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ALL STAR STALWARTS Jean Feiss and Phil and Glenys Kennard and their syndicate members came up trumps at the successful New Zealand Bloodstock Standardbred sales which ended Wednesday outlaying over $1m between them for some choice lots whose careers will be guided from Rolleston. Jean, who spent just over $500,000 bought the most expensive All Star lot going to $170,000 for a Bettor’s Delight colt from a daughter of Beaudiene Babe named Beaudiene Big Time. “I was sure in my own mind he would go north of $150,000 but fortunately he was not too far north” she said. She also paid $100,000 for Stag Party a Bettor’s Delight colt bred on the same cross as Lazarus and from a strongly performing family. At Auckland Jean had parted with $140,000 for a Sweet Lou cold closely related to Smooth Deal, last year’s sale topper who is already a winner. “It was a strong sale at the top end and fairly tough competition though I noticed there seemed to be a lot of passings on the board” Jean said of the Christchurch sale. Kennard Bloodstock, unusually, went to $100,000 for a richly bred trotting colt in Auckland as its major purchase but wasted no time swinging into action yesterday. going to $100,000 for a BEttor’s Delight Priscilla Shard colt closely related to familiar All Stars names like Mighty Cullen and Likemesiah and $90,000 for Arden’s Ace, a colt from former brilliant racemare, Venus Serena. Phil said that he had a few disappointments at the Auckland sale. “We found it quite tough at the top end. One colt in particular we had lined up for the Major Mark syndicate but we couldn’t match the firepower. We are not generally going at the top end of the market for our syndicates” All Stars itself added further to its tally yesterday its sale purchases being largely in the $60-70,000 range except for the Captaintreacherous-Veste colt bought in Auckland for $130,000   Courtesy of All Stars Racing Stables

It was a magic day for southern breeders at the NZB Standardbred National Sale in Christchurch today (Wednesday) with two Southern Bred Southern Reared colts topping the sale, and plenty of others providing a great return for their owners. The Shard, owned by Debbie and Mark Smith of Shard Farm, and Beaudiene Bigtime owned by Dave Kennedy of Bayswater both sold for $170,000. Emilio and Mary Rosati of New South Wales purchased The Shard whilst another regular Australian buyer Jean Feiss, put in the winning bid for Beaudiene Bigtime. “Unbelievable,” said Kennedy when I spoke to him a few hours after the sale. And the follow up question had to be; was that a surprise? “Was it ever. I knew I had a good colt but I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d get $170,000. As the day went on I was starting to get a bit worried because the big buyers had been spending their money.” But worry soon turned into elation as Kennedy sat on the sideline watching the bidding war unfold. “It was an unbelievable experience I can tell you. Stonewall Stud were chasing him and Nigel McGrath had a go. There were quite a few onto him. I’m pretty sure Stonewall were the under bidders.” At the end of the day though, it was Jean Feiss who walked away with the Bettor’s Delight - Beaudiene Maja colt. “He’d be the nicest colt I’ve handled. He’s so intelligent and so willing to work with you every step of the way.” Topping the Christchurch sale is becoming a regular occurrence for SBSR. Chicago Cub bred by John and Katrina Price was the top lot last year, selling to Emilio and Mary Rosati for $190,000. In 2016 Shard Farm prepared Mach Shard to sell for $200,000, whilst back in 2015 Bollinger sold for $200,000, and in 2014 Beaudiene Beaufighter was top of the pile. Kennedy said he had a feeling this year’s sale was going to be special for the SBSR group of breeders. “I said to John (Stiven) and Debbie (Smith) that the Southland team had the best group of yearlings that they’ve ever travelled up to Christchurch with. I knew damn well there would be some money coming our way. It was a great day for the Southern boys and girls.” Buyers on the SBSR Tour at Dave and Dawn Kennedys - Photo Bruce Stewart Another success story was Captain Nemo, a Captaintreacherous colt owned by John and Katrina Price of Winton which sold for $110,000. He was first spotted on the SBSR Bus Tour by Ray Green who took a keen interest in him and has now bought him for Lincoln Farms. The Prices also sold their Bettor’s Delight colt out of Surprise Party – another one bought by Jean Feiss, for $100,000. Shard Farm also had a $100,000 sale with Romeo Shard selling to Kennard Bloodstock. Other good SBSR sales were: $90,000 for the Tuapeka Lodge colt The Frankster (Bettor’s Delight – Tuapeka Maddy), $90,000 for Arden’s Ace (Art Major-Venus Serena) and $82,500 for Captain Arden (Captaintreacherous – Southwind Arden). Kennedy says a big part of the success today stems from the SBSR Bus Tour which gives prospective buyers the opportunity to take a look at the yearlings on offer in their own environment, whilst showcasing Southland. One of the trainers on the tour, Ray Green, commented to Kennedy that he could see why Southern Reared horses are so good. “Ray said with all the green grass their bones are so much better. And the climate is so conducive to breeding top animals.” Kennedy states “You can’t buy advertising like that. The guys that come down on the tour just can’t believe it. Bringing the buyers down has been one hell of a win for us.”    Bruce Stewart

New Zealand Bloodstock hosted its first-ever National Standardbred Yearling Sale this week and the anticipation leading into the Sale has been met with phenomenal results across all key figures at the close of trading. The aggregate soared to $12,360,000 for 299 lots sold over three days. The average and median both climbed to great heights reaching $41,338 and $30,000 respectively.  “We are thrilled with our first foray into selling standardbreds and the statistics sum up the success of the Sale,” commented NZB’s Managing Director Andrew Seabrook. “I’d like to congratulate the vendors on how well they have prepared their horses. To see the turnover up nearly $1 million dollars [$962,500] on last year with 85 less horses catalogued is a great outcome. “The top end of the Sale was strong with 24 horses selling in excess of $100,000 over the past three days, where last year there were just seven. “The average has improved significantly on 2018 with the all-important median suggesting a buoyant middle market, and the overall feedback from everyone has been fantastic. “While the clearance rate in Auckland was 73%, it was heartening to see that figure increase to 85% during today’s session, resulting in an overall clearance rate of 80% for the catalogue. “We won’t rest on our laurels and will continue to work with vendors and buyers for ways of improving the Sales as we move forward.” Day 2 of the Christchurch Sale saw 158 pacing yearlings sold for an aggregate of $6,471,500, with leading buyer John Street of Lincoln Farms Bloodstock accounting for 8 of those purchases and $593,000 in receipts. “We bought five in Auckland and seven here in Christchurch,” commented Street. “We got every horse we wanted so we’re very, very lucky. They’ll go into some of our partnerships but we won’t do that until they are two-year-olds.” Emilio Rosati and Mary Stride were in the action again today securing the equal highest-priced yearling in The Shard (Lot 267) from the draft of Shard Farm. The son of Bettor’s Delight and Group Two winner Pemberton Shard was knocked down to the duo’s $170,000 bid. Beaudiene Breeding’s Lot 369, Beaudiene Bigtime, was also knocked down for $170,000 with active Australian buyer Jean Feiss securing the son of Bettor’s Delight. Beaudiene Breeding ended the day of trading as the leading vendor by average having sold 4 lots at an average price of $65,500. “The Southern Bred Southern Reared have had a fantastic day with quite a few $100,000 dollar horses,” commented David Kennedy who sells under the Beaudiene Breeding banner. “I’m absolutely delighted, NZB have done a tremendous job on promoting the Sale. “The vendors have presented and the buyers have fronted up and given us the rewards. “It’s been a fantastic day for everyone and we’ve done unbelievably well ourselves.” Broadfield Lodge traded 17 lots for $845,000, including Lot 274 who fetched $130,000, landing them the leading vendor by aggregate title. The leading sire by average was Captaintreacherous with 8 of his progeny selling for a total of $59,437. All horses purchased at the 2019 National Yearling Sale are eligible for the NZB Standardbred Harness Million Series with approximately $1 million in prizemoney for graduates. To make enquiries about any Passed Lots, contact Cam Bray on +64 21 737 199. Auckland Sale – view Passed Lots here Christchurch Sale – view Passed Lots here 2019 National Yearling Sale - Day 3 Sale of Pacers at Christchurch   2019 Christchurch Sale (pacers only) Aggregate $6,471,500 Average $40,959 Median $30,500 Clearance 85% Catalogued 206 Sold 158 Top Price $170,000 Lot 267 The Shard (Blk.C.) Bettor's Delight – Pemberton Shard Top Lots Lot Type Breeding Vendor Purchaser Location Price 267 BL.C Bettor's Delight / Pemberton Shard Shard Farm E & M Stride New South Wales $170,000 369 BL.C Bettor's Delight / Beaudiene Maja Babe Beaudiene Breeding Mrs JL Feiss Victoria $170,000 381 B.C Bettor's Delight / Champagne Princess Smolenski Stables Kentuckiana Lodge Ltd Canterbury $155,000 277 BR.C Mach Three / Nicaea Franco Spreydon Lodge Ltd Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Auckland $140,000 274 B.F Art Major / Kashana Broadfield Lodge Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Auckland $130,000 360 B.C Captaintreacherous / Arden Caviar Price Bloodstock Lincoln Farms Bloodstock Auckland $110,000 377 B.F Bettor's Delight / Anvil On Fire Broadfield Lodge Kentuckiana Lodge Ltd Canterbury $105,000 280 B.C Bettor's Delight / Priscilla Shard Shard Farm PI & GJ Kennard Bloodstock Ltd Canterbury $100,000 326 B.C Bettor's Delight / Surprise Party Price Bloodstock Mrs JL Feiss Victoria $100,000 342 BL.C Bettor's Delight / Simply Devine Studholme Bloodstock Ltd Mr R Reddy Fiji $100,000 Leading Purchasers Purchaser Bought Aggregate Average Top Price Top Lot Lincoln Farms Bloodstock (Auckland) 8 $593,000 $74,125 $140,000 277 PI & GJ Kennard Bloodstock (Canterbury) 6 $400,000 $66,667 $100,000 280 All Stars Racing Stables (Canterbury) 6 $357,000 $59,500 $80,000 401 Kentuckiana Lodge (Canterbury) 3 $332,500 $110,833 $155,000 381 Mrs JL Feiss (Victoria) 3 $300,000 $100,000 $170,000 369 Mr NR McGrath (Canterbury) 6 $253,000 $42,167 $75,000 382 E & M Stride (New South Wales) 2 $252,500 $126,250 $170,000 267 Stonewall Stud (Auckland) 6 $250,500 $41,750 $65,000 331 Mr BM Mangos (Auckland) 3 $200,000 $66,667 $90,000 210 Mr G Payne (Canterbury) 8 $182,500 $22,813 $31,000 305 Leading Vendors by Aggregate Vendor Sold Aggregate Average Top Price Top Lot Broadfield Lodge 17 $845,000 $49,706 $130,000 274 Studholme Bloodstock 13 $589,500 $45,346 $100,000 342 Spreydon Lodge 8 $500,500 $62,563 $140,000 277 Rosedale Farm 14 $485,000 $34,643 $90,000 265 Shard Farm 7 $448,500 $64,071 $170,000 267 Ripple Creek 12 $356,000 $29,667 $85,000 365 Arden Lodge 8 $341,000 $42,625 $90,000 335 Beaudiene Breeding 4 $262,000 $65,500 $170,000 369 L. Smith 6 $222,000 $37,000 $65,000 331 Price Bloodstock 2 $210,000 $105,000 $110,000 360 Leading Vendors by Average (three or more sold) Vendor Sold Average Aggregate Top Price Top Lot Beaudiene Breeding 4 $65,500 $262,000 $170,000 369 Shard Farm 7 $64,071 $448,500 $170,000 267 Spreydon Lodge 8 $62,563 $500,500 $140,000 277 Broadfield Lodge 17 $49,706 $845,000 $130,000 274 Studholme Bloodstock 13 $45,346 $589,500 $100,000 342 Arden Lodge 8 $42,625 $341,000 $90,000 335 Barron Bloodstock 4 $39,000 $156,000 $65,000 199 L. Smith 6 $37,000 $222,000 $65,000 331 Rosedale Farm 14 $34,643 $485,000 $90,000 265 Norwegian Wood Breeding 3 $30,833 $92,500 $50,000 212 Leading Sires by Average (three or more sold) Sire Sold Average Aggregate Top Price Top Lot Captaintreacherous 8 $59,438 $475,500 $110,000 360 Roll With Joe 5 $54,800 $274,000 $70,000 396 Bettor's Delight 68 $51,412 $3,496,000 $170,000 267 Mach Three 7 $46,143 $323,000 $140,000 277 Art Major 21 $41,905 $880,000 $130,000 274 Sweet Lou 4 $39,625 $158,500 $85,000 365 American Ideal 12 $24,083 $289,000 $38,000 291 Somebeachsomewhere 10 $22,600 $226,000 $40,000 204 Sportswriter 4 $22,250 $89,000 $35,000 249 A Rocknroll Dance 7 $16,143 $113,000 $26,000 243     by NZB Standardbred  

Queensland’s Montana Park paid $170,000 for two colts and two fillies at the New Zealand Bloodstock Standardbred Yearling Sale at Karaka south of Auckland on Monday. It was the first time NZBS had conducted the Sales after taking over from long-time Sales hosts – Wrightson Pyne Gould Guiness’, and they were delighted with what they termed a “strong sale”. So was Fernvale trainer, Darrel Graham. “It was a good sale and we are pleased with what we bought. We didn’t go there with any one or two horses in mind, but we are delighted with what we picked up,” said Graham. Graham who has worked for the Maleny-based Stud Farm for just over two decades, travelled to Auckland with proprietor, Dean Shannon, last Saturday and they returned on Tuesday.  Montana Park now owns: Lot 123: A Somebeachsomewhere – Carabella (Bettor’s Delight) bay colt named Jersey Boy, who was sold by Dancingonmoonlight Farm in Kaiapoi for $62,500 Lot 3: A Sweet Lou - Emeli Maguire (Rocknroll Hanover) bay filly named Divine Miss Em, who was sold by Woodlands Stud in Clevedon for $37,500. Lot 102: A Bettor’s Delight – Uptown Attitude (Christian Cullen) brown filly sold by Hollis and Robertson Equine Serves in Pukekohe for $35,000. Lot 32: A Bettor’s Delight- Good On Top (Art Major) bay colt, who was sold by Hollis and Robertson Equine Services in Pukekohe for $35,000. “We’ve bought some nice ones over the years and really enjoy coming to New Zealand to try and pick up a bit of quality. It seems to have worked in the past,” Graham said. Montana Park has indeed purchased some nice babies from New Zealand yearling sales over the years. “There’s been a few who have gone on to do well and we are hoping the 2019 yearlings can do the same,” said Graham. Included in some of their purchases in recent years Montana Park paid $93,000 for Star Of Montana two years ago; $40,000 for Belle Of Montana also in 2017; $18,000 of Lanercost in 2008; and $6,000 for Courageous Annie in 2009. ‘We’ve had a few Group winners over the years who have gone on to do very well and make some nice money. Belle Of Montana for example is the leading 3-year-old filly in New Zealand having won five of her six starts, including a Group One for Barry Purdon," he said. "I'm not sure if she will be coming over here for our Winter Carnival because she has a few big races to get through before then like the Oaks and the Jewels. "Star Of Montana is here now and will more than likely take part in the Winter Carnival. Hopefully Belle Of Montana will too but Dean owns her and he will make his mind up regarding that a bit later in the season." Meanwhile 13 yearlings were sold for $100,000 or more yesterday, topped by the $190,000 for Lot 18, an Art Major colt from Goodlookinggirl - a half-sister to top mare Elle Mac. Named Billion Dollar Boy, the colt was bought by "dual-coder" Graeme Rogerson from Breckon Farms in the Waikato. by Duane Ranger for Racing Queensland

Winton breeder Michelle Caig has felt this is going to be her year. Having prepared horses for the national yearling sales for the past twenty two years, this year she felt that her Love You colt All Heart, had qualities that would attract good money at the NZB Standardbred National Yearling Sale in Christchurch and she was right. At the Sale today, the colt was knocked down to New South Wales buyers Emilio and Mary Rosati for $90,000 after a spirited bidding battle between Barry Purdon and the Rosatis. The price was the second highest in the trotters section. “He looked a picture and he was the nicest colt at the sale. Peter Lagan (Standardbred Manager) actually said that. Everybody that came around to look at him said he was very hard to fault, including Barry Purdon.” It was strange not seeing Caig lead All Heart into the ring but there was a good reason. “He nicked me in the nose yesterday and I’ve got a swollen and very sore face. He was just being a dick. I was feeling tired today but Debbie Smith and her girls have been a wonderful help. Just this last month he’s got a wee bit colty so he’s spent a lot of time on the jogger.” However that’s about to change. “Mary said in front of him, that he was going to be gelded. And he walked away in disgust. He seemed to know he was going to have a little operation.” All Heart, which was named after his second dam Merinai due to the courage she showed on the race track, carried a reserve of $60,000. “I got $60,000 for the Angus Hall (yearling colt) last year and I thought he (All Heart) was worth more purely because he was by Love You. The Angus Hall was a lovely colt but being by Love You this horse had that French X factor.” “He will miss me because I’ve had him since he was a few months old and he’s been pretty spoilt really.” All Heart’s dam Sun Mist has done an exceptional job at stud producing seven foals all of which have been winners, including Pretty Sunday the winner of fifteen races,  and Son Of Earl which won twenty three. “I’ve now had her (Sun Mist) for ten years. Every one of her foals has won. You cannot fault her. She’s a beautiful broodmare who does her foals well. She never raced and sometimes I think they’re the best broodmares. I believe some of those top mares have strong male genes and they don’t breed on until perhaps the second or third generation.” Sun Mist’s latest winner She’s Like The Wind looks very talented, and won her only start at Omakau in track record time. “I’ve also got a Pres filly which I love. She’s just a baby and Sun Mist is in foal to Pegasus Spur. I’ll probably go back to Love You this year.” Caig has sent her mares to cheaper stallions in the past but now feels it’s not the best way to go. “Once upon a time you just went to the cheaper stallions but you learn you can’t if you want to survive in the world of commercial breeding. Those bigger operators have loads of money and to compete you just need to have quality mares.” Other southern news to come out of the trotters sale today; Branxholme owners Lindsay and Ian Thomson paid  $42,000 for a half-brother to their quality three year old trotter Get Lucky, whilst neighbour Nathan Williamson sold his Father Patrick colt out of Kylie Ree for $42,000. He was bought by Barry Purdon. A good day for Southern Bred Southern Reared yearlings on day one of the National Sale and more good prices are expected tomorrow when the pacers take centre stage.   Bruce Stewart

The lift in demand for the straight-out trotter has been reflected in the results achieved on Day 1 of selling at NZB’s National Yearling Sale in Christchurch, with the aggregate, average and median figures exceeding that of last year’s result. “There has been a tremendous development of the stand-alone trotter and for the turnover to break the million-dollar mark is a great achievement,” commented NZB Standardbred Manager Peter Lagan. “It’s been great to experience another lift with the average reaching over $30,000, reinforcing that the trotter has really become quite a commercial product.” With 40 lots sold this afternoon, the aggregate surpassed the seven-figure mark to close at $1,203,500 (up 26% on 2018). The average rose to $30,088 (up 16% on 2018), the median settled at $21,500, while the clearance rate was a strong 83%. Seven lots sold for $50,000 or more with the highest-priced yearling fetching $105,000. The Love You colt, King of Love, was offered by Mansfield Farm as Lot 192 with local trainer Greg Hope the winning bidder. “We’ve got a Love You filly at home that we are in raptures about and we couldn’t resist having a full blood brother to that,” commented leading buyer Hope who spent an aggregate of $140,000 for two lots. Champion European sire Love You topped both the leading sire table by aggregate and average (three or more sold) having sold 10 lots for $403,500 in receipts, and a healthy average of $40,350. Jim Connelly was active at the Christchurch Sale after making his presence felt in Auckland. Purchasing under his KPC Racing banner, Connelly secured two trotting yearlings today for a total spend of $130,000. Selling six lots for a total trade of $163,000, Ripple Creek were the leading vendors by aggregate with their results bolstered by a Father Patrick colt (Lot 156) who sold for $50,000. Studholme Bloodstock were the leading sire by average (three or more sold) having sold three lots at an average of $42,333, including a Muscle Hill filly (Lot 158) who made $65,000. “It was a wonderful result for the farm,” commented Studholme Bloodstock’s Brian West. “I’ve been in and out of the trotters for nearly three decades, and once I had spent some time in Europe, I came home convinced that we should start investing in good trotting blood – simply because we can access the best trotting sires in the world.” The Christchurch Sale continues tomorrow with Lot 196 to Lot 401 going under the hammer from 11.00am. All horses purchased at the National Yearling Sale are eligible for the NZB Standardbred Harness Million Series with approximately $1 million in prizemoney for graduates. To make enquiries about any Passed Lots, contact Cam Bray on +64 21 737 199. Read more....   Reprinted with permission of NZB Standardbred

Harness racing’s yearling sales got the turbo boost they needed with a dramatic first entry into the industry by New Zealand Bloodstock at Karaka yesterday.  The National Standardbred Yearling Sale, held for the first time since thoroughbred powerhouse New Zealand Bloodstock opened their standardbred division last year (NZBS) could only be termed a huge success, with a record average for a harness racing sale in this part of the world.  And with the promise that things are likely to get better.  Right from parade day on Sunday the sales ground had more hype and confidence than in years and it resulted in 13 yearlings being sold for $100,000 or more, topped by the $190,000 for Lot 18, a Art Major colt from Goodlookinggirl, a half sister to top mare Elle Mac.  Fittingly on a day when the thoroughbred theme was so strongly in evidence he was purchased by one of New Zealand’s most successful ever galloping trainers in Graeme Rogerson.  Rogerson became heavily involved in harness racing a decade ago and even finished second on the trainers premiership but that side of his dual-code operation had quietened right down until some recent success.  But he was aggressive early yesterday in purchasing the top lot and a $120,000 Bettors Delight filly, the latter sold by a group of owners including former Black Caps bowling star Kyle Mills and All Black halfback Ant Strachan. But Rogerson wasn’t the only one bidding up big early as Lincoln Farms went to $140,000 for a Bettors Delight colt early while later in the sale traditional big names like buyers Jean Feiss, Emilio and Mary Rosati, Mark Purdon and Phil and Glenys Kennard purchased $100,000 or higher lots. But there was also new blood in Auckland-based owner Ross Dallimore, who spent $320,000 on four lots, including $110,000 for a Mach Three colt and $105,000 for a son of Bettors Delight, all four likely to be trained by John and Josh Dickie.  While most of the Australian interest was focussed at the middle market, four of the $100,000 plus lots were purchased by Australian-based owners but most are likely to be trained, at least early in their careers, in New Zealand.  Once the dust had settled on a rapid-fire day of selling the average of $46,750 will have left harness racing regulars stunned, up enormously on the $33,850 average price last year.  That came as 100 lots were sold for a total of $4,675,000, a clearance rate of 73 per cent that should bump up slightly after post-sale deals but still one NZBS will be keen to see improve.  NZBS managing director Andrew Seabrook was beaming as he left the sales ground bound for Christchurch, where the next two days of the sales will be held. “We are thrilled with that as a start for our business in harness racing but also for the industry as a whole,” said Seabrook.  “We had a great top end and a lot of happy vendors and some plenty of strong interest from Australia, some of which will flow on to Christchurch.  “But this is also a start for us and we want the sales to get bigger and better.”  He wasn’t the only New Zealand Bloodstock boss smiling as the company’s supremo Sir Peter Vela was chuffed to pick up a Bettors Delight colt for a bargain $40,000, with the famous Pencarrow colours to be worn by the colt for trainers Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. Other highlights were the strong money for top-end trotters, with two topping $100,000, both sold by Breckon Bloodstock, while second season sire Sweet Lou had a big day of the office.  Both of the heavyweight vendors, Breckon Bloodstock and Woodlands Stud, were enthused by the new dawn of harness racing sales. How the momentum carries to today’s Christchurch sale without their firepower will be interesting.   Michael Guerin

Harness racing Team Rogerson arrived at Karaka this morning for the first standardbred yearling sales for New Zealand Bloodstock. Not long after, they had unloaded $190,000 after engaging in a furious bidding war to get what was to be the top lot of the sales in Billion Dollar Boy  Billion Dollar Boy is a fantastic looking colt by Art Major from Goodlookinggirl by Christian Cullen from the Butler BG mare Twice As Good.  Rogerson stable foreman Dylan Ferguson suggested the colt was a bargain when speaking to NZBStandardbred after the purchase. "We liked his pedigree right from day one out of the catalogue, being a half brother to a multiple group one winner. "When we inspected him his type matched his pedigree and we thought he was definitely the top colt in the sale and that is why we were so keen to get him. "After the first day I saw him I told Graeme (Rogerson) I thought he would make $200K so some would say we got him cheap," he said. Rogerson also paid $120,000 for a Bettor's Delight filly out of Eyre To The Throne later in the day. John Street and Lincoln Farms were also busy buying, paying $140,000 for Lot 20 a Bettor's Delight colt and full brother to 1-52 miler Lancewood Lizzie. Street also paid $80,000 for a Rock N Roll Heaven – Lady Fingers colt during the sales.  Other high priced lots to sell were a Muscle Hill – Love Ya Doosie colt for $110,000 to KPC Racing in Australia, a Bettor's Delight – Safedra filly to Canterbury trainer Mark Jones and a Sweet Lou – Pacing Delight to Jean Fiess from Victoria. Mr JR & Mrs W Giumelli from Western Australia paid $120,000 for a Somebeachsomewhere – Dancing Diamonds filly and Canterbury trainer Cran Dalgety paid $100,000 for a Sweet Lou – Revere Me colt. Mark Purdon and All Stars Stables paid $130,000 for a Captaintreacherous – Veste colt and Phil and Glennis Kennard purchased a Muscle Hill – Alannah Hall colt for $100,000. Late in the day E & M Stride from NSW purchased a Bettor's Delight – Diamond Like colt for $100,000 after paying $90,000 earlier in the day for a Muscle Hill – Miss Pegasus filly.   Full sales results can be viewed here   Harnesslink Media

New Zealand Bloodstock look to be getting into the standardbred business at the right time.  The auction house which has taken New Zealand thoroughbreds to the world hold their first yearling sales for harness horses at their famed Karaka grounds today after launching NZBS last year. That put them in direct competition with long-time standardbred sales company PGG Wrightson and the competition didn’t last long, with every major vendor in the country supporting NZBS.  They are set to be rewarded with a larger financial contribution to the Sales Series programme and a return of the Ready to Run sale in October and better financing rates for pin-hookers, which looks set to be a  popular option for young trainers in particular.  They are icing on the cake though and the real reasons for optimism heading into today’s sale and the two days in Christchurch which follow are the basic fundamentals — supply and demand and high quality stock.  The standardbred breeding industry is shrinking but the demand for the product in Australia and a return of the North American market means there are less horses but more people wanting them. Add that to increasing stakes domestically, headlined by Alexandra Park, and there will be no shortage of people wanting good horses.  With today’s catalogue full of stock by sales legend Bettors Delight, his regular support cast of stallions like Art Major, American Ideal, Somebeachsomewhere and newcomers like Sweet Lou and Captaintreacherous, the pacing stallions on show are the equal of any where in the world.  But even more importantly the drafts on offer today have won race reviews from the right people.  Champion trainer Mark Purdon told the Herald the standard of yearling he has seen in the north this summer at the best he has ever viewed while vendors, even away from powerhouses like Woodlands and Breckon Farms, say they have had more visitors and paraded their horses more often than in recent years.  NZBS boss Andrew Seabrook says while today is a launching pad for the company into the standardbred industry they have big plans, including dreams of boosting the glamour sales series races to $500,000 in years to come.  After the runaway success of the Karaka Million thoroughbred meeting, such claims will be music to the ears of harness breeders.  There will still be bargains at Karaka today, although they are usually more easily found at the larger Canterbury sale, and there will still be disappointed vendors, that is the nature of any horse sale.  But with the horses available, the interest from overseas and a pin-hooking market to help boost the lower end, NZBS’s first real day at the office should prove a success.   Michael Guerin

$315,000,000 Million and counting, that’s the progeny earnings of the most influential dual hemisphere stallion in history, his name is Bettor’s Delight. Affectionally, known as ‘The King’, Bettor’s Delight still leads the way at the ripe age of 21 years old.    They say the young replace the old, in the breeding shed but Bettor’s Delight belies that myth! Bettor’s Delight progeny are built to last, his progeny continue to be part of any age group racing, anywhere, anytime!   Come yearling sale time, he is always part of the action. At Karaka on Monday, February 18th, prominent New Zealand nursery Woodlands Stud, have consigned 19 sons and daughters of Bettor’s Delight.   The draft are all for genuine sale and come from New Zealand’s best families. All Woodlands Stud yearlings are meticulously prepared by stud master Tony Grayling and his staff. No stone is left unturned in our yearlings’ preparation from the day they are born.   We invite you to inspect our yearlings at Karaka from Friday the 15th of February.   We will also be parading our yearlings on Sunday 17 th of February at 2.30pm as part on the New Zealand bloodstock yearling parade.   Woodlands bred and sold yearlings continue to win on the race track. Recent sales purchases include Spanish Armada, I’m Another Masterpiece, stunning recent 2yo debut winner Line Up, Henry Hubert, Jesse Duke and Supreme Dominator, all of these classy standardbreds are by Bettor’s Delight!   If you are looking for a yearling purchase at Karaka in 2019, look no further than this year’s Woodlands Stud draft.   Remember Bettor’s Delight has shaped the standardbred breeding industry like no other stallion!   Lot 11 Bettor's Delight - Its All On   Lot 20 Bettor's Delight - Kamwood Lady     Lot 59 Bettor's Delight - Mersault Lot 140 Bettor's Delight - Diamond Like Lot 144 Bettor's Delight- Dream Offer   Any inquires regards our draft to Stacey Markham on 021 595492 or Mark Hughes on 0451 650707     Stacey Markham

Breckon Farms yearlings got a major boost during the weekend when Star Galleria dominated a tidy field in the Group 2 harness racing $50,000 DNR Logistics Casey Classic at Tabcorp Park Melton on Sarurday night. Star Galleria had to be good to win the Carey Classic on Saturday as Interdominion Heat winner Wrappers Delight got things his own way in front and appeared to have the field covered until the last 50m when Star Galleria dug in for the fight and got his neck in front right on the line The race was run in a sizzling 1-54.9 mile rate for the 2240m mobile with a closing 800m in 55.3 seconds. To watch the video of Star Galleria winning click on this link. Star Galleria will be one of the top chances in this weekends Hunter Cup to be run on Saturday night at Tabcorp Park Melton. Breckon Farms have a full brother to Star Galleria for sale as Lot 101 called Starlito in the upcoming sale at this year's inaugural National Standardbred Yearling Sale at Karaka, Auckland, on the 18th of February,. Lot 101 Starlito Breckon farms also have a yealing half-brother to Funatthebeach in the sale, Lot 63 Brent Michael.  Funatthebeach was an easy winner of the Invercargill Cup at Ascot park on Saturday in the hands of driver Tim Williams.  Read all about the Invercargill Cup win by Funatthebeach. Lot 63 Brent Michael   Bita Banta had his first win at Newcastle this last week and is the first foal of High Society Gal and thus a half-brother to Lot 23 High Flying Harry. Lot 23 High Flying Harry Harnesslink Media

Prompted by recent rumors concerning NZ Bloodstock's likely purchase of PGG Wrightson's harness racing auction business, and in light of our diminishing equine population (breeding down another 250 mares this year, rapidly approaching only 2,000 mares bred annually) and general lack of enticing prize money at offer, it is time for our Industry to take over ownership of its yearling and related auctions! Even in this depressed environment, yearling/weanling/broodmare Auction Sales exceed $11 million dollars annually, generating in excess of $1.1 million of gross income to PGG Wrightson. Think of how wonderful it would be if that money were made available to lift both overnight and stake purses! Why utilize an outside Auction house to do - and make money from - what we can do just as well ourselves? With a little creative use of existing facilities both Alexandra Park and Addington could hold the sales at their racetracks! Obviously, temporary stalls would need to be rented, some overheads incurred, vendor payouts and cataloging to be managed, and auctioneers to be rented for the sales - but it is hard to imagine that the financial windfall to harness racing would be far from $1 million annually! Additionally, if the sales were well handled, food and drink income for the sales days would be substantial! It would also tie in well with special race nights created to take advantage of the crowds that would already be on track for the sales! While PGG and NZ Bloodstock would have us believe that their expertise is vital, there is really very little to that bravado! The sales are self drawing, our industry can handle the operation, personnel overheads need not be high (there is certainly no need to inspect yearlings as foal numbers no longer require culling for the sales), and - while Karaka is a lovely venue - it is an unnecessary extravagance considering how nicely the $1million dollars at hand would benefit our racing product! Given Alexandra Park's bright economic future, they, alone, if necessary, could put on these sales. And combined with support from major Breeders/stud farms/consigned like Woodlands, Breckon, and Alabar, they could create an innovative new series and stakes benefiting 2 and 3 year olds! In this time of general doom and gloom in harness racing, this proactive approach would provide a breath of fresh air, utilize common sense, and give the Industry we love some forward momentum!!! Come on Alexandra Park and Addington, come on NZ Breeders, and let's MAKE this happen. Let's take our own horse by the reins! Harnesslink Media

Winton breeders John and Katrina Price produced a sale topper at the New Zealand Premier Yearling Sales in Christchurch today (Wednesday). Their Bettor's Delight colt Chicago Cub reached $190,000 before the hammer dropped on the full brother to West Australian pacer and multiple Group winner Chicago Bull. He was bought by Emilio and Mary Rosati under the E&M Stride banner.  Prior to heading to Christchurch the Prices thought they had a nice colt to present but the interest went to another level once the prospective buyers started to view the colt.  Katrina commented "Yesterday and this morning there was a lot of interest. He was in and out of the box and we did have every major buyer come and look at him. There had been a lot of positive comments and we didn't really know where he was going to go (pricewise). It was more than we wildly expected. All the potential buyers said the same thing - that he was just a lovely colt. They all loved his walk. He's got this lovely rolling walk. To be fair he didn't have any faults. He was so correct and a nice size." Price says Chicago Cub is darker in colour and a bit bigger than his older brother. "He's not a big horse this fella but he's physically a lot stronger. But temperament wise, very similar. They were both lovely horses to work with and wanted to please. Both laidback and knew how to look after themselves. We drove up there and all he wanted to do was eat, drink and sleep. Bull was the same. He was like a family pet. The kids absolutely loved him and this fella, even though he was a colt, was the same at home."  Katrina prepared the colt and lead him into the ring and says she wasn't sure early on where the bids were coming from but once the numbers started to rise she knew who was vying to buy him.  "You've got your mind on other things but at the end I thought it was between Barry Purdon and Emilio and that ended up being the case." The Rosatis generally rename their horses using the word 'Stride' and Katrina says this will be the case with Chicago Cub.  It was the second year in the row that the Rosatis have purchased the top lot at the Christchurch sale. They paid the same price - $190,000 for Franco Stallone last year. He was renamed Puntarno Stride.  As for Chicago Cub's mother Chicago Blues; she had a full brother to Chicago Bull and Chicago Cub but unfortunately it was born dead.  The Prices have ventured to the sales a few times in the last ten years and today's experience has reinforced their belief that buyers have become very choosey.  "One thing we've learned today and in past years is that they've got to be the complete package. They've got to have the page (pedigree page) and the individual. We'll only take the ones that are nice individuals otherwise we'll get them up and running ourselves and do what we've done all along."  It was another good sale for Southern Bred Southern Reared horses with five of the top ten lots sold being promoted under that brand or having some southern connection.  "It's been a good result for Southern Bred Southern Reared. Lex and Heather Williams have come under the SBSR banner. They topped the trotters and sold a couple of good ones today, so they had a great sale. Michelle Caig had the second top trotter. The second top pacer today was out of Beaudiene Bad Babe so it had it roots down our way too." Kauana Kid (Bettors Delight - Beauidene Bad Babe) was offered by Taffy Limited of Winton and was sold to Barry Purdon for $125,000 while Lex and Heather Williams Bettor's Delight colt out of Flying Mrs Williams was bought by the Kennards for $90,000. The top four fillies at the Christchurch sale had southern connections as well. The top two fillies were Perfect Beauty (Bettor's Delight out of Nitouche Franco) offered by Southlanders Noel and Diane Cournane and Porscha (Bettor's Delight - De Lovely) sold by Taffy Limited of Winton. The next top two fillies were Amazing Dream (Bettor's Delight - Christian Dreamer) - Vin and Daphne Devery $77,500 and Born To Be Bettor - Vin and Daphne Devery and Alan and Phillipa Blackler which sold for $72,500. "We've had a moment in the sun today and it'll be someone else's turn next time won't it," said Katrina.  "He'll have a name change and be called something Stride. Mary, Emilio's wife, wanted him to stay in New Zealand so he's going to be racing out of the Ray Green barn. Ray was one of the trainers that really liked him and wanted to buy him as well so it was a win win for him."  The Prices are naturally thrilled Chicago Cub will be staying in New Zealand as they'll be able to watch him develop into a young racehorse.  "I hope he does a great job and they get all the success they deserve."    Bruce Stewart Southland Harness Racing

A new format of this year’s New Zealand Premier Standardbred Yearling Sale to be held in Christchurch on February 13 and 14 has provided a unique new opportunity for potential buyers. Due to popular demand the Christchurch Sale has now been broken up into specific categories, commencing with the Premier Trotters Sale at 4pm on February 13. The Premier Pacing Sale starts on February 14 at 10am, and is followed with the Premier Yearling Sale Supplementary Sale at 4.30pm. With this new format it allows trotting enthusiasts an early session in which to see the yearlings paraded at 11am (the pacing consignment will follow) and then the opportunity to bid on all trotting stock in one session. “With the huge growth in the interest in trotters it made sense to look at how we could best showcase that stock to their market,” said Bruce Barlass of PGG Wrightson Standardbred. “We have seen in the first instance how much the trotters are filling fields, particularly in the likes of Auckland, and the breeding numbers around them are increasing each season. Not only that but the quality of trotting bloodlines we are seeing available from all around the world is adding to a huge lift in numbers and quality on offer for buyers. The demand for trotters is going up.” The new format has received positive response from the industry. “The vendors were keen for us to find ways to showcase not only trotting stock, but the pacing stock also, to the right audience and we feel that this is the ideal way to do that,” Barlass explained. Barlass expects whatever happens this year with the trotting sale to only improve next year, as the positive numbers are in the wings for upcoming sales entries. One added incentive to be present for the early session also is the fact that Steve Davis will auction all of the trotting consignment on offer. “Steve has kindly offered to do the first session as he has commitments at sales in Australia the following day. So he has promised to be there for the first day so he can still be a part of our sale and we are thrilled he can help out,” said Barlass. Full sale information, catalogue order details and yearling tour dates can be found by visiting the PGG Wrighston Standardbred website The sales will also be live streamed on their website again this year. Jess Smith Communication and Ownership Co-Ordinator | Harness Racing New Zealand Inc  

Another round of the annual Standardbred Yearling Sales with the harness racing “Sale of the Stars” as they are dubbed, set to start on Monday. The Australasian Classic Yearling Sale is to be staged at Karaka, in Auckland, on the 20th February, with the Parade Day the day before on Sunday the 19th February.  This sale is followed immediately by the NZ Premier Yearling Sale at Christchurch, on the 21st and 22nd February. Many internet based and hardcopy advertising programmes have long been put in place and Breckon Farms pride themselves on their proactive approach to yearling promotion for their entire draft of farm owned and client yearlings. Our promotion began back in December with exposure through banners on the Harnesslink, HRNZ and Australian Harness Racing websites, linking to Breckon Farms Website Yearling Sales section, where all the latest information, photos and videos have been available.  Added to this were regular in-depth articles on Harnesslink of all Breckon Farms lots, race sponsorship, racebook advertising, oncourse big screen advertising, industry magazine advertisements and on-farm parades, flowing through January and February. Three yearlings that harnesslink have not covered to date are; Lot 124 – Top Change (brown filly, Well Said - Changedown) The sire of Top Change is Well Said 1:47.3 ($2,690,820) who is by Western Hanover from the very good race mare Must See p2,1:52 ($562,858), an Artsplace daughter of the Matt's Scooter mare, Grand Lady 1:52.4 ($235,571). What can you say about a horse that paced in 1:47.4 as a three-year-old, won $2,690,693 in purses and only had 26 starts for 14 wins 4 seconds and 2 thirds? Nothing, except it was an outstanding result! A really smart two year old who could mix it with the best at that age without being dominant. At three Well Said was just a monster, running time and winning Grand Circuit races one after another. Any three year old who can top $2,000,000 in earnings has a right to be called a champion. As a stallion Well Said has delivered where it counts with his sons and daughters doing a fine job on the track. His overall numbers are up with the best. Sire of 2015 Canadian two-year-old of the year Control The Moment who went on to win the 2016 Meadowlands Pace and is now at stud. Top Change is a half-sister to dual Group 1 and Group 3 placed filly Renske B ($57,349) and from a half-sister to 10 winners, including New Zealand Cup winner, 6-time Group 1 winner, millionaire pacer and successful sire Changeover (1.53.4h, 29 wins 16 places $2,426,765). Lot 62 – Mathew James (bay colt, Bettor’s Delight - Taylor Kate) Matthew James is the third foal and first colt from a qualified Artsplace mare who is already the dam of a winner in Crystal Sparkles ($20,530) and who is a half-sister to 4 winners in multiple Group 1 winner and 3yo Pacing Filly of the Year who set a NZ Record Lauraella (1.55.9, 10 wins 7 places $649,946), multiple Group 1 placed The Muskeg Express ($111,331), The Pacman (15 wins 23 places $100,235) and Estilo (1.54.1f, 11 wins 16 places $66,797). Lot 147 – Hot Rhythm (bay filly, Bettor’s Delight - Hot Shoe Shuffle) Hot Rhythm is a half-sister to seven winners including Group 1 winner Glenferrie Shuffle (1.57m, 13 wins 16 places $279,839), Listed race winner and Group 2 & 3 placed Jivin Cullen (1.54m, 12 wins 15 places $169,082). Her dam Hot Shoe Shuffle ($295,011) is a Group 2 and dual Listed race winner and dual Group 1 placed Falcon Seelster mare who is a full-sister to Iwasborntoboogy (1.50.4m, 31 wins $282,306). With the Australasian Classic Yearling Sales now so close, it is pertinent to reinforce some of our historical achievements as the major yearling sales preparer at the North Island Sales. In the 23 sales from 1993 through to 2015 (current 3YO’s) we have produced 385 winners from 646 yearlings sold, which is almost 60% winners to yearlings sold. We have produced the winners of 39 Group 1 Races, including wins in such races as an Interdominion Grand Final, NZ Cups (3), Hunter Cup, Harness Jewels, Breeders Crowns. Through the PGG Wrightson NZ Yearling Sales Series races we have produced the winners of 7 Open Finals, 10 Fillies Finals, Northern Hemisphere Time Final and Aged Handicap Pace. There have been 4 Millionaire Pacers that have come from our drafts, plus who could forget the Superstar of Harness Racing in the trotting ranks, I Can Doosit, who would have been the 5th millionaire if he hadn’t had to be withdrawn from the sales. Since this year’s catalogue was published there have been many updates to pedigrees of yearlings in our draft and these are listed below, so as you are fully aware of the latest successes in relation to Breckon Farms Draft yearlings. In lot order, they are:- Lot 22 – Drum Beat (bay colt Art Major / Milagro) Emiliana now has 5 wins & 8 places for $40,045 KATY PERRY now has 22 wins & 15 places for $504,533   Lot 32 – Goodman (bay colt Wishing Stone / Olesya) The Muscle Hill half-brother Star Of Olesya qualified on the 14th January 2017, running 2nd by a ½ neck in 2:10 and now has 2 starts for 2 seconds   Lot 40 – Oynas (bay colt Mach Three / Paddy Brown) BETTORBEASTAR now has 10 wins & 13 places for $72,520   Lot 46 – Toomuchlip (bay filly Art Major / Racketeers Girl) Dream To Reality now has 3 wins & 1 place for $14,065   Lot 50 – Rockin Regal (brown colt A Rocknroll Dance / Spirit Of Spring) MAJOR STAR now has a 1:53.5 Mile Rate and 13 wins & 21 places for $179,628   Lot 54 – Ball Of Art (bay colt Art Major / Star Of The Ball) (OUR) MCARDLE STAR now has 7 wins & 3 places for $42,847   Lot 62 – Mathew Jones (bay colt Bettor’s Delight / Taylor Kate) Crystal Sparkles now has 1 win & 6 places for $20,780 EXPRESS STRIDE is 3-from-3 this campaign and now has a best Mile Rate of 1:49.8 and now has 9 wins & 10 places for $191,790 ARMAZEM now has a 1:54.7 Mile Rate and 11 wins & 26 places for $84,640   Lot 66 – All Yours (bay colt Art Major / Temepara Cullen) STRAWBERRY STRIDE is now a winner in Australia and has 2 wins & 2 places for $41,884 and a best Mile Rate of 1:57.4 SMILEY SOPHIE is now a winner with a 1:56.5 Mile Rate and 1 win & 7 places for $54,486 ART I SPECIAL now has 8 wins & 23 places for $61,986   Lot 71 – Fantasize (bay filly Art Major / Thebestamancanget) MAJOR STAR now has a 1:53.5 Mile Rate and 13 wins & 21 places for $179,628   Lot 75 – My Kiwi Lass (bay filly Bettor’s Delight / Toast To Cullen) NIMBLE JACK now has another win and now has 12 wins & 37 places for $94,894 KENRICK also has another win and now has 4 wins & 11 places for $54,234   Lot 83 – Yorkshire Rose (bay colt A Rocknroll Dance / Veste) Purest Silk is a 2YO Young Guns Heat placed filly at her only start to date STRAWBERRY STRIDE is now a winner in Australia and has 2 wins & 2 places for $41,884 and a best Mile Rate of 1:57.4 SMILEY SOPHIE is now a winner with a 1:56.5 Mile Rate and 1 win & 7 places for $54,486 ART I SPECIAL now has 8 wins & 23 places for $61,986   Lot 91 – Zinny Mach (bay colt Mach Three / Zingara) LAREDO TORPEDO now has a best Mile Rate of 1:59.7 and now has 2 wins & 6 places for $18,692 EXPRESS STRIDE is 3-from-3 this campaign and now has a best Mile Rate of 1:49.8 and now has 9 wins & 10 places for $191,790 ARMAZEM now has a 1:54.7 Mile Rate and 11 wins & 26 places for $84,640   Lot 104 – Kokomo Beach (brown colt Bettor’s Delight / Beach Parade) PARTYON now has 7 wins from 7 starts and a Race, Track & Australian Record 1:51.3 Mile Time for $265,075   Lot 112 – Macca’s (bay colt Mach Three / Bella Me) ECLIPSE ME now has a best Mile Rate of 1:57.5 and now has 6 wins & 11 places for $84,264   Lot 137 – Miss Streisand (bay filly A Rocknroll Dance / Goodlookinggirl) FLAMING FLUTTER now has 21 wins & 35 places for $687,715   Lot 147 – Hot Rhythm (bay filly Bettor’s Delight / Hot Shoe Shuffle) JIVIN CULLEN now has 13 wins & 17 places for $175,572 SEM’S DELIGHT now has a best Mile Rate of 1:57 and now has 2 wins & 5 places for $46,076 We also look forward to seeing you at the Parade Day on the 19th February and then ready to go on Sale Day, the 20thFebruary, at Karaka.    

Racing from two to four years, Art Major started 49 times for a fantastic record of 32 wins and 9 placings for a massive $3,273,217 in stakes with a 1:48.4m record. Art Major is the richest son of the inmortal Artsplace. Art Major won his last three starts on the racetrack and those wins were in the $824,000 Canadian Pacing Derby, the $729,730 Breeders Crown and the $350,000 US Pacing Championship. Art Major is from the prolific producing Nihilator p3, 1:49.3 ($3,225,653) mare in Perfect Profile p2, Q1:59.1 who produced 13 foals for 10 winners of over $5 million in stakes. As well as Art Major she has produced the full brother Perfect Art whose 716 foals have won $13,653,246 in Australia and Western Edition (by Western Hanover) who stood in Queensland and has 192 foals, 64 starters, 34 winners that have won $1,097,614 to date in Australia. Art Major is a full brother in blood to Worldly Beauty 1:49.3 ($2,146,076) and a full brother in blood to the dam of Captaintreacherous 1:47.1 (3,153,541). Real Artist ($80,000,000 + in earnings) is a half brother to the dam of Art Major as well. In summation, the best son of the great Artsplace from the hottest maternal families in the world in the last twenty years. Art Major's fastest son Art Official beating the great Somebeachsomewhere. Race Of The Decade, #1 - 2008 Meadowlands Pace.  Art Major has had an outstanding siring record right from the start and continues to produce the elite level age group horses with each crop. In North America he has produced some of the world's best horses including world champion Art Official p3,1:47 ($2,082,885), JF Endofanera  ($2,049,580), Hypnotic Blue Chip 1:47.2 ($1,787,311) , Santanna Blue Chip ($1,666,701) etc. Down Under he is the sire of For A Reason now standing at stud and bred over 100 mares this season, Follow The Stars now at stud and bred 140 mares this season and Sushi Sushi to mention just three. He has consistently produced great colts and fillies and the longevity of their racing careers is a feature. It is not only the stars that he continues to leave that is impressive, it is the consistency in performance that he brings to the table every single year. Hard to find fault with his career as it stands today. Art Major has made a big impact in Australia and New Zealand right from the start. In Australia he is the sire of over $38 million in progeny earnings and in New Zealand he is the sire of just under $10 million in progeny earnings. In North America Art Major is the sire of over $100 million in progeny earnings. That is $148,000,000 in progeny earnings throughout the world. His winners to foals percentages hovering around the 50 to 60% mark is up with the very best achieved in Australasia. Shows no signs of slowing down and continues to serve huge books of mares. He has served over 250 mares each of the last three years in Australia and in New Zealand he has served over 170 for each of the last three years and they are his largest numbers, biggest crops ever in New Zealand. Breckon Farms have two fillies and four colts by Art Major in the Australasian Classic Yearling Sale at Karaka next Monday the 20th of February. Lot 4 – Jack Jones (bay colt, Art Major / Jacinta Jones) Jack Jones is a full brother to two two-year-old winners Jaxine Jones 1:57.7 and Its Major Bubbles 1:57 and is from the family of millionaire pacer Chokin ($1,240,098) and 5-time Group 1 winner Fly Like An Eagle ($699,419). Lot 22 – Drum Beat (bay colt, Art Major / Milagro) Drum Beat is a half-brother to six winners and is from the family of Reba Lord ($752,265), Group 1 winner Megaera ($250,646), Group 1 & 2 winner Sovereign Hill ($432,555), Breeders Crown winner Katy Perry ($483,983),  Shandale ($158,047) and New Zealand Cup winner Arden Rooney ($1,070,230). Lot 46 – Toomuchlip (bay filly, Art Major / Racketeers Girl) Toomuchlip is the second foal from Group 3 winning Falcon Seelster mare Racketeers Girl ($86,545) who is a half-sister to five winners, including multiple Group 1 placed Bettor Dreams ($186,952). Toomuchlip is once again from the famed Regina family. Lot 54- Ball of Art (bay colt, Art Major / Star Of The Ball) Ball Of Art is a brother or half-brother to six winners including the Group 1 placed Macha ($124,835) and the Group 2 placed Swamp Major ($43,296). Ball Of Art is closely related to Fleet Magic ($276,945) and the Group 1 winning mare Pembrooks Delight ($137,480). Lot 66 – All Yours (bay colt, Art Major / Temepara Cullen) All Yours is the third foal from the black type Christian Cullen mare Temepara Cullen ($40,143), who is the dam of Strawberry Stride ($41,884) and a full-sister to million dollar earning multiple Group 1 winner Stunin Cullen and a half-sister to Group 1 winner Coburg, who in turn has left the Group 1 winner Veste and recent winner Smiley Sophie ($53,986). Family of ten times Group 1 winning millionaire pacer Il Vicola ($1,580,948) and five time Group 1 winning millionaire pacer and 2yo Pacer of the Year Gotta Go Cullen ($1,173,343). Lot 71 – Fantasize (bay filly Art Major / Thebestamancanget) Fantasize is the fourth foal from an unraced Mach Three mare Thebestamancanget who is a half-sister to nine winners and is the dam of Vasari ($58,144).  The second dam is the Soky’s Atom mare Ciccio Star ($102,499) who has produced nine to race that have all won including Group 1 placed Major Star ($169,068), Zenthura ($117,705), Group 2 winner Idancedallnight ($103,655) and Conquistare ($73,796). This is the family of Waltzing With Cullen ($212,951), Nureyev ($94,414), Fake Spirit ($184,370), Group 1 winner Chilli Palmer ($289,583) and Jinni’s Fantasy ($443,273). Harnesslink Media

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