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Columbus, OH --- When harness racing trainer Casie Coleman explained to him she might be a little nervous to pull the trigger when bidding on Roughcut at Saturday’s (Oct. 7) final session of the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale if the price became what she considered to be too high, Ed James decided he needed to get himself to the Bluegrass State immediately. He simply couldn’t take the chance that Coleman might allow Hip No. 608 to slip through his grasp and it was quite fortuitous James arrived prior to the colt’s entry into the ring, as his presence ultimately procured the yearling for an unprecedented $300,000 on the last evening of the event. “I have a pedigree man out East that goes over these sales for me,” James said. “He rated this horse 10 points better than any horse in any sale so far and he told me I needed to buy him. That is when I talked to my trainer in Florida, Jim McDonald, Steve Elliott and of course Casie. They all agreed he was a very nice horse so that’s when I decided I was going to buy him. When Casie said she would be anxious spending too much money on him, because we knew other people wanted him, that’s when I told her I was coming for him. Right after I arrived I put a bid in with the auctioneer on him for $50,000, so that’s where we started and it did not scare anyone away.” Consigned by Hunterton Sales Agency and reared at Hunterton Farm, Roughcut is a black son of McArdle and the Red River Hanover mare Miss Scarlett. The mare banked $518,539 during her racing career and was a New Jersey Sire Stakes champion as a freshman. Out of Odds On J P (Artsplace), Miss Scarlett is a half-sibling to Ticket To Rock (Rocknroll Hanover, $1.11 million) and Limestone Cowgirl (Western Hanover, $32,817), who has already produced three winners. Roughcut’s third dam, Giggle Box, is a three-quarter sister to world champion Die Laughing ($2.16 million) and from 12 foals she is the dam of 10 winners including Mc Smiley (Life Sign, $339,026), Toofunnyforwords (Cam Fella, $315,585) and Giddy Up N Giggle (Grinfromeartoear, $160,860). Despite realizing this Ohio-sired colt would command a sizable amount to possess, James was undeterred. There were also similarities to when he signed the $210,000 check at the 2013 Standardbred Mixed Sale for Dan Patch and O’Brien Award winner McWicked, who was second by a half-length earlier in the day in the Allerage Farms Pace at Red Mile. “When I have my mind made about something I do it,” James said. “My ex-wife called me (as she did with McWicked) right after I bought the colt to pick on me a little bit. We are still great friends and she knows I do what I want to do. It is a lot of money to spend on a horse, but I’m 86-years-old and what am I going to do with the money? I’m past the age where I need a nest egg, so why not buy a horse?” Roughcut, who will be conditioned by Coleman, is not only the most expensive yearling James has selected, but is the only horse to ever fetch $300,000 in the last session of the sale. As a result of his price and the $115,000 delivered by Al Libfield for the Uncle Peter-Bavarde colt Fred The Bread (Hip No. 570), this installment of the sale was up 26.1 percent from last year’s. In fact, this edition of the event was the most prolific of any sale conducted since it was re-tooled in 2005. Over the course of five days, 622 yearlings exchanged hands for $36,410,000 with an average of $58,537 and a median of $42,000. Also, 103 yearlings sold for $100,000 or more which shattered the previous record of 77 from 2016. To gain perspective on how successful this year’s sale was, last year’s record-breaking event sold 573 horses for $32,262,000, with an average of $56,304 and a median of $40,000. While more yearlings did go through the ring in 2017, there was no horse that sold for more $480,000, unlike last year when Tactical Landing brought $800,000 and Come See The Show $550,000. Randy Manges and David Reid, co-sales managers, both felt the 2016 numbers would be unattainable this year, but they acknowledged the strength of the middle market and of the catalogue shortly after the sale commenced. “That was a dream sale,” Manges said on the first evening. “We cannot expect this year to be the same, but we have yearlings in each session that are very nice horses and should sell well.” Although established stallions Muscle Hill (49 yearlings sold for $5.67 million) and Somebeachsomewhere (29 yearlings, $3 million) understandably were at the top of the list, the reception of the freshman sires certainly was a powerful force in this sale’s success. Captaintreacherous was responsible for 52 head which sold for $3.66 million; Father Patrick had 21 yearlings sell for $1.72 million and Sweet Lou had 27 horses sell for $2.07 million. Since 2012 only Muscle Hill (28 yearlings, $2.87 million), Rock N Roll Heaven (28 yearlings, $1.93 million), Chapter Seven (26 yearlings, $1.59 million) and Lucky Chucky (28 yearlings, $1.59 million) have fared as well or better with their first crops in Kentucky. Only Muscle Hill ($102,429) had a higher average from his initial group of yearlings than Father Patrick ($82,048), Sweet Lou ($76,778) and Captaintreacherous ($70,481). New stallions Sunshine Beach and E L Titan also did very well from a limited amount of offspring (three yearlings and an average of $84,667 and six yearlings and an average of $79,833, respectively). “Muscle Hill and Somebeachsomewhere are proven stallions,” Manges said. “But we also are quite pleased with how well the new stallions have done this year.” To view full results of the sale, please click here. 2017 Lexington Selected Yearling Sales Results – Sire Averages  Sire [Average/#Sold] Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Total Mcardle $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $156,500 2 $156,500 2 Muscle Hill $134,421 19 $115,905 21 $76,556 9 $0 0 $0 0 $115,857 49 Somebeachsomewhere $127,933 15 $96,875 8 $51,000 6 $0 0 $0 0 $103,448 29 Sunshine Beach $0 0 $0 0 $115,000 2 $0 0 $24,000 1 $84,667 3 Father Patrick $120,000 5 $70,400 10 $74,800 5 $45,000 1 $0 0 $82,048 21 E L Titan $0 0 $92,333 3 $76,000 2 $50,000 1 $0 0 $79,833 6 Sweet Lou $120,714 7 $91,667 9 $39,375 8 $36,500 2 $15,000 1 $76,778 27 Muscle Mass $0 0 $0 0 $93,000 4 $51,250 4 $0 0 $72,125 8 Captaintreacherous $109,722 18 $61,304 23 $27,444 9 $16,500 2 $0 0 $70,481 52 Chapter Seven $0 0 $108,750 4 $51,800 5 $18,500 2 $50,000 1 $65,083 12 Cantab Hall $185,000 4 $59,368 19 $43,533 15 $43,500 4 $0 0 $64,167 42 Swan For All $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $59,000 1 $59,000 1 A Rocknroll Dance $100,000 1 $168,333 3 $39,000 3 $27,750 8 $18,500 2 $57,706 17 Kadabra $79,400 5 $59,750 4 $45,500 6 $50,000 2 $35,000 2 $56,789 19 Trixton $79,167 6 $60,778 9 $49,286 14 $39,444 9 $0 0 $54,395 38 Western Ideal $80,000 1 $82,500 2 $56,000 2 $26,000 2 $15,000 1 $53,000 8 Archangel $0 0 $85,000 1 $62,000 1 $44,500 2 $22,000 1 $51,600 5 Royalty For Life $0 0 $100,000 1 $50,667 3 $27,500 2 $0 0 $51,167 6 Explosive Matter $35,000 1 $113,000 3 $0 0 $32,667 6 $22,000 2 $51,167 12 American Ideal $48,333 3 $76,750 8 $31,333 3 $26,200 5 $22,000 1 $50,300 20 Credit Winner $129,000 3 $52,500 8 $45,667 6 $23,571 7 $16,000 3 $47,926 27 Dragon Again $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $44,000 2 $44,000 2 Andover Hall $0 0 $85,000 1 $0 0 $33,333 3 $35,000 1 $44,000 5 Betterthancheddar $57,000 1 $100,000 1 $38,667 3 $20,000 1 $7,000 1 $42,857 7 Conway Hall $0 0 $48,000 1 $100,000 1 $38,750 4 $24,667 3 $41,889 9 Uncle Peter $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $41,600 5 $41,600 5 Western Vintage $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $40,000 1 $40,000 1 Bettor's Delight $130,000 1 $42,000 2 $40,167 12 $22,500 4 $14,000 1 $40,000 20 Heston Blue Chip $0 0 $75,000 1 $0 0 $30,000 1 $14,000 1 $39,667 3 Yankee Cruiser $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $39,500 2 $39,500 2 Donato Hanover $0 0 $42,600 5 $54,333 6 $24,500 6 $11,000 2 $37,263 19 Rockin Image $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $37,000 1 $37,000 1 Sportswriter $0 0 $60,000 2 $45,200 5 $28,444 9 $22,000 1 $36,706 17 Rc Royalty $0 0 $0 0 $27,000 1 $55,000 1 $25,000 1 $35,667 3 Art Major $55,000 2 $50,333 6 $29,300 10 $22,800 5 $20,000 1 $34,958 24 Mach Three $0 0 $0 0 $47,750 4 $18,000 2 $10,000 1 $33,857 7 Manofmanymissions $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $33,333 3 $33,333 3 So Surreal $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $47,000 1 $17,000 1 $32,000 2 Pet Rock $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $30,857 7 $30,857 7 Shadow Play $0 0 $0 0 $34,250 4 $24,000 2 $0 0 $30,833 6 We Will See $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $30,000 1 $30,000 1 Yankee Glide $85,000 1 $35,000 1 $28,400 5 $26,250 8 $23,600 5 $29,500 20 Well Said $0 0 $70,000 1 $40,000 1 $30,000 4 $11,333 3 $29,333 9 Always A Virgin $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $27,500 2 $27,500 2 Roll With Joe $0 0 $0 0 $37,500 2 $19,333 3 $0 0 $26,600 5 My Mvp $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $25,000 1 $25,000 1 Mr Wiggles $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $25,000 1 $25,000 1 Cassis $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $23,000 1 $23,000 1 Vintage Master $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $21,000 1 $21,000 1 Guccio $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $20,000 1 $20,000 1 Wishing Stone $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $20,000 1 $20,000 1 Rock N Roll Heaven $0 0 $12,000 1 $45,000 1 $20,000 1 $7,500 2 $18,400 5 Muscle Massive $0 0 $0 0 $22,000 1 $19,571 7 $14,333 3 $18,364 11 Dejarmbro $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $17,750 4 $17,750 4 Lucky Chucky $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $17,000 1 $17,000 1 Western Terror $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $17,000 1 $0 0 $17,000 1 Ponder $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $16,000 1 $16,000 1 Crazed $0 0 $0 0 $22,000 1 $25,000 1 $7,000 2 $15,250 4 Real Desire $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $12,000 2 $12,000 2 Muscles Yankee $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $7,000 1 $15,000 1 $11,000 2 Cash Hall $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $0 0 $8,000 1 $8,000 1     by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

Columbus, OH --- On the very first evening of the 2017 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale, many of harness racing media members and those in the audience were swift to commence comparisons between this year’s edition and the record-breaking version which occurred the previous year. Randy Manges, co-sales manager, quickly responded to these queries by stating the two were vastly different, as 2016 was in a class of its own, yet he felt the upcoming four sessions would demonstrate not only the demand for horses, but a very robust middle market. After Mettle and Tangent, however, sold for $180,000 and $100,000, respectively, on Friday (Oct. 6) in the sale’s fourth installment, the 2017 sale is poised to soar past its predecessor to annex the top spot in the history books. “You cannot compare this year’s sale to last year’s because we don’t have a $800,000 or $550,000 yearling,” said Manges. “But we have very nice horses right up until the last horse to sell, so the catalogue we have created should appeal to a number of buyers to the conclusion of the sale.” Friday evening witnessed the passage of 124 yearlings through the ring that were sold for a total sum of $3,674,000 with an average of $29,629. This was increase of 16.1 percent from 2016’s equivalent session, which netted $2,884,000 from 113 horses and supplied an average of $25,522. The median price also increased by roughly 20 percent from last year with two horses bringing $100,000 or more as last year’s highest-priced horse was sold for $97,000 for the corresponding session. As the sale heads into its final evening, 535 horses have generated $34,069,000 in revenue with an average of $63,680. Its 2016 counterpart offered 491 yearlings which sold for $30,553,000 with an average of $62,266. This year 101 horses have sold for $100,000 or better while in 2016, 76 yearlings accomplished that feat. Mettle, a son of Trixton-Angelette Hanover, not only created the highest-price of the evening, but was the first $100,000 horse of the session. Consigned and raised by Hunterton Farms, the colt was assigned Hip No. 442 and is now owned by Celebrity Farms. By Yankee Glide, Mettle’s dam was a talented race mare as she banked $317,892, was second in the Breeders Crown final as a 2-year-old and in the Coaching Club Oaks as a sophomore. She was also third in the Hudson Filly Trot as a 3-year-old. From three foals of racing age, Angelette Hanover has provided three winners, but the potential for her progeny to be future stars is quite promising. Not only is the mare a half-sibling to Annie Hall (Like A Prayer, $103,469), who has also foaled two $100,000 winners, but her granddam is none other than Hall of Fame member Amour Angus. Therefore, Mettle hails from one of the most coveted bloodlines in the sport. Tangent, a daughter of Cantab Hall-Fraction, possesses her own impressive credentials when it comes to her female family, which is undoubtedly one of the primary factors involved in her price. Consigned and reared by Diamond Creek Farm, this filly, identified as Hip No. 448, was selected by Marcus Melander as agent for Al Libfield for $100,000. Tangent’s dam is by Andover Hall and from two foals of racing age has one, Sherrys Lady (Muscle Hill), who is a winner as a 2-year-old. Fraction, however, is out of Decimal Hanover (SJ’s Caviar, $1,536), who in turn is a daughter of D Train. This makes her a half-sibling to 2007 Horse of the Year, multiple Dan Patch Award winner, world champion and successful sire Donato Hanover (Andover Hall, $2.9 million), world champion Here Comes Herbie (Credit Winner, $365,541) and Dream On Hanover (Andover Hall, $119,521). The Lexington Selected Yearling Sale continues until Saturday (Oct. 7) with all sessions opening at 7 p.m. To view the full results of the sale or the upcoming catalogue, please click here. The event is also being streamed live and can be seen on this link. Complete recaps of the individual sessions will be available at on the mornings following the evening sessions. by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor

Columbus, OH --- Although each session of every edition of any sale possesses its own unique characteristics, this year’s Lexington Selected Yearling Sale features an attribute which sets it apart from its predecessors: expect the unexpected. Thursday evening’s (Oct. 5) action certainly demonstrated just that as Southwind Bugz was purchased for $335,000 to rank as the second highest-priced yearling of the harness racing event in its third session, which is obviously extremely unusual. Randy Manges, however, might have provided a bit of foreshadowing for what the sale was capable of providing on Monday evening. “I’m looking forward to the rest of the sale,” the co-sales manager said. “Our third, fourth and fifth sessions have very nice horses so our books have strength right through to the end of the sale.” Despite his extensive experience and knowledge, even Manges himself was probably a bit surprised at how successful this year’s third installment was as Southwind Bugz was merely an indicator of a very powerful sale. Thursday witnessed 160 yearlings go through the ring for a gross sum of $7,615,000 with an average of $47,594. In last year’s record-breaking event, 145 horses were sold for $6,066,000 with an average of $41,834. Therefore, the sale saw a healthy increase of 13.8 percent from the 2016 numbers. In addition, the highest-priced yearling from last year’s version on the third day was $175,000 and six horses sold for $100,000 or more. On this Thursday, nine yearlings sold with that price tag or higher. Identified as Hip No. 368, Southwind Bugz, a son of Muscle Hill-Missymae Bluestone, is now owned by Kenneth Jacobs. Consigned by Preferred Equine Inc. and raised by Southwind Farms, the bay colt entered the arena with a regal air as the bidding ensued around him. The March 26 foal is a full-sibling to Yonkers Trot runner-up and Swedish Breeders Crown winner Southwind Mozart ($300,000-International) and a half-brother to New Jersey Sire Stakes champion Southwind Cocoa (Chocolatier, $277,097). The colt’s granddam, Missy’s Goalfire, earned $329,939 on the racetrack and also produced Missy’s Doubt Fire (Cantab Hall, $177,924) as well as Me And Cinderella (Cantab Hall, $107,398). This family’s first three generations are also listed in the catalogue with an impressive amount of black type. While fellow freshman stallions Captaintreacherous, Sweet Lou, Father Patrick and Trixton have been in the spotlight, Sunshine Beach tossed down his own challenge as his son Ridin On Sunshine, Hip No. 416, was selected for $185,000 by Gino Toscani. Out of the Jereme's Jet mare Takealilridewithme, the colt was consigned by Spring Haven Farm and reared by Rails Edge Farm. Ridin On Sunshine is his dam’s first foal, but she is a half-sister to Riding The Rapids (Red River Hanover, $113,020). The colt’s great-granddam, Motorist (French Chef) produced six winners from seven foals and his fourth dam, Road Runner (Albatross) is responsible for a number of stakes winners as well as stakes producers. Two trotting yearlings, Lindy Express and One More Rosie, shared the third position as the evening’s most expensive purchases when they each fetched $140,000. A son of Trixton-Nashville Lindy, Lindy Express, who will now reside in the barn of Åke Svanstedt, is a half-brother to 2017 Old Oaken Bucket victor Shake It Off Lindy (Crazed, $209,872). Catalogued as Hip No. 375, the colt has a pedigree that affords a glimpse of a promising future, as his second and third dams were prolific producers of stakes winners. One More Rosie, Hip No. 398, was selected by Rene Allard. The daughter of Muscle Mass-Rose De Vie Stena is a full-sister to dual O’Brien Award winner Riveting Rosie ($903,520) and a half-sibling to Howd That Feel (Muscles Yankee, $187,272). The filly’s dam is a 100 percent producer and is a half-sister to Bertorico (Lindy Lane, $237,165), Baron Hall (Victory Dream, $194,818), and Bertolio (Lindy Lane, $204,400-International). The Lexington Selected Yearling Sale continues until Saturday (Oct. 7) with all sessions opening at 7 p.m. To view the full results of the sale or the upcoming catalogue, please click here. The event is also being streamed live and can be seen on this link. Complete recaps of the individual sessions will be available at on the mornings following the evening sessions. by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

Lexington, KY --- As only 20 more of her colleagues prepared to enter the ring for the second session of the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale on Wednesday (Oct. 4), the majority of the harness racing crowd had already availed themselves of the exit while firmly gripping their catalogues. Those that remained were obviously paying attention to the price Beautiful Sin was demanding, but all conversation ceased once the toteboard hit $300,000. From there on in, all the observers held their breath while waiting to discover the sum the daughter of Muscle Hill-Sina would command. The answer supplied was $480,000 and when the next hip number flashed on the screen, those in attendance collectively released their breath while clapping in honor of the new sales-topper. “It is unusual to have that happen on the second night of the sale,” said Randy Manges, co-manager of the event. “But it shows the strength of the catalogue.” It does indeed. After the conclusion of the sale’s second session 251 yearlings have collected $22,780,000, with an average of $90,757. Although this figure is down 2.1 percent from last year’s record-breaking affair, the number is an increase of 18.1 percent from 2015. The median is also up five percent from last year, as roughly 20 more yearlings have been sold for $100,000 in the first two days. Beautiful Sin was hammered down for a price of $480,000. Identified as Hip No. 239, Beautiful Sin caught everyone's eye upon her entrance in the walking ring. Consigned by Northwood Bloodstock Agency and raised at Allerage Farm, the filly’s dam banked $144,994 during her career, was stakes-placed and is by Cantab Hall. She is a half-sibling to Derby (Deweycheatumnhowe, $172,228) and this filly is her first foal. Purchased by Robert Lindstrom, Beautiful Sin was bred by Jeff Gural, his wife Paula and their friend Monica Bencal, who is the wife of trainer Bob Bencal. Despite surpassing the top bid of $330,000 placed for Rifleman the day before, Beautiful Sin was not the sole stand-out as Spectrum, a son of world champions A Rocknroll Dance and Somwherovrarainbow, equaled that mark earlier in the evening. Entered in the sale by Diamond Creek Farm, who also was responsible for his upbringing, Spectrum at Hip No. 130, is the first foal from his dam while his granddam is Hall of Fame member Rainbow Blue. That mare has also produced Reflection Of Blue (Bettor's Delight, $168,727) and the budding star Rainbow Room, a full sister to Somwherovrarainbow, who has amassed $333,049 in her freshman season. When Spectrum left the ring, it was under the ownership of Diamond Creek Racing as he was placed in the sale to dissolve a artnership in conjunction with Ted Gewertz. The third highest-priced yearling of the session was Hip No. 180, Money Never Rests. A son of Somebeachsomewhere-Lady Be Great, the brown colt was consigned by Preferred Equine Inc. and raised at Hamstan Farm Limited in Ontario. Determination Stable of Quebec signed the $260,000 ticket to acquire ownership of the grandson of Dan Patch and O’Brien Award winner She’s A Great Lady. Lady Be Great established her mark of 1:58f in a qualifying contest as a 2-year-old and earned $2,140. She is a half-sister to Dan Patch Award winner Lady MacBeach (Jenna's Beach Boy, $802,296). Money Never Rests, an impressive individual, is his dam’s first foal and is the product of a female family which contains numerous stakes winners. In fact, the colt’s great-granddam Miss Donna Mayo (Silent Majority) foaled Dan Patch Award winner The Big Dog (Dexter Nukes, $830,011), Mayo’s Mark (Tyler’s Mark, $404,076) and Hold The Mayo (Dexter Nukes, $246,208) in addition to She’s A Great Lady. Another intriguing facet of this sale is the emergence of a group of young stallions that appear to have a spectacular future. Veteran Muscle Hill still retains the top spot by virtue of his offspring generating $4.98 million over the course of two days with an average of $132,565 for his colts and $114,059 for his fillies. Captaintreacherous, however, has assumed second place with his progeny collecting $3.38 million with his averages standing at $84,115 and $79,867. Somebeachsomewhere controls the third position with his foals fetching $2.69 million with averages of $134,615 and $94,400. Despite not placing in the top three, Sweet Lou ($1.67 million), Father Patrick ($1.3 million) and Trixton ($1.02 million) are all in striking distance heading into the final three sessions of the sale, as they are fifth, sixth and seventh behind Cantab Hall ($1.86 million). “We are ecstatic about the way the Sweet Lou yearlings have sold,” said Larry Karr, who owns the stallion in partnership with Burke Racing Stable, Diamond Creek Farm, Weaver Bruscemi, and Phillip Collura. “We looked at every one of his yearlings selling at Lexington and it looks like he has sired very athletic horses. You never know until they sell but based on the prices they have been selling for, it is clear others share our opinion. “We are lucky enough to have bought some of them ourselves (Hip No. 133, Hip No. 162, Hip No. 169 and Hip No. 223), meaning the original Sweet Lou ownership group is involved, but other partners will be in as well. I might go broke on all these horses we are buying, but I love it!” The Lexington Selected Yearling Sale continues until Saturday (Oct. 7) with all sessions opening at 7 p.m. To view the full results of the sale or the upcoming catalogue, please click here. The event is also being streamed live and can be seen on this link. Complete recaps of the individual sessions will be available at on the mornings following the evening sessions. by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

Lexington, KY --- As with any horse sale of great magnitude the location pulses with throbbing energy and anticipation for the moment the event will commence.  The vibe from this year’s crowd, however, was unique as it also emitted a sense of satisfaction with variety, scope and depth of the harness racing youngsters available for purchase.   Those that participated in the first session of the 2017 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale on Tuesday (Oct. 3) at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion in Lexington, Ky., demonstrated all these emotions and tremendous faith in the market as evidenced by 54 of the 93 horses selling for more than $100,000 with the median average increasing more than 10 percent from last year’s historic sale.   USTA/Mark Hall photo Hip No. 35, Rifleman, a trotting colt by Father Patrick-Designed To Be, sold for $330,000 to Courant Inc. “We had 13 more yearlings sell for $100,000 compared to last year,” said Randy Manges, co-sales manager. “We are very, very pleased with that, especially since in reviewing the catalogue it did not appear we had an $800,000 or $550,000 horse like last year. We knew we had some extremely nice horses that would sell well, so while the average might be down, we could not be happier with the median. Also, we did not have one horse sell for under $27,000 and last year we did. This is another result we are quite pleased with.” Despite the presence of stalwart super stallions Somebeachsomewhere and Muscle Hill, who made their presence known immediately and did possess high total price tags at $1.9 million and $2.5 million, respectively, the star of the sale was produced by none other than one of the freshman stallions the sport has been so anxious to witness the progeny of -- Father Patrick. “All the new stallions sold extremely well and there was a lot of excitement about them,” Manges said. “Although people went to the proven stallions in Muscle Hill and Somebeachsomewhere, the fact that the sales-topper was by Father Patrick, shows the new stallions were well-received.” Striding into the ring as Hip No. 35, Rifleman, a son of the above mentioned world champion and another world champion in Designed To Be, left the arena after being purchased for $330,000 by Courant Inc. The handsome bay, born in January 2016, was the first foal from his dam who hails from a female family that wins on the racetrack then transfers those performances to the breeding shed. Consigned by Kentuckiana Farms and raised at Walco Farms in Standford, Ky., Rifleman is also a grandson of Donato Hanover, who is establishing himself as a quality broodmare sire. Calmly swishing her tail as the auctioneer was hard at work, Seaside Bliss, a daughter of Cantab Hall-You Want Me, brought the gavel down for $300,000 to be the second highest-priced yearling of the evening. Entered into the sale and raised by Peninsula Farm, the filly is the second foal out of New York Sire Stakes champion You Want Me and is a half-sibling to 2-year-old You Know You Do (Muscle Hill, $362,754), this year’s Peter Haughton Memorial victor, as well as a top contender for divisional honors this season.   USTA/Mark Hall photo Seaside Bliss brought the gavel down for $300,000 to be the second highest-priced yearling of the evening. With Paul Kelley signing the ticket as agent, Seaside Bliss, Hip No. 47, has an extensive pedigree of black type as her fourth dam is Armbro Éclair (Speedy Crown, $187,443). This mare produced three horses that broke the $100,000 barrier and her daughters are responsible for a number of stakes winners. Kentuckiana Farms and Walco Farms teamed up again to offer the third highest-priced yearling of the night in Hip No. 93, The Dream Lives On. Selected by Jimmy Takter for $265,000 the colt is by Muscle Hill and out of the 2012 2-year-old Dan Patch Award winner To Dream On. The colt is a half-brother to Chanel Me (Cantab Hall, $14,750), who is currently a 2-year-old and has captured a leg of the Pennsylvania Stallion Series. The Dream Lives On has a family tree that screams future champion from the catalogue page, as his second dam is Satin Pillows, the dam of another very nice horse in Credit Creation (Credit Winner, $113,251) and from four foals she has three winners. Satin Pillows is out of Bold Dreamer (Donerail, $531,258), an outstanding racehorse and equally prolific broodmare, as she has foaled champion Pampered Princess (Andover Hall, $1.64 million), O’Brien Award winner Was It A Dream (Striking Sahbra, $713,441) and Nothing But Class (Andover Hall, $134,818). The sale got off to a quick start when Hip No. 1, Southport Beach, a pacing colt by Somebeachsomewhere-Benear sold for $250,000 to Geoff Martin. Consigned by Vieux Carre Farms, agent, he is a full brother to 2014 Little Brown Jug winner Limelight Beach. Despite the proven stallions standing their ground and retaining their value within the industry, the four newcomers in Father Patrick, Captaintreacherous, Sweet Lou and Trixton, not only held their own, but illustrated why they will be forces to reckoned with in the future. Captaintreacherous was just ahead of Somebeachsomewhere in total price for his 18 foals, while the older stallion had 15 offered for sale. The younger horse collected an average of $114,500 for his colts and $103,750 for his fillies. The five offspring of Father Patrick brought a total of $600,000, but his average was a stout $140,000 for his four colts and his lone filly fetched $40,000. Sweet Lou also made a splash, as his three fillies averaged $155,000 and his four colts $95,000. His sons and daughters amassed just under $850,000 in the sales ring. Trixton also was quite successful at the sale as six of his progeny, with only one being a colt, amassed $475,000, with his fillies averaging a healthy $86,000. A total of 93 head sold for $10,634,000, with the average price being $114,344. “We are very happy with the opening day of the sale, but I know we are looking forward to the days that come,” Manges said. “This is a strong sale throughout each day, in fact the second day this year appears more solid than last year’s and many buyers are arriving on Wednesday. While it is not the same as last year in terms of those very high-priced horses, we have built a catalogue that has great depth throughout the course of the sale.” The Lexington Selected Yearling Sale continues until Saturday (Oct. 7) with all sessions opening at 7 p.m. To view the full results of the sale or the upcoming catalogue, please click here. The event is also being streamed live and can be seen on this link. Complete recaps of the individual sessions will be available at on the mornings following the evening sessions.   by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

OCTOBER 3, 2017 – Harness racing yearling sale season swings into high gear with the first session of the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale on Tuesday, Oct. 3. Of the more than 580 Ontario Sired young horses that will parade into an auction ring this fall, buyers will find almost 100 of them at the five-day Lexington sale. More than 300 will be on offer at the London Selected Sale October 14 and 15, and the remainder will be found in the Harrisburg Black Book Sale November 6 through 10. In addition to yearlings by leading Ontario Sires Stakes stallions Kadabra and Sportswriter, buyers are eagerly anticipating the first Ontario-eligible crops from pacing stallions Betterthancheddar, Sunfire Blue Chip and Sunshine Beach, and trotting stallions Archangel, E L Titan and Royalty For Life, This fall’s sales will also feature the second Ontario-eligible crop from pacing stallion Bettors Delight. “It's an exciting time of year for both breeders and buyers,” said Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association president Walter Parkinson. “This sale season, we have the first Ontario-eligible crops of several high end pacing and trotting stallions, something we have not seen in the past few years.  This will make for some exciting racing for the 2018 stakes season.” Buyers selecting Ontario Sired yearlings will have an opportunity to compete for an estimated $13.25 million in the 2018 Ontario Sires Stakes program, up slightly from 2017. Full details about the 2018 Standardbred Improvement Program are available at This season Ontario Sired horses have delivered impressive performances in both the Ontario Sires Stakes program and open stake events. Three-year-old trotting filly Magic Presto (Kadabra – In The Mean Time) captured her Hambletonian Oaks elimination and finished second in the final and has added $417,434 to her bankroll. Percy Bluechip (Shadow Play – Advantest) won the sole Eternal Camnation division and Kendall Seelster (Shadow Play – Kiddie Cocktail) triumphed in the Champlain Stakes, putting both pacing fillies well over $300,000 in earnings for their novice campaigns. And, although she was not eligible to any open stake events, two-year-old trotting filly Kadabra Queen (Kadabra – Queen Street) has still managed to amass $215,000 with her perfect record of four wins in four Gold Series starts with the $225,000 Super Final still to come on Oct. 14. In addition, Ontario Sires Stakes graduates Emoticon Hanover (Kadabra – Emmylou Who) and Sintra (Mach Three – Dancin Barefoot) have captured multiple open stakes in their four-year-old campaigns. With her victory in the Miss Versatility Final trotting mare Emoticon Hanover became the latest Ontario Sired millionaire and pacing gelding Sintra is less than $100,000 away from the milestone after capturing the Canadian Pacing Derby Final. “Ontario Sired performers have continually proven that they are able to compete against the best in the world,” noted Parkinson. “With the strength of the OSS program and the ability to compete in Grand Circuit and Open stakes events, Ontario Sired yearlings have a lot to offer to buyers this fall.” For detailed pedigrees and video of all the Ontario Sired youngsters on offer at the fall yearling sales please visit… Lexington Selected Yearling Sale (Oct. 3 to 7) — London Selected Yearling Sale (Oct. 14 and 15) — Harrisburg Black Book Sale (Nov. 6 to 10) — Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association

Columbus, OH --- The 2017 Lexington Selected Yearling Sale will begin on Tuesday (Oct. 3) and continue through Saturday (Oct. 7) at the Fasig-Tipton Sales Pavilion in Lexington, Ky. All sessions will start at 7 p.m. Live streaming sales video will be available at this link, while the complete sales results can be found at this link. For more information go to Complete recaps of the individual sessions will be available at on the mornings following the evening sessions.   USTA Communications Department 

Videos of the Southwind Farms yearlings that have been consigned to the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale (October  3 -7) are now available on the Southwind Farms website ( The yearlings (which will sell in the Preferred Equine consignment) feature five colts and five fillies by Champion sire Muscle Hill. Yearlings are available for inspection at the farm. For an appointment please call Farm Manager Laura Young at the farm (609)737-9067 or Syndicate Manager, Michael Klau at 516-599-2442.

The breeding partnership of Al Libfeld and Marvin Katz, honoured multiple times last season as breeders of the year, are proud to present their 2017 yearling offerings in action.   Video footage of all yearlings selling at the Lexington Selected Sale, October 3 through 7, is now available on the website The consignment, which sells under Kentuckiana Farms as agent, includes five by Muscle Hill, seven from the first crop of Father Patrick, four by Muscle Massive and Captaintreacherous and a pair from Cantab Hall. Some of the show stoppers are Gumption, a Captaintreacherous first foal from Breeders Crown champ Uffizi Hanover p, 2, 1:50.3 ($767,258); The Dream Lives On, a Muscle Hill colt from To Dream On 3, 1:52.1 ($968,077); Rifleman, a son of Father Patrick and first foal from Designed To Be 4, 1:51.3f ($663,008); Flirtin Flare a Muscle Massive filly whose dam has produced winners of $2.3M including Flirtin Man ($604,658); etc. To view the yearlings in person, please contact Bob Brady, Kentuckiana Farms at (502) 863-3070.   Jim Gillies

The harness racing catalog for the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale is now available for download on the sales company's website,, and will soon be posted on the Equineline Sales Catalog app. Print catalogs will be mailed in the coming week.   Those who would like to receive a catalog, but are not already on the mailing list, may fill out the "Request Catalog" form on the website.   The sale--held as always during the Grand Circuit stand at Red Mile--begins on Tuesday, Oct. 3 and concludes on Saturday, Oct. 7. Each session is slated to start at 7 p.m. at the Fasig-Tipton Pavilion.   "I am very excited this year's sale will offer many high quality yearlings by outstanding first crop sires such as Captaintreacherous, Father Patrick, Sweet Lou, Trixton and others," said sale co-manager David Reid.   In fact, the sale boasts the largest number of yearlings by Captaintreacherous, Father Patrick and Trixton to be offered at auction this year, with 52 by Captaintreacherous, 22 by Father Patrick and 38 by Trixton.   "Not only is there a large selection by the new sires, but we also have the biggest group by Muscle Hill, with 53 of his yearlings in the book," Reid said.   Sale co-manager Randy Manges pointed out that last year's sale ended up with the highest average ever attained at a major yearling auction ($56,304), and he's optimistic that this year's sale could perhaps mirror those results.   "The economy is trending upward, purses are strong and there's still a shortage of horses racing for that big money," Manges said. "The excitement level the first-crop sires bring to the table, along with the overall quality of the individuals we inspected, leads me to believe buyers are going to be very well satisfied."   Lexington Selected Sales Co.    

It took a year for harness racing owner Ken Jacobs to find a hole with Walner --- and that was a hole in the wind.  Walner trotted a world-record 1:51.3 on Oct. 6 at Lexington’s Red Mile, a mark that came one year to the day after Jacobs purchased the colt for $90,000 at the Lexington Selected Sale. It was Walner’s fourth win in five races this season and established the horse as one of the top Breeders Crown 2-year-old male trotting contenders. “I look for holes in horses,” Jacobs said about selecting Walner, a son of 2012 Horse of the Year Chapter Seven out of the O’Brien Award-winning mare Random Destiny, at last fall’s yearling auction. “When I can’t find a hole, those are the ones I’m interested in. And I try very hard to find a hole. There were no holes in (Walner) at all.” On Saturday night, Walner will compete in the first of two Breeders Crown eliminations for 2-year-old male trotters at the Meadowlands Racetrack. He is the 3-1 morning line favorite, starting from post five in a 10-horse field with Tim Tetrick at the lines for trainer Linda Toscano. Walner’s elimination also includes Peter Haughton Memorial and New Jersey Sire Stakes champion What The Hill, New York Sire Stakes champion Devious Man, Pennsylvania Sire Stakes champion Giveitgasandgo, and stakes-winners Dover Dan, New Jersey Viking, Long Tom, and Southwind Cobra. “Isn’t that amazing?” Jacobs said. “It’s the luck of the draw. What are you going to do? I didn’t like the draw but it is what it is. We’ve got to beat them all anyway, so what’s the difference.” Walner won two qualifiers at the Meadowlands before capturing his career debut in 1:55.4 in a division of the New York Sire Stakes at Vernon Downs. In his next start, at Saratoga, he went off stride in the first turn but stormed from more than 16 lengths back to win by 1-3/4. He went off stride in his only loss, a division of the Kindergarten Series, but rebounded to win in the next round of the Kindergarten in 1:53.4 at the Meadowlands and then in 1:51.3 in a division of the International Stallion Stakes at Lexington. His 1:51.3 mile is the fastest in history for a 2-year-old male trotter and trails only filly Mission Brief’s 1:50.3 in the record book. “I’ve been very cautious with him because I knew he was a really nice horse,” said Jacobs, who has received inquiries about selling the horse, but emphasized he is not for sale. “I’d like to have a horse in the Hambletonian next year, so I didn’t want to over-race him at 2. He’s a pretty awesome horse and we still don’t know how fast he can go. But we know he’s fast.” Jacobs, the leading owner on the New York Sire Stakes circuit, is known for his successes with a number of pacers, including 2012 Breeders Crown champion and Dan Patch Award-winner Heston Blue Chip, but has bought more trotters in recent years. He won NYSS championships last year with trotters Jewels In Hock and Allerage Echo. “I got into trotters a couple years ago,” said Jacobs, who said he bought four trotters and four pacers last year and has a similar plan this year. “I love to see a trotter trot. It’s different. I enjoy it. If I can get a horse in the Hambletonian, it will fulfill my goal. My bucket list, if you will. I’ve been lucky to reach so many of my other goals. This is a big goal for me.” The second Breeders Crown elimination for 2-year-old male trotters finds stakes-winner Bill’s Man as the 3-1 morning line favorite, with Corey Callahan driving for trainer John Butenschoen. Breeders Crown finals for older pacers and trotters will be held Oct. 28 at the Meadowlands and the championships for 2- and 3-year-old pacers and trotters will follow on Oct. 29. Eliminations are unnecessary for the Breeders Crown Open Pace, Open Trot and Mare Trot, so those horses will advance directly to their respective finals. Eliminations for the Mare Pace and 2-year-old filly trotters will be Friday and eliminations for the remaining 2- and 3-year-old trotters and pacers will be Saturday, all at the Meadowlands. Post positions for the Open finals will be drawn live Friday and posts for the 2- and 3-year-old finals will be drawn Saturday. Elimination winners draw for inside posts one through five for the finals. For Friday’s complete card, click here. For Saturday’s complete card, click here. For more information visit or Follow Breeders Crown news and updates on Twitter @Breeders_Crown, using #BCrown16 and on Facebook at Fans can also go to, the Place for Harness Racing Fans to See, Share, Connect and Play. Ken Weingartner  

Lexington, KY --- It was another spectacular Friday (Oct. 7) for the fourth session of the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale, not only because of the incredible weather and the energy of the crowd, but the harness racing event continues to establish new parameters in nearly every category. When the gavel falls for the final time on Saturday evening (Oct. 8), it appears this year's sale will have grossed the most in eight years and quite possibly ever, as is evidenced by the nearly $100,000 a son of Roll With Joe-Tropic's Beachgirl fetched tonight. "I have been here 23 years," said Randy Manges, co-manager of the sale. "Every year I pray for good weather and fortunately for nearly every one of those years we have been blessed. The last thing you want is for it to rain during the day so people cannot walk around and easily view the horses. Not only has the weather been perfect, but each year our breeders and consigners bring us better and better horses. We are very, very pleased with the results and feel there are quality horses available right to the end of the sale." Consigned by Spring Haven Farm on behalf of Rose Run Farm, Rose Run TJ was assigned Hip No. 419. Purchased by Bill Donovan for $97,000 the evening's sales topper is a half-sibling to the excellent stakes performer and 2015 Empire Breeders Classic victor Rockin In Heaven (Rock N Roll Heaven, $447,560), as well as Little Gold Ring (Western Terror, $255,189) and Real Protection (Grinfromeartoear, $135,946). Rose Run TJ's second dam, the Big Towner mare Tropic Town is a half-sister to the dams of Oriental Ave ($360,893) as well as to the granddams of John Street North ($895,912), Thunder Bay ($805,644), Paling Avenue ($677,990) and Noble Tess ($584,311). Tropic Town carried on the family tradition of productivity and was responsible for Bahama Bunny (Precious Bunny, $578,338) and Bunny Town (Precious Bunny, $118,141). Like her dam and other female relatives, Bunny Town was the dam of Memumsnotice ($325,103), Carolina Moon ($185,672), Get Around Town ($178,317), Another Dawn ($173,841) and Town Centre($106,947). Blackberry Farm, Hip No. 431, was the second highest priced yearling of the session at $80,000 and is now owned by Australians Emilo and Maria Rosati. Raised and consigned by Hunterton Farm the brown filly by Lucky Chucky is out of the Dream Vacation mare Resortful, who was second in the Hambletonian Oaks and collected $255,030 during her racing career. Resortful is a half-sister to O'Brien award winner Windsong Soprano (Windsong's Legacy, $1,231,325), The Muscler (Cantab Hall, $102,744) and is a full sister to world champion Big Boy Lloyd ($692,190). With the offspring of Muscle Hill in high demand, it was no surprise his daughter Urban Legend, Hip No. 446, sold for $70,000. Out of the Andover Hall mare Bedtime Story, who is out the Windsong's Legacy mare Bedtime Song, Urban Legend's third dam is the Donerail mare Bold Dreamer ($531,258). That mare foaled world champion and multiple Dan Patch and O'Brien award winner Pampered Princess (Andover Hall, $1,646,362), O'Brien award winner Was It A Dream (Striking Sahbra, $896,000) and Nothing But Class (Andover Hall, $350,000). The filly was consigned by Diamond Creek Farm and purchased by the Rick Zeron Stable. The total average price for the fourth session of the sale was up 19.6 percent from 2015, with the average being the greatest for pacing colts at $27,192. Through all four sessions of the sale, trotting colts still lead the way with an overall average of $69,595, which is certainly bolstered by the $800,000 bid Tactical Landing brought and strong demand for Muscle Hill progeny. Pacing colts are not far behind with a $69,307 average, despite the highest priced pacing colt selling for $450,000. A total of $7,000,000 has been spent on 101 pacing colts, $5,509,000 on 108 pacing fillies, $11,135,000 on 160 trotting colts and $6,909,000 on trotting fillies. From 491 horses sold, 60 fewer than last year, the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale has grossed more than $30 million and appears poised to obliterate the $32,111,742 2008 standard.  The average per horse for the entire sale at this juncture is up by 24.3 percent from last year and there is still eighty horses to put through the ring before the event is complete. The fifth and final session of the sale will commence Saturday (Oct. 8) at 7:00 p.m. in the Fasig-Tipton Sales Pavilion in Lexington. For full results of the sale so far click on this link. by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor 

Lexington, KY---After witnessing a world-record performance by 2-year-old Walner (Chapter Seven-Random Destiny) at The Red Mile, it took a bit of time to wend through rush hour traffic to reach the Fasiq-Tipton Sales Pavilion, yet the quest to discover a future harness racing world champion remained evident at the Lexington Selected Yearling Sale on Thursday (Oct. 6) as six yearlings were purchased for $100,000 or more, led by the trotting filly Magic Carpet Glide at the event’s third session. With last year’s third session only providing one $100,000 yearling, the sale continues to break new ground and illustrate the demand, as well as the desire, for elite Standardbreds. “Although there is generally a decrease after the first two days of the sale, I feel our next two sessions were stocked with some very nice horses,” said co-sale manager Randy Manges. “I know some people were celebrating Rosh Hashanah and could not be here for our first night. Also, some people from the East Coast like Pennsylvania and Delaware also planned on being here for the weekend, because it is an additional expense to stay for the entire event in Lexington simply because of all the things going on in the area at the same time.” The average price for all yearlings was up 26.8 percent over last year’s third day. In addition, the average price for all yearlings is up 22 percent over 2015. Even with 31 fewer yearlings walking through the ring this year, the gross sale amount is up $3,126,000. The connections of Hip No. 315, Magic Carpet Glide, past, present and future, certainly did their part to contribute to the spectacular success of this year’s Lexington Selected Yearling Sale. Purchased for $175,000 by Robert Lindstrom as agent for Lennart Agren’s SRF Stable of Boden, Sweden, this is the team that signed the ticket for the session two sale-topper for $350,000. Preferred Equine offered the Kadabra-Cha Cha Glide filly for sale. A daughter of Yankee Glide, Cha Cha Glide accumulated $14,266 in purse money and this is her first foal. She is, however, a half-sister to this year’s Peter Haughton Memorial winner What The Hill (Muscle Hill, $201,865). Magic Carpet Glide’s third dam, Celtic Contessa, by King Conch, dropped eight foals with six of them winners, including world champion and 2006 O’Brien Horse of the Year Majestic Son (Angus Hall, $1,756,883) and her granddam K T Cha Cha, also by Angus Hall, who earned $109,515. The filly’s fourth dam is Ramerizi (Face To Face, $433,344), the 1992 O’Brien Older Trotting Mare of the Year. She produced world champion Misterizi (Mr Lavec, $574,332), Lindsey-Fireyimage (Balanced Image, $203,363) and Rams Billy Brisco (Brisco Hanover, $165,677). In turn, Lindsey-Fireyimage was the dam of Striking Lindsey ($571,221), Action SJ ($197,048) and Action-Image-Hall ($105,895). The second highest-priced individual of the evening was Hip No. 275 Night Rhythm, a Muscle Hill-Tail Of Night colt, who sold for $160,000 to Great Horse MA from the Kentuckiana consignment. Night Rhythm is a half-brother to Machuca (Yankee Glide, $101,505) and his granddam, Day For Night (Donerail, $616,907) was the 2000 Dan Patch 3-year-old champion trotting filly. Just moments before Night Rhythm stepped into the ring, Crawford Farms purchased Sevenmaidsadancing for $150,000. Offered by Spring Haven Farm, the Chapter Seven-Surrey With Fringe filly is a half sibling to the 2-year-old Cresurrey (Credit Winner, $18,750) and her granddam, B Cor Peatra (Balanced Image) is a full sister to B Cor Pete ($893,076), Yorktown Gunner ($500,800) and Clarice Marie ($201,230). That mare is the dam of Corky ($1,008,000). B Cor Peata is also closely related to the dam of Wuthering Hanover ($494,440), Wide Angle Hanover ($445,708), B Cor Timgo ($641,641) and to the dam of Tom Cango ($515,930), Broadway Hall ($436,790), Looking Hanover ($1,125,136) and Banker Hall ($1,026,624). Despite trotters appearing to dominate the sale, pacing yearlings have quietly sold extremely well and possess the highest average for all gaits and genders at a stout $83,907. Complete results from the sale can be found at this link. The fourth session of the sale will commence on Friday (Oct. 7) at 7:00 p.m. and will continue through Saturday (Oct. 9). by Kimberly French, USTA Newsroom Editor

Lexington, KY --- On yet another flawless fall Wednesday evening (Oct. 5), the energy and attendance on the grounds of the Fasig-Tipton facility remained just as stout and pervasive for the second harness racing edition of the Lexington Selected Yearling sale as it was for the first. Despite the lack of a near record purchase price, the event continues to establish new standards of its own with increases across the board and also served notice that Muscle Hill is on the cusp of achieving super-sire status, not only in North America, but throughout the planet. Three of that stallion’s offspring in Go To Hill ($350,000), Tae Kwon Deo ($240,000) and Stylish Volo ($220,000) fetched the highest bids and will become members of barns based outside the confines of this nation. “We are just fortunate our consigners have continued to show us such strong support and that the buyers also return each year,” said Randy Manges, the co-manager of the sale with David Reid. “Without our breeders and consigners providing us with top quality horses each year, we would not enjoy success. They are the people responsible for what we have to offer and while Muscle Hill has certainly looked very strong, we were lucky most of his foals from this year are being sold here. We also have Somebeachsomewhere, Cantab Hall and a number of other excellent stallions represented. In fact, Chapter Seven had a yearling that went for $200,000. While we are very pleased with how the sale has progressed so far, there are still many nice horses to follow in the next sessions.” Of the 20 yearlings by Muscle Hill that went through the ring on Wednesday, Go To Hill (Hip No. 153) possessed the highest price tag, which is tied for the fourth highest overall at the sale, and now belongs to Robert Lindstrom, agent for Lennart Agren’s SRF Stable of Boden, Sweden. Out of the Andover Hall mare Habit Of Creature, the colt was consigned by Preferred Equine, is the third foal out of his dam and is a half-brother to the 2-year-old stakes winner You Cant Habit (Cantab Hall, $50,412) and the 4-year-old Fancy Step (Deweycheatumnhowe, $18,164). Go To Hill’s second dam, the Supergill mare Habit, not only collected $171,776 during her racing days, but has produced 11 winners from 12 foals of racing age including Civil Action (Pine Chip, $1,123,053), Muscle Bound (Muscles Yankee, $196,724), Over Ruled (Self Possessed, $266,527), Civic Duty (Angus Hall, $226,149), Big Short (Cantab Hall, $114,547) and Habit’s Lady (Muscles Yankee, $104,796). Checking in behind Go To Hill, who looked every bit the part of a six-figure yearling, was Hip No. 166, Tae Kwon Deo. This colt, consigned by Preferred Equine and selected by Lufti Kolgjini AB of Sweden, is out of the 2008 O’Brien Award older mare champion, Brigham Dream. The daughter of Kaisy Dream earned $639,280 during her career and is a half-sister to another O’Brien and Dan Patch award winner in Crys Dream (2010, 2-year-old filly). Finishing the Muscle Hill triumvirate was the filly Stylish Volo (Hip No. 129), who was consigned and raised by Kentuckiana Farms and is now the property of Emilio and Maria Rosati of Australia. The daughter of the Donato Hanover mare Sterling Volo, is a half-sister to the 2-year-old Simply Volo (Crazed, $55,793). That horse has already collected a victory on the Pennsylvania Sire Stakes circuit and was second in a leg of the Kindergarten series at the Meadowlands this year. Striking a very impressive pose in the ring, Stylish Volo’s second dam is none other than Hambletonian Oaks winner Silver Springs (Yankee Glide, $626,500). This exceptional mare is just as outstanding as a broodmare as when she was in competition as six of her seven foals of racing age are winners including Springtime Volo ($383,984). Stylish Volo’s family does show success competing in Europe with her third dam responsible for world champion Sugarcane Volo (Sugarcane Hanover, $1,019,151) who collected 35 victories on that continent over the course of six years. Although it appeared that Muscle Hill dominated the evening’s purchases, his average yearling price of $105,240 was second to Kadabra’s $108,333. The difference between the two stallions is Kadabra was only represented by three yearlings, while 25 Muscle Hill horses were offered for sale. On Wednesday, 146 yearlings were purchased for an average price of $70,897, which was an increase in average price of a noteworthy 26.5 percent, compared to 154 yearlings averaging $56,045 a year ago. Through two sessions, 233 yearlings have sold for an average price of $92,717. In 2015, 252 yearlings sold for an average price of $76,845. The percentage increase is 20.7. Despite a reduction of 19 horses, the gross is up $2,238,000. “Thank you to all our breeders and consigners for all they do,” Manges said. “Nothing is possible without them. We look forward to the many other very nice horses still to be sold and hope the momentum we have built on the first two days of the sale continues over the next several days.” Complete results from the sale can be found at this link. The third session of the five-day sale, which operates until Oct. 10, is underway once again at the Fasiq-Tipton Sales Pavilion in Lexington on Thursday at 7 p.m. by Kim French, USTA Internet News Editor

Lot 70 in Tuesday’s opening session of the Lexington Select Yearling Sale saw harness racing bloodstock agent Martinez Equine put up a final bid of $800,000 for a Muscle Hill colt out of the Varenne mare Southwind Serena. It was lot 70 in the Lexington Selected Sale and his name is Tactical Landing. The colt was sold by Hunterton Sales Agency. This colt is a full brother to the world champion champion filly Mission Brief t2,1:50.3, t3 1:50.2f ($1,599,587) the Dan Patch two-year-old trotting filly of the year in 2014 and the Dan Patch, O'Brien three-year-old trotting filly of the year in 2015. He is also a three quarter brother to Southwind Spirit t4, :54.1 now standing at stud. The sale was set alight early with lot 1, Come See The Show making a eye-opening $550,000. This daughter of Somebeachsomewhere was purchased outright by Richard Young who owned this yearling in partnership before the sale. This filly is out of the world champion mare Put On A Show one of the fastest mares in history with a 1:47.3 mark and with $2,406,628 in the bank. It was an incredible sale for a first day with total sales making $11,250,000 for an average of $129,233 for the 87 yearlings sold. The 16 Muscle Hills averaged $167,000 while the 25 Somebeachsomewheres averaged $158,080. For all sale results click here For sires averages click here Lot 70, Tactical Landing

Wallkill, NY September 22 – Blue Chip Farm announced today that its 2016 Lexington Selected Yearlings will now be available at the Northwood Bloodstock consignment. Individuals from leading stallions American Ideal, Bettor’s Delight, Art Major and Somebeachsomewhere will be offered, highlighted by Hip #16 Pericles Blue Chip, the first Art Major filly out of a mare that has produced two million dollar winners. Tom Grossman, Blue Chip principal commented, “leveraging Northwood’s infrastructure and experience has allowed us to bring down a much more select group of yearlings to Lexington in an economical way.” “I have always been impressed with the Blue Chip raised yearlings, and now to have them in the Northwood Bloodstock consignment is thrilling”, said Bob Boni, founder of Northwood Bloodstock. “The 2016 crop has the pedigree and conformation to compete at the highest levels and I look forward to presenting a great buying opportunity for new and existing clients.” The yearlings will be available for inspection at Northwood’s consignment barn #11 on Sunday, October 2nd.

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