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With the blowing wind and the intermittent rain making an awful afternoon for racing at Monticello Raceway professionals and amateurs alike had to be at the top of their game just to navigate the muddy racetrack. Arguably, going was the toughest for the participating amateurs who rarely drive during these kind of circumstances. Despite the deplorable conditions two NAADA trots, and one Catskill Club pace, dotted the 10-race Mighty M card and when the afternoon had ended Bobby Krivelin, Tony Ciuffetelli and Bob Hechkoff each were victorious in their contests. In the first of two NAADA trots, Krivelin, a three time Amateur Driver of the Year, got away slowly from post six with Permanent Joy and they continued forward movement and gradually gained on the pace-setter, Alternat Thursdays (Bob Hechkoff) who was leading the field by open lengths from the get-go. Fifth at the half and then fourth heading into the final turn Krivelin hustled his veteran gelding three-deep around traffic and at the top of the lane they took aim at Alternat Thursdays. By midstretch they had pulled even with the leader and under gentle urging Permanent Joy trotted by Alternat Thursdays and went on to a length victory in 2:01.3 over the muddy racetrack.Ozymandias, in from Saratoga, finished third for Matt Zuccarello "Going three deep on the final turn was winning move, " Krivelin chirped after the race. "If I didn't move around horses on the final turn Hechkoff would have gotten away from my horse and our fortunes would have been reversed." .Permanent Joy, owned by the Hero Stables and trained b y Krivelin paid $6.40 for win. A second NAADA Trot was a laugher for Bob Hechkoff's, No Recess. With the field shortened to six and a break before the start by Starsaboverallerage (Tony Verruso) No Recess burst to the lead and played catch me if you can which no one was able to do. Hechkoff got his charge over to a half in 1:01.2 and once he gave the trotter his head No Recess poured it on and began opening daylight on Windsun Galliano and Tony Ciuffetelli who was shadowing the leader. But No recess had too much class for this field and cruised to an easy six-length triumph in a 2:00.4 clocking. Windsun Galliano held second while Knockout Rosie and Bob Davis finished third, some 10 lengths behind the winner. This was No Recess's third consecutive victory and eighth of the year. Co-owned by RBH Ventures and Kyle Spanola and trained by Spagnola No Recess paid just $2.40 for win. The other amateur event, a pace in the Catskill Club's Series, saw Tony Ciuffetelli and McCabe Hall out-foot Hannah Miller's Rise Above It in the deep stretch to garner the lion's share of the purse. After racing on the lead from the reel, McCabe Hall braced for a stiff challenge by Rise Above It as the two headed into the final turn. Initially it appeared that Rise Above It was going to overtake McCabe Hall on the paddock turn but when they straightened for home McCabe Hall inched back to the lead and according to announcer Howard Oil's final words "McCabe Hall would not be denied!". At the wire the 13 year old Cambest gelding was a length better than Rise Above It in the 2:00.1 mile.Shark Treasure was third for Gerry Fielding. Ciuffetelli also owns and trains the winner who returned an $8.30 win mutuel. By john manzi for NAADA & the Catskill Club

On Veteran's Day , Nov. 11,at Monticello Raceway two local amateur driving clubs made donations to the local veterans food bank in Monticello. Both the North American Amateur Drivers Association and the Catskill Amateur Drivers Club each donated $1000 to help feed their less fortunate veteran brothers. Accepting the checks was Kathy Kreiter, the program administrator of the Sullivan County Veterans Food Bank of Monticello which is combined with the Sullivan County Federation for the Homeless. "We appreciate the donations which will be an incredible help to our organization for the less fortunate veterans," Kreiter said upon receiving the money. Alan Schwartz is the vice president of NAADA while Gerry Fielding is the president of CADC. Both are amateur drivers and veterans of the Armed Forces and Schwartz is also the president of the Monticello Harness Horsemen's Association and he served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam Conflict. "As the Vice President of NAADA and a veteran myself, I'm extremely happy to be able to help my fellow veterans , "said Schwartz after he presented the huge check replica in the winner's circle at Monticello Raceway. His comments were echoed by Fielding in his presentation. But earlier this season, in late October at Yonkers Raceway, at the conclusion of the North American Amateur Drivers Association's annual fall trotting series the organizations president Joe Faraldo presented to the Breast Cancer Foundation a check for $3000. "We (NAADA) have been donating to worthwhile charities for many years now and it is our pleasure to be able to do so," Faraldo said. "The revenues are mainly comprised of amateur driver's nominating, starting and entry fees, along with additional funds from the NAADA treasury. Additional money came from the greater revenues collected this year when NAADA hosted international amateur driving competitions this season. "NAADA and its membership are grateful to the participating race tracks for permitting our members to race for these most worthwhile causes," by John Manzi, for North American & Catskill Amateur Clubs

Veterans Day is a day in which America honors all those who served in military service to our country. On Veterans Day November 11, the Catskill Amateur Driving Club and the North American Amateur Drivers Association will honor those who served our country with each club donating $1,000 each to a local food pantry. Alan Schwartz president of the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA) a former veteran of the Vietnam War, said "During the All Amateur Day race card here at Monticello Raceway 5 years ago we donated $5,000 to a local food pantry, it was such a nice thing to do, we decided to do it again for our former service members who may have fallen on hard times" Jerry Fielding, President of the Catskill Amateur Driving Club has thrown down the gauntlet and challenges any other track or Amateur driving club to exceed their contribution. Any parties interested in making a donation, please contact the race office at 845 794 4100 X 557. by Shawn Wiles, for Monticello Raceway  

YONKERS, NY, Wednesday, October 28, 2015 -- This past weekend, Yonkers Raceway's horsemen, as well as others from the harness racing community, went "Racing for a Cure"...and everybody won. The initiative, led by trainer Monica Banca and Kristen (Mrs. Jason) Bartlett, raised nearly $19,000 ($18,910, to be precise) for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That figured included a $3,000 donation made by the North American Amateur Drivers Association. Last Saturday evening (Oct. 24th), "Racing for a Cure" found any number of Yonkers' trainers and drivers--along with other prominent members and businesses involved in the harness industry--joining forces, with all funds raised benefitting the Frisco, TX, based National Breast Cancer Foundation ( To the surprise of no one, paddock participation was solid. Raffle tickets were been sold for the past month, with the big number--a pink Gorilla sulky donated by Chad Foulk--won by Maine-based trainer Lisa Watson. Second- and third-prize winners (Jennifer Sabot and Shane Taggart) each took home (or to the barn) a complete Walsh harness set, donated by Barbara Boese. All winning horses that night earned spiffy pink blankets, underwritten by any number of benefactors, while the pink whips carried by the drivers last Saturday were donated by Karin Karlsson of Divine Equine. "Monica and I are so appreciative of all the support," Kristen Bartlett said. "We even received donations from Canada. It's such a worthwhile cause, and we're happy to do anything we can do to help." Those requesting additional information are encouraged to e-mail either Ms. Banca ( or Mrs. Bartlett ( About NBCF... The National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor Janelle Hail as a commitment to help women around the world by educating them about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. NBCF's home on the web is located at Frank Drucker

Amateur harness racing seems to be getting more prominent with each passing season. Not only do an overwhelming amount of members own horses and employ professional trainers but, as a group, they support various charitable and worthwhile organizations. According to Joe Faraldo, president of the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA), members of his organization over the years have donated nearly $70,000 to needy causes. Included among them are the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness and various Veteran's organizations. "The NAADA has sent $1,000 to the Special Strides Project near Freehold Raceway and provided a $500 check to help the American Harness Racing Secretaries as we do every year for their annual meeting as a way to show our appreciation for their help and patience with us," Faraldo said. "In addition, this Saturday evening we will present a $3000 check to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a breast cancer awareness event organized by Monica Banca and Kristen Bartlett at Yonkers Raceway. Any of our members wishing to join us are obviously more than welcome for the photo op and presentation. "And later this year, on or near Veterans' Day, NAADA vice president, Alan Schwartz, will donate a $1000 check to the Sullivan County Veterans Food Bank and Federation of the Homeless in Monticello, NY. John Manzi

Besides the great camaraderie shared with their hosts as far as enjoyment on NAADA's venture to Mallorca, Spain for an international amateur driving competition with their Spanish counterparts, the best that could be said was that it was relegated to great food and fine wines because on the racetrack they were vanquished again. The following is a first hand view by NAADA president and team leader, Joe Faraldo on the final day of the international amateur driving competition between the North American Amateur Drivers Association and the Spanish amateurs. "At Son Pardo in Palma there were two twelve horse fields. They pre-raced us with paella and roast suckling pig. When the racing began it looked like the twelve horses were all over the place behind the eight-horse gate reminiscent of Yonkers during a French racing afternoon and once again the Spaniards kicked butts. Of course, just by the numbers 8 vs 4, it was likely that would happen just because of the traffic and team racing the Europeans engage in. "In the first of two races, Alan Schwartz's horse had not raced for 3 years. "When he asked the trainer about that, the reply was "She had a good rest" and also if she cannot finish, just bring her back." "It did not instill confidence and needless to say, the horse was ready to go back after the 1/2." " (Joe) Pennacchio was best of American blood and finished 4th. "The second race was about the same 8 vs 4. Pennacchio's horse was so unruly, that he could not start in the race and it dumped Joe." "So we were down to three. Hannah got behind two breakers leaving the course only to be disqualified. "I was on top in a heartbeat and was up by 10 at the half and it seemed certain that I was going to bring it home." "Unfortunately at the end, my charge, Benigno Duran, drew a posse an they wiped that lead away as the bottom-them-out strategy failed down that long, long stretch." "I was so sure that I was third I kept insisting all the next day that I indeed finished third but somehow the judges saw (Alan) Schwartz on the far outside and I ended up fourth." "The protesting did not end as the mantra of the day continued with "I was robbed". "The final US tally had Schwartz with two thirds,Pennacchio with a fourth, and I had a fourth." "In the winner's circle presentation all the American drivers were presented with beautiful personally engraved plaques cast in Spanish silver and we stood for pictures." "As usual Hannah Miller won that photo by open lengths!" "Dinner was awesome, all home raised beef and pork products barbecued and, as usual, super abundant." "Then came more wine until we just about couldn't stand at all." "An invitation was extended to our friends for a rematch in the US next year in September and maybe we can change the results." "Tonight there was another dinner with the drivers featuring jamon,suckling pig, and just about everything else including empanadas and Majorcan bread. "If nothing else, we beat them at eating." John Manzi

Although the American harness racing amateurs hoped for different results when they traveled to Mallorca for the second edition of the Spain vs. NAADA Friendship Competition their hopes vanished when reality set-in. Led by Joe Faraldo, president of NAADA and joined by Hannah Miller, Alan Schwartz and Joe Pennacchio the American team is doing little more than enjoying the food, wine and camaraderie with their hosts. Faraldo shared the following sentiments after the first day of the competition. "Midst a rich brownish earth, calm breeze, winery tours and into the depths of the their most famous caves, surrounding us with kindness and hospitality, the Spanish then proceeded to clobber our NAADA amateurs once again. This time the races were on a track no greater than 650 meters long on a track that is only wide enough for six across with a running horse (Thoroughbred) rail. And then add a field of ten horses and set the distance at 1750 meters, about three times around with a bell-lap for the benefit of Spanish and Americans alike. "Compare that to our half-milers, which are a large 800 meters by comparison, and it was easy to see the slaughter that began. "In the first event four brave souls, led by the hot handed Hannah Miller, waged battle with the six Spanish drivers who clearly had the home track advantage and perhaps the better horses which gave them an all round edge. Going for a purse of 700 Euros the American team bested only a third place gained by Alan Schwartz. The second event found no American in the top five. "However after the race we were treated to an elaborate cocktail party where the main talk, fortunately for us, centered around the upcoming International Trot to be held at Yonkers on October10th after a twenty year hiatus." According to Faraldo, on Sunday the competition moves on to Son Pardo racetrack in Palma, the bustling town and capital of Mallorca with the Americans hoping for better results.That will be followed by a farewell dinner of Paella and roast suckling pig. "At Son Pardo racetrack a group from the French PMU subsidized a race of 50,000 euros with a plane load of French horses shipped in." Faraldo added. "The PMU has made great strides in Spain and it continues,along with Le Trot, to propagate the continent with their breed and betting distribution system to the advantage of all, now sending about 100 French trotting horses to Ireland long a stronghold of American pacing blood." John Manzi

With four of their members in Mallorca, Spain competing against Spanish amateurs in an international harness racing Friendship Competition two divisions of the North American Amateur Drivers Association fall trotting series went to post Thursday (Sept.24) at Yonkers Raceway and when the judges hung the official signs Bob Hechkoff and Bob Davis each emerged victorious in their respective divisions. Hechkoff, no stranger to the winners circle this year, got his picture taken again when he guided his own Alternat Thursdays to a hard fought 1:59.1 victory in the first of two non-wagering events while Bob Davis, currently with a hot-hand, scored a come-from- behind triumph with Hallanet in a time of 2:01.4. Hechkoff, who enjoys gunning his stock to the lead, did so again when he hustled Alternat Thursdays to the front from the seven-hole to gain command in a :28.4 first quarter. Once on top Hechkoff braced for a challenge from Paul Minore who moved first-up with Wygant Prince as the field headed to the halfway point. From there the two trotters raced head- to- head past the third stanza and into the final turn. As the field headed for home Alternat Thursdays, still in command, had to reach down for more when Matt Zuccarello and Falcon Bluestone came calling. Still three lengths off the leader, Zuccarello's trotter mounted a fierce charge to the wire only to be rebuffed and fall short by a head to Hechkoff's Alternat Thursdays. Wygant Prince, after being on the limb for more than half the mile, hung on for third money. It was the third seasonal victory for the 10 year old altered son of Andover Hall whose career earnings are approaching $400,000. The winner is owned by R.B. H. Enterprises and for Hechkoff it marked his 16th seasonal driving victory. In the other split Hallanet went an overland trip from the three-eighths to the wire and overtook the pace-setter, Blazin Delores, in the final 100 yards to score a solid one-length victory. After hooking up in a head-to-head dual with Majestic Jo (Dave Yarock), Blazin Delores was strong nearly all the way to the wire but in the final strides she succumbed to the late charge of Hallant. Brad Rathbone finished third with Super Chuck. Hallanet, a 4 year old Cash Hall mare owned by Paul Minore, scored her third seasonal triumph. It was the second consecutive driving victory and third of the season for Bob Davis. Meanwhile in Malllorca, NAADA mates; Joe Faraldo, Hannah Miller, Joe Pennacchio and Alan Schwartz will battle Saturday and Sunday with the same Spanish amateurs who soundly defeated them on American soil earlier this year. John Manzi for Naada

Monticello, NY --- The North American Amateur Drivers Association team is already in Spain and has been spending good tidings in Barcelona. On Thursday (Sept 24) they will head to the Spanish island of Mallorca and try to avenge the defeat the Spanish amateurs laid on the NAADA members in their first meeting earlier this year in the USA. This past spring the Spaniards were guests of NAADA in a Friendship Competition and they thoroughly vanquished their American counterparts in a series of races on American soil. The NAADA team of Joe Faraldo, Alan Schwartz, Hannah Miller, and Joe Pennacchio will need to be at the top of their game in the upcoming races on Mallorca. “Sure, we’re the underdogs in this international competition but for years, win or lose, I’ve been saying that amateur racing is a good excuse for human relations,” said Joe Faraldo, president of NAADA. “We’re happy to be here in Spain and look forward to having a great time with our newfound friends.” According to Alicia Schwartz, an officer of NAADA, the following is an itinerary for the Americans in the driving competition on Mallorca. Thursday, Sept 24  Pick up at the airport and taken to our accommodations. Afterwards, we will have a welcome dinner in the coastal town of Cala Millor (just 15 minutes to the vacation house).  Friday, Sept. 25 Wine tour experience in the city of Santa Maria (50 km away) visiting the winery and vineyards and tasting wines and Majorcan food. The tour will be about four hours in duration. Saturday, Sept 26  Visit to the famous Caves "Cuevas del Drach" in Porto Cristo, about 10 minutes from our vacation house. Lunch at the race track of Manacor. Two races (first race post time is at 4 p.m., amateur races probably will be second and fourth). After the races we will go to the Hotel Valparaiso in Playa de Palma for the presentation with French and Spanish Federation, accompanied by finger food and dinner.  Sunday, Sept. 27 Lunch at the race track of Palma. We’ll have two races (first race probably at 4 p.m.). After the races we will have dinner on the way to our vacation house.  Monday, Sept. 28  At night we will have a casual party dinner, with wine and cocktails to highlight wonderful Mallorca food. Tuesday, Sep. 29 Return to the USA John Manzi

Monticello, NY - Two divisions in the North American Amateur Drivers Association Fall trotting series were on tap on Thursday afternoon (Sept.15) at Monticello Raceway and when the dust cleared Joe Lee and Tony Farina each emerged victorious in their respective splits. Lee won with Mario Bi in a time of 2:00.4 while Farina scored behind Chelseas Chance in 1:59.3. Lee, the assistant equipment manager for the New York Yankees, subbed for Joe Faraldo and he scored an easy victory with the 4 year-old Andover Hall stallion. After getting away slowly from the three hole Lee had Mario Bi some nine lengths off the leader as Pembroke Snapshot and Hannah Miller showed the way in the :28.3 first stanza. When the field headed for the halfway point Lee was out and going with his trotter and they were in third position on the limb but just two lengths off the lead. However, up the backside Mario Bi trotted to the front and it was 'Katey bar the door' from there on as Lee's trotter opened up daylight and cruised home an easy three length winner. Gimme The Loot was second under the wire for Bobby Krivelin but a racing infraction caused the trotter to be disqualified and placed last. That allowed Tagmaster and Tony Ciuffetelli to be moved up to second and Pembroke Snapshot to the show position. Owned by Joe Faraldo, Mario Bi paid $6.00 for win and for Lee it was his third driving victory of the year and eighth since he began amateur racing in 2010. In the other split, young Tony Farina scored an impressive come-from-behind triumph with Chelseas Chance, a 4-year-old daughter of Kadabra, in 1:59.3. Sent off as the 8-5 favorite in the contest Farina was content to follow the leaders through fractions of :29.1; :59:1 and 1:29.4 . In fourth position, four lengths off the lead at the top of the stretch, Chelseas Chance rallied with a :28.3 final quarter to score a 1-1/2 length victory in 1:59.3, her sixth of the season. Second money went to Current Crisis (Bobby Krivelin) while Typical New Yorker took home the show dough for Tony Verruso. Jerry Ray trains the winner for The Absolute Return Stable. She returned $4.70 win mutuel. For 24-year old Tony Farina it was his second driving victory this year and second of his fledgling career. On Sunday a NAADA contingent consisting of Joe Faraldo, Alan Schwartz; Joe Pennacchio and Hannah Miller will wing their way to Spain for a return competition with the Spanish amateurs on the island of Mallorca. by John Manzi, for NAADA

With an explosion of amateur harness racing gaining credibility among the racing fans and dotting the programs at many racetracks the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA) is currently staging a 12-race Fall Trotting Series at four east coast raceways with the first leg presented at Freehold Raceway on Saturday, September 5th. Then, on a weekly basis, events will follow at Saratoga, Monticello and Yonkers Raceways and culminate in a $15,000 Final at Yonkers on December 3. On Saturday afternoon at Freehold Raceway two $5,000 divisions were contested with Tony Ciuffetelli and Bob Hechkoff each emerging victorious in their respective splits with the former winning with Tagmaster in a time of 2:02.3 while the latter scored with Alternat Thursdays in 2:00. Tagmaster, a 12 year old altered son of Tagliabue, a mid-August purchase from Bob Hechkoff's R.H.B. Ventures by Tony Ciuffetelli, battled valiantly to score a one length triumph over Blazin Delores and driver Jimmy Marshall IV. Pembroke Snapshot finished a close third for Bob Hechoff who was subbing for an ill Hannah Miller. Hechkoff and Pembroke Snapshot cut the fractions only to be overtaken by Tagmaster as they rounded the final turn and then they succumbedto second place finisher, Blazin Delores, just before the wire. It was Tagmaster's second start for Ciuffetelli after his purchase on August 18. Prior to mid-August, Tagmaster was a pleasurable and rewarding drive for more than two years for Hechkoff. The trotter won more than 20 times while property of Hechkoff's R.H.B. Ventures. It was Tagmaster's first victory for Ciuffetelli and the trotter's 63rd lifetime win. He returned a $15.60 mutuel. For Ciuffetelli, a trucker and part-time trainer, it marked his 24th career driving victory. In the second NAADA split Hechkoff sent Alternat Thursdays to the lead from the two-hole and, as usual, took no prisoners. They sailed through fractions of :28.2; :58.2; and 1:28.2 and finished a four-length winner over Hallanet and driver Paul Minore. Gimme The Loot was third for Bobby Krivelin. Alternat Thursdays has been racing for Hechkoff since he purchased the veteran trotter in late May. It was their second victory together and the 37th career win for the 9-year-old Andover Hall gelding. Sent off as the betting favorite, Alternat Thursdays paid $5.60 for win. Enjoying his best season in the sulky Hechkoff, a headhunter by trade, notched his 15th win and 69th since joining the amateur ranks in 2000. Hannah Miller, the leading amateur driver this year currently with 22 wins, was noticeably absent from the NAADA action at Freehold Raceway. "She's been in hospital for two days with some problems - home this afternoon but very weak and couldn't drive - all good and she should be back driving in the Billings Monday at Plainridge (Racecourse)", her boyfriend Nick Surick said via email. By John Manzi for NAADA

There are few amateur harness racing drivers who log as many miles as Steve Oldford. The automotive manufacturers rep from Croswell, Michigan thinks nothing of hopping a plane to race in an amateur contest no matter where it is. On Thursday, July 23 Oldford winged his way to Monticello Raceway to drive in the final leg of the 10-race NAADA Spring Series and his efforts paid dividends when he guided the Dan Gill-trained Up Front N Crazy to a romping 14-length victory in a time of 2:01. Although Up Front N Crazy was sent off at odds of over 9-1 he won like a 1-5 shot. But there were extenuating circumstances. When Matt Zuccarello's trotter Gray N Cloudy-- 5-2 on the tote board--made a break on the first turn it scattered the field and allowed Oldford's charge to open up daylight on his competitors. However, Oldford's luck continued when Joe Pannacchio's Sir Winston, who was following just two length behind Upfront N Crazy as the two passed the half in 1:00.4 had nothing in the tank. "My horse was empty at that point," Pennacchio said of his veteran trotter who came into the race with two consecutive wins in the NAADA Series. "He must have bled?" Pennacchio assumption was correct because at the third stanza Oldford's trotter had a seven length lead which was opened to 14 lengths at the finish. "I skirted the trouble in the first turn and we trotted clear and when there was no one around me as we headed for home I actually thought there might have been more problems for those in the rears," Oldford said after the race. "But thankfully there were no more trouble." With Sir Winston fading as he headed to the three quarters it allowed the trotters in the back of the pack to gain ground quickly on him. Dave Yarock rallied the strongest with CSI What's My Name and they finished in second place while Nice Dream, driven by Gerry Fielding caught Sir Winston yards before the wire to take home the show dough. Sir Winston held on for fourth money. For the record, Picture Perfect, the betting favorite in the race driven by Hannah Miller, was interfered with by Zuccarello's breaking horse on the first turn and went off-stride vanquishing any hope of victory for Miller and those who wagered on him. Up Front N Crazy, owned by Edward Hall, paid $20.60 for win. A condition to the series stated that the drivers with the most points who participated in six of the 10 legs would be eligible to draw for an all expense trip to Mallorca and join NAADA team who will race against their Spanish counterparts in a Friendship Competition in mid-September. However, that drawing, which is forthcoming, will be announced at a later date by NAADA president, Joe Faraldo. As for Oldford, he's back on the road this time to drive in the CKG Billings Spring Final which will be contested over the five-eighths mile oval The Meadows tomorrow night. John Manzi  

Right on the heels of having hosted a group of amateur drivers from France the North American Amateur Drivers Association (NAADA) is readying for a contingent ofharness racing  amateur drivers from Spain on Sunday, May 31. According to NAADA president Joe Faraldo the team of Spaniards which they will be hosting are from Mallorca and many are world class amateur drivers. And even before the Spaniards have arrived they have plans to return the favor and entertain a group from NAADA in late September. "We have planned the races in Mallorca in September the weekend of 26 & 27" noted Augustin Mascaro-Pou, one of the amateurs who'll be driving in the Friendship Competition. "Sept 26 we will have races in the small track of Manacor and Sept. 27 in Son Pardo where also will be the biggest international race that we have in Spain where will come eight top trotters from France, which is part of the European Tour of French trotters." Although NAADA will field different teams at each venue the Spanish team slated to be making the trip to America for this International Friendship Competition include the following drivers: Jaume Bassa-Riera -- - Partner in Sport Trot company of horse products - Winner of the Spanish Breeders Crown; Represented Spain in 2001 in European Apprentices Championship Augustin Mascaro-Pou.---. Police Officer. General Secretary of European Amateur Drivers Federation (FEGAT). Winner of Spanish Amateur Championship in 2006 and Spanish reprresentative in 2007 European amateur championship. Miquel Vich-Capo-- Breeder and Livestock dealer. Winner of Spanish Amateur championship in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Spanish Amateur Champion in 2012 .. Spanish rep in World Amateur Cup in 2014. Bernardo Jaume-Cirer--A partner in kitchen manufacturer's company and winner of many races on the European continent. At least one of the Spanish competitors is fairly well known by NAADA's Joe Faraldo. "I have raced with Jaume (Bassa-Riera) in Taranto, Italy several times and finished behind him every time. Maybe this time an American team can turn the tables on my good friend," Faraldo said. "Jaume has gone to the World Cup events more than anyone else appearing as far away from home as New Zealand. He was also the translator for the exceptional Spanish reinsman who competed in the World Cup for Professional Drivers which concluded at Yonkers Raceway where the Spanish guy finished third to Jodie Jameson and Corey Callahan." The Spanish contingent is expected to arrive at JFK International Airport on May 31. After a day of touring New York City and enjoying outstanding sights and excellent cuisine the driving competition will begin Tuesday, June 2 at Yonkers Raceway. On Wednesday (June 3) the competition moves to Monticello Raceway and after the races the group will head to Goshen for a tour of the Hall of Fame and Historic Track. An entertaining trip on the World Yacht with dinner and dancing will take place on Thursday. Then Friday (June5) after a tour of the Mark Ford Farm in Goshen the contingent will be off to Tioga Downs for a race there. On Saturday (June 6) a 6am departure from Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY will get the Spaniards to south Florida where they will drive in the two races at Pompano Park that evening. The following day the Spanish contingent will head back home to Mallorca. John Manzi for NAADA

Harness Racing Driver Hannah Miller and Rev It Now teamed-up again this time winning the $14,000 Final of the North American Amateur Drivers Association's Trotting Series at Yonkers Raceway on Thursday, May 14. Once again Miler sat cool and collective while trailing the leaders until the final turn where she revved-up Rev It Now and the veteran Revenue S gelding rallied for a 2:01.3 victory winning by a head over Wygant Prince and driver Paul Minore. One-half farther length back in third place was Tony Verusso with Flirting Duezy. It marked the sixth time that Miller had reined Rev It Now to victory in the NAADA Series and for the hot-handed lady she now has 11 wins, 6 seconds and one third in 28 seasonal starts which equates to a .524 UDR. As he has done in the majority of his races lately Rev It Now started slowly from post four and was next to last at the quarter where pace-setter Tagmaster (Bob Hechkoff) tripped the timer in :29.4 despite being challenged from command by Starsaboveallerage (Steve Oldford). But Oldford wasn't alone on the limb. Trailing him was Bad I Am (Alan Schwartz) while Minore was snuggled in along the pylons in second position behind the leader, Tagmaster. When the field headed toward the first quarter Miller moved Rev It Now out third-over and sat comfortably following those in front of her. "With two tiers of horses in front of me I decided that I better move out third-over so not to get boxed in later in the mile," Miller said. Up the backside Schwartz moved three-deep and the field bunched-up heading into the final turn. It was there that Miller got after her trotter and she moved him to the far outside on the turn and when they straightened for home Rev It Up was 'flying' on the far outside. Still some three lengths behind at the top of the lane Miller hustled Rev It Now and they passed the leaders and rallied for a neck victory over Wygant Prince, who never saw daylight until mid-stretch. "He's a grinder and we went a long mile but we had cover all the way," Miller said referring to her journey with Rev It Now. "On the final turn I got him fired up and he was the strong horse in the deep stretch. He's a classy ole guy who knows when he's heading for home. We really get along good together." The winner is co-owned by her driver, her dad Erv Miller and her proud boyfriend, Nick Surick, who doubles as the horse's trainer. Although he didn't have a mount in the series finale NAADA president Joe Faraldo was on hand overseeing the final event and was pleased with the outcome and complementary of Hannah Miller. "It was a real good race and an exciting one, too, with just 2/5ths of a second separating the first five finishers. All in all it was a good series. "And 'Hurricane Hannah' stuck it to the boys again. She comes from a family of horse people and she certainly knows her way around the race track. We're really going to need her when we host the amateurs from Spain in an international competition in early June" The North American Amateur Drivers Association makes it their business to donate money to worthwhile charities. Recently they made substantial donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in 2013 and to the Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Foundation last season. "After our Trotting Series this fall we'll make another donation to charitable organization," Faraldo added. John Manzi

Harness racing drivers Alan Schwartz and Hannah Miller emerged victorious in their respective divisions in the next to the last leg of the trotting series sponsored by the North American Amateur drivers Association held at Monticello Raceway on Thursday afternoon, May 30. For Miller it was her fifth driving victory in the series and Schwartz's fourth. Schwartz, a Mighty M regular and a former USHWA National Amateur Driver of the Year, won the first division with his own Bad I Am in a time of 2:02.1 while Miller, the scourge of the amateur ranks this year, scored behind Casanova Lindy in a 2:01 clocking. In his split Schwartz was forced to make and early move when the field jammed-up heading to the quarter pole. Bad I Am was just that as far as the race leader Bob Hechoff was concerned. Hechkoff's charge, Tagmaster had grabbed a quick early lead when the gate sprung but a :30.2 first stanza tightened the field as they trotted toward the quarter pole. "I was getting run over from behind so I had to move way before I wanted to," Schwartz said after he moved his trotter first-up as the field headed for the second turn. "I knew it was real early but if I didn't move I might have pulled him off his feet." Tagmaster and Bad I Am then raced side by side toward the halfway point and were still heads apart as they trotted by the third stanza. Tagmaster was still in command as the field headed for home but he began to tire as a quartet of trotters from the rears began serious challenges as the field headed for paydirt. Surprisingly, even to Schwartz, after being on the limb for nearly three quarters of a mile Bad I Am refused to give it up and refused to lose as the 4-year old altered son of Prayer I Am staved off all comers to win by a head over Starsaboveallerage, driven by Steve Oldford. Third place went to Samsawinner and driver Joe Lee. The winner, owned by Schwartz and trained Raheem Strong, paid $5.60 for win. After having road trouble with Rev It Now in that race--he finished sixth-- Hannah Miller made amends in the second split winning decisively from the eight-hole with Casanova Lindy in a time of 2:01. "Before we claimed him (Casanova Lindy) I saw him cut a mile at Freehold and win easily, so I decided I'd send him to the front and avoid any traffic like I had in the last race with Rev It Now," she explained. "He left (the mobile gate) so fast that we were on top before the (first) turn and I just let him cruise I was surprised when we passed the quarter in :28.3 because he was trotting so easily. So I just took a steady hold on him and he just did the rest." Dave Yarock kept Rompaway Alan on Miller's back as the two raced lengths in front of the field as they passed the halfway point. They were still one-two by the three quarters but at that point Casanova Lindy began to open daylight and the farther he trotted the move he opened daylight between him and Rompaway Alan. As Miller's charge headed for home he had three lengths on his competition and at the wire it was opened to six lengths. But in the deep stretch driver Tony Verusso rallied Pocket Passer by a tiring Rompaway Alvin to finish second as Yarock's trotter faded and finished third. Casanova Lindy, co-owned by his driver, her boyfriend Nick Surick, and her dad Erv Miller, returned a $5.30 win mutuel. The final leg of the NAADA Trotting Series will be contested at Yonkers Raceway on May 7th. John Manzi  

After the first leg of the North American Amateur Drivers Association-sponsored, France vs. USA International Driving Competition, which was held at Yonkers Raceway on Tuesday (April 21),the American team had vaulted to the lead on the strength of a wire to wire harness racing triumph by America's Monica Banca. After the day was over and all involved were breaking bread together, Joe Faraldo, chided to France's Romain Poree that the US team was ahead by seven points. "We're not worried, "Poree told Faraldo. Like good wine we French get better with age." And did they ever. On Wednesday afternoon, April 22 in the second leg of the contest held at Monticello Raceway, Poree, a racing journalist and son of a professional harness trainer, put on a driving clinic winning both races in the France-U.S.A Friendship Competition and with one horse, a pacer by the name of Bay Street, returned a $205.00 win payoff. It also happened to be the first time that Poree had ever driven a pacer, or as he called him "an ambler". For the record, only trotters are raced in Europe. Amateur World Champion in 2010 and French Champion in 2009, Poree was perhaps more at home behind trotter, Wheres the Clicker, whom he guided to victory in the other contest event. But his triumph from the eight- hole with Bay Street had the railbird's eyes wide open. After falling into sixth position on the first turn Poree and Bay Street were content to follow the leaders. They were sixth at the quarter; seventh at the half and eighth and last as they passed the third stanza. But on the final turn Poree moved his charge wide and in the lane they came on like gangbusters-seemingly out of nowhere- and at the wire they had collared the betting favorite Spencer B and USA teamster Alan Schwartz, in a mile timed in 2:00.2. France's Sophie Blanchetiere, with Caviart Jett, made it a three-horse photo but they were on the short end and had to settle for third place. Bay Street paid a whopping $205.00- $53.00 and $14.00 across the board. The pacer is owned by Ruth Ingham and trained by Vernon James. In the other division Poree showed great driving ability when he kept a fractious Where's The Clicker well off the gate as the field began motion and then eased his charge up to his pole position and they got away trotting. Despite the horse's purported shenanigans, Where's The Clicker went off as the betting favorite in the race. After a :29.2 first panel, set by Candid Man, driven by fellow Frenchmen Christophe Roszak, the pace slowed as the field approached the halfway point. So Poree moved his trotter first-up and was alongside the leader in a 1:02 half. Where's The Clipper cleared Candid Man after the three quarters, Poree then braced for a hard charging Chuckie B, and driver Alan Schwartz. However, Poree's charge kicked in a 29.1 final stanza and they cruised to a three-length triumph over Schwartz's trotter in a time of 2:03.1. Candid Man held on for the show dough. The winner, owned by Mike Simons and Cary Greenberg, paid $80 for win. Mike's son Shawn Simons is the trainer of record. Living up to words expressed by Romain Poree on the first day of the competition France went from seven behind to lead their American counterparts by seven points after two days were in the books. And as the point totals were being tallied, Poree turned to Faraldo and said; ""I told you we'd get better before it's over." With Thursday relegated to a sight-seeing bus tour of NewYork City, the final leg of the Friendship Competition will be held at the Meadowlands on Friday (April 24). By John Manzi for NAADA

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