlottetown & Summerside Locations

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