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The French trotter Ready Cash is now the richest horse in harness racing history, with $5.71 million in purses when converted to U.S. dollars. The 8-year-old Ready Cash won the final of the European Trotting Masters at Vincennes last weekend to push his lifetime earnings past retired trotters Varenne and Moni Maker on the all-time money list. Varenne earned $5.63 million in his career while Moni Maker banked $5.58 million. Foiled Again is the richest pacer on the list, with $5.30 million. The 9-year-old Foiled Again on Monday night won his elimination for the Bobby Quillen Memorial at Harrington Raceway. He drew post eight in the eight-horse $223,500 final on Sept. 16. Ready Cash, a son of Indy De Vive-Kidea, has won 40 of 63 career races, including four of six this season. He won the prestigious Prix D'Amerique in 2011 and 2012 and finished second this year. He also is a two-time winner of the Group I Prix De France. He should not be confused with the North American pacer Ready Cash, who retired last year at the age of 14 with career earnings of $458,747. The trotter Ready Cash, who has never raced in North America, and Foiled Again both had their first million-dollar season in 2011; Ready Cash at the age of 6 and Foiled Again at the age of 7. Ready Cash earned a career-best $1.39 million last year and has topped $1.17 million this season. Foiled Again has earned $678,234 this year, making him the season's richest older pacer, and collected $1.20 million last season. He is the oldest pacer in history to have a million-dollar campaign. DRIVERS AND TRAINERS APPROACHING MILESTONES In the list below are drivers approaching wins or earnings milestones. Below that is a list of trainers who may be approaching win milestones. If you have any questions regarding this information, please email or call toll free 877-800-8782 ext. 4, Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. .   Driver Wins               First Middle Last Name Suffix LTD Wins LTD Earnings Last Track Last Start Eric S Ledford   4997 $56,821,083 Mea 9/7/2013 Howard G Parker   4988 $45,525,303 PcD 9/7/2013 Norman Chris Boring   3979 $19,828,659 RP 7/6/2013 Howard E Davis Jr 3976 $30,468,483 Har 9/5/2013 Timothy W Curtin   2985 $20,936,317 May 6/6/2013 Patrick D Berry   2980 $27,305,541 TgDn 9/8/2013 David Floyd Carey   2974 $2,433,817 Truro 9/8/2013 Ronald L Cushing   1997 $7,456,820 Scar 9/8/2013 Steven C Wiseman   1996 $7,552,141 Aces 8/31/2013 Ron Paul Wrenn   1995 $6,069,816 HoP 9/4/2013 Robert H Shepherd   1993 $14,667,726 GRvr 9/6/2013 Rodney J Bolon   1992 $9,376,910 Mea 9/7/2013 Simon   Allard   1988 $15,314,242 TrRvs 9/8/2013 John Paul Cummings Jr 1983 $8,719,838 Btva 9/7/2013 Jerry G E Landess   1980 $2,037,837 Green 8/23/2013 Kelly R Sheppard   1971 $9,404,905 GRvr 8/28/2013 Charles M Conrad   998 $5,783,003 HoP 9/7/2013 Vaughan A Doyle   998 $781,064 Summ 9/8/2013 James R Mc Donald   997 $2,949,812 PPk 7/27/2013 DANIEL R                             OBRIAN        992 $2,122,046 GeoD 8/27/2013 Stephen K O'Toole   986 $2,423,974 PRc 9/3/2012 Robert                        L                             Sparling                                Jr 986 $5,216,173 Sar 9/7/2013 Clayton   Faurot Jr 981 $2,456,655 Mea 9/7/2013 Joseph   Ricco Jr 978 $3,727,744 MR 8/28/2013 Wilbur L Yoder   978 $6,379,122 Mea 9/7/2013 GORDEN A MCKNIGHT   977 $2,885,426 Sar 9/7/2013 John D Finn   975 $3,612,590 BmlP 9/8/2013 Darren R Crowe   975 $1,450,736 Invrn 9/8/2013 RONALD I MATHESON   972 $1,034,786 Summ 9/8/2013 Jeffrey A Smith   971 $2,730,304 Lex 9/7/2013 Rocky Joe Loney   971 $2,401,644 Lex 9/5/2013 Steven B Norris   970 $2,548,111 RidC 8/29/2013                 Driver earnings in U.S. dollars             First Middle Last Name Suffix LTD Wins LTD Earnings Last Track Last Start Luc R Ouellette   8535 $129,537,307 Moh 9/7/2013 Peter M Wrenn   9107 $59,838,946 HoP 9/7/2013 Paul G                             MacKenzie        7772 $39,945,820 GRvr 9/6/2013 James R Pantaleano   6128 $39,818,968 YR 9/7/2013 Raymond W Schnittker   2634 $39,747,717 TgDn 9/8/2013 Aaron Edward Merriman   5952 $29,761,193 ScD 9/7/2013 Michael A Forte   3263 $19,923,592 MR 6/3/2013 Norman Chris Boring   3979 $19,828,659 RP 7/6/2013 Jimmy W Takter   711 $19,811,728 VD 9/6/2013 Thomas D Strauss   2552 $19,687,609 GeoD 8/31/2013 Darrell L Coville   6565 $19,546,479 RidC 9/5/2013 Richard Lee Farrington   1250 $9,967,377 HoP 9/4/2013 Below that are trainers who may be approaching win milestones. USTA started tracking trainer statistics in 1991, so the trainers listed in green may have had training starts and wins prior to 1991, so the Life Wins column for those trainers may not be accurate. Trainer Approaching Wins Milestones   First Middle Last Name suffix Life Wins Life Earnings Last Track Last Start DOB John G Kina   1986 $5,999,288.00 RP 9/8/2013 3/1/1969 Jeffrey R Gillis   994 $19,698,203.00 Clntn 9/8/2013 10/1/1977 Roger S Welch   991 $13,043,343.00 BmlP 9/7/2013 9/22/1963 Matias S Ruiz   991 $3,713,760.00 PcD 9/7/2013 2/24/1958 Jeffery Lynn Cox   987 $6,286,877.00 ScD 9/6/2013 2/18/1955 Edgar R Clarke   983 $5,300,957.00 Stga 9/8/2013 12/6/1955 Guy   Gagnon   979 $4,999,278.00 RidC 9/5/2013 12/20/1968 James R Mc Donald   974 $4,558,300.00 PPk 7/27/2013 10/12/1955 by Ken Weingartner for USTA  

The French are preparing for an invasion, and they’ve called for the cavalry  to protect honour, glory and the small matter of half a million euros in the final of the UET Masters Series. The French legion which will  attempt to win the first ever Masters Series final at Vincennes is headed by the world’s best trotter Ready Cash, his heir apparent Timoko plus a recent world record breaker Save The Quick in what must be admitted is a much stronger race than last year’s inaugural running in Solvalla. The Masters Series is a brilliant concept and It has certainly been enhanced with the inclusion of such highly rated French horses such as Ready Cash who has won two Prix D’Amerique and was also runner-up in the world’s greatest race in a career in which he has won 35 times in 57 starts and amassed over €4million. This season he relinquished his Prix D’Amerique crown to Royal Dream, another from the remarkable R generation, but then bounced back the following week to beat his rival in the Group I Grand Prix de France, his third win in that event. He then won the Grand Prix de Paris - another Group I over the marathon 4000m - before settling down to stud duties. The 8-year-old son of Imoko  resumed his racing career in July with another win, in a low level race. Thierry Duvaldestin’s champion warmed up for this event in the Group I GP de Wallonie at Mons in Belgium where he went off stride when being switched from the trail by regular pilot Jos Verbeeck to try and pass Timoko when full of running. It was a rare mistake by the French superstar who will be right at home in Vincnnes and keen to make amends against his younger rival, the undisputed star of the T generation, which is also fashioning a glowing reputation. Timoko, like Ready Cash, is already performing stud duties, and very popular as a winner of both the Criterium des 3 and 4 Ans,  but he does not take a break while performing them, still managing to fit in a full racing schedule which included a trip to Solvalla for the Elitloppet, where he finished third in the final. Richard Westerink’s star is an accomplished sprinter, with his wins this season having been all over the shorter distances, 2300m in the GI Prix de Wallonie,  2100  in the Prix d’Atlantique at  Enghien and a mile in both the Prix de Washington (Vincennes) and Grand Criterium de Vitesse at Cagnes Sur Mer.  He finished third to Ready Cash in the GP de France over 2100m. And Timoko has also never finished better than fourth in this company over the 2700m distances with a fourth in Prix Kerjacques and he was seventh in the Prix d’Amerique. The 2700m may still be beyond him, especially when the pace is likely to be forced with the likes of Save The Quick in the field Franck LeBlanc’s world record breaking mare  stunned the world with her run in the European Championship for mares.  She has a string of second placings in some of the biggest races in the world, including last year’s Prix Du Cornulier (the world’s richest monte at 700,000) and also in the first UET Masters Series final in Solvalla last year. She was also second in the European Championship for mares the previous year too.  Can she go one better in this race too. She is certainly capable, if Ready Cash has an off day. Roxane Griff is  the best mare of the great R generation, lying third overall in earnings to Ready Cash and the recently retired gelding Rapide Lebel. She may have had only 14 wins in 62 career starts but several have been at this track, at this distance, in this company. She has also amassed a string of placings in the world’s biggest races –  including a second in the Prix D’Amerique. She is a dead set stayer (due no doubt to her 85% French bloodlines)  and even though she has not had one of her best years, this is the sort of race she excels in. The Best Madrik is Jean Etienne Dubois’ stable star – he ranks number two on earnings behind his great rival Timoko, the pair being the only millionaires so far in this generation, although Texas Charm will soon join them. The Best Madrik won the Criterium des 5 Ans after finishing third in the Prix d’Amerique earlier in 2012 and this year finished second in the Hugo Abergs Memorial in July and finished fifth a fortnight ago in the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere at Enghien in a warm up for this race. A rising star but perhaps a year too early. Reve de Beylev is another R generation and the sixth millionaire from the crop and has had a stellar year with second placings in his last five outings, all Group II s worth over €100,000 . He has been a model of consistency without cracking a big win in the top echelon, one of those unfortunates to be in a generation without peer.  He is the outsider of the French contingent but deserves his place on this year’s form. This may be the best field ever assembled in Europe, with the best geldings like Elitloppet winners Commander Crowe and Nahar getting a rare chance at the Temple of Trot to run on the great track, for a great prize, in a great field. Sit back and enjoy European and world trotting at its finest on Saturday, at Vincennes , Paris, France.   FINALE UET TROTTING MASTERS 2013 Vincennes, FRANCE 500,000  Group I 4-10  2700m   1. BAGLEY   (GERMANY, UET rank: 27) (8g Bartali Ok (IT)-Novel Boshoeve (DE)) Owner: Dagmar & Thomas Bosner Trainer: Conrad Lugauer,  Jagersro 74 starts 18  wins €368,582           Best kilometer rate: 1'09"9 SEASON’S FORM: 51534221132   2. ON TRACK PIRATEN  (SWEDEN, UET rank: 33) (5g Kool du Caux (FR)-Monrovia (SE))  Owner: Stall Mörkermasse Trainer: Hans Strömberg , Rattvik Driver: Pierre Vercruysse € 393,411   42  starts  9 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'11"3 SEASON’S FORM: 06036103301   3. SANITY  (SWEDEN, UET rank:  27) (7g Love You (FR)-Flash Light (SE))  Owner: Stall Sanity Trainer: Malin Lofgren, Solvalla Driver: Jarmo Niskanen  €716,395  59 starts 25 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'09"2 SEASON’S FORM: 32d623340310   4. NAHAR  (SWEDEN, UET rank: 5) (8g Love You (FR)-Mahonny Broline (SE)) Owner: Stall Sedin Trainer: Robert Bergh, Bergsaker Driver: Robert  Bergh €1,031,825 70 starts 24 wins Best kilometer rate:  1'09"7 SEASON’S FORM: 5d26114d12112d10   5. REVE DE BEYLEV  (FRANCE, UET rank: 17) (8h Fortuna Fant (FR)-Heloise Poterie (FR)) Owner: Ecurie D.H. du Haras de l'Epinay Trainer: Sebastien Guarato Driver: Dominik Locqueneux €1,089,260  77 starts  14 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'09"5 SEASON’S FORM: 591d36822222   6. BRAD DE VELUWE  (FINLAND, UET rank: 6) (5h Andover Hall (US)-Amazing Ride (FI)) Owner: Lars Ingman Trainer: Tomas Korvenoja Driver: Tomas Korvenoja €1 091 655,00  34 starts  23 wins  Best kilometer rate: 1'09"7 SEASON’S FORM: 1221431544   7. THE BEST MADRIK   (FRANCE, UET rank: 14) (6h Coktail Jet (FR)-Lady Madrik (FR)) Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams Trainer:  J.E. Dubois Driver: Jean Etienne Dubois €1,294,110    52 starts 13 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'10"1 SEASON’S FORM: 65525863325   8. SAVE THE QUICK   (FRANCE, UET rank: 7) (Jasmin de Flore (FR)-Heureuse Duchesse (FR)) Owner: Ecurie E. Quick Star Trainer: Franck Leblanc Driver: B Goop €1,395,079  62 starts 11  wins : Best kilometer rate: 1'10"5 SEASON’S FORM: 0d68664460313   9.  MAIN WISE AS  (ITALY, UET rank: 11) (7h Yankee Glide (US)-Desert Flower K (US)) Owner: Ecurie Gerrits Recycling Trainer:  Mike Lenders Driver: Pierre Levesque €1,473,080 48 starts 10 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'10"5 SEASON’S FORM: 03ddd84296433   10. ROXANE GRIFF  (FRANCE, UET rank: 27) (8m Tenor de Baune  (FR)-Julia Mesloise (FR)) Owner: Ecurie Griff Trainer:  S. Guarato Driver: Eric Raffin €1,605,118 79 starts 14 wins  Best kilometer rate: 1'10"2 SEASON’S  FORM: 000334dd3   11. TIMOKO  (FRANCE, UET rank: 2) (6h Imoko (FR)-Kiss Me Coulonces (FR)) Owner: Richard Westerink Trainer: Richard Westerink Driver: Jos Verbeeck €1,832,230  48 starts 19 wins  Best kilometer rate: 1.10.0 SEASON’S  FORM: 3737114312111   12. COMMANDER CROWE  (SWEDEN, UET rank: 9) (10g Juliano Star (FR)- Somack (FI)) Owner: Smogarps Gard AB Trainer: Fabrice Solouy Driver: Jean Michel Bazire €3,410,612  89 starts 55 wins Best kilometer rate: 1'08"9 SEASON’S FORM: d100261126   13. READY CASH  (FRANCE, UET rank: 3) (8h Indy de Vive (FR) - Kidea (FR)) Owner: Philippe Allaire Trainer: Thierry Duvaldestin Driver: Franck Nivard €4,014 300   57 starts 35 wins  Best kilometer rate: 1'10"3 SEASON’S FORM: 2111d by David Sanders  

Ready Cash, driven by Franck Nivard, rallied past pacesetter Royal Dream to win the 400,000 Euro, 2,100 meter (1-5/16 mile) harness racing classic by a long neck.

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