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Just hours after nominations for harness racing’s pinnacle event – Inter Dominion – were released, TAB has posted its first Fixed Odds Market. Of the 150 pacers from across Australasia nominated for the time-honoured series, defending champion Beautide has been installed the early favourite. Despite his last-start defeat in the Miracle Mile, Beautide is listed at $4.20 in his bid to become just the sixth pacer to retain his title. Hondo Grattan was the ground breaker in 1973 and ’74, followed by Gammalite in ’83 and ’84, Our Sir Vancelot in 1997, ’98 and ’99, Blacks A Fake in 2006, ’07 and ’08 and Im Themightyquinn in 2011, ’12 and ’13. Miracle Mile winner Christen Me and boom Victorian, Guaranteed, are next in line at $5.50. Terror To Love at $7, Lennytheshark at $8 and Adore Me at $9.50 are the only other nominees under double figures. The Inter Dominion is scheduled to be run at Tabcorp Park Menangle on March 1, 2015 PAUL COURTS TAB FIXED ODDS: Beautide $      4.20 Christen Me NZ $      5.50 Guaranteed $      5.50 Terror To Love NZ $      7.00 Lennytheshark $      8.00 Adore Me NZ $      9.50 For A Reason $    11.00 Restrepo $    11.00 Philadelphia Man $    12.00 Suave Stuey Lombo $    14.00 Billies A Star NZ $    18.00 Franco Nelson NZ $    18.00 Bit Of A Legend NZ $    21.00 David Hercules $    21.00 Easy On The Eye NZ $    21.00 Mach Beauty $    21.00 Avonnova $    26.00 Elios NZ $    26.00 Keayang Steamer $    26.00 Macho Comacho NZ $    26.00 Border Control NZ $    41.00 Franco Ledger NZ $    41.00 Im Corzin Terror NZ $    41.00 Our Jimmy Johnstone NZ $    41.00 Abettorpunt $    51.00 Bettors Fire NZ $    51.00 Chancellor Cullen NZ $    51.00 Jivin Cullen NZ $    51.00 Johny Rock USA $    51.00 Keayang Cullen $    51.00 Majestic Mach $    51.00 Our Hi Jinx NZ $    51.00 Courage To Rule NZ $    61.00 Devendra $    61.00 Elusive Chick NZ $    61.00 Field Officer NZ $    61.00 Flaming Flutter NZ $    61.00 Majestic Major NZ $    61.00 Maximan NZ $    61.00 Seel N Print NZ $    61.00 Arden Rooney NZ $    81.00 Beauty Secret $    81.00 Bettor Offer NZ $    81.00 Bitobliss $    81.00 Blazin N Cullen NZ $    81.00 Devil Dodger NZ $    81.00 Iam Mr Brightside NZ $    81.00 Mach Alert NZ $    81.00 Macha NZ $    81.00 Terrorway NZ $    81.00 Bellas Delight $  101.00 Bettor Bet Black $  101.00 Chariot King $  101.00 Chilli Palmer NZ $  101.00 Forever Gold $  101.00 Lochinver NZ $  101.00 Magical Telf NZ $  101.00 Monifieth NZ $  101.00 Saveapatrol NZ $  101.00 Supreme Mach NZ $  101.00 Teo Enteo $  101.00 Gaius Caesar NZ $  126.00 Whozideawasthis NZ $  126.00 American Legend $  151.00 Ardghal NZ $  151.00 Aspiring Artist $  151.00 Brigadier Bronski $  151.00 Caesars Folly NZ $  151.00 Fearless Leader NZ $  151.00 Heza Thrill NZ $  151.00 Hokonui Ben NZ $  151.00 In The Perfect Storm NZ $  151.00 Living Lord NZ $  151.00 Mark Dennis $  151.00 Mysta Magical Mach NZ $  151.00 Our Major Mark NZ $  151.00 Pemberton Shard NZ $  151.00 Rule Like A King NZ $  151.00 Sensational Gabby $  151.00 Terror Time $  151.00 Christian Ruler NZ $  201.00 Cold Major $  201.00 Condagen $  201.00 Freyberg NZ $  201.00 Ace Light $  301.00 Alchemy NZ $  301.00 Alta Jerome NZ $  301.00 Artoc NZ $  301.00 Beau Dandy $  301.00 Bettor Draw NZ $  301.00 Chance NZ $  301.00 Chevals Clivesdale $  301.00 Come On Frank $  301.00 Comply Or Die NZ $  301.00 Composed $  301.00 Crombie $  301.00 Dalton Bromac NZ $  301.00 Destreos NZ $  301.00 Drunken Desire $  301.00 Dundee Three NZ $  301.00 Dynamite Dude $  301.00 Emperor Montana NZ $  301.00 Exciteusinthecity $  301.00 Fernleigh Renegade NZ $  301.00 Funny Boy NZ $  301.00 Go West U Terror NZ $  301.00 Gumdrops $  301.00 Im A Peregrine $  301.00 Ima Rocket Star NZ $  301.00 It Is Billy $  301.00 Jaccka Clive NZ $  301.00 Jaydens Castle $  301.00 Jazzabout $  301.00 Lark Rise NZ $  301.00 Latteron $  301.00 Lets Elope NZ $  301.00 Lewy Risk NZ $  301.00 Lombo Toscannini $  301.00 Lovable Larrikin $  301.00 Mabrook NZ $  301.00 Mach Banner NZ $  301.00 Marty Monkhouser $  301.00 Montana Falcon NZ $  301.00 My Elusive Dream NZ $  301.00 My General Lee $  301.00 My Jellignite NZ $  301.00 Only The Brave NZ $  301.00 Our Blackbird NZ $  301.00 Our Pacquiao NZ $  301.00 Palais Du Louvre $  301.00 Pas Ultimate Delight NZ $  301.00 Pub Blitz $  301.00 Rathmore Lady NZ $  301.00 Rohan Home $  301.00 Saucy Legend NZ $  301.00 Savesomtimetodream $  301.00 Shardons Rocket NZ $  301.00 Shipwreck $  301.00 Sign To Inverell $  301.00 Smart Major NZ $  301.00 Smudge Bromac NZ $  301.00 Tact Hayleys Delight NZ $  301.00 The Stingray $  301.00 This Time Dylan NZ $  301.00 Ultimate Art $  301.00 Uncle Wingnut NZ $  301.00 Wartime Sweetheart NZ $  301.00 Western Rockstar $  301.00 Wrongly Accused $  301.00 Zenable NZ $  301.00

Record nominations have been lodged for harness racing’s ‘holy grail’ – the TAB.COM.AU Inter Dominion. Nominations for the prestigious series closed yesterday, with 150 received by Harness Racing New South Wales before the shut off. This compares to 133 last year and just 83 in 2012. New South Wales has the most entries with 50, followed by Victoria (37), Queensland 27, Western Australia (21) and New Zealand 20. Multiple feature race winner, Come On Frank, is the sole South Australian. It would also appear the host state has officially claimed defending champion, Beautide, as their own. After winning last year’s Final as a ‘Tasmanian’, Beautide is now a member of the New South Wales 50. Leading local trainer Shane Tritton has the biggest squad with 15 nominations, headed by speedster Suave Stuey Lombo. A heat will be conducted at Addington, Tabcorp Park Melton, Albion Park and Gloucester Park, with two qualifiers at Tabcorp Park Menangle….all on February 14. The Final is scheduled to be run at Menangle on March 1. PAUL COURTS Horse       Trainer       State Alchemy NZ       KerryAnn Turner       NSW Alta Jerome NZ       Kevin Pizzuto       NSW Ardghal NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Aspiring Artist       Shane Tritton       NSW Beautide       James Rattray       NSW Bettor Bet Black       Darren McCall       NSW Blazin N Cullen NZ       John McCarthy       NSW Chance NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Chariot King       John Tapp       NSW Christian Ruler NZ       Steve Turnbull       NSW Condagen       Dennis Picker       NSW Courage To Rule NZ       Belinda McCarthy       NSW Devendra       James Rattray       NSW Easy On The Eye NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Elusive Chick NZ       KerryAnn Turner       NSW Fearless Leader NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Fernleigh Renegade NZ       KerryAnn Turner       NSW For A Reason       Belinda McCarthy       NSW Freyberg NZ       Kevin Pizzuto       NSW Gaius Caesar NZ       Darren Binskin       NSW Heza Thrill NZ       Steve Turnbull       NSW Iam Mr Brightside NZ       KerryAnn Turner       NSW Lark Rise NZ       Darren Binskin       NSW Latteron       Shane Tritton       NSW Living Lord NZ       Darren McCall       NSW Lochinver NZ       Ashlee Siejka       NSW Lombo Toscannini       Shane Tritton       NSW Mabrook NZ       Roy Roots (snr)       NSW Mach Beauty       Shane Tritton       NSW Mark Dennis       Shane Tritton       NSW Marty Monkhouser       Shane Tritton       NSW Monifieth NZ       John McCarthy       NSW My General Lee       Robert Xerri       NSW Our Hi Jinx NZ       Belinda McCarthy       NSW Pas Ultimate Delight NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Rathmore Lady NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Rohan Home       Paul Fitzpatrick       NSW Saucy Legend NZ       Shane Tritton       NSW Seel N Print NZ       Todd McCarthy       NSW Shipwreck       Shane Tritton       NSW Smart Major NZ       Jeff Brown       NSW Suave Stuey Lombo       Shane Tritton       NSW Tact Hayleys Delight NZ       Darren Binskin       NSW Teo Enteo       Darren Hancock       NSW Terrorway NZ       John McCarthy       NSW The Stingray       Mark Rolfe       NSW Ultimate Art       Michael Formosa       NSW Western Rockstar       Darren McCall       NSW Whozideawasthis NZ       Kevin Pizzuto       NSW Zenable NZ       KerryAnn Turner       NSW Adore Me NZ       Mark Purdon       NZ Arden Rooney NZ       Mark Purdon       NZ Bit Of A Legend NZ       Cran Dalgety       NZ Border Control NZ       Mark Purdon       NZ Christen Me NZ       Cran Dalgety       NZ Dalton Bromac NZ       Brendon Hill       NZ Elios NZ       Robert Dunn       NZ Franco Nelson NZ       Robert Dunn       NZ Jivin Cullen NZ       Robert Dunn       NZ Johny Rock USA       Paul Court       NZ Lewy Risk NZ       Lew  Driver       NZ Pemberton Shard NZ       Brad Mowbray       NZ Saveapatrol NZ       Mark Jones       NZ Terror To Love NZ       Paul Court       NZ Ace Light       Vicki Rasmussen       QLD American Legend       Shannon Price       QLD Avonnova       Ian Gurney       QLD Beau Dandy       Jim Morris       QLD Bettor Draw NZ       Narissa McMullen       QLD Brigadier Bronski       Mick Grant       QLD Caesars Folly NZ       Shannon Price       QLD Chevals Clivesdale       Shannon Price       QLD Destreos NZ       Ken Rattray       QLD Devil Dodger NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Drunken Desire       Vicki Rasmussen       QLD Emperor Montana NZ       Darrel Graham       QLD Field Officer NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Forever Gold       Darren Weeks       QLD Funny Boy NZ       Ken Rattray       QLD Jazzabout       Tahn Camilleri       QLD Mach Alert NZ       Ian Gurney       QLD Majestic Mach       Grant Dixon       QLD Majestic Major NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Montana Falcon NZ       Darrel Graham       QLD My Elusive Dream NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD My Jellignite NZ       Naomi Sanderson       QLD Only The Brave NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Our Pacquiao NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Sign To Inverell       Darrel Graham       QLD Supreme Mach NZ       Grant Dixon       QLD Terror Time       Shannon Price       QLD Come On Frank       Darren Billinger       SA Abettorpunt       David Lewis       VIC Artoc NZ       Danny Mullan       VIC Beauty Secret       Emma Stewart       VIC Bellas Delight       Kari Males       VIC Bitobliss       Scott Stewart       VIC Chancellor Cullen NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Chilli Palmer NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Cold Major       David Aiken       VIC Comply Or Die NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Composed       David Aiken       VIC Exciteusinthecity       Darren Cole       VIC Flaming Flutter NZ       Geoff Webster       VIC Franco Ledger NZ       Geoff Webster       VIC Guaranteed       Emma Stewart       VIC Gumdrops       Steven Zammit       VIC Im Corzin Terror NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC It Is Billy       Mick Barby       VIC Jaccka Clive NZ       David Aiken       VIC Jaydens Castle       Gaita Pullicino       VIC Keayang Cullen       Margaret Lee       VIC Keayang Steamer       Margaret Lee       VIC Lennytheshark       David Aiken       VIC Lets Elope NZ       Brent Lilley       VIC Lovable Larrikin       Gaita Pullicino       VIC Macha NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Macho Comacho NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Magical Telf NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Maximan NZ       Andy Gath       VIC Palais Du Louvre       Leigh Miles       VIC Philadelphia Man       Emma Stewart       VIC Pub Blitz       Geoff Webster       VIC Restrepo       Emma Stewart       VIC Rule Like A King NZ       Amanda Grieve       VIC Savesomtimetodream       Paul Rowse       VIC Smudge Bromac NZ       David Aiken       VIC Uncle Wingnut NZ       Joe Costa       VIC Wartime Sweetheart NZ       David Aiken       VIC Bettor Offer NZ       Greg & Skye Bond       WA Bettors Fire NZ       Kyle Harper       WA Billies A Star NZ       Michael Brennan       WA Crombie       Gary Elson       WA David Hercules       David Thompson       WA Dundee Three NZ       Stephanie Smith       WA Dynamite Dude       Ross Olivieri       WA Go West U Terror NZ       Trevor Wright       WA Hokonui Ben NZ       Aldo Cortopassi       WA Im A Peregrine       Ross Olivieri       WA Ima Rocket Star NZ       Greg & Skye Bond       WA In The Perfect Storm NZ       Michael Brennan       WA Mach Banner NZ       Greg & Skye Bond       WA Mysta Magical Mach NZ       Tony Svilicich       WA Our Blackbird NZ       Ross Olivieri       WA Our Jimmy Johnstone NZ       Greg & Skye Bond       WA Our Major Mark NZ       Greg & Skye Bond       WA Sensational Gabby       Ross Olivieri       WA Shardons Rocket NZ       Tony Svilicich       WA This Time Dylan NZ       Michael Brennan       WA Wrongly Accused       Tony Svilicich       WA

Punters continue to support New Zealand harness racing star Christen Me ahead of Saturday night’s SEW-Eurodrive Miracle Mile at Menangle. Posted at $5 earlier this week, Christen Me has firmed slightly to be $4.20 on TAB Fixed Odds, with defending champion Beautide remaining favourite at $1.70. With 31 per cent of the market bet on the Cran Dalgety-trained gelding, Christen Me shapes as the TAB’s worst result. Success will see Christen Me’s sire – Christian Cullen – become the first Miracle Mile champion to produce a subsequent winner. With plenty of betting time remaining, Beautide may still become a tragic outcome for the TAB, with twice as much money for him as Christen Me during the past 24 hours. A steady flow of wagers has seen Beautide’s market share increase to 27, with Victorian raider, Guaranteed next at 17 per cent. Surprisingly the fastest competitor in the field – For A Reason – is attracting little attention with son of Art Major commanding just four-and-a-half per cent of the market. Despite drawing ideally in the pole, Easy On The Eye is virtually friendless, with less than two per cent of the marketing in support of the gelding. Punters looking to splurge on the ‘multiples’ are in for a treat, with the TAB guaranteeing a $200,000 jackpot on the Menangle ‘Quaddie’ and $100,000 jackpot on the Miracle Mile First Four. 1 – EASY ON THE EYE (TAB’s fluctuation since draw $16 to $31) Percentage of market: 1.7 2 – AVONNOVA ($12 to $16) Percentage of market: 6 3 – BEAUTIDE ($1.75 to $1.70) Percentage of market: 27 4 – CHRISTEN ME ($5 to $4.20) Percentage of market: 31 Big bet: $3k at $5 5 – FOR A REASON ($6.50 to $7.50) Percentage of market: 4.5 6 – CHARIOT KING (2nd emergency, $101 to $151) Percentage of market: -- 7 – GUARANTEED ($7.50 to $12 back to $10) Percentage of market: 16 8 – SUAVE STUEY LOMBO ($12 to $16) Percentage of market: 6 9 – BETTOR BET BLACK (1st emergency, $151 to $301) Percentage of market: -- 10 – TERROR TO LOVE ($21 to $35 back to $21) Percentage of market: 6 Big bet: $200 x $400 at $41 PAUL COURTS

Tabcorp Holdings Limited has again been ranked the global gambling industry leader in the annual Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2014. Tabcorp has received this recognition for nine out of the last 10 years, positioning it ahead of other Australian and international wagering, casino and lottery operators. The company received a 100 per cent rating in the 'Promoting Responsible Gaming' category for the eight successive years. Tabcorp Managing Director and CEO, David Attenborough stated Tabcorp is committed to operating sustainably. “Tabcorp’s continued global leadership in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is a testament to our commitment to a high standard of governance,” Attenborough declared. “Tabcorp operates its businesses with utmost integrity for the benefit of our many stakeholders, including investors, the racing industry and hotel and club partners. “We are proud to lead the way in responsible gambling in Australia and globally.” Of the criterion on which 23 companies from across the globe in the casino and gaming sector were assessed, Tabcorp received the top score in 11 of the 19 measures. The DJSI assessed Tabcorp across economic, environmental and social dimensions. In addition to promoting responsible gambling, Tabcorp's other leading measures in its sustainability ranking include stakeholder engagement, anti-crime policy/measures, brand management, corporate governance and talent attraction and retention. In the 2014 financial year, Tabcorp’s businesses generated more than $500million in taxes on gambling and income taxes paid and payable. Tabcorp is also the single largest supporter of the Australian racing industry, returning $735million last financial year. As proven during the past two years, Tabcorp is also a generous community sponsor – highlighted by their support of Victoria’s Charity Football Day, which raised an astonishing $29,000 for the Childrens’ Tumour Foundation.

It was a case of mixed emotions at Victorian harness racing’s biggest social event – TAB.COM.AU Charity Football Day – at Bendigo yesterday. As a high, the Melton girls cleaned up in the Aldebaran Netball Cup, but on the downside, the Melton fellas were smashed on the Tabcorp footy field. Melton is yet to win from four starts…the only team still waiting to enjoy a taste glory! On the opposite end of the scale, the skill and agility of the netballers placed them in a class of their own as they rocketed to success. Multiple Group One winning reinswoman Kate Gath was the recipient of the Yirribee Stud Most Valuable Player Award. Gath’s football counterpart was Heath Barton, who enjoyed double success as a member of the triumphant Shepparton squad. After dispensing of Ballarat in the opener, Shepparton then accounted for defending champions, Bendigo, to hold the Tabcorp Premiership Cup aloft. Tobey Courts,11, earned an honourable mention after booting four goals, including three against Ballarat. Away from the fun and games, the event had a serious side – raising awareness and valuable funds for the Childrens’ Tumour Foundation. Thrilled with the wide spread involvement, organiser Robbie O’Connell declared both ‘goals’ were achieved by the 500-strong crowd. “The amount of publicity this day has generated has certainly helped raising the awareness of the cause,” O’Connell said. “Anyone in harness racing would have to have been living in a cave not to have known about the day and what it’s all about. “And I’m thrilled to say we eclipsed last year’s total and even bettered our target amount in money raised. After $14,000 last year we were hoping for $20,000 this time, but we’re sitting on $22,000 at the moment. “Everyone involved, be it sponsor, helper, player or spectator can hold their heads up high…well, except for the Melton footy team!” There were also plenty of fun activities for the kids throughout the afternoon, as they enjoyed the jumping castle, little athletics competition and the free Auckland Reactor soccer and footballs thanks to Alabar Bloodstock. Alexa Astin and Will Janky were big winners after scoring bikes thanks to Amart Sports Melton by guessing the amount of snakes in a jar. “I couldn’t believe Alexa guessed the exact amount,” O’Connell said. “I thought I was clever not making it an obvious amount like 125 or 120, so I left it at 123. “According to Alexa’s dad her guess was simple, she counted them one, two, three, so he wrote that down! “Overall if was a terrific day, everyone had fun and we achieved our goals thanks to the sponsors, the helpers and every person who came and participated in the spirit of it all.” PAUL COURTS

JUST days out from the TAB.COM.AU Charity Football Day and the generosity just keeps flowing. Already a major sponsor in two areas, Alabar Bloodstock has once again increased its involvement in what has developed in Victorian harness racing’s biggest social event. One of the first to support last year’s inaugural edition, Alabar was quick to return this time to cover the costs of the foot and netballs. On top of that, the leading breeding establishment has donated a service to Grinfromeartoear as the headliner for the mega raffle. Now Alabar has joined forced with Amart Melton and Burley to deliver ‘Auckland Reactor’ soccer and footballs to the first 60 kids to attend the big day. The latest gesture also compliments the two bikes Amart Melton has donated for the lucky boy and girl who guess the correct (or closest to) amount of snakes in a jar, which will be displayed throughout the day…entry is FREE!. Not to forget prominent owner Kevin Riseley, who has generously offered to cover the cost of hiring a jumping castle for children to enjoy, or Allan McNeil, who has donated lolly bags. “Alabar, Amart, Kevin and Allan have just been so generous,” event organiser Robbie O’Connell said. “Their focus on the kids’ activities will help turn this into a massive family day, just the kind of event harness racing needs. “Now we have the dads playing footy, the mums hitting the netball court and the kids going nuts, as kids should.” Other sponsors include Tabcorp, James and son, Seelite Windows and Doors and Glenn Sharp. A fun occasion for all industry participants, Sunday’s event also has a serious side – raising valuable funds for the Childrens’ Tumour Foundation. That’s where a small fee of $50 for players and spectators (under 16 free) comes into play. Not only does the fee cover the costs of the games, sausage sizzle and the night’s function, it adds to the tally to aid children suffering from Neurofibromatosis. Last year’s event raised $14,000, which is outstanding considering the foundation receives just $18,000 from the government. Along with the fun and games, the function will also include a memorabilia auction. It was last year’s auction that proved to be the biggest money spinner for the cause. Paul Smart from Azuma International supplied the various pieces of memorabilia, which raised almost $8000. Smart will be back this year with “some sensational memorabilia”, so attendees better make sure their wallets are loaded! Teams from four districts – Melton (Go Blues), Ballarat, Shepparton and Bendigo – will do battle throughout the day, with the first event, a netball match, to begin at 11:30am at the Strathfieldsaye Sports Club. The first footy game is scheduled to start at noon. “The Strathfieldsaye Club has offered us free use of their grounds and facilities,” O’Connell said. They have two footy ovals and three netball courts, so it’s the perfect pl ace for us. “Last year’s day was big, but this year will be huge.” For more information please contact Robbie O'Connell on 0404 728 885. Paul Courts

  TAB has put together a series of jackpots for thoroughbred, harness and greyhound punters this weekend. It all gets underway tomorrow night for the huge Black Top meeting from The Gardens. TAB has boosted the card with a sensational $25,000 Quaddie jackpot! Being held on races 5-8, the lids will fly on the opening leg at 8:40pm. Racing at Rosehill this Saturday is sure to excite fans of the First 4. The feature event on the program is the MTA NSW Run To The Rose and TAB has kick-started the First 4 pool on the race to the tune of $50,000! It is sure to be a keen betting affair with punters likely to include the well-supported Almalad and Nostradamus high up in their selections. Finally, every race at Tabcorp Park Menangle this Saturday night has a guaranteed First 4 pool of $20,000! With 10 races on the card and almost full fields throughout the evening, there is sure to be some spirited betting to be had. TAB JACKPOTS Date Code Venue Bet Type Jackpot Guarantee* Races Fri 29 Aug CG THE GARDENS GREYHOUNDS Quaddie $25,000.00   5,6,7,8 Sat 30 Aug SR ROSEHILL GARDENS RACES First 4 $50,000.00   6 – Run To The Rose Sat 30 Aug SG TABCORP PARK MENANGLE HARNESS First 4 $5,000.00 $20,000.00 Every Race            

A reminder, as we close in on the end of season 2013/14, that for the first time Harness Racing Victoria will conduct just one industry awards night, the Gordon Rothacker Medal, including Horse of the Year, on October 8. ......................................................................   Breeders Crown The Australasian harness racing spotlight will be squarely on Tabcorp Park Melton this Sunday as the rich Breeders Crown series culminates with a $1.6m "Super Sunday". 10 Group 1 finals will be contested on what has become arguably the best day's racing on the harness racing calendar. The Breeders Crown is the real trans-Tasman battle, with New Zealand's best two, three and four-year-old horses heading across the ditch to take on the Australians. I particularly like the $297,000 two-year-old fillies' final with Kiwis Katy Perry, Cyclone Kate, Linda Lovegrace, Joannes A Delight and Big Lucy dominating the early fixed odds betting charts. But don't tell a couple of the Aussies that the Kiwis are set for an easy ride, as Mick Stanley (trainer of Soho Tokyo) and Rob Auber (owner of Niki No No) have both declared they're not running scared. Probably the battle that has punters salivating most is the rematch between three-year-old semi-final combatants Our Sky Major and Bling It On. Punters are also reminded of a $25,000 first four pool guarantee on all races at Tabcorp Park on Sunday thanks to the TAB. Super Sunday kicks off at 12.05pm, with 11 races to be contested. Ballarat HRV's thanks goes to President Greg Moy and CEO Paul Rowse for yet again doing a great job in hosting an important industry event, the Breeders Crown Semi Finals last Saturday (August 16). As always a job well done. .......................................................................................... Interesting Statistics (Season) Plenty of highlights this season as we near the end of another racing year: Chris Alford's drives earned over $1m for the second time in his career; Chris Alford, Greg Sugars and Gavin Lang have all driven over 200 winners nationally this season; David Aiken is the first trainer to have trained 50 winners in a season at Tabcorp Park. Next best is Lance Justice with 49 in 2010/11; David Aiken has also smashed the trainers stakes earned at Tabcorp Park in a season, currently sitting just under $1m. Speaking of Greg Sugars, if you click here you will see a nice segment featuring Greg with Jaimee Rogers from Tabcorp called "Behind the Moment" where Greg talks of his relationship with the great Sushi Sushi. ............................................................................................. Smoken Up We are building toward a big farewell for Lance Justice's champion Smoken Up's last ever run at Tabcorp Park on September 6. For the record, before his final run, he will have had 152 starts for 74 wins and career stakes of $3.6m Included in his 74 wins have been 21 wins at Tabcorp Park, from which he has earned $700,000. The horse to have won the most at Tabcorp Park is Make Mine Cullen with 29 wins at the new headquarters. The occasion is being generously supported by the State Government's Raceday Attraction Program and the Premier Dr Denis Napthine will be in attendance. ............................................................................................... Red Balloon Experience for Father's Day The State Government recently approved a grant for the promotion of a Mobile Barrier Ride and dining package offered through Red Balloon. Participating venues are offering a 25% discount ($165 down from $220) as part of Red Balloons Father's Day promotion which runs from August 18 to Father's Day on September 7, where people can purchase the package as a gift for use over the next 12 months. The Package includes the usual dining and drinks for two plus two mobile barrier rides. Click here for the link to the package on Red Balloon. ......................................................................................... Youth Policy People often associate the trots with an ageing demographic. It is pleasing to see that this is now becoming a myth as we see the rise to the top of our gun young drivers, who are knocking on the door of the likes of C Alford and G Lang. In recent months names such as Josh Aiken, Matt Craven, Jason Lee, Rebecca Bartley, Ellen Tormey, Glen Craven, Emmett Brosnan, Zac Phillips, Alex Ashwood, Josh Duggan and plenty of others have tasted regular success and are hot on the heels of more seasoned youngsters, such as Greg Sugars, Amy Tubbs and Nathan Jack. It is important for administrators to manage the business in such a way that this new generation of participants see a long term future in this great sport. ..................................................................................... Don Dove Since the last CEO News, HRV was saddened to hear of the passing of the one and only Don Dove. Below is copy penned by Len Baker following his funeral service at Kilmore: A large number of trainers, drivers, owners and harness racing people in general were in attendance at Kilmore's Trackside Tabaret on Tuesday July 29, to celebrate the life and times of iconic Victorian trainer/driver Don Dove who passed away in his adopted state Queensland on July 14, 2014 at the age of 86. The memorial service was conducted by the "Pacing Priest" Father Brian Glasheen and numerous stories were told during the service. Don was a legend of the sport and was associated with horses such as Kol's Idol, Monara's Image, Nelson's Report, Playalong, Amlin, Jaygo, Missing Charm, Jay Ar Ewing, Just Money and Victoria Derby winner Kelly Kid just to name a few, with his best being prolific winner Monara which finished second to Welcome Advice in the 1972 (Brisbane) Inter Dominion when driven by Neville Welsh. Originally training in Heatherton where he was based for many years in an area which was also home to G.D. (Dave) Wilson and several other trainers including Lloyd and Bruce Coram, the trio would conduct trials on a rotation basis at their property's each weekend prior to the formation of Southern Speedways where Don was a regular competitor at the weekend trials called by at one stage by Trackbred editor Peter Wharton. Dove then moved to Kilmore and further north to Avenel, before relocating to Queensland. A master reinsman with wonderful hands who was great in getting horses away from the tapes, there was no better driver at the head of the field in a trotting or pacing race than Don Dove. Harness Racing Victoria

The harness racing writers couldn’t have scripted the barrier draw for the Roll With Joe Breeders Crown (3YO colts and geldings) Series final any better today at Tabcorp Park Melton. Despite a random draw, the final two horses left in the barrel were Kiwi champ Our Sky Major and his main adversary Bling It On. Fresh in the minds of racegoers was that less than 24 hours before the draw Our Sky Major had edged out Bling It On in a thrilling Breeders Crown semi-final battle at Ballarat. The two remaining ping pong balls in the barrel were gates three and 13 – meaning one favourite would have a plum draw, while the other had to come from outside the second line. Bling It On’s owner, Harvey Kaplan, and his family were thrilled when their charge drew three, leaving the Our Sky Major camp lamenting an unlucky 13 draw. When Our Sky Major narrowly pipped Bling It On in the semi-final last night, the Barry Purdon trained Kiwi star had drawn the front line, while Bling It On – from the Belinda McCarthy yard – had to come from the second row. Bling It On whipped around to find the lead with a blistering mid-race move at Ballarat before Zac Butcher worked Our Sky Major into clear air late and grabbed the win right on the wire. Reversing the semi-final draw has made this headline clash, one of many not-to-be-missed events on Breeders Crown finals day at Tabcorp Park Melton on Sunday, even more tantalising than it already promised to be. Adding further intrigue is that the front line is choc full of speed in the three-year-old boys’ final, with Will Mach My Word (gate two), Bling It On (three), Major Crocker (four), Saloon Passage (five) and Hectorjayjay (six) all realistic shots at finding the early lead. TAB fixed odds reacted by slotting Bling It On in as race favourite at $2.10, with Our Sky Major a $2.50 second pick. Bling It On’s stable-mate Lettucerockthem is on the third line of betting at $5.50 despite a gate nine draw, while Vince Vallelonga trained Major Crocker, who won his semi-final, is $13. by Cody Winnell Harness Racing Victoria MARKET NOW OPEN AT THE TAB Related Links Fields for Tabcorp Park Melton, Sunday 24 August 2014 Form guide for Tabcorp Park Melton, Sunday 24 August 2014

7 August 2014: OVERVIEW. Statutory Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) $129.9 million, up 2.6% on the prior corresponding period (pcp). This includes: NPAT from continuing operations before significant items $149.4 million, up 7.4%. Loss after tax from discontinued operations $19.5 million[1]. Statutory Earnings Per Share (EPS) 17.2 cents per share, in line with pcp. EPS from continuing operations before significant items 19.8 cents per share, up 4.8%. Full year dividend [16] cents per share, fully franked (FY13, 19 cents per share).  EBITDA from continuing operations before significant items $486.1 million, up 4.8%. Revenues $2,039.8 million, up 1.8%. Variable contribution $919.5 million, up 3.8%. Operating expenses $433.4 million, up 2.8%. Portfolio of long-dated licences strengthened with extension of Queensland Keno licence (to 2047) and NSW retail wagering exclusivity (to 2033). Agreement to acquire ACTTAB. Refinancing of bond maturities completed 1 May 2014, resulting in interest savings of approximately $10 million per annum. New senior executive leadership structure in place, with the creation of new roles: COO Wagering and COO Gaming Services & Keno.   MANAGING DIRECTOR AND CEO COMMENTARY “The Group’s performance in FY14 demonstrates the benefits of a model that is diversified across four businesses. This result is testament to our market-leading brands and unique multi-product, multi-channel distribution model,” said Managing Director and CEO, David Attenborough. “The strong performance of our Wagering business was driven by excellent growth in Fixed Odds and Digital wagering. Media and International again delivered a positive earnings result, despite incurring one-off restructuring charges. “Our Gaming Services business, TGS, has built on the solid foundation laid in its first year in Victoria by successfully entering NSW. TGS is now well placed for further expansion.  Although it was disappointing not to see revenue growth in our Keno business in FY14, it is well positioned to grow in FY15, with new products set for launch.” Business Results – Continuing Operations Before Significant Items  Wagering  Total Wagering business revenues (including the Victorian Racing Industry’s interest) grew 1.8% in FY14{C}{C}{C}[2]{C}{C}{C}. Wagering revenue growth of 2.4% in the second half improved relative to first half growth of 1.3%.    Operating expenses were $284.0 million, up 0.6%. EBITDA was $282.2 million, up 6.5%.  By product, Fixed Odds growth was again the highlight with revenues up 26.5% to $511.5 million. This was made up of: {C}{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Fixed Odds racing revenues of $322.9 million, up 37.0%, primarily driven by an expansion in the number of markets offered and ongoing shifts in customer preferences towards Fixed Odds products. {C}{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}{C}Fixed Odds sports revenues of $188.6 million, up 12.7%.   Totalisator revenues were $1,262.9 million, down 6.3%, partly impacted by lower premium customer volumes and the shift to Fixed Odds. Luxbet revenues were up 22.5% to $47.9 million and Trackside revenues were $89.3 million, up 1.1%.  The Soccer World Cup produced revenues across TAB and Luxbet in FY14 of $14.9 million and in FY15 of $10.3 million. TAB’s successful marketing initiatives were driven by the ‘Back Gold’ campaign led by former Socceroos goalkeeper, Mark Schwarzer.    Tabcorp’s diverse distribution channels allow customers to connect with TAB in multiple ways, differentiating Tabcorp from online-only wagering operators.  The Digital channel was a driver of Tabcorp’s Wagering growth, with turnover up 18.2% to $2,900.0 million.  Mobile devices made up 54% of Tabcorp’s Digital turnover, up from 35% in FY13. NSW retail turnover was $3,819.1 million, down 1.2%, and Victorian retail turnover was $2,762.2 million, down 4.9%. Performance in the NSW and Victorian retail wagering channels improved in 2H14 relative to 1H14, despite continued soft retail conditions. Media and International  Tabcorp’s Media and International business continued to benefit from the expanded export of vision and co-mingling.  Revenues grew 6.2% to $220.4 million. Operating expenses were $123.9 million, up 5.0%, with expense growth partly attributable to the acquisition of Sky’s US vision agent, now rebranded Sky Racing World US, and one-off restructure charges.  EBITDA was $68.5 million, up 2.2%.  Broadcast rights and racing industry contributions from Tabcorp’s International business were $73.5 million, up 15.6%.  Tabcorp continues to work towards concluding media rights negotiations for NSW and Victorian thoroughbred racing content and achieving a fair commercial outcome for all parties.  Gaming Services  The results of the Gaming Services business reflect a full year contribution compared to the prior year during which TGS was operational for 10.5 months.  TGS revenues were $98.1 million, up 13.7%. Operating expenses were $31.1 million, up 11.1%, resulting in EBITDA of $67.0 million, up 14.9%.    TGS made a successful entry into the NSW market during the year, signing up two NSW venues, Kogarah RSL and Auburn Tennis Club. TGS has now established capability to grow the business in NSW in FY15.  A second half highlight in Victoria, where TGS covers approximately 8,500 electronic gaming machines (EGMs), was the commencement of the in-EGM loyalty scheme.  Keno  Keno revenues were $203.9 million, down 0.7%, with Queensland and NSW revenues flat and Victorian revenues up 3.6%. Operating expenses were $41.2 million, up 1.0%.  EBITDA was $72.2 million, down 4.4%.    An operational highlight was the roll out of Keno Racing to more than 450 Queensland venues.  Improving the performance of the Keno business is a priority for Tabcorp in FY15. New initiatives planned for delivery include the commencement of jackpot pooling between NSW and Victoria in 1H15, with Queensland to follow. CAPITAL EXPENDITURE AND INVESTMENTS Capital expenditure was $133 million, with the major projects being digital and systems enhancements for Wagering and the TGS expansion. Expected capital expenditure in FY15 is $130 million, before the expansion of TGS in NSW and Victorian in-EGM loyalty. The depreciation and amortisation (D&A) expense for FY15 is expected to be approximately $170 million. Capital expenditure and D&A guidance is before the impact of the ACTTAB acquisition. RACE FIELDS FEES New Race Fields fee structures have been put in place by the Victorian, Queensland and South Australian racing industries, effective from 1 July 2014.  If these changes had applied to Tabcorp in FY14, and in the absence of any mitigating strategies, the estimated impact would be approximately $12 million before tax.   SUPREME COURT OF VICTORIA PROCEEDINGS   Tabcorp has lodged an appeal with the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria against a judgment of the Supreme Court of Victoria handed down on 26 June 2014. The appeal is listed to be heard in October. The judgment relates to Tabcorp’s claim for a payment of $686.8 million from the State of Victoria, which found in favour of the State. Separately, Tabcorp has applied for special leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia in respect of the Health Benefit Levy judgment of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria, which was handed down on 1 July 2014.  The Court of Appeal judgment impacted Tabcorp’s FY14 earnings by $19.5 million after tax, which has been disclosed as Discontinued Operations in Tabcorp’s financial statements. DIVIDEND The Board has announced a final dividend of [8] cents per share, fully franked and payable on 24 September 2014 to shareholders registered at 14 August 2014.  The full year dividend of [16] cents per share represents [81%] of NPAT from continuing operations before significant items. The Board today announced that its FY15 target dividend payout ratio will increase to 90% of NPAT.    STAKEHOLDER BENEFITS Taxes on gambling paid                                             $439.3 million Income generated for racing industry                        $735.0 million VIC                                                                         $342.0 million[1] NSW                                                                       $246.2 million Race fields fees                                                     $73.3 million Broadcast rights and international business           $73.5 million Income taxes paid and payable          $66.7 million   [1] Excludes the impact of the VRI’s share of HBL of $8.9 million. FY15 PRIORITIES Mr Attenborough said: “Tabcorp is well placed to drive profitable growth through our diversified portfolio of businesses. This portfolio has been strengthened with the recent agreement to acquire ACTTAB, subject to necessary approvals.  ACTTAB will give Tabcorp new and attractive long-term licences. “In Wagering, we will continue to integrate our retail and digital offerings, noting our distribution channels work together for overall growth.  Other priorities in Wagering are product expansion and successfully completing the ACTTAB transaction. “The priority for the Media and International business is to conclude media rights negotiations and expand co-mingling and the export of Australasian racing. “Now that TGS has entered the NSW market, the business is well placed to demonstrate the value it can generate for licensed venues and increase sign-ups. “Finally, our Keno business has a clear agenda to improve its performance.  Product expansion and the pooling of jackpots between NSW and Victoria are among the initiatives that will help create a more compelling offer for customers. “We are well positioned to drive future performance, maintain expense discipline and deliver Return on Invested Capital of 14% by FY16.” For more information: Media: Nicholas Tzaferis, GM Corporate Affairs, 03 9868 2529 Financial analysts: Lachlan Fitt, GM Investor Relations and Strategy, 02 9218 1414

There have been some frosty nights of late but no matter what the weather, Saturday night's 10-race program at Melton promises to be a crackerjack meeting. The Tabcorp Park Melton Cup Final, the Blacks A Fake Free for All and the Sumthingaboutmaori Trotters Free for All are the feature events with Race 1 kicking off at 5.30pm. This week's Trots/AFL Saturday night special is one for the Cats fans in Top 4 Expectations, while Victoria's own Smoken Up will have his last South Australian run on Sunday before the curtain falls once and for all at Melton next month. ............................................................................................   The Game Plan for Tabcorp Park Melton with Jason Bonnington (@jasonbonnington) Best Bets ($100 All-Up) Smudge Bromac (Race 3 no. 7) $1.80 Keayang Cullen (Race 4 no. 6) $1.40 Best Value ($10 Win $30 Place) Stoned I Am (Race 5 no. 7) $16/$3.30 TAB Fixed Odds Beauty Secret (Race 7 no. 7) $10/$2.63 TAB Fixed Odds Metro Mike (Race 7 no. 6) $12/$3 TAB Fixed Odds The Money Races Race 3 ($60 Flexi First 4's) 7/ 4,8,9,10/ 4,8,9,10/ 4,8,9,10. $24 gets 100% 7/ 4,8,9,10/ 4,8,9,10/ Field. $36 gets 50% Race 10 ($60 Flexi Trifectas) 4/ 1/ 2,3,7,8. $40 gets 1000% 4/ 2,3,7,8/ 1. $10 gets 250% 1/ 4/ 2,3,7,8. $10 gets 250% The Early Quads (x4 for $130) 2/ 1,3,5,8,9,10/ 7/ 6. $48 gets 800% 1,8,12/ 1,3,5,8,9,10/ 7/6. $72 gets 400% 2/ 4,7/ 7/ 6. $4 gets 200% 1,8,12/ 4,7/ 7/ 6. $6 gets 100% Get the full Game Plan, speed maps and more .................................................................................................................... Top 4 Expectations - this weekend's TAB/Trots specials The Trots/AFL TAB special this week celebrates the mighty Cats and top-notch trotter My High Expectations. If Geelong defeats North Melbourne by more than 8.5 points on Saturday and My High Expectations wins Race 5 at Melton, punters will collect on the special! Opening price for Top 4 Expectations is $4. To access the special online visit and follow the links to Sports/Racing Extras/Harness Specials. You can also bet on the special at the track, your local TAB outlet or via the TAB app. ........................................................................................................ Victorians to contest Southern Cross finals Sunday's Southern Cross Finals meeting at Globe Derby in South Australia will have a strong Victorian flavour. Several Victorian horses have qualified for the Southern Cross Finals, which are worth $60,000 each, while champion Melton pacer Smoken Up will have his final South Australian start in the SA Farewells Trigger Pace. READ MORE ................................................................................................... Will Keayang Cullen make it five straight? Keayang Cullen will be shooting for a fifth straight win on Saturday night in the Blacks A Fake Free for All at Tabcorp Park Melton. But after finishing behind the expected odds-on favourite at its past two starts - beaten 4.1m two runs back and 3.6m last time out - Restrepo can keep cutting into Keayang Cullen's margin, according to the horse's trainer Clayton Tonkin. READ MORE ..................................................................................... Cramp duo head to Melton in winning form Shayne Cramp will take two horses in winning form to Tabcorp Park Melton tomorrow night. The Mildura master, who last month trained the entire card at a meeting at his home track, will bring impressive four-year-olds Philtra Phella and Cenosilocophobia to town in a bid to win his fourth metro race this season. READ MORE ........................................................................................... Filly on track to add another Crown to her belongings Whereibylong scored a seemingly effortless win in heat eight of the Breeders Crown three-year-old fillies' series at Bendigo on during the week. Driven by Gavin Lang for Emma Stewart and Clayton Tonkin, Whereibylong finished over eight metres clear of runner-up Our Santa Catalina in a rate of 1:58.6. READ MORE ............................................................................................ The Wraps are getting bigger A fluke is defined as "an unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck". So one could mount an argument that to pinch a win over a highly rated opponent in horse racing is a fluke, but to do it twice in two starts? Not so much. READ MORE Harness Racing Victoria

The Board of the New South Wales Harness Racing Club met yesterday and decided to offer the position of Chief Executive Officer to Mr Bruce Christison.  The Board is delighted to announce that Mr Chistison has accepted this position effective from today. Mr Christison first joined the administrative staff of the Club in January 1994 as Financial Controller, and has been the Business Operations Manager since March 2004. Mr Christison has been an integral part of the Club’s management for many years and will bring extensive business and administrative skills combined with a detailed knowledge of the Club’s operations to the position of Chief Executive.  The Board believes that this appointment will continue the development of the Club following the sale of Harold Park and development at Tabcorp Park Menangle. Mr Christison will work with departing Chief Executive Officer Mr John Dumesny to ensure a seamless handover before Mr Dumesny assumes his position with Harness Racing New South Wales on 1 September 2014.  The Board believes that this transitional process will be of mutual benefit to all parties and the industry. For further information please contact NSWHRC Chairman Ray Sharman on (02) 4645 2200.

Tabcorp Holdings Limited (“Tabcorp”) today announced that it has agreed with the ACT  Government to acquire ACTTAB for $105.5 million.  ACTTAB is a Territory-owned provider of totalisator and fixed odds wagering, Keno and  Trackside products. The business offers its services and products through a distribution  network comprised of 53 retail outlets located throughout the ACT as well as telephone  and internet platforms.  As part of the acquisition, the ACT Government will issue to Tabcorp a 50 year exclusive  totalisator licence, a sports bookmaking licence for an initial term of 15 years with further  rolling extensions to a total term of 50 years, and ongoing approvals to offer Keno and  Trackside products for 50 years.  The ACTTAB totalisator and sports bookmaking licences are highly attractive. Ongoing  payments to be made by Tabcorp in respect of the totalisator are limited to an annual  licence fee of $1 million and CPI increases. There is no wagering tax payable to the  Territory on the totalisator licence. The wagering tax payable to the Territory on the sports  bookmaking licence currently has an expected effective tax rate of less than 1% of turnover.  Tabcorp's close proximity to the ACT market, as well as existing pooling and fixed odds  management arrangements with ACTTAB, provide operational alignment and a deep  understanding of ACTTAB's market.  Tabcorp's Managing Director and CEO, David Attenborough, said: "The acquisition of  ACTTAB presents a unique opportunity for Tabcorp to secure long-term licences on highly  favourable terms in a jurisdiction that is complementary to our existing Wagering and  Keno businesses in Victoria and New South Wales. We look forward to leveraging our  capabilities to strengthen the product offering available to ACTTAB customers and to  deliver the best outcome for the racing industry and other stakeholders including our  venue and community partners."  Tabcorp intends to fund the acquisition from existing bank facilities. Tabcorp expects the  acquisition will generate EBITDA of approximately $14 million in the year following  completion of integration of the business and will be EPS accretive. Integration is  expected to take around 12 months.  The ACT Government has agreed to certain protections which provide greater regulatory  certainty in respect of the key terms of the licences.  The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals, including ACCC clearance. Tabcorp  expects to announce completion of the acquisition within the next few months.  Tabcorp is recognised as a world leader in sustainability and in the responsible service of  gambling. The 2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Index has ranked Tabcorp as the global  gambling industry leader for eight of the past nine years.  NICHOLAS TZAFERIS GENERAL MANAGER CORPORATE AFFAIRS

Junee trainer Bruce Harpley only has three horses in work currently.  Frith is the star of the team and she has been entered at Tabcorp Park Menangle on Saturday night but Harpley's other two horses, Sokys Bigbullet and Justanotherslippa were able to provide him with his first metropolitan double at Menangle when they won their respective races on Saturday night. "I'm pretty sure that is my first metro training double, it definitely is my first metro training double at Menangle, I've driven a few winners for Bernie Kelly at Harold Park and Menangle but to train a double was very exciting," Harpley said. "What made it even better was that both races were Country Series Finals which means all three of the horses in my stable have won $25,000 feature races in the past couple of weeks which makes it a lot easier to get up and work them in the morning, that's for sure." Sokys Bigbullet proved too strong for short priced favourite Millwood Liberty rating 1:55.6 for the mile. "There was a bit expected of him after he made such a good start to his career but what a lot of people don't know is that he had a soft palate operation last season and it has taken him a while to put it all together." "Actually it has only been in the last month or so that he has really started to feel like his old self again, I have nominated him again for Menangle on Saturday night and then he can have a spell." Justanotherslippa brought up the second win of his career when he took out race six. "It wasn't an overly strong race and I thought it was going to come down to who got the most luck and it all worked out nicely for me." "These country finals are great for us country trainers, up until I won two heats at Bathurst before these finals I had never won a heat, let alone a final so it was nice to win a couple on the same night." By Greg Hayes (Harness Racing NSW)

Steve Turnbull is the leading harness racing trainer in New South Wales and it is no longer a case of 'if' he will train 200 winners this season in the state, it is just a case of 'when'. Turnbull came so close last year when he finished with 199.5 winners and admits he has targeted the double century this time around. "Yeah, when the season started after we got so close last year the aim was to get 200 winners and just over a month ago I thought we might miss but we got seven winners in a week not long ago and that put a big dent in the number we needed," Turnbull said. "The only other goal I would like to achieve is to train a derby winner, I've won Western Districts Derbies in the past but I would really like to win a state derby, that would cap everything for me." Turnbull's daughter Amanda has been a big part of his success and he acknowledges it might be difficult to achieve the feat again with her commitments in Victoria growing. "We haven't fully worked out how much she will be home next season, but we have the new Bathurst track opening up and it would be great if she would come home and drive for me at Bathurst and Menangle, especially Menangle because I only seem to be able to win races there from the stand." "It is obviously going to have some effect but it just means that Mitch and I will have to do a bit more of the driving and hopefully there will still be plenty of winners." With Turnbull only four winners away from the 200 he would love to get to the magical number with one of his Menangle horses. "The horses I had in on Saturday night at Tabcorp Park Menangle have been really good for the stable this season. Horses like Christian Ruler, Heza Thrill, So Kool Harry and Ardle McArdle have all won their fair share of races and it would nice for one of them to bring up the 200." By Greg Hayes | Harness Racing New South Wales |    

Hunter Valley harness racing trainer Shane Tritton enjoyed plenty of success during his recent trip to Queensland for the Winter Carnival and with the Breeders Crown series in Victoria less than a month away, he has confirmed he will be taking a strong team south. However before heading off Tritton has a large contingent in at Tabcorp Park Menangle this Saturday night including two exciting prospects, Lombo Kotakinabalu and Fearless Leader. "We have a big team in on Saturday night and I'm looking forward to producing a couple of horses that look to have big futures going forward," Tritton said. "Fearless Leader was sent to us with the idea of getting him on the big track at Menangle and so far we haven't even given him a start there because we took him to Queensland for the carnival but I really think he is going to be suited on the 1400 metre track." Fearless Leader has already had three starts at Menangle in his career and has only been placed on one occasion. "He's only little but he has got a tremendous attitude and Lauren (Panella) has told me that he really likes to find the line in his races so I'm expecting a big performance this weekend." "The plan is to take him back to Melbourne for a Breeders Crown graduate race next month." Lombo Kotakinabalu has only had one start at Menangle and he was a big winner on that occasion, taking out a Country Series Final on Breeders Challenge Final Day. "He is a very exciting horse, he has been winning his races very easily and he is a free rolling type which I think will be better suited over the mile so the 2300 metres will be something different this weekend." "The plan is to take him to Melbourne as well. I'm planning on taking eight at this stage including horses like Suave Stuey Lombo, Controversial, Marty Monkhouser and Im Supersonic." By Greg Hayes  | Harness Racing New South Wales |  

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